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Luck? I need none of it. When Fate’s wagon stops me on the path, I’ll seize the reins. And when the Night seeks to devour me, I will brandish the Sun! I cannot ask Fortune what it plans for me, and so I too will not reveal my mysteries ere Death takes me. I will remake myself; so let the gale come. 

Intended for this to be my New Years’ Eve picture, but the original file got corrupted so had to start over. Remake of this from early last year. A continuation and perhaps capping-off of my unofficial 2016 tarot/rune series. 

OK KO! Episodes 6-10

I’ve wanted to keep writing about each episode, but they have been coming out so fast! Here is some background on 6-10. 

You’re Level 100
This one comes from a Dave Tennant pitch, suggesting we spend some time on showing how Pow Cards work in this world. As I’ve said, we internally consider episodes 1-6 as a mini-arc about KO’s first week. Knowing that You’re Level 100 would end of this arc, we tried to treat it as a culmination of everything so far. We didn’t know how many episodes we’d get to do at this point, so we wanted to make sure that these six would be satisfying on their own, and You’re Level 100 is their pseudo-finale. This is most clear in the third act, where we see all the characters we’ve met so far forming into a giant fist to help KO feel like a true hero for a moment. The image is a humorously direct metaphor for some important underlying themes of the show as a whole. Stevie and Danny did an amazing job, keeping things hilarious as KO’s ego takes over and incredibly warm and fun throughout. Also we meet DYNAMITE WATKINS!

Sibling Rivalry
The relationship between Darrell and Shannon is something the original mobile game established really well, and we decided that the first episode to air after our initial “mini-arc” should focus on them. Ian had the great idea of introducing the sporty/romantic Raymond (also first shown in the game) as a shared enemy for all the characters.

This episode has some of the funniest sequences yet, in my opinion. I love the way Haewon depicts the familial relationship between Boxman and the bots, something she did previously in a 2 minute short that will hopefully release someday soon. Dave’s ending scene with the zen faces is already immortal. We obsessed over it at every stage, milking its unexplainable hilarity for all it was worth. An early favorite of mine for its wall-to-wall insane comedy.

I Am Dendy
We faced a big challenge in I Am Dendy, giving a whole episode to a character who was completely new to us at the time. We spent a crazy amount of hours discussing her character and how she could fit into the show’s existing dynamics, going through three completely different story premises before finally landing on this one. As you can see, it started to work when we decided to make it as simple as possible. 

When we saw the first pitch from Geneva & Mira, we knew we had something very unique. After the high-octane first set of episodes, we get a surprisingly down to earth story about two kids spending time together. Geneva & Mira did a great job crystalizing Dendy’s personality. In a lot of ways, Dendy and KO could not be more different. KO follows a strict heroic moral code, and Dendy does not. Their fascination and understanding of their differences brings them together for a friendship we will see much more throughout the series.

Special regards to Jake and Mint Potion for the jaw-dropping music in this episode! Dendy’s theme is probably in my top 3 songs so far.

Do You Have Any More in the Back?
The title of Do You Have Any More in the Back? actually derives from an ancient (2013?) premise that Ian wrote in his original bible for the pilot-era version of the show. The two stories have nothing in common, but it is a fun detail. This new one came from right when full time development started in 2015, which was basically a summer of me and Ian hanging out on an empty office floor and deciding what the show was going to be. A couple times a week Dave Tennant would come by to break stories with us, and I think this and an early, scrapped version of “We’ve Got Pests” were the first. The network liked the story, but asked us to sit on it for a bit because it’s a somewhat deeper, more deconstructive look at Rad’s character.

In my opinion, this is a very successful early episode that provides a pretty complete package of action, comedy, adventure, and emotion. Ryann and Parker stuffed it with countless cute, funny and exciting moments that ended up setting some important character details (and running jokes) for the future. I was extremely impressed by how they handled the emotional subtlety of the ending, which is my favorite thing about the episode.

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad
My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad is another episode that has roots in Ian’s original Lakewood bible, but unlike DYHAMITB?, this one is almost entirely intact from what was originally written. This is a fairly straightforward Carol/KO story that gives us a great opportunity for extended badass action sequences! Much like with Sibling Rivalry, Dave and Haewon took something simple and infused it with tons of personality. The first time we saw both versions of Chameleon Sr, the room lost it. The action scenes (with plenty of extra love from Jeremy, Max and Anna) are some of our most ambitious so far. The final scenes are sweet, heartfelt and weird in ways I absolutely love.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep up with these, but luckily the board artists are writing some of their own great thoughts on the other episodes! 

Geneva on I am Dendy
Geneva on You Get Me
Parker shares his demo animatic from You Are Rad
Danny on the ending of We’ve Got Pests
Ryann on We’re Captured


SPOILERS! So I watched the new episodes of SVTFOE S3 and all im gonna say is *breathes* AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *coughs* that’s all. XD haha so imma go on a tiny rant of what i just discovered. *ahem*

The ones on the LEFT are the original screenshots from the new episodes and the ones on the RIGHT and BOTTOM are my artwork (I was asked to do a commission for a friend for their Fanfic. It was titled “Disharmony in Symphonia”) I actually made those commissions last year and I cant help but notice the designs on the screenshots are quite similar to what I drew long ago (Star on her Double Hairbuns and the Squire’s face is quite similar to the character I drew and designed named Aria Ascencion. *she’s a friend’s OC*). Call me crazy lol I think it was just a coincidence. But, I was just so mindblowned that these just showed up on the episodes. I think… I think I need to sit down or think about my life… or bury myself. lol

Lingering Effects: Arrow 6x01 Review (Fallout)

Hello friends!!! Missed you guys! Man it has been a long writing break for me. I hope I remember how to do this!

Another hellatus survived! Another season premiere! Six seasons - wow. We’ve put in a chunk of time with this show. What I admire about Arrow is they really pay attention to what worked and what didn’t in the previous season and try incorporate those lessons into the next. Arrow has five years of lessons informing their sixth season premiere and the episode reflected it.  

