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Tutor Me? ReggiexReader! Part 1

Hey guys, so here is part 1 of my mini fic. So this part is probably pretty boring, but I wanted to just kinda set the story up! Pleaaaaase leave feedback in my ask and let me know if you want part 2 or if this part is just too shit. Thanks darls. 




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The "Don't tell anyone you saw me crying" AU sounds super promising!

The best part of Steve’s day is, generally when he gets to go eat lunch in the abandoned teacher’s office on the third floor. It’s quiet up there, and it’s not so dusty now that one of the custodians noticed him hanging out there and comes around to clean it up every so often. So, all in all, not a bad place to quietly eat his lunch, do some homework, and maybe get a bit of drawing done, if he’s up to it.

Except today, apparently.

After the bell rings and fifth period starts, Steve makes his way up to the abandoned teacher’s lounge. He’s got a cheese sandwich, apple slices and a can of Diet Sprite that he’s excited to eat, and a drawing of one of his classmates — a guy who probably doesn’t even know Steve exists, let alone would want Steve drawing him, but that’s the one good thing about being invisible — that he’s excited to finish up. But when he gets to his abandoned teacher’s office, he hears someone…

Well, he hears someone crying.

Still, it’s his abandoned teacher’s office — he doesn’t have much else to take ownership of at this school, so he’ll take what he can get — so he enters anyway.

“What the hell?” Bucky Barnes says, furiously wiping off his face with the sleeve of his henley.

“Oh, uh,” Steve says, clutching the sketchbook that has an in-progress drawing of Bucky Freaking Barnes in it tight.

“Come to laugh at me?” Bucky asks with a rueful chuckle.

“What? No,” Steve says, maybe a little fiercer than he should.

“Then what?” Bucky asks.

“I eat lunch here every day,” Steve says, straightening up. He may only be five foot four and weigh the same as a wet dachshund, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be intimidating!

He does wish that his beanie would quit sliding down his head and hiding his eyebrows. Having visible eyebrows would probably help the intimidating factor.

“You eat… here?” Bucky asks, looking around the dim room like he’s really seeing it for the first time. He grimaces.

Steve pushes his beanie back. “You’re here crying!” Steve argues.

“Yeah, but I’ve only been here a couple times. You’re here every day.”

Steve scoffs. “Are you trying to contest who of the two of us is less pathetic, because that’s probably a pretty easy fight.”

“What do you mean by that?” Bucky asks, voice getting louder.

“You have everything — friends, football, popularity. I just want to eat my cheese sandwich and listen to my iPod during lunchtime without having to confront crying jocks.”

Bucky stares at him for a moment, then his face screws up. “I’m s-s-sorry,” he says, starting to cry again.

“Oh jeez,” Steve says, shutting the door behind him and taking a few steps across the room, closer to the desk Bucky is sitting at. “Don’t… Cry, okay? I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“You didn’t… it’s not your fault,” Bucky says, burying his face in his hands.

Steve drops his backpack and kneels down, digging through it. After about forty seconds, he emerges victorious with a half-used pack of tissues. “Here,” he says, handing them out to Bucky.

Bucky looks up at him with wide, bloodshot eyes. “Really?” he asks. Steve nods. Bucky reaches out and takes the tissues from him. “Thanks,” he says, pulling one free from the package and loudly blowing his nose.

“No problem,” Steve says, trying not to be grossed out, though he can’t help but cringe a little when Bucky looks back up with a line of snot dripping out of his nose. “You oughta…” he says, gesturing to his nose.

“Shit,” Bucky says, wiping his nose again.

“Then again, if you’re sporting snot, I’m sure the rest of the school will follow,” Steve says, hoping he doesn’t sound as bitter as he feels.

Bucky shakes his head. “You don’t get it,” he says. “I’m not… It’s not like that.”

“That’s not what it looks from the outside,” Steve says, quiet.

Bucky gives him a little half-smile. “I’m just gonna tell you this because I feel like this abandoned teacher’s lounge is a safe, trustworthy space, okay? And because I feel like you won’t blab to a bunch of people, but everyone fuckin’ hates me.”

“Really?” Steve asks, deadpan.

Bucky nods. “It’s… Well, they may not think they hate me, but they do.”

“Please don’t tell me it’s because you’re too beautiful. If you do, I may scream,” Steve says and is rewarded when Bucky laughs.

“You’re spitfire,” he says. “Anyhow, I’m gay, and they’d fuckin’ hate me if they knew.”

There’s a long pause.

“You’re gay?” Steve asks.

Bucky nods, mouth flattening. “It feels real weird to say it out loud,” he admits.

Steve’s mouth drops. “I’m the first person you’ve told?” he asks, surprised.

