what a radical concept

I always end up following artists and immediately unfollowing them because they post things like this 24/7.

I mean…wow, what a radical concept…not mistreating an entire population of people based on race…crazy, right?

I just saw an aphobe once again erase the possibility that a person could be gay AND asexual (what a radical concept, can you imagine?) and I keep wondering… how must gay aces who decided to side with non ace aphobes be feeling? Do they feel the need to remind these people that claim to be protecting them that they exist? Do they wonder if they are going be dismissed and called homophobes if they do so? Are they resigned to have a part of their identity erased no matter what (when it’s convenient they are gay, when it’s not convenient they are ace)? Do they feel very protected by their romantic orientation? These questions plague me.

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>implying Hispanics can't be white. You're very funny. But genders aren't oppressing snowflake nu-males and females. Though you're more pathetic than oldies opposing gay marriage because you think it affects other peoples life. You're apart of the oppressors lol.

where did i imply that? no shit some hispanics can be white but i’m fucking taíno you racist idiot. and yes it does personally affect me that people think gender is innate, that womanhood is a costume, that sex based oppression doesn’t exist, that womanhood is all about makeup and long hair and pretty faces. conservatives may oppose transgenderism because they think gender and sex are irreversibly intertwined, but radical feminists don’t believe in gender at all. it’s like saying both nazis and leftists support drinking water ergo nazis and leftists are the same. it’s a weak argument considering you clearly have no concept of what radical feminism is.