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Anyone: Why are you single 

Me: I just haven’t found anyone yet

Me to Me: No one will ever be as perfect at my bias ever they just haven’t noticed me yet so I’m just waiting for my own little cute korean drama scenario where the most perfect person comes into my life and they love me like Jung Joon Hyeong loves Kim Bok Joo and we live happily ever after where the sunset falls on the horizon and I stare into their eyes forever and ever


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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: “Enjoy the ride, and remember, this is a theme park, so cry and scream all you want because no one will remember you anyways.”

A/N: Out of the five unfinished things I have planned, I honestly didn’t think I would post this first. But hey, Happy Valentine ’s Day everyone, and cheers to being a loner.

1 of 13 Ways to Fall in Love.

It’s not that Min Yoongi doesn’t like amusement parks. The rides and the food are pretty cool, even though both can cause a person to spend a bit of time in the bathroom if not heeded with caution. He likes to join in with his friends as they jostle and dare each other to ride this ride - no, that ride!, although in a much more low-key fashion. He also likes to mock their pale expressions and girlish screams afterward.

What he has a problem with is the people.

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It’s been two years, but even to this day I’m still in awe of you. You’re such a talented, funny, caring, hardworking, determined and overall amazing person and you inspire me on a daily basis.  You’ve come so far from where you started when joining BIGBANG and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I can’t wait to see where you are ten years from now. You exude such confidence but I think there’s still a lot of insecurities that you don’t show us, so I want to say that I, and VIPs who love you really appreciate you and everything you’ve done while being part of BIGBANG and it honestly wouldn’t be the same without you. You deserve all the happiness and nice things that come your way.

Thank you for making my gloomy days bright. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life. Thank you for dancing. Thank you for singing. Thank you for smiling and laughing. Thank you for being you. I will never get tired of supporting and loving you. I know my words will never be enough to truly express how much you mean to me so I’ll just end with this: I love you Lee Seunghyun. You’re my everything ️♥


Love and Peace, as requested by @camelliam

Just. Poly James. Because he loves people. He loves them so fucking much. And so what if he wants to cuddle with Lily and Sirius at the same time? So what if he makes it his life goal to make Remus smile every morning when they wake up next to each other? So what if his soul’s mate just happened to lay within three amazing people? So what if his children will only know love, and the safety net of so many warm hugs? James is in love. So fucking what?

Seventeen : Colour My Emotions Part 4 - Wen Junhui - Curiosity

S.Coups // Lust

Jeonghan // Admiration

Joshua // Awe & Softness

Purple - deep purple, mysterious and binding, magical and wise, a true enigma; a muddled mix of warm and cool that ensnares the senses and catches the eye. Curious, a representative of wealth and royalty, a luxury combining calm and fierce that entices everyone - much like he entices you.

Wen Junhui, the epitome of perplexity, a lavender sky, a violet flower, so delicate yet strong and so open yet closed. From the first time you saw him you felt it, the growing inquisitiveness, the desire, or rather need, to know everything about him, his deep eyes that held within them a galaxy and shone like the stars, his lips that tingled with unspoken secrets and him, his being as a whole was so enticing. Talented, smart and handsome he had a certain elegance about him yet also a bold smolder, a gaze and a smirk that alone made you feel weak and a voice that took your breath away, he knew how to keep you on your toes, keep you guessing and he was so, so good at it as after years around him you knew so much yet so little, he kept drawing you in but revealing so little and to an extent it was irritating. But you rather enjoyed the curiosity that became part of your blood, flowing through you and exciting you like electricity. Constantly learning, even the littlest things felt like a victory as he showed himself, let you read him like a book, and whether he was on stage or off it his enigmatic presence allured and tempted everyone. Like a bewitching spell, like a magical being not quite belonging around humans like yourself he could very well be someone from a fairytale. Wen Junhui was your own violet mystery, and whilst every part of him still awoke your eager interest you loved just what a puzzle he was.


Happy Birthday Kwon Jaehwan  04031987

❝ My name is J.Heart, real name is Kwon Jaehwan. Jae (宰) meaning “premier” and Hwan (煥) meaning “shining”, so it means someone who shines from a high place. It suits a leader? J.Heart comes from the initials of my real name. The intended meaning is someone who treats others with a sincere heart.