what a sweet little baby she was


Imagine Dean talking to your baby girl when he thinks you fell asleep.

Read the rest of the series here. This imagine can be read as a stand alone or as a part of the Life Unexpected series: http://bringmesomepie56.tumblr.com/post/142151712590/this-is-a-happy-accident-imagine-series-all-these

You felt Dean’s weight leave the bed. He had gotten up and quietly walked over to the baby’s bassinet. Raising a baby in a bunker wasn’t ideal, but its not like you and Dean had planned for it. One night of passion and throwing caution to the wind, and here the two of you were nine months later. 

What had gone from the two of you sharing Dean’s small room in the bunker had turned into a party of three. Emmary, a combination of your moms’ names Emily and Mary, had been the best thing to happen to you, next to Dean. 

You heard Dean gently pick her up, she was fussing a little bit, and sit down in the corner rocking chair with her. You started to roll over and ask if she needed fed until you heard Dean’s low, soft voice talking to her.

“Hey my sweet Emmary Jane,” he whispered to her in the dark. “Is my baby girl gonna be a night owl like her daddy?” With that question you heard Emmary coo almost in response to Dean’s question. Listening to him to talk to her made your heart sing and you couldn’t bring yourself to interrupt. You lay there listening as Dean continued to talk to her. 

Emmary fussed a little more and Dean started bargaining with her. “Okay, baby girl. Let’s make a deal,” he offered as he rocked her gently. “How about you be okay with Daddy for a little bit tonight, huh? Let your beautiful momma sleep for a little while longer,” he suggested. “Your mom over there,” you felt his eyes look up at you and gaze at you “asleep” on the bed. “She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Emmary you don’t know how lucky you are that she is your mom.” 

You felt a tear slide down your cheek as Emmary’s cry rose slightly.

“I’ll tell you, you get your sweet stubbornness from her,” he said with a chuckle as he tried to calm her down. “You’re lucky you don’t have your daddy’s looks either. Your momma’s a knockout,” he whispered to her. “When you grow up, you’ll look just like her, so no dating until…” he thought for a moment, “well until ever,” he said decisively. 

You chuckled silently to yourself, trying not to give away the fact that you were listening. 

He continued, “I definitely never expected someone as honest and intelligent and drop dead gorgeous to ever go for an ass like me. And don’t tell her I said ass. That better not be your first word, young lady, I’ll be dead meat.” He laughed.

“You know, you are absolutely beautiful when you sleep,” he said even more quietly. “Just like your momma,” he said. 

You could hear the soft, slow breathing of the baby. You heard Dean get up out of the chair and lay Emmary back in the bassinet. He slowly made his way back to the bed and you felt his weight sink in the mattress as he got back under the quilt and snuggled up close to you.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your neck, kissing it sweetly. You sighed and turned to look at him, your lips meeting slowly, exploring the familiarity of the each other. He slowly pulled away and looked into your eyes as you smiled up at him. “You heard every word, didn’t you noesy rosey?” he asked with a fake irritated look on his face. The way his smile reached his ears gave him away though. 

“Maybe,” you said before kissing him sweetly. “But trust me when I say, Emmary Jane has plenty of her daddy in her too. When she doesn’t get her food the moment she wants it, that girl has got a mean streak in her. And she is only a few weeks old,” you said with a laugh as you rolled over to face Dean wrapping your arms around his waist, pulling him close to you.

“Winchester’s gotta eat, sweetheart. I can’t say I blame her there,” he said with a chuckle. 

You looked up at him and kissed his collarbone trailing up his neck and jawline until you reached his mouth. As your lips connected, Dean’s tongue slowly moved along your bottom lip, parting your lips and immediately exploring your mouth. A groan escaped your throat as the kiss deepened. 

You pulled away and said, “I love you, Dean Winchester.” He kissed the spot below your ear and immediately you felt a current flow through your body. Dean’s hands had found their way under your shirt and were exploring your stomach making their way up your body. Just as his hand had reached your breast, Emmary let out a cry.

Dean threw his head back on the pillow with a sigh, knowing that his playtime was over. 

You gave him a peck on the lips, placing your hands on his chest.“She knew you were about to mess with the goods,” you said suggestively with eyebrows raised. “No one comes between a Winchester and their food,” you added with a wink as you straddled him to get out of the bed. He grabbed your waist and flipped you over, pinning you beneath him. He kissed you deeply as Emmary’s cries became more insistent. 

“I better let you go, momma,” he said as he gazed into your eyes. “Or Daddy is gonna pay for it more ways than one,” he said with a laugh. You smiled as you gently pushed him off you. He rolled over wrapping himself in the blanket once more. “Besides, I don’t mind the view from here,”  he said as he watched you get out of bed, slapping you on the ass as you walked away. 

You playfully swatted away his hand and laughed.You were in love with Dean. The two of you had a baby. Dean was a good dad, it came so naturally to him, all those years taking care of Sammy. 