There is a seamless fluidity and confidence to “Fallout.” Arrow knows what it does best and what it doesn’t. The captain of the Arrowverse, the original DC TV show, “the veteran” is owning their experience. The cast feels incredibly well integrated, it’s fast paced, funny and emotional. Most importantly it answers the long awaited “cliffhanger” while still leaving some unanswered questions and launching new mysteries.

The term “Fallout” is an interesting choice for the episode title. It stuck with me as I watched because of the open endedness to the term. The definition of fallout is:

1 a :the often radioactive particles stirred up by or resulting from a nuclear explosion and descending through the atmosphere; also :other polluting particles (such as volcanic ash) descending likewise

b :descent (as of fallout) through the atmosphere

2 :a secondary and often lingering effect, result, or set of consequences

There is no conclusion or end to what happened on Lian Yu and what Adrian Chase did.  The characters are still falling through the consequences. Some are grappling more than others with the, but the lingering effects are shifting them all in new directions. For some, these new directions are wonderful. For others, it is like a radioactive particle slowly descending all around them… like a cancer taking hold.

Let’s dig in…

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Is this net neutrality issue very similar to the one that happened in 2015 or are there different factors being threatened?

The current net neutrality debate is an extension of the same net neutrality debate we’ve been having for years. The very short recent history of net neutrality looks something like this: In 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (a government agency that has the authority to regulate communications, such as radio and telephone networks) passed rules preventing Internet service providers from discriminating against or blocking websites that refused to pay for access to end users. In 2014, in response to a lawsuit Verizon filed challenging these rules, a federal court held that the rules weren’t valid because FCC didn’t show that it had the authority to enact rules limiting what ISPs can do to particular Internet traffic. In 2015, after over a year of debate about what the FCC should do next, the FCC enacted even stronger rules than those it passed in 2010, relying on a different source of authority to overcome the legal problem with its 2010 rules. In 2016, a federal court upheld these new net neutrality rules. Today, under new leadership, the FCC wants to undo the rules it put in place in 2015 and basically get rid of net neutrality rules altogether, allowing ISPs to charge websites to communicate with ISP customers and block access to websites that don’t pay. So, in 2015, we were arguing about whether the FCC should put in place weak rules or strong rules (it ended up choosing strong rules), and today, we are arguing about whether the FCC should get rid of those strong rules and instead have basically no rules at all.

It’s the same policy issue, but the positions are reversed — instead of trying to enact rules that protect consumers, the FCC is trying to take those rules down. The rhetoric has changed a lot though: in 2015 most of the big ISPs argued that they should have the right to throttle traffic and charge for fast lanes, but this time around they’re all saying they believe in core net neutrality principles, just not how the FCC has implemented them under Title II.

Comcast and others have even suggested that what we really need is a new net neutrality law passed in Congress, which is very well-intentioned and completely naive because our current Congress can’t pass a bag of M&Ms, let alone a sweeping piece of internet regulation.

This change in tone is probably because most consumers really distrust their ISPs, and net neutrality rules are really popular. So the ISPs are all trying to thread the needle of saying they want to abide by the rules without actually having rules — FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has proposed that every ISP simply promise to uphold net neutrality principles in their terms of service agreements, for example.

It all strikes me as exceedingly silly, like something stoned college freshman would talk about late at night: how can we have laws without really having laws, man? It’s funny, but it’s not any way to make policy around something as important to our lives and economy as internet access.

What is going on today at the FCC is directly related to what happened in 2015. After nearly a year of public comment (with nearly 4 million comments filed) and deliberation, the FCC in 2015 adopted the strongest-ever net neutrality rules grounded in the strongest legal authority (Title II of the Communications Act of 1934). These rules prohibit Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from discriminating against or favoring any content, service or applications. A federal court in Washington, DC upheld these rules specifically because they were grounded in the strongest legal authority

The Trump FCC has started a proceeding to repeal the 2015 rules and reverse the determination that placed ISPs under Title II. Nobody is asking for these changes other than the ISPs themselves – Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and Charter. In fact, a poll released yesterday showed that nearly 80% of Americans support the 2015 rules.

What is being threatened by the FCC’s current actions are the rules that the public fought so hard to obtain in 2015 – rules that are both popular and effective and under which ISPs continue to make huge profits and investments.

The issue is the same in that the underlying protections that all of us advocated for (that are now law) are under threat of being removed.

In 2015, the FCC set out to resolve two major issues. The first issue was what should network neutrality rules look like and what activities by ISPs will they cover. The second issue was what is the legal status of broadband companies since they have changed dramatically from the 90s when the Communications Act was originally passed (this is commonly referred to the Title I vs. Title II of the Communications Act issue). Title I of the Communications Act was originally designed for a time when your ISP was also your edge service provider (for those of us old enough to remember, think AOL/Prodigy times). Title II of the Communications Act applies to services that solely transit information (also referred to as common carriers), which back in the day was really just telephone service before broadband became what it is today. The final decision by the FCC was to declare broadband as Title II common carriers and to institute network neutrality rules for them based on their legal status.

Today, the new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has made it clear he does not think broadband service is a common carrier service. As a result, his plan opens the door to allow ISPs to block websites, throttle services, and outright discriminate between services all in the name of “innovation.” This time, the threat is coming from a federal agency whose original job is to protect the public interest and it is being done in concert with companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon, who stand to gain the most from being freed of any obligation to treat Internet traffic neutrally.

A little legal background may be in order here. ISPs keep trying to argue that they should be seen as a “website” rather than what they really are, a telecommunications service. They want that because then they won’t have to abide by net neutrality rules since the federal courts have ruled that net neutrality only applies to telecommunications services. No one thinks ISPs are websites, yet even the current FCC is trying to argue that ISPs are websites so that they can help ISPs slash net neutrality rules.

In 2015, the last FCC under a different chairman did the right thing after we helped send 4 million comments to the FCC saying that we want the most legally defensible way to protect net neutrality. They then changed the way they classify broadband Internet from an “information service” (like a website or a television channel==obviously false) to a “telecommunications service” (like landline telephone==obviously true). To take away net neutrality, ISPs are back arguing that they are more like websites than telephone systems, and the new FCC Chairman is so closely tied to the industry that he thinks their argument makes sense. That’s how corrupt this whole debate has gotten in D.C.

