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Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby. (Part III)

A/N: Hi, I need your help. Is this story too long? Cause if it is i’ll try to speed up the way the story goes so that it won’t bore you to death or I could leave it as it is (I already finished it it just needs editing) and let the sotry run it’s course? You’re response will be appreciated, my lovelies. Enjoy x

Plot: When Reggie and (Y/N) have been bestfriends their whole lives but the universe had other plans.

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You couldn’t sleep. The moment Reggie fell asleep you had just been staring at his perfect profile. Staring at what could’ve been, staring at what could never be anymore. You decided you couldn’t stay there, you couldn’t stay with Reggie for 48 hours without wanting to kill him or yourself.

With a lot of effort you texted Cheryl to pick you up.

You continued stroking his hair and thinking of all the things you wanted to say.

Hey Reg, I’m kinda in love with you and i’d really love it if you would give us a chance because I can promise you I have loved and I can love you better than any girl can.

Hey Reg, I love you and I wish I asked you out on prom instead of going with Betty and Jughead on that investigation. I just really wanted to help Cheryl.

Hey Reg, please pick me. For once in your life please see me. And pick me.

“Hey Reg,” You whispered as a tear fell at the back of your palm, nearly on his face. “I’m in love with you.”

You heard a small thunk at the window and you saw Cheryl below in her pajamas a red faux fur coat. You smirked despite you circumstances, Cheryl just can’t do low key to save her life. You looked at Cheryl and then back at Reggie. You leaned down and gave him the smallest hint of a kiss on the cheeks before gently removing his arms around you. You replaced yourself with a pillow and walked out of his house.

Hey Reg, i’m sorry.

Cheryl remained silent knowing full well what happened without you having to say a word. She was silent as she drove, she was silent as she watched you stare at nothing with your hair blowing in the wind with your silent tears, she was silent as she walked you to her room with your heart breaking at every step you took.

She took a fluffy white blanket and prepared you tea herself. As she entered her room she saw you sitting in front of her mirror. She placed the tea on the ground in front of you and wrapping you up with the blanket. She knew you needed space and that you would talk to her when you’re ready so she just sat beside you. And then, the first sob came.

“C-Cherry …”

“Oh darling,” she hugged you as you cried in her arms.

“It hurts so much …”

“I know, love. Just let it out.” She started rubbing her hands in your arms as you cried and cried until all that was left was your trembling figure and a cold tea.

“I almost told him y’know.”

That surprised Cheryl. She glanced at you at the mirror but you were just staring at your necklace that was given to you by Reggie for your eighteenth birthday. He worked so hard at Mr.Andrews the whole summer just to earn that necklace and even declined Cheryl’s offer to give him at least half the amount or his parent’s offer to just pay for it saying he needed this to come from just him.

“But now, it’s too late.”

“Hey,” Cheryl has had enough. She made you look at her. “It’s his loss. Not yours. You can get so much better than him.”

You nodded trying to stay strong but that only lasted for about five seconds before the tears started falling again. How you will face Reggie when school starts you will never know.

Cheryl tucked you in once more, making sure you get the most comfort in this time of tragedy. She checked her clock, 5:21. Oh shit.

It was almost time for Reggie’s morning run and with his crazy body clock he would’ve woken up by now. And when he wakes up and sees you gone with no explanation he will go ballistic.

She nearly dove for her phone and saw that she had 12 messages and 4 missed calls all from Reggie.

Before she could type in a response she received another call from Reggie which she accepted after breathing in and going out to her balcony where you won’t be disturbed.


“She’s with me.” It took everything in her not to reach out into the phone and strangle this fucking moron for thinking he had the right to hurt Cheryl’s (Y/N) like this. Cheryl knew it was not Reggie’s fault, heck, it wasn’t anybody’s fault but he is just so goddamn stupid and Cheryl wanted to slap the stupidity out his body just so he can see what is already in front of him. What he is losing.

Cheryl can almost see his confusion. “And why is that?”

Cheryl gritted her teeth wanting nothing more than to chew his goddamn ear off but knew it wasn’t her place. “I had a nightmare about Jason and freaked out. I called her.” She went for the one thing Reggie can’t say shit about. Was she a manipulative bitch? Yes. At least she wasn’t fucking stupid.

