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yuri plisetsky thoughts
  • “ugh i can’t believe yurio is just doing this to one up the True Love that took away blah blah blah from his gold medal win”
  • okay, sharon.
  • i think my fondness for yuri plisetsky, and the reason i enjoy him as a character is because he is 15-years-old and an absolute shit.  at no point does the show try to show he has the emotional or mental faculties of anything more than that.  he doesn’t know how to be nice, and he’s the center of his own universe, so he can’t see outside himself, and he’s angry and he’s spiteful
  • the only thing that yuri plisetsky knows is that it’s him against the world
  • he is painfully, awfully, terribly fifteen-years-old.  
  • like if you look me in the eyes and tell me you weren’t The Worst as a fifteen-year-old i will never trust you, because you just lied to my face while looking into my eyes.  everyone in their own unique way was AWFUL at fifteen.  because we’re young and we’re learning how to feel and we’re learning we don’t always like that and the world is fucking huge and terrifying and sometimes straight up bonkers and processing that all at once is overwhelming and weird 
  • THAT BEING SAID: i don’t expect anything than just some filler yuri plisetsky being a dumb awful teenager in WTTM. that is what i’ve always expected, because yuri plisetsky is a dumb awful teenager.  that’s kind of his thing.   
  • BUT!! in the future of the franchise, when they’re trying to figure out what the next chapter in these characters’ lives looks like, i really hope they look at yuri plisetsky and figure out he needs to learn failure
  • he needs to try for something, and he needs to try for it with all he’s got, and he needs to fail anyway.  
  • that’s the one thing i felt i didn’t get closure on during the series, and i would just love the continued narrattive of Yuri Plisetsky Learns To Be A Real Boy, where he becomes more human and more grown up as he slowly learns to see outside himself and put words to what he sees. 

Back by Popular Request – Katie McGrath Character Analysis
A lovely anon asked me to tack on these lovely ladies and as a humble servant that laughs too hard at her own jokes and may love Katie a bit too much, I must oblige. So please direct all hate mail here and for those that requested more, I truly hope you enjoy.

First Up - Zara Young
Canon Benefits – Well-read. Organized. Punctual. Stylish. Works at Jurassic World.
Canon Flaws – Slight control freak. A bit uptight. Engaged to some dude she doesn’t even trust enough to have a bachelor party. Works at Jurassic World.

*You may want to note I have some… thoughts on some of the sexist undertones that appeared in this movie but I will keep it to a minimum. Some of them are mildly related to Zara so they will come up very briefly.*

Arguments were that Zara deserved better. Aside from the fact that it was our dear Katie that performed her own stunts in what is easily the most epic death in Jurassic franchise history, I would have to agree. That looked like torture. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Okay, maybe some people. *cough*President Cheeto.*cough*
Other arguments said that her fate was deserved due to the fact that she was too concerned with her phone, coffee and actual work responsibilities to keep an eye on the kids that were forced upon her. Because that’s a woman’s REAL job, right? Here. Kids! Take care of them. What you failed? GET EATEN. No. Just no. How can some people even argue that and keep a straight face!? Brittane, this isn’t the place or the time.

I digress. Back to our girl. It is clear that Zara is not used to things being out of sorts. We can tell that by her overly anxious demeanor whenever something starts to go even a little wrong. We also see that she has grown quite desensitized to the world she is living in. I mean how #overit do you have to be to be blasé about a tiny horde of assorted baby dinosaurs?? Excuse me, adorable prehistoric creatures, I have to take this call. The point - she is living a routine that she doesn’t seem overly enthused about. Yet you cannot help but be curious about what is really going on for her. We know she is engaged to a dudebro named Alec and that they are probably due to be married in the very near future as there are talks about a bachelor party that she quite clearly doesn’t want her fiancé to have. Maybe she can drop him and those pterodactyls can drop her into my waiting arms? Okay, that was bad.

From this nerd’s point-of-view, working at Jurassic World is awesome and I would totally hit my potential gf up for VIP access. However, we’ve seen what happens at these parks and once again, soft little me would be terrified that something would happen to her. I can’t take it. I just can’t. Don’t make me.

Verdict - Hey Zara, you wanna know a fun concept about marrying a lady such as myself? Joint bachelorette party! Let’s do it! The catch would be that you have to quit working at Jurassic World before I launch myself into a perpetual anxiety attack. Where are you going? You don’t have to decide right away. You’re staying with Claire?? Is there something you aren’t telling me?! (sighs) Fine… I ship it.