You picked up Emmary and whispered soothingly to her noticing Dean was already snoring. “We are two lucky girls, you know that Emmary? Your Daddy is the bravest, most selfless man I’ve ever known,” you said as you kissed her forehead and sat down to feed her with a sigh.

Life Unexpected Pt. 6 - Not Gonna Happen

I was canoeing with my dad and we saw what we thought at first was a loon flapping its wings but realized as we got closer was actually a mother moose with her baby standing up to her neck in the river and splashing water around with her ears. We were like “aww, that’s sweet”, then realized that we were rapidly getting closer to her and she wasn’t moving. We were in a river with a not-insubstantial current (those meandering rivers you get up in the muskeg with little rapid-y bits at the loops) so we kinda had to play chicken and just float towards her and hope that she decided to leave peacefully instead of engage, talking about how this was the most Canadian possible way to die. Eventually I guess she decided we weren’t worth it, got up on the bank to shake off, and ran off into the bush.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: on the fourth of july 2005, pete called someone baby boy on his blog. it was a post about how summer made him feel like he was living forever this might of inspired some of the tracks on ab/ap especially fourth of july and also after the first time he saw mcr after warped tour pete wrote a blog post about how he had a secret romance with someone im pretty sure it was about mikey way like seriously then ioh came out and there's the lyric "baby boy can't lift his headache head" and i aM FUCKING SCREAMING

Warnings: None

Words:  548

“I can’t believe they’re actually here,” Cassian murmured softly. 

He gazed down lovingly into the sweet little face of his newborn daughter.

From the moment she’d entered the galaxy, he refused to let her out of his arms.

“I can’t believe it either,” You agreed, letting out a sigh of content. Your son, who had arrived not too long after his sister, was sleeping soundly on your chest. You lifted your hand and very delicately brushed your fingertips through his soft, dark brown hair. Although you were told that they weren’t identical twins, both babies shared the same, dark haired trait. You looked forward to discovering what other traits your children would share—although Cassian had expressed on more than one occasion that he wanted them to look like you, you secretly hoped that they would take more after him instead. You smiled at the thought of your two babies inheriting his dark brown eyes. “They’re perfect, Cass. They’re both absolutely perfect.”

Cassian leaned down and gave you a gentle kiss.

“I love you,” he whispered, his lips lingering against yours. 

Your heart had never felt so incredibly warm and full. “I love you too.”

As he kissed you again, the door to your delivery ward opened, startling you.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” a female nurse apologized as she walked into your ward.

“It’s quite alright,” Cassian assured her, drawing himself back up to full height. 

“Are we going to be discharged from the facility soon?” You asked her, eagerly. 

She nodded, holding up the data pad in her hand. “Yes, but first, we need to get some more information to finish filling out birth records for the babies.” 

You and Cassian glanced at each other. 

“Names,” You realized with a gasp. “Cass, we haven’t given them names yet!”

He frowned, glancing at the nurse. “I’m sorry, could we have some more time?”

The nurse chuckled. “Not to worry, Captain. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Cassian sat down on the bed beside you as she disappeared from your ward.

His movement caused your baby girl to fuss, but he effortlessly soothed her with   a gentle rocking of his arms and a few loving words. “It’s alright,” he cooed, “I’ve got you, my little star. It’s alright, Papa’s got you.”

Your heart swelled with pure joy. 

There was never a doubt in your mind that Cassian would be an amazing father.

“So,” You broke the lingering silence. “Do you have any names in mind?”

He seemed to hesitate for a moment. “Well, I have an idea for our daughter.”

“What is it?”


“Aleea,” You repeated the name and smiled. “I like it, Cass. I love it, actually.”

Cassian seemed slightly surprised by your positive reaction. “Really? You do?”

“It’s a beautiful name. Aleea Andor.”

“Okay. And what about for our boy?”

You lightly touched your son’s back as you quietly thought it over in your mind.

It didn’t take long before you realized that your choice was the obvious one.

“We should name him after you,” You decided, confidently. 

Cassian’s dark eyes instantly filled with pride. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely,” You nodded, grinning. “I think Cassian suits our son very well.”

“It’s settled then.” Cassian’s grin matched your own. “Welcome to the galaxy, Cassian and Aleea Andor.”

So this is a small fluffy part two to this imagine here.

I have a small number of requests in my inbox that I’m going to be posting soon! I was going to start them last night but I picked up an extra shift at my job because broke college girl problems. D: But anyway, thank you to anyone who sent me a request, it’s much appreciated and I hope that I can do them justice! x


You know what really gets me: After all this time, after all that she has been through, after all she has seen and done and endured, Arya still remembers Mycah. Mycah, the boy who played with her on the kingsroad, who showed her the lizard lions, helped her look for rubies in Rubie Ford,  picked flowers with her, and helped her get covered in mud afterwards when she got a rash.  After everyone forget about it or dismissed it, with Joffrey worrying about his scars, and Cersei worrying about Joffrey, and Sansa about Lady, Arya was the only who remembered the boy who died. Who was twelve and young and innocent, who played with her, who died for her, who was her friend, and she was only one who thought he deserved justice. That he deserved to be fought for. 


