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How can the president of the US lie so blatantly and so often and still have so much support?

The American electorate gave the conservatives a mandate by handing them the house, the senate and a majority of state governorships. Mr. Trump, though universally despised by his party, is still the head of the party. 

During the campaign, the president lied so much and so often that many citizens don’t take him at his word. They assume that he is speaking figuratively or that his words have been twisted by others. 

We are experiencing a strange phenomenon. That is a sitting president who clearly is underqualified for office and who has become a mere figurehead while others such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, Mike Pence and especially Steve Bannon actually run the government. 

Mr. Trump has neither the intellect nor the temperament for governing. People who voted for him are sticking with him because if they admit they voted for a dangerously unqualified man then they look foolish although some are starting to realize what they have done.

The Most Broken Current Cartoon Character

I always thought the new and original characters were the most broken characters like  

Steven Quartz Unvierse has to live the fact that his mom, Rose Quartz, have commited some dark acts in the past

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Star Butterfly lost almost everything in season 2 

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Marceline Abadeer lost her mother, her first and true friend, Simon lost his sanity for wearing the crown too much, and what’s worst that she has to become what she hates the most, a vampire  

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Ice King lost his sanity and forgotten everything he once knew himself 

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But probably the current most broken cartoon character out of all of them is Samurai Jack 

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What makes this man such a broken figure is he used to have a strong will that keep him moving, always had hope that he’ll find his way home, and always fight for justice. Even though it seem bad at first, but he finds another way, like he always had.

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But now, after 50 years without aging alone, he lost himself in this forsaken time. He lost his honor as a samurai, lost his way to what to fight for and lost his faith to find his way back to the past 

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Every time portal is destroyed 

He lost his sword, the only weapon that could defeat Aku 

Really horrible PTSD 

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And what’s worst is he thinks of performing Harakiri (suicide)

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Out of all cartoon characters in today world, I find Samurai Jack, the most broken out of all cartoon characters and deserve the most hugs 

Lucky him

After a particularly messy encounter with goblins a lizard man character with very low intelligence ended up with a lucky charm.
Lizard man: I choose to eat it
DM: eat it? Not equip it?
Lizard man: my character is hungry
DM: (shrugs) ok then
Me: does he become lucky from eating it
DM: well..you know what, roll d20
Lizard man: (critical success) ha!
DM: (sighs) alright your character is now lucky

You know what i love about part 2

Everyone is used to josephs bullshit except for stro, stro is the only one who actually takes him completely seriously, which makes sense the last time stro saw joseph was the fight with santana. And stro keeps this mentality up until kars becoming the perfect life form, WERE FUCKED, WERE DOOMED, b..but then, whats that?..


and look at that! Stroheims all ears! He trusts joseph, JOJO HAS TO HAVE A WAY TO DEFEAT THIS NOW GOD!!


Look at stro, hes so eager to hear what this plan is!


look at that chuckle, HIS PLAN MUST BE BRILLIANT IF HES ACTING SO CONFIDENT!!!……And then it happens…

this is the face of a man who just realized the person he put soo much faith in has the mentality of a child, and now might die because of it.

Since people don’t seem to understand what “Men’s Reproductive Rights” means,

I will explain it in a way using popular characters. 

This is Nancy Hicks Gribble from popular animated show King of the Hill. One of the biggest controversies and stories about her is that throughout her marriage, she spent 14 years of it cheating on her husband , Dale Gribble 

with muscle bound Native American masseur, John Redcorn. 

During one of their frequent…encounters, Nancy becomes pregnant and has a son, Joseph Gribble. 

Now obviously Joseph isn’t Dale’s biological son, but Dale is not smart enough and too trusting of his wife to question it (he has even caught them in bed together and incorrectly assumed his wife was just getting a massage). It is obvious to John Redcorn however. So what does this have to do with men’s rights? Well since Nancy kept the continued affair a secret, Dale has been taking care of Joseph, another man’s son, with the false assumption that it is his own. John Redcorn, who desperately wants to be a part of Joseph’s life, is unable to do so properly because the son believes that Dale is his father and Nancy refuses to be truthful. So one father is being tricked/forced to take care of a child that isn’t his, while another man is being refused his right to parenthood. 