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Who knew I could write so much about someone that had like… 3 collective minutes of screen time?! What has Katie done to me?? I’m sorry. This is long already. Oriane Congost and more after the cut. Stay with me if you dare.

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jesus christ DR is a franchise about MURDER for god's sake why are the "it's problematic to like fictional characters who do bad things" crowd still around in the year of our lord 2017 yes our faves are trash sometimes we KNOW THIS ALREADY smh

literally every dr2 character sans chiaki is a mass murderer and terrorist so i mean. it’s fiction. honestly? ship what you want. like who you want. who cares. they aren’t even real, jim

JRPGs 2016

There’s a lot more than I thought.

Definitely 2016 

In approximate order of bigness

Final Fantasy XV

Definitely 2016. Definitely a big deal. It’s been a long time coming. 

Persona 5

While not as big of a deal as FFXV generally speaking, within communities of people who really care about the genre, there is just as much hype for persona 5. 

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 

If its anything like its four predecessors, it should be a great adventure.While I think some poor choices were made in the character designs - the male costumes are boring and on the other side of the spectrum Fiore has godawful chequered tits - the game should more than make up for this.  And who knows, if were lucky/unlucky we might get a SO3 level plot twist. 

Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue

A compilation of three things. The exciting part is Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage. This is a short game serving as prologue and tech demo for Kingdom Hearts 3

The bulk of the product is  Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, the remaster of  Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS. But will they fix the infinite wall jump?

The bit people forget is Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, a set of cinematics to tell a story that very few people realise is of any importance, based on a browser/mobile game that people outside of japan have yet to play.

One disk, four terrible names, what a bargain!

Would place this higher, but I am aware of my own bias’s.

World of Final Fantasy

Also known as the adventures of FakeRoxas and Girl.

From what I’ve seen it looks very pretty and cute and like it could be fun, appealing to those who miss traditional turn based systems. But no one really asked for it. 

Valkyria Chronicles HD

Another HD remaster. Critically acclaimed tactical war based rpg. 

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir 

Another HD remake of a critically acclaimed game. This ones a 2D side-scrolling action game. 

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna

Tailor made to appeal to fans of the super old school, while also being very pretty. However no one has really heard of it, and it will probably need a new title for the western release. 

God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2

Popular in Japan, apparently. 

Nights of Azure 

Already released in Japan and I’ve not heard anything good about this game. I have a general rule which is that I watch the trailer and if it looks like there has been more effort put into boob jiggle than environments I pass. This failed hard. 

Maybe 2016

Tales of Beseria

While the original trailer killed my hype - Velvets design is horrible and everything is trying so hard to be dark- the recent reveals have picked up my spirit and at the end of the day it’s still a tales game.I will buy it and enjoy it and so will a great many others. Confirmed for 2016 for Japan, but no word on a western release window. 

Here is the latest trailer and my analysis

Nier Automata 

Very little is known and there has been talk of a 2016 Japanese release, but all we can know for certain is that it looks extremely cool.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

TBH, I’m really not qualified to discuss this franchise. People are running into a gunfight with swords for some reason. Oh, and this ones real-time as opposed to turn based like the original series. 


Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Do I need to say anything?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Back to sensible naming conventions. Why does Kingdom Hearts get double the number of pictures of the other games? Because its Kingdom Hearts.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 

What did we do to deserve something as pure and sweet and wonderful as Ni No Kuni? We’ll never know. 


Really only included for completions sake. Is it a JRPG? Its an action RPG by a Japanese developer, and looking at it in motion it does seen rather JRPGish (just look at the environments). The Characters buzzcut seems to be a deliberate subversion of tropes. But since its a Xbone exclusive, do any JRPG fans really care. There’s a fair likelihood of it being ported to PC however.


That was a very long list, wasn’t it?  And that’s not even including portable games.Even if only half of these turn out to be good it will still mean one of the best times for JRPG’s in a very long time, and I think this list stands as a wonderful testament to breadth of variety in my favourite genre. 