So, yes, this is similar to what was at stake in 2015. ISPs like Comcast are still trying to get powers to throttle the Internet so they can charge special fees. We are now defending the only legally defensible rules guaranteeing net neutrality, which millions of Internet users fought for and won in 2015.

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Hi, you probably saw the bts profile already so what do you think jungkook's recommendation to jimin was?I've seen theories that it could be a song, book or even a variety program show???Theres two songs I've seen so far as well good work today by rooftop moonlight and korea fans saying it might be you whom I love by shin yong jae???

But before I do… I know everybody else has mentioned this already, but damn, Jungkook’s recommendation for Jimin came out of nowhere? He gave the other members pretty standard answers and then suddenly he was like, “You’ve worked hard today” to Jimin. It was such a huge shift in tone that it caught me off guard for a second (in a good way).

As for your question, Korean KM fans aren’t exactly sure either, but we’ve gone through some possible options. And I’ve also did some searching on my own, just to double-check some stuff.

So it appears (for now) that there are no exact matches for “오늘도 수고했어요 앞으로도 수고하세요,“ so we’re guessing that the second part “앞으로도 수고하세요" is just something JK added on his own. …Which does terrible things to my heart, but anyway, moving on.

There is one exact match for “오늘도 수고했어요“ and it’s a relatively new song by 예감. It has no words but is very, very soft and pretty and romantic. That’s what a lot of the Korean KM fans think could be the correct answer. But again, this is all speculation at this point.

I’ve noticed that many international fans seem to think that he was referring to “수고했어, 오늘도” by 옥상달빛. My only reservation with that theory is that the title is pretty far off from what Jungkook originally wrote. He could have been mistaken, got confused or whatever, but I’m just gonna assume he was correct. 

Regardless of the answer, I think the message is very clear: Jungkook really does look out for Jimin and has a soft spot for his hyung. Plus, he’s that pillar of support that Jimin not only appreciates but needs.

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i know this probably sounds stupid but could i ask what the woodys roundup was?? im just really curious and i cant really find anything about it after i saw you reblogged that post about it

yeah sure!

basically, woody’s roundup was started (presumably) by one person who would claim the URLs of deactivated blogs that posted Bad content (think neo-nazis, transphobes, homophobes, etc.), change the blog’s title to ‘Howdy Pardner’ and the icon to this picture of woody from toy story

a lot of the blogs worked together to make comedy posts (ie: making a reblog chain that just says YEEHAW) and tumblr ate it up because it was just. very weird, and somewhat comforting to see a Bad post before noticing the sheriff’s smug face

at the peak of its popularity, a blog called ‘woodysroundup’ appeared that served as an HQ for the ‘woody collective’, and the owner of that blog made several announcements about how to properly set-up a woody blog and what kinds of content would make a blog a candidate for being turned into woody (notably, the woody blogs were told they had to stay out of ace discourse altogether and couldnt take blogs simply for being inclusionist/exclusionist unless they were harming users in other ways)

but like most things on the hellsite, it spiraled out of control violently as people began taking the URLs of blogs who were innocent (old superwholock urls, deactivated users on popular posts, etc.) as well as creating new urls just for the sake of being part of the roundup, despite it being frowned upon by the HQ blog 

woodysroundup closed their tumblr, and according to the post i reblogged earlier all ‘actual’ woody blogs (the ones who took URLs that belonged to the neo-nazis and original targets of the collective) changed their icons to a picture of spongebob with the title ‘Orgasm’ 

and thats really it? it was funny but fell victim to its own popularity, i suppose

[Preview] Game On (Abandoned Project)
Go! Child
[Preview] Game On (Abandoned Project)

So some of you may be familiar with the separate April Fools Day goofs that @chongoblog and I pulled on our own channels/social media.

What no one knew until NOW, however, is that originally we had a much more elaborate and potentially evil prank planned.

The concept: Make a fully original Go! Child-style cover of “All Star” by Smash Mouth and disguise it as a brand new single titled “Game On”, advertised and treated as an entirely original single release.

Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out and we were forced to skip out on this idea, as we just could not get it done before the deadline. We decided it would be really agonizing to wait another whole year just to pay this concept off as an April Fools joke, cause by the time next April comes around we’ll probably have many more ideas we can play with.

So we decided to just post what we DID get finished as a fun little behind the scenes thing. We’re actually kinda sad that this won’t be a finished thing based on how this preview is sounding, haha, but at least having this out of the way has allowed us to work on other real original music that we’re so excited to show you!

More info on the TRUE next Go! Child single soon. Until then, please enjoy this partial meme.

Code: Realize: ~Blessed Future~ - Portrait 

Presenting the first official art for “Code: Realize ~Blessed Future~ the follow up/fan disk for the original "Code: Realize ~Princess of Genesis~. sourced from the June 2016 issue of "B'logs” magazine, it was included as a poster introducing the new game.

This gorgeous image reflects one of the available game modes titled “White Rose”, which is the after story of the original game aiming to resolve Cardia’s poison issue in the remaining routes (most notably Van’s Impey’s & Saint Germain). I was close to calling this one “choose your bachelor” (which is what you do in otome games anyways…) but I figured, keep it stylish since it’s the first new art. May I have Cardia’s dress & marry Van? Just sayin’…

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Important: Blog updates

Well, it’s here! Big Day #365. A whole year of drawing colorful horses! Wow, what a year. Made lots of pony pals and have no life!!! lmao

Anyway, thanks for a year. There will be some updates… One I think you’re noticing already… Well, let’s start with the biggest one:

From now on, while I will do my best to keep up a daily schedule, I won’t force myself.

If I’m sick, busy, or taking a priority with work, or honestly just need a day off, I’m going to take it! That being said, I will definitely do what I can to keep going daily, as there’s still much I have planned with this blog! 

Name Change

SciSetDaily ->SciSetDiary

If there’s the chance I’ll miss a day (or a few)… Why keep Daily in the name? There will be a time where I’m even working on original projects (hint-hint @adrianimations-art ), and of course the million other pony blogs I run (even though lets be honest this one is the most fun). So sometimes I might not even be able to keep up, but like I said I will try! I figure now would just be the best time to set that into stone.

