what a mood to be in


more pictures of flying saucer taken with the photography camera that my teacher 100% entrusted me with, and i have failed her,

also i got him in there with just some of the christmas stuff my uncle already has out; he looks just as unimpressed and tired as i do

me: i’m a good writer. i know my worth and i’m confident in my skill set and i know i can do this. 

me, five minutes later: what if i’m terrible? what if everyone who has ever read my work and thought it was good was lying? too afraid to tell me the truth? blackmailed by aliens? what if everything i write is terrible and too scattered/forced/hollow what if i don’t know how to make a sentence. where do verbs go. how do u emotion


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro