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Crossover: Poirot shows up at The Cross Keys inn

Times, when Gillian talks about sex...

1. Ottawa Comic-Con 2013

Fan question : ‘What would you do if you and David had coffee in a coffee shop and Aliens just landed what would you say?

GA : “You know what, if the world was about to end: Why don’t we just have sex? Lets just get it on with, right here on this table.

Fan: What if he says no?

Gillian: He better fucking say yes!”

2. San-Diego Comic Con 2013

Fan Question: If Mulder & Scully were ever to go on a real life date, what do you think they would do on that date?

GA: Have Sex!

DD: Then, maybe dinner?

Fan Question:  David & Gillian, is there ever - in all those years - the scene that you wanted to shoot that you were unable to shoot, or it didn’t happen; What would it be?

GA: Are there kids in the audience?

3. Paley Centre 2013

*On the subject of Gillian being a guest star on Californication*

GA: But the idea, that, that…come on. A Scully impersonating stripper who you have sex with. Wouldn’t that be funny? Shake off my pastel suit…

4. Fox 11 Interview:

Interviewer: I want it all. I want the tension. I want the happily ever after.

GA: Well, we can have sex every once in a while.

Interviewer: Yeah, there you go.

GA: Right? Right.

Interviewer: That’s the sequel. The Sex Files.

GA:Well, that already exists.


One of my favourite art pieces by Jim Kay in the official illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - Hagrid’s Keychain.

The variety of items on it is fascinating, from the beautiful - those carved like turrets or lions, to the disgusting - the one at the bottom there that seems to be made of teeth, to th-