He sighed, probably calming down from his mini freak out.

You fucking deserve that you fucking asshole, Cheryl thought. She can’t let her mouth ruin what was left of Reggie’s and (Y/N)’s friendship. The one thing (Y/N) has spent her whole life protecting.

“Can I talk to her?”

I think the fuck not.

“She’s asleep. And she’ll be staying with me for the rest of the weekend in case I have any other dramatic episodes. Sorry, Reg.”

You’d probably be too busy fucking that tacky new girl anyway,you fucking –

Another sigh. “Okay, whatever. Tell her I’ll see her on Monday and I’llpick her –“

“I have a limo and a driver. We’ll see you there, fucktard.” Cheryl couldn’t help herself, she needed to insult him a bit or else she’s gonna explode. She ended the call before she can die of too much anger.

Nobody is going to make her best friend cry and not pay for it. Not even the great Reggie Mantle. She will teach Reggie Mantle a lesson for his life.

You have successfully ignored all of Reggie’s efforts of trying to talk to you, with the help of Cheryl, of course.

Texting and calling? Phone’s turned off.

Going to Cheryl’s house? A big ass gate and a few bodyguards.

Calling Cheryl? Not an option.

But you couldn’t hide in her house forever so you decided to get your ducks in a row and face the inevitable. Cheryl wanted to walk you to your first class but she was dragged to her responsibilities with the Vixens which she has ignored the whole weekend for you so you let her go with a promise you’d eat together at lunch.

As you walked towards your first class your books that were held tightly in your arms were suddenly taken from you. You thought it was another of those stupid pranks but you were greeted by the stare of the one person you planned to avoid today.

“Hey, pup.” He grinned. “Missed you this weekend.”

“Yeah, sorry.” You said too quickly as you started to walk faster which was proved pointless since your leg span was significantly different and did not lean into your advantage which caused Reggie to just block your way out.

“Not even a call? A text? Now I’m just jealous of Cheryl.”

“Sorry, Reg.” You sighed. “She was just really having a bad time.”

You felt bad for lying and you knew that Reggie knew that you were lying but Jason’s death is something he will never press knowing how much it affected Cheryl.

“Okay,” he said looking at you warily. “I thought you got mad at me or something. It felt like you were avoiding me.” He pouted and you couldn’t help but try to punch him in the chest. He, unfortunately, just took your fist and placed your palm on his neck, your thumb just touching his jawline.

For the love of God stop making me fall in love with you.

“Pops, this afternoon?” You were about to decline when he gave you that look That look you just couldn’t say no to. “If you ditch me again I’ll be mad at you.”

You chuckled. Too cute, Reg. Stop, please.

“What are you, five?” You asked raising an eyebrow at him.

He pouted even more if that’s possible. “I’ll not talk to you for like, for like five minutes.”

You both laughed. “Okay. I’ll meet you there after your practice, okay?”

“What? Why don’t you just wait for me at the gym? We can go together, it’ll be safer.”

And see you eye-fucking with your new Vixen girlfriend? I don’t think so. “Nah, I needed to help, Cheryl with some homework, anyway.”

Reggie groaned. “If Voldemort steals you from me any more than she does now I’m gonna go crazy.”

The school bell rang making you jump and Reggie chuckle. “Come on,” he said taking your hand in his.

God did your hands look perfect together.

“Let me walk you to—“ He was cut off by the one voice that can completely ruin your day, right now.

“Reg!” You stiffened, not by her voice. Nor by the fact that she used the nickname only a few special people were allowed to call Reggie. No, you felt your blood stop when Reggie quickly let go of your hand. As if it was a sin. As if you were a mistake. As if the one thing that was like breathing for the two of you became something very wrong.

But you realized, it is. It is a sin. You are a mistake. Because he has a girlfriend now. A girlfriend who is supposed to be the one who gets to hold his hands. A girlfriend he can kiss. A girlfriend he can love.

And it’s not you.

You are the bestfriend, and maybe it was time you act like one.

Reggie barely saw you slip away as he turned his full attention to Veronica. “Hey, babe.”

“Hey,” Veronica accepted his hug with open arms before smiling up at him.

