what a pretty voice!!!

  • Katsuki: Apparently there is an English version of you walking around.
  • Victor: What? That doesn’t sound right.
  • Katsuki: Yeah, he really doesn’t sound right. He has the voice of Gru from Despicable Me.
  • Victor: That one American movie! And it’s my voice? What an insult!
  • Plisetsky: Yeah, it’s pretty GRUesome.
What I'm Looking For In A Guy

- smiley boy
- pretty singing voice
- incredible writer
- longish brown hair
- honey coloured eyes
- five foot eleven
- adam’s apple af
- long, spidery fingers
- born on august 20, 1986
- former member of panic! at the disco
- a tattoo that says “mad as a hatter, thin as a dime”
- ryan ross
- what i’m looking for is ryan ross.


So @thebisexualmandalorian and I decided that clones singing rounds is the best thing. So just imagine your faves singing something soft like this around a campfire. Go on. I dare you. Someone is playing a guitar. 


Everyone PLEASE take a moment to listen to the german voice of jasper omg


i’ve not seen such bravery,
such strength of heart

Badass (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Word Count: 1228

Genre: Platonic badassery

Request/Summary: “Hamilsquad x reader? If possible I’d like it in proper time era (bad way of writing it, i know. Curse the english language ^^;) Maybe Reader is badass and fighting in the revolution or something and befriends the Squad?” -Anon

Pairing: Hamilsquad x Reader (Platonic)

AU: Hamiltime

Warnings: Cussing, unwanted romantic advances, that should be it.

A/N- Sorry this took forever! I hope you like it (:

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“Whiskey.” You stated sitting down at the bar.

“Any specifications?” The bartender asked. 

“Surprise me.” You drawled, resting your forehead on your arms.

“What’s a pretty young thing like you doing getting a whiskey?” A voice next to you asked. You sat up and looked over at the origin of the voice.

“Drinking.” You answered shortly, turning away again.

“And why?” The young man persisted.

“Because… I just need to relax a little, okay?” You snapped, beginning to get annoyed.

“Ma-” He began.

“Just leave me alone.” You groaned in interruption.

“I was just gonna say,” He said, moving to the seat next to you. “Maybe I can… help you relax.”

“The whiskey’s fine. Thanks.” You deadpanned.

“Aww, come on,” He slid his arm around your waist.

“I thought I made it clear. I’m. Not. Interested.” You growled through clenched teeth, peeling his arm off of you.

“I’m convinced I can change your mind.” He cooed, running his hand over you figure.

“Hey. Get off me.” You ordered.

“Hey, not cool man, leave her alone.” You heard a new voice argue and you pushed the first man away.

“Thanks.” You said, nodding appreciatively toward the freckled man, who was flanked by three of who you guessed were his friends. “But I got this.” You stood up and faced the asshole so as to get your point across more effectively.

“What’s your name.” You demanded.

“Andrew. And I bet you’ll be moaning it soon.” He smirked.

“Okay. Andrew, you can’t just walk up to a random person and start touching them or speaking to them in a way that makes them uncomfortable.” You began. “It’s certainly fine to request to do that sort of thing, but once the person you’ve asked had expressed disinterested, it’s time to back out.”

“We-” He began to defend himself.

“No,” You interrupted. “You don’t get a chance to try to defend yourself. I was clearly uncomfortable with your advances.”

“Maybe you’re overreacting a li-” He tried to interject again.

“No. No I’m not, because I’m not gonna be the next woman to let you walk over me only to shove another one to the ground because she is taught to be submissive, because she is taught to let you do what you want with her. Let me tell you something Andrew, I was taught to stand. I was taught to fight back. I was taught to shut you down. And I’m going to be the one to push you off your path of white male entitlement, and stand with all the other women you’ve tried to push down. Now kindly shut up.” You finished just as the bartender set down your whiskey. You downed a large gulp of it and slammed it back down on the counter, feeling the familiar burn in your throat. The man scowled at you, stood up and left in silence.

“Wow.” Said a voice with a strong French accent beside you. You nodded in greeting at the tall poofy haired man who had spoken and his friends.

“Badass.” A broad shouldered one muttered.

“Hello. I am Alexander. This is Lafayette, this is Hercules, and this is John.” Another one of the men stepped forward, previously hidden behind his taller friends.

“(Y/N).” You said. “You all know I’m not interested in romantic advances right?” You asked.

“Yeah. We got that,” The one named Alexander said, with a chuckle.

“Would you guys like to join me for a drink?”

“Retreat!” You heard a familiar voice boom. You rolled your eyes and fired off the shot you had loaded previously before following your fellow soldiers away from the battlefield. You groaned as the general led you all back to camp.

“Seriously?” You shouted forgetting to alter your voice to sound more masculine.

“What is it (Y/L/N)?” Lee growled.

“We had that. We could’ve pulled through!” You yelled.