Bucky shrugs. “I don’t got anyone to tell. My old man’s a homophobic asswipe who’d kick my ass if he knew, and it’s not like I’m gonna tell the guys on the football team that I like guys. They’d take turns kickin’ my ass and leave me a bloody lump on the field.”

Swallowing hard, Steve takes a seat close to Bucky’s. “That’s… a lot,” he says.

“I know,” Bucky says. “Which is why I feel justified to stay in this abandoned teacher’s lounge and cry for a bit, if you don’t mind.”

There’s a long pause.

“Can I eat my sandwich while you do so?”

Bucky snorts. “Sure,” he says. “Let’s live it up. Cheese sandwiches and tears, quite the couple.”

Steve shrugs. “I’ve seen worse,” he says, pulling his sandwich from his backpack and splitting it in half. “Want some?” he asks, holding it out to Bucky.

“Sure,” Bucky says, grabbing the sandwich and taking a huge bite.

— —

“Hey,” Bucky says as the bell for sixth period rings.

“Yeah?” Steve says, packing his stuff up.

“Wanna do this again tomorrow? Maybe without the crying?”

Steve smiles. “Sure,” he says.

— —

In a week, Bucky is letting Steve draw him.

In a month, Steve is letting Bucky kiss him.

In a year, they walk around their college campus hand-in-hand.


Pairing: V (BTS) x Y/N

Genre: smUT!!!

Notes: over-stimulation, language, dirty talk, fiNgeRZ !, deep voice tae

Length: 1,156 words

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“Tell me honestly, what are we thinking about this top?” you asked Taehyung, spinning around for him in front of the mirror.

“It’s hot,” he grunted, checking his phone.

You sighed. “Hey!” you snapped.

Taehyung looked up.

“I said, what do you think?” You turned around again, showing off your curves and looking at yourself in the mirror.

Taehyung got up from the bed then, leaving his phone on the duvet. He stepped toward you slowly, hands in pockets, until he was so close to you that you could feel his breath against your neck.

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You Fool (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hi! Could I request something with Jughead? Like you’re best friends with him and a new girl comes into town and develops a liking for him. And everyone but him knows that you’ve liked him for so long. And your jealousy becomes evident to the point where you get super angry and almost punch/slap the girl when she flirts with him or tries to make a move but Jughead restrains you. And it ends in heated smut!! Thank you!

A/N: Changed it a bit like always! Not as much smut as you would have liked but hope you still enjoy! 

Warnings: Implied smut? More like making out (Sorry this writer’s block is killing me and my vibes), Jealous Reader


You Fool (Jughead x Reader)

She was getting on your nerves.

This is the third time she’s tried flirting with him.

If you hear her giggle one more time, you would pull your hair out.

You glare at the back of her head as Jughead keeps talking to her.

Did he not see it? The way she giggled at his lame jokes. The way she touched his arm and batted her eyes.

To say you were jealous was an understatement.

Everyone in Riverdale knew your feelings for the boy. Everyone except him and that stupid new girl.

Betty assured you that she did in fact tell her that Jughead was off limits but the new girl had shrugged it off.

All you could think off that past few days was either tearing her hair out or questioning what she said that you didn’t.

Slamming your locker shut, you shrug off Veronica’s hand and storm down the hall. You weren’t about to stick around this.

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Everything Has Changed - Part Two | Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After finally coming face to face with Jughead after six years you don’t get the reception you’d exactly wanted.

Warnings: #angstyjughead

Word Count: 2162

A/N: I am sorry this is so long, omg. I tried to cut it down but I don’t want to rush straight into everything because I know personally I like seeing things progress and stuff, y’know. BUT ANYWAY. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think <3


It felt like time had come to a stand still as you stared across from each other. Six years. That’s how long it had been since you’d laid eyes on each other. By sheer coincidence you’d sat yourself down next to the person you’d been looking forward to seeing for all those years. He was so different yet the more you looked at him, the more you saw that he was still Jughead. He was still that boy that had made your childhood years the best they possibly could be. All you wanted to do was speak and say something but nothing came to mind. What were you even supposed to say to someone you hadn’t seen in six years? A simple hello definitely wouldn’t suffice. Thankfully for you Jughead was the first to speak up, his voice so quiet you barely caught it.

“You still have it,” he stated, his eyes locked back onto your necklace. Out of habit, your hand went to grip the little crown as you moved your gaze to glance at it too then back up to Jughead.

“Yeah. I… haven’t taken it since the day you gave me it.” Admitting that might have sounded really lame to some people but it meant the world to you. It was the one thing you had left to remind you of him and your past life in Riverdale.

For a moment you were sure you saw the hints of a smile forming on his face. He looked away from the necklace back up to you. “I never thought I’d see you again.”

