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You acted like the bad guy in front of her, but I know you’re hurt inside. I was aiming for that.

Isn’t Killian Jones just like… the best tho.


Yvonne Strahovski arrives at the Red Carpet for the Rockie Awards Gala Cermemony during the 2017 Banff Media Festival at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel on June 13, 2017.

Okay but recently married Alexander and Aaron house hunting for the first time

It would be a complete disaster

Chubby Girl

| Request: “Can you do an imagine about a chubby!reader who’s insecure and Dan comforts her?” |

| Warnings: Body insecurities. |


I stood in front of a mirror, in nothing but my bra and panties.

Staring at myself.

I wasn’t thin, like all the pretty models, I was chubby, I was thick, and I hated it.

I grabbed the fat around my middle, disgusted by my own body, ashamed that people saw me this way.

I guess Dan snuck in, and he walked behind me, wrapping his arms around me and resting his chin on my shoulder. “Hey baby. What are you doing?” He questioned.

Honestly, I didn’t want to answer. “Wallowing in my own self pity.” Just seemed like an asshole response.

But he could tell I was upset, he could always tell when I was upset.

“What’s wrong? Please tell me.” I could see his face in the mirror. He looked sad and worried.

We stood in silence, as I contemplate what to say, and how to say it.

“I’m fat, and I’m ugly, and I’m gross.” I finally blurted out.

Dan’s face contorted into confusion, he stared at the reflection of my body on the mirror, which only made me feel more self conscious. I awkwardly shuffled, trying to cover myself. I guess Dan got the message.

“Hey, no, look at yourself, you’re beautiful, no you aren’t skinny but that doesn’t matter, your self worth is not determined by how much you weigh or what you look like. But personally, I think you’re perfect.”

I started crying, and for the first time in awhile I smiled. Dan kissed both of my shoulders, before turning me around and kissing my lips, my neck, my breasts, my stomach, and my thighs.

“I love you.” We mumbled in synchronicity.

He made me feel like I was worth something, like I was pretty, like I was sexy.

Because I was.


Ranking the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games (includes some ranting)

Note: This is just my personal opinion. It might not be what you’re expecting, so…please don’t hurt me.

From greatest to least.

1. Gates to Infinity and Super Mystery Dungeon

I know what you’re all gonna say: “Whaaa?? But why is GTI tied with PSMD?? It’s easily the worst of the series! Many people sent it back shortly after they bought it, because the pacing was slow! There aren’t enough starters, it’s way too easy, there isn’t enough content, the story is too simple and childish, and the music is mediocre too! PSMD easily fixes these problems, but it’s still inferior to PMD2...”

Well I’m sorry you sad strange little fanboys and girls, but I love Gates to Infinity. You have a few points on its problems, but you obviously never gave the game a full chance.

Yes, the pacing can get irritating, and there are too few starters, but the story is nowhere near bad. Sure it is more simple then previous entries, and has a few more childish elements, but being more simple isn’t a bad thing, and there are a lot more deeper things going on that simple minded gamers or nostalgia blinded fans haven’t noticed. There is death in this game, *points to the dead humans referenced in the game, and the fact Kyurem killed the Voice of Life’s physical form, and almost crushed the hero to death.* of course the translators did their best to hide this as usual, and the conversations and attitudes of the characters have many parallels to our own world. It’s actually quite scary when you look into it…

Speaking of characters, to me Gates to Infinity has the best characters in the entire series. Sure there’s fewer then usual, but this might be a good thing because there’s more focus. The characters each get their own ark and development, and I felt closer to them because of this. Yes, Super Mystery Dungeon has great characters too, but there was a little too many of them and they didn’t get as much focus. Besides the partner, who is easily the best partner out of the series so far, I didn’t care as much for them. 

I’m not saying Super Mystery Dungeon is bad, why else is it tied with Gates to Infinity as my favorite PMD game? It does a lot of things better: the stakes are higher, Dark Matter is better then the Bittercold, the ending is more heartbreaking, and it easily has one of the best final battle tracks in any game EVER. But it still has its downsides, and in those few parts where the game fails, Gates to Infinity exceeds.

