what a pretty man you are

My Queen

Drabble Prompt: “I am no longer a princess. Now, I am a queen.“   

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @shadowpriestess6



Dean swears under his breath, watching the scene before him. He keeps trying to get his brother’s attention but it’s obviously not working.

“I’ll text your stupid ass then.” Dean growls as he watches your drunk frame dance on top of the library table.

Library. NOW!

Dean doesn’t know how it happened but you’re ridiculously drunk. A lot more than usual. At first, seeing you prance around in a crop top and boy shorts was pretty hot.

It was funny seeing you dance to a shitty pop song you’ve been blaring throughout the bunker. But now it’s just getting on his damn nerves.

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To all of the Trans Guys that have been misgendered today: you look handsome today

To all of the Trans Guys that haven’t started T yet: you are still handsome as fuck

To all of the Trans Guys that have to deal with Transphobia: Remember you’re strong and never let anyone crush your spirits

To all of the Trans Guys that don’t want to go on T:
you’re still a real man no matter what anyone else says

To all of the Trans Guys that don’t want top and/or bottom surgery: You’re amazing the way you are

To all of the Trans Guys on their period right now: you’re strong never forget that

To all of the Trans Guys that are feeling Dysphoric: stay strong

To all of the Trans Guys that aren’t Dysphoric: you’re still valid

To all of the Trans Girls that have been misgendered today: you look pretty today

To all of the Trans Girls that haven’t started E yet: you’re still gorgeous as fuck

To all of the Trans Girls that have to deal with Transphobia: Remember you’re strong and never let anyone crush your spirits

To all of the Trans Girls that don’t want to go on E: you’re still a real woman no matter what anyone else says

To all of the Trans girls that don’t want Top and/or Bottom surgery: you’re amazing the way you are

To all of the Trans Girls that have body hair: you are pretty

To all Trans Girls that are feeling Dysphoric: stay strong

To all of the Trans Girls that aren’t Dysphoric: you’re still valid

To all Non-Binary People that have been misgendered today: you look amazing today

To all Non-Binary People that haven’t started hormone therapy yet: you look great

To all Non-Binary People that have to deal with Transphobia:
Remember you’re strong and never let anyone crush your spirits

To all Non-Binary People that don’t want to go on Hormone therapy:
you look fantastic

To all Non-Binary that don’t want top and/or bottom surgery: You’re amazing the way you are

To all Non-Binary people on their period right now: you’re strong never forget that

To all Non-Binary people with body hair: you’re amazing

To all Non-Binary people that are feeling Dysphoric: stay strong

To all Non-Binary people that aren’t Dysphoric: you’re still valid

Voltron headcanon: Rick rolling
  • Lance has rick rolled Keith at least 8 times and Shiro about 3.
  • Keith is pretty gullible when it comes to the situations. Lance texts Keith saying “OMG THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!” or “OH MY GOD THERE IS A VIDEO WHERE YOU CAN SEE THAT PUTIN IS A LIZARD IN A MAN SUIT.” and Keith is like “WHAT SHOW ME AJSJKDJSDKSD.” and Lance rickrolls him
  • Shiro caught on to the fact that Lance was just sending him Never going to give you up and so he doesn’t trust Lance when he says he has a cool video. 
  • Pidge once hacked the castle of the lions to rickroll them for 8 whole hours
  • Lance started crying of laughter and got hiccups
  • Shiro and Keith cried real tears of pain.
  • Allura learns about rickrolls from Pidge and rickrolls the shit out of EVERYONE
  • Coran doesn’t get it
  • Coran likes the song
  • Keith rickrolled Lance once and Lance hugged him and was so proud
  • When Allura rickrolled Shiro he wouldn’t talk to her for a week
  • “Shiro please.”
  • “Allura you broke my trust.”
  • “I’ll never give you up or let you go, or run around and desert you.”
  • Sorry he didn’t talk to her for two weeks my bad.
  • Pidge and Allura are the master rickrollers
  • Hunk is rickrolled by Lance at 12am and it is not fucking funny Lance stfu.
  • One time Hunk got him back by setting it as Lance’s alarm clock at 11pm
  • Lance cried
  • his beauty sleep was interrupted

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Hi! Relating(ish) to some earlier asks, what are some other terms that are problematic in the Pagan community and what words should I use instead? Also any practices that are commonly stolen from closed religions that I should look out for? (new witch here) Thanks!