If I missed anything, feel free to add!                                                                

Slytherin: Not All Bad

“Perhaps in Slytherin you’ll make your real friends: those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.” (Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone)

This is one of the first descriptions of Slytherin house we are given in the Harry Potter franchise. But what do you associate with the term ‘Slytherin’? Perhaps the main villain, Voldemort, or Draco Malfoy, the biggest bully in school? Maybe the mean spirited, abusive Professor Snape? Whatever or whoever it is, Slytherin probably holds negative connotations for you. But is Slytherin house really that bad?

If we look at well-known Slytherins, they are often successful, whether as businessmen like Mr Borgin, a dealer of rare malevolent artifacts, or as highly powerful wizards, such as Voldemort. This success is likely due to two main Slytherin traits: ambition and determination. These traits are inherently Slytherin, although can be possessed by anyone. My point is, the majority of successful Slytherins in the franchise are ‘bad’ characters, leading many to believe the success Slytherin house can b ring is almost entirely negative. As Hagrid said, “There isn’t a witch or wizard who went bad that wasn’t a Slytherin.”
What else do many Slytherins have in common? ‘Blood purity’. Meaning their family trees are made up of almost entirely magic possessing people. This stems from the mistrust the house founder, Salazar Slytherin harboured towards the muggles (non-magic community). This mistrust was due to the social situation at the time, Hogwarts school was founded in approximately 990AD, when there was a lot of religious influence and fear of anything deemed magical, as it was seen as being linked the satanic arts and the Devil. Thus, Slytherin believed that those of non-magic heritage may have sold out the magic community living within the halls of Hogwarts. This distrust and prejudice towards muggles was justified at the time. The issue arises however in the fact that this distrust still perpetuates wizard culture in the current time, leading to bigotry in many pureblood and predominantly Slytherin families. Yet another reason for Slytherin to be hated. Which, let’s face it, is fair enough Racism and bigotry are major issues, and should definitely not be tolerated. In the first wizarding war, started by Voldemort and his followers (Death Eaters) there were ‘mugglehunts’ – the murder and/or torture of non-magic folk and muggleborn witches and wizards – those whose blood was deemed impure. Voldemort and the majority of his followers were indeed Slytherin. However, the idea all Slytherins are racist bigots, a stereotype-n and therefore a prejudice. Which is a bit hypocritical considering this is the main issue people who dislike Slytherins have with the house – their prejudice. Ronald Weasley’s personal experience with Slytherins was limited (being surrounded by an entirely Gryffindor nuclear family, and having only one Slytherin family member, who was disowned) and yet he was still able to say “I wouldn’t be in his house if you paid me. Honestly, if the Sorting Hat had tried to put me in Slytherin, I’d’ve got the train straight back home.” (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). He automatically dismisses all Slytherins without the experience to back up his opinion, and this is but one occasion in which characters of the series do this.
Let us again turn to the traits associated with Slytherin house. Cunning. Ambition. Determination. Resourcefulness. Now let’s take the best example of the ‘Slytherin is evil’ stereotype, Lord Voldemort, or to give him his proper name, Tom Marvolo Riddle. Was he determined? Yes. Determined to impose his rules and ideals on wizard society. Was he cunning? Certainly. He managed to infiltrate all levels of wizarding society – from the lowlifes like Fenrir Greyback, to the highest levels of the Ministry of Magic, the wizarding world’s governing body. Voldemort was ambitious enough to rise to such power, and resourceful enough to keep himself alive through any attack, including killing curses, to survive even his body being destroyed – he was resourceful enough to find ways of coming back (the parasitic relationship with Quirrell and Unicorn blood and the resurrection that took place in chapter 32 of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire). He is indeed a perfect example of Slytherin values and traits, no?
However, Voldemort only uses the Slytherin traits for malevolent acts that only benefit himself. Other Slytherins throughout wizarding history have used these traits to help others. Take Horace Slughorn for example. He was determined to save Hogwarts and those who called it home. He was cunning enough to hide from Death Eaters for months. He was ambitious - valuing students with great potential, and climbing high in society because of that, but he did it because he enjoyed nurturing talent – in anyone. One of his favourite students was Lily Evans (Harry’s mother), a Gryffindor muggleborn (oh look, a Slytherin without blood prejudice!). And Slughorn was resourceful.  He could tamper with his own memories to keep information he had about Voldemort from bringing him harm. He saw the value in Aragog’s (a giant spider – Acromantula being the correct term- whom Hagrid was friendly with) dead body, and extracted a rare potion ingredient from it (specifically the venom). Yet again, a perfect example of a Slytherin. Was he a villain? No because it was the way in which he used his traits and talents that mattered.
An interesting factor however is how our society views the traits of Slytherin house. Take ambition for example. Neel Burton, M.D., on Psychology Today said “ambition is more flexible and far-reaching [than greed], and enables us to flourish and contribute to then flourishing of others.” – Ambition can be wonderful, and bring about progress and happiness in oneself and others. Determination and resourcefulness are never looked on negatively, in fact they are very desirable in the world of employment and academia. The only Slytherin trait that is perhaps negative is cunning, which is defined as “having skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit.” This however can also be positive – take Irena Sendler, a woman who rescued over 2000 children from the Nazis in WWII – I somehow doubt she was honest about her intentions to the German authorities. It is the individual that decides the connotations of their personality traits.
Finally, there are plenty of villains within the Harry Potter franchise who were not in Slytherin house. Peter Pettigrew, betrayer of the Potters, loyal servant of Voldemort and all round coward was a Gryffindor. The golden house that can do no wrong, home to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore himself. He chose to turn his back on that because of a selfish craving for power, and became one of the most loathsome antagonists of the series. There is a whole list of witches and wizards who never attended Hogwarts (and so could not be Slytherin) who were villains. Grindelwald, the second most powerful dark wizard of all time, Fenrir Greyback, savage werewolf and  lover of paedocide(the killing of children), the Snatchers (nomadic wizards and witches skilled in the art of kidnapping), Igor Karkaroff,. There’s Ludo Bagman, a Hogwarts student of unknown house who in his later years was a prolific gambler and indebted cheat. And let’s not forget the Dursleys, Harry’s muggle family, who abused and tormented him for fifteen years.
And need I start on the good Slytherins? Andromeda Tonks (nee Black) who left behind her toxic family because she knew their ideals were disgustingly wrong. Regulus Black, who gave his life to help defeat lord Voldemort. Snape, who may have been an awful abusive teacher, was a brave man when it came to stopping Voldemort (again, another who gave his life to the cause).
Through the actions of the aforementioned characters Rowling makes a point to her readers to use their talents, skills and personality traits, whatever they may be, for creating a positive impact, which is an important message. These books and films shaped so many childhoods that it was key for Rowling to try and put this message across.
In conclusion, Slytherin house should not be seen collectively as villains. Yes, there are bad people present, but there is good too, as in any house. As a wise man once said, “it is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

