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RFA Reacts to MC Who is Really Oblivious and Innocent

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- I wouldn’t say Yoosung is so much innocent as he is bashful, so he knows things (wink wonk ;* ) but he gets embarrassed easily.
- “Hey sweetie, I’m cold, do you think you could-”
- “Get you a sweater? Ofc baby!!!”
- Yoosung attempt at cuddles #73 resulted in failure
- again
- this guy just needs affection
- it takes him a while but he learns to be a bit more blunt.
- “MC can we cuddle-” BOOM. MC. Right there. Hugs everywhere. Cute kissies. mwa mwa mwa.
- You begin to understand Yoosung’s body language for when he wants something.
- Looks at you and opens arms? Hugs
- Looks at you and pours his lips out a bit? Kissiesss
- His grip on ur waist tighten? oh boy it might be naughty time ;))
- But he’s sure to vocalize, and you love how flustered he gets.

- oh no
- ur too cute and sweet and you pick up on nONE OF HIS FLIRTING.
- “Hey MC, If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” oh ya that’ll charm her for sure-
- “You know if you think about it the alphabet is in a random order, but we decided that’s alphabetical. Like, who decided that? The Greeks? Speaking of Greek did you know in Greek Mythology-” mC NO
- be patient Zen try again
- “Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you ;)” it’s too straightforward she has to get this-
- “Ugh do NOT get me started on how corrupt the Justice System is. Instead of learning from our mistakes through education we just PAY to get out of punishments?? It’s rediculous-” NO MC YOURE GOING TO KILL HIM.
- Finally he’s blunt with you.
- “MC I think you’re very cute and I like you a lot will u plz d8 me.”
- “I like you too!! Not gonna lie I really didn’t think you liked me back so I’m glad you finally said something.”
- ur first date is at his funeral bc u killed him.

- Baehee doesn’t even know she’s Gayhee until you show up.
- So she’s just as innocent, but not as oblivious.
- You’ve been working together for two years at the coffee shops and you two always get told you’re a cute couple
- “Oh no, we’re just best friends!”
- :* so um
- The entire RFA was under the impression you were dating.
- One day in the chat Jumin asked you were we’re coming up on your two year anniversary.
- “of what? opening the shop? that was a couple months ago jumin u were literally there when we celebrated.”
- “No of your relationship.”
- ur what
- “Well I mean i didn’t know you had anniversaries for friendships but i think it’s cute! what should i get her?”
- “everything i know is a lie” Seven piped in
- “Jaehee isn’t gay!” MC YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG
- “MC ur stupid jaehee is the gayest out of all of us, and since i’m the one saying that it means something.”
- Okay Seven
- finally jaehee had had enough
- “MC, would you like to go out tonight-”
- “Of course!”
- “-on a date?”
- “… I’d love that.”

- King of Straightforward
- that’s can be both good and bad
- But even with how straightforward he is, you still miss his cues.
- “MC, you look beautiful.”
- “I can’t wait to see you.”
- “You’re so talented.”
- “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met.”
- and everything gets the same response.
- “Awe, thank you Jumin! You’re such a great friend!”
- *sirens sound*
- “Excuse me officer i would like to report a fucking murder.”
- Seven no now is not the time
- Zen was laughing his ass off
- “Yeah jumin you are a good FRIEND to MC”
- Jumin is slumped in the corner
- Defeated
- Given up on love
- that is until you and Jaehee are talking over the phone about this mysterious guy you’ve fallen for (hehehehehe)
- “He’s wonderful and kind and always says the nicest things to me!… But I don’t think he sees me like that.”
- “Why not MC?”
- “He doesn’t show any interest in being something other than friends.”
- “I’m sorry MC”
- “It’s okay, it’s not my fault Jumin doesn’t like me-”
- “ MC W H A T !!”
- “Shoot, Jaehee, I didn’t mean to say it, I just-”
- so jaehee sprints into Jumins office, where jumin all like “>:0 u know there’s this thing called knocking-”
- “Assistant Kang this is completely unprofessional-”
- “MC likes you too!”
- at ur apartment in .6 seconds flat
- Broke the sound barrier
- you open the door to see ur big ole crush just standing there, panting, nearly doubled over
- “Jumin oh my god what’s wrong-”
- “You like me.”
- “Of course I do you’re my friend-”
- he pulled away, hands on your shoulders
- “You LIKE me.”
- i mean ye maybe
- “U-Uh… Ya.”
- that’s when you saw the most beautiful sight.
- Jumin Han laughing. Like, REALLY laughing.
- It was so deep and beautiful and genuine.
- Once he finished he looked back down at you, smiling, tears from laughing so hard in his eyes.
- “Would you like to go to Dinner?”
- “YES!! I-I mean, uh, Yeah, sure, sounds cool.”


