what a sandwich this would make

Closet Softie

Or, How Bucky Barnes Nearly Ruined His Tough-Guy Rep

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The trail mix was gone. 

The nice, expensive trail mix, with twelve kinds of nuts and the big sunflower seeds and dried fruits, the kind Tony only rarely left sitting on the common floors for everyone to get at, was gone. 

Clint had been looking forward to that stuff all morning

All the way through a hellish morning “jog” with Steve, all through Nat handing him his ass on the training mats, all through firing the same batch of misweighted arrows over and over so Tony could take scans and fix the design, he’d been thinking, when this is done I get to go upstairs and hang out on the couch and watch Dog Cops and eat the good trail mix, guilt-free. 

And it was gone.

Clint was gonna shoot somebody.

Just as soon as he figured out who’d taken the trail mix.

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yesterday i saw a sad duck in the park who kept getting picked on by the other ducks so today i brought some trail mix and we had a nice lunch together. also i think he might be the duck who pooped on sam last week. if so, he is officially my new best friend. 

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AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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LazyTown things I think about constantly

  • The two times Robbie genuinely considered becoming a superhero
  • Sportacus telling the kids to eat healthy and hardly ever eating any healthy amounts of food
  • Spob
  • Robbie calling Sportacus “Sporto” or “Sportabuddy”
  • The kitten
  • How half the live animals that were in the episodes belonged to Stefan
  • They James Earl Jones’d Spob and had a girl voice him while a boy played him
  • Sportacus knits
  • The mustache doesn’t match the hair it’s fucking fake Sportacus wears a fake mustache
  • Robbie, Fae or not, is actually magic and hardly ever uses that to his advantage
  • Sportacus never actually uses toothpaste
  • These people live in some sort of universe where you only get one color scheme to live with for the rest of your life
  • He lifts a fucking pyramid for fuck’s sake just no
  • Sportacus has no idea what a club sandwich is at all
  • Also he has no fucking kitchen utensils and dirties up his sports equipment to make food
  • There is no bathroom on that airship
  • Robbie eats Styrofoam peanuts
  • Both of these grown ass men need to be given proper cooking lessons
  • Everything about Sportacus is blue. So his hair is blue
  • Robbie would manage to get rid of Sportacus if he didn’t get his ideas from overhearing the children’s conversations
  • Sportacus and (more than likely) everyone in LazyTown are all merchandised and all have their own dolls in the LazyTown universe and we are never given explanations as to why
  • Sportacus once defied the laws of physics to play baseball with an apple in outer space without a spacesuit
  • Robbie was so lonely when everyone was gone that he drew their faces on balls and was almost in tears when they came back because he missed them so much
  • Robbie thinks Ziggy is a cute little kid
  • Robbie actually got Ziggy a birthday gift. Twice
  • Stingy ran over Sportacus because Sportacus didn’t think to just warn him about the holes he was gonna drive into
  • The Fortune Teller episode was probably the gayest episode and it was co-written by Magnus Scheving so he knew what the fuck he was doing
  • This show got revived three years after the first two seasons ended how is this show even real
The Nanny

A/N: I know, a new series. But I just needed a new idea. Anyways this is the first part to what I’m hoping to be a 6 part series. Let me know what you guys think

Word count: 2,000 something words

Warnings: Mentions of a house fire, minor death not graphic

“Looking for a full time Nanny. Must be able to work late and be able to take care of both a kid and a dog. I am willing to provide a room for you to sleep in. In interested please Email me your resume at jbbarnes6412@gmail.com

Thank you,
J. Barnes”

As you read what seemed like the millionth job ad, you copied the listed email address into the empty email box.

Dear Mr. Barnes,
Below I have attached my resume. I hope I am a good fit for what you are looking for. My hours are flexible and I love dogs almost as much as I love kids.


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What if everyone wears your pantos in around the world and they will take over and make soldiers!

That would be the best worldwar, everyone would have lots of fun chasing themselves an laughing when they accidentally fall and they have to hold their legs to stand up and keep running.
At the end of the day, everyone could get a sandwich with juice and also a relaxing feet massage.

That would be the perfect, pantoastic world.

Feel Me (renewed)

Bucky x (enhanced) Reader

Notes: anxiety, emotional stress, flirting, smut, fluff

A/N: So here it is guys! The new version of Feel Me, I hope you enjoy the parts I’ve added. There’s gonna be more. Some more emotions are still to be explored, so I’ll get those out there when I get to them. Happy reading! xxx

After living in New York for little over two years, you had a steady job at a lunchroom. It wasn’t all that glamorous, but you enjoyed it. The place was quiet, kind of secluded, but often moderately busy with regular patrons.

The second week in working your new job, in a new city, in a new country even, a man walked through the door just as you opened up shop. He seemed shy, timid, and waited patiently until you finished locking down the doors so they wouldn’t slam shut with the wind picking up.

