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“Platonic” Bed-sharing: A Snowbaz Fic

In which there is much Snowbaz fluff. 

Disclaimer: All characters and locations belong to Rainbow Rowell!

“Snow. No”

“Snow yes!”

Simon Snow is a complete nitwit. Baz thought.

The two boys were at a standoff. Baz always knew that Simon was plagued with nightmares. Some nights the sound of the curly-haired angel of a boy would keep him up until faint streaks of sunlight drifted through their bedroom door. He had never gone off in his sleep though. This was certainly new.

“Please Baz! My spine is too fucking boney to sleep on the ground. Do you want me to be miserable all night?” He was pleading now, his blue eyes wide, accentuating his freckles.

He was standing there in their chamber looking like an innocent child in a too-tall body. He was hugging a spare blankets and a pillow to his chest. His lanky, skinny limbs looked even skinnier in his baggy Watford pajamas. All his scone eating hadn’t done anything to increase his weight. Must be the pressure of seventh year getting to him.

“As a matter of fact, yes I do want that.” Yes, get bruises all over your perfect back you idiot. That’s what you get for being so attractive.

“If you don’t share your bed I’ll make sure you’re miserable all night too!”

It was a measly threat to Baz. He was already miserable enough every night to have the Mage’s Heir tormenting him through his presence every day and night. He rolled his eyes and smoothed out a single wrinkle in his bedsheets.

“Don’t ignore me! It’s just for one night. I won’t even touch you, I promise.”

Baz fluffed up his pillow. He could physically feel Simon’s glares.

“Come on man! S’not my fault Watford doesn’t have any spare beds lying around!” There was an intoxicating electric tingle to the air. Simon was getting too worked up about this. “If I have to sleep on the ground because of you I will go off on your bed and we’ll both be cold and sore from sleeping on the fucking stone floor.”

That was certainly a threat Simon could get away with doing, despite the anathema. Damn him. Baz thought.

“Okay. Fucking fine!” It came out more harshly than Baz intended.

Simon took a step back, the threads of his magic retreating immediately. It was certainly frightening how closely tied Simon’s magic was to his emotions.

“Thanks. I promise. This is just for tonight. I’ll build a spare bed myself if it means I don’t have to sleep with you.”

Baz snorted. Simon. Building something. Now that would be something. He sighed in annoyance as he realized sharing a bed with Simon would make it extremely difficult to sneak of to drink tonight.

“I’m going to change into my nightclothes. Make yourself at home, Snow.” He said sarcasm dripping from his voice like water from a leaky faucet.

Simon nodded. He looked exhausted.

Baz went to change his clothes in the bathroom. He stared at his own grey eyes in the mirror. His pupils were dilated and if he had more blood in him, he would probably would look flushed. He felt a surge of nervousness and anticipation.

Sharing a bed with Simon Snow. Simon fucking Snow. How on bloody earth am I supposed to not kiss the moles on his neck if he is bloody next to me?

This would certainly be a long night.

Emerging from the bathroom, Baz saw Simon fixing up a sheet to work as a divider in the middle of their already small twin bed.

“What the fuck are you doing Snow?” Baz asked incredulously.

“I thought it’d be more comfortable if there was a like… physical barrier between us.”

“Whatever floats your boat you nitwit.”

Baz carefully folded his Watford sweater, placing it in a drawer, and hung up his trousers. Then he stood by his bed, eyeing a reclining Simon.

“I promise I won’t bite or go off on you tonight Baz. And don’t even think about doing anything to me. Anathema, remember.”

Baz rolled his eyes and climbed into bed. He laid on his side, facing away from the boy he wanted to kiss ever since they met. Simon had already turned out the light. It was just the two of them now. Lying side by side. Lit by moonlight.

This would be incredibly romantic if were an entirely different pair of boys. And both gay.  Baz thought.

He heard Simon sigh. He could feel heat radiating of him in waves. He was so hot. Baz didn’t understand why Simon even bothered to use a blanket. He was already a walking furnace. In more ways than one. Baz swallowed, bit his tongue and did his best to repress the urge to turn and kiss the living hell out of Simon.

Moments passed in silence. Simon’s breath faded into a rhythm. But it wasn’t how he sounded when he was sleeping. More like he was relaxed.

Baz was not relaxed. It felt like every atom of his undead existence was on edge. He was going to have to spend at least eight hours lying like this with the boy he loved and wanted most lying next to him. This was all a terrible mistake.

A gentle touch and a whispered “Baz!” made his entire body flinch. The hand immediately retreated and Baz immediately wished it back.

