Diane Guerrero photographed by Magdalena Niziol

I have a strong beauty background and I really wanted to capture Diane in a way that meshed my love for beauty photography with her personality and strengths. Diane is a striking, strong woman and I wanted that to come through in the images

My fellow beans,

It has been a privilege sharing these last 6 years with you.

Remember when Season 2 was also called The Dark Times because we wouldn’t get Captain Swan scenes for like MONTHS?

Remember when the first still of their first kiss came out and we broke Tumblr?

Remember “You traded your ship for me?”

Remember when the BTS clip of their first fight in S4 came out and we were freaking out because of ‘Sweetheart”?

Remember “I love you?”

Remember the music in the exact scene when Emma turns Killian into a Dark One and you just got chills?

Remember how we got 2 proposals?

Remember the day they got married?

Now they’ll be parents and a Happy Beginning is theirs.

It’s been an honor.

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  • Keith takes Lance home with his motorbike thingy once they’re back on Earth (seriously what is it i forgot what to call it,, its a motorbike thingy now)
  • beach dates!!
  • Keith is not a fan of water but he’ll do it for Lance
  • building sand castles!!!
  • Lance genuinely enjoys it and Keith tries to make a competition out of it every single time
  • this one time some kid stepped and ruined Lance’s castle and Keith was ready to fight
  • ok but Lance diving and bringing out pretty shells for Keith
  • Keef is absolutely in awe about it
  • “How the fuck can you hold your breath for so long, I thought you died.”
  • theme parks!!
  • you try and fucking tell me these two aren’t the biggest suckers for Disneyland
  • Lance wants to take a picture with every fucking character
  • 15 minutes into the visit and Keith is already complaining that he’s bored
  • Lance is all for cutesy rides like the Farris Wheel and Keith wants to go to the Haunted House
  • “okay if we go will you stop complaining”
  • Lance ends up being traumatized and Keith is in love
  • the teacups ride thing!!!
  • Lance is the first one to get hyper off of sugar, Keith follows suit
  • sometimes these two like to just chill out and go on a casual date in a café bar or something
  • they’re never ever ever afraid or ashamed of being affectionate in public
  • sometimes having the whole world around your neck and everyone worshipping you for saving the universe gets annoying so these two are frequently packing bags and going on road trips
  • they try to mask themselves but-
  • “I told you they’ll recognize your stupid mullet” “yeah well at least I kept my glasses on, mister i-can’t-wear-those-my-face-is-too-beautiful-to-be-hidden”
  • even though they disagree on a lot of things, one big thing they have in common is that they both really like rain
  • thunderstorms? the best time for cuddles
  • pillow forts for days
  • Keith drinks plain coffee and Lance drinks hot chocolate with like 7 marshmallows, whipping cream, and 4 different types of sprinkles on top of it
  • and somehow it’s always either too hot or too cold
  • a lot of times Keith has trouble sleeping and then Lance just,, pets his hair for however long he has to because he loves his bf okay
  • Keith has a death grip while sleeping and you can fight me on this
  • if they had to choose between an expensive date and staying home watching movies and cuddling, they’d both choose staying home
  • Keith doesn’t like to admit it but he likes being the little spoon
  • Keith’s mullet gets in Lance’s face and it’s irritating but Lance won’t say anything bc he loves his bf more than he hates his dumb mullet