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Cute Couple Asks

1. When did you both get together?
2. Who made the first move?
3. How long have you been a couple?
4. How did you first meet?
5. Were you already close friends before going out as a couple?
6. Are you/Were you ever in the same class at school?
7. Are you long-distance?
8. Are you in an open, regular or committed relationship?
9. Do you live together?
10. Are you engaged? If yes, describe your proposal. If no, what ring would you like?
11. Are you married? If yes, describe your wedding. If no, would you consider marriage?
12. Which one of you is older? What is the age difference?
13. Which one of you is taller? What is the height difference?
14. Do you share any of the same hobbies/interests/passions?
15. What fictional couples would you compare yourselves to?
16. Sum up your relationship in 6 words or less.
17. Doodle a little picture of you both as a couple.
18. Describe your relationship using only emoticons.
19. Share a cute photo of you both together.
20. Top 5 fav things about your partner.
21. Your partner’s top 5 fav things about you.
22. What physical traits do you find most attractive about your partner?
23. What physical traits does your partner find most attractive about you?
24. What personality traits do you find most attractive about your partner?
25. What personality traits does your partner find most attractive about you?
26. Do you hold hands in public? Any other public displays of affection?
27. List your top 3 turn-ons about your partner.
28. List your partner’s top 3 turn-ons about you.
29. How would you seduce your partner? How would they seduce you?
30. Innocently or not, where do you like your partner to touch you?
31. Describe your partner’s eyes.
32. Describe your partner’s hair.
33. Describe your partner’s smile.
34. What is your partner’s voice like?
35. What is your partner’s scent like?
36. How does your partner impress you? How do you impress them?
37. What outfit would you like to see your partner in? What would they like to see you wear?
38. Show your fav picture of your partner that they’ve posted online.
39. Do you have cute pet names for each other?
40. What’s one of your favourite memories as a couple?
41. Describe your favourite date so far?
42. What’s the sweetest thing that your partner’s ever done for you?
43. Do either of you get jealous?
44. Is one of you protective of the other?
45. How do you both like to kiss?
46. How do you both like to cuddle?
47. What’s a gift that you’ve given to your partner? And one they’ve given to you?
48. Are you an openly mushy couple or a reserved couple?
49. Does one of you like to cook for the other?
50. Do you have unique ringtones/images for each other on your phones?
51. Have you ever had your initials written on a tree or in the sand?
52. What’s “your song”?
53. Do you own any items that are a special symbol of your relationship?
54. What did you both do for Valentine’s Day?
55. Do you express your love lavishly or discreetly?
56. What’s the funniest thing you can remember your partner doing?
57. Does thinking about your partner still give you butterflies?
58. What’s the weirdest part of your relationship?
59. Fav things to do together on a rainy day?
60. Fav things to do together on a sunny day?
61. Got any plans together for next week?
62. What’s your favourite thing to share together?
63. What did you do for your partner’s latest birthday? What did they do for yours?
64. Where would you like to go on holiday together?
65. You have a whole weekend to yourselves and 500 in cash- what do you do?
66. How would you comfort your partner on a bad day? How would they comfort you?
67. Where would you both get takeout together?
68. What’s the longest time you’ve been apart?
69. What things remind you of your partner? What things remind them of you?
70. Has your relationship changed at all since it first started?
71. Have you ever worked on a project together?
72. Have you both influenced each other in any way?
73. Have either of you made sacrifices for this relationship?
74. Has you discovered anything surprising about your partner?
75. How have you both made a positive impact on each other’s lives?
76. What do you both mutually agree is the most important part of your relationship?
77. What are the everyday things you both do to show you care about each other?
78. Do you follow each other’s blogs/twitter/instagram?
79. Is there a favourite place that you both frequently go to together?
80. What TV shows do you like to watch together?
81. How do you relax together?
82. What sleep positions do you tend to sleep together in?
83. Do you borrow each other’s clothes or other items?
84. Do you ever share the bathroom together?
85. How do you both keep in touch when you’re away from each other?
86. Do you share secrets between each other?
87. Do you rotate house chores or do you each have assigned chore duties?
88. Do you remember how your partner takes their coffee/tea/bar drinks?
89. What does your partner think of your Tumblr?
90. What characters do you play as together when playing multiplayer games?
91. Are you both introverted/extroverted or opposites?
92. Who is the more dominant/submissive one?
93. What are some major differences between you both?
94. When are you both “in your element” together?
95. Who would win in an arm-wrestling contest?
96. What are each of your zodiac signs and how do they compare?
97. What are each of your MBTI types and how do they compare?
98. What are each of your Hogwarts houses and how do they compare?
99. If you were both in a dating sim, what character tropes would each of you be?
100. If you were both animals what would you be? Would you be the same animal?
101. How does your partner’s wardrobe differ from yours?
102. Have you ever both said something at the exact same time?
103. Rate your relationship on a scale of basic vanilla (1) to extremely kinky (10)
104. Mix your fav colour with your partner’s fav colour- what is the result?
105. If you were both ingredients, what would each of you be and what would be the resulting recipe? (e.g. PB & jelly sandwich)
106. Which of you would win in a Pokemon battle? Assign yourself and your partner a fitting Pokemon type (e.g. water, grass, poison etc). Are either of you super effective against the other?
107. What happens when you argue with each other? How do you both make up?
108. What’s something that your partner does that annoys you? How do you annoy them?
109. What are some imperfections that you love about your partner?
110. What are some imperfections that your partner loves about you?
111. Has your partner ever accidentally hurt you? Have you accidentally hurt them?
112. Is there anything about you that your partner just doesn’t understand?
113. Is there anything about your partner that you just don’t understand?
114. When was the last time you cried about your relationship and why?
115. What is something you love that your partner hates?
116. What is something you hate that your partner loves?
117. When was the last time you had to apologise to your partner and why?
118. Do either of you get too clingy?
119. Do you have any insecurities about your relationship?
120. When was a time that your relationship was put to the test?
121. What would your partner have to do to make you end the relationship?
122. Does your family approve of your relationship?
123. What do your friends think of your relationship?
124. How do you both act together around others as opposed to when you’re alone together?
125. How did you first reveal to people that you were going out?
126. Do you think you and your partner look similar to each other?
127. How does your partner treat you special compared to everyone else in their life?
128. Do you both have a mutual friend group, or only separate friendship groups?
129. What’s a common misconception about your relationship?
130. Has your relationship affected any of your relations with others?
131. Has anyone tried to sabotage your relationship?
132. Quote something somebody has said about your relationship.
133. Quote something somebody has said about your partner.
134. What do you hope for the future of your relationship?
135. If you both got married, what would you want your wedding to be like?
136. Can you imagine what your ideal home would look like?
137. Do you have kids/want to have kids? What would they be like?
138. If you could do anything for your partner what would you do?
139. Do you think you’ll still be together when you’re old and wrinkly?
140. Got any relationship advice?

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bts when they accidently slap you

babe I don’t know how accidentally slapping someone works ( i mean you either slap them or you don’t) so I am going to make it a slap out of anger

Also, right now I’m doing only Jin, Rapmon and yoongi, maknae line and jho(p)e will follow soon. I hope that won’t be a problem! Thank you for requesting! 💜



You would be arguing about something stupid and Jin would be shouting on the top of his voice, telling you to get your shit together. You could tell he was really angry. You had observed that he had been losing his temper at the drop of a hat, the past few days, but listening to him screaming at you would make you angry as well. 
“What’s gotten into you, Jin? Why the fuck do you have to be so angry all the fucking time? Stop behaving like a fucking lunatic-”

The crack of skin contacting skin echoed off the walls. He had slapped you. 