“Blimey Snow! What the fuck do you want?” He turned to look at the boy.

It was a mistake.

Simon looked ethereal. His eyes were soft and tired. His bronze hair was silver and shone under the starlight. His lips. Crowley his lips looked devourable.

Baz swore he felt his vampire heart have a seizure in his chest. He was tingling all over. This was a mistake. He should just go stalk the Watford grounds and sleep under a tree or some shit. Even a cold Autumn night spent outside would be better than this infernal torture.

“Baz. Why are we like this?”

“Like what, idiot?” Baz spat a bit.

The bead of saliva landed on Snow’s pillow. Baz wished it had landed on Simon’s face. Then he wished he hadn’t thought that.

“Why do we hate each other?”

Baz sighed in exasperation. But some force he wasn’t entirely in control of made him turn completely onto his side and face Snow full-on.

“I don’t know! Maybe my parents hate your adopted father because he stole all that was good from our family?” Baz’s words raised in volume. 

He was getting annoyed.

Annoyed that Simon looked so calm. Annoyed that they could kiss right that moment Annoyed they weren’t kissing. Annoyed that it was even a possibility in his mind. He wanted to glare at Simon. But he was so tired. And thirsty.

This was a mistake.

Simon was silent for a moment. He seemed to be studying the wall behind Baz. Then he was studying Baz’s face and time seemed to stop.

“I’ve just been thinking a lot, Baz. None of this stupid rivalry makes any sense!”

“Welcome to the real world.”

“Sure. But right now. I’m scared.” Simon’s voice was getting soft and small.

He was so small and pale and delicate in that moment. Baz felt an insuppressible need to protect him. It made his heart feel like it could burst out of his chest and fly away.

“Scared?” Baz found his voice was getting softer now too.

Why. Why? He needed more control than this. Everything that was expect from him wasn’t what he really wanted. He had to stop his feelings. But he couldn’t. He had made a terrible mistake.

“I’m scared of the Humdrum. Of losing the people I care about. Penny. The Mage. Agatha. You.”

Baz coughed in suprise. Not a sarcastic cough. A genuine “what-the-fuckity-fuck” cough.

“I’m scared of sleeping tonight because I don’t want to wake up and find that I’ve destroyed everything I love.” Simon looked almost like he was going to cry.

“Are you afraid you’ll go off again tonight?” Baz asked.

Simon nodded ashamedly. Baz didn’t really feel concerned that Simon could hurt him. He felt concerned that Simon was sad. They laid there in silence, staring at each other.

Then, then, Simon took the sheet that was separating them, cast it aside, and flung his arms around Baz. Baz was too shocked to react for a moment. He couldn’t exactly fathom how this moment was real. Slowly, he wrapped an arm back around him.

“S-simon?” He managed.

“Sorry.” He muttered into Baz’s shirt. “I think I just needed a hug.”

“You want a hug from your mortal enemy in a bed?”

Baz could feel Simon sigh in response. Then he drew back but not that far back.

“I don’t know.”


They stared at each other. Baz knew his eyes probably looked as wide as Simon’s did. What did this all mean? What was Simon trying to accomplish through this? Did he know how Baz felt and was trying to manipulate him?

Manipulation or not, whatever Simon was doing was working.

Simon’s hand encircled his and he froze.

Physically and mentally, he froze.

Baz had so many questions. So many demands to make.

Why did Simon care about him?

Why on earth did Simon think hugging the boy who had only made him miserable would accomplish anything?

Why were they holding hands in a bed?

What the fuck was happening?

Why were they not kissing?

They should kiss.

He wanted Simon to kiss him. He wanted to kiss Simon.

“Simon?” He whispered.

“Kiss me.” Simon whispered back.

And he did.


Yvonne Strahovski arrives at the Red Carpet for the Rockie Awards Gala Cermemony during the 2017 Banff Media Festival at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel on June 13, 2017.

im laughing can u imagine the origin story of toby’s little moon tattoo in the show 

what if flint got it after he became a pirate? had to blend in. he cut his hair, pierced his ear, got himself some nice rings

then he saw all the kids had tattoos too… it’s kinda like an initiation thing. like when they made dufresne get one after he became a qm

one day he pulls joji to the side like ‘’listen i need a tattoo. a big one. something with the english flag burning or.. or a skull with a crown.. something powerful’’ joji as always is super expressive and vocal. when he gets the tools out and gets to work flint nearly jumps out of his skin at the touch of a needle

‘’ok maybe just like a little crescent moon on my arm you know that works too’’ 

tell me this isn’t exactly what happened look at his dweeb face and that fearsome tattoo

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Ok i got a good one theres a school dance coming up and betty feels bad because no one asked her then sudenly she heres music coming from outside and who does she see in a suit with a radio next to him jughead

You got it!