Oh man, what a long answer this would be. Maybe have a look at this tag? 

Everything I have in that tag pretty much covers the very very long answer to this ahahah 

Also, thank you for asking this. It’s my biggest issue with the witch community, how unwilling people are to educate themselves on these kind of things, change the way they speak, etc. You are starting out on an amazing foot! I wish that more of this community asked this question!

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1,12 and 18 !! :0

1. Who is your favorite sextuplet?

Whilst oso climbed the ranks to 2nd place, I doubt he’d be able to overtake Ichi as #1 anytime soon

12. Why did you start watching the series?

I remember seeing ososan on various social media and heard some good things about it. Then, on my first visit to japan last year, there was this HUGE mural of osomatsu’s face just outside of the akihabara train station and I thought to myself, man I should really start watching this when I get back. :’D

18. What is your opinion of episode one?
It was amazing from start to end. The blatant references to other anime were pretty exciting and I loved how they put the opening like 2 mins away from the ending. Good times (☆'∀'☆)

Ask meme

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Speciesswap au Shiran trapped in a cave in. Have a good rest:D

Shiro didn’t understand roughly seventy per cent of the words that came out of Coran’s mouth, but he was pretty sure the majority of them were foul. And when he crouched over the human, he could see why. “Sheraiz,” he hissed softly at the state of the man’s helmet.

“Considering how fast that slide came down, I suppose I should just be glad it wasn’t the rest of me,” Coran muttered, ripping off the now-useless headpiece. “At least the air in here’s somewhat breathable. Can you get a signal?”

Shiro tapped at his helmet comm, but only got fuzz. “Barely. Might have better luck if we set up one of the emergency beacons. What?” he asked when he realized Coran was staring at him.

“You really do glow in the dark.”

Shiro felt his face heat. “So glad it’s amusing to you,” he said with a slight bite of sarcasm.

But… truthfully… 

He wouldn’t mind if he could be the source of that slightly awed grin a little more often. 

At least when they weren’t trapped in a deep dark hole and Coran wasn’t suffering from a likely concussion.

Switching on his helmet’s light, they found a place that looked relatively dry and stable to set up the beacon. Once it was pulsing strong and clear, there was really nothing left to do but wait. 

“Just like every other night,” Coran said dryly as he leaned back against the cave wall, and Shiro snorted lightly.

“If it’s all the same to you, I’ll take the castle kitchens,” he said, resting his chin on his hands.

Staring at the beacon was weirdly soothing, though. Kinda reminded him of the singing lights the nurses used to use in the playrooms back on Altea…

He started, then checked the beacon timer, and grumbled under his breath when he realized it had been almost a cycle. Damn, he hadn’t meant to doze… “Maybe they’ll get around to finding us soon, huh, Coran?”

Silence. He looked over and found the human slumped over on his side, seemingly asleep as well. “Hey, Coran.”

Still nothing. And damn well aware of what a light sleeper the Black Paladin was, that sent a small chill of worry up his spine. Heaving himself up, he crouched in front of the human and tried to sit him up, only for the redhead to slouch in his grip, breathing shallow and weak. 

Fighting down panic, he pried an eye open, then swore vividly when there was no reaction to the beacon light or a flash from his own helmet light. What in- was it the blow to the head, or-

Carefully settling the human against him so he wouldn’t fall over again, Shiro clicked open his suit’s monitors and pulled up air readings. 

And then swore some more.

Nitrogen was still high, which was fine for him, but oxygen had taken a deep drop just in the time they’d been there. Too deep. If he didn’t get Coran breathing immediately-

He suddenly wished Pidge hadn’t been joking about putting a carrier compartment in his arm. Without tools, he couldn’t recalibrate his helmet from filter-producing nitrogen to oxygen. And Coran’s was completely done for…

But maybe he could still cannibalize some of it.

