what a name jesus


·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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save him. 


I don’t know what’s not to love about this video:

-The Pre-Hamilton Lin Manuel Miranda singing a song that’s far out of his range.
-The Pre WWII setting of the musical. (Any other situation, I would hate this)
-That orchestra though.
-The singers leading him into the song and their perfect pitch.
-The hum of the VHS camera.
-The idea that simply putting someone in white clothing is the same as them being Jesus.
-Why did they cast him as Jesus and not Judas?

I just love this video, and nothing will convince me not to. Maybe one day I’ll release my full cover of “Agony”, from Into The Woods.

Can we just take a moment

And appreciate the fact that the lone wanderer and sole survivor have something to look for and retrieve (dad and son) and yet the courier is just some asshole wandering around in the desert? It’s like

“Okay, I’ve just been kicked from the vault. My father left a trail of holotapes and the first settlement in my vision is a "Megaton”. Okay, let’s hope I can find him"


“Okay, my spouse is dead, and I think I saw the killer. I’ve exited the vault, and returned to my old home. Codsworth is still here, that’s good. Hopefully he and I can find Shaun.”

But then with Courier 6 it’s like


And frankly I find it quite beautiful


Malcolm does his impression of Jeremy Corbyn on the morning of June 9, 2017.

And you know how Jeremy Corbyn and Jesus Christ have the same initials? I think that can only mean Dan “Made Entirely of Smarm” Miller was actually a prophet in his own land and he didn’t even know it.


I love this medley

10,000 reasons / what a beautiful name


Since 2015 I’ve been wanting to work on an art series where I re-imagine the characters and the world of the Dragon Age series (starting with DA2 since that’s the first one I played) in a post apocalyptic world where instead of magic, dragons and the fade there are genetic enhancements, mutated abominations and cyberspace ( think something like Fallout/Mass effect/Dents)

I’ve never gotten around to actually working on it due to several… life issues. Now that things are less hectic I’m starting it off with Fenris.

Wall of Text incoming:

Post apocalyptic Fenris ( I have no idea what to call this series) is an escaped test subject of a high security laboratory owned by an enhanced(fuck me I can’t do names for shit) known as Danarius. Fenris’ whole body is covered in implants that increase his physical prowess and allow him to phase through solid objects by stepping through what they call cyberspace (Jesus Christ help me name these things)

These implants not only run through his skin but is also embedded into his muscles, bones and his cerebral system causing him great physical discomfort and why he avoids Physical contact with other people as much as possible.

After a field test/encounter gone wrong, Fenris fled to Kirkwall and is then hunted down by his former master’s soldiers. The implants and the several experiments done on him caused him to lose all of his earlier memories, leaving him completely alone in his flight for freedom.

I tried to stay loyal as much as possible to how Fenris originally looks and at the same time address my concerns for his original in-game design. I think that if a runaway slave with snow white hair and glowing tattoos is being manhunted by someone that can afford a private army and a mansion in a distant city, they’re gonna probably try their best to not be spotted by wearing a cloak or hood to cover up the markings and his head. I also thought that the reason you can’t change his outfit/armor is because it’s custom made for him and his markings.

This is still missing a lot of design stuff for Fenris, like his sword for example. It’s not short, it’s retractable. If you’re thinking that the “sheath” won’t be able to hold the blade in place, don’t worry it’s sorta magnetically held in place in the sheath like how the guns in ME3 are held on their backs. I also need to share what his gas mask looks like (cause post apocalyptic world) and how it works (it’s the one he’s carrying on his left leg) and most important of all what Fenris looks like when he uses his implants and when he enters “Ghost” mode. They’re all in separate files and I’ll attempt to finalize and compile them soon.

There are still a lot of things that I need to address like the different races in the DA universe, blood magic, demons and magic in general. So hopefully I find time to be able to do this series continuously cause I’m reaaally excited to work on the illustrations I have planned.

GOT7 as classic quotes I've said
  • Jaebum: *looking at cats in the pet store* i love you and i love you and i love you
  • Mark: i swear i'm a morning person *presses snooze 17 times*
  • Jackson: well i can't NOT smile at every stranger i see on the street
  • Jinyoung: i can't believe i got a 95 on this term paper. why didn't i get a 100? i'm taking this up with the professor. unbelievable
  • Youngjae: that lady in this picture looks like mother jesus-- wait that's not her name... what's her name again?
  • Bambam: $300? that's not that expensive
  • Yugyeom: do birds have four arms or..?

listen up this is why i hate this book the secret history 

  • goddamn HENRY WINTER (what kind of name is that jesus christ) who translated like three books before he turned 18 and plotted to murder a classmate using mushrooms (MUSHROOMS) knew jack shit about the moon landings
  • “when did this happen?? how did they get there???” i swear to god
  • francis abernathy with his even fancier name sitting on a windowsill eating cherries straight out of a jar 
  • admits he doesn’t even like them while still eating them
  • henry winter gardens?? what the fuck
  • these are the most pretentious fuckers on earth i hate them so much i love them so much i just
  • bunny corcoran is a pie thief someone report him to the authorities
  • endless supply of cigarettes goddamn
  • do we all hate bunny?? do we all love bunny?? who fuckign knows
  • bunch of fucking teenagers running around in bed sheets and shit in the vermont countryside 
  • did they actually have an orgy??? henry never answered that. i want to know
  • nobody tells bunny anything
  • nobody tells richard anything
  • nobody tells anybody anything
  • richard sitting there like a kid who walked in on his parents having sex when charles and camilla did the thing in the kitchen
  • did henry actually collect plants from around the murder site or did i dream that
  • richard: i love you. camilla: thank you. richard: i love you so much. camilla: thank you so much
  • pretentious fucks

↪  all  taken  from  the  1983  novella. feel  free  to  edit  them  as  you  see  fit,  &  enjoy !