Immediately, after releasing all of his tension in that act, he would stare at you wide eyed. You would have your hand on your cheek, equally shocked. 

“I’m sorry, y/n I just-I didn’t want to-please oh god I am so sorry” He would try to come closer to you in an effort to comfort you but you would flinch and back off, eyes red-angry, tearful and betrayed-, you would look at him, tears now freely falling. 

“You shouldn’t have done that.” you would say, taking your bag and leaving the apartment, leaving behind a crying Jin. 


Namjoon would barge into your room, picking you up from your bed, violently yanking on your hand. He would drag you out to the dining room-despite your strong protest at the way he was treating you-and there you would see his bratty female friend sitting on one of the chairs, crying her eyes out. 

“What the fuck, Kim Namjoon?” You would ask him, yanking your arm out of his grip.

“How dare you, y/n? I knew you could be crazy but this is just crossing all the fucking limits. How could you bully her?” 

You stood in shock. YOU…bullying HER

“What the fuck are you talking about? Why would I do that?”

“She told me, she showed me the marks. You hit her. What the fuck y/n? How could you?” 

You looked at his friend, sitting behind him giving you a smirk and all you could see was red. 

“Get the fuck out of my house, you lying bitch.” You would start towards her when Namjoon would forcefully turn you towards him and slap you across your cheek. 

A sharp pain would hit you, leaving a throbbing sensation in your cheek. 

“Did you just fucking slap me?” You would say through the angry tears. 

“Yah namjoon-ah, i was just kidding..you went too far.” His friend would stand up out of fear and mild nervousness and just take her leave.


“Save it. I’m leaving.” 

“no..no please, no no, I am so sorry. I thought you were going to hit her- and I just lost it- oh god I didn’t know she was lying-yah y/n please don’t leave. Please baby, I’m so sorry.” He would try to stop you from leaving but you had already packed your stuff and walked out of the apartment before he could finish whatever explanation he was giving you. 


He would be furious, blaming you for throwing some of his important work away. This would just be a stimulus to an already irritated Yoongi. He would be exhausted and frustrated by the sheer amount of work and even though you will have thrown out nothing, he would take this as an opportunity to release all his anger. 

“You threw out my things didn’t you? When the fuck will you grow up?” Yoongi would step into the kitchen, where you were making yourself and him some sandwiches. You would turn around to look at him with your eyebrows raised, giving him an uncomfortable smile, trying to calm him down. You knew how exhausted he was. 

“I didn’t throw out anything, love.” you would step towards him.

Shut the fuck up. You have been really annoying lately, you know that? The stuff you fucking threw out was my production work. I had to submit it tomorrow, do you fucking understand what that means?”

You tried to control your anger, remaining calm and maintaining an indifferent expression towards his hurtful words. 

“Honey, I did not throw anything out, okay? Just check around. You’ll find it.” 

“I DON’T HAVE THE FUCKING TIME TO CHECK AROUND!” He roared and you took a slight step backwards because you were startled. You had never seen him like this. 

“What’s wrong, Yoongi? Are you okay?” You would ask him slightly concerned at his outburst. 

He would look at you with red eyes, “Do I look like I’m fucking okay, you bitch?” 

You would stand there with your mouth open. “What the fuck did you just call  me?” 

“A bitch. That’s what you are. Why the fuck are we together? You threw out my stuff and now you’re acting like an innocent fuck who doesn’t know what’s happening.” He would be on a roll, enraged. “You probably don’t have to work this hard because I’m rich and your boss is all over you but I WORKED DAY IN AND DAY OUT TO MAKE THAT SHIT!” Yoongi would shout as he came closer to you. 

“MIN YOONGI, THAT’S ENOUGH!” You would shout back, holding your ground as he stood only half a hand away from you. “All this for a fucking music sheet, that I didn’t even throw out? Please stop-” 

Rage boiled through Yoongi’s body as he tuned you out. He barely had a chance to think of his actions as he threw his hand forward as hard as he could, whipping it across your face. The sound resonated off the walls of the apartment.  You could feel the vibration of his hit and pain spread across the left side of you face. His palm was bright red, the same red mark that matched the one on your face. You stared at him with your eyes wide as your hand slowly made it to your fire red cheek. 

Yoongi looked at you with wide eyes, realizing what he had done. He stumbled forwards, his expression blank but eyes leaking tears. He had hit you.

“Y/n..I..oh god what have I done” He would come forward to hug you but you would push him back.

“Don’t you dare touch me, you bastard.” 

You would immediately walk past him but he would yank you back and hug you from behind, putting his face in the crook of your neck, holding on to you for dear life. “NO! No..no don’t leave me please-I didn’t mean to do that-i just-i was so angry-baby I am so sorry. Shit-please, y/n don’t leave me please”

You would stand in his desperate embrace for a minute, your own tears now falling rapidly, and then you would forcefully pry his hands off and walk out without saying a word, leaving Yoongi on his knees, crying out for you. 


WHOO that was…really angsty. *THIS IS NOT EDITED*

Just a little note: There is no way in which hitting your partner can be justified. Never EVER EVER stand for it. Stay blessed my babies. 

Much love,


protectshiroatallcosts  asked:

An idea: shiro finding a super earth dog-like alien stray and nearly crying cause maybe it looks like a dog he used to own??? But he slowly earns its trust and brings it with him on the castle and it's happy and pure and it sleeps with him which helps with his nightmares and no im not crying what

They found him in a demolished city, one days after the initial attacks.

The mission was simple: Recover anything they could from the ruined government building to bring to the evacuated population.

In the end, there wasn’t much left of the building.  They had Yellow lift up the top and dug through the rubble.  Aside from a few drawers with of papers, and a couple of sturdier metal decorations, the place was pretty much demolished.  

But something had moved in.

The sound of rustling initially made Shiro turn, arm let and aggressive.  But then he saw the reflected purple spots on two dark eyes, and he paused.  Oh.  An animal. To be cautious, he turned off his arm but lit the built in flashlight, and put it closer to see the shape of the animal without shining directly on it.


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“So…” Glenn held the word out like a long note, his gaze fixed pointedly off in the distance.

“So,” Michonne tucked a stray loc behind her ear, turning to the young man beside her. She knew what was coming next, had expected it for days, really. It surprised her that it had taken Glenn this long to ask. Still, she wasn’t letting him off easy.