“Hang in there,” he instinctively brushed a kiss against the human’s forehead for luck before laying him down. “Just don’t stop breathing on me.”

Maybe he couldn’t change his helmet’s filter, but he could alter his lungs. If he could… rework his breathing to expel oxygen somehow, he just had to figure out a way to get that oxygen to Coran.

He found the helmet where it had been tossed aside and snatched it up, ripping open the side paneling to force-activate the full face mask. Once he’d yanked that out along with a couple of filter tubes, he ran back to Coran, hoping like hell his jury-rigging would work.

“C’mon,” he pleaded, blowing from his own mask into Coran’s and pressing on his chest to try and get him to breathe harder. “You can’t leave me. You gotta come back, please.”





Coran finally made the faintest cough, eyes slitting open, but still not focused. “Rngh.”

Shiro made a noise that was somewhere between a sob and a laugh, hunching over to touch the foreheads of their masks together. 

Coran blinked up at him, vision slowly clearing. “Shiro…? What happened? What’s all this?”

“Air wasn’t as breathable as we thought. At least not for you. I think I’ve sort of got a fix going, but… don’t move too much, okay?”

“Sure,” Coran said, apparently still too dazed to question it. 

Shiro managed to maneuver them into a slightly more comfortable position, with Coran’s head resting in his lap, and, after wondering whether or not to chance it, took hold of his hand, squeezing a little. Coran looked at their joined hands, but made no move to pull away, and the little knot in his chest loosened somewhat. “Stay awake this time.”

“I’ll do my best.”

And once more, there was nothing left to do but wait for the beacon to be heard.

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i was gonna write a small 500 word whamilton thing but im stuck so what are some rarepairs you have that have alex in them so i can try writing them?

Whamilton you sayyyy? I have someone in mind who’d like that lmao ;)

Oh geez, I’m not sure if I have any rarepairs with alex, I’m pretty generic LOL. I’m a sucker for jamilton. I can try and make up some?

Uhhh alex/peggy, alex/lee, alex/seabury LOL, yeah idk man I don’t ship these HAHA. Pick your poison LOL

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if you had to write your own eulogy, what would you say?

“Well, it would start off with a beautiful self-written riddle about life. Then it would list everything substantial that I’ve done. Which, let’s be honest is pretty much everything… And then it would state how great of a man I was and how much of a genius I was. It would be so well-written that they would have to make a movie about me, probably. Next question?”

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You live in Colorado?! Holy Shit man me too! What's your favorite thing about Colorado?

the fact there are like no bugs
like there are bugs, but not as many
I like pike’s peak bc without it I wouldn’t know which way I am facing (this is true btw I have no sense of direction)
and I like downtown Colorado Springs,manitou, and downtown Denver, they are all fun places to walk around
it’s a very pretty state

Random things that made me happy about Moana:

-The story wasn’t about her relationships, romantic or otherwise. But it also didn’t belittle those relationships and the people she cares for were a motivation along with her need to discover herself

-stubborn angry muscle girl who does not know how to do a thing but fuck you she will do the thing

-the fucking chicken

-this is a weird one but when Moana sings her mouth opens super big when she belts out the words and just it made me so happy??? She wasnt made to sing pretty and delicate she will fucking BELT out her victory song

-Dwayne The Rock Johnson can sing. Bless this man.

-you can see all the research that went into the movie and the credits are full of Pacific Islander names and it pays off so well god bless

-Hero allowed to have moment where they nearly give up. Isn’t shamed for it. Is told “if that’s what you need then you are supported.”

-hero decides on her own to continue journey

-showing Moana actually learning how to be a leader before she even goes. She already is going to be a great chief before she goes….she doesnt have to prove anything. It’s just….so good

-listen I know chickens. That is a very….accurate chicken

- H A I R

-the music makes me cry it’s so good and Lin worked so hard to respect the cultures he worked with and brought in Samoan and Fiji'an singers and it’s so good

-the animation just shit son

-after the plastic ice and tinyface dolls of Frozen, disney animation is redeemed in my eyes

-every scene was beautiful and I spent over half the movie with fucking chills because. It was just so breathtaking

I will never get over this

(x) The subtlety and realness of this scene. That instinctual urge to protect. THAT’S JOHN. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY JOHN


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

A Black man who does nothing but love and support you? Nah.