Putting her books back in her locker, Betty took a minute to wallow in self pity.

She looked in the tiny mirror she kept hung up in her locker

She was pretty, wasn’t she?

Her eyes were always bright, varying from green to blue depending on her mood. She had long blonde hair, boys liked blondes didn’t they?
And she knew she was in good shape, sure she didn’t look like Veronica or Cheryl, but she was athletic and she always made sure she looked presentable.

So maybe it was her personality.

She thought she was funny, I mean people laughed when she told a joke and she would do anything for anyone, she thought she was a good person but what did she know?

All she knew was, tonight was homecoming and she hadn’t been asked.

Peeking in the mirror one last time, she was suprised when she heard the familiar voice from behind her.

“Fixing your hair bets?”

Turning around she smiled

“Just.. reflecting juggie.”

He smirked pulling his headphones from his ears.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

She laughed

“Oh jug, you couldn’t afford me.” She tossed her ponytail and smiled, slamming her locker shut.

He rolled his eyes, matching her steps.

“Alright Beyoncé, now tell me what’s on your mind.”

She sighed

“Oh just your typical girl next door problems, no one asked me to the dance.” She laughed sadly switching her backpack to her other arm. “It’s really no big deal though, I have so much studying to do anyways.rdquo;

Jughead watched the way she avoided his eyes quickly switching topics.

Arriving at her house, jughead walked her to the door


She giggled,

“Ya know jughead, just once I wish my life could be like some cheesy eighties movie. I’ll see you tommorow ”

Jughead watched her walk into her house, before taking off and heading to his own home.

Betty deserved to be happy all the time, why no one but him saw this, was ridiculous.

No one had asked her to the dance? Why the hell not?

She was the perfect date, beautiful, smart, funny, what more could these idiotic boys ask.

Betty wanted an eighties movie romance?

She was gonna get an eighties movie romance.


Placing the pink gel pen back into her messy bun, Betty stretched her long legs and flipped herself down onto her bed.

The gorgeous, peach dress was hanging on her closet door, mocking her as she sat in her bedroom wearing tiny gray cotton shorts and tight white tank top.

She threw her pillow at her closet, hitting the dress.

Suddenly, she heard the soft music of an old slow song coming through her bedroom window.

Walking slowly to the window, she peered out catching the crown shaped beanie.

Standing underneath her window was none other than Jughead jones, holding a speaker blasting a familiar slow song.

Looking damn good in a suit, smiling up at her.

“Jughead jones! What on earth are you doing?!”

He was laughing now

“Waiting for you to come on down here, don’t we have a dance to attend?”


He smiles up at her.

“Get dressed, or don’t, I don’t care you can wear that if you want, you look nice.” He shrugged

“Okay, give me like ten minutes!”

Twenty minutes later, Betty came barreling down the stairs

Peach dress, golden shoes and her hair falling on her shoulders.

The best part of her outfit had to be her wide, bright and absolutely breathtaking smile.

“Are we really doing this?” She asked excitedly

“Were really doing this.”

She smiled even bigger, if possible

“Well alright then Romeo, sweep me off my feet.”

What jughead didn’t know was that he already had.

How to be Perfect Shits, by Woo Bin and Ji Hoo

Step 01: Push for reconciliation from idiot besties who are too stubborn to stay together for a full fucking week.

Step 02: Allow moron biffle to spout prideful nonsense.

Step 03: Ask for the full story because ain’t no one believe moron biffle is completely innocent.

Step 05: Casually create a set up as you see Moron Biffle #2 enter behind Moron Biffle #1.

Step 06: Allow idiot to continue spewing shit.

Step 07: Tauntingly send apologetic girlfriend away.

cat using supergirl airlines (begrudgingly cause apparently cat's afraid of heights but she has no better alternative since she's shit late for a meeting or something i dunno then they have a moment and oh right that whole j'onn j'onnz thing never happened and cat knows about kara being supergirl and she takes advantage of that of course but only on the rare occasions that people don't need saving)

read from right to leftt

Okay, but seriously, I REALLY LOVE how Lydia and Magnus respect, support and love (in different ways, but they love him) Alec. I mean, everyone is so rude with Alec, no one cares about how he feels and they make him feel like crap, always choosing Clary over him (they chose a girl who barely know over Alec, his brother, his partner). Then, Magnus came to his life and he shows Alec how it feels being the first choice, what it feels being wanted and appreciate for who he is, what it’s love. And after came Lydia, who shows him how is when someone respect you and cares about what you think, what you believe and take your opinion like valid; she sees Alec like an equal, like a leader, like the kind of person he tries to be and she respects him for that. I know they barely know each other, but they truly respect, trust and love him and it’s so beautiful because they’re probably the only ones who think that about him, specially now.