“I missed you.” Reggie grinned at her by which she just rolled her eyes.

“You saw me yesterday, babe.”

“Still.” Reggie gave her nose a peck.

“Well, if you missed me that much then maybe we should just skip school today, huh.” She said, raising her eyebrows up and down which made Reggie laugh.

“Can’t babe.” As tempting as it was Reggie shook his head. “I promised (Y/N) I’m not skipping school this whole school year so I could pass the college we both agreed to go to.”

Veronica couldn’t help her scowl. There it was again. Fucking (Y/N). Reggie had been running his mouth off with stories of her the whole day yesterday. She gets that they’re inseperable but there had to be limits, right?

“Oh, speaking of which,” Reggie suddenly remembered her bestfriend but frowned when, unlike usual, she wasn’t safely tucked behind him.

“What?” Veronica, too, looked behind him.

“Oh nothing, I guess she left.” Reggie looked confused, looking out in the hallway. “Sorry, she’s usually behind me so I thought she was still there.”

Veronica shook her head. She really wasn’t ready to meet her greatest competition too. “Y’know what, if I can’t steal you this morning. Maybe a few hours after school?”

“Ron, I—“

“Mantle,” she pouted. “I’m your girlfriend now and contrary to popular belief I actually want to spend time with you. Please? Just a few hours?”

Reggie weighed his chances. “Two hours, after that I’m taking you home.”

Veronica gave out a small ‘yey’ before wrapping her arms around Reggie’s neck and giving him a kiss. “I’ll see you later!” she screamed, which echoed around the hallway.

Reggie laughed. Everything was perfect, right now. He has a bright future, an amazing girlfriend, and even better friends.

God he loved his life.

He had no fucking clue on the storm coming his way.

He turned around to walk towards his first class when he saw Cheryl with her hands crossed and that eerie blank face in the middle of the hallway.

“What?” he asked knowing whatever unpleasant thoughts she was having right now, it was directed towards him. “Mad I got a girlfriend before you got a new boy toy, Cher?” he joked.

Reggie almost missed the small smirk that formed in her otherwise emotionless face. The clack on her heels was the only noise that can be heard in the hallway and as she stopped in front of Reggie he noticed he was already holding his breath.

“I’m gonna warn you only once, Mantle,” she spoke softly, as if holding herself back. “Keep what is dearest to your heart,” she pointed a long red nail in her chest, where his heart was supposed to be, unnecessarily hard. “Close to you.” She looked up at him through her lashes before she crossed her arms again.

“Because if there is one thing you should learn from me it’s that you never knew how, when, and to who you might lose them to.”

And just like that she was gone. Just like Reggie’s certainty.

Everyone’s Got Their Thing (Endless Summer)

Title - Everyone’s Got Their Thing
Choices Creates: Round III
Prompt: Different doesn’t mean wrong.
Pairing - Jake X MC (slight)
Ratings: G
Word Count - 1281
Book: Endless Summer.

Everyone on the Island has their thing- the issue that bothers them the most.

Sean doesn’t like giving up control- He has to lead the team, call the plays. He feels lost if he can’t, because he wants to be the one who takes the fallout if it goes wrong. He needs to be the one. Because in his mind, the only way to protect those he cares about is by putting himself between them and the person causing harm. So when Jake challenges him- and some of the group actually listens to him, he panics. Because if this guy is no good- if he causes trouble, Sean can’t stop people from going down with him.

Jake is older than the rest of the group- a good five years older than most of them. He’s seen things these kids couldn’t imagine, and he looks for the dangers in every shadow. Every time he looks for something, he finds something new that puts him on high alert- something that makes his anxiety drive up through the roof. So he tries not to look, tries to keep his mind in control. He jokes around and makes light of the situation to keep them all feeling calm- because none of them have ever been in a situation like this. None of them realise just how lucky they’ll be if they get of this damn island.

Michelle feels like she’s drowning. Her whole life, she’s known what she wants- a successful marriage, a high profile career and a perfect family. When she met Sean, she saw how easily he fitted in with her plan. And then one night, she had a few too many drinks…And woke up with a guy who wasn’t Sean. She confided in her Sorority sisters, who promised to keep it a secret until she could find a way to tell him. Her Sorority Sisters were more than happy to break the trust- most of them wanted a go at dating the Quarterback- and her life fell apart from there.