“So, you and Rick?” dark almond shaped eyes flickered to her for a moment then quickly away.

“Is that a question?” Michonne asked coolly, biting back a laugh.

“Are you guys together now, or just…” Glenn trailed off again, his cheeks flushing pink in the afternoon sun.

“Just having sex?” Michonne finished lightly, cocking her head slightly to the side in a fair imitation of Rick.

Glenn flushed even brighter. For a man who had never been shy about his sexual relationship with his own wife, his embarrassment burned bright. Michonne did smile then, cutting the young man some slack.

“We’re together,” the statement was accompanied by a laugh, the tinkling sound echoing along the porch they were seated at.

Glenn nodded, “Good. I mean, not like you need my approval…it’s just,” he swallowed thickly, taking a pull of the glass of lemonade beside him. “Rick’s better with you. More…human.”

Michonne’s eyebrows jumped slightly, but she nodded. “He’s good for me too,” she said simply, reaching for a sandwich off the plate between them.

“You’re good with the kids too,” Glenn continued talking, his eyes trained on the porch steps. “With Carl and Judith.”

“You should take them some time,” Michonne smiled at him again. “Get some practice in.”

Glenn sighed, licking his lips. “I have to ask you something. I’m not sure if it’s even something people still do in this world but…” he cleared his throat.

Michonne regarded him calmly, reaching gently for his shoulder. “Anything,” she assured him.

“If something happens to me, or Maggie, or me and Maggie,” he broke off again, lifting his head to look her square in the eye. “Would you and Rick?”

“Of course,” her answer was instantaneous. “Of course we would.”

Glenn nodded, relief palpable on his face. “Maggie was thinking we could make it official. She likes things like that.”

“Official?” Michonne coaxed a sandwich into his hand.

“Like Godparents. Gabriel could do a ceremony…or whatever. I’m not sure exactly how it works.” He gratefully took a bite.

“We’d be honored,” Michonne nudged Glenn with her shoulder, her smile widening across her face. Glenn grinned back at her, raising his lemonade glass. Michonne clinked her own against his.

“What are you two over here gossiping about?” Maggie’s voice cut the silence between them. The brunette laughed lightly as she approached, Rick dogging her footsteps.

“Just having some lunch,” Michonne announced, holding up the plate.

“You should come eat,” Glenn was already on his feet, guiding his wife to sit in his place. He plunked down next to her as Rick reached the stairs, leaning over the banister.

“Hey,” he grinned lazily at Michonne.

“Hey yourself,” Michonne lifted her lunch. Rick wasted no time in procuring a bite.

“That’s good,” Rick complimented, sitting down on the step below Michonne. She absentmindedly smoothed one of his wayward curls back as Rick went to work on sneaking another mouthful of her lunch. Michonne reached over to grab her glass, coming face to face with Glenn and Maggie staring at her knowingly.

“What?” she asked, flushing. Quickly, she handed her lemonade to Rick. He took a sip, oblivious of the younger couple.

“It’s about time,” Maggie grinned. Beside her, Glenn laid a hand protectively over her stomach. He nodded at Michonne.

Michonne laughed lightly, returning her attention back to Rick. “Maggie and Glenn have something they want to ask us. I already said yes.”

“Of course you did,” Rick grinned at her, reaching for her hand. “Maggie asked me already. I said yes too.” He dropped a kiss on her palm.

Michonne leaned into him, draping herself over his shoulder as he continued eating.

“Nice day,” Glenn observed, smiling at the sight of the town in front of them.

“It is,” Michonne agreed, grinning.  

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What is everyone favorite dish on the menu?

Hunk: You know… everyone gave their recommendations but I’m curious…

Lance: Like I said, I’m really a fan of the pasta. Any style. Penne rose is the best. I don’t know how he does it. Taste better than some of the Italian restaurants around.

Pidge: I really do like the cake. So light and fluffy.

Lance: Pidge has a sweet tooth. It’s almost like they’re a girl!

Pidge: Fuck off Lance.

Allura: Pidge, watch your language in front of the customers, please.

Pidge: Sorry.

Allura: Thank you. I suppose my favorite would be his lemon dressed salad. It’s just so refreshing.

Shiro: I have to agree, though my favorites are his parfaits. He makes three  different ones for each month and they are all awesome

Coran: It appears our Pidge isn‘t the only one with a sweet tooth.

Shiro: They’re good, so sue me.

Coran: Well I enjoy the sandwiches. Pieces of salami with slightly toasted bread, cheeses, and lettuce. Absolutely delectable.

Lance: What about you Keith.

Keith: I like your lattes.

Lance: Pick something on the menu, please…..

Keith: Mikan cookies…. with the mikan latte.

Hunk: Awww thanks everyone!

A.N. too much dialog and food to draw. Sorry!

  • Agency: *all busy with their work*
  • Dazai: *looks over to Atsushi* Atsushi-kun?
  • Atsushi: Yes, Dazai.
  • Dazai: I know I don't say this often but I really want you to know that I appreciate you and if I could give you one thing in life I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes so you could realize how special you are to me.
  • Agency: *completely speechless with Dazai's declaration of love*
  • Atsushi: *looks at Dazai for a few moments, sighs and gets up* If you want me to make you a sandwich you could just ask Dazai-san, no mayo and extra tomatoes right?
  • Dazai: I love you! *shouts after Atsushi*
  • Atsushi: Hai, Hai. *waves hand dismissively* I love you too
  • Kunikida: *to Dazai* What does he see in you?

Just a simple little recolor of a lovely little flat.

Special thanks to @citrontart for the Lazy Loafers mesh, and @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the Sandwich Unnaturals palette!

TOU: Respect Citrontart’s tou here, recolor credit would be nice, and please don’t be a jerk!

Download: SimFileShare (Mesh Required: here

I’m looking for CC suggestions! If you look at this post here, I explain what type of CC I can make :)

Keith: Ugh, what would Shiro say? Sometimes clouds have two sides, a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. It’s like a silver sandwich! So when life seems hard, just take a bite out of the silver sandwich.

Hunk: Maybe we haven’t failed after all!

Keith: That’s the spirit. I can’t believe that worked. I didn’t know what I was saying.

Hunk: No, what you said didn’t make sense at all. But look! It’s the way out!

