what a lucky nugget she is

If you were a Gillovny fan in 2015 and early 2016…

then you should consider yourself lucky. I mean, the amount of entertainment we’ve managed to get from this very niche fandom is unreal. 

For example, The Cutting Room? I remember waking up in the morning at 4:30am for work and casually checking Twitter. All I saw was mass chaos. I still wasn’t able to find any video at that time, but do you guys remember the chaos over the kisses? How fun was that?! And then the video came out and I remember my second-hand embarrassment for Gillian until she really got into it. David looked like he was loving every second. We thought for sure Gillovny was confirmed right there. We never thought we’d experience such a golden nugget! How exciting was that?! Then David goes on the radio to say how special it was for him to have her there. Total fandom freakout! Not to mention his interview where he said, “I don’t see it happening but I’ve been wrong before” in regards to if he’d ever see him and Gillian dating.

Then we had the excitement of all of the photos they tweeted that summer during filming? It seemed like they were thoroughly enjoying every day together and we were all confident that eventually bits and pieces would spill to us in the form of stories, first-hand accounts and photos. And they did. 

Then NYCC. I mean, everyone remembers where they were when her tweet came out: “Miss you guys. Especially one of you.” I know I lost my shit. I mean, if you really think about that, it seemed so sincere. So private. Again, we thought she was confirming them. And in a lot of people’s minds still, that’s why they believe Gillovny was real - that single tweet. We’re so lucky to have that, you guys. Sure, she could’ve been trolling but to so many of us something about it just rang different than so many of her other tweets.

But the best was still yet to come.

Press week? Like seriously. I lost a full 10lbs of my baby weight that week. I forgot to eat, ffs. There were so many gems. We were a complete mess. Who remembers staying up ALL NIGHT because of her appearance on James Corden? I mean. I remember getting up to nurse my baby and checking my phone to a complete MELTDOWN in the fandom because she had shown her phone and all of those photos of her and David on the bed! That was unbelievable. We all turned into super spies, trying to analyze what the fresh hell was going on in them. Then there was, “be still my heart”, the golden globe photo on the hotel bed with David’s feet in the photo, “wear something nice for me” and “I’ll take it any way I can get it!”, the bed photos, Mr. & Mrs. Petrie 15 years later, “thanks for a fun ride david duchovny. Till next time xxx”. Jimmy Kimmel…nothing compares. Making out on the table, ass grabbing, and not to mention the couch hand-holding and eye-fucking. Then the red carpet. I mean. Pantsuits being “so cute”, “tiny waist”, asking in front of the cameras if he ever got with any of the girls in the hallway. The week was epic. We’re so lucky. 

Then we got the behind the scenes nuggets. How excited David was to see her sex scene, “Cute on the bed there”, “mmmm” while she watches him display his masculine skill, “I’m also looking at your tight pants”. 

What about WWHL? I managed to get that to stream SECONDS before it started. I watched it with earphones in while my husband sat beside me watching TV. I literally LOST MY FUCKING SHIT when Andy asked her if a relationship with David is ever a possibility. LOST IT. Her lack of an answer, I mean, that to me was HUGE. Her rating his kiss an 8. God. I loved that interview as awkward as it was.

Then he shows up at Streetcar. I was putting my kids to bed and my phone started blowing up with messages. When I checked it I had a message from a twitter friend, “stop mothering! David is at Streetcar!” LOL. I’ll never forget how much fun we had all night sitting around waiting for tidbits about his every reaction to her performance. That was so much fun.

Another was after David’s concert when he said, “Nate’s the single guy”, and passed the underwear to his bandmate. Guys. Do you even remember the amount of posts where the only line was, “Nate’s the single guy” sprawled across your dash?! It was a fucking celebration. 

The Mann photoshoot getting leaked? Yeah, sucked for the guy, but holy good fuckers did we have a good day with those photos at first! It was like we’d come across a goldmine, and I guess, in a way we did. That kind of thing doesn’t happen often for us…but guys, that day it did. We were never supposed to see those photos. We were lucky. 

Of course, there was so much more, but I mean, let’s be thankful because we were so lucky to have these amazing moments in our very peculiar fandom. One thing that remains the same each time something “gillovny happens” is the excitement and the crazy when we lose our collective shit. It’s what I enjoy the most about this group of people. And I even though we’re going through the worst-case scenario, I still feel very lucky that I was able to get so much excitement and entertainment from all of those moments, and from all of you.

So I had a dream that I was in a science class (yay!) and we were learning about water. The cycle, aquifers, the like. I was the lucky one to help model it, so I did. When we were taking notes, I would write the headers, and some notes of course, but only the headers stayed. After we were done modeling, Ivanka Trump asked me, with a very heavy Russian accent, how to model Michigan with her hand, so I did. She was thankful and gave me her number.


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Get to Know Me- [9/10] Favorite Books of All Time

“When I looked at her with my power, before, I called her the Worm. She spent some time being as low on the food chain as you can get while still being able to move under her own power.  As low as someone can get while still having an identity of their own.  But she’s realized she’s poisonous, dangerous in her own unique way.  She’s useful, like a silkworm we harvest or an earthworm who works our gardens.  She’s even realized she’s not alone, so long as she looks for friends among other dirty… contemptible creatures…. The little worm found a nugget of self-worth, she just doesn’t want to look too closely at what that nugget is made of.  If she’s lucky, she’s one of the worms without eyes.  They might be keenly aware of their environment, but they’re happier blind.”

↳ Worm by J.C. McCrae

Cover image courtessey of Reddit user TyrialFrost

This beautiful brunette here is my whole world, and my whole heart. I am so lucky to be able to love my best friend for almost 3 years now. She is always there to remind me how loved I am and that everything will be okay, even on my worst days. She is my rock and I don’t know what I would ever do without her. Thank you for everything nugget 😘 3 years down, forever to go.