I should mention Munna and Nuzleaf. To me, Munna is the better of the two because her and her gang willingly fought to protect the Bittercold, and were fully prepared to disappear when the world came to an end. Remember that Munna did this all willingly, and compare it to Nuzleaf, the Beheeyem, and Yveltal, who were really just mindless drones to Dark Matter, being used against their own will…Sorry but Munna and her motivations win to me.

Oh, and GTI’s soundtrack is nowhere near mediocre. I listen to it and PSMD’s soundtrack more then the rest of the series. Seriously, take off your PMD1 and 2 nostalgia goggles, and look up a few tracks on Youtube.

2. Rescue Team

Now comparing it with the other entries, Rescue Team is easily the weakest of the bunch. None of this means it’s bad, though, so please put down your pitch forks!

I’ll admit, I think the characters are nothing special, the game itself is kind of short (unless you try play the epilogue, which is a gigantic chore to get through if you want to finish what’s left of the story), and it has the most bland partner in the whole series, but what really sticks out for me is the story.

I like how there’s no real villain (Yes, Gengar is an antagonist but I see him more as the asshole bully of the game like Pancham and Shelmet in PSMD, and Team Skull in PMD2.), and how nature and natural disasters wreaking havoc across the world is what’s making everyone’s lives miserable. Plus, I love how the Legend of Ninetales plays into the story, and how the hero has a role to fulfill. Yes, it’s to destroy a meteor before it wipes out the world which is honestly quite lame, but at least the hero had a reason to be there.

That’s why I like Rescue Team and Gates to Infinity more then PMD2, the hero actually had a purpose and a reason to be human once. Yes the “you were sent here for a reason” thing, can be seen as cheesy to most, but who cares I like it in these games. And lets be honest, there’s no real reason why the hero used to be human in PMD2 and PSMD. They used to be human…because.

I know what you’re gonna say: “But what about the Luminous Water in PSMD?? Only a human could break the barriers protecting it, right??” Well yes, but that’s just coincidence to me. Other that one bit, the hero had no reason to be human.

3. Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky

Oh yes, I can hear all of you fans screaming in rage and preparing to riot at my door for putting Explorers dead last, but please hear me out.

I think PMD2 is a fantastic beautiful game, and is definitely one of the stronger entries in the series, but at the same time I think it’s overrated. Why? The answer is simple: Gates to Infinity.

Ever since GTI’s release, almost everyone hated it, and compared it to Explorers non-stop as if Explorers was the most perfect thing in the world. Now whenever I look up anything Mystery Dungeon related, be it Rescue Team, GTI, or PSMD, I always see comments like this:

“Yeah, this part’s sad, but PMD2 is even more sad”
“PMD2 did this so much better!”
“This is the final battle theme? Pfft, PMD2’s was better and more memorable!”
“PMD2 is darker!”
“PMD2 has Grovyle!”
“PMD2 is the best game ever, hands down!”
“It has the best characters!”
“PMD2 had more content and is much longer!”
“This is so much better then GTI, that game was a load of crap!”

and etc…

Believe me, these comments are EVERYWHERE, and it’s REALLY annoying!

I said PMD2 is an excellent game, and I’ve played it countless times believe me, but it’s not the most perfect game in the world like everyone makes it out to be. It’s full of problems too.

Let’s see…Darkrai pretty much comes out of nowhere and is suddenly the main villain of the whole thing. There really wasn’t any huge build up to this, it just comes out of nowhere. This is a bit of a nitpick, though, since I think Darkrai is a good antagonist, and I love the theory that he was being controlled by Dark Matter the whole time.

Anyway, back to rambling, other then a few members, those being Corphish, Bidoof, Chimecho, and maybe Loudred, I didn’t care much at all for Wigglytuff’s Guild. Sunflora was extremely annoying, how she got her own Special Episode is beyond me, and Chatot…I’ll be honest, I hate him. He’s always against you and the partner ever since the stupid Perfect Apple incident, and would rather trust Dusknoir and Team Skull almost without reason. Yes, he admits he believed you all along, but I don’t buy it, and he almost dies protecting you, but I honestly didn’t care.