Valentine’s Day with the Peaky Blinders

Wah, I didnt know there are so many people that still liked this fandom nvn

I’m so happy my first imagine of this show got so much love and support, thank you guys and also have a happy Valentine’s Day even if I’ll be at work and then come back home and cry alone with a box of chocolate and strawberries.

Enjoy~! <3 

Thomas Shelby

Lips pressed against your temple, fingers laced together while you two cuddled in bed, enjoying each other’s warmth and company.

Valentine’s day was today and Tommy decided to make it romantic, kicking everyone out of the house and made it a day only for you two to spend together.

Candles lighted up all around the room, rose petals sprawled everywhere while a big heart that was drawn out of them in the middle of the bed.

When you had came home and found that there, you thought it was a joke but finding Tommy sitting in the middle of the rose petals heart with a champagne in one hand and two glasses in his free hand, you knew it wasnt’ a joke.

When it comes to romance or dates, Tommy would do anything to please you, even becoming a hopeless romantic to please his woman.

Arthur Shelby

We all know that Arthur was never one for romance, all this mushy things that would make your knees week and your heart throb, but when it came to you, it all changes.

You found him home, pacing around the room before he noticed you, rushing to your side, spinning you around in his arms before having a giant boquet or roses shoved in your face while his eyes averted somewhere else with a simple mumble of ‘I love you and all that shit and I know you like roses, so here’ .

The gesture was something to make you break into a smile since Arthur tried to become a better man and quit his fighting and drinking habits thought a little glance at the table told you that he already drank half a bottle of wine, probably to man up and give you the flowers.

John Shelby

John always surprised you with something, from flowers, to chocolate and even skipping work so he could take you out and see the pictures.

Today was special and for such a special occasion, he had reserved the theatre for you guys all evening, letting you enjoy the movies you adore and keep sharing deep and passionate kisses once in a while, holding hands and fighting with popcorn when the movie got too cheesy.

When the evening was over and you guys left the pictures, you had asked him why he keeps loving you so much, him pausing in helping you get your coat back on only to press a loving kiss to your neck and smirk.

“Can’t a husband love his wife and the mother of his children?"He simply replied only to laugh at the red color surfacing on your cheeks.

Michael Gray

Michael had decided since it was Valentine’s day, to take you out and what better way then with a picnic in the park nearby the house you two shared.

Basket in one hand while his free one held yours, fingers laced together while your cheek pressed against his forearm (since you barely reached his shoulders) and enjoying the silent walk you two had.

Once at the park, he had set down a red blanket with dark lines and yellow flowers designs making you snicker at his choice of blanket only to sit down, letting him take out the sandwiches and drinks he had bought before a red box caught your eye making you open your mouth to ask the male what is that only to gasp, hand moving to press against your open mouth while you stared in shock at Michael getting on one knee and showing you the content of the box.

"I know it’s cheesy being Valentines Day and everything..but would you do the honors of being Miss Gray from now on?"He asked with a gentle smile.

Finn Shelby

When Finn wasn’t taking his drugs and copying his brothers, he was quite gentle and shy when it come to romance and you were sure he had asked his bigger brothers for tips since right now you were on your way to the circus that you always wanted to see since you were a child. Excitement being evident on your face while you kept shifting in your chair like a hyper child.

"You know this circus comes only once every three years?"You asked, licking your dry lips only to lean and peck the male’s cheek, giggling when they became a dark red while Finn glanced at you and then back at the road, mumbling he knew that only to add he will even take you backstage so you can meet the performers after the show.

That just made you squeal out in happiness, hands wrapping around Finn’s neck to give him a giant hug only to chirp he was the best boyfriend before you leaned back, letting the male keep driving while cooing over his rosy cheeks and how he kept unbuttoning the collar of his shirt to cool down.

Isaiah Jesus

Isaiah loved to treat you like a princess and with everything he did or does, he wants to make it be seen by his close group of friends and even the guys that dear to go against the Peaky Blinders.

During Valentines Day, he had came early at your job, wrapping his arms around your waist while placing open mouth kisses on your neck, squeezing you closer before placing a wrapped up box with a bow in your hands, mumbling he had bought you that expensive Belgian chocolate you craved for weeks.

"I knew you wanted it, so I bought it. Only the finest for my girl."He would mumble, nibbled your earlobe while you unwrapped the box and smile at the chocolate inside, picking one up and press it against Isaiah’s lips only to blush when he bit down on it and lick his lips before he leaned to kiss you, grunting when you tried to pry his lips open so you could take the chocolate for yourself.

Alfred ‘Alfie’ Solomons

Since Alfie owned a bakery, he always made you the best treats in town and since it was Valentines Day, it was a much more special day then the others.

Coming home and finding all those freshly baked sweets on your kitchen table only to make you raise an eyebrow hearing thumbs from upstairs making a smile break on your lips.

Once upstairs, you found Alfie cussing while kicking the side of your bed, mumbling more profanaties only to pause when he heard your giggles making him turn around and give you a gentle glare.

”[Y/N], you’re home earlier…I wanted to wrap your stupid mutt up in ribbons and have him bring the sweets to you but he bit me and then I—“His words were cut off by your lips pressed against his, gripping the front of his jacket to keep him closer and hum, leaning back and snicker that he was being an idiot right now.

"Boxer will never let you touch him..We both know he started hating you the moment he walked on us having sex..I think we scarred my dog for life."You laughed, combing your fingers through Alfie’s hair only to press a gentle kiss to his neck and whisper for him to go downstairs and get the sweets and then come back and close the door.

"Lock it too..I want to eat those sweets off your body."You cooed while watching Alfie with dark eyes and smirk when he walked to the door only to hiss when you slapped his bottom and wave at him from your bed.

Nct 127 reaction to having a pillow fight with you


Taeil and you were just talking about bears or some weird shit like that when you got into an argument over said stupid shit and you picked up your pillow and slapped him in the face with it. He would gape at you before rolling off the bed and grabbing a pillow as well. “Try me (y/n),” he would say with the pillow held tightly in his hands. “Gladly.” You said as you stood up on the bed and swung at him. 

And that’s when the night got intense.