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You pace around your living room, your fingers interlaced into a deadly grip, your knuckles turning white under the pressure, as you keep biting down your bottom lip. You’re nervous, scared, because what you have to say sounds absolutely insane to you too and you have absolutely no idea how you’re going to explain it to him, let alone make him believe any word you’ll say.
When you hear the faint knocks on your door you jump on your feet, your insides twitching as you rush to open it and let him in.
He looks tired, purple decorating his eyebags as he stares at you, his hands slightly trembling for the pent-up worry of the last hours and it makes your heart shrink because you realize that you are the source of his pain in both present and future.
“I’m sorry”, you whisper, faintly, your eyes landing on the ground into a vain attempt to keep the tears from flowing out.
“Tell me what is going on”, his voice is strained, almost cold, revealing pretty clearly his anger. He is trying, you know he is, to not yell at you because you scared him to death, but what you’re met with still hurts you and scares you.
“Remember your promise”, your voice cracks as you say so, taking in a deep breath to calm your wrecked nerves.
“Look at me”, he says, his voice softer now as he grabs your chin to lift your head up, forcing you to meet his dark gaze, “I love you, Y/N. You can tell me everything, ok?”, a small smile curves his lips, encouraging you to trust him like you always did before.
“I didn’t run away from you”, your voice is feeble, the fear too much to be contained at this point, but you keep going, the words flowing out slightly easing your troubled heart, “I was here the whole time… just in another time”, you shake your head, your words sounding confusing and senseless even to your own ears.
“I don’t know how or why… but I’ve been in the future Kookie”, you blink your eyes rapidly, the tears caught between your lashes making your vision blurry, “I was dead”, you whisper, your eyes closing so you don’t have to watch his confused expression anymore. He doesn’t believe you, clearly, and you can’t blame him. Of course, he doesn’t. Who in his right mind would?
He sharply takes in air, letting you go completely, taking a few steps back.
“Do you think this is funny, Y/N?”, he asks, his voice defeated, “I was here worrying about you, neglecting my work and responsibilities, and all you have to say is pure bullshit?”, his voice gets angrier with every word that escapes his mouth hitting you with the force of a hurricane, “I deserve better than this”, he adds, turning his back on you for the briefest of moments.
“If you have someone else just say so. I prefer the truth to this pathetic joke”, he turns back to you again but his eyes never meet yours, in fact, they land on everything except you.
“I’m not lying”, you whisper, the tears already wetting your cheeks, panic shooting through your entire body. How can you make him believe you? What proof could you possibly give him when it sounds impossible to you too?
“Whatever”, that’s all he says before he heads for the door, the anger so palpable in his voice you’re scared this may actually be the end.
“Wait! Jungkook wait, please!”, you run after him grabbing his arm to yank him backwards before he can leave your apartment for good.
He turns towards you, pure fury in his eyes as he finally meets your gaze again making you wish he never did.
“Wait for what?! MORE LIES?”, he’s basically screaming at this point, your body shaking so hard you think it may even snap in half.
You want to explain, you want him to believe you, you want him to be next to you and help you because you have no idea how to escape this from happening again.
“I’m gonna die in a week”, that’s what escapes your mouth and you watch with horror his features harden even more as he forcefully removes your grip on his wrist.
“I don’t care.”, that’s what he decides to say even though it’s far from the truth. He doesn’t want to hurt you and he’s certain he’ll end up doing just that if he keeps standing there, talking like this when his emotions all over the place.
Without adding anything he turns his back on you again and before you can stop him the headaches comes back, as strong as always, making you choke on thin air.
Your hands fly to your temples in a vain attempt to stop the pain and a scream escapes your mouth before you can even register it.
Your legs give in, your vision turning white under the burning pain, your ears numb to the way Jungkook calls your name, apprehension the only thing visible in his features now. He grabs your wrists trying to yank them down so he can look at your face. Panic shoots through him when you stop breathing under his gaze, the pain shooting through you taking over all the vital functions of your body.
He calls your name caressing your face in an attempt to soothe you but he’s only left with pure horror when you turn into nothing but thin air. You weren’t lying. And that thought scares him more than anything.

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IT’S WRONG [part 6] - it all starts with a terrible headache and he acting like he has absolutely no idea who you are. JUNGKOOK X READER { ANGST

complete series:  [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6]


OK HIGHSCHOOL HEATHERS VERONICA IS SO GOOD LOOK AT HER GO and she doesn’t even bonk heads with jd when they kiss :’) 

Such a pretty neck.

A/n: This picture is completely responsible for this, because his neck is too attractive to ignore and every time I see this photo I need five minutes to recover. Credit to whoever owns this picture, I just saved it on my phone.

There is literally no plot in this, just smut! This is only the second thing I’ve ever posted, so, I don’t know, give it a chance? Over 18’s only, if you’re not you could maybe read my first imagine instead, here! Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Female)

Word count: 1095

Warnings: Smut, but quite mild really, just thigh riding (everyone’s favourite!) Swearing. That’s it.