A white woman who does nothing but love and support you (AND COVER YOUR OFFICE WITH FLOWERS HONESTLY LENA WHAT KIND OF GAY SHIT)? Nah.

Arrogant white dudebro that treats you and the rest of the world pretty damn terribly? Sure.


(PSA: it’s okay to have more than one interracial couple in a show. It’s okay to have more than one queer couple in a show. In fact, it’s HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.)

How Destiel becomes canon

Cas: Dean, we need to talk.

Dean: Uh, sure, Cas. What’s up?

Cas: I’ve done some research online and I also asked Sam for some advice, but I’m still a bit unsure on how to do this. I was wondering, if possibly, you would like to attend a romantic dinner with me?

Dean: Do you mean a date?

Cas: Yes. A “date.”

Dean: You know we’ve been going out for years, right? You don’t have to ask anymore.

Cas: Um…no we haven’t.

Dean: Yes, we have.

Cas: I’m pretty sure I would have remembered if we were a couple, Dean.

Dean: No, man, we’re definitely together. 

Cas: No, we’re not.

Dean: So I haven’t brought anyone home since 2012 for nothing?

Cas: We haven’t even had any intimate contact.

Dean: I thought you just weren’t into that! Besides, doesn’t that eye thing count?

Cas: What eye thing?

Dean: That eye thing!

Lance: Oh man you guys should’ve seen the sea monster we fought!!! 
Hunk: Oh! My lion got a good picture of it! Look!

Lance: Oh yeah that is pretty good!!
Keith, pulling out this picture:

Keith: What did you uh…. what did you guys do with that sea monster?
Lance: Oh, Hunk totally crushed it!! With a big rock!! Haha that monster didn’t even see the rock coming!
Hunk: Haha yeah it was pretty great
Keith: yOU Ki lLed N ESS  iE

BTS: *constantly disses Jimin and playfully makes fun of him*

SOMEONE: *is actually mean and disrespectful*

BTS: The fuCK YOU JUST SAID?! How dare you offend our sweet ball of sunshine?! Don’t touch our sweet Jiminie!

Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton One Shot

Talk about a third date. 

If it were any other boy you’d probably be out at a restaurant or something on a night like this, flirting nervously across the dinner table while you try to decipher if he likes you enough to take your relationship to the next level. You’ve gone through the dating routine once or twice before, and had a pretty good idea of what to expect; if someone had told you a month ago you’d be standing right outside of a boxing ring while your date and another shirtless man beat each other to a pulp, you would’ve thought they were crazy. 

The crowd around you gasps and your own stomach lurches, empathetically feeling the punch that Ashton just took to the cheek. Blood is already dripping down his face, the source of it located just over his left eyebrow. He looks like a mess yet he’s still on his feet somehow, determined to keep retaliating, apparently even if it kills him. 

“Don’t worry,” Calum says next to you after noticing your concerned expression, “I’ve seen him win in worse conditions." 

You want to smile, appreciative of his effort to ease your mind, but every couple of seconds Ashton keeps getting hit, hard. It doesn’t matter to you whether he wins or loses, you just hope that your fourth date won’t have to take place beside a hospital bed. 

"Is it almost over?” you ask Calum, too new to this sport to know the ins and outs of the rule book. 

“One more round after th–Oh!

You missed what happened, but look back at the ring to find the opponent, a man named Donovan Diaz, struggling to stand up. Given the cheers from the audience, it sounds like most of the people here have their money on Ashton, and he just brought them one step closer to profiting. 

The round concludes and the fighters return to their separate corners, two teams quickly making their way into the ring to begin fixing up their boys. You wish you were allowed up there, yearning just to talk to Ashton, to treat him gently after witnessing the beating he’s taken for the last half an hour. Sitting on the short stool between rounds is the closest he’s been to you all night, each break like a minute-long tease that only makes you want to be near him more. You haven’t even said hi to him yet, not given the chance to do so before the match started. 