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Johnny would be walking through the door of your apartment when he heard your high-pitched battle cry as you jumped off the couch with a pillow in hand. He would freak out and rush to your bedroom to grab his own weapon as his mind registered that your hitting him repeatably with a pillow. He would turn around with his own pillow and watch as you ran away from him in fright, he would drop the pillow once you left the room and giggle while chasing after you. 

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I feel like Taeyong would just laugh as you swung the pillow around, and would just back away slowly when you started hitting him, still laughing. Eventually he would try to grab the pillow from you and when he succeeded and you ran away in fear he would laugh even harder. 

“(y/n)? Where are you going!?” 

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Yuta would panic when you started wildly tossing pillows at him. He would probably play the guilt card to get you stop throwing the pillows by making you think he was hurt.

“AH (y/n) that hurt!!”


He would be so confused as to why he was being attacked by his (s/o), and would probably ask what he did to deserve such a cruel fate. Despite being confused he wouldn't be able to stop laughing as you hit him with the soft object. 

“What did I do to cause this pain!?”


Jaehyun would be even worse than Yuta he would be soooo dramatic. He would scream in pain and ask you to take care of him for the rest of the day.

“But Jagiiiii its your fault i’m hurt in the first place!”


He would be even more confused than Doyoung and then add him being really flustered to that because your battle cry just sounded so cute. He would probably just freeze because he didn't know how to react.

“Geez (y/n) your lucky your cute.”


Mark had beaten you at some sort of game that had a bet placed on it, whoever lost had to make the other lunch, and was currently rubbing your face about how he was very hungry today and you'd probably have to make a lot of food. Not being able to handle it anymore you grabbed the pillow next to you and hit him in the face with it.

“And make sure that the chicken is cooked-” *cue pillow hit*

“I’m making you a sandwich Mark.”

“Well it better be delicious if i have to endure this abuse.”


This guy… he would get you back so hard. Like you would just playfully tap him with a pillow and that would start world war 3, he would probably get all of the younger nct dream members to help him in his plan to destroy you. One day you and Chan would just be watching tv when a bunch of young children would start hitting you with pillows.

“Haha that’s what you get (y/n)!”

“What did I even do!?”

“I… I don’t remember exactly but I know you did something!”

~ Admin Lily

Snog Me Senseless 2

A/N:  Snog Me Senseless was supposed to be a one shot, but then I got more requests for a part 2.  So I combined SMS part 2 with this request.  I can picture parts 3 and 4 already, but only if people really want them.  Let me know what you think please!  I’m not going to mark this as NSFW, but it is sweetly smutty in its own way.  

As always, a HUGE thank you to my betas, @little-black-dress-24,  @niallandharrymakemestrong and @emulateharry.  I consider myself blessed every day to have landed in this supportive community of writers. Next time for sure, @melissas173!!!

You sigh as Harry’s lips gently part yours, and your hands reach to wrap around his neck, pulling his mouth closer to yours as you slide your tongue along his. He’s wrapped his left arm around your waist, and he’s leaning into you, using his slight height advantage to bend your head back as he deepens the kiss. Your emotions are swirling.  

It had only been a week since the frat party where you first learned to snog, and you had been practicing every day since with Harry.  Whereas his tongue had felt foreign inside your mouth the first time, you now relished the times when he kissed you like this, breathing through your respective noses to prolong the amount of time you could stay attached to each other.  It was nearly lunchtime, and Harry’s stomach was growling.  You hear the rumble and giggle a bit as you manage to move the gum he’s been chewing into your mouth as you end the kiss.  

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emootakukpoplover  asked:

Do one where the reader is in too much pain from her period and Yoongi takes care of her; hot water bottles, chocolate, peanut butter, pads,/towels/tampons and is really worried about her. Thank you!

Thank you for requesting darling! It may not be exactly the same but I hope you like it 😘


You opened the door to your apartment and stepped inside, breathing a sigh of relief. Strangely, you weren’t able to concentrate at work today. You had been feeling nauseous and heavy the entire day. 

Walking forth, you turned towards your kitchen and kept all the groceries you bought after leaving work, on the kitchen table. You turned around to take some water out of the fridge when you suddenly felt a sharp pain in your stomach. It was so intense that, for a moment, you fell down on a knee. You got up, taking support by placing your hand on the chair. You knew what this pain was and now felt stupid for not realising why you had not felt good the entire day. 


You sighed as the pain diluted a little and reached for your purse where you always kept an extra tampon. Taking it, you picked up a towel from your room and went to your bathroom for a warm shower.   


You stepped out of the bathroom, feeling a little better after taking a shower. You weren’t any less worried though. You knew your pain would intensify in a while, it always did. You decided that you would take a painkiller after having supper.

Wearing comfortable clothes, you stepped out of your room to hear your phone buzzing on the kitchen slap. It was a message from Yoongi. You quickly replied. 

You laughed a little as you put your phone down on the kitchen slap. You finished the sandwich you had made while texting Yoongi and kept one aside for him. You couldn’t help but feel relieved when you thought about your boyfriend coming over. His presence itself would help in taking your attention away from the pain that you knew would come in a while. 

The bell rang and you turned around to answer the door, knowing it is Yoongi. However, suddenly another jolt of pain hit you in the stomach and this time it was so intense, you fell there and then, knocking your phone off the slap in the process. You tried getting up but the pain became unbearable as soon as you moved and you couldn’t get up. You heard the bell ringing and a few seconds later, your phone started ringing. You struggled to reach your phone but you couldn’t. You let out an air of pain from you mouth as you brought your hand back on your stomach and turned your body into a fetal position.  

“Y/N!  What’s happening? Are you okay?” You heard Yoongi’s concerned voice on the other side of the door. 

You mustered up your strength to shout out one sentence. 



Yoongi didn’t waste time, he immediately fished around in his handbag for your apartment’s key. Taking it out, he put it in the keyhole and turned it. He opened the door and hurried inside to find you on the kitchen floor in a fetal position, clutching your stomach in pain and almost unconscious.


He dropped his handbag on the floor and ran to you. 

“Y/N! What the fuck happened? Are you okay? Shit what do I do?!”

“I’m okay!” You tried to calm him down. “Just take me to my room, I’ll tell you what to do!” 

“Okay. Okay, I’ll do that.” Yoongi picked you up in his arms, bridal style, and took you to your room. He opened the door with one hand, and carefully placed you on the bed. “Okay, what do I do?” 