Day #XXX -> Entry #XXX

And of course, what do you write in your diary? Entries!! Titles of these will change to fit the new theme!!

That’s honestly, pretty much it. When it comes to comic arcs, I will however, definitely attempt to get those out on a day-by-day schedule because I’ve spoiled you all hehehe. 


My Fake Chop Videos (Updated)

I figured there were enough to probably make a compilation post. I’m just going to label them by what their title was, I figured that’d be the easiest way to navigate them. 


On this day in music history: May 21, 1983 - “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week, also topping the Club Play chart for 2 weeks on April 30, 1983, and peaking at #14 on the R&B singles chart on May 28, 1983. Written by David Bowie, it is the second US chart topper for the British rock icon. Newly signed to a worldwide record deal with EMI Records in 1982 worth over $10 million, David Bowie collaborates with musician Nile Rodgers of Chic on his first album with the label. Before the recording sessions begin, Bowie plays Rodgers a number of new songs he has written including one titled “Let’s Dance”. Originally written on a 12-string acoustic guitar, Bowie’s original arrangement bares almost no resemblance to what it becomes. Rodgers takes the folk-rock acoustic based song, and transforms it into a funky, uptempo dance rock song. Recorded at The Power Station in New York City in December of 1982, “Let’s Dance” along with the rest of the accompanying album is recorded in under three weeks. “Dance” features most of the core rhythm section of Chic including Tony Thompson (drums), Rob Sabino (keyboards), Sammy Figueroa (percussion) and Rodgers himself (guitar) as well as Carmine Rojas (bass), and a then little known blues guitarist named Stevie Ray Vaughan providing the stinging lead guitar on the track. The title track from David Bowie’s fifteenth studio album, it is released in March of 1983 and is an immediate smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #59 on March 26, 1983, it  climbs to the top of the chart eight weeks later. The single also tops the chart in the UK, becoming his third chart topper in his home country. “Dance” not only become Bowie’s biggest single and album, but also introduces him to a new audience, winning him a new generation of fans. “Let’s Dance” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


Allo everyone! My friends Aki-chi and Ashley translated the new Code: Realize fan disc scans for us. They’re VERY rough translations and are just the important bits taken out of the scan, not the entire article. So you won’t be getting everything but you’ll be getting the important stuff!

My friend started to have trouble translating the small text so for the rest of the men she only decided to do the big text, so there isn’t too much for the summary in the end. If anyone wants to help add to these translations you’re more then free to <3

So as of now we have… One original game, one fan disc, an anime coming out, and now this new fan disc coming too :) 


Title of the new fan disc: Code: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~ which translates to Code: Realize ~Silver Miracles~

Platform: PS4 & Vita


So the cover picture basically says The first “Holy Night” filled with smiles and warmth. “The latest work of the long-awaited fan series is released simultaneously with PSVita and PS4!”


Impey: The title of his route is The meaning of love

Summary: Impey’s vocal on his affection towards Cardia, he tells her that he loves her all the time. So, the scenario is that they’re looking for the meaning of love. But as the scan says… “Well, It’s Impey so~!”

~ A Special Menu just for you ~

It appears that Finis is also there with Cardia and Impey. Impey’s also heard that Cardia is coming over for Christmas so he’s super excited. Not sure what Finis’ role is in Impey’s route though.

Text on the Impey CG: I came up with a special menu once I got up this morning!


Saint Germain: The title of his route is A Date Once More

Summary: Omnibus has ordered that Idea take a vacation, so it seems like Idea is preparing for Christmas. Seems like everyone got together with Saint to hold a party. I’m also fairly certain it’ll be at Saint Germain’s mansion. So anyway Omnibus has ordered Idea to take a vacation, Saint was uneasy about Lupin and everyone else that was away from the mansion.

Text on the Saint Germain CG: It’s almost finished. Let’s finish this all at once.


Lupin: The title of his route is What I Lost

Text on Lupin’s CG: …No, this is wrong! This looks more like a notice…!

Extra Text: “I cannot say "I want to see you”–“

It seems as if Lupin is writing a letter and it’s a high chance it’s to Cardia. But what I find cute about it is that he’s struggling doing it, because he’s saying it sounds more like a notice then a letter, haha!


Van: The title of his route is Her Home Visit

Text on Van’s CG: "What are those guys doing these days?”

Extra Text: It reminds me of that day.

Van is traveling, if you notice he’s on a train. It seems like he’s missing everyone, especially Cardia. It says HER home visit for the title of his route so I’m assuming she visits someone. I can’t say for sure though so we’ll see. Not sure if Van is with the crew in the beginning, is it them who would be doing the house visit? Maybe they’re taking her home. But to me it feels like he’s away from them all, so maybe someone can clear it up.


Victor: The title of his route is Greetings to Parents!?

Text on Victor’s CG: “I’m saying this out of courage. So, listen very carefully.”

Extra Text: The much awaited confession and the unexpected (?)……!?

I’m almost certain Cardia is going to meet Victor’s parents, hahaha. Too cute! Or someone is going to meet someone’s parents at least xD I know that for certain!

Bond Fire

Ship: sansby

Word Count: 5,126

Type: Hurt/Comfort

Universe: Undertale

***Author Note***

I’m so excited for this! This is my entry for the Undertail Fanfic Contest. I was originally going to try to write a fluffy story, but I can’t help wanting to add a little angst to what I write. I also wanted to make things a little different, and have sans comfort Grillby instead. (Also cute title idea by @kimiwillsinforever)

The theme is “New Experiences”, and in this story sans has just moved in with Grillby, and they’re learning about how different it can be living with someone else. Grillby was excited at first, but after a few days his hidden insecurities arise and he worries he might accidentally hurt sans. He’s never been this close to someone for such a long period of time before, and he begins to think no one would ever want to be around him or his fire.

***End Note***


Everything was so dark and far away, but he was dimly aware of Papyrus’ voice in the distance.

His smile felt a little easier to bear as he made his way toward the sound, wondering what puzzle the human was reaching next. The dull repetition wasn’t as painful when he managed to see Papyrus’ excitement at finally finding a human. Heck, who knows? Maybe he’d truly capture them this time and fulfill his dream of becoming a Royal Guard. He laughed to himself at the thought, but anything could be possible right?