  • “the most important things are the hardest things to say.”
  • “it happened a long time ago… although sometimes it doesn’t seem that long to me.”
  • “you four-eyed pile of shit!”
  • “drop dead in a shed, fred.”
  • “you guys want to go see a dead body?”
  • “my balls crawled up so high i thought they was trying to get back home.”
  • “there used to be a bridge, but there was a flood. a long time ago. now there’s just the train-tracks.”
  • “did you ever hear of such a fucked-up family?”
  • “he’s a real asshole, ain’t he?”
  • “man, you shoulda seen your face. oh man, that was priceless. that was really fine. my fucking-a.“
  • “you know that she thinks wearing glasses would spoil her pretty face.”
  • “besides, it’s spooky sleeping out at night in the woods.”
  • “a train-dodge, dig it? what’s trucks after a fuckin’ train-dodge?”
  • “'i’m gonna kill [him/her/them]. at least give [him/her/them] a fat lip.”
  • “Go anywhere you want, but don’t go here.”
  • “he won’t live to be twice the age he is now.”
  • “i dream about that every now and then.”
  • “don’t call me any of your mother’s pet names.”
  • “i don’t shut up, i grow up. and when i look at you i throw up.”
  • “are you some kinda smartass?”
  • “okay, that’s it. that’s it, that’s the end, i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “let’s get away from this asshole before i puke.”
  • “talk is cheap.”
  • “hey, if i spoiled your good time, i’m sorry.”
  • “jesus christ. what a fuckin’ bedtime story.”
  • “most town names are stupid. you just don’t think so because you’re used to ‘em.“
  • "when you don’t know what happens next, that’s the end.”
  • “no, man. don’t say that. don’t even think that.“
  • “what’s asshole about wanting to be with your friends?”
  • “i know about you and your folks. they don’t give a shit about you.“
  • “but kids lose everything unless somebody looks out for them.”
  • "if your folks are too fucked up to do it then maybe i ought to.”
  • “but kids lose everything unless somebody looks out for them and if your folks are too fucked up to do it then maybe i ought to.”
  • “'cause you’ll just be another wise-guy with shit for brains.”
  • “i know what people think of my family in this town. i know what they think of me and what they expect.”
  • “all they give a fuck about is whether you behaved yourself in grammar school and what the town thinks of your family.“
  • “but maybe I’ll try to work myself up. i don’t know if i could do it, but i might try.“
  • “i want to go someplace where nobody knows me and i don’t have any black marks against me before i start.“
  • “people drag you down.”
  • “i say i wanna go look for it, then i’m gonna go look for it! i wanna see it! i wanna see the ghost! i wanna see it.”
  • “it’s hard to make strangers care about the good things in your life.“
  • “i was thinking of something else, that’s all.”
  • “what am i doin’ here, anyway?”
  • “well what the fuck do you know about this?”
  • “i’ll give you one chance to just blow away. i don’t give a fuck where. Just make like a tree and leave.”
  • “kid, whatever your name is, get ready to reach down your fuckin’ throat the next time you need to pick your nose.”
  • “suck my fat one, you cheap dime-store hood.”
  • “i’m gonna break both [his/her/their] fuckin’ arms.”
  • “you’ll go to jayyy-ail.”
  • “where do you want it, [name]? arm or leg? i can’t pick. you pick for me.”
  • “but i know how you’re going to come out of this, motherfuck.”
  • “you dig me?”
  • “oh, why don’t you go home and fuck your mother some more?”
  • “stick with me, man.”
  • “i’m not going to forget it, if that’s what you’re thinking. this is big time, baby.”
  • “be seeing you.”
  • “maybe he knew this was gonna happen. what a fuckin’ creepshow, i’m sincere.”
  • “you lousy rubber chicken.”
  • “if people ask where we were, we’ll say we went campin’ up on [place name] and got lost.”
  • “well, seeya in school on wednesday. i think i’m gonna sleep until then.”
  • “i’m gonna toot home and see if mom’s got me on the ten most wanted list.”
  • “you bet they’ll tell. but not today or tomorrow, if that’s what you’re worried about. it’ll be a long time before they tell, i think. years, maybe.”
  • “i didn’t think of it just like that. you see through people, [name].”
  • “i’m never gonna get out of this town.”
  • “don’t let me see you around, dipshit.”
  • “do you think they will respect you? they will laugh and call you stupid-fool.”
  • “i didn’t know them. really.”
  • “i’m sorry i couldn’t stay with you, [name], but i had pies in the oven.”
  • “friends come in and out of your life like busboys in a restaurant, did you ever notice that?”
  • “if you go out alone you’re a hero. take somebody else with you and you’re dogpiss.”
  • “fuck gerunds.”
  • “if he had drowned, that part of me would have drowned with him, i think.”
  • “i drove out of town, parked, and cried for [him/her/them]. cried for damn near half an hour, i guess.”
  • “a lot of the critics think what i write is shit.”
  • “my story sounds so much like a fairytale that it’s fucking absurd.”
  • “i wonder if there is really any point in what i’m doing.”
Say ‘Jesus’ and people either get happy, or they get mad. They either smile, or a cloud comes over their faces. They are either elated or irritated. Embarrassed, they try to change the subject or walk away. Or engaged, they pursue deeper conversation and connection. No other name has such potency.
—  Carolyn Weber, “Surprised by Oxford”