“Take out a tablet from the medical aid, it’s called ibuprofen.” You tried to explain through the pain.

Yoongi immediately turned around and went to your wardrobe, opening one of the drawers. He took out the medical aid and moved the tablets around in a hurry before taking out a leaf of pink coloured tablets. 

“This?” he asked you, holding up the tablet. 

You nodded your head. 

He took out one tablet and came to your side. He helped you sit up and put the tablet in your mouth. You gulped it down with water. 

“Okay, what the fuck is happening? Shouldn’t we go to the doctor?” Yoongi asked you in a worried tone. 

You shook your head slightly, “Periods.” 

“I figured that out, Y/N, but this was something else. I’ve never seen you in so much pain. Jesus, I thought you had been stabbed or something.” 

“It happens once in while. Don’t worry, I feel better now.”

Yoongi looked at you in a slightly suspicious manner before getting up and taking off his T-shirt. He threw it on the side of the bed and walked around it. He got on the bed and helped you lie down. He then took the blanket and pulled it over both of you, giving you his hand as pillow. 

You smiled and put your hands around him, snuggling closer. 

“I made a sandwich for you. You should go eat it, you must be hungry.” You said, half asleep. The medicine was starting to take effect. 

“I’ll have it later. Go to sleep.” He said pulling you closer. 


You woke up to see your boyfriend missing from your side. You sat up on your bed, yawning. The pain was there but it had diluted to being bearable. 

You got out of the bed to change your tampon. Heading to your drawer, you stopped dead in your tracks. 

“Fuck. I don’t have tampons.” 

You rushed out to the dining room to call Yoongi. He appeared to be out, you could tell him to bring some tampons. You hurriedly dialled his number and was about to press the call button, when you heard the main door open and in walked your fabulous boyfriend. 

You cursed to yourself, you were too late. 

Yoongi gave you a weird look and went to the kitchen to put down the stuff he had bought.“What happened? Is it paining again?”

“No, no.” You gave him a guilty look. “I..uh..forgot to buy tampons. I don’t have any.”

Yoongi came out, giving you a poker face. 

“I know, that’s why I went out to buy some.” He said handing you the packet. 

Your mouth hung open. You got up and gave him a tight hug. 

“Min Yoongi, have I told you that you are a fucking genius? 

“You don’t have to tell me love, I already know.”

“Just change quickly and come out. I got some stuff.”

You nodded your head as you took the tampons from him and went to the loo. “Gimme half a moment.” 

You came out and went to your lounge, knowing Yoongi is there since the television was on. You were right, he connecting the T.V. to the home theatre. 

“Shoot, what stuff do you have?” You asked, walking towards him. 

“Ice cream, for one. It’s in the freezer. The chocolates are in the fridge. The peanut butter sandwich is in the microwave. The movie, is right here. 

“I love you.” 

He laughed. “I love you too, baby.”

You went to the kitchen and took out the sandwich from the microwave, all the while thinking how lucky you were to be able to call that man your lover. You never imagined that he would be so sensitive towards your..well, your periods. No one ever was. 

A smile formed on your face as you took you sandwiches and ice cream tub into the lounge. You set it up on the floor and sat next to Yoongi. 

“So, what are we watching?” 

“Conjuring 2″

“Fantastic.” You smirked. 

You both dig horror movies and watching them with him was always more fun. 

“Thanks for making the sandwich baby, here’s yours.” 

He shook his head. “I’m eating the one you made.You can have that.”

Your heart melted. You quickly reached out and turned his head towards you and gave him a peck. Then you settled on his side, putting your head on his shoulder. 

“Thank you for being here, Yoongi. I can’t tell you how much I love you.”

You thought he was about to give a sarcastic remark but were pleasantly surprised when you heard him say,



so that’s that. leave it to me to turn periods into a sob story(in my defence, i could relate so hard my periods are hella painful as well)

I hope yall like it and KEEP SENDING IN REQUESTS! 

much love, 


Team Tony Stark: Post-CA:CW Prompt 1

Okay so imagine post the clusterfuck that was CA:CW Team Cap wants to go back to the U.S./or they need his help with Buckys treatment (B.A.R.F.) and so they try to contact Tony. But they can’t. Because he got rid of the phone ((ugh the phone) because obvs he knows they’re in Wakanda -no i don’t need your sanctimonious flip-phone Rogers stuff it- and that letter was just plain offensive) and well they’re fugitives so their options are fucking limited. So while trying to see how they can get a message to him they notice that he communicates with someone on the downlow all very hush hush and they get curious (hence using their superspies to get info (i imagine the Black Widow joined them)) and guess who they find on the other end of the communication (messages, skype, phone calls, e-mails, letters)? HARLEY! So they’re like ‘wtf is Stark doing with a kid’ and they somehow manage to kidnap him (using T'Challas jet since it has a no detection thingy?) and T'Challa is pissed because ‘wtf were you thinking kidnapping a child?? You’re FUGITIVES IDIOTS! And that’s practically Tony Starks kid do you have a deATH WISH?!?!?’ And they’re all like ‘Stark has no kids, he doesn’t know we’re here, it’s just for a little while don’t worry’ and T'Challa is practically having and aneurysm because he has been getting to know Tony Stark (repairing the Accords) and he fucking knows that Stark knows that he knows that he knows that Team Cap is in Wakanda (he just doesn’t give a fuck (as long as they’re under surveilance and out of the way not fucking up another country he’s fine with it)) and these idiots have no fucking idea who they’re dealing with, because he has seen Stark dealing with the UN, the WSC, the military, the media, fucking everyone and twirling them around as he wants, and he has seen his eyes, they’re ruthless, dark (Siberia broke something in him, but Stark men are made of iron and he’s had no heart since he got the Arc Reactor taken out maybe he never had one, Starks don’t cry and they don’t break, and he’s a mechanic he can fix anything but it doesn’t always end up how it was before) and he knows that he’s treading on a very fine line before he snaps and he regrets that this may be what pushes him over the edge (he has seen Stark increase security around those he lets inside his walls Peter, Pepper, Rhodey, Vision, F.R.I.D.A.Y., Happy, and he didn’t know about Harley but after what Team Cap told him about their interactions it’s easy to see he considers him a son) and he will consider this an attack no matter what the misguided ex-Avengers meant to accomplish by doing this, and he has no wish to see the destruction Stark will bring, because no matter what the ex-Avengers think about Tony Stark being helpless and a civilian he used to be the Merchant of Death and you can’t sell Death without distributing your share of it, (he knows Tony Starks history, people think Iron Man was born from the ashes of Tony Stark in a dry cave in Afghanistan like a Phoenix, but Tony Stark never burned and the only ashes that got left behind were those of his captors those of the people who thought they could control him and break him (Stark men are not weak) and Iron Man was not born on a cave because Iron Man is Tony Stark and Tony Stark is Iron Man there is no one without the other (Stark men are made of Iron) and he will do what he thinks must be done, he will dirty his hands, mark them with red (they forget he made a conscious decision of killing the terrorists both in the cave and Gulmira (funny how people forget what they don’t want to believe)) and he may have not hurt the ex-Avengers during the war when he considered them family, but family they are no more (not since Siberia ‘did you know Rogers?’ ‘Sometimes my team keep things from me’ the feel of hands on his reactor, a shield breaking his metaphorical heart, the feel of death trying to pull him under, the cold seeping through the suit, his mothers screams stuck in his head and the burning of betrayal (and resignation-he always knew they would leave, everyone leaves)) and now they have taken his pseudo-kid (‘you know what keeps running through my head?’ 'Where is my sandwich?’) and the last good will he had left towards them was used when he ignored Ross’ phone call (he let them escape, less chance of commiting murder if he can’t see them) so there are no safeguards in place that will save them from his hands, from his retribution, haven’t you heard it’s not good to rouse a beast (but they’re blind aren’t they? They see prey not a predator (it’s always good to be underestimated, makes them easier to take down 'Iron Man yes… Tony Stark not recommended’)?