Raj hates conflict. Really hates it. So when people start fighting, all he wants to do is stop it- to make everyone happy. His drive to make everyone happy usually keeps him happy- but sometimes, when he’s alone, the dark clouds gather, as if they were collecting in a jar that he opens at the end of the day. Marijuana was the first thing that really calmed him down- that helped him put things in perspective. He sometimes wonders where he’d be now if his housemate hadn’t introduced him to it one night, when the clouds were extra dark.

Zahra no longer wants to make time for people. Because when she gets close to someone, they always leave- whether it’s that they’ve found a new calling, or they’ve started a new relationship. There’s no point getting close, because it always ends with her left in the cold, caring too much about the person driving away forever. She hates people, because you can’t control how they feel. Online, she feels in control- nobody can see her or find her, and she can easily move around without anyone questioning her, or leaving her behind.

Craig: Feels lost. On the one hand, he loves being the football star- the frat parties, the attention, the discipline. But on the other, he wishes he could stay out of that spotlight, and return to being the bookish guy he once was. Because through all of his college life, there was one thing he regretted losing most- Zahra. She was his best friend, someone who understood him. Craig loves Sean, but the Quarterback doesn’t really know how Craig’s mind works. Nobody knows that his over confidence is how he covers the social anxiety that he’s suffered since kindergarten. He knows who everyone thinks he is- but has no clue who he wants to be.

Diego knows who he is. But the idea of just coming out and being that person is a terrifying one. His friends know he’s gay. His siblings know too- but his parents, his grandparents… none of them know. He wants to share it with them, but he doesn’t want to lose them. Every breath around them feels dangerous, and he’s afraid one day he’ll just shout it out. This, combined with being the person who’s always forgotten, always thought of second makes him wonder who up top he pissed off. He knows he’s a nice guy- even a funny one. But he feels as if he’s the one always half in the picture, the last one added to the event. All he wants is for someone to just think of him first.

Quinn feels like every breath is her last. She also feels like every breath is her first. It’s stressful, feeling as if you’re just beginning your life while it comes to an end. She wants to see everything- do everything. She’s missed out on so much, that she feels like a kid at Christmas…. Every new opportunity is exciting. She falls in and out of love quickly, fluidly- wanting to find someone to love her back, but too afraid to let someone truly love her, so close to the end.

Grace knows what she wants, but when she’s put on the spot- or given a chance to overthink- she backpedals, doubting. She hates that about herself. So she works harder than ever to ensure the end result is clear- to make sure that her goals are met. But even so, it never feels like enough. It’s stressful, and it makes her feel edgy. She tries to discuss it with her mom- but her mom never seems to have the time. So her stress builds, until it bursts out violently. She’s a timid girl- but when a breakdown hits, she can pack a punch- do things a little crazy. It’s a cry for help mostly- but instead of hearing it, her mom just dusts her off, and sends her on her way until it happens again. And Grace fears that once day, she’ll hurt someone other than herself.

Aleister equally hates himself and his father. Call it Daddy issues if you will- because that’s what it is. He’s craved his father’s attention, his father’s love… only to watch all of it poured into the Island itself. Over the years he’s taken up chess, piano, pottery, agriculture. All things his father loved- but not when his son was involved. Aleister wonders if it’s because he’s too much like his mother, and not as strong as his father. So every moment of every day, as his hate grows- so does his yearning for the fatherly praise he’s never received.

Estela wishes La Huerta never existed. Maybe if he didn’t, she would have had a normal life. She loved her mom dearly, but when she thinks about it she never really knew her. The Island stole her chance to be a regular kid- Rourke stole her chance to be a regular person. She’s different to the others- the hug easily, fall in love… She’s watched as the Pilot seemed to forget where he was, he was so enraptured by you. She doesn’t get it- how people can so easily be manipulated by their feelings…by their desires. She’s seen sex and flirting used to destroy people, and it makes her nervous that there are people who can do that so easily.

