what a photo wow

April Fool’s DLC SUFFERING Ending  Guide Part 1

So I’m still shook over one of the normal (read: SUFFERING) endings I finally unlocked from the Mystic Messenger April Fool’s DLC. Here is my guide of what I USED which unlocked the ending.

Following this should give you the unlock the chats “Epiphany” and “The world for you and me” after the game branch. 

Also: Spoilers! I’m placing this guide under the cut. 

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This group photo is what I live for wow how can people be so beautiful im


ok wait hold up

oh what a lovely photo of these lovely men! wow! one is confused, one needs a haircut, and one is just looking into the distance! how artistic and wonderful! except…

hold up

this plate is c l e a n.

now either hugo doesn’t eat, like at all (which would explain a lot), and is just chillin, or

that man leaves no piece of food behind. none. eats everything and way way faster than literally e v e r y o n e. he’s k i r b y. he just i n h a l e s it.

i’m not sure which frightens me more.