- “Seven just ask her out-”
- “No! I’m too dangerous.”
- “MC go talk to him!”
- “No he keeps pushing me away!”
- “I wish MC/Seven liked me back…”
- The RFA has had it
- You get a text from Zen to meet the RFA at your favorite restaurant.
- You see Seven once you arrive, but no one else.
- You two talk but it grows awkward
- bc u two like each other
- but ur stoopid
- “Seven and MC, correct?” A voice called out from behind you. You both nodded.
- “Right this way.”
- You wee lead to a table with only… 2 seats
- “Hey what about-”
- “I regret to inform you that the rest of the RFA will not be joining, but they (jumin) have already paid for your dinner so, please, enjoy.”
- o k a y
- Seven looks at you, trying to gauge your response, but you just smiled and sat down.
- You two talk for 2 billion hours
- at least it feels like that
- Seven gets a random text from Zen
- “Soooo, how are things going ;)”
- He ignored it, choosing to give you his attention instead.
- “-like you” were the words he managed to pick out before he froze.
- “Wait, you like me?”
- “What?”
- “Because I like you!”
- “You like me?
- "I mean-”
- you grabbed his hand.
- “Because I like you too.”
- Seven looked down then back up at you.
- “Wow, you have a crush on me? that’s so embarrassing…”
- Cue you throwing ur spoon at him


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


i can’t believe some people have enough money to buy vacation homes while others don’t even have enough for a home at all. like u know what sweetie our home is great but why don’t we buy another home to live when we get bored of this home. just to shake it up! Smashing idea Sharon, let’s do it


Here, have some valentines from our beloved Chain Warden~ (he’s stolen our hearts and our souls)

theyre dating

this is really specific, and maybe not even correlated but...

hindi/urdu speaking desi men on the comment section under susheela raman’s #iconic rendition of yeh mera deevanapan hai: what is this garbage, she cant even pronounce the words correctly, ruining a classic, this is terrible, and she’s ugly too etc etc

hindi/urdu speaking desi men on the comment section under some white girl who has a surprising niche interest in urdu poetry ’s poorly sung covers of famous ghazals in which every other word is pronounced incorrectly: my white princess, my snow queen, you are doing amazing sweetie, i love how u love the culture, what a unique white woman , you’re better than the faridas and abidas , keep going!

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I have this headcannon that Lorcan is incredibly gentle with Elide in bed, going slow and constantly putting her needs first and asking her is what he's doing is alright - so I was wondering if, for the fanfiction prompt, you could write something where Elide - by know just wanting to be fucked 😉 - takes Lorcan by surprise and takes control and it's just jsnsinwjsnid Idk feel free to ignore this btw

Okay then let me start this smut

Elide had barely arrived at their room and started to work the laces along her dress when the door opened and shut.
“Did anyone ever tell you it’s rude to tease a girl under the table,” she sighed. Lorcan chucked and came up behind her, making quick work of the laces on her dress.
“But watching you squirm and bite your lip like that truly was something beautiful,” he murmured, slowly inching the top of her dress down her shoulders as he kissed and nipped the column of her throat. She arched into it and he let out a groan. “Besides, I think your choice of lingerie teased me too. I would’ve taken you on the table only we had a few dinner guests.” He managed to remove the bust of the dress enough to reveal the beginnings of her blue lingerie. She couldn’t see his reaction but she could feel it, pressed into her back.
“Would you have actually taken me on that table if no one was there?” She gasped, feeling his teeth scrape along the stretch of skin between her shoulders and her neck. He chuckled but she knew the answer. Lorcan was surprisingly gentle with her in bed. She couldn’t think of a time when he hadn’t made her complete himself off his tongue, becoming a withering mess underneath him who could only manage to gasp his name, before he would allow himself to thrust inside of her. It was sweet of him, especially during her first few times exploring each others bodies and she had no idea what she was doing. But it had been a year now, and she wanted to see the primal side of Lorcan. Wanted to see him loose control. Her choice of lingerie was only the beginning.

She felt Lorcan tug her dress further down her body, heard him get to his knees behind her until she felt the dress slip off her form. The growl that came from deep inside Lorcan’s throat sent a dangerous thrill through her body.
“Any reason for the choice of undergarments,” he purred, kissing his way along the back of her legs, up to the swell of her ass, across her back and returning to the hallow of her collarbone. He was like a drug at times, his lips, his scent, the feeling of him. But she wanted to know, wanted to understand what Aelin and Manon and Lysandra laughed about when they talked about how easy it was for their lovers to loose control with a well placed kiss or word.
“None at all,” she whispered to him before walking towards their bed. She turned around, facing him as she sat down on the edge of it. She could see the lust in his dark eyes, the tent that had formed in his trousers, the clench of his jaw as if to stop himself ripping the underwater off bee frame. Gods she wouldn’t mind if he tore it to shreds at thus point. She ached for him. Craved him. “I hope you don’t intend to stare all night, I’d have to sort myself out and my hand just doesn’t compare to yours.” He growled and she grinned as he pulled off his shirt. The only time she would ever thank Maeve was for how well she had trained Lorcan, because his chest was maze of corded muscle and lethal grace. The top was flung to a distant corner as Lorcan strode towards her. His hands where’s down to the ties on his trouser. She didn’t want that. She didn’t want him undressing himself. So she stood and he stopped walking.
“You’re a wonderful lover Lorcan,” she whispered, reaching behind to fumble with the clasp on her bra. “Beyond amazing,” the claps freed herself and she slowly pushed down the midnight blue straps. “But I want to see you loose control,” she removed the bra completely and he growled at the sight of her naked breasts, her already peaked nipples.
“Elide,” he warned as she continued to walk towards him. She shook her head, reaching his side and straining onto her toes to kiss him. His hands gripped her hips as her lips lightly grazed his before she purred, “I want to be in control tonight,” his breathing was ragged after her words and she grinned, slowly lowering herself back to her normal height. Her hands replaced his on the ties of his trousers and she made quick work of them. His length pushed into her stomach, hard and long as she moved the trousers off his hips, letting them pool at his feet until he stepped out of them.
“Elide, please,” he gasped as she tugged, not by the hand but by his cock, towards the bed.
“Sit,” she commanded. He sat.
“Darling,” he breathed. She shook her head as she lowered herself to her knees.
“Let yourself loose control for a while,” she told him, gripping his length in her hand. “Just one night, it won’t kill you,” she purred, giving his length a tug. He gasped, moaning when she made her movements quicker, running her thumb over the head of his cock. She looked up at him, saw how he watched the movements of her hand as if she had never touched him there before. She kept tugging, keeping them slow but frequent. He was groaning underneath her, his hands slowly wandering to her shoulders before pulling then away. With a feral grin she looked to him once more before lowering his head to tip of his cock.