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Why Pokemon is really nothing like Youkai Watch

1. Pokemon has a progressive storyline that focuses heavily on the main protagonists and their ambitions. Youkai Watch is just a fun series that doesn’t take itself seriously at all and focuses more on the Youkai than the main character. Much of the writing in the show is just ON GIANT PUN and is meant to be just that. The show also has so many fun side skits and catchy tunes and dances that are meant to just get you up and dance/sing along because well….they’re just so fun! And that’s all the TV show cares about in bringing to the viewer. And all of it is just so incredibly unique!

2. Pokemon has a very strict formula to it’s plot device (catch pokemon, battle people, become the best trainer/breeder, etc, rinse and repeat), when Youkai watch is just about having fun with people (or youkai I should say) that you love and getting to know they are. Why? Because you’re not just trying to CAPTURE Youkai to battle and get up in the ranks you’re just trying to BEFRIEND THEM and ask for their help when you need it. 

3. Trainers in Pokemon certainly become friends with their pokemon don’t get me wrong, but Pokemon don’t hold any real depth as characters. They’re just treated as cute monsters to fight with that you learn to love, like the relationship in my eyes is between an owner and their pet that they really love. Whereas Youkai are legitimate characters, with back stories, fleshed out personalities, and the show constantly shows cute side skits of their own personal lives for several of them. The show is an ensemble cast of the Youkai and who they are as creatures and how they became Youkai. Because of this, all the Youkai are their own memorable fun loving characters that really attracts you to them in a different sense than Pokemon. Pokemon still yet again just follows it’s same plot formula and the intimacy between a trainer and their pokemon is not really the same type of wavelength between a person and befriending a Youkai. Yet again, you didn’t capture the Youkai, you may have battled them, but you also got to know them, learn who they are, their own wishes, strengths, weaknesses, etc.  This is one of the big things that makes the show so creative and addicting to watch despite it’s simple “no story progression atmosphere”. 

