what a sweetie *u*


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


Here, have some valentines from our beloved Chain Warden~ (he’s stolen our hearts and our souls)

mass text: all contacts
  • ransom: hey samwell sweeties🔴⚪️! it’s the new semester❄️, u know what that means? 🤔 it’s 🏒KEGSTER TIME🏒 and THIS PUCK BUNNY🐰 is ready to ride 😱 some HARD HOCKEY DICK 😏😉 u know what they say 💬 about hockey players 👀: sexy flow💁big booty 🍑 big dick 🍆. they can
  • ransom: okay im sorry i gave up halfway thru nursey will def be better at this next year
  • ransom: kegster on the 20th if ur a lax bro don’t come

Interviewer: “If your girlfriend is feeling down, what would you do to make her feel better?”

Brad: “Uh, tickle her. Umm and then I don’t know just try – see what’s making her feel down, see if you can correct the problem and then try to take her mind off it, maybe take her somewhere nice.”

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*whispers from the corner* you and your OCs bring genuine joy to my life and I hope you know what a wonderful and talented person you are

Thank u sweetie omg ily 💖

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Hey there beautiful!💕 I just wanted to say congrats on your follower count and how fast its growing!😁This is my favorite blog so I'm very happy for you!!💖 I hope people have your notifs on (like me 😂) so they know how amazing and precious you and all your posts are❗❗ 💜💜

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 💘 it means so much knowing i’m your favorite blog and you have my post notifs on oh my gosh what in the world what a sweetie pie :’)) i love u tons bless your little heart 💓