Need another example? 

This is Lana Kane from the television show Archer.

Lana had a beautiful baby girl through artificial insemination.

However it came with some issues. She stole the sperm from soon-to-be father Sterling Archer 

 while he was having a cancer scare. Throughout the series, Archer has made it clear that he isn’t ready for a baby yet, so his stance on this would probably be clear. She then impregnated herself without telling him or getting his permission, got him to drown and then revive to save her because she was pregnant, then only after the baby was born, did she tell him it was his baby. Not soon after, she demanded that he “man up” and “take responsibility” for the care of the child, while she simultaneously refusing him any and all parental rights when he shows interest in the baby’s future, even stating that she would rather lose the baby than have Archer raise her. Comments on Archer’s wording of watching the baby as “babysitting” was met with similar responses as Lana’s of “It’s your baby, take responsibility” and “if you are the father, it is just parenting”. This all with him not getting a say in the baby’s creation and again, having no parental rights. 

This is yet another problem that men face. At any time, a woman can either get pregnant through consensual intercourse and leave, steal a man’s sperm, or even rape him, and have complete decision on whether the child is born, and almost always gets custody of the child. At any time, the woman can come back into the man’s life and reveal that the man has a child (one that he didn’t ask for or plan for), and immediately demand the man pay back child support. The mother typically gets it. Men who would like to be a part of their baby’s life, no matter the cause of the pregnancy, can easily be refused that right due to court biases favoring women. 

How about another?

This is Deborah Gallagher from the television show Shameless. 

Deborah is pretty desperate for a relationship. blame it on teenage hormones, blame it on her family’s influence, but she makes some bad decisions because of it. Deborah befriended fellow high school student Derek Delgado. 

They get into a relationship, and Deborah encourages him to have intercourse with her. When he brings up the need for a condom, she stresses that it isn’t needed because she is on the pill. It turns out that she lied about being on birth control pills, actually wanting to trap Derek into a relationship by getting pregnant and starting a family. Derek, shocked by the thought of having a baby, and concerned with the future that he had hoped for, moves out of the state to think and get away from Debby. Debby has also done something similar with a former boyfriend, Matt Baker, who she had originally lied to about her age and eventually raped while he was passed out drunk at a party. Her desperation for a relationship would have probably led to a similar scenario, if it wasn’t almost certain that Matt would have gone to jail for Statutory Rape (a different issue men face)

Derek’s story is actually similar to many men’s. He was clearly not ready for a baby, but was tricked into it. He had a whole life planned worked out, but the baby changed that drastically. The common response is “he should have thought about that before having sex”, which is not the same response a woman would normally get. Consent to sex is only consent to a baby for a man. Debby was ready for a baby, and he was not. But who cares about what he thinks, right? So now he must either halt or even cancel his life plans and dreams to take care of the baby, or leave the baby behind and deal with the guilt of his biological child growing up without him because he wasn’t ready. 

You cannot keep shouting “my body, my decision” when it comes to a baby. A baby is more than 9 months. It is a life changing decision that could cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a decision that takes years of dedication, potentially the rest of your life. Men should also get a choice and a say, but often don’t. not when they are raped, not when they are tricked, not when they are not ready for a baby, not when they have other plans in life, not when they want to be a part of the child’s life, nothing. That should be a problem. That should be considered an inequality. 

black paladin!lance: from a meta standpoint

oh god it’s one am, and i’m writing an essay on lance. wow. fucking hell man gg this is what your life has become kyasuu

Alright, let’s get started.

I’ve read a lot of posts about Lance becoming the Black Paladin from a canon perspective–his personality, and it would work better if he were the Black Paladin. And these posts are really, really good (I’m talking specifically about @ironinkpen‘s post on it, go read it haha.)