“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” Tennyson.
Do you think he’s right?
I don’t know, but if you figure it out, tell me?

Requested by Anonymous (who deserves all the awards!)

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Can you do one with the companions reacting to sole belly dancing for them please? I think I might have asked for this from someone already, but it was really late, I was more than a little drunk, and I don't know if I actually did or not...

Anon, you’re a beautiful sinner of course I can do this one for you

Cait(Platonic): What in fuck are ye’ doing? Hey, hey now I didn’t say stop did I…

Cait(Romantic): Near enough the same except now its between “What in fuck are ye’ doing?” and “God I love this perfect idiot”

Codsworth: Is this a new Post-war Commonwealth thing Sir/mum?

Curie(Patonic): Tries to hide her giggles as Sole shakes their hips for her, just can’t but laugh and get a good look at Sole’s figure

Curie(Romance): Checks Sole’s physique for “science” to her they’re perfect, also when Sole’s stomach is close enough she can’t resist but to reach out and caress it

Dogmeat: Jumps up and down excitedly with Sole as they shake what they’ve got round the room, absolutely no idea of what’s going on 

Danse(Platonic): Soldier… SOLDIER, STOP.IT.NOW and for god’s sake put your uniform on before Maxson sees you

Danse(Romantic): Well, err… I can say with total honesty you have my full attention… 

Deacon: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT COSTUME?!?!?!? Can I get one? I’m thinking in a nice orange? :D

Hancock(Platonic): Joins in, gets with the groove and air spanks Sole

Hancock(Romanctic): Joins in, wearing nothing but his awesome hat and his boots… kinky ass lil ghoul

Nick: Woah… slow down there slick, rock the kasbah too hard you’ll knock the damn place down.

MacCready(Platonic): Err, dancings cool an’ all but we ain’t making a lot a caps here boss

MacCready(Romance): I have no idea where you got the costume, but right now I’m feeling we try that thing with the Mutfruit again?

Piper(Platonic): Laughs hysterically, takes a picture and looks at it when she’s feeling blue about Blue or in general

Piper(Romance): Takes a picture, keeps it in her naughty drawer, instead of laughing sits and bites her lip suggestively at Blue, tells them to save the costume for later :3

Preston(Platonic): Uhm general? *Sole keeps dancing* Oooooooookayyyy then

Preston(Romantic): Babe? You wanna explain the costume? NOT that I’m complaining, I’m just curious if… its… going to be around later 

Strong: Puny human want put on more armour if want to survive… Heh Human dance funny, but not stop get killed by brother mutants

X6-88: Sir/Ma’am first off, holy shit that’s hot, but you can’t run the institute in that costume…

+Maxson: Picks up Sole, takes them to his quarters and gives them some of the best if not slightly strange sex of their life

Some light hearted sin after the tearjerker, enjoy! :D

Livesos Instrumentals NEW
Livesos Instrumentals NEW

Livesos Instrumentals UPDATED 

18 // Out of My Limit // Disconnected // Beside You // Heartache on the Big Screen // American Idiot // Kiss Me Kiss Me // Teenage Dream // Good Girls // What I Like About You // She Looks So Perfect
masterlist of vocals

BTS Protecting You From Getting Bullied (Part 2)

He would give them a dead stare, not saying a word but just pulling you out of the door, tugging harshly on your hand.
“What do you think you’re getting yourself into?” He says, his stare intense.
“Y-Yoongi .. I-”
His looked softened when he saw the tears forming up in your eyes, “I’m sorry, that was pretty harsh… But seriously, you should really be telling me these things y/n. It may not seem like it, but I Really care about you and I don’t know what I would do if you were hurt. Please tell me what’s going on.”