He was so focused on finding his brother that his silent steps in the snow raised no flags. Trees seemed to move out of the way for him as he walked, but the darkness only increased.

It’s getting darker.

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jehvty-archive-deactivated20170  asked:

▲ Star Wars?

Hrm. I’ve been meaning to write something of a serious piece on what I consider the Jedi Order’s greatest flaw, and how that nearly contributed to their destruction twice in a period of four thousand years, but that’s less of an unpopular opinion and more of me illustrating how much of a nerd I am by illustrating how seriously I take a fictional universe. Oh well.

You see, before Lucas directed the prequels and illustrated much of what the Jedi Order was like, at least in the period of the Old Republic’s decline and the Rise of the Empire, the EU writers and the fans had to speculate what the order was actually like based on what little we saw of the Jedi from Obi-Wan and Yoda. As a result, if you read the older material (much of which is non canon now thanks to the new trilogy) you might see a very different picture of the Jedi than you might expect. Instead of the one master per apprentice tradition, there were singular masters who taught many students, later titled Jedi Watchman who oversaw the security of whole star systems, and their philosophies weren’t always singular. Another example that goes against the grain of the prequel era Jedi was the presence of Jedi Lords who existed a thousand years before the films. A Jedi going so far to call themselves a “Lord” as their Sith archenemies might, would be considered anathema to the Jedi of Yoda’s era.

There are other examples, such as groups of Jedi that integrated with the culture of their native system, such as the Corellian Jedi of Han Solo’s homeworld and the Teepo Paladins, a sect that broke off the order due to discarding their lighstabers in favor of blasters (they could use the Force to alter the physics of their blaster bolts to due some Matrix style stuff). 

But the greatest difference between the Jedi of Lucas’ prequel era and the Jedi that already existed in the speculated fiction was that many of them had whole families of their own. Nomi Sunrider, the woman who would become Yoda’s equivalent in her Age, had been married prior to becoming a Jedi, and had a daughter Vima who would eventually follow in her mother’s footsteps to become a Jedi herself. Nomi’s husband, Andur, who’d originally planned on being a Jedi instead of Nomi, had fully expected that he’d be able to train Vima himself before his murder at the hands of gangsters. In the same time period, the Qel-Droma family was famous for having many members present among the Order, with at least three cousins involved in the business of being Jedi. 

One of the core plots of the prequels was that the Jedi Order didn’t permit its members to be married and have families. Recruitment of new Jedi was done through the adoption of children who were strong in the Force randomly among the citizens of the galactic republic. This is a rather huge gap in beliefs and practices among the Jedi. So, how to address the difference in beliefs?

The way they ended up illustrating how these differing philosophies coexisting proved fascinating to me. It also highlighted what I began to see as the greatest flaw of the Jedi, and why I have so much faith that Luke Skywalker’s going to be able to shed that weakness once and for all.

Lets begin with what’s considered to be the Old Republic Era, specifically the ten year period that began with Mandalorian Wars, reached its peak during the Jedi Civil War, and finally concluded with a number of unseen but bloody conflicts called the Dark Wars. Just prior to the beginning of the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi of this war were recovering from a major conflict with the Sith Lord Exar Kun, their numbers diminished to the point that even decades later they hadn’t quite recovered. As a result, many of the traditions that stressed individual strands of Jedi culture and formation of families were discouraged but not totally censured by the High Council. Given time, it’s likely that we’d see many of the practices of the prequel era Jedi take root in the order. But the onset of the Mandalorian Wars ensured that the Jedi would never find out.

A massive invasion against the Republic by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, a revival of the Mandalorian warrior culture that was led by their supreme leader, Mandalore the Ultimate, in the hopes of conquering the Republic and testing their might against the Jedi. Except, the Jedi did not fight. Still wounded from the last major war, the Jedi Council was hesitant to be drawn into another, along with warnings from the Force that their was something dark on the horizon that went beyond the Mandalorian Crusade. 

Whether the Council was right or not, a group of Jedi led by a charismatic figure who would one day be known as Revan refused to the let the Republic fall without their assistance. They split from the Order, forming what was initially called the Jedi Crusaders in direct contrast to the Mandalorian invaders. Revan defeated the Mandalorians, breaking their fleet at Malachor V, and personally defeating Mandalore the Ultimate in single combat. 

He should have returned to the Republic a conquering hero. Instead, Revan vanished, and later returned as a Dark Lord of the Sith, at the head of a massive invasion fleet consisting alien technology and manned by fallen Jedi and Republic soldiers. Thus began what would later be called the Jedi Civil War, for though Revan, and later Malak ,his apprentice, called themselves Sith, to the greater galaxy, it was as though the Jedi Order had turned on itself, with the Republic being trapped between them.

At war’s end, barely a hundred Jedi were left, and they found themselves targeted by Sith Assassins, reducing an already reduced order to barely a few. When the Dark Wars, as this period was known, ended, what few Jedi were left essentially had to start over from scratch. 

The key part I took away from this age, which were illustrated in the Knights of the Old Republic series, was that the Jedi had a serious flaw in that many of their own number, including some of their greatest number such as Revan, fell to the Dark Side. The second of the two games, KotOR 2, the SIth Lords, was a powerful deconstruction of the Jedi and the Star Wars universe, much of it focused on the Force and its sometimes contradictory nature. Kreia, a fascinating character inspired by both the Emperor and Obi Wan Kenobi,  was the mouthpiece for much of this deconstruction, forcing the player to reevalute their beliefs on the Force, the Jedi, and the Sith. The Jedi of this age were ultimately destroyed because of their inability to examine the flaws and their teachings, and more importantly why they were falling to the Dark Side. The survivors, the majority of which consisted of the Students of a Jedi who’d been exiled from the Order for following Revan to war, and yet had been the only one to return to justify their decision to fight the Mandalorians . Her teachings proved the bedrock of a Jedi Order that was able to restore itself in the three hundred years prior to the next major conflict of the Dark Side, and was open to to varying interpretations of the Force and its meanings.

