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The best thing in the world is when you find your platonic soulmate. There’s no hassle of the drama of romance. It’s just two people who are completely in synch. It’s the ultimate of all bromances. It’s JD and Turk, Abed and Troy, Shawn and Gus. Nothing is better than finding that person and holding on to them.

// Just a tiny preview for something that is a work in progress, amongst my other pieces. I missed writing soulmate fics so much, and I have no idea when this will be posted, but here is a little taste!

“Do you ever think that there is something missing?”

A rivulet of water slides glacially down the curve of your spine, sourced from the tips of your soaked hair. Yes, yes something is missing. Very much indeed.

You swallow the truth and pretend that it never existed on the tip of your tongue. “What do you mean?”

Jeongguk stares hard at you through the reflection of the mirror, brows taut, wholly knowing that the honesty is tucked to the roof of your mouth and you, as always, are being a shameless coward. The glistening skin of his bare chest slowly rises, falls, steady exhalations passing his parted lips before he takes to the damp towel wrapped around his hips and gingerly begins working the material against your scalp. The cutting edge of his voice softens to tender, quietly drifting by your ear, nearly swallowed by the towel muffling your hearing as he humours your response nonetheless.

“With us, do you think that we’re– I don’t know. Not enough?”

Such a statement should hurt more, a blade driving home, right through the centre of your heart and slicing it into two. Though the feeling in itself is entirely mutual, his question being a string of words that have dwelled at the bottom of your thoughts for months now, stuffed beneath supposedly more important matters like your studies. But they have always managed to slither back up to the surface with greater conviction than the last time. The towel is draped carefully over your head and Jeongguk presses closer, curling his arms around your naked waist until his palms can cup his own elbows, resting his lips upon the dip of your shoulder, soft breaths from his nose tickling your skin and the reflection of your bodies entwined is excruciatingly heartbreaking rather than something that should be wholeheartedly beautiful.

“Hey,” Jeongguk mumbles, the soft plush of his mouth grazing up your neck, nestling against your pulse point with a solemn kiss as if the touch of his lips could ever make your erratic heartbeat diminutively calmer, “I know we both feel it, we see it. I love you and that is never going to change, neither is the fact that I know we’re meant to be with one another. But there’s something– someone else, isn’t there? It’s the only way to logically explain the way that we are, and the way that we see.”

Because although the bland sight of the monochrome world had flared into refined technicolour as the words that Jeongguk first spoke to you were expired, the edges of your vision had remained to be vignetted in black and white.

“Do you ever still see in monochrome, sometimes?” You had once murmured with a pinch in your brow, the cap of your pen tapping methodically against your lip, almost subconsciously uttering the words aloud in the library. To that, your longtime best friend, Wendy, had ceased scrawling down her study notes and flicked her gaze up to you.

“Why would that happen when I’m with Sungjae? He’s my soulmate.”

“Hm, good point.”

At your halting response, Wendy had leaned her elbows onto the table, large eyes swallowed with an unforgiving concern that you, a coldhearted liar, had done absolutely nothing to deserve. “Is everything okay with you and Jeongguk?”

“Of course, we’re great,” and you had nearly said it too quickly, an automatic response that could have so easily given the reality away if your affirmation had been that tad more brisk, but Wendy had appeared to not have noticed. And, as though the conversation never occurred, she returned to jotting down information in organised bullet points, and you had let the question eat you from the inside out.

Why would that happen when I have Jeongguk?

He’s my soulmate.

Isn’t he?

My art for @ds9reversebang

I’m sad that Lwaxana and​ Ishka were not in more episodes and that they didn’t meet. I bet Lwaxana would be down for helping Ishka pick out a wardrobe in Garak’s shop (All while Garak is either putting on his best retail face or actually enjoying customers who share his flashy style).

Modern!Au Stranger Things Headcanons

(blame @reedstrangerthings)

  • the Demogorgon causes all cell phones in the vicinity to malfunction and die
  • everyone thinking el is just using party tricks but when she doesn’t play with technology, that’s when they believe her
  • Mike showing Eleven how to work a phone and apps
  • El discovering the snapchat dog filter
  • Will having his phone in the Upside Down and they can see him on Find My Phone but when they go to that location he’s not there
  • Steve texting Nancy a picture of the cleaned up movie sign
  • Lucas being super into online gaming
  • The boys not understanding the wikipedia page of sensory deprivation tanks so they call Mr. Clarke anyway
  • Along with using the Christmas lights, Joyce and Will can barely communicate through FaceTime
  • Carol and Tommy H. also cyberbully Nancy and Jonathan (and Barb)
  • Barb literally tries to call Nancy when she’s taken to the Upside Down’s version of Steve’s pool
  • A video of what happened to Troy in the gym goes viral (leading Brenner closer to where Eleven is and who she’s with)
  • The boys use the compass app on their phones with Dustin using a real compass (all still malfunction)
  • Jonathan’s photos online are very popular, but under a pseudonym
  • The scientists wipe the Cloud of all photos of Eleven, but Mike still has one from like a retro Polaroid that he keeps in the fort. 

Feel free to add any! Thanks Reeda 😘