4. The gameplay for the games alone is nothing like Pokemon, just watch a few gameplay videos because this is pretty much self explanatory. 

5. Since Youkai’s main character Keita, is just your average boy with no real ambitions he’s a lot more relatable in a sense that the show doesn’t try to get you to focus on just certain characters and story arcs like Pokemon does. Youkai Watch is about engaging YOU, as the viewer (tv show) or player (video games) to learn and EXPERIENCE the world of Youkai for yourself and how awesome and it can be. Hence why the humans of the show are just portraying people in every day life being introduced to this amazing new world of Youkai. 

7. Now just because there’s no progressive story arc to the show doesn’t mean the humans in the show are utterly pointless. They still have their own personalities and goals they wanna achieve it’s just not as heavily focused in the sense that Pokemon does it with their human protagonists. Keita has his own kid needs, likes, and dislikes just like any other kid. 

8. The designs of the Youkai are not created in the same manner that Pokemon are. Youkai are designed based on their origins, their powers, and or actual Japanese folklore, which is also how their names are chosen. Pokemon are just…random to be honest, cute and awesome designs but there isn’t much real rhyme or reason to them except with respect to what types they are (fire, water, etc.) or if they just straight up are meant to reference some creature or inanimate in real life. 

Now don’t get me wrong I have NOTHING against Pokemon and there’s a few Pokemon games that I absolutely loved playing, and I’m glad I got to experience the franchise growing up. This is simply me just trying to enlighten others who constantly wanna say “Idk youkai watch just looks like another Pokemon”. At the same time Pokemon and Youkai Watch do have a few very subtle similarities, but not on the same length of them having the exact same themes or plot devices or anything like that. 

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Fans' forgiveness and dedication could be a bigger liability for the franchise than a boon. It sends a message to Sega that rushing for holiday sales and releasing shitty or incomplete content comes with few if any real consequences, which leaves Sega comfortable with periodically doing so. It's an absurd and disgusting cycle of enablement in the eyes of casual and non-fans, hence the hate hardcore fans regularly complain about.

Hmm, good point. I mean look at what happened with Archie for years and years- I and others cheerfully just ate shit because there was Sonic in it and allowed a man like Penders to have a real career because of it. 

But yeah, I do see how fan behavior contributes to a lot of the prolems the franchise now faces on that front with regards to making SEGA complacent about this kind of thing… gotta wonder how long it will be until the other shoe drops because of it. 

Syfy has greenlit a sequel to its latest campy creature feature, Lavalantula. Brilliantly titled 2 Lava 2 Lantula, the sequel is due out next summer (presumably around the same time Sharknado 4 will debut).

Lavalantula premiered this past Saturday to strong ratings and lots of social media buzz. The intention is to bring back star Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy), along with other cast members, for the sequel.

Hopefully director Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider) also returns, as he was a huge part of what made the movie so fun. This seems likely, given that the network has hired Anthony C. Ferrante to helm all three Sharknado movies so far.

Lavalantula looks to join Sharknado, Mega Shark and Sharktopus as unlikely TV movie franchises.

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i was talking with a friend and dallies and evas kids came up and we couldn't really come to an agreement on how we thought about them. i thought they were cute but she thought they were too much. what do you think about the kids

Aaah, the children of Dofus and Wakfu. How diverse they are, especially when it comes to Wakfu and Dofus as separate sections. I have my own personal thoughts and opinions about Elely and Flopin but if we are going to talk about them, we should talk about the other children as well! It is only fair, no?

I’ll be going by age and the ‘main ’ child characters below the age of ten (with one exception). This is going to be a LONG post with some spoilers and, again, personal opinions and observations. Cue the flood!

First up are the five year old twins of Tristepin and Evangelyne!

Elely. The first of the twins to appear in the OVA episodes, Elely struck me as a hyperactive no-nonsense kind of girl who is a daddy’s girl through and through. She was fun the moment she appeared on screen. While I started to warm up to her instantly, my like for her sizzled and died when she engaged into combat in the (what I call) boiler room of Frigost. My main issue with child characters, especially when so young, is that they aren’t written as young children. They have the speech and the looks but for the rest it is a miniature adult. Elely didn’t start out as such but she became such a character the moment she rushed head first into the fight and (though with the help of Rubilax) actually managed to kick some butt. The events which followed after didn’t really save her anymore for me. She was overpowered in several ways, though no surprise as she is a supposed demigod AND an Iop. If she weren’t so over the top, I would have liked her as a child character of five years old. She is freakin’ cute though and still the better child character Wakfu had to offer (below the age of ten).