No plot, if you wanted you could swap the name Bucky for Sebastian and it wouldn’t make any difference.

Bucky is sat on the sofa in your lounge when you arrive home. He seems captivated by whatever he’s watching on TV and you use his distraction to your advantage, taking a minute to study him. He looks good. Obviously he always does, but right now, relaxed and sitting in your shared house in casual clothes, you’ve never been more attracted to him. The joggers he’s wearing cling to his thighs and are stretched across his groin, and you clench your legs together at the bulge visual through the material. When you finally drag your eyes away from his crotch you notice the sweatshirt he’s wearing is the one you’d ‘borrowed’ a few days ago, the one he’s been trying to get back ever since. Then you move your gaze to his neck and get stuck. He hasn’t shaved today, or yesterday from the look of it, and there is the perfect amount of scruff to make you squirm. But it’s the skin a little further down that has your attention. It looks so smooth and unmarked, and before you know it you’re across the room and dropping yourself into his lap.

“Hey Y/N. I didn’t hear you come in.”

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sometimes i just think about chenle and jisung meeting years before their debut and how their performances were literally right after each other?? and how they miraculously met again under the same company and same group??? yall if that isnt destiny then i dont know what lmao



The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you one random afternoon in the studio, a soft beat filling the silence in the small, dimly lit room as you curled up even more snugly into Yoongi’s blanket on the black leather sofa. His back faced towards you, bits of his blueish black hair sticking out from beneath his black beanie, his head bobbing slightly to the beat as he clicked away on his mouse. From the side, you could see the black mask tucked under his chin with one strap behind each ear, his fair skin strikingly pale due to the contrast with his dark clothing and onyx eyes. He chewed on his bottom lip in concentration, mumbling softly to himself as his other hand fiddled around with the different controls on his sound board. He was in the zone, as per usual, and over the course of the past few months, you’d come to learn very quickly that he did not appreciate being bothered while he was in this state. Just like the very first time you’d met in your composition class.

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Bts Reacting To You Changing Your Clothing Choices For Them.

Request:  i would like to request another one where the boys react to when you (their girlfriend) usually dress like a tomboy but you start wearing more girly things like dresses and high heels :)

This one is going to be fun haha



He noticed you trying to dress in dresses more often and would appreciate it, but he would be suspicious as he knew you weren’t a fan of dresses. He would eventually confront you and ask you about it, making sure you weren’t doing it just to please him. 

You would tell him of corse you wanted to impress him but that you just wanted to try it out. He would smiles and kiss your cheek and say you are so cute but he wants to you dress however you want. 

You eventually find a happy medium to please your tomboy side and to please what he likes as well. 

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He wouldn’t be happy, there is no denying it. He loves you wearing Jean, a snapback and an oversized tee. 

Seeing you in a dress and heels would throw him off quite a bit and he would ask why you are dressed up so much, especially for just hanging out at the studio with him. 

You would tell him it’s because you thought he would like it better than your normal style since the other members preferred a girl that dressed up. To which he would pretty much face palm and stand up and tug on your dress. 

“I think you look pretty like this don’t get me wrong love, but you look so sexy dressed in jeans and a normal shirt. Please don’t think you have to dress up just because everyone says so.”

You would blush and nod at him. He would make you go home and change and when you come back he would stop working on whatever he was doing (which rarely happens) and sit on the sofa and cuddle with you, which would lead to you both falling asleep wrapped in each others arms.

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He would get very excited to see you dressed up all nice for him since it rarely happened unless there was a special occasion. He wouldn’t stop complimenting how pretty the dress looked on you and how tall you were with your heels. 

Only later did he notice you squirm uncomfortable in the dress did he realise maybe you weren’t doing this because you wanted to but because you wanted to impress him. 

He didn’t want to confront you about for fear he would hurt your feelings so he would purposely say things like I love how you look in jeans and your flannel shirts. 

You took the hint and went back to wearing your normal clothes soon afterwards, to which he would then smile widely and say he was happy to have you back to normal. Which surprised you that he noticed you were doing it for him. 

Before you could even ask him how he figured out he would kiss your lips sweetly and tell you never to change who you are because he loved you just the way you were. 

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Rap Monster

Your mother was insistent that you tried to dress up for you boyfriend more since she had been wanting him to “pop the question” for a while. You protested as much as possible, hating the idea of pressuring your boyfriend of 2 years into something he wasn’t ready for yet especially since his career was skyrocketing.

Eventually, you caved though and she kept a close eye on what you were wearing, making sure you didn’t wear your normal clothes. 

Rap Monster of corse to notice and asked what was up, he laughed loudly when he found out. “Aren’t you cute, you are (your age here) and you still can’t say no to your mom” he would tease. 

