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Hey, so I have nothing against you HCing Grell as a gay man, but what do you have against people HCing Grell as a trans woman?? It's just an HC and you shouldn't get upset over someone else's or put it down. That's the point of an HC, it can project or reflect or imagine whatever you want, and it's personal

You totally misunderstood. (Which doesn’t surprise me tbh…)

I don’t HC Grell as a gay man.

Grell IS a gay man. Grell IS a fucking gay man and drag queen in the canon. This is a fact.

Your trans-Grell IS a headcanon. Trans-Grell is not canon.

I have nothing against the trans-Grell HC, never said I dislike it. I think it’s a good HC actually and I support it.

It upsets me when people get all aggressively obsessed with the trans-Grell headcanon and say it’s canon which is not and they openly attack other people for sticking to canon facts; which is Grell being a gay man/okama.

It upsets me when people call out other fans to be “transphobic” because they like Grell for being an okama.

It upsets me when these people come on anon and terribly insult and threaten fans who love gay drag gurl canon Grell.

It upsets me when these dipshits just won’t leave other fans alone who just RESPECT and LOVE Yana’s creation; which is gay man Grell.

What TV writers think is good LGBT representation: *protagonist teary eyed* My attraction to the same gender is so painful I wish I did not feel this way…but alas it’s my burden to bear. Also I have dated both men and women but I don’t like labels. *dies*
What is actually good LGBT representation: *protagonist wearing sunglasses playing the saxophone in front of a giant bisexual flag* How am I doing? Well I’m just getting BI!!! Haha get it?? Because I like both men and women so I’m bisexual. 

reasons why In A Heartbeat is probably the best movie for LGBT representation

-the main characters are gay and in love (obviously)

-they’re children, there are no stereotypes/sexualization , hell there aren’t even words, it’s so pure and fragile

-shows that children aren’t “too young” to figure out their sexuality or “going through a phase”

-emphasises on how closeted/confused children are scared to admit their sexuality because of society and homophobia

- sexually confused children can find relatable characters for the first time in… forever??

-shows homophobia in the purest and saddest way possible

-short and suitable for anyone

feel free to add on

Here’s an idea, bear with me because it might be too radical, but a relationship between a bi woman and a man is still lgbtq+ representation because it is representative of a bisexual’s relationship, and bisexuals are part of the lgbtq+ community.

Fucking wild I know. I’ll let you take a moment to collect yourselves.

the boy who lived


i’ve been having some feelings about things. 

transcript below if ya need it

“Hey, maybe that thing you think is because of ingrained racism and you should be critical of why you think that.” “Im not racist fuck you”

We live in a racist culture. Racism is tied to almost (if not) everything. What we find hot, what we find sexy, what we love and hate.

When people talk about how certain preferences are racist, it’s not an attack to say you’re a filthy, irredeemable racist. Usually, anyway.

It’s a way of saying that racist cultural context makes you hate the same thing in a brown character that you love in a white character.

It’s the way of saying that as a culture, we’re willing to make literal Naz*s more complex and empathetic than a black woman or an Asian man

Why do you like Tony Stark but not Scott McCall? Why do you NoTP James and Kara, but not literally any other white ship?

Finn and Rey vs Rey and her torturer. Dizzy isn’t gay enough but fanon slash ships are better lgbt rep than an actual queer boy.

These may not be conscious decisions, but they’re being made anyway. Just because you don’t realize your bias, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

So recognize your bias. Confront it. Then work on being better. More critical. Because it may just be fandom to you, but media isn’t just 2D

Media seeps out of 2 dimensions –out of tv & books & movies– and shapes the way we humanize and empathize with real people.

Dont hide behind “It’s just my opinion”. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit when it perpetuates a culture where there’s no justice for black ppl

It doesn’t mean shit when the culture is sick. Your opinion is informed by and informs culture. So stomp that shit out early.

“Female characters need to treated like humans” says the fan that doesn’t have the female character say more than one line in their fanfic, says the fan that uses the female character as a plot device to make the other man jealous, says the fan that makes the female character forget about their integrity and writes them like a bitch in their fanfics, says the fan that doesn’t even include females that are friends with the male they’re writing centric fanfics for, says the fan that their 20 chapter fanfic doesn’t even pass the bechdel test, says the fan that doesnt show any respect toward female characters.

“Female characters need to be respected” they say, without showing actual respect for the female characters for themselves.

Respecting female characters isn’t just on the creators of the show/movie/book shoulders, it’s also on the fans.

Zendaya has been cast to play Mary Jane Waston aka love interest of Peter Parker who is known to be white and have red hair. This is her:

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But Peter won’t be interested in her, oh no, he’ll be crushing on another girl, his classmate Liz Allan, also traditionally white and has blonde hair in the comics, who is being played by Laura Harrier:

cue the sound of butt hurt comic book fans in an uproar and wanting the actresses to look like the characters and ‘staying true to the comics’. Meanwhile black girls are winning and I’m like

Seeing my mom get excited about Robin Wright playing a warrior woman in Wonder Woman, claiming “she’s a year older than me!”, was defo the highlight of my week. My mom is crazy fit and has always tried to hide her lack of confidence. For the first time, I saw her seeing herself in someone on screen, in a powerful and uplifting light.

This movie didn’t even have to try that hard to be groundbreaking, and yet here we are.

One thing I really loved about Wonder Woman was how well they treated Charlie, who was obviously neurodivergent and suffering from PTSD
When his mental illness got in the way of his job his friends didn’t get angry at him or blame him, they comforted him, took him to the side, and found ways to work with him, they assured him of his usefulness and treated him with understanding and kindness