I know I’ve done this in some of my fics, but I need to say it again.
What if Tom had a little sister? And Marco hears about it and it gives him a whole new view on Tom. He sees how good he is with his baby sister and how well he takes are of her. And Tom is SO PROTECTIVE over her.
And anytime she needs him he drops what he’s doing to help her. And Marco is totally shocked and pleased because he still sees Tom as this angry demon who would snap at her. But he’s so slow tempered and treats her so nice. And it just makes Marco see Tom as the sweet heart he really is.
And not just an irresponsible bad boy who gets into trouble. He takes care of her, he knows what to do. And Marco really respects that.

@sixpenceee I was reading my 3-year-old this for a bed time story one night and at first I thought that this book would be really cute. Love You Forever sounds hella adorable, right?

Well that’s actually really sweet. I’m sure all moms think this at some point.

I guess this is kinda cute too. Of course I wouldn’t creep into my kid’s room like that but whatever, the baby is still a little one after all.

Okay now it’s starting to get a little weird. She still crept into her kid’s room - he’s about 12 now - and picked him up and cuddled him? Kinda weird but ok.

omg mom stop he’s like 16 what

MOM WHAT THE FUCK R U DOIN. At this point he’s MOVED OUT and she drove ACROSS TOWN to hiS HOUSE and she put a LADDER by his WINDOW and she SNUCK IN TO HOLD HIM LIKE A BABY??????????

then he does it to his mom later cuz she’s old and frail now i guess but i just. what.

The last page is him hugging his own daughter and saying that little rhyme so it went back to cute but honestly this book royally creeped me the hell out and I really hope my kid doesn’t ask me to read it again soon.

a hand to hold onto- epilogue

When she is suddenly appointed the guardian of her sister’s three children, Lexa -flustered and completely inexperienced- has to find somebody to rent the spare room in their house. Enter Clarke, a ramshackle, kind hearted pediatric resident who immediately becomes the heart of their small household. Sometimes family can be found in the most unexpected places.

ft. three sweet but exasperating children, stressed out mess Lexa and hopeless romantic Clarke.

Read on ao3.

11/11, 5k words.

“Okay, no! No Miya let Aunty Lexa measure out the flour!” Lexa grabs the bag of flour from the little girl’s hands before it can topple all over the floor, scooping it to safety. A soft giggle sounds from behind her and she finds Clarke watching them, Tris on her hip, and feels her body warm with joy at the sight of her. “What have you done to the baby Clarke?”

“What do you mean?” Clarke affects an innocent air, but can’t stop the grin spreading across her face. She adjusts Tris’s elf onesie with her free hand, “She looks festive.”

“Where did you even get that?” Lexa shakes her head fondly, lifting Miya up to stand on one of the kitchen chairs and sliding the flour artfully out of her reach when she goes to grab it.

“Early Christmas present from Raven and Octavia.” Clarke shrugs, weaving around the table to stand next to them. “What are you guys up to?”

“Baking Christmas cookies!” Miya claps her hands excitedly, watching as Lexa measures out the butter and adds it to the sugar in a big bowl.

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Baby Gilbert:


“Hello Darling, what’s a sweet little thing like you doing alone?” Rebekah drawled as she leant on the lockers opposite yours.

“Oh yay, more creepy vampires.” You sighed with fake happiness. “I’m actually not alone, we’re in a public school, it’s a place where lots of students come to learn so… not alone.” You gestured to the full classrooms around you.

“Yes, but what are they going to do when I try and kill you again, you look surprised, didn’t Elena tell you… well I suppose we can’t all have siblings who…” She raised her eyebrows when you cut her off.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Ann You might remember me. You prayed for me to have a baby and 9 months later I gave birth to a baby girl. Please pray for me as I am trying to find a job. I'm not even sure exactly what I want to do or should do. Thanks, An old Friend

Oh my goodness!  Thanks be to God!  I am so glad you were able to have your baby and I pray she is a complete blessing in your life.

I am happy to pray that you find a job that will allow you to care for and love your sweet little one and also provide a needed income for your family.  May God open just the right door for you and bless you with the perfect job.  

I will post a prayer or two for finding employment.  I hope they help.



Where Will Little Wolfé Sleep.. and 29 + 3 Weeks!

A few weeks ago I called in to a custom basket weaving factory to get a basket made for the baby. They were really sweet with working with me and how I wanted it and what I wanted it made of (banana leaf) and I was VERY surprised with how beautiful it came in! I’m thinking I want to order more of these and possibly put them up onto the shop eventually but definitely make them available for the exclusive subscribers right away!