Speaking of the partner, if you look a little closely at the dialogue he/she is actually pretty selfish and self-centered. Now, I don’t mind this too much because I love the partner in any PMD game no matter what, and no one can be absolutely perfect in personality, but it’s baffling looking back at this…

Grovyle…when I first played Explorers, I loved his character. So much that whenever I replayed the game, I refused to be any other Pokemon besides Treecko. Years later, I still like him, but not as much as I used too, mainly because of the countless fangirls overrating him and Celebi so much. I absolutely DESPISE Celebi. She’s annoying, and would get into trouble just for Grovyle to come in to save her, so they can have a romantic moment. URRRGHH….

I’ll be honest, I like Hydreigon and even Dusknoir more then Grovyle-Please don’t kill me raging fangirls! I know most of you hate Dusknoir for almost killing your dear Grovyle!

Now, why do I like Dusknoir more? Well, not only is he one of my favorite Pokemon, but I understood his motivations. He did all of those dire things because he was scared of being erased from existence, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t be?

As for Hydreigon, well not only was he actually an entity in Pokemon form, but he was more fun to be around. He looked intimidating, but he’s really polite and kind. He can be serious, and then blissfully hilarious all at the right moments, and I felt closer to him because of this. Let’s be honest everyone, Grovyle, despite being a badass, was a bit too serious and not that fun to be around with…aw crap I just quoted Celebi.

I can go on, but I don’t want to risk any outraged fans pouncing on me, and shouting nasty insults all because I have a different opinion. So I hope you enjoyed this pointless rant that no one will probably listen too. 

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Could I get a tattoo artist/florist au with Tattoo Artist!Asahi? Maybe the reader comes by with flowers to thank him for the tattoo he did on her and he just gets so flustered and happy? ;u;

Admin Emma might have gotten a bit carried away on this… and whoops, accidental AsaDai (My Most Legendary of Rare Pairs). Please request more of this; this is literally all I want to write. 
~Admin Emma

With the custom stained-glass windows installed, your little flower shop was finally complete, and you’d never been happier. The sun cast glittering patterns in soft, pastel colors, warming your shop with its light and heat. With the soft, acoustic music you had playing in the background, you hoped it had an inviting atmosphere. People came to buy flowers for a reason, and you wanted to make the process as painless as possible. You wanted to accommodate every type of emotion, from grief to exuberance to jittery excitement; all were welcome. At least, that was the vibe you were going for. You’d settled in a young, hip part of town; you had an open door policy. Everything was going according to plan. You loved it there.

On a particularly blase Monday afternoon, you were sitting at the counter, doing your books. It was a slow period, and your coffee steamed merrily away while you filled out orders and input receipts. Suddenly, heavy footfalls echoed through your store, disappearing among the potted orchids. You set your pen down, wiping your hands on your apron out of habit, prepare to greet your new customer.

You opened your mouth to welcome him, but your breath caught in your throat; he was fucking gorgeous–tall and solidly built, with well defined, muscles, a narrow waist, and thick arms and legs. His face was chiseled, adorned with the perfect amount of scruff, and his long, brown hair was tied in a messy knot at the back of his head. His battered jeans and fitted black t-shirt definitely worked for him, and the leather wrist cuff and leather cord on his neck made you a little bit weak… but what really drew your attention were the tattoos.

Dozens of colorful pieces of art ran up and down his arms, disappearing into the sleeves of his shirt. You couldn’t even follow them all, there were so many–from the geometric patterns on his forearms, to the star on the webbing between his thumb and forefinger to the watercolor rose on the inside of his upper arm–they were gorgeous. You’d never seen so many. You were vaguely aware that you were ogling, but you didn’t really have to worry about it, because his whiskey-brown eyes were trained on a gorgeous, vivid blue orchid. His gaze was sharp with concentration, like he was analyzing it petal by petal.

You cleared your throat because dammit, you were a professional! And he was a customer and you would greet him like a normal fucking person!

“Hello,” you squeaked (just a little). “Um… welcome! Is there something I can help with?”

“Hmm?” Tattooed-hot-guy turned towards you (oh, fuck, his face was cute too–carved by the Gods, this one) and flashed you the sweetest, most genuine smile–the type of smile that made your stomach drop somewhere in the vicinity of your feet. You felt like you were falling. “Oh, sorry, no. I’m just looking.”

“Looking for something in particular?” You straightened your shirt–it probably didn’t need it, but you were at a loss for what to do with your hands.