Fast forward three thousand years, and history repeats itself. The Sith have returned and conquered much of the galaxy, ruling from individual kingdoms across the Galaxy, trapping those within their rule from rescue, and once again the High Council seemed slow to intervene. In frustration, many Jedi went off on their own to fight the Sith, and the they did so spectacularly. Their efforts were so successful that in gratitude, many thankful citizens gave the Jedi the keys to their individual kingdoms, providing the onset of the age of the Jedi Lords, a schism of Jedi who held baronies and titles across the galaxy, formed families, and even managed to occasionally hold political office as the Supreme Chancellor multiple times! They even formed what was unoffically known as the Jedi Grand Council in direct contrast to the more traditional High Council.

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The Jedi of this era were written for the background of the popular Jedi Knight Games that starred Kyle Katarn, a rebel turned Jedi Knight. Katarn’s adventures would lead him to the Valley of the Jedi, which came to be during the end of the Age of the Jedi Lords , or New Sith Wars as they are more commonly. The original Jedi Knight was when the title of Jedi Lord was first introduced. I can only assume after reading the lore of the Jedi in these particular storylines, that the writers assumed that the ancient Jedi must have shared to traits with western knights, including families, noble titles, and a very martial stance on fighting the Dark Side.

I confess I wouldn’t have minded if this turned out to be the case for the Order, as much of their attributes, a dedication to going into dark places for the sake of the innocent, tight bonds of loyalty, and being not unlike many of the Paladins on this blog. But having them being a rival schism of the more traditional Jedi provides some interesting story opportunities.

Opportunities that manifested in the Battle of Ruussan, where two massive armies of Jedi Lords and Sith destroyed each other in massive blast of Force energy, forming the Valley of the Jedi. This seemingly ended the Sith once and for all, and severely weakened the Jedi who did not follow the High Council, their diminished numbers swiftly turning those who still lived into a minority. A minority that found itself censured as the High Council brought the Jedi back to their way of thinking, drawing the Jedi together to the Temple on Coruscant, which would become a the primary training center for the next thousand years, along with enforcing the one master, one padawan rule to prevent any one Jedi from having significant influence over the Order’s future. 

Ironically, the Sith were reforming at this time as well. Darth Bane, partly due to recognizing that the treacherous nature of the Sith and his own personal beliefs on the nature of the Force, instigated the Rule of Two, ensuring there would then only two Sith Lords at any given time. One master to hold the power, and an apprentice to crave it. The Sith then retreated into the shadows, and would not resurface for a thousand years.

And finally we enter the age of the films. The Jedi of this era, though they don’t initially realize it, are under attack from the most devious Sith Lord to ever live: Darth Sidious, or as he’s known from his kindly facade, Sheev Palpatine.

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As of yet, how much of what occurred is due to Palpatine’s singular cunning or was part of the thousand year plan that began with Bane’s reformation of the Sith is uncertain. But the fact of the matter is that he crippled the Jedi well before he ever revealed his true nature, taking advantage of every weakness the Order had given itself in the aftermath of the Battle of Ruussan. He blinded them to future by clouding the Temple itself via an ancient Sith Shrine that was hidden beneath it. He took advantage of their isolationism to ferment resentment among the Republic for the Jedi. He orchestrated a war that was meant solely to grant him massive political power, and slowly bleed the Jedi over a long conflict, and finally, his ultimate coup was turning an emotionally vulnerable and desperate young man to his way of thinking.

The result is devastating for both the Jedi and the galaxy. The Order is betrayed, its future destroyed by the man who was destined to bring balance to the Force. Democracy is willing destroyed, and replaced with a tyrannical Empire that will rule the galaxy with an iron fist.

And two small children are hidden away, tiny lights hidden in the dark. Their planned destiny is to restore galaxy when the time is right. They do, but not in the way their mentors expect, and galaxy is better for it. Luke Skywalker does not slay Sidious, or his father. Because he is not afraid of either either death nor darkness, he redeems Anakin Skywalker, and the Galaxy is given the chance to heal.

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Looking back at all of it, all the history and the events that led to so many deaths, and war on massive scale, I recognized one common thread, a reason why history repeated itself. 

Fear. The answer is fear. Specifically, fear of the Dark Side. Rather than risk any interaction with it, large sections of the Order have over the eons have insulated the Jedi and reduced the risk of corruption by preventing conflicting teachings and isolation from the greater galaxy. 

This isolationism made them vulnerable to Sidious’ manipulations, and gave him the opportunity to turn Anakin Skywalker by utilizing his fear of loss. The lack of any varying branches of philosophy also made them predictable, and unable to adapt to a changing political situation. Essentially, what one disillusioned Jedi called Council’s “Damnable sense of over caution” made the Order stagnant and crippled while their greatest enemy only grew stronger in the shadows.

Yet, I have hope for the Jedi of the future. Luke was instructed with the bare essentials on becoming a Jedi Knight, and unlike his teachers was still able to see the kernel of light in Darth Vader’s heart. As this quotation from one of my favorite Star Wars books illustrates, whatever new shape the Jedi take in the future, under Luke’s guidance, they won’t have the same weakness that destroyed them before.

  • Kar Vastor:I have known Jedi. Many, many years ago. That knowing was not a gladness for me. I believed I would never know another, and I rejoiced in that belief. But it is a gladness for me to be proven wrong. I am happy to have known you, Jedi Luke Skywalker. You are more than they were.
  • Luke Skywalker: That’s–I mean, thanks, but I barely know anything.
  • Kar Vastor:So you believe. But I say to you: you are greater than the Jedi of former days.
  • Luke Skywalker: What makes you say that?
  • Kar Vastor:Because unlike the Knights of old, Jedi Luke Skywalker… You are not afraid of the dark
A Guide for Langblrs

As i promised to an anon, i make this post to give some tips, ideas and advice to new langblrs/small langblrs/whoever wants to read this. 

Note: What you will read are things i do and things i’ve noticed since i made this langblr.

The beginning

First thing is to decide your URL. You can choose something language related or something completely different. Don’t feel pressured if your URL doesn’t have the word language, polyglot, literature etc. People will find you harder, yeah, but it’s better like that than disliking your URL. (try to choose something catchy that makes sense)

Choose a description. When people come to your blog for the 1st time, they want to know a bit about yourself.