You would get slightly upset about the whole thing, to which he said he would talk to your mom and tell her he loved you just the way you are and he didn’t want you dressing up to impress him when you had done that years ago. 

He would eventually pop the question but not for a few more years, ever time you dressed up from there on though he would tease you. “did your mom pick that out for you sweetie” to which you would playful smack his arm, earning a chuckle from him followed by a kiss. 

“You are so beautiful y/n”

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“That dress it cute y/n but why is it on you?”

That’s all it needed for you to realise you had been caught.

 You had recently watched an interview and he had stated that he had a thing for girls that dress up in dresses and heels which made you feel self-conscious that maybe you weren’t good enough for him. 

So next time you saw him you showed up wearing a pretty purple dress and white heels, he definitely eyed you up and down for a moment before he asked you why.

When you told him you saw the interview he blushed and rubbed his neck and looked at the floor.

“Just because I said I like girls that dress like that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. I just said that girls that do that are pretty, they never asked me what I find sexy” his voice would fade out shyly as he looked back up at you. 

You giggled a little realising without him saying what he was saying. You would hug him tightly and tease him for being so shy. You would share a deep kiss before he would break it only to poke your nose “You are too beautiful for me y/n”

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He wouldn’t notice it at first because he always gets so caught up staring at your beautiful face. He would sit there admire you for a solid minute at least before he would look down and furrow his brow.

“Ay, did I miss something! Did we have a date tonight!” He would panic and start freaking out as you chuckle telling him that you just saw a post talking about his ideal type is a girl who dresses up in expensive nice clothes so you decided to try to dress like this more often from now on to please him. 

He would frown and shake his head telling you not to read those silly articles and that you didn’t need to change your whole style just to please him and that he liked that you were diffrent from most girls and that is why he was drawn to you to begin with, was becasue of how you didnt follow the normal dress standard. When he realised your personality also shine differently than other girls he fell for you.

You would blush as he told you how much he loved you for being you, and he would poke your cheek as you blushed from his confession. 

“I love you y/n, no matter how crazy you are” he chuckled as he hugged you. 

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You knew he would be Shook he always is when you dress in dresses and heels, but this time it was because your friends told you to so because you were worried that you weren’t good enough for him. 

He wouldn’t say anything at first, but he would differently show it through his awkward actions. He didn’t know how to approach you about it so he asked the older members what to do (which they pretty much told him to man up and talk to you)

When he finally did talk to you about it, you thought he was going to break up with you because he looked upset. When he asked why you had been dressing up recently your didn’t bother lying to him and told him the truth.

He frowned deeply as you told him how you felt. He would hug you tightly and kiss your forehead over and over again, running his hands through your hair. “Don’t ever talk like that again, I love you and you are the most perfect person I have ever met.”

He always went the extra mile from then on to make sure he expressed his love for you, telling interviewers how much he loved you and talking about you at concerts and fan meetings when they asked about you. 

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thank you again @-happytbh- for your request. I had fun with this one to. 



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Have you not watched swr

Noooo, I’ve never watched it ever….I don’t know who Kanan or Ezra are, and I’ve never written any fanfics for it, or drawn fanart of my favorite character, or come up with headcanons, or screamed with people about it…never! 

Sexy Voice (Mitch Marner)

Anonymous said:

can you do 49 from the drabble list with mitch marner please?? i feel like that’s a thing mitch would say😂

#49: “Your voice is sexy.” - “Your ass is sexy.”

Word count: 486

Originally posted by mttymrts

Bzz. Somewhere in the dark, your phone was buzzing. You groaned and rolled over in bed, figuring it was just a notification from social media.

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. You grab onto your phone threateningly, hoping that it can sense your displeasure. You squint as you look at the bright screen, your eyes taking a moment to adjust. The first thing you notice is the fact that it’s 2:45 in the morning. The second thing you notice is that Mitch has been continuously texting you for the past five minutes.

‘Hey babe guess what’

‘You’re pretty’

‘And I am just a little bit drunk’

‘But I still love you even if I am drunk’

You roll your eyes, unlocking your phone to reply to your apparently drunk boyfriend.

‘I love you too Mitch. Are you at your house?’ Almost immediately you get a reply.

‘No I’m crashing at Willy’s I am way too drunk to drive or even walk ya feel?’

‘I’m glad you’re safe, now go to sleep, you’re going to have a really bad hangover in the morning.’ You turn your phone off and close your eyes again, only to have your phone start ringing.

“Mitch?” You answer. “Why are you calling me?”

“I just wanted to call my girlfriend.” He slurs in an exaggerated whisper that wasn’t a whisper at all.

“Well, your girlfriend wants to go to sleep.” You tell him. You can hear Mitch giggling through the phone as you lay back against the pillows, deciding to just stay on the line so that he thinks you’re still listening.

