what a perfect profile


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Imagine Gregorio profiles the reader’s perfect match (or ideal romantic partner) and you spend an enduringly long stakeout with Pride trying to prove it to yourself that she’s totally wrong about it. Unable to do so, you *may* have taken out your frustrations on the poor suspect you were sent to apprehend. 

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Pride was definitely not your perfect match, no matter what Gregorio said. So what if she profiled the two of you? She’s not always right. Sure, Pride was compassionate and smart and kind and brave. All very great qualities, but those are qualities everybody wants in their partner. Doesn’t mean anything.

And yet, every time Pride tried to strike up a conversation to pass the time, a bit of panic flutters in your chest. For some reason, the sound of his voice was different today. It was nice just to hear it. And his smile made you want to smile, as well.

You blamed this whole situation on Gregorio. If she hadn’t put these thoughts in your head, you wouldn’t be sitting here with Pride, feeling awkward and flustered. Because you’ve never felt like that around him before. It was always so easy to be in his company. So easy to talk and laugh and just be.

And then you realized that maybe Gregorio was right. You didn’t know whether to be more frustrated or relieved.

Lookie what the official Pitch Perfect Movie Instagram profile just re-posted! A certain someone’s ginger hair as well as her BECHLOE caption. Is this a hint? Who knows? But let’s not forget what they posted a few months ago in relation to BHLOE, which UNIVERSAL REPOSTED.


You and I..

maybe, just maybe..

we could be something..

It could be so easy..

Just one kiss..


(x) animated version c:

Snapshots of a friendship

During a panel, a private moment, one among dozens.

Dean telling something to Aidan, who beams back, listening with glee.

Matching outfits, matching hairstyles and beards, matching spirits, probably.

Dean talking with his hands, Aidan megawatt smiling. What makes this screencap special is the almost perfect profile position: it could be a painting, it is just real life.

After so many years, though, I cannot help wondering if that special bond is still alive. I hope it is. For them. For me.