what a nice couple


Uh, chaps? Valentine’s Day was yesterday
… never mind.

Awards and being part of culture that way, that’s all really nice but what really excited me is a couple arguing in their car in Cheadle, near where I’m from, while one of our songs is on and then that forever becomes part of their history. That’s the shit that excites me, when our music bleeds into humanity. That’s what I’m into and that’s because of how I write it. It’s all a cinematic version of reality. That’s what I want people to take away from it. It’s just nostalgia, innit. I want it to be nostalgia.
—  Matty Healy, dork magazine
Cute OTP
  • Person A: Bury me.
  • Person B: What is wrong?
  • Person A: *starts sobbing* Bury me.
  • Person B: *gets up, goes away*
  • Person A: *keeps crying*
  • Person B: *comes back with kittens and a blanket*
  • Person B: *wraps the blanket around A like a burrito*
  • Person B: *puts kittens on A's lap*
  • Person B: *nods proudly* Now you're buried!
Square-Enix compares Noctis and Lunafreya to Cecil and Rosa

Upon seeing the artist Sakimi-Chan’s typo of FFIV instead of FFXV, the official FFXV account stated that “coincidentally, there’s a strong couple in FFIV too”.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, FFIV has one of the most romantic couples of the FF series: Cecil and Rosa. Interestingly enough, Cecil and Rosa marry and are King and Queen. They also have a little baby!

So SE considers Noctis and Luna a strong couple, like Cecil and Rosa! What a nice thing to find out on Valentine’s Day!

//(( I got a couple asks on what Garnet does after highschool so here it is! Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl start up a popular Band called Alexandrite! Garnet also models on the side with Amethyst being her fashion designer and Pearl is her Agent~

And yes, Ruby and Sapphire totally have all of these magazines with all throughout the house, just oodles and oodles of magazines. They’re so proud, look at their beautiful daughter//))

The problem with being the local animal person is as soon as someone wants to get rid of a critter they call you first.

And the bigger problem is when you start thinking about what cages and supplies you have before they even tell you what it is.

when someone tells u they don’t ship meanie

when someone tells u your hair styling skills is terrible

when someone tells you it’s bunny and not tosun

when someone chases u with a guitar but their name is not lee jihoon

Persona 5 As we all know and ‘love’ it...

… but the girls start dating themselves so that Akira wouldn’t be able to do anything with them.

Aight I seen some ‘yaoi’ fangirls getting pissy when they see how terrible they are for calling gay ships hot and sexy and sinful and shit, and argue they see gay and bi people talking about sex and making jokes about how it’s sinful and hot FIRST OFF, they’re sexualizing sex, not simple shit like holding hands or kissing that shits not hot, it’s not sin, it’s just oh wow look what a nice couple, SECOND, they the ones having the fucking sex! They can say what they want about it! Meanwhile y'all’s little asses goin around talking about how a guy kissing another guy’s cheek makes you wet, calm your fucking asses down you snipey little vore condoms, before I lay y'all’s asses out you got me? Good. Fucking fiends.

Customer: um… excuse me, miss? there’s an unattended backpack over by the milk. it looks suspicious.

Me: oh I believe it belongs to the customers sitting at the table right next to the milks

Customer: I was joking. It’s a joke

Me: what’s the punchline? that the very nice, clearly non-white couple are terrorists? that my time is so worthless that you can pull me away from making other people’s drinks? oh, i know, it must be that i’m going to tell all my coworkers and internet followers about you and we’re all going to laugh at your self inflated ego and call you names, the nicest of which we still can’t say around children.


Things to do in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - London Lebron (x)

skelltales  asked:

Ahh hope I'm not late! This one is to Underfell Sans. What does he like most about the surface? Is it different from what he was expecting?

He thought it would be nice people then a couple of you know assholes. But he figured out our world was very twisted and messed up. But he is adjusting. He likes that the humans world is huge. He can’t believe it just keeps going on and on!

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