“Hey (Y/N)?” Mitch asks. You hum, eyes already closed.

Your voice is sexy.” He says in what you think is supposed to be a seductive tone. You let out a loud snort as you sit up, laughs echoing through the line to Mitch. You can almost see his face scrunching up in confusion.

“H-hey why are are you laughing? I’m trying to be seductive!” Mitch protests, confirming your thoughts. You finally start to recover from your laughter as you grab the phone again.

“I’m sorry Mitch.” You wheeze. “Really, I promise. You’re the sexiest man I’ve ever met.” You can hear Mitch laugh in satisfaction.

“Do you think my ass is sexy?” He asks suddenly. You let out a mix of a laugh and a screech.

What?” Your voice raises an octave.

“Um, I said it pretty clear, (Y/N).” Mitch says seriously. You fumble for a moment before deciding to give your poor boyfriend what he wants.

“Yes Mitch, your ass is sexy. You have the sexiest ass of anyone I’ve ever seen. Can you please go to bed now?” You barter.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asks anxiously.

“I would hope so, since you’re the one who wanted to get breakfast tomorrow.”

“Sweet! Breakfast and going out with my hot girlfriend!” You chuckle.

“Goodnight, Marns.”

“Goodnight, Sexy Voice.” He teases.

comfortable pt 2

pairing: jason todd x reader

warnings: cursing, sexual innuendoes, violence mentions, blood, injury

prompt: jason and y/n are friends and this is a casual night/morning together, hintage of feelings for each other but no one says anything bc they are both so 
//comfortable// with each other rn😤

I won’t forget this day. I don’t ever want to forget a second.

Jason and I have been getting close, really close, like I didn’t know a fact about his past or family but I could almost piece it together or choose his life story from a lineup.

I figured he was someone’s body guard or maybe a professional fighter or something with all the bruises and scars he has. I learned to keep more medical supplies in my apartment for him. He always would half ass his wound treatments and maybe tie a cloth around it. Sometimes he was so lazy with himself I swear. One day, maybe a year after our first meeting, he comes knocking down my door. It’s the end of summer and around 11:00. Pretty early for our usual friend dates. He’s banging pretty hard but I’m taking a bath right now so I leisurely call him on my cell phone.

*Jason’s phone buzzes, and he picks it up*

“UM EXCUSE YOU, I know you are home, why are you *groans loudly* not opening the door??”

“Good evening Jason, you rudely interrupted my bath and therefore you can wait a second for me.”

I tease him while putting on a towel. He can wait on the couch if he really wants to come in.

“God, y/n, it’s an emergency!”

“Oh, an emergency to see me while I’m on the midst of a bath–”

I’m almost at the door and I see it being rattled. He is not doing what I think he is doing. God I really hope not. I know how to pick locks as well but I only use it for emergencies and this fool better have a good excuse before he comes barging in.

“JASON. I– ohmygod.”

I stare at his bloodied body. He looks a little off though, but I don’t have time to think about that.

“Y/n, I can explain later but I need your help right now.”

He says while I drag him to my bathroom and rip off his clothing and place him in my bathtub. I don’t ask any questions because one of the most important things you learn as a lawyer. The more you know, the less options you have for your client.

It’s silent and slightly awkward considering his bulky body bis almost naked in my bathtub. It wreaks of lavender and blood and raw meat and ugh. He tries to talk but I hush him up really quick. It sounds like an apology but I can’t risk it. Or himself. He also shouldn’t be risking himself by telling me. I ask him to stand up and he obliges. First thing I notice is that his underwear is black. No, I notice that he has a big gash on his abdomen. Bandages and gauze can help but I can’t stitch him. I barely know anything, only what little my friends and mother have taught me about first aid. I let my tub empty and pour alcohol all over him, his shoulders and his torso. After he is all patched up I grab him my snuggle to cover himself and make some coffee. He’s got a lot of explaining to do. I decided that I could help him out with whatever. I mean, he is almost like my only family here so, idk I just know that family takes care of family. This is my best friend and I'all help him out just like him with me.

I put on the first pair of leggings and sweater I saw, literally just patched him up with a towel robe on. I call him out here to sit and talk with me.

“Jason, come meet me in the kitchen please.”

The coffee is done and I sit myself on the counter. His cup is right beside me and I see him walking towards me and even though this situation is absolutely serious, he looks ridiculous in my snuggie and I can’t stop but laugh.

“God, Jason you look so attractive like this, a real lady killer.”

“Okay, okay cupcake don’t tease me now.”

“Jason Peter Todd. You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to but I need some answers.”

“Shoot em.”

“Why did you come to me, instead of a hospital? Why did you come to me instead of a families house or another friend?”