We decided on this little basket instead of an entire crib because for her first year she won’t be sleeping in a crib anyways, being in our room and we wanted something compact but that fit our needs. We can haul this basket around the house easily, so I can bring her into whatever room without touching her if she’s sleeping. We’re just going to get a bassinet stand to put it up on near the bed and I’m honestly quite happy with out decision. It feels very ‘Bekkah’ish.

Excuse the lop-sided belly, baby was in a weird position and had her tushie up poked out and wouldn’t budge so I was trapped with a weird bump all day ♥. 

3 Days ago I hit my 29 week mark! I can’t believe my youngest will be here in less than 10 weeks! I feel like it’s just been flying by so fast and I want to slow time down just a little bit to embrace my last pregnancy. I’ve had horrible constipation this week but I’ll do more of an update on my pregnancy in a few days, give or take. 

“Do You Think She’ll Like You?”

Requested by @hopingforkimbabi. Enjoy!

A badass, that’s the aura you had when you performed. A sweet and innocent little baby, that’s the aura you had when you weren’t performing. You had like two personalities. Your stage personality and your offstage personality. Onstage you were demanding for the attention you deserved, wanted to show off, not giving a care what would say. Then there was offstage you. That sweet girl that everyone admired just because she was a little angel.

You met Changmo through work. He wanted to collab with you for a song. He had admired you for a long time. He loved how sweet you were offstage but how badass you were on stage. You both agreed to meet at his studio. 

He gave you the address and you went. Once you got there, you accidentally scared him, causing him to jump. “Oh! I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you okay?” “I’m fine. Just not used to a beautiful presence in this studio.” He commented. You blushed a bit. You’ve been called beautiful before, but it was different. His felt more believable. You sat next to him and listened to what he had in mind for your collab. You were just focused on his face. He was so fine. His smile warmed your heart. “Y/N? You okay?” He asked. He noticed your staring. “I’m completely fine.” You answered looking away.

After the little session, you began to pack. “So, till next time?” You said questionably. “Actually thinking maybe we could go out, Friday.” He answered. “For our song?” “Actually, I was thinking about taking you out.” Your eyes widened and you looked at him. “Like an actually date?” 

“Yeah, what about it?” “What about your ladies? Wouldn’t they be upset if they found out you were taking me out?” You asked jokingly. “Maybe, they don’t have to know.” He smirked. “You’re way too cute.” You said pinching his right cheek. “Alright. This Friday. You’ve got a date. See you soon.” You kissed his cheek and walked out of the studio. He put his hand on the spot you kissed and smiled. 

For the 8 months the two of you’ve been together, you’ve wanted nothing more than a little kitten to call your own. Your parents never really let have a pet, so you couldn’t wait to move out to get your own. They just didn’t want pet hair everywhere in the house. But you’ve never had the time to get one. Changmo knew how much you wanted one, sometimes he felt like you wanted a kitten more you wanted him. 

He wanted to surprise you. You were stressed because you had no inspiration. It’s been awhile since you’ve released any music put into the world. You wanted to come back strong but you didn’t know what to make a song about. Today was just another day, you sat in your studio staring back at your mixing console. Changmo walked in with some bubble tea for the both of you. He noticed the aura you gave off. He knew how much you really wanted to make a strong comeback. “Babe, I got you some bubble tea.” “I don’t want any right now.” You said putting your head in your hands. 

“Baby, do you-” “I’m fine, Changmo! Fuck! Can you stop bothering me?!” You flipped out on him. You took a deep breath and calmed down. “I’m sorry. I’m just really stressed right now. Thanks for the bubble tea. I really am.” “Hey, I’ll be back. I got to go get something.” He said rushing out of the studio without an I love you. You frowned and continued your little meltdown. 

Changmo got in his car and made his way to the pet store. When he got there he walked in with a thought in the back of his mind. “What kind of cat does she want?” He thought. He wanted the perfect cat for you. One that you could hold when he had to leave. The time you two spent together was cut in half after Changmo joined Ambition Musik. He does all these shows without you. Mostly you’ve been alone, missing him. You never told him about how you felt because you knew it would hurt him to hear you say something like that. But he knew what he was doing was wrong. 

An employee walked up to him and bowed. “Hello, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?” “I want to get my girlfriend a cat.” “Aww. That’s very sweet. May I ask what the occasion is?” She asked. “No occasion. I’ve just been busy and I haven’t been able to spend enough time with her. But I don’t know what kind of cat to get her.” He explained. She thought for a minute. “How about a kitten? Girls love kittens.” “Sure.”

She led him over to the kitten pen. There were five kittens there. All of them were adorable. The employee grabbed the one that was behind all of the rest. A cute little white and gray kitten, with a white belly. “This is my favorite. I want her to have a good home. Would you be willing to take her home?” “It’s worth a shot. I’ll take her.” He said. After a few minutes, Changmo had adopted her. 

