what a stand up guy


"You picked the wrong side, agent"

"Depends on where you’re standing"


Tai has Girl Troubles


Happy birthday to VIXX’s amazingly talented main vocal, Jung Taekwoon! ♡


The #gotedit tag initiative has been a huge success for the Game of Thrones / ASOIAF fandom. The original plan was proposed by queencersei

I have been into the Game of Thrones tag once or twice before, i never returned because it was appalling. Which is a shame, because I seriously think the ASOIAF fandom is crazy talented, and sometimes pretty things don’t get noticed because of all the wank.

The idea is, let’s create a tag for graphic stuff. Graphics, gifs, photosets, gifsets, whatever, as long as it’s a visual. Let’s make a tag that one won’t be scared to check because of stupid “unpopular opinions”, or “hey jaime lannister looks like the dude from shrek!” or “i just started game of thrones and [insert long list of character dissing here]”.

Tag your graphic stuff with #gotedit, and let’s create a clean environment. It’s possibly the best way to discover new graphic makers, and that’ll help make your blog pretty.

The #gotedit tag has been a great way to avoid all the spam in the #game of thrones and #asoiaf tags if you’re looking for graphics!

But this fandom has amazing fiction writers too, and many of them don’t make graphics, so their work often goes unnoticed among all the spam. So what about a tag for all the great fanfiction this fandom produces? 

Tag your fanfiction with #gotfic and we can make a go-to tracked tag for ASOIAF fanfiction! Reblog and spread the word!

Remember that only the first 5 tags of original posts show up in tracked tags, so be sure to put #gotfic as one of your first 5 tags. (Check out this post to read more about how tagging works on tumblr.)

EDIT: Learn about the new tag #asoiaf meta

do you ever have a crush that you know for a fact you have literally no chance with and you have completely accepted that and no longer care

ShikaTema Parallel Quotes 3/? - Tiana & Naveen

"My dream…?"


Deaf Student ‘Speechless’ After Obama Responds To Him In Sign Language

Look at you, cowering on the ground! Allies? Friends? Laugh and say that you’re going to die from the goosebumps! Say it! Say that you don’t care how much weaklings like us try to flock together! Isn’t that the kind of guy you are!? I’m telling you to say it!!

If you don’t say it, I… I can’t kill you!!