what a once-in-a-lifetime event


Hello friends!
In light of recent events, inspirations, and exoduses** (btw tumblr I left my super homophobic home in NJ to couch surf in nyc because my family is crazy and my life is a queer lifetime movie), I have been doing personal commissions for friends. If you are interested in commissioning me for a piece,

- Send an email to Odera.Igbokwe@gmail.com or personal message on FB or Tumblr Ask to claim a slot in the queue. 

- I will then contact you to begin the process discussing what you would like.

- Once payment is confirmed I will begin the piece.

- Payment is via Paypal in USD (If I know you personally I am open to other/the most convenient option). 

Feel free to message me your ideas for commissions, and if you like include any particular styles or reference images in your head canon
“Yes, I want a character from Jet Set Radio traversing through an early Missy Elliott video with a dash of Gustav Klimt~!" 

You can also view more of my work at www.odera-igbokwe.com if you want a more extensive view at the possibilities. (Price adjusts to level of detail, such elaborate backgrounds, multiple figures, etc).

Simply the best (Better than all the rest), 
Anytime you need a friend,
*Kira Kira*,
One in a million, 
(You love me like) XO,

p.s. If you like some of my work but want a cheaper alternative you can check out my print shop at http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/odera/

More AUs for your OTP to be in
  • Soulmates AU where dancing is a huge part of life and often incorporated into events because fusion exists and if you fuse with a person that’s your soulmate
  • To play off the first, I’m freaking out because it turns that despite a lifetime of hating each other, my eternal rival and I are soulmates because the two of just fused. Oh my god, what do I do?!
  • Alternatively, I fused once with my childhood friend as a kid, but because of awkwardness we never told anyone and one day they moved away but now they’re back again senior year and holy shit my soulmate is looking good
  • A world where everyone is a gem
  • Wanna binge watch all these cartoons with me? What do you mean ‘Dude, we’re 23′?!
  •  I’m a parent and I was just trying to beat the sales rush at the super market when a cute animal thing gave me the powers to fight against the forces of evil. I need to pick my kids from school (thanks to kickloop‘s post about a magical anime w/ moms)
  • I got pissed off and yelled at this random person and oh god now I feel guilty because holy shit they are such a cinnamon roll
  • We’re just getting married for the sake of the baby that will be born soon, but I can’t help slowly falling in love with this person
  • Oh hell no. I work at an electronics store and I’ve had to deal with one too many broken laptops because of viners and I think I’ve just spotted another one
  • We have no classes together but we always see each other in detention and the entire time we pass notes to each other. How does a cute person like you end up in detention?
  • Great; my health class just gave out the ‘take care of a baby with a partner’ project and I’m stuck with the class asshole
  • I found this random diary and, even though I shouldn’t, I started reading it and this person’s life story is so heartwarming I just can’t
  • Him: What is your stand on true love?
  • Her: I grew up to almost everyone telling me that true love is a once in a lifetime event. That you only get to feel it with that one special person. That if you get to find it, make it work and keep it until the end, you're lucky. But if you didn't, you'll spend the rest of your life pondering about all the what ifs and what-should-bes as you wallow everyday in regret for not having done all that you can to keep it. However, I don't agree with that. For me, true love can exist in every relationship that we commit to, regardless of the ending. As long as you invest real emotions, sincere love and exert efforts to not lose whatever it is that you have, it is true love. I also believe that it is not only meant to be felt with just one person. When we love someone, he/she instantly becomes special. Anyone can make us go crazy and lose ourselves and make us do all the things we haven't tried before as long as we love them. Also, true love doesn't always have to be mutual. One can experience true love with someone who deeply loves another. That one could be very painful, but it's real. I guess people should stop associating true love with the intensity of emotions that one is entitled to feel. You might have gotten over your ex and are feeling head-over-heels in love with your present but that doesn't make what you had with your past lover any less than true. You were once real. You were once overly in love with him/her too. Moreover, people should stop seeing true love as something that is only meant for a few privileged ones. Because every single one of us is entitled to it. Yes, all of us are empowered to feel it -- may it be for a moment or a lifetime.