But I’ll be honest here… Elely surely wasn’t as bad as Flopin.

Flopin was an instant bore and eyeroller for me the moment he was introduced on screen. He was pictured as a five year old prodigy with his little crossbow, effortlessly hitting every target thrown at him. He even managed to shoot Otomaï from the sky with one single shot and didn’t blink at the fact he just shot a bird right out of the sky. The writers did try to have him come across as a child, but where Elely was hyperactive, Flopin was the opposite. He was the mature one of the twins and boy… was he mature! Yikes. Goodbye inner child, it was nice knowing you… if we ever did.
Now I don’t know if Flopin is a demigod too since mixbreeds don’t exist in the World of Twelve among the Disciples. Because he is (supposedly) Cra through and through, the divinity of his Iop father shouldn’t have an effect on him. If this is the case, I have no logical explanation for Flopin being such a skilled archer at the age of five. I don’t. And I don’t like it. I am sorry. I don’t care how good his mother is or how much she trained him in those five years; every Cra is skilled with a bow, it is their purpose in life. I just find five years to be so very young for the skill Flopin possesses. If he were older, like… eleven, I wouldn’t have had such an issue with it; it is Wakfu, skillful teens are a thing. Because of his unbelievable skill and unchild like maturity for a toddler, Flopin is my number two of ‘Child characters I dislike in Wakfu and Dofus’ list.

Chibi takes first place on this list.

While we didn’t see much of him, first impressions are important and, well… he sure made his first impression by me! While many were gushing over how cute Chibi was in the OVA, I was shaking my head at how spoiled he was. His crying, whimpering and whining were not impressive or cute. He is a year older than Elely and Flopin but surely didn’t act like he was the oldest of the trio. This could be the blame to parenting, I wouldn’t be surprised if so as the Percedals and Alibert both raised their children completely different, but damn… what a brat. He laughed during a moment of mischief, whimpered when rightfully scolded, turned the guilt onto the one scolding him, gloated when he would get something for guilt tripping, cried when his ‘reward’ was taken from him, gloated when he got a replacement without even saying thank you and then (sadistically) watched his dragon brother Grougaloragran devour a demigod which was pleading for help. Class A, Chibi. Class A. You just keep suckling on that raw piece of Gobball meat. Yuck.
Now, this is somewhat more child-like in behavior in comparison to the twins (especially Flopin) because bratty spoiled children do exist, but it was way too much for his introduction. He looked adorable, he truly did, but his personality destroyed the cute factor for me and we only saw him for a very short while to boot. He kind of scared me… Can I have infant Chibi instead?

Onto Dofus and to a young Kerubim!

What I have noticed is that the Dofus franchise is much more true to how children are than Wakfu is. In Wakfu the young characters, even those in their teen years, have tremendous powers and large responsibilities which in turn gives them but a few chances to actually be a child or be written as such. It didn’t help the Wakfu cast didn’t really look their age either before the OVA… Aux trésors de Kerubim/Treasures of Kerub/Kerub’s Bazaar is cut of a whole different block than Wakfu; it is less plot heavy and doesn’t require the characters to go through very life threatening situations. When they do, it is toned down so much that it hardly seemed dangerous from the get-go. It was a show for children and it actually did pretty well with allowing the young viewers to identify themselves with the young cast. Also, the voice acting for child characters was much better in Dofus.

So young/kitten Kerubim (before his rivalry with Indie begins) gets in all sorts of situations which could potentially take his life or even scar him for life (God Ecaflip, you’re a dick) but he is never over the top, he is never overdoing it and never gives off the sense he is overpowered in any way. He stays a child and reacts like a child no matter cheeky and a troublemaker. He is believable and so are most of his childhood friends. Even Bashi feels natural as a kid and he is a freakin’ hammerhead shark! Shower me in your wisdom, Aux trésors writers!

We are staying in the kid friendly world of Dofus a little longer as we turn to the seven year old Jojo.