He bought her a cute little Pink Diamond Bow Crystal Collar. He put it on her. “Do you think she’ll like you?” She only yawned and looked Changmo with those eyes. “Don’t look at me like that. You’re too cute.” He bought kitten food, a bed, and a few toys, and put them into his trunk. He put the kitten in the passenger seat and strapped her in with the seat belt. Every time he turned, he made sure she didn’t fall by putting his arm in front of her. 

They made it into your studio and he grabbed her. They walked into your studio. He opened the door and shut in behind him. You didn’t turn around you already knew it was him. “Babe? I got a surprise for you.” “Not now Changmo.” 

The room was quiet and the kitten meowed very quiet, but you could hear it. You turned around quickly and saw the kitten. Your eyes lit up with joy. “Changmo, you didn’t!” “I did.” You rushed over to him and grabbed the little kitten. “Is it a girl or a boy?” “Girl.” He answered. 

You smiled. “Does she have a name?” You questioned. “No. I was waiting for you to give her one. She’s yours.” I hugged him tightly. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” You kissed his cheek. Yo were so happy you could jump up and down with joy. He gave a small smile but he was a little sad. “Baby, are you okay?” “I got her for you because I’m not there all the time.” 

You sighed and put the kitten down. “I know you have work. I understand, you don’t have to make up for it. But I really appreciate it. I love you.” You said before wrapping your arms around his neck. “I love you too. Give me a kiss.” You pecked his lips. You could hear the kitten’s meow from below you. You looked down to see her in between your feet. You bent down to grab her. You stood back up and pet her softly. “We need a name for her.” He said. “I’m going to name her (Kitten’s Name).” You put your finger on her pink nose as she meowed quietly. “SHE’S SO CUTE!” You screamed. 

“I’m cuter.” Changmo added.

We hope this is close to what you expected it. We hope you enjoyed. Sorry for any mistakes. Thanks for requesting. Keep em’ coming. Admin Kai and Admin June. 

•Sundays in the South•

*Hello again, Happy Thursday everyone! So I found these really really cute sweet pictures on Instagram, I don’t own them, they are not mine. So credits go the the owner. But it brought back memories from when I was a little baby girl. So I had to write something on them. So here is what came from them. Enjoy reading “Sundays in the South”!!*

Bonner had woken up at six thirty this morning to go work on things that needed to get done on the ranch.

He kissed Sharna’s forehead, before walking into his baby’s room. She was still asleep to so he leaned over the crib kissing her forehead as well before he left the house.

Sharna woke up at eight am to the sounds of giggles coming from the baby monitor. She smiled sitting up and yawning before walking down the hall, to Kinsley’s room “Good morning Precious” Sharna said walking over to Kins crib.

Kinsley was standing up on her two feet by the time Sharna walked over “Mama” Kinsley reached out for Sharna to pick her up “Hi baby girl” Sharna said kissing her daughter’s cheek before she buried her face into Sharna’s chest.

Sharna carried Kinsley downstairs and placed her in her highchair giving her some toys to keep her entertained while she made them breakfast. “Mama…Mama” Kinsley said bagging her tiny fist on the highchair.

Sharna turned around making funny faces in her daughter’s direction that made her laugh, Sharna poured apple juice into Kinsley’s sippy cup handing it to her.

“Apple juice” she said to Kinsley pressing a gentle kiss to her temple “App ju” Kinsley said making Sharna laugh “Apple juice” Sharna repeated to the baby girl as she kept trying to pronounce the word.

                 Sharna started making breakfast, scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon and fruit. She had breakfast almost finished so she started to cut up strawberries, bananas and some pieces of watermelon. “Mama …” Kinsley said reaching for some of the watermelon that she was cutting up.

             Sharna knew she wanted some so she put some into a bowl that suctioned on onto the highchair table. “There you go baby.” Sharna said going back over to the counter to finish cutting up fruit.  

           Not even ten minutes later when Sharna was setting the table with their breakfast food, she heard the back door open which meant Bonner was back. She definitely knew when Kinsley’s giggles and squeals filled the room a moment later.

                “Dada…Dada!!” She said banging on her highchair once again, “Good morning Princess” Bonner said walking over to Kinsley who was reaching out for him to pick her up.

He quickly got her out of her highchair and into his arms, he kissed her chubby cheeks multiple times making her laughter full the room.

              Sharna smiled watching them, she loved watching their daughters face light up whenever her husband walked into a room. She loved how caring and gentle Bonner was towards their baby girl.

He loved her cuddles after waking up from a nap and he loved kissing her all the time. She definitely had her daddy wrapped tightly around her tiny finger.

              Sharna grabbed her IPhone takin some photos of the two of them together, Bonner loved to toss her into the air which Kinsley’s loved. She would hold her arms out and giggle so loudly as a huge smile appeared on her chubby baby face. 

           Bonner did that a few more times before letting Kins cuddle into his shoulder as he walked around the table wrapping his free arm around his wife’s waist.