The first day I ever spent in Cannes, thirty years ago, Godard dominated the front pages. Admittedly, on that one occasion, he was not the author of the stunt that propelled him there. That honor fell to the Belgian anarchist Noel Godin, who has devoted a lifetime to delivering custard pies into the faces of the great and the good at the highest-profile media events. Most recipients of the attentions of the Belgian pie thrower take it badly—none more so than the prima donna of French intellectual life, Bernard-Henri Lévy, who was similarly pied at Cannes in the early nineties. Godard, it must be said, reacted with his characteristic lightening wit—“This is what happens when silent movies meet talking pictures.” Having once again interpreted his life in terms of the history of the cinema—it was Mack Sennett who invented the custard pie gag—Godard then proceeded to lick some of the cream off his huge cigar. He also persuaded the festival authorities not to try to prosecute Godin.

Godard at Cannes 

The Cuenca hunter, Concavenator (2010)

Phylum : Chordata
Class : Reptilia
Order : Saurischia
Suborder : Theropoda
Family : Carcharodontosauridae
Genus : Concavenator
Species : C. corcovatus

  • Early Cretaceous (130 Ma)
  • 6 m long and 2 500 kg (size)
  • Province of Cuenca, Spain (map)

Discovering a new genus of dinosaur is rare enough, but discovering a new genus of dinosaur possessing a never-before-seen anatomical feature is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So imagine the wonderment of the Spanish team of researchers that recently dug up Concavenator, a large theropod of early Cretaceous Europe that sported not one, but two, extremely odd adaptations: first, a triangular structure on its lower back, just above the hips, that may have supported a sail or fatty hump; and second, what appear to be “quill knobs” on its forearms, that is, bony structures that probably supported small arrays of feathers.

So what accounts for these strange features? Well, the 20-foot-long Concavenator was a close relative of Carcharodontosaurus, which was itself related to the huge, sail-backed Spinosaurus–so the hump/sail on this new dinosaur shouldn’t come as a surprise, even though it was situated much further down the spinal column than on other dinosaurs (another surprise: until recently, these types of theropods were thought to be restricted to South America and Africa). As for the quill knobs, those are more of a mystery: to date, only much smaller theropods than Concavenator, mostly “dino-birds” and raptors, have shown evidence of arm feathers. Clearly, the feathers on Concavenator’s forearms (and probably only on its forearms) were meant for display rather than insulation, which may provide clues about the subsequent evolution of feathered flight.

Kesha will be honored with Billboard’s Women in Music Trailblazer award at the 11th annual event, to be held Dec. 9 in New York City and airing nationally on Lifetime on Dec. 12.

“By combining artistic fearlessness with unbounded creative energy, Kesha has continually pushed the limits of what was once thought possible in pop music. She’s a force on stage, an inspiration in person and a true Trailblazer for millions of music fans around the world." - Janice Min, co-president and chief creative officer of the Billboard Media Group

I’ll be a bride someday

I am imagining myself wearing a perfectly simple yet elegant sewn gown and a simple tiara while holding a bouquet of my favorite flower while walking through the aisle. I want it to be simple yet memorable because i know this will happen once in a lifetime and this is one of the most precious event of my life. I’ve waited for this day to happen, to marry the man i love and spend the rest of my life with him.

Back then, i was still young and naive, i don’t know anything about love. Until i grew up into a fine lady who once became desperate finding my prince charming just like what i’ve read in books or my knight in shining armor who can save me. But as i turn into a woman, that’s the time i realize i don’t need those fictional characters to find my better half, all i need is a true man who loves himself more than me, who loves and fears God and who prioritize his family more than anything else.

Today, i am going to marry the love of my life, my best friend, my comforter, the best man i’ve ever met, the one i will live with, the man i want to spend the rest of my life with, my better half. You are the one i want to see the first thing in the morning and the last when i close my eyes. You’re the man my dad would’ve wanted for his baby girl. The man my mom will wholeheartedly give her baby girl cause she know this man is responsible enough just like my dad.

As i look myself in the mirror saying “you’ve grown up. you’re now ready to have your own family and start another chapter of your life, you’re not alone anymore, this time with the one you love. and now, you’re ready to vow your love to the man God has give you.” This is not a once upon a time story, happily ever after, but this will be the start of our journey together as husband and wife.


The White Queen Modern!AU:

  TWO WORDS: CORONATION DAY. Do you even need us to elaborate? Let us go ahead and be conventional with this special number entirely focused on King Richard’s once-in-a-lifetime day. We got in touch with the man himself (don’t ask us how, we’d need to kill you) for some inside look at the whole event (more like a glimpse of what’s to come after, to be honest, and more like snatched details of it, but we take what we get, don’t we?), so if you are curious (and you are dying to know the answer of answers: what is Queen Anne going to wear? Hint hint: we are releasing a whole other special number just for her, since it’s her coronation’s day too! We heartily suggest you get your hands on both) and we can’t imagine you NOT being curious, turn the page for some solid infos and some serious eye-candy.

