what a photo wow

ok wait hold up

oh what a lovely photo of these lovely men! wow! one is confused, one needs a haircut, and one is just looking into the distance! how artistic and wonderful! except…

hold up

this plate is c l e a n.

now either hugo doesn’t eat, like at all (which would explain a lot), and is just chillin, or

that man leaves no piece of food behind. none. eats everything and way way faster than literally e v e r y o n e. he’s k i r b y. he just i n h a l e s it.

i’m not sure which frightens me more.


Paolo asked Morgan to join him for a bowl of soup at the new place near the studio and of course she said yes.
P: “- Wait, you’re only 17, right? Soo you can’t drink beer.”
M: “- Soon 18! but yeah, I’m not allowed…yet”
They had a great time and later they checked out the gallery.
M: “- Do you like this stuff?”
P: “- I do, but I prefer photos!”
P: “- What a great day and… night!  Wow! I didn’t know it was that late. Are you ok getting home alone?”
M: “- Of course, I’m just going to jump on the tram.”
P: “- Alrighty, I guess I’ll see you at the agency then! Take care! Bye!”
P “Note to self… she’s only 17, Paolo...”

anonymous asked:

What do you use to edit your photos? They always look amazing!! Sorry if you have answered this already

hey! i have answered this before here, but i’ve changed things up a bit

basically i use reshade 3.0 and then edit in photoshop using a variety of actions from servobride (who’s diactivated) and @early-grape, as well as texture overlays. i would do a comparison pic thing but there’s so many steps i would probably die lmfao