“Why don’t you quit telling me how to do my job and sit in your cabin while you wait for your voice to grow into your mouth.” The ‘general’ barked back. You flipped him off and stormed back to the cabin you shared with about twenty other soldiers. You were all crammed into the tiny space where the wall blocked all but 90% of the harsh winds. Snow settled on the creaky wooden floorboards having easily slipped through cracks in the ceiling and the spaces between the logs that made the walls.

The rest of the men who were spending that winter in the particular cabin slowly filed in.

“Strong words from Lee, someone oughta hold him to it!” John said, swinging the door open angrily.

“I can’t disobey direct orders.” Alexander groaned with as much frustration as John.

“Then I’ll do it. Alexander, you’re the closest friend I got.” John said.

“Laurens, do not throw away your shot.” Alex encouraged. The two men just stared at each other for a second.

“Umm… I don’t mean to disturb this romantic moment… but what’d Lee say?” You asked.

“Have you heard how much he’s trash talking Washington?” Alexander said, sounding outraged.

“Oh.” You shrugged. “Good luck John.”

“(Y/L/N). I need to speak to you.” Lee ordered, stepping into the cabin.

“Speak of the devil.” John muttered under his breath.

“Speak to me.” You deadpanned.

“Outside.” He growled. You got up and followed him outside crossing your arms.

“You’re a woman.” He said simply after you’d made it outside.

“Excuse me?” You tried to sound offended and raised your eyebrows. How the hell did he find out?

“You heard me. Take off your shirt.” He said.

“What?” You asked.

“If you’re not a woman, prove it.” He challenged. You struggled for an excuse.

“It’s fifteen degrees out!” You shouted.

“I thought so.” He nodded and began to turn away.

“Where are you going?” You asked skeptically.

“I’m telling Washington.” He shrugged.

“Come back.” You sighed through clenched teeth.

“Are you going to show me?” You pulled open your coat and unbuttoned the shirt underneath, revealing the bandages you’d used to cover your chest and make it less obvious. He smirked and turned around again.

“You’re still telling him?” You yelled.

“Obviously, that’s just the proof.” You grabbed his shoulder and turned him to face you, throwing your fist into his jaw. Before you knew it, trails of tears were freezing on your cheeks. You ran back into the cabin and quickly pulled your coat over your chest before most of the men there could notice, too absorbed in their own thoughts and conversations. You ran your bunk and buried your head in your knees.

“(Y/N) What happened?” John asked, joining you on the “bed”. The rest of the squad came over quickly as they noticed.

“Lee found out.” You answered simply.

“You’re a badass soldier, and your gender doesn’t change that.” Alex encouraged.

“I know that but it doesn’t matter. He’s telling Washington  I have to go home.” You said.

“No way he’s telling Washington.” John growled. “C’mon Alex.” The pair promptly left the cabin as Lafayette and Hercules tried to cheer you up.

“We took care of it.” Alexander said as he and John returned.

“Thanks.” You said. “You know I’m not very sentimental. But it’s cold. This is a one time thing and we’re never mentioning it again.” You snapped before pulling in all four of them into a hug.


[Eat Jin - 150824]

dear kim seokjin, who allowed you to be this cute?

Karaoke Times
  • Candela: Karaoke? Is that a good idea?
  • Spark: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you
  • Candela *exasperated*: ... I told you.
  • Blanche *with gusto*: Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold me back anymore!
#180. Ganondorf, Ghirahim, and Zant once owned karaoke night by trioing Bring Me to Life. Ghirahim was the main, Zant the harmony, and Ganon as the guy. After amazing everyone with how well the sounded, they became a boy band called Ganzantahim.
Warren Worthington III x Reader - School Dances

Prompt: 8. “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”
Requested By: anon
Word Count: 497
Rating: PG
Warnings: language

You watched as the other students danced to music around you. The music was practically shaking the mansion. Why did you even bother to come? It wasn’t like Peter was serious about coming with you. It was just as friends. So why were your feelings so hurt when he had wandered off to go dance with another girl? You sighed as you saw him dancing with the other girl.

“What’s a pretty girl like you sitting all alone?” A voice behind you said. You turned around to flip them off, but realized it was Warren.

“What’s a badass guy like you doing at the school dance?” You asked, raising your eyebrow as you sipped your drink. Warren chuckled and took a seat next you.

“I thought, oh it can’t be that bad. I was wrong. Shitty music and a bunch of sweaty people in one room. I thought you had a date?” Warren asked.

“Yeah, Peter and I were going as friends. He ditched me for that girl.” You sighed, pointing the girl out. Warren nodded and looked at you.

“If it’s any condolence, you’re a hell of a lot hotter than you.” Warren smirked. You giggled and looked down at your lap. The song faded out and Cheap Thrills by Sia faded in.

“Oh! I love this song!!” You squealed. Warren smiled as you stood up.

“Come on, let’s dance!” You giggled, holding your hand out. He looked at you in awe; a pretty girl actually wanted to hang out with him.

“Really?” He chuckled, taking your hand.