However, I haven’t seen that much on it from a more meta standpoint (it was actually touched upon briefly in ironinkpen’s post, but I haven’t seen one in depth about it) so I’m writing an essay. Before I start I’d like to thank @royalspaghetti​ for being my rubber duck and letting me talk about all of it and get my thoughts together. (Kinda, this is gonna be a fucking mess)

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Mon-El v Lena, Maggie and Lillian

So, TV Line has elected Mon-El from Supergirl as the Best New Character on an established drama series in 2016. I do not have anything against Mon-El and I do believe that he can become a very interesting character on the second part of Supergirl’s current season. However, the decision to elect a best new character cannot be based on the potential said character has for the future, but on what he has done so far. So, let’s take a look at Mon-El and three other new character on Supergirl, shall we?


  • Was found in a Kryptonian Pod and ran from the DEO as soon as he woke up.
  • Attacked a man in order to force him to send a message to Daxam
  • He got judged wrongly by Kara for being from Daxam, but didn’t really do much to change her view of him in the beginning
  • Did not want to take a job or try to learn how to be human to fit in
  • Acted like a party boy at CatCo. He gave all his work to Eve, used her credit card and fucked her in a supply room
  • He did not want to take any responsibility even for himself
  • He helped The Guardian fight the Parasite
  • He invited himself to L-Corp’s party (rude)
  • He clearly lied about who he really is and what really happened in Daxam before he got in the Pod
  • He only tried to be better after Kara talked to him constantly about this

Conclusion: he did not do anything really important and, except for the fact that he seems to be keeping a secret about whom he really is, he has no more depth of character.

Now, let’s see other three new characters on Supergirl’s second season:

Lena Luthor

  • Carries the surname Luthor which automatically makes everyone distrusts her.
  • Was unjustly accused of being behind the Venture explosion just because of the name Luthor and was proved innocent when Superman and Supergirl realized she was the target of the attack
  • Renamed her company in order to distance it from the evil image created by her brother, even though she knew that Lex had people trying to kill her for him because of this
  • She did not hesitate to kill the man who was trying to kill her and save Alex
  • Helped Supergirl with useful information that could land her in the bad side of some very powerful people by giving the address to the alien fight club.
  • She didn’t shy away from the threat of a gang using alien weaponry given to them by Cadmus and devised a way to destroy them, setting a trap for the gang and eliminating the problem almost single-handedly.
  • When presented with the possibility that her mother was the leader of Cadmus she didn’t ignore Supergirl’s words, instead she confronted her mother and, finding out that it was true, she set a trap to her mother avoiding the genocide of all aliens in National City and sending her own mother to prison.

Conclusion: Lena is a bad-ass woman with incredible talent not only for business, but also technology. She has a good heart and is trying to prove that although her surname is Luthor she does not share the hate and madness that runs in the family.

Okay, another new character.

Maggie Sawyer

  • She is a detective for NCPD who gives Alex, a DEO agent, a little lesson on not contaminating crime scenes in her very first appearance
  • She figures out the place the alien suspected of trying to kill the US President was and got there before the DEO could, even though she has none of the DEO’s technology at her disposal
  • She has a great source of information with the aliens in the alien bar and they trust her
  • She helps Alex and the DEO find and end the alien fight club
  • She is openly gay and does not give a shit about what people think of her
  • She is extremely understanding and patient with Alex when she comes out to her and tries to help the best she can
  • She does not shy away from action even when it means getting shot by an alien
  • She gets the girl, gets shot and yet, doesn’t die

Conclusion: Maggie is a self-assured, strong woman who is not afraid of danger and is constantly throwing herself in the line of fire in order to do her job well, but she also has a soft side and can be a friend and lend a hearing ear when necessary.