“Um, it’s sort of…ah,” he stuttered, rubbing at the back of his neck with his large hand (and oh no, he was shy too? This didn’t bode well for your self-control) before his attention flickered back to the orchids. “I’m looking for inspiration, if that makes sense.”

“Ah,” you chuckled dryly. You swallowed–when had the air gotten so warm and dry? “Trying to impress your muse?”

“Not necessarily,” tattoo guy replied. “I own the little shop down the street–Ink Black Studios? I’ve been looking to like… I don’t know, do some organic sketches? Flowers seemed a good place to start.”

“And the orchid spoke to you?” You tilted your head, watching the gears work behind his eyes. You always loved artists, and this was why–watching the way they thought and saw the world and processed it… it fascinated you.

“Sort of,” he said. “I was actually looking for stuff with more volume? I love chrysanthemums and hydrangeas–as far as drawing is concerned, anyway. They’re gorgeous, and I love the fullness and the texture. But the colors on this one… do these even occur in nature?”

“Orchids come in so many colors,” you responded. “They’re tropical, which means they’re a little tricky to care for, but they can occur in a truly baffling variation of colors. I’ve seen blood red ones, pink ones, bright orange… you name it!”

“Well, they’re really beautiful,” he said. He fished in his messenger bag, pulling out a small sketch book about the size of a tablet. “You mind if I sketch for a bit?”

“I don’t mind at all,” you replied with a grin. Any excuse to spend more time with him, yeah? “Just let me know if you need help.”


His name was Azumane Asahi. He was a tattoo artist and piercer, the owner of a small studio down the road from you. He owned the place with two friends from high school. He was also an amazing artist. He had this way of capturing life, movement, and the perfect imperfections of organic material. He had been kind enough to let you flip through his sketchbook, and you’d been so impressed by his work. A sketch of a pair of delicate, demurely-folded, tattooed hands had nearly taken your breath away, and the portrait of a broad man with squared features and a warm smile was so loving in its small details, you had to wonder if this was Asahi’s significant other. A man that beautiful–that sexy–couldn’t possibly be single.

But the potential status of Asahi wasn’t the reason you were spending your off day bringing a voluminous bouquet of brightly-colored carnations–your personal underrated favorite flower, no matter what anyone said–to Ink Black Studios. You’d considered a tattoo for a long time, and you finally had an idea of what you wanted, and Asahi seemed the perfect person for what you were looking for.

You weren’t sure what you expected with Ink Black, but it certainly wasn’t what you got. The sign above the door depicted a blackbird in flight, with ‘Ink Black’ in big, bold English lettering with the corresponding kanji underneath. You could hear music drifting out from the open door, and from what you could see through the tall windows, the shop was empty, but it was also brightly lit, warm and welcoming. There were three stations set up along the back wall: one was meticulously organized and clean–almost Spartan in its minimalist nature, with everything in its proper place; one was organized chaos, with art, inspiration, and sundry doo-dads pinned on the walls; one was what one would expect from an artist’s table, with a sketch table and various tools and implements in their own cubbies. Instead of swatches and samples of tattoos on the walls, like you’d seen in other places, there were gorgeous watercolor paintings and evocative photographs. The place smelled like a combination of disinfectant (a comforting smell, considering what they were dealing with) and warm spice.

Gathered around a glass counter filled with neatly-arranged displays of body jewelry were three unbelievable attractive men in their mid-twenties. Asahi you recognized, and you couldn’t help but notice that he’d forgone his normal t-shirt or soft sweater–his normal aesthetic–for a racerback tank top and dark jeans. You were treated to even more of Asahi’s tattoos, from the three crows over his heart, to the sanskrit under his collarbone, to the fox that extended from the base of his neck over the back of his shoulder.

The guy behind the counter was slim and pretty, with a killer smile. From what you could see of his arms, they were literally covered in a floral tattoo sleeve. Not a single inch of naked skin was visible from his wrists to his shoulders, and the semi-transparent material of his pastel blue t-shirt exposed even more of them over his left side. They matched his snake-bite piercings and the small star tattoo under his right eye (to correspond with the beauty mark under his left eye); his thick, wavy ashen hair was styled in a trendy undercut, and he looked every inch the effortless-rock-star most people strived for, but never achieved.