           He leaned down placing a good morning kiss against her lips “Morning Love” “Morning Babe” Sharna said letting her hand sit on his chest for a moment before walking back over to the counter grabbing both her coffee and his as well taking them back over to the table.

              Bonner was sitting in his chair with Kins key setting on his lap laughing at his funny faces. Sharna handed him his coffee giving him a light peck on the lips “Thank you love.” “Your welcome handsome” Bonner looked over at Sharna with a smirk on his lips.

          “You think I’m handsome?” Sharna rolled her eyes “You know well enough that I do.” Sharna said smirking right back at him. “Well let me tell you how beautiful you are.” He walked said taking a bite of his bacon while feeding Kinsley some of his eggs which she gladly accepted. 

               “Well, where do I start…” Bonner said feeding more eggs to Kinsley while he looked lovingly towards his wife. “You know when there’s days that we wake up earlier together and we seat and watch the sunrise together. Then those nights that we stay outside and watch the sunset together. Every time we watch them together you always say how there the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see. I would say that too but the most beautiful thing is I have ever witnessed is you. Your more beautiful then all the sunrises and sunsets around the world. I get to wake up to you every morning and fall asleep to you every night. I thank God that he had blessed me beyond belief giving me you and now this little angel.”

             Sharna let a tear fall down her cheek quickly wiping it away, she watched as Bonner placed a gentle kiss upon Kinsley’s nose making her giggle with happiness. “Dada…” she said making kissy faces “maawh” she said as she placed a kiss to her fathers lips making Sharna smile even more.

                  “I’m pretty sure I’m the blessed one, you gave a life I could have never imagined for myself. I thank God for that every single day.” Sharna said to Bonner leaning over kissing his lips gently as Kinsley clapped smiling. “I love you.” “I love you too babe.” Sharna said standing up grabbing Kinsley’s bowl of fruit placing it on the table passing it Bonner.

                It was now nine thirty Bonner just got out of shower wrapping a towel around his waist. He noticed that his wife was also in the bathroom putting on a nude lipstick. He walked wrapping his arms tightly around her waist swaying them back and forth.

           “Don’t you look beautiful baby” Bonner said leaning down gently kissing her neck. Sharna blushed at his comment before pushing him from her for a moment. “Thank you babe” she said turning around wrapping her arms around his shoulder looking up into his eyes.

             “I love you” she said resting her forehead on his “I love you too.” Bonner said leaning in for a kiss Sharna quickly put up her to stop him “Nope” Bonner stepped back confused “Baby” Sharna kept shaking her head no “I just put on this lipstick and we are headed for church so no.” “I can’t believe your denying my kisses.”

              Sharna went to leave to the bathroom to check on their daughter but was stopped by her husband “What?” She questioned folding her arms over her chest “You aren’t getting away that easy.” Bonner said tickling his wife as she started to crumble in his hands.

             “Bo… stop .. it tickles … babe!” Sharna said squealing as Bonner tossed her into the air making her dress twirl in the air before she leaned in his arms. “Kiss me!” “No!” “Yes” “No” Bonner brought her back down putting his lips onto hers in a heated kiss, Sharna sighed into the kiss placing her hands onto his chest.

           “Okay you got your kiss, I love you, I do. But we need to leave and I’ve have yet to get our daughter dressed.” Sharna said pulling back from their kisses. “Alright I’ll go get dressed and meet downstairs.”

         Sharna nodded leaving the bathroom “Oh by the honey thanks for ruining my lipstick.” Sharna said wiping away some of the lipstick that had smeared from her lips.

             “Your welcome Love” Bonner said smirking as he walked into their combined walk-in closet. Sharna laughed as she picked up Kinsley taking her to her bedroom to dress her “Your Daddy’s crazy baby girl.”

             Ten minutes later Sharna she carrying Kinsley downstairs to head off to church, once she reached the bottom of the stairs she set Kins on the ground holding her hand as the walked into the living room finding Bonner waiting on them.

                 “There’s Daddy!” Sharna said watching as Bonner stood up from the chair his was sitting on smiling as he watched Kinsley twirl in her dress “Dada wook at my wess” she said giggling as she twirled around.

         Bonner smiled bending down to steady her from toppling over “You look so beautiful baby girl.” He said picking her up placing her on his hip. “Ready?”

              Sharna nodded yes as she quickly grabbed her purse that held her iPhone “Lets go” she said tossing her purse onto her right shoulder grabbing her husbands hand as they walked to the car to head off to church.

After the ten minutes drive to church, they meet Bonner’s family, his brother & his wife and two kids. Then Bonner’s mother and father. Bonner held the door open as Sharna got out of the truck before helping Kinsley out of her car seat.

“There they are” Bonner mother said as she noticed the little family walking towards everyone else. “Morning Mama, Morning Dad” Bonner said hugging his parents before picking up his four year old nephew “Hey little guy” “Hi Uncle Bo”

“Sharna, how are you?” Mama Bolton asked hugging Sharna tightly before letting her go to hug Kinsley kissing her cheek. “I’m good how are you?” “Lovely, it’s so beautiful out here today.” Sharna nodded as Kinsley giggled as he uncle tossed her into the air. Before they all walked into the church together.