He pauses for a while but then whispers

“ I, uh, okay, so… Alright, so I didn’t go to the hospital because I would have had to provide a reason to this mess and I can’t do that, I also know for a fact my family is really busy right now and can’t drop what they are doing to help me, also now isn’t a good time to drop in on my family, and uh I came to you because I knew you would help.”

“Well, you aren’t done yet, you still need some stitches or something and I can’t give them to you I don’t know how. I also don’t know how you are walking with such ease.”

“Baby girl, no worries I’m a lot tougher than you think, and I don’t really need much more help. I’ll just chill out here until I get better.”

“ *sigh* You are so stubborn and needy I swear. How did you even get so hurt?”

“I’d rather not share (nickname), but it wasn’t anything out of the usual, and yada yada I’ll be more careful. I am so tired so would you please be a good little girl and let me sleep now?”

He ruffles my hair and walks out of the kitchen and towards my room.

“Jay! where is my thank you, and you’re dead if you actually think I’m going to let you sleep on my sheets all bloodied like that.”

“Oh so you would let me sleep on your bed if I wasn’t bloody? I should come over more often.”

He turns around and plops on my body bean bag and looks at me with puppy eyes.

“Y/n, hunny, would you please tuck me in? I’m sowwy for being so needy.”


I fetch him a duvet and lay it over his body. I tuck in his neck and he pulls my arm in and whispers in my ear.

“Thanks for everything y/n. It means so much to me and I’ll definitely repay you.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s what we do for each other. Now get some sleep before I kick you out for being so exhausting.”

I kiss his forehead and settle myself on the couch, right by him. As he falls asleep I make my move.

I grab his cellphone from the pile of his clothes in my bathroom. I take a closer look and see that his clothes are bloodied, his skin has been cut, but the clothes he wore were clean (besides the blood) and untorn. Which means that he was wearing something else during the time of the incident and he didn’t want me to see what he was wearing when he got attacked. His cellphone is locked but it doesn’t take me long to open it. It’s my birthday and a couple letters mixed in. We changed our passwords together a while back. I look through his contact list for someone to call. He needs more medical help and the situation is too delicate to call a hospital. Perhaps a friend with a similar lifestyle could help.

Ugh, his contacts are a lot of “blonde girl from the bar,” or “baddie from the coffee shop.” Whenever he tells stories he usually doesn’t mention that he keeps their number😒. I see at the end of his contacts there are certain contacts that are different though.


These are his speed dials? I guess I’ll call dickhead because I don’t want to risk calling a girl, “old man” might be his dad and I would not want my father to get a call like this from a friend, “roy” is a very generic contact name, so dickhead seems alright.

Calling at 1:30 isn’t ever ideal but if my friend called me at 1:30 I would definitely pick up.

First ring.
It’s a pretty gruff voice.

“Hey what do you want? You know I am still on patrol, can this wait?”

“uh, this is a friend of Jason’s. I need a little help with him and I didn’t know who to call. Is this, um, dickhead?”

“Oh, shoot. Um sorry, I’ll come right over. Text me the address.”

He hangs up very abruptly.

I wait for “dickhead” to come over and admire Jason while he sleeps. My duvet is starting to get blood seeping through it but I don’t mind. Jason has the most lovely skin, sharp contours on his face, and the darkest hair. He has the smallest freckles on his face and the cutest scrunch on his face. “Dickhead” better get here fast, he might bleed out, and I won’t let that happen. I’d rather call the hospital and have Jay be mad at me than dead.

My door knob shakes again and a tall, dark haired, bulky, similar looking to Jason, kinda guy opens my door. He’s wearing a jacket hoodie and jeans, but the weirdest shoes. He walks over to me and frowns.

“What has Jaybird done now?”

“I tried my best to wrap him up but I can’t give him stitches or anything. He might bleed out and I’m scared.”

“I have to go. I’ll bring him home and have someone really patch him up.”

He scoops Jason into his arms with struggle and brings along my duvet. My bean bag has blood all over it but–

“Thanks for watching out from here, I'all take over for now, but my name is Dick and I hope you have a good night.”

“You aren’t just going to take him from me, I am coming with you.”

“Uh. No you aren’t. I don’t know you and I can’t fit you in my, uh, car.”

“Yea well, I know Jason and I am going to make sure he ends up okay. Don’t fight me on this. You didn’t even bring a car, so how will you take him home? I can see your motorcycle parked where it shouldn’t be, you can’t take him on that. I am driving lets go.”

Dick grumbles and thinks about how he forgot about that detail.

“Fine, can I drive though?”

“If you crash my audi, you’re going to pay for it.”

Dick scoffs and grabs the keys from the hook by the door.

“Let’s go.”