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

“Yah! What do you want with my jagi?” he says, pushing you behind him, “Leave her alone, would ya?”
“Pfft. We were just playing around. Right y/n?” The one girl said, giving you an intense glare. You opened your mouth to speak but when you were about to, Taehyung stepped right in front of the girl. She looked up at him, “What the hell are you doing? Don’t even think for a second that you could touch her” He said, his stare was deadly. She backed off and clicked her tongue before walking off. Taehyung quickly turned to you, “Are you okay?” He says giving you a hug.
“I think I might have to start picking you up more frequently if stuff like this happens.”
(Don’t mind yoongi)

Originally posted by hugtae

He would be scared as well. He wouldn’t know how to deal with it as well as the other members do. He just knew it was his job to protect you. He started making faces at them and they turned away, “What kind of idiot does he think he is?” They say laughing while walking away from you and Hobi, “Well whatever. The idiot girl’s got a idiot boyfriend, what a perfect couple” they cooed. Hobi didn’t care. He was just happy that they left and that you were okay. “Has this been going on for a while?”
You silently nod.
“Aish. Why didn’t you tell me before? Whatever. At least you’re okay now.”

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“Jagi! I came to pick you u-” He stopped when he saw you getting picked on by three girls. He ran inside the building and basically shoved them away, pushing two of them to the floor. He checked every part of your body before pulling you under one arm and looking back at the girls. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” One girl yells at him, trying to pick herself up off the ground. “What am I doing? What are You doing?”
The other two girls were fixing off their hair and their clothes. They got a better look of the guy standing in front of them. Once noticing how attractive and handsome he was, they had a total change of mood, which made Jungkook cringe on the inside. One girl walked up to him and basically pushed you away so that his arm was wrapped around her instead of you. He took a fast look at you before the girl took his chin in her hands making her face him. “Hey, How about you ditch the girl and go out with me instead? I’m ten times better than her anyway.” She said. She stopped when she saw how cold and dark Jungkook’s eyes were. He then smiled at her, pretending to give into her game. She smiled back thinking that she had a good chance. Little she knows how wrong she is, “You think I would want someone like you? You think that we could possibly have a chance together without me wanting to punch you in the face? Pfft. Think again.” He said Ripping her arm off of him and going over to take your hand in his, intertwining them. “All of you make me disgusted.” He said leaving the girls in shock.

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Thank you for being patient with me! ^^
~Admin Luna

Slice of life Drarry?

Because we can literally pick out the cutest things but how about those normal every day stuff that everyone does?

-Harry washes the dishes while Draco dries them off next to him, and they either have the stereo playing in the living room or they just talk quietly

-Harry told Draco all about the wonders of the thing called the internet and social media and how people can connect faster and so many opportunities found online and Draco was fascinated until he learned that it had to do with muggle technology and he dropped it

-Because Drarry can’t use technology for shit

-Harry and Draco go shopping in muggle department stores and Harry gets taken by the latest new technology while Draco struggles to comprehend what a touch screen is

-Draco takes absolutely forever in changing rooms

-Harry doesn’t mind because he’s in the changing room with Draco

-In the mornings, Harry likes orange juice and Draco likes tea but when Draco’s lazy he’ll just swipe Harry’s juice out of his hand

-Draco actually really likes toast and when Harry introduced the toaster, they only had toast every breakfast for about a month

-Draco and Harry having petty quarrels on whose turn it is to cook dinner

-Harry’s in charge of all the groceries but when it comes to toiletries and house items, it’s Draco’s area.

-When they go furniture shopping Harry likes to pick out the most horrid things only to watch Draco turn pale, mentally gag, and steer them away muttering bad things about bad designs.

-Each room in their house/flat has it’s own theme and colour because Draco maintained that habit from his Manor days. 

-Harry likes bike rides and Draco prefers walks

-Draco stays up with Harry to watch the sun set and Harry watches, awake on the bed, as Draco stands on the balcony to watch the sun rise. 

-Harry repainting a room in the house and getting all messy and Draco watching in amusement and staying far far away from the paint

-Harry getting paint on Draco anyways and Draco exasperatedly goes off to change. Again.

-Draco and Harry going on vacations all around the world and looking stylish and wearing sunglasses and people always stare at them but they don’t care

-Harry forcing Draco to pose near a monument to take a picture

-Draco and Harry asking some other tourist to take a picture of the two of them in front of the Eiffel tower.

-Draco forcing Harry to try new foods and laughing whenever Harry makes a face when he doesn’t like one

-Harry fighting with Draco over how much money they’re spending on certain things and trying to emphasize that just because they’re both rich they can’t just binge buy whatever they want

-Harry teaching Draco humbleness in small things

-Draco teaching Harry the beauty of elegance in small things

-Harry and Draco doing normal every day stuff