Make an introduction post. (this is optional actually, but it will be nice to make one) Tell to others who you are, what you like, why you made that blog, what you want to achieve with it, what languages you are learning. If you want, you can even add some langblrs that inspired you.

Tags. I want to mention this here since this is pretty important. Develop a tagging system. Whatever you post should have a tag or something since this can make a difference between a well-known blog and a small blog. I’ve seen once a post in Mandarin, it was perfect. However, it didn’t have any notes. Why? The blogger didn’t tag it with anything and regardless of how good that post was, people couldn’t see it. I’ve seen it only because i have the habit of checking out blogs once in a while. So, don’t forget to tag things.

e.g. languages, langblr, langblog, tongueblr, (the language i’ve used in the vocab/grammar post), polyglot, multilingual, bilingual, language blog, study, grammar, vocab list, vocabulary, learning languages, language learning etc.

I use these tags (most of them) at every post i make.


Here i’ll make a mixture of ideas and tips.

  • Decide what you like to do/what makes you comfortable. You like to write vocab lists? Do that. If you prefer grammar explanations, go for that. Memes? Jokes? Make such posts if this is what you like. I know people who likes writing posts about anything language related but dislike making vocab lists and there’s the opposite, people who build their blog on 80% posts that are vocab lists. See what works for you.
  • Mention in the title (if it’s a vocab list) what it’s the topic and the language(s). (Animals in Korean; School supplies in Chinese etc)
  • If you make vocab lists for people who learn your native language, pay attention and try to avoid making mistakes of any kind.
  • If you write vocab lists for your target language, remember that you make those lists for you in the 1st place and then for others. 
  • You can make vocab lists in 3-4 languages. (This is a new trend actually)
  • Grammar explanations. People just love them for some reason? Even i can’t stop reblogging a grammar explanation when i see it, regardless the language.
  • If you have a good sense of humour, make memes/jokes. Langblrs like to laugh and you can get pretty popular with jokes.
  • Make posts with resources. Langblrs like to collect resources so if you have something new or some kind of list, share it.
  • Be different. In this community it’s kind of hard because “someone came with that idea before” it’s what you will think when you’ll try to be original. If you are different, you get more attention than you expected.
  • Don’t focus on the notes of a post. They don’t define you and you shouldn’t care if a post has 5 notes or 500.
  • If you have “tag game” posts, tag them with not “language related”. 
  • If you have tips for language learning or just an amazing method to study, that will help others if you share it. A very nice langblr told me once “Langblrs are good with learning languages, but they don’t share their methods usually.” So share it with us, maybe we can learn something. (Unless you have the secret of learning an entire language in 2 weeks because let’s face it, that’s a secret no one will ever share.)
  • Reviews. You can make reviews of books, sites, apps. You’ll be surprised how many people know Duolingo, but you will be even more surprised by how many didn’t hear of it.
  • Share your progress with us. You finished your duolingo tree? Tell to others, everytime when i see such a post i say “congrats” to that person because they deserve it.
  • Remember to choose a suitable title for your posts. Also, as i said before, the more original you are, the more popular you get. You have looked at your food and thought of “How to learn a language while cooking”, write that. It’s new, no one wrote that, go for it. (Listen to this because this is how i wrote a post when the power went out and i wanted to study)
  • Tell us what you do daily in order to study your target languages. Not many blogs do that and i’ve seen only 4-5. Studyblrs do this mostly but we don’t need to take a picture or so. Write a 2 line post that you played on duolingo and watched a movie and that’s fine. You have no idea who you might inspire.
  • Try to post once in a while, don’t focus only on the “reblog” option.
  • Be sure your queue has enough posts. That option will save you when you aren’t online or you’re on holiday.
  • If you have a youtube channel and it’s language related, share your videos.
  • Tag the posts you reblog. Even if it’s only 1 tag with the language and that’s still great.
  • You have a blog now, so you have a voice, be careful how you use it.
  • Moodboards. This was pretty popular a while ago. However, if you make such posts, be careful not to offend someone.
  • Music/movie recommandations. This community needs this. You can even practice your target language and translate the lyrics! 


What will be a post without some tips?

  • Don’t check your followers too often. People will follow and unfollow you constantly, that shouldn’t matter.
  • Don’t think too much of “i want to become popular”, better think of “i want to help more”. (I know that everyone wants that, i wanted that too, but after a while you learn that’s better to focus on helping than becoming popular.)
  • Be sure your ask is open and that you allow anons to ask you stuff. Many people have social anxiety so the anon option helps them a lot. (You need a computer to set this.)
  • If you get a mean ask, don’t answer it. Your blog is like your reflexion and you don’t need that kind of negativity. Just delete it and move on with your life.
  • If you get more hate even if you didn’t answer to the mean asks, use your computer to log in and next to the “answer” button, are 3 dots, click on them and “block” the anon. They will never send you asks again.
  • Make friends. Try to talk/send asks to other blogs. If you are active like this, people will remember you.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t talk to many blogs or you don’t interact a lot with others.
  • Don’t judge your followers/anons and try to help them with what you can.
  • Don’t get angry if you get the same question for the Nth time. Just redirect that anon to your old answer or make a FAQ.
  • If you have time/skills to make printables, do that. People will love you.
  • Change your notes once in a while. I check them daily in case anyone tagged me somewhere.
  • Be nice with everyone even if you dislike their opinion/attitude. Just ignore them if you can’t be nice to them.
  • If you see new blogs, welcome them. They will check your blog out at some point, or they will just have a nice opinion about you and follow you. (I remember when i made my introduction post and there was this nice blog who said welcome and wished me luck, i just loved them)
  • Treat everyone equally, even if they are well-known in the community or just newbies.
  • If you need help, feel free to ask. If no one can’t help you, someone might suggest you someone who can.
  • Your blog is about languages, don’t forget this when you make posts. The blog is for your language learning journey, not to get attention.
  • Accept that everyone is different and every person has another point of view, don’t use swear words or insults when you try to say your opinion. Even if the other one may do that, you don’t have to be like them. You said your point of view, your job is done there.
  • Once in a while, reblog an “ask game”, allow to others to ask stuff about you so they know you better. (the credits for this tip goes to the anon who said that i’m “reserved”, i will never forget you!)
  • Don’t forget to add in your description what languages you know.
  • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Don’t expect anything so you can be more excited when things happen.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong.
  • Don’t make a “joke” post. Now, i don’t talk about jokes like “I want to learn a new language. *** 1st April joke, i actually want to learn 6″, i’m talking about posts with fake info. A while ago i reblogged something in tagalog and a native wrote to me to delete it because those words weren’t actually what the blogger said they are.
  • When you make vocab lists, check the notes because if you have any mistakes, someone will point them out and you can correct them.
  • Don’t get upset/frustrated when someone corrects you or gives you advice. You, just like everyone else, will learn a lot from others in this community.
  • The last thing is to have fun. Langblr is a nice community so enjoy your studies!

