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A Billy For Every Episode: S1E6 (VI)

Billy: It says “betrayal”!

Mr. Gates: I can see that. What do you want me to do about it right now?

Billy: I know about the Maria Aleyne.

Mr. Gates: What?

Billy: I know Flint killed those people for [Mrs. Barlow]. I know Morley saw it and brought it to you, and I know you did nothing. He played games with his crewmen’s lives then. He’s doing it again now and he knows he can get away with it because we’re protecting him. Because you are protecting him!

Mr. Gates: Enough! You want to go to the crew with this, be my guest. But I will do everything in my power to frustrate you. Know that.

Billy: How can you say that?

Mr. Gates: Because we’re in fucking battle right now! And I will not undermine his control of what is, frankly, a shitty situation, based on a letter written by a woman neither of us know a thing about.