And last, but not least:

Lillian Luthor

  • She is a mother that is trying to make the world a better and safer place for her children, however misguided her ideas might be
  • She is the leader of an organization that escaped detection even from the DEO for a long time
  • She managed to kidnap Supergirl and actually make her temporarily powerless so she could hurt her and get her blood to access the Fortress of Solitude
  • She managed to get her hands on the Medusa virus and would have killed all aliens in National City if Lena had not interfered

Conclusion: She may be a force of evil, but she is a powerful and complex woman with strong arguments in favor of her anti-alien actions even if we cannot agree with her.

So why did Mon-El win the title of best new character? Easy, because he is the white heterosexual male who gets to kiss the girl. TV Line’s decision to elect him the best new character undermines the amazing work that has been done so far by Supergirl. This show is about strong women who are not afraid to be themselves, work hard and succeed on their own terms. And yet, TV Line seems to believe that a playboy was the best new character the show had to offer on its second season. Shame on you TV Line.

What If.....

RAW opens up with the replay of what Samoa Joe did to Seth Rollins. We are once again reminded of his injury and, once again, the possibility of him missing Wrestlemania.

Later in the broadcast, Triple H explains how, despite everything he had done for Seth, he felt it was time for a new face to be the Man in the WWE. Kevin Owens has been okay, but he needed someone with the same agression, desire to succeed, and hunger for gold. He saw all that in Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe comes out to agree with all those points, stating he’s there for one thing: to become the Universal Champion and destroy any man in his path. He takes full enjoyment over injuring Seth, saying not even The Man can withstand the Destroyer.

Seth Rollins appears on the Tron, declaring that yes, he may not be cleared in time for Wrestlemania. He vows to get his reveng on Triple H, but first, proclaims he has plans for Samoa Joe. Since he can’t wrestle, he made a call to one of the first people to reach out to him after his injury. Sure enough, he has history with Joe and has defeated him many times in NXT.

Seth ends with: “Yes, The Man may not be able to defeat the Destroyer….but what about The Demon King?”

The arena suddenly goes dark. That familiar heartbeat echoes. The red light starts to glow. Smoke appears from the stage and the ring.

The Demon King has returned……

I’m speechless by this picture. The man in the suit who’s doing first aid is a British minister named Tobias Ellwood. The man he’s doing first aid on is a police officer. The police officer had been stabbed down by a terrorist and was in a critical condition. Tobias Ellwood did what he could, but unfortunately the police officer didn’t make it. He is one of the four people who has lost their life today. There’s still people who’s fighting for their lives so this could sadly become a higher number.

If you’re in London and have seen anything suspicious call the anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321
If it’s an emergency call 999

Please stay safe and keep yourself updated either via social media, any news channel or you can follow @/metpoliceuk on Twitter.

‽ - getting lost together (w/ husband!jin)

“You know, Jin, honey, the love of my life, the man I’ve agreed to marry and conceive babies with - if we’re lost, just say we’re lost!”

“We are not lost!” He exclaims, partially speeding up in the process but his mind takes him down a notch and he comes to his senses that it’s normal to take an extra hour(s) when it comes to road trips and you finally take a glance over to the map he has pinned to the space beside the steering wheel and you click your tongue, “Oh yeah?”

“Yes, Mrs. Kim now if you would please let your husband get the job done, I would-”

Not have the map upside down for two hours now?”

“What the f-”Seokjin’s doing a double take at your words and you notice how wide his eyes become. He may be the man, but if that man doesn’t continue with man, you’re an idiot sometimes, it wouldn’t be love. With a snicker, you prop your feet up against the side of his thigh, nudging him with your foot, “You want me to flip that over for you, champion?”

With a deep sigh, he’s doing a quick check through the rear mirror and pulls over to the side when there are no cars around. He hesitantly peels off the tacked map, flipping it over before he pins it back. You figured you had your victory moment, basking in the glory but it all ebbs away when Seokjin turns to you. He smoothens his hand up your legs before pull you closer and he exhales deeply before he - “Sorry, Y/N,”

Hey, just because he’s being sweet now, doesn’t mean you can’t rub it in like the wife status hanging on your shoulders.

