what a pile of bullshit

Emma Watson has plenty of experience battling bad guys in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. But now she’s locking lips with one of them in the real world - troubled new boyfriend Johnny Simmons - and their relationship is taking off.

The two looked like the perfect couple during an Aug. 7 PDA-fest in Santa Monica. But friends worry that her actor beau’s dark past could tear them apart. It turns out that Johnny, 24, was arrested twice - in the same week!

On May 27, 2006, the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World star was busted for speeding through a Virginia town. And just two days later, the Alabama native found himself charged with underage possession of alcohol.

“Emma is incredibly smitten with Johnny,” a pal tells Star. “Unfortunately, she’s fallen for a guy who isn’t as clean-cut and straight-laced as he seems. Johnny is a typical Hollywood bad boy and player, and her friends are worried she will get hurt.”

But the 21-year!old actress doesn’t seem to see any faults in her new boyfriend and has become “completely consumed” by him, says the pal. “She’s even thinking about blowing off her studies and not returning to school. She wants to just travel with him instead.” (okay, i don’t even know emma and i can tell that’s a pile of bullshit from a mile away) Emma is scheduled to attend England’s University of Oxford this fall. But Johnny, who met the Harry Potter actress on the set of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, may not want to shift his priorities for his British babe.

“People think he’s using her to raise his profile,” the friend explains, voicing concerns that all Johnny will do is hurt Emma. “All she has ever wanted was to fall desperately head over heels in love, and she feels like she’s finally found that. She won’t listen to her pals and is falling for all the sweet things he’s saying.”