So I want my BAMF! #smolchild Tony Stark to put Team Cap in it’s place by being the ruthless son of a bitch we all know and love.

+Harley having a watch!gauntlet like Tonys from CA:CW and using it against them, maybe locking himself in a room and threatening them if they come closer (with Shuri looking smug (because we all know she doesn’t like Team Cap (they’re too entitled)) and she is happy to see them being put in their place and she thinks that if anyone is willing to threaten enhanced individuals in favor of Tony Stark with such fierce determination then Stark must be worth getting to know)
++T'Challa/Tony building relationship (IronPanther is bae)
+++Tony has become a pseudo-father/uncle to practically every enhanced (or not) kid around (Kamala, Peter, Harley and his sister, Cassie Lang, Cooper, Lila and Nathaniel Barton (because you bet your ass that he evacuated them from their living spaces before Ross could get to them (or the masses))), Vision and F.R.I.D.A.Y. (because it may hurt him but Vision is basically his grandchild (from both Ultron and Jarvis) and FRI is like another daughter (she’s practically a baby)) and the kids are pissed at Team Cap (because they saw Tonys injuries (he can no longer wear the Iron Man Armour (the shield did a vast number on him, his lungs and his artificial sternum))) maybe they had to use the Extremis (or I would love if he needed to use an Arc Reactor again (maybe in a smaller size/scale so it doesn’t get too deep since it’s obvious it causes problems with his lung capacity (it was pretty fucking deep in his chest(miracle he still could breathe))) and he’s fucking lucky he survived, so they’re petty towards them (specially Kamala, Peter and Harley)
++++ And Team Cap is like 'wtf’ 'why are you defending 'Tony Evil Overlord’ (trademark pending)

Practically I just want Team Cap to see how BAMF! my #smolchild is, for Tony to recuperate his self-worth by being surrounded by people who actually see him and see the good in him, and for him to have a #TonyStarkProtectionSquad

This post ran away from me I swear. 😂😂
It’s so long like damn! But I wanted to rant and share so here it is peeps. 😘

Jean’s Minimized Role in the Most Recent Chapters and Some Predictions About Where his Character Will Go from Here

Chapter 83. Jean reacting to Cartman’s sudden appearance while Mikasa fires a warning flare in the background.

I really should just change my blog title to long-ass-Jean-metas-unlimited.

So this is not exactly a timely meta: perhaps I shouldn’t dredge up chapter 84 and the “serum bowl” after the fandom seems to have finally recovered (I wasn’t really here as it was happening: I had just caught up with the series and was lurking xD). This post doesn’t touch on any part of the main controversy though, so no need to fear! I was just looking back through some of the more recent chapters for a completely unrelated project and I was reminded of a few observations I had about Jean’s (rather limited …) reactions to the events of that rooftop. I guess I can make this a timely meta by looking ahead to how Jean’s character might develop further as the narrative continues on–although the four-year timeskip makes me feel a little unmoored when discussing characterization. Who are the 104th now? I guess we’ll find out next month! *crosses fingers* 

I’m one part excited and two parts terrified to see adult!Jean.

Jean’s kind of a hard character for Isayama to come to grips with, I think: on the one hand, Isayama’s created a very human character with a complex personality who undergoes realistic growth. He clearly likes Jean and has invested a lot of thought into his portrayal. On the other hand, Isayama just can’t decide if Jean’s a main character or not. Case-in-point: the serum bowl. Although Jean is a compelling presence throughout the Uprising, the lull after the Uprising, and the Battle for Shiganshina, he only gets about four reaction panels in the serum bowl–the same amount as Connie, who, for all that I love him, is significantly less important to Attack on Titan in the grand scheme of things. Additionally, all of these panels are quite small–I had to zoom in quite a bit to get a good look at his expressions, which are actually very detailed, despite their size.

Isayama’s choice to minimize Jean’s presence here doesn’t quite make sense to me, especially because Jean’s best friend Armin’s life is on the line. Jean’s reaction is so in character and recalls the scene where he finds Marco’s body after the battle of Trost; considering all the other parallels between the Trost and Shiganshina arcs, I think Isayama could have spent more time capitalizing on this particular link and I wonder why he didn’t. Futhermore, in a departure from tradition, Jean doesn’t have much to say post-”serum bowl”; perhaps he is subdued and still processing, but Isayama usually includes more Jean in an arc wrap up, and it makes me a bit nervous that he chose not to this time. 

However, as much as this sidelining of Jean during these crucial moments is worrying, I think Jean will still be an important character in the final arc based on some of the events immediately proceeding the serum bowl!

More under the cut!

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