The minute her tongue traced the head of him he moaned out her name. It did nothing to soothe the pressure in her core as he put his hands on her shoulders. She lowered herself further, taking what ever she could before slowly pulling up again, flicking her tongue in his head. Her name was like a prayer on his lips as her hand replaced her mouth and she tugged him again.
“Elide, please,” he gasped, but she shook her head. She wanted this control as she took him once more into her mouth. She wanted to taste him. So she did, using one hand to steady his hips as she moved her mouth up and down. Her tongue flicked and swirled around him and occasionally her teeth scrapped along his length. It was impossible for her to take all of him, so her free hand worked in perfect time with her mouth until all Lorcan was doing was gasping her name.

She could feel the desire coursing through her, and when he gave an unexpected buck of his hips she knew he was close. So she pulled away from him. He let loose a noise of protest as she stood up. His cock aching towards her.
“Stand up,” she said. He complied, towering over her. She reached up a hand to trace his lips. “I don’t want you to be gentle tonight,” she warned, once more taking him by the cock and walking them back, until she hit a wall and smirked. “I down want tender or loving,” she moved one of his hands and put it on her hip. His fingers dug into her underwear and in a heartbeat he had started to rip it off her.
“You want me to fuck you?” He whispered, discarding her torn underwear.
“Fuck me until there’s a crack in this wall,” she whispered. He grinned and there was nothing of a gentle lover in his eyes as he moved his hand from her hip to her core. She gasped, arching into his chest as his finger flicked over her bundle of nerves.
“Of course,” he said, moving hid finger until he could plunge it inside of her, thrusting it upwards slowly. She whimpered. He meet her eyes and then his hand left her core. She watched him bring that one finger up to his lips and then suck on it. “I do love your taste,” he growled before he lifted her, his hands gripping her waist as he hoisted her against the wall. He brought her, almost to his eye level before kissing her roughly. His tongue claimed her mouth, his body pressed against hers and she bucked into him.
“Fuck me,” she whispered against his lips. He growled and in a swift movement was inside of her. She gasped at his length, hard and long inside of her. He paused, just for a heartbeat, before he thrust again. She whimpered, digging her fingers into his shoulders as he thrust again and again. There was nothing gentle in his movements. No softness as he moved inside of her her, harder, faster, unrelenting as she cried out his name. He moaned hers into her neck as he counted to thrust. There was no time to time, no rhythm. But it was what she wanted as she dug her fingers further into her skin, as her walls started clamping around him. He seemed nowhere close to finished as he continued to pump. When she climaxed, moaning his name he kept on thrusting. She whimpered, her walls overly sensitive as he moved her, taking her away from the wall and walking towards the bed.
“Ride me,” he growled in her ear, sitting down and them lying against the pillows. “Ride and fuck me Elide,” he groaned. She was exhausted she thought as she sat up straighter. But Lorcan, he was letting lose on his control and it excited her as she rose up on and him and then slammed downwards. He groaned and she she continued it. She rode him quickly, using his chest as support for the first while. And when she hand her rhythm.

One hand worked it’s way to her breast and Lorcan watched, fascinated as she played with her one pert nipple. Her second hand when lower, searching for the apex of her thighs. He watched that too, as she ride him and started massaging her clit. It was too much, she decided a she ride him flicking her nipples, rubbing her clit. When she came in another few seconds she wasn’t surprised, until Lorcan flipped her and in five hard thrust completed himself.

They panted, sweat dripping off their bodies as they searched for the others lips.
“Thank you,” she breathed to him, pushing some of his shit out of his face.
“Thank you,” he whispered back. “You were simply amazing.”

Ugh sorry for any typos in rush but I couldn’t ignore some elorcan smut. Hope it’s what u wanted sweetie.