He knows you’re here, though. He spotted you next to his friend Calum after walking away from the first round, and lost focus for a brief second to give you a smile and a flirty wink. Some crowd members noticed, chiming in with playful remarks and whistles, causing your cheeks to burn bashfully. Ashton seemed so confident and well put together then, but that spark isn’t as evident now that he can barely keep his swollen eyes open while his crew tidies up his blood-splattered face. 

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*old man voice* you new pjo fans are so privileged these days with all your fanart and queer characters, back in my day we only had detailed posts about why every character that wasnt from the original series + leo was an awful character and people shipped nico with their self insert daughter of poseidon

You know, when Yuuri first takes Victor to see what would be his new room, I thought the banquet room had to be one of the most spacious places in the whole inn, compared to other guest rooms. And so I didn’t get why Yuuri started to apologize for the lack of space. But then it got me…

…Yuuri might have assumed Victor is used to live in places much, much bigger than the old unused room. And he’s not wrong. But even if Victor is accustomed to bigger and spacious places…


He was satisfied with what they gave him, he loved the food he got to try everyday, he was thankful he could spend more time with maccachin. He was finally able to enjoy, each and every little thing, each day brought, thanks to Yuuri and his family.

Now this dork is asking for a sofa…

Yuuri states they don’t have any, and after that, it doesn’t look like something he’ll remember.

BUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE WE SEE VICTOR WITH A NEW SOFA. I’m sure Yuuri must have figure a way to get him one.

And I adore the fact, Victor for his part is satisfied where he is, and feels at home. While Yuuri is trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible, not really sure whether the other man likes it there. These dorks not in sync, but so in love, will be the death of me.

(Also the fact, the place Victor is staying when going to Yuuri, is a banquet room, must have been foreshadowing something ≖‿≖…)

there’s something that bothers me about the general understanding of victor sitting around mooning over yuuri and being a lovesick fool about yuuri for months after the banquet until the viral youtube video and i’m having trouble articulating it but i think it both mischaracterizes victor a little bit and it overlooks how severely depressed he probably was at that time in his life and how that would have affected his frame of mind.

like i genuinely don’t think he was actually considering coaching as a serious way out until that video finally just hit him with “i remember that man, i remember the night i had, maybe i can do this. and maybe i really do want to do this.”

maybe it’s just bc i read victor as seriously depressed - and there’s like… a pretty heavy grey cloud in your head. you don’t see ideas and opportunities and change. yuuri’s offer is a nice thought, but he can’t actually do it, of course. it’s safe to continue doing what you’re used to doing, what you know. so victor just… keeps doing it. it’s what he should be doing, right? it’s what victor does, right? that’s what he does. of course he has to keep doing it. what else does victor nikiforov do if not figure skate

and i’m sure he looked back at the pictures and videos from the banquet but not in the “omggg japanese yuuri i looooove him i have to know everything about him” sort of way - and honestly not even often at all. but looking to remember what it was like to FEEL (which may have even been hard to take, remembering that but knowing you don’t have it any more! so he may not have even wanted to remember it over and over again, because it hurts).  and what the video of yuuri skating his routine does is that it reminds him that it was yuuri specifically who really made him feel, yuuri specifically who wanted him, yuuri specifically who’s this talented and who’s skating this routine in a way victor has never seen and who could NEED him, need him just as victor. victor’s opinions and victor’s advice and victor’s experience, not victor the skater and public figure who has to keep performing for an audience and surpassing expectations.

so it is impulsive, it is. he hasn’t been planning this or thinking of it as something he could really, actually do. because it takes months for him to hit that wall and finally get that push to say, i could get out. i could actually go be happy. i could do something for him, yes, but also for me. it’s more than just a big gay crush (not that i don’t think at all that victor wasn’t also genuinely flirting in the beginning, but that’s not the reason he went). and when you think about it it’s probably terrifying to drop everything like that especially when you’re that depressed for something you don’t know will work out and to fly to a foreign country that speaks a foreign language and to move your whole life there. if you’re depressed it’s not easy, it’s terrifying. but yuuri represents hope for him. it’s hope for his own life and, yes, hope for his own love, and it pays off. victor take his life back into his own hands and falls in love – and the latter more accidental than i think we generally have been believing.