It is no secret that Joris is my favorite for many reasons, but one of the reasons I adore his seven year old self is simply because he is a child. No matter what he says, thinks or does, it is a child’s reaction; I see a seven year old act the very same way and when you can place a fictional child character in the real world without their behavior making them stand out/look alien, it means it is a well written character. He looks a bit strange and is so very small in size but he is the most believable and natural child character of the whole Krosmoz franchise. I often believe it is because he isn’t facing any life threatening situations that he gets to be like a true kid but then Chibi didn’t really go through anything bad either in the town of Emelka. They both had strange beginnings, they both gone through something as an infant but while growing up their lives were pretty damn peaceful for the family they lived with. And yeah, both are destined for great things.
Anywho, back to Dofus… This opinion of mine may change with the upcoming movie where Joris will be ten years old and will have some nasty stuff happening to him which won’t really allow him to be a child anymore. With the way he was written in Aux trésors, I surely hope that he won’t turn into a ‘Wakfu child character’ where the sudden responsibilities will strip him from that natural child feel he had going for over fifty episodes.

And thus the final child, the exception to the ‘below ten years old’ rule because he is over two hundred years old; Ogrest.

Now this is the child character Wakfu needed. No matter his age, what he is or what he gone through, he is more a child than Elely, Flopin and Chibi combined; he is genuine. Ogrest is unnaturally strong and had a peculiar childhood but he has a heart and mind of a child and never lost it. He is naive, inquisitive and impulsive as a four to five year old would and should be but also cautious, shy, angry or sad at the right moments without going over the top with it (or not enough). Even when knowing he was wronged and having felt unwanted for so many years, he still reacts as a child rather than take on a mature approach (which would be an easy thing to do for a writer because writing for child characters is hard!). Ogrest had a whole special episode devoted to himself, along with a manga and his appearance in the OVA episodes; no matter what, he remained a character which felt true to how a child is like. I honestly like him.

Whew, that was a bit to write after having spent several days stuck in bed. I have several more Asks to answer but I’ll do that later after some rest.


WHAT. A. MASTERPIECE. EVERYTHING I HOPED AND DREAMED. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL TRASH. As I said to Neenya afterward, the simple honest truth is that I don’t WANT good X-Men movies. I WANT DUMB TRASH THAT KNOWS IT IS DUMB TRASH AND PROCEEDS ACCORDINGLY. Obviously having some characters who are… not white dudes… would be PRETTY GOOD but like, I knew what I was getting into. Again: TRASH. GARBAGE. MASTERPIECE.




4. QUICKSILVER. QUICKSILVER! Marvel and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are shitting themselves somewhere. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, YOU IDIOTS.

5. Do you think Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan et al ever look at pictures of James McAvoy looking dirty and greasy and totally normal-sized and hate their comic book franchise headliner lives even more than they do normally? Because I bet they really, really do.

6. My only real complaint (besides like, the white dude thing, but that goes without saying, and I’m not really that interested in talking about this movie in a remotely serious way since it DOES NOT EXACTLY WARRANT IT) is that I would have made it gayer, but XM:FC may actually be the gayest blockbuster film ever made, so the competition is stiff.


like, genitals and gender have a fraught enough relationship in the irl scene as it is, i don’t need to insert paragraphs into goofy amateur erotica of existing media franchises of a cis gay man being shocked or disgusted or w/e by what any dude is packing in his shorts in some halfassed attempt at gritty realism or whatever. that shit sucks enough to think about in real life. 

my dang oc is gonna blow any dude he damn well wants and that definitely include going hog wild without hesitation on dicks that look like mine. that’s not a wild stance to take, right? get out of here with ‘what about the shock genital reveals, where’s the #realism, where’s the disgust’. it’s not here!!!!! lighten up!!!!!!!! enjoy the free boner fic!!!!

Submissions Wanted: Empty Pleasures Zine

Guilty pleasures are dumb. At this point, I am not saying anything new. 5000000 people have said “I don’t have any guilty pleasures, I have nothing to feel guilty about” so I am going to stop treating that like an original thought. But, you still know what I’m talking about when I mention them. Your addiction to the Real Housewives franchise, the cheesy gordita crunch taco you get on the way home from work. Maybe even the guy in your office who never stops talking about Rush but fuck he looks good in those sweaters.

So, I’m not getting rid of guilty pleasures, just rebranding them. They’re empty pleasures. Things you love and enjoy even though they may not be objectively good or good for you. They’re my favourite things, and I’m going to make a zine about them. With your help.