I hope this post will help you guys. If anyone wants to add anything, feel free to do so. (I’m pretty sure i forgot something and in like 2 hours i’ll remember it)

Fan Fiction Master-post

Aged Up: 

Not exactly a balcony, Wendip:

A 16 year old Dipper Pines returns to Gravity Falls one summer to find something strange on the roof of the Mystery Shack.

A very Wendip Christmas: 

Dipper has a plan for the holiday season, and he’s going to pull out all the stops to make sure it goes ahead.

An uncertain apology, Wendip:

Dipper makes a mistake and tries is best to make up for it.

Namesakes, Wendip:

Dipper learns to love his name.

Shades of red, Wendip:

What colour reminds Dipper most of his girlfriend.

It’s simply love, Wendip

Wendy comes to a sudden powerful realisation.

A new development, Wendip(NSFW):

Wendy has to deal with a ‘gift’ from Dipper.

Revenge, Wendip(NSFW):

Wendy pays Dipper back for the marks he left her.

A momentary solution, Wendip. (Part 1)(Part 2)

Something has got Dipper spooked and he seeks an unusual answer to his problem.

Protect and Serve, Wendip: 

Dipper needs to be certain that summer is safe, Wendy can’t help but notice.

Double Trouble, Wendip and Mabcifica: 

Dipper and Mabel attempt to broker a truce between the most competitive people in their lives.

Adrenaline Junkie, Wendip(NSFW): 

Wendy and Dipper spend time on the roof. 

Power, Wendip (NSFW): 

Dipper dons articles of submission. 

A traditional ritual, Wendip(NSFW): 

Wendy and Dipper attempt to perform a sacred rite. 

A power nap, Wendip: 

Dipper has the most Amazing night.

Lost bets and surprising talents, Wendip(NSFW-ish): 

Dipper looses a bet and Wendy wants him to do something for her.

Scars and Souvenirs, Wendip: a

fter a mission goes wrong Wendy has to patch up her husband.

A brighter side, Wendip: 

Wendy has to enter the study to find her husband. 

The protectors of Gravity Falls, Wendip

Dipper and Wendy attempt to find a missing person. 

Echos of days gone by, Wendip: 

Dipper, Wendy and Summer celebrate new years in a traditional way.

The road to hell: 

After the sudden death of Candy Chu Dipper makes a decision. 


Dipper and Wendy visit an old friend to help an even older one.

The race: 

Wendy and Dipper go for a walk to the multi-bears cave.

You’re an idiot but you’re my idiot 
Wendy understands Dipper better than he does. 

Don’t underestimate what a person will do for someone they care about.
Follow up to my short Moonshine Wendy is protective to say the least 

We are not going to steal someones dog. 
Dipper is certain he found a werewolf

A talk with Mrs Corduroy 
Dipper talks to Wendy’s mother. 

The dragon of gravity falls. 
Dipper and Wendy partake in some wildlife preservation 

Five Times Wendy and Dipper Were Visited By Specter and One Time They Put Him To Rest.
Wendy and Dipper deal with a silent watcher all their lives.

They don’t make spider demons like they used to. 
Wendy and Dipper get in a sticky situation 

Coffeehouse Au:

Beware the green eyed monster, Wendip: 

Wendy has her eye on the new guy but is scared she might have competition. 

Hot Chocolate: 

After their first date Dipper shows that he can be relied on.

Caffeine, Wendip and Mabcifica: 

Dipper needs a date to his sisters wedding, and he knows just the girl to ask.

Espresso, Wendip

Tambry is sick of covering for her Co-workers.

Neon Stars: 

Set in the near future. Wendy is a private investigator in the Depths a multilayered city where crime runs rampant. In an attempt to find a missing girl she is thrust head first into a life of crime. Heavy Wendip and Mabcifica. Mentions of blood and significant violence.

Chapter 1: The shooting star 

Chapter 2: Old leather-bound books

Chapter 3: Making Promises

Chapter 4: Everyone has their reasons

Chapter 5: What are you running from

Chapter 6: The man in black and yellow


Chapter 7: A bolt of neon 

Chapter 8: Mr Mystery

Chapter 9: The best laid plans

Chapter 10: Of mice and men

Chapter 11: 

Gang aft a-gley



Wendy and Dipper visit an old informant 

a darker narrative where Dipper goes missing after his 16th birthday, most of the gang has moved on but when Wendy hears something in her bathroom she is thrust back into a world much darker than she remembers.
Why exactly do you need Chloroform at 2am 

Small town girl big city cult. 

Direct sequel to the original short

I tried my best to not feel for you but guess what, I failed.

Don’t underestimate what I person will do to protect those they care about

Wendy Corduroy, student, lumberjacks daughter and Slayer. When gifted with the sacred duty of the vampire slayer, Wendy is quick to refused the responsibility of her title and the aid of her new watchers. But as sinister forces begin to move against her, Wendy will soon realize that sometimes, no matter how hard you try you can’t outrun your destiny. Heavy Wendip and Mabcifica. Now with added Wendipbry   

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Chapter 6 

One Shots:

Competition, Showers and Overwhelming Attractions, Wendip(NSFW): 

after a race goes awry Dipper and Wendy keep messing up.

Tell The Truth!, Wendip:

an old Item gets revealed for a game of truth or dare.

Control the story
Dippers 21st birthday celebrations go shockingly wrong.