You feel like you’ve always been a little different. You not sure what makes you feel that way- you just do. You know that different doesn’t mean wrong- but you feel wrong. So, when you find yourself on La Huerta, surrounded by so many different people…You have to admit that for the first time in your life, you feel almost normal.


19.2 Sexual Tension (Trixya) ~Mistress

A/N: This fic is a damn mess but what the fuck, it’s my therapeutic and fun mess. Like before, don’t have to have read the whole fic to understand, here’s a link to 19.1 because I’m awful. At the end of that chapter is a guide to finding your way through the rest of the fic. 4.8k.

And to the motherfucking 30 folks who read the first part of the chapter. Y’all rule.

Summary: Trixie and Katya wake up intimately snuggled. They try to make it not weird, but things get complicated real fast.

(Feat. a lit fireplace, sexual tension, Stranger Things and the phrase “How committed are you to monogamy?”)

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“I’m in the process of making my Teendr profile. What do you guys think of my perfect slogan. Hook ups only. Girls only. Please do not message me if you are: straight edge, religious, a fat chick, or a former fat chick.”

Mafia/Hitman AU

Inspired by this (x) 

AO3 here (x)

The Russian Skater. That’s his professional title. It would be on a business card if that’s the kind of thing a clean cut, law abiding business man would go for, but that’s not usually his customer demographic. Victor considers what he does an art and beauty plays an important role in the execution but more likely than not, the moniker is founded on his love for sharp blades and his demeanor of ice.

If you did a little extra digging though, those who knew Victor well enough called him Goldilocks. Partly because he had a knack for walking into a metaphorical bears den, messing about their property and somehow end up hopping out a window unscathed. Partly because his favourite switchblade is gold plated (because he’s just THAT Extra). Plus for the irony since, well… his hair.

Don’t let the cute nicknames fool you; he is an intelligence agent, a rogue spy, a mafia asset, an assassin, a business man, A Professional in every sense of the word. Call it what you want, the fact was: no one in the world is as good as he is. When you hire Victor Nikiforov, anything in existence can be yours… for a price.

With no family, no friends (friendly professional associates aside) and no relationships to speak of, Victor was untouchable. The closest to companionship was his guard dog, which isn’t exactly an easy target. Victor had no pesky emotional weak spots for enemies to prey on, and certainly none in technical skill. He had the perfect profile to be the best at what he does, and he undoubtedly was.  

His long time affiliation with Yakov, a stoic old man rumoured to be ex intelligence for Russia’s defence sector gone AWOL, provided a steady stream of high profile jobs thanks to a list of former contacts. The payoff had proved to be very rewarding indeed but the thrill dwindled with each successful mission. The first big job had Victor riding an adrenaline rush for two days straight, the second was like chasing a first time high. Then the third and fourth, well you know how that works. At the rate things were going, Victor was looking at retirement at the end of the year.  

That is, until Yakov presented Victor with the most lucrative task to date: Intel on a Japanese hot springs, potentially sitting on billions of dollars in the form of an untapped diamond mine. His client needs any dirt available that could legally shut the place down, of course illegally obtaining the deeds to the land could also work, the pay is the same either way.

Yakov gives him a briefing; Victor’s main target was the son of the family, a fresh faced 23 year old named Yuuri Katsuki. Their first meeting was to be a banquet dinner in Sochi for small time business owners looking to network internationally. The Katsuki family has been under a lot of pressure to sell their hot springs and must be looking for some powerful partnerships. This is where Victor comes in, a wolf in human clothing, the only thing left was to decide on was the costume. Victor spends some time debating on which angle he should play. Father figure? Older Brother? Best friend? But then he hears through some grapevine gossip that Yuuri Katsuki is inexperienced in love and a sucker for pretty boys, ah perfect.

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anonymous asked:

alright!! so i noticed you keep talking about the monster in 40(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/c9011b944cba3da67737ce42240ef5f6/tumblr_inline_o0cb54dGAW1qda68o_500(.)png being asgore! but unless asgore grew back/replaced a horn, it can't be. look at the horn sticking out from behind his head; it's ragged at the end and short, suggesting that it's broken off. this is probably not asgore, but another boss monster!

(undertale spoilers)

The image in question is the following.