I need your art, your writing, your comics, your reviews, your ideas, your short stories, everything. I’m going to let everyone get as broad or as weird with it as you want, so if you have a pitch send it my way. If you’re interested in helping out, put your email in my ask box and I’ll get in touch. If there’s enough interest, I’d like to make this an ongoing blog. If not, it’ll be a one off thing I photocopy and mail to all of my friends.

Don’t be shy. Get involved. I’m keeping the parameters vague because I’m more interested in what you can come up with than my idea of a format.

This is pretty much a dramatic story, but I’m going to share it anyways. Probably just because of the Final Fantasy VII REMAKE, I got pretty nostalgic and teary eyed.

So, I have this uncle, a very close one who’s an intense gaming fan. He literally introduced me to all video games, from the good old PS1 games up till the PS3 games. I remember he first told me about Resident Evil, Silent Hill and some bunch of horror video games. He also re-introduced me to Tomb Raider (my mom was the one who plays TR when I was younger and told me a lot about it.), Then finally, he told me about the Final Fantasy franchise. He first played Final Fantasy X which is like the first FF game that I laid my eyes upon. I have the biggest crush on Tidus, because well—that tan skin and nice eyes and childish smile…it makes me swoon. It makes me want to be Yuna tbh.

But then, he always has this Final Fantasy favorite. And it’s the Final Fantasy VII. He has some Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife figurines and I even remember he told me that he wants to go to Japan to buy a lot of collectibles from that series. Whenever I watch him play it, he was always focused and obviously enjoying. He told me the summary of the game, but never understood it, because I was like—what? 7-8 years old? I surely remember Cloud and Tifa. I don’t know, but I’ve always known them, despite just watching the game being played by someone. He goes on and on about how cool if a Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE would be. When he heard of the Crisis Core release, he was so excited. The Advent Children made him super happy too. He’s one of those fans who wants “The FF7 REMAKE” so bad.

Then in 2012, he died at the age of 34. From brain cancer.

Up until now, I always thought that if I haven’t watch him play his games, I wouldn’t be even looking forward to Final Fantasy or any other games, and hearing the announcement of a confirmed and real FF7 remake, it brought tears to my eyes.

My uncle was soooo looking forward to it, too bad he ran out of time. Imagine what his reaction would be if he heard the news about it. He’ll be the happiest man on earth. Even though it’s just a game, he was so personally attached to it. I feel like somehow, this game had connected us even though, he’s already gone for 3 years. Whenever I talk about FF7, I vividly remember those magazines, figurines and CDs he have for the franchise.

Thank you so much Square Enix. You made every gamer’s dream come true with the FF7 REMAKE, dead or alive.

I promised that I’d post this a while back on my personal tumblr, so here it is: my very first tattoo! I got this during a family vacation the first week of June, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. You can’t really see it well because of the quality of photo my phone takes (also, please excuse the stray bits of hair in the shot, family genetics have cursed me with werewolf-levels of fur, lol :P), but the artist managed to do the double lines perfectly, and inbetween the lines, he added a layer of flesh-tone ink to make it look artificial, just like the skin of a full-body prosthesis from the GITS universe might look.

For those of you who follow my blog, you already know what this is: Major Motoko Kusanagi’s QRS neural interface (data jacks/ports) from Masamune Shirow’s popular Ghost in the Shell franchise. Symbolically, however, it holds a bit more significance than that (well, to me, at least). Its both a tribute to my favorite show, and a promise to myself. To me, its placeholder, something to fill the void where the real thing will go when we finally catch up with Shirow’s vision of the future IRL. We’re getting there, little by little, and this tattoo is a reminder of the promise I made to myself. I promised that I would live to see that day, to keep myself alive and healthy for the day when humanity reaches it’s next major plateau in technology, the next Singularity after which things will never be the same. A promise that I’ll be in line to become a full-body cyborg, regardless of how old I am or what people might think of me for this decision. I know we’ll get there some day, I can feel it in my ghost.

I hear it… Whispering…

(Lol :P) So until that day comes, this tattoo will be here on my neck, a symbol of things to come, both desired and near realization in terms of current technological trends. I can’t wait for my next one! I’m still mulling over what I want to get, but when I do, I’ll be sure to post a photo of it here for you guys :D.