            A hour and half later they all pulled into the driveway of Papa and Mama Boltons Home to eat Sunday dinner. Sharna loved Sundays because they all got together and got to enjoy one another’s company. All the kids got to play with one another and all the adults got to sit around and talk together.

             Soon enough Mama Bolton, Jessica Bonner’s sister-in-law and Sharna stood in the kitchen cooking Sunday dinner, while they guys played out in the yard with the little kids. There was a huge window in the kitchen where the women could stand and watch the kids run around while they cooked and talked about what was happening with them.

               “I think Kinsley has her daddy wrapped around her finger.” Jessica said watching out the window as Bonner danced around the heard with Kinsley making her smile and giggle up at him.

             “Yes she sure does, no one comes before daddy not even me sometimes.” Sharna said laughing as she stirred the noddles while watching her husband and daughter.

             Mama Bolton smiled coming over to the window watching her sons as they danced around and played with their children. “I’d say the boys love their kids more than anyone else.” Both Sharna and Jessica nodded smiling down at Mama Bolton.

              Mama Bolton then went outside to tell Papa something but neither of the girls were to sure what it was while they finished cooking. “So do you think your going to have anymore children?” Jessica asked Sharna as curiosity took over, Sharna smiled opening the oven checking in the pork that was in there.

               “I mean I definitely hope so, sometime soon. I mean we both love kids, so I’d be happy with one or two more.” Jessica smiled listening to Sharna speak “What about you anymore for you?”

          Jessica nodded yes “I mean we have a boy and a girl which is all I’ve ever really wanted but like you said we love kids so much that another one or two would be amazing.” Sharna nodded waving at Kinsley and Bonner through the window.

            An hour later they all sat around the dinner table with their hands linked in each other as prayer was said. Then they all started digging into the delicious food that the women had made. “This is delicious, thank you ladies.” Bonner said leaning over pressing a gentle kiss to Sharna’s lips.

               Kinsley sat on Sharna’s lap as she ate some noodles, mash potatoes, corn. Bonner heart always felt so full on Sundays because he got to seat and eat dinner with all of their families together. It was just so relaxing after sometimes a hard week, just to know that your family will always be there is a great feeling.

               After dinner the guys went back outside to ran off the kids energy, while the women washed dishes and quickly cleaned up everyone’s messes. “Thank you Mama, for the delicious dinner.” Sharna said hugging Mama Bolton tightly “Your welcome dear, thank you for helping me with everything.” She said hugging both Jessica and Sharna.

           “How about we give the kids some pop sickles to cool them off?” The women nodded as the grabbed three pop sickles going outside to sit on the porch with the rest of the family.

            “Hey we have pop sickles up here.” Jessica said walking out of the front door sitting on steps of the front porch as her two little one came running up to her each reaching for the color they wanted before Jessica opened them up for them.

             Sharna sat down in Bonner’s lap who was sitting a wooden rocking chair, Kinsley was in her Papa’s lap and Sharna handed him the pop sickle opening it up to let Kinsley suck on it. “Mmmhh” she said sucking on the red pop sickle.

              “Is it yummy Kins?” Sharna asked as she shook her head yes, Sharna leaned back into Bonner’s chest as she watched everyone eat pop sickles enjoying everyone’s company. “You comfy?” Bonner asked rubbing her back gently, he noticed that she yawned nodding her head “I love you baby” “I love you too, B” she said turning around locking her lips with his.

              It was now four o'clock in the afternoon and Sharna was now sitting in the chair that her and Bonner once shared. This time she had a sleeping baby girl snuggled up on her chest as she rocked them gently back and forth. Sharna laughed gently watching the boys play kickball together.

               Jessica smiled watching her boys play before it was time to leave, she loved letting them run off all that energy. They women talked about different things that where happening with their lives while Mama Bolton told stories about her two boys when they were babies.

              Six o clock came and everyone decided that it was time to leave. Jessica and Justin and their kids left first hugging everyone before they left. Which left Sharna, Kinsley and Bonner, they left about twenty minutes after Jessica and Justin.

               “Alright I think it’s time we leave.” Bonner said standing up hugging his father and mother before he walked back over to Sharna gently picked up a now awake Kinsley so Sharna could hug his parents goodbye. “Bye, thank you both for such a wonderful day.” Sharna said hugging them before they left, waving goodbye as they drove down the road.

           Around seven thirty Bonner drove Sharna and Kinsley to Dairy Queen where they all got ice cream before he drove up to a little spot that he and Sharna visited when they first started to date. He parked the car, then got out pulling down the back of his truck pulling out blankets laying them in the bed “Okay girls it’s ready.” He told Sharna holding the door open as he held Kinsley on his chest.