“For what?”

“…for not taking your thoughts into consideration,”


“…for thinking I was right the whole time,”


“I was wrong, okay? Totally wrong and now we’re in the middle of God knows where and-”

“Shh,” You place a finger over his plush lips and fish out your phone, dangling it in front of his face, “Can I waze us there?”

“…only if you promise not to tell the guys,”

“Eh, we’ll see about that.”

((”do we want to know why you guys took so long?”

“gee, ask mr.i-had-the-map-upside-down,”

“…my own wife, unbelievable.”))

Felix has made fun of Muslims too, and did it offend me? A little bit, sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s anti-Muslim. It’s fine if you don’t agree with a guy because of his jokes (no matter how good or how bad it’s still subjective), but that doesn’t make him the bad guy. If he’s really bad, what are we then? He has made tons of charity programs that are worth millions, and what did we ever contribute to the society? You’re shutting your eyes on the charity part and taking something out of context from a joke that you don’t like and then accusing him for something that he is not? Wall Street Journal has clearly become a platform of personal gains instead of real news. They are now contributing lies and hate. I will never look at WSJ the same way again.

I also see many people are adding more points to say the worst about this man ever since WSJ walked in. For an example: “He makes racist jokes he’s disgusting and a bad person so he deserved it”. Well I see you talking to people using foul words as a joke and I’m offended by it so should I say you’re disgusting and a bad person and that you deserve all the misfortunes too? I’m sure you have said many things that have offended other people as well. Right now, you’re telling a person not to say a particular word, but I see you using words just as offensive. I believe in this quote I have came across: “Either all of them are okay, or none of them are okay” – iDubbbz

Don’t be a hypocrite.


A Muslim

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'did damon have character development now with the finale?' I hope this anon was asking because they haven't seen the finale. Just because the show tells us he has development doesn't mean he did. Just because they want to say he feels bad about what he's done and had that one episode in his head doesn't make up for all the crap he's done and he's still never apologized about what he did to Caroline but yeah Stefan's the one who needed to sacrifice everything. ??

Damon never has to be active in his own redemption, which is why he’s never truly redeemed. The show wants him “feeling bad” about what he’s done to be enough, the show wants him willing to sacrifice to be an indication of development without actually doing any of the groundwork that 1) makes that willingness a logical conclusion 2) show that he’s actually become “the better man.” It’s insultingly lazy.

Stefan is and has always been the true redemption story of the show because Stefan always has to pay a price for his actions and work towards atonement. In this season alone, Stefan has more of a redemptive arc than Damon has had in eight because Stefan starts the season with one mindset:

which within the season, the show aims to contradict:

and even within that contradiction Stefan is forced to do evil in order to protect the innocent:

which inherently makes him heroic but despite that, despite the circumstances and context of his behaviour, he’s confronted with his actions without any sympathy and feels profound guilt:

and instead of sitting in a room feeling guilty or going into a catatonic state or whining about how he feels bad for what he’s done, he goes out to save one of his victims:

He tries to give Dorian a sense of peace or justice by handing him his freedom:

and next to the psychological and emotional anguish and turmoil Stefan is put through, he also experiences physical consequences, he is stabbed and shot by both of his victims:

and then, foolhardy or not, Stefan tries to kill Cade because the evil all started with him and when it turns out the evil all started with Katherine, Stefan sacrifices himself to make sure that she dies and that MF won’t be in danger of her again

Furthermore, the fact that Stefan is literally dead because he sacrificed everything but emphasizes to Elena that Damon’s willingness to make the sacrifice makes him the “better man” proves that Stefan is the better man because he isn’t centering his own sacrifice or asking for any pity, he is exceptionally gracious.

Not to mention the sense of protectiveness Stefan has toward Bonnie after what happened with Enzo:

This alone is more than Damon has ever done in the entire series and it’s never “well Stefan said this” or “Stefan was going to do that” it’s Stefan did xyz. Redemption is active it isn’t passive self-reflexiveness that leads to self-pity and moping so Damon’s capacity to feel sorry for himself for being a homicidal dick is not an indication of redemptive development.