The other guy was solidly built, a little shorter than Asahi, and square-featured–you recognized him from the sketch in Asahi’s sketchbook. His hair was a conservative, short style, but the classic Boy Next Door look was slightly besmirched by the gauged plugs in his ears, the crow tattoo on his neck, the dragon on his upper arm (revealed by the rolled sleeves of his fitted black t-shirt), and the two names on his arm–Sora and Kaiyo. He was leaning heavily on Asahi, and his warm brown eyes caught yours with interest.

Asahi glanced up from the sketch he was working on, shooting you a shy grin; “____! This is… a surprise. What brings you here?”

You shuffled your feet, careful not to drop the vase you were carrying; “I brought you these. You’re always keeping me company, so I figured given that I’m closed today, I’d stop by and say hi. Are these the other artists you were telling me about?”

The one with the floral sleeves shot you a wide grin; “I’m Suga, and this is Daichi. We co-own Black Ink with Asahi. Are those carnations?”

Suga pointed to the vase in your hands and you started a bit; “Hm? Oh, right! Yes! I just figured… if it was ok… Asahi said he liked flowers with texture and volume, so I figured I’d bring them over. They’re low pollen and will last a couple weeks if you keep the water fresh.”

“They’re really pretty, ____. Thanks,” Asahi said sincerely. His smile was so wide and bright, and he had such a precious blush on his face, that it took your breath away. “I’ll put them at my station. I was hoping to get some sketches in today, but… well, you weren’t in. I didn’t realize you closed on Mondays.”

“I don’t get a lot of traffic, so until I get my feet under me, I figured it’s probably not worth turning the lights on,” you replied. “I still stop by to water the plants and stuff, though, so… umm… let me know if you ever want to stop by on a Monday. I can make an exception for you.”

“Ah,” Asahi chuckled shyly, scratching at the back of his neck. It was such an adorable gesture for someone so… large. And sexy. “Well, I appreciate it, but you don’t have to make exceptions for me.”

“What if I want to?” You regretted the words the instant they left your mouth, especially when you got a knowing smirk from Daichi. Asahi’s blush crept up the back of his neck, but he still looked so happy. His warm brown eyes sparkled when he looked at you, and his smile was so wide and sincere it made your stomach drop with exhilration. “To be honest, I’m not here just to deliver flowers and say hi.”


“Yes. I’m… I’m looking to hire you. I’d like you to give me my first tattoo, Asahi.”


He watched you walk out of the store that afternoon with an appointment and a concept sketch that he would finetune over the course of the day. Next Monday… next Monday he would have you at his station, laying back under his hands, totally trusting him to put his art on your body. To be honest, the feeling made butterflies the size of condors flutter in his stomach, and he couldn’t hide his goofy grin when he gazed at the flowers you’d brought. He’d thought you were a beautiful person when he’d seen you in the flower shop the first time, and he’d kept going back. Over and over, he would go back, because he wanted you… but that was only if you were willing to share…

As if on cue, Daichi’s chin dropped heavily on his shoulder, pressing a chaste kiss to the sun kanji under Asahi’s ear.

“____ was cute,” Daichi stated frankly, his deep voice like a balm on Asahi’s nerves. “What do you think?”

“Daichi, you know I love you, right?” Asahi said softly, leaning gently into Daichi’s affectionate touch.

“Of course. And I told you, I’m cool with a third if you are. And like I said, I like ____. They seem cool, and I want to get to know them.”

“You’re sure?” Asahi turned towards Daichi, reassured by his gentle smile and the tight squeeze around his middle. “Alright then… we’ll bring it up when they come in on Monday.”

Daichi buried his face in Asahi’s hair while he set to work on your tattoo. He was so excited, he was even able to ignore Suga’s over-exaggerated gagging noises at their clear show of affection.

Asahi suddenly couldn’t wait for a week to pass.

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Do you have any advice for job interviews? I had a bad experience ( long story) and I tried to practice the common questions that may come up. The jobs I normally apply to are only part time positions like cashier.

Confidence is key. Make eye contact, smile … know how to shake someone’s hand while looking in the eyes and smiling … Don’t slouch. Even if you can’t answer a question, don’t say, “Uhm.” Just pause, take the time to think and then speak. 

No one is looking for a perfect candidate. What they’re looking for is the right person for the job—and the right person to work with. Although your resume and professional experience are important, your personality is more important than you might think. Come across as personable and professional, no matter what … and dress the part!