“Well, Warren, for some reason I’m attracted to you, so let’s dance. Yes or no?” You questioned him. His face lit up as a real smile popped up.

“You got it.” He grabbed your hand as you both moved to the dance floors. You began moving along to the music, giggling as he twirled you around. The crowd of students began to shout along with the song.

“I LOVE CHEAP THRILLS!” You shouted, falling onto Warren in a fit of laughter. Warren was happy for the first time in a long time. He pulled you close to him as Sia faded out and a slow song came on.

“May I have this dance?” He smiled at you. You nodded and moved your arms up around his neck. The two of you slowly swayed to the music, maintaining eye contact.

“You know, you’re pretty cute.” Warren commented. You felt a blush creeping up on your face and silently thanked whoever decided to have it be dark in the room.

“You’re pretty handsome, Warren.” You responded. Warren removed one hand from your waist and cupped your cheek, bringing your face up to meet his. Slowly, he moved his face towards yours, placing his lips on yours. You kissed back and felt Warren smile as you did so. Warren pulled back after a moment.

“Does this count as a first date? Or can I take you on another?”

“Why not both?”

I had a lot of fun writing this one! Hope you all liked it! Requests are currently closed.

Early morning thoughts.- CH

The wind howls against the window and lulls you out of your sleep and it takes you a couple of minutes to realize where you are. The bed feels foreign and its takes you a few moments for everything to click. A smile ghosts over your lips as you feel his arm on your waist and you turn your body to face his, he is asleep and you don’t want to wake him but the temptation is screaming at you. Just wake him.

“What are you staring at, pretty girl?” His voice is groggy and his words are slurred but it makes you jump. Calum doesn’t even bother to open his eyes, he knows you too well to know what you are doing.

“Just taking in the view.” You smirk as his grip on you gets tighter and he pulls you in close. “So if you don’t move I can still see the lovely view out of the window, thanks.” The sound of laughter fills the room, it’s the laughter that comes from Calums core and stirs an excitement inside you. Your eyes meet his and everything just feels right, being by his side makes you understand the tough days and makes you grateful for the tiniest of moments. Right here, right now. This is all you will ever need.

The smile on his face is one you will never be able to forget, it is a smile you refuse to ever erase from your memory and it is a smile that has brought you happiness in the most trying of times. It’s the way his lips are slightly parted and are waiting for you to kiss him, the way his hand grazes against your inner thigh, it is the slightest of touches but it is so gentle that it has set you on fire. In this moment you know it is all worth it, the longs weeks spent apart so he can live out his dream, the waiting in airport terminals and the waiting for him to come back. He is worth it. Calum Hood is worth every single second.

You have let him in and it scares you beyond belief, letting him read you like his favorite book. He has turned every page and scribbled in the margins with never ending questions, his writing has etched its way all over your skin and you are afraid that if he leaves he will have marked you for the rest of time.

 He is your favorite book. His pages are worn and the corners are folded over but you love that the most. You have read every page several times and absorbed every single word he has to offer. You know about the holidays he went on as a child and his most treasured toy he couldn’t sleep without until he was grown. You have learnt how to read in between the lines and have discovered all the hidden clues he leaves. You have learnt of his heart been dropped and smashed on the floor and how it took him a while to recover, how his fears are his most prized thoughts and that it takes time for him to open up to people.

He is an overflowing river of love and loss and you are bursting with pride that he is yours.

You think back to how people ask you why you always look for him in a crowded room, or how when brown curls pass you in the street you turn to look, as if by some miracle he has come home from tour. You give them the same answer every time, you tell them it’s because he is your light and you are too damn sick of feeling blind.

It may not be simple or as easy as you wish. Who are you kidding, it’s hard, it is so hard that it wears away at your strength and makes you question every decision you have ever made. It makes you scream and shout and makes you want to blame him most days when you know he can’t help it. But one thing you know, you truly know in the deepest crevice of your soul, in the pit of your stomach, you know from the way your toes tingle to the way you vibrate with excitement when you see him, it is the one thing you are certain of, deep in your chest where you lay right this second- it is that you are in love with him.

fourleaves413  asked:

44 and 9 for Remus, please! :D

44. How does your character react to/ accept criticism?

he’s definitely open to it and will take (constructive) criticism to heart, will probably think abt it for a long time. remus cares alot about the way he and his work are percieved by others, so he’s happy to look for any opportunities to improve :D

(p.s. exceptionally harsh critique may crush the poor man’s spirit and lead to alot of overthinking)

9. Do you have a faceclaim / voiceclaim for your OC? 

faceclaim: [stock image of a literal, victorian-style street lamp]

i don’t really have a voiceclaim yet but i can vaguely describe his voice, i guess? it’s kind of deep (for a 25 y/o), soothing and has a faint echo to it

..actually, yknow what? the chorus in Nocturnal Me (rem’s theme btw) is actually pretty close to what i imagine remus’ voice to sound like!