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There is something esthetical about his creature. It’s not his physical appearance or his way of speech. It goes far beyond what the human brain comprehends. He has the mind of a young man, but the soul of an elder tree. My mind’s interest in his may lie in the vision of our skin merging together and our spirit’s becoming one.
—  3 am

To people hating on Lefou being gay: yes, apparently he’s going to have an arc where he explores his feelings for Gaston and at first I was disappointed that it was him of all people. BUT, they also said he’ll be three dimensional and throughout the movie will question his loyalty to Gaston because he’s watching someone he idolises begin to destroy himself over Belle and become evil. I have a feeling Lefou has feelings for the Gaston he idolises, the Gaston who is a hero to the village (in the new movie he’s a war hero who saved the village), he’s won’t have feelings for an abusive man because in this film Gaston and Lefou will have an old friendship “like an old married couple” says Luke Evans, a gay man himself. Lefou will probably have an arc where he is questioning his feelings for Gaston, not developing them but maybe losing them because he has feelings for a man who is becoming dark and corrupted because of not getting what he wants (Belle). As a gay woman, I know what it is like to feel like to love someone only to have those feelings torn apart because of expectations of a person. Beauty And The Beast has always been my favourite Disney movie and I’m not going to let this detail or the way people are are addressing it make me feel bad about being excited for the movie. I’ve always loved Lefou’s character for his humour and quirkiness and the new movie will have him be more than just ‘the fool’ and dopey sidekick, they’ve literally said he’ll be a fleshed out character and not just a side character with feelings for a straight character. Please just let me have Lefou, a character I can relate to, someone who is humorous, silly, fun and maybe even like me from a few years ago, in the sense of going through a questioning phase of life. At least give the movie a chance before you slate it, please.

Beast - Arkham Knight Jason x Reader

Here’s the link to Beauty, and this one’s called the Beast! (See what I did there??) And here’s the link to If I Can’t Love Her, which is what started these two fics.

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Jason scowls at the man staring at him through the mirror in the small bunker room he’d arranged to protect you. For the first time, he looks beyond his branded face to see the monster you’d deemed he’d become. For the first time, he sees what you saw. He sees a cruel, heartless man who as incapable of love as he is being loved.

It’s only fitting that his soul be twisted to match his physical scarring. But it’s something he never wanted. He plainly sees the monster he’s become, but deep within him is utter blindness. He has not the slightest insight on how to slay the beast. He’s been driven in one direction for so long that he no longer knows what he should do.


He feels completely and utterly hopeless.

The moment you touched his arm and walked out the door was the moment that he felt the last of his dream die.

He thought you could love him. But that was nothing more than an illusion he’d fed himself to make him feel better about his life. He stood completely helpless as you left him. How could you ever forgive him for everything he’d done? He should have known better.

But your words drove him to a cold, sad conclusion that he didn’t want to face but could never deny.

Nothing could move him from what he’s become, and all the goodness in your heart wouldn’t have changed anything about him. How could he possibly love you if he can’t even turn his heart to love himself?

And beyond that, how could he even consider that you would be able to find it somewhere in your heart to love him? The two of you had spent so much of your lives together. You were the only thing that kept him sane while the Joker had him. You had loved him as much as he loved you. If you of all people can’t bring yourself to love him, then who will?

After the torture the Joker had forced him to endure, he’d felt betrayed by everyone and everything. When Bruce stopped looking for him and found another Robin, it had broken him. The only light in his life had been you. He’d stayed alive for you. But he should have seen long ago that he could have been so much better than what he is now. He could have returned to Gotham. Found you and started a new happy life together.

But instead he’d chosen darkness. Revenge.

What a fool he’d been.

Now he sees that no pain could be deeper than the emptiness in his heart right now. It’s worse than anything the Joker could have done to him. Worse than anything Scarecrow’s fear toxin could conjure to his tortured mind.