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I love Harry more then anything in life and I just want to say we are all so blessed to be living at the same time as him prospering. Like he's truly the perfect guy, like what other guy has the personality, looks, and talent as Harry, we are so blessed. Okay that's all.

We really and truly are incredibly blessed to be born in the same era as THE Harry Styles; the living legend. xx

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All the questions for the late at night questions pls! 😁😁

cosmos: what’s one thing you wish you could say to someone you are no longer friends with?

ha, goodbye fucker lmaoo
galaxies: what are three things you want to do before you die?

meet a lot, if not majority, of my friends from online, get to the point where people recognise my cosplays and get excited about them, annnnd idk own an otter
waxing: what is your proudest accomplishment?

being the number one google search for mr pigeon cosplay
waning: what is your biggest regret?

letting myself be taken advantage of
full moon: what type of person do you hope to be?

one that can make people happy, even if it means sacrificing my own happiness. all i want is my friends to be happy
contemplation: if you could wake up one morning and everything in your life was perfect, what would that look like?

waking up next to the person i love and an otter, and being able to hang out with my best friends every day
night light: who/what makes you feel safe?

my blanket tbh
ponder: what do you want to do with your life?

die lmao nah uhm become a cosmetologist and an embalmer
sunset: who is someone you thought would be in your life forever, but you no longer talk to?

my ex boyfriend lmaoo. he dropped me, and tbh, im glad he did
midnight: are you a different person late at night than in the early morning?

definitely, im a lot more active at night
candle light: are you an indecisive person?

reflection: have you ever changed something you liked about yourself to satisfy someone else?

i think so, but tbh, i can’t remember
sweet dreams: are you happy?

generally, yes
nightmare: what are you most afraid of?

my friends leaving/abandoning me
constellations: who is someone you could talk to for hours and never stop?

@sugamama-koushi @sunset-serenades
reminder: who is someone you will never forget?

my dear friend elliot <3 i miss him so much
11-11: what’s something you want, but feel like you will never have?

bottom surgery
shooting star: who is someone you trust to help you make the right decisions?

earth: where do you feel most at home?

with my friends
soothe: what’s one thing that always makes you feel better when you’re upset?

memes i think? and otters
slumber: what’s one thing that helps you fall asleep when it feels impossible?

stuffed animals and music box playlists

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As a Jin stan since debut, I have to agree with you 100%. Though can I also say that I'd love to see him acting in something. I know I should be happy for Taehyung with Hwarang, though a part of me was always wondering when Jin, who is studying acting, might get the chance. I don't know... I just feel so bad for him, and even worse that I can't give him roles or compose songs for him.

Hi my love!

AHHHHHH I AGREE! I’m waiting for the day I get to see him act after all, it IS what he majored in & his personality and looks itself are perfect for any character in a drama tbh. What I’d also really like if he had some mini acting roles in their future mvs if they ever decide to have one of those long mvs in which there’s like a storyline for a minute or two minutes & then it goes into the song. I just really want to see him get the opportunity to showcase what he learnt and change his character because truthfully, it would be MIND BLOWING to see our sweet, humble, funny Jin turn into a whole different character on screen. Do you remember that interview when he was asked to cry on spot & he did it in less than a minute? I would love to see that again as well if he played a super emotional character.

If there’s one thing I really loved about Jin though was that he was so SUPPORTIVE of Taehyung when he was acting in Hwarang & I loved that. Jin is such a heart-warming person like that because both Taehyung & him had said in some interview that they had wanted to try acting during that year & when Taehyung got the opportunity, Jin was so supportive of him & I’m glad. 

TBH I do too. He has such great potential & I hope that he gets to make his acting debut soon. I’m crossing my fingers that he gets to act, even if its a small role in the near future. I agree, anon. It makes me feel helpless sometimes knowing that international fans can’t have such a major impact on his position in comparison to Korean fans. But Korean fans too also don’t have such a huge effect even if they do live in the country (it’s kinda like saying that LA fans have a huge influence in what happens with Beyonce or other artists). But, if there IS one thing we can do is use social media as a key to promote him. I have hashtags translated to Hangul that say #GiveJinMoreLines & #WeWantSeokjinnie. Hopefully during one week in august we can have that trending worldwide to get it noticed. In addition, I also have a petition up & running so hopefully, we can get this issue some attention because I really want him to be treated fairly like the other vocalists in the group. 

