what a seriously cool name!


Ever wanted to know how Jake McKenzie looked back in high school?

Well, now you have it, folks!

well, this has been a long time coming and i’m sure most of you won’t really be surprised by it. if you are, you have been living under a rock like me. point is, i’m going on an official hiatus. but wait, haven’t you already been on a hiatus-like absence? yes, yes indeed. but that one wasn’t official. this one is. i’ve got a whole laundry list of reasons why but most of them are too anxiety ridden or depression-inducing to go through. but i’m fine. really, i’m great and happy. and i love where i’m at with things right now despite the pretty scary things i’ve got coming my way in the future. i’ll be poking around here a bit. checking in on my favorite blogs and things. but i won’t be around for replies, memes, and all of the above that you could possibly think of. if you want to find me around to chat or scream at about the latest season of t100 whenever it decides to actually air to our screens or headcanon (yes, this is different than actually writing. it satiates my creative side. i’m highkey @ing you bert.) or anything about, hit me up on discord. it’s below in the tags. just let me know who you are if you’re adding me. but if not, may we meet again, friend. jfc that was stupid. but it’s on par for my personality so enjoy it. xx, m.


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnGGGGGGGGGGGG IS THIS REAL???!?!?!