He sees now that if he doesn’t have you by his side there’s nothing worth fighting for.

Now there’s no more hope left for him.

He’d hoped with what’s left of his heart that you could have still loved him, and you’d set him free from the beast within him.

But as long as he is a beast, that’s something that can never happen.

Jason looks at the mirror with new resolve. He sees himself as he truly is for the first time. He turns and walks to the bed where he’d discarded his helmet and removes the blue Arkham covering to reveal a red hood. He puts on the Hood and faces himself in the mirror once more.

He will fix this. He will show you that he’s capable of killing the beast within him.

And if he can’t, then the world will never have to hear from him ever again.

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“I’m going to take care of you, okay?” 4 my small angry boy nobu?? :)


It is rare for anyone to see the king of hell like this at all, so peacefully sleeping on her lap with blood matting the side of his face and splattered across his armor like some sort of sickly artist’s touch. She ignores it, however, with her fingers still tracing the side of his cheek. There are times she is afraid, afraid of not the man who she joins in bed at night but the wars he wages and the things he has to do to escape death. A woman who had been so against war had fallen for a warlord; it sounded like the beginning to a riddle. He stood for everything she had been against, war and bloodshed and death and violence and here she was, carding her fingers through his hair as if he was as dangerous as a household pet. 

She wondered what would become of them, what would they be if he had been betrayed or defeated. Dead, surely, but she wondered what the people would tell Yahiko and her mother. How dare a child nearly orphaned by war love someone who would be the same man to end or begin one, a girl who had no right being in the Oda clan to begin with and only was for something no short of a miracle, she had gotten what she deserved for learning to love what killed her father. 

Nobunaga had arrived back after yet another battle to celebrate in the main hall with his men, and she had never seen his gunmetal grey eyes shine so brightly from the despair of war as he congratulated his retainers and celebrated all night and not even bother to fully rid himself of all the blood on his skin. 

He soon stumbled into their chambers while she sat reading–she never liked celebrating death–and he had managed to collapse onto her lap, possibly drunk considering the pink flush on his cheeks. He had done very well hiding most of the violent things he had done from her, maybe as a bid ensure ignorance is bliss, but she still heard the rumors that leaked from the walls of the castle they called home. The king of hell who’s only true love is war, some tell her. It is then that she decides fresh air is needed, and maybe a water basin and a towel to wipe away some blood from him while he rested.  She realizes the direness of how her love functions, how her love cannot coexist with him unless she was to temporarily disregard his status as someone so terrifying. Had she been ignoring it all along?

Once she returns, she inspects him carefully as if it had been the first time she’s seen him, almost finding it unbelievable that he has the blood of thousands on his hands by the serene look on his features. The moment she begins to attempt to rid his fiery red hair of blood is when he stirs awake with a boyish yawn and a grin. “You seem troubled. Out with it.”

He never was tactful when it came to her. It is then his brows furrow and he sits upward, the drowsy haze in his eyes dissipating for something more interrogative as he watches her. 

“I’m just thinking, is all. You’re a sight to see covered in blood, you know.” Her voice is dripped in sadness and maybe it’s because she’s thought too much about her father or because one day that blood will belong to him instead of somebody else, but the pain was all the same to her.

“Foolish girl,” The words are a mumble as he wipes away tears she wasn’t aware she was shedding, only to pull her closer to him into an embrace. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

to people who hate on the prequels

ok first of all:
who the fuck are you.