            He then place Kinsley in the bed of the truck before helping Sharna up in the bed as well, he then turned on the radio turning it up as the watch the sun set together as country music played loudly through the speakers.

            “Kins, show daddy your dance moves.” Sharna said as Kinsley stood up shaking her tiny body in every which direction that it would go. They all laughed “Good job Princess!” Bonner sis grabbing Kinsley tickling her making her laugh in delight.

              Soon Kinsley fell asleep, which left Sharna and Bonner. Bonner got up from the truck “Dance with me” he said grabbing Sharna’s hand helping her down off of truck bed. They slow danced to Blake Sheltons God gave me you son as it played through the speakers.

               “I love you” Bonner said as he dipped Sharna kissing her in the process, he brought her back up “I love you too” she said as she kissed him again before they decided that it was time to go home.

              As they drove home Sharna posted a picture to Instagram, the one of Bonner tossing Kinsley into the air earlier that day with the caption. “Sundays in the South are by far the best Sundays ever. ❤️”

              “Yay!! I hope you all like it!! This was by far my favorite OneShot that I have ever written! I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support. It literally mean the world!! - Tori*

Hot. Damn. Son.

Sooo, is nobody going to acknowledge just how handsome my nigga Kaneki has gotten over the years?

I mean, he started out as a cutie, but in a really dorky, little baby boy sort of way.
Character development has transformed him into a majestic creature though.

I’d say his looks rival Ayato’s at the moment.

Ya know Touka has had to have noticed what a sexy beefcake her future-husband has blossomed into.
She better snatch him quick before some other ho comes along for that sweet Kaneki booty.

When Yang is born, Qrow starts restricting his own cursing in front of the baby, and makes Tai and Summer do the same.

“Qrow, she’s barely a month old, she doesn’t know what the fuck we’re say -”


When Ruby is born it gets even more ridiculous, and Taiyang actually takes a vow of silence for two days out of protest. He only stops because Summer wants him to help rob the swear jar of its increasing amounts of Lien.

One day the girls come bouncing up to them. “Mommy! Daddy! Uncle Qrow! Ruby learned a new word!”

“That’s great, sweetie! Let’s hear it!”

Sweet little two-year-old Ruby looks up at her family and with all the joy and innocence in her heart, proudly declares, “FUCK!”

Tai and Summer just about die laughing at the look on Qrow’s face.

panda-senpai-sama  asked:

since you ship mikuxluka what do think luka reacts when miku sings her diva-ish songs (ie: world is mine,sweet devil,kocchi muite baby

I’m glad you ask because I think about these kinds of things a lot!

I like to think that Luka is amused by these types of songs. Like she just kind of shakes her head in a “Oh, Miku” kind of way. She knows that it’s a performance so she’s not too bothered by it and probably finds it a little endearing if not somewhat humorous.

I think her favorite part is the fact that Miku is incredibly easy to fluster, at least if you’re Luka. She probably gets a lot of enjoyment teasing her and causing her to lose focus and break character. She’s not allowed to sit in on Miku’s music video recording sessions anymore.

wannabe - spice girls; barbie girl - aqua; hey ya - outkast; all star - smash mouth; drama queen (that girl) - lindsay lohan; baby one more time - britney spears; why not - hilary duff; that’s what girls do - no secrets; the hampster dance song - hampton the hampster; vacation - simple plan; dirty little secret - the all-american rejects; the sweet escape - gwen stefani ft. akon; he said she said - ashley tisdale; let’s get it started - black eyed peas; hips don’t lie - shakira; shake it - metro station; fergalicious - fergie; 4 minutes - madonna ft. justin timberlake; just dance - lady gaga; boom boom pow - black eyed peas; replay - sean kingston; i kissed a girl - katy perry; glamorous - fergie ft. ludacris; gives you hell - the all-american rejects; you belong with me - taylor swift; girlfriend - avril lavigne; 7 things - miley cyrus; hot n cold - katy perry; party in the usa - miley cyrus; down - jay sean ft. lil wayne; good girls go bad - cobra starship ft. leighton meester; i gotta feeling - black eyed peas; whatcha say - jason derulo; one time - justin bieber; tik tok - ke$ha; party rock anthem - lmfao

a collection of songs that make me go “OMG that used to be my jam!” nostalgia in a playlist basically

[[ LISTEN ]]

First words
  • Baby: T.. T..
  • Mother: Omg
  • Baby: T.. hr..
  • Mother: I can't believe it. Come on, honey!
  • Baby: Thranduil is my sugar daddy. That's right. God fucking dammit I love his fucking fabulous hair and body and face. Sweet Jesus what a babe. I want his lips all over my gracious soul. Lord have mercy for I have sinned. I wanna be his little elve-slave. His wife didn't die in war, she died because she was mesmerized by the holy spirit called Thranduil. Oh gosh, I want him to smack my ass and call me Legolas. Take me now, Thrandu-