what a once-in-a-lifetime event

hey so uh i opened animal jam today and i saw this:

“For the FIRST TIME since anybody can remember, a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE will be happening in Jamaa!

Get ready for tons of FUN, because Jamaa’s eclipse starts AUGUST 17TH, and nobody knows what kind of SURPRISES and SECRETS this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME event might bring!”

…so uh i’m thinkin

1. we see night in jamaa

2. we have to fight Phantoms in-game like the Walking Dead or some shit

3. they re-release all the rares and fuck up rarity once and for all.

Make those wishes!

 It’s now or never. Has it been a difficult year for you? It has been for many Earthlings. This Full Moon event is the one you have been waiting for to change…everything. Listen, life can’t be bad all the time. That is against the law of the Universe. Universe is about balance. If it has been a difficult one for you, this Full Moon says, this is your moment. It’s all been leading up to your now, which is…right now. Major pieces of your soul puzzle are going to come together in a way under this Full Moon that will suddenly have everything making perfect sense. That is, if you let them. Your choices are to stay in your rut, or embrace this once in a lifetime moment. What will it be?Certain events in your life only come around once in a Blue Moon. We are saying, that time is now. You have a choice. You can embrace this moment, or, you can keep going at your current pace. What will you choose? What are your Full Moon wishes under this beautiful Full Moon in Aquarius, your once in a lifetime Blue Moon