Bear in mind that the sprites and sepia art are not always exact matches. For example, Chara’s sepia art has prominent bangs that the sprite lacks. Even the game’s overworld sprites and battle/dialogue sprites have inconsistencies. This is the case for all monsters, not just Asgore.

The front-facing sprites look similar, but the side-facing overworld sprite doesn’t make sense when compared to the other two. On the other hand, the horn from the sepia art is the exact same as the horn from his sprite portrait – the angle is just wrong.

Furthermore, it is assumed that this boss monster is the king of the monsters, given how this monster is standing in front of the others and wearing what appears to be a crown. (This crown is probably what you saw as the “broken horn”. Because his head is in perfect profile, the second horn should be obscured by the first horn.)

To prove this is Asgore, there needs to be in-game evidence that he was the king since the war. Luckily, there is such evidence – and it is tied to Asgore’s (lousy) naming skills.

When the monsters were first trapped behind the barrier, it was the king who named “Home” after the monster’s reached the cavern’s end.

Bookcase | Home | Neutral Route

It’s a history book. Here’s a random page…
Trapped behind the barrier and fearful of further human attacks, we retreated.
Far, far into the earth we walked, until we reached the cavern’s end.
This was our new home, which we named…
As great as our king is, he is pretty lousy at names.

The lousy naming continues in “New Home”.

Bookcase | New Home | Neutral Route

Fearing the humans no longer, we moved out of our old city, HOME.
We braved harsh cold, damp swampland, and searing heat…
Until we reached what we now call our capital.
Again, our King is really bad at names…?

How can we be certain that this king is Asgore? By talking to one of the oldest monsters in the Underground, Gerson.

Gerson | Neutral Route

That’s the Delta Rune, the emblem of our kingdom. The Kingdom…
…of Monsters.
Wahaha! Great name, huh? It’s as I always say…
Ol’ King Fluffybuns can’t name for beans!

Gerson confirms that the king who has a bad sense for naming is Asgore. This makes Asgore the king who named both Home and New Home. Thus, he was the king when the monsters were first trapped. 

If there is any doubt of Gerson’s credibility, keep in mind that he has lived for a long time, even during the war.

Undyne via Phone Call | Outside Gerson’s Store | Neutral Route

That’s the store of Gerson, the Hammer of Justice!
The toughest monster that ever lived…!
He fought in the war between humans and monsters…
And he survived! He’s a real hero!

Additionally, Gerson and Asgore made an important decision, presumably soon after being trapped underground.

Gerson | Genocide Route

Long ago, ASGORE and I agreed that escaping would be pointless…
Since once we left, humans would just kill us.
I felt a little betrayed when he eventually changed his mind.
But now, I think… Maybe he was right to.
‘Cause after all, even though we never escaped…
A human’s killing us anyway, ain’t that right?

Also, a reminder: Asgore would still look the same because he is a boss monster. He will only age if he has a child, meaning he could technically live forever.

Gerson | Pacifist Route End

Oh. Right. ASGORE.
He’s a real interesting type of monster. The strongest type of all.
We call ‘em Boss Monsters.
When they have an offspring, the SOUL power of the parents flows into the child…
Causing the child to grow as the parents age.
But ASGORE doesn’t have a child. So he’s been stuck at the same age… And probably will be forever.

Given all this information, it’s safe to conclude that Asgore was the king during the war against humans.

Lookie what the official Pitch Perfect Movie Instagram profile just re-posted! A certain someone’s ginger hair as well as her BECHLOE caption. Is this a hint? Who knows? But let’s not forget what they posted a few months ago in relation to BHLOE, which UNIVERSAL REPOSTED.


You and I..

maybe, just maybe..

we could be something..

It could be so easy..

Just one kiss..


(x) animated version c:

Snapshots of a friendship

During a panel, a private moment, one among dozens.

Dean telling something to Aidan, who beams back, listening with glee.

Matching outfits, matching hairstyles and beards, matching spirits, probably.

Dean talking with his hands, Aidan megawatt smiling. What makes this screencap special is the almost perfect profile position: it could be a painting, it is just real life.

After so many years, though, I cannot help wondering if that special bond is still alive. I hope it is. For them. For me.