I sit in the back with Jason’s head on my lap. Dick drives my car smoothly and rapidly. I play with Jason’s hair, he must be so tired, he usually is a very light sleeper. Or maybe he is bleeding out but you know.

“So, who are you?”

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is f/n l/n, I am just a friend of Jason. I don’t really know what happened, he just kinda opened my door and needed my help so…”

“I see, well I am Dick, I am his *pause* brother and I was really shocked when you called. He never really calls, just texts.”

I explain why I chose to call him and we continue our small talk until we reach a mansion. A manor? Oh. I recognize where we are immediately. I won a humanitarian award here once. The stunning Wayne manor.

“Richard Grayson.”

“Uh, yea.”

He lifts Jason out of the car and I quickly follow.

“I don’t recall Jason saying that he was the missing Wayne child.”

Dick is silent.

I piece things together in my mind very quickly.

We enter the manor and it’s almost 2. Dick yells for Pennyworth and carries Jason into a room in the first floor. It’s a makeshift hospital room and I piece it all together.

“I’d prefer you leave the room until Alfred is done with Jason, so make yourself comfortable over in the living room. I have to go, but I trust you will be a good guest. I’ll be back in a little while. Oh and there may be other people walking through the house. You don’t have to say anything to them, but let them know you are here for Jason. See you soon.”

And he left, just like that.

“Alrighty then.” I whisper to no one in particular.

I’ve concluded that Jason and His brother are superheroes. It isn’t a secret that Bruce Wayne could be Batman and Batman consistently was involved with out super heroes and metahumans. It isn’t so hard to believe that Jason was a super hero. Just didn’t seem like his personality. Dick’s strange shoes were apart of his uniform, he didn’t have time to change them. I don’t know what I’ll do now that I know.

“Hello, are you deaf!?”

I turn around to see this kid yelling at me.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you I was just distracted. I am here for Jason.”

“I wasn’t expecting guests tonight. Especially ones that are affiliated with Jason. I don’t even expect Jason to come here.”

He stares at you for a while.

“Hey I know you. I’ve seen you here before. You were at a gala for my father.”

“Oh, that. Yes, I won an award for being a humanitarian but I usually don’t come to galas. Not my kinda thing. My name is f/n l/n. I suppose you are…”

“Damian Wayne. That’s not the only time I’ve seen you around though…”

“I have previously worked for your father. I was a lawyer for one of his projects a while back?”

“That’s probably it.”

There’s a long awkward silence but I enjoy it. A calm to the storm I was just in. Damian sits on the couch across from me reading a book without a title. I stare outside the ginormous window. It’s beautiful, the night. Only when it’s calm though, something I don’t get to experience in the city often.

“Ms. l/n, Jason is ready to see you. A warning though, he is quite upset with you. I shall be bringing some refreshments to the both of you soon.”
Alfred says to me as he rushes away to get the refreshments.

I nod my head at Damian and take a deep breath before heading towards Jason.

I open the door slowly,

“Jay, are you feeling alri–”

“I don’t understand why I am here. You had no right to bring me here. I said I was fine at your place so explain what you did. Now.”

He cuts me off so briskly and is speaking to me in such a harsh voice that I am frightened to speak. I have never had him speak to me like this.

I also will not accept him talking to me like this considering all the shit I just did for him.

“OKAY. First of all big boy, you forgot to say thank you. You were going to bleed out and I didn’t call the fucking hospital. I also didn’t want you to die so I got help. I called Dick from your speed dial list and asked him for help. Also don’t come at me with the "I don’t understand,” or “you had no right,” bullshit because I still don’t understand you and your past or why this all happened. I also had to just figure out all this shit, Jason, or should I say Nightwing? You didn’t have the right to barge into my house and ask for help without any information.“

He is about to say something, but quickly shuts his mouth and looks at me very grumpily. Which, under a different circumstance I totally would have fell weak for.

Alfred comes in the door with some crackers, cheese, and strong coffee.

"Mr, Ms, please enjoy.”

Alfred leaves the room swiftly.

“Okay f/n, I–”

“No. I am leaving. You can talk to me later when you realized that someone who cares a lot about you, just took care of you and you didn’t die. You know where to find me.”

I quickly leave the manor and head home to get back the couple hours of sleep before work tomorrow.

Jason’s POV.

Ugh, why did I blow up on her like that? God I’m such an idiot.

Damian walks into my room.

“Hey loser, your girlfriend just left and she was really upset. Also you will be in a lot of trouble because that’s f/n l/n, and she’s in touch with Father and she probably figured out our secret. You better fix this shit.”
And with that said, he leaves Jason.

Wow really Jason, I didn’t know I fucked up. I really did need you to remind me.

At least she doesn’t know everything right? She called me Nightwing, so she hadn’t really thought about this.

All because I got stabbed a couple of times. I’ll deal with this tomorrow.