Shadowhunters 2x16 Reaction/Review


Fan Reaction 

This episode was my favorite episode, yet! And, it can only get better from here! This episode finally captured the feel of the books. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Idris looked so awesome! 


  • OF COURSE, CLACE! I felt that the interactions between Clary and Jace, in this episode, finally captured a seed of their dynamic from the books. From Jace acting all sassy about his own rune powers to Clary worrying about Jace, even when she was losing her mind. Also, Clace fans finally have a cute moment to gush over! (Up top)
  • Sebastian was super scary and unstable, so he’s perfect! Also, I, personally, don’t care what his real form looks like if he acts like Sebastian.
  • Clary and Jace in the awesome Library! (It may be a little small, but at least it exists!)
  • The story finally getting back to Clary’s rune powers! Also, the small details of the portal shards made me really happy!
  • Robert Lightwood confirming my suspicions about the Mortal Sword. I was kind of worried he would say something about the mirror and ruin THAT whole sequence…
  • Jace using his rune powers to help Clary! (The Golden Eyes!)
  • Maia not being annoying, to me, for once. I guess I just don’t like her attitude when she’s around Jace…
  • The end scene with Jace and Clary where they talk about how Jace and Sebastian were opposite ends of the same experiment.
  • Sebastian mentioning his jealousy of Jace when talking to Valentine. That’s a huge part to the future plot!


However, I was confused when Valentine was talking to Sebastian about him being his greatest creation. In the books, he always liked Jace better than Sebastian. Although, he also disliked Jace because he couldn’t control him. Maybe, Valentine feels like he can control Sebastian? 

I’m adding a new section to my reviews, where I dissect the story and how it is crafted. This is because of the promise I made in my “Shadowhunters: From Fandom to Frenzy”

Story Analysis 

I think this episode did well with crafting a story that was intense and flowed. Sometimes, scenes feel like they are thrown in to just give acknowledgment to a certain character. In this episode our main two story lines: Simon”s Family Dinner and the Shadowhunters with Valentine didn’t overlap. However, when the intense “Shadowhunters” side of the story slowed down to the Simon side, it didn’t feel forced, and it felt intentional to create even more dramatic tension towards the Idris plot. Overall, at no time in this episode did I as an audience member feel bored or wonder why I had to watch this. It was greatly crafted and it brought something new to the show. 

I’m also adding a predictions segment to my reviews, so you guys can see if my weekly predictions come true or not. 



This is based off of what happened in episode 2x16, and before. No promos or teasers have influenced this, and I don’t watch them because I like a surprise. 

  1. The whole Soul Sword ordeal might cause a rift between Magnus and Alec.
  2. Now that Sebastian and Valentine can have some father-son time, chaos will ensue. I don’t know if that chaos will be the same as in book three, but I hope so. 
  3. I’m pretty sure that by the end of this season Jace will die. Unless, they prolong the book three story line into season three. However, I’m almost positive that it’ll be Jace dying, and not Clary, because that plot line carries into books four, five, and six. The writers make some mistakes, but that would be a MAJOR one!
  4. Max is gonna die sometime soon…they brought him back for a reason.
  5. The Shadowhunters might be going to Alicante soon! If the plot lines for book three pan out, then they need to be there! Hopefully, Luke will be there too!

Thanks for reading that long review! If you have any suggestions, or you think that it was too long, don’t be afraid to comment. I can always separate these segments into their own posts. 

I’m here to rant a little so bare with me. Lately people have been hating on the cute, innocent Park Jimin and it’s really pissing me off. People only see Jimin as abs and nothing else. And now they’re all upset that he doesn’t have any so they’re complaining. NAH UH BUDDY. Jimin is extreme insecure and this child deserves none of this. Girls may have “high standards” to live up to, but do people realise that guys have this too? Now I’m not just talking about Jimin I’m talking about guys in general. To be attractive nowadays for guys you have a six pack and big biceps. People don’t get that shit overnight! So yeah we girls have a tough time too but do the males. NOW back to Jimin. He is such a kind, adorable, giggly guy yet people only see him for his abs. OH I DONT THINK SO
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day/night!!~~