second of all: i 100% believe the prequels did the best in STABBING YOU IN THE HEART. There is so much emotion and angst especially in ROTS. ESPECIALLY. You fall in love with each of the characters since the phantom menace and see them grow up and become a family. Then, rots comes along to give you the reality of what has to happen for the original trilogy to make sense and you cry bc holyfuck you can’t change what must happen.
Remember the scene where all the Jedi are being murdered from order 66 and you hear that emotional deathly background music? If you’ve seen the clone wars episodes it hurts even worse because you feel like you’ve known those characters your whole life and oh! on top of that: the man who practically raised anakin has to fight him on mustafar in practically the next couple scenes. OBI WAN, THE TRUE JEDI, TELLS ANAKIN HE LOVED HIM AND WATCHES ANAKIN BECOME THE MONSTER HE FEARED. OBI WAN WENT THROUGH SO MUCH SHIT ALREADY HIS OLD MASTER QUI GON DIED IN HIS FUCKING ARMS AND TOLD HIM—NO MADE HIM PROMISE HIM TO PROTECT AND TEACH ANAKIN. AND NOW OBI WAN LOST ANAKIN TOO.
so don’t fucking tell me that the prequels were shit. they explain the back story of what vader was before he joined the darkside. and it’s painful to see such a good person like anakin skywalker get everything taken away from him.

My headcanon about who’s confident-flirty/shy-awkward: it depends on the age.

Young mchanzo has hanzo being the confident and flirty one coming onto mccree with the self assurance of a man who’s used to things going his way, with the latter being rather more self conscious and shook by the young master’s regality and haughtiness. Mccree is apprehensive and awed while hanzo is cheeky and nonchalant.

Older/present day mchanzo has mccree having gone through lots of life experience that has made him both more apathetic and confident, he cares less about what people think and just wants to enjoy himself while he can and at the same time he now has the confidence to act it out, so he becomes the unabashedly flirty one. It’s almost as if he wants to appreciate all the beautiful things in life before his time is up. Hanzo’s life experiences on the other hand, have made him reclusive, more antisocial and repressed, so he’s the one who doesn’t know how to react when mccree hits on him. It might manifest as coldness or as sheer awkwardness. I like to think there’s both, the coldness being in line with how hanzo is portrayed in canon (it’s a wall he puts up to hide his true feelings) but the awkwardness serves to peel a few layers back and expose the true man within and his emotional turmoil




(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Alex Maleev
• What is Doom’s secret? Why, after all he has done to destroy and punish us, is he now determined to become the hero?
•  Find the answer here. But can you trust anything he says or does?
•  Plus: The identity of his new cosmic-level adversary is revealed! And it’s a doozy.


(W) Jason Latour (A/CA) Robbi Rodriguez
•  Who is the mysterious villain threatening Miles’ universe all the way from Gwen’s universe?!
Rated T+



(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Various (CA) David Finch
As Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers roster is completed, who is the masked Ronin - and why has Captain America recruited this mysterious figure? In the wake of the tumultuous events of HOUSE OF M, a new threat emerges that may be impossible to stop. Canada’s premier super-team finds that out the hard way - will the Avengers fare any better? And when CIVIL WAR breaks out across the Marvel Universe, Iron Man and Captain America will find themselves on opposite sides - and their team will be torn in two! Plus: Whose side is Spider-Woman on? Luke Cage marries Jessica Jones! A military rarity! And the Illuminati’s introduction! Collecting NEW AVENGERS (2004) #11-25, NEW AVENGERS: CUSTOM #676 - ARMY & AIR FORCE, GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-WOMAN #1, NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL (2006) #1, NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2006) ONE-SHOT and CIVIL WAR: THE CONFESSION.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Valerio Schiti, Kevin Maguire (CA) Arthur Adams
When things get rough on Earth, Captain Marvel calls in friends from out of town - way out of town! Iron Man doesn’t stand a chance against the Guardians, right? But the team’s allegiances are split down the middle, and tensions have never been higher! And while they’re busy on Earth, who’s guarding the galaxy? As internal conflicts reach a boiling point, outsiders throw more fuel on the fire - and one member with deep roots on Earth will struggle to hold onto their galactic connections! Plus: Flash back to Flash Thompson’s earliest days on the team! Would Venom endanger his new allies to save his idol, Spider-Man? Find out why Spidey is one of the reasons Rocket hates Earth! Collecting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2015) #11-14.