Part 18 of the MODERN!AUs series. Requested by annetheseamaiden.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag - Soul POV

So it appears that people are stressed about things today (psst l0chn3ss), so I present you a companion to that weird Dragon Age drabble I did about Soul being a cat. Same story, but through Soul’s POV. For those familiar with Dragon Age, Soul is supposed to parallel Morrigan. 

Read the original here: The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Apologies for grammar. Enjoy!

Soul wasn’t a lap cat. Really, he wasn’t. He didn’t do the whole act-cute-earn-free-food act Blair did to pass the time. What happened between him and the Grey Warden–Grey Warden recruit, he should say–was a complete fluke, a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Wow hatchimals are actually really cute.

I didn’t know what they were other than being in extremely high demand and impossible to find so I decided to look them up and see what all the fuss was and it basically looks like the new furby. I kinda want one, though not til after the hype dies down a lot of course.

It’s interesting to me because I think a lot about how much emotional attachment to nonliving things (toys/robots/AIs/etc) can actually be engineered or at least set up/made more likely to happen, and I wonder how much the ‘hatching’ stage of that toy affects attachment. It looks like that’s at least half the appeal of these things; the hatching stage is a very dramatic and once-in-a-toy-lifetime event lasting about half an hour during which the little furry robot literally manages to physically ‘peck’ its way out of its shell while making cute noises. It’s kind of impressive.

I think that being present and involved for an important part of an individual’s life can increase your interest in and attachment to a person generally, so I wonder how that translates with toys. I wonder if, due to the iconic one-time hatching stage, people who own these toys tend to enjoy them and play with them for a longer period of time than that would if it didn’t have the hatching stage, or if the opposite happens– once the hatch-hype is gone they just end up in the bottom of the toybox.


It was like waking up from a deep sleep, but once Talisa woke- Robb wasn’t there. There was a haze around her, as if everything had become softer and what concerned her the most was the way that her body felt like it had before she had gotten pregnant, she was wearing her favorite blue gown and the events of the red wedding weren’t present in blood stains as it was clean of all trauma. Her hair was no longer matted with blood, her neck left whole.

She did not know where she was, but she knew that she was beyond her human lifetime. There was no way she could have survived, no way she would want to survive after the terrible things that had happened in such a short time when she accompanied her husband to the wedding. Talisa’s heart ached as she thought of Robb, torn because him not being there made it clear that he was not with her, that she was in a whole other world from him and she found herself missing him deeply and intensely.

A sound brought her away from her thoughts, the sound of a baby’s cry that she knew was the cry of her son. Of hers and Robb’s flesh and blood, and she looked up to find a white bassinet in the corner of the room. With shaky steps, she came forward and approached it, starting to cry at the sight of the perfect baby crying and wanting her. He was the exact image of his father and she could not believe that he was hers.

The minute that she picked him up, the crying subsided and Talisa saw that the baby had nuzzled into her chest raising his chubby hand so that she could see the picture of health that rose from his rosy red cheek’s to his beautiful auburn curls. “Oh I’m so sorry, my love..” she whispered to her son, crying as she stared at how beautiful he was. “I’m so sorry that you did not get to live the life that your father and I so wanted for you. I’m so sorry you will not meet him— he loved you so much Eddard.” she whispered, pressing kiss after kiss on her baby’s forehead.

She had him for a few minutes when the space around her seemed to vanish, leaving her in a room in a dark cabin. Just across from her was Robb, his body in obvious pain and recovery from the many wounds he had obtained during the wedding. Then, she noticed a smaller hand in his- a girl was sleeping in the chair next to his bed and slumped over the side, gripping his hand with as much strength as Talisa would have, had she been there. This must be Arya.. Talisa thought to herself, as she smiled at the smaller girl who she knew her husband was so proud of.  Talisa walked over to Robb, resting her free hand on the wounds across his chest to soothe some of the pain he was feeling, tears on her cheeks as their son slept happily in her arms. “Robb..” she whispered, not sure if he could hear her or feel her touch as she ached for him to come with them. To leave the world of pain and heartache and come with her- to meet their son.