what a load of precious babies

Okay so I just saw Pokemon the Movie-I Choose You

And god DAMN was it good

Sure I expected a good majority of it.

Sure it was a bit off putting to hear the current VA instead of Veronica Taylor and have Pikachu not be chubby by any means.

Sure Ash once again is a Chosen One and generally befriends the legendaries in the movie (though this time it was more ambiguous and also left room which was nice)

But you know what? It was really good. I enjoyed myself the whole time. Even though I was crying basically the whole time. I expected to feel all of the feels retold with Pikachu and Charmander and Butterfree but HECK I didn’t expect to be moved to tears every time. And all of the unexpected loads of feels good golly GOSH!!!

(Rest in peace Luxray, you good precious soul dear dearest baby……*sobbing *)

And god F U C K!!!!!!!!!!! BY ALL THAT IS GOOD!!!???? HECKING PIKACHU ATTACKING MY HEART???!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!?!!? DIRECTLY????!!!

…ahem. Anyway, there was also a lot of Sinnoh love which set off my “Sinnoh remake” radar lol Sidebar, was it just me or did Verity’s mom look like Cynthia? Bc if so hot damn??!! That opens up a huge theorizing can of worms (also the fact her name is VERITY!! THE LAKE BY TWINLEAF TOWN WHERE SHE LIVES LIKE??! WOW if Cynthia is her mom she really got symbolic there)

I actually really liked Sorrel and his Lucario. I feel like I’d watch a short series about his journey before and after his meeting Ash in this movie. And with that plant name of his he’s definitely going to be a Pokemon professor– (squints– Game Freak if you’re setting him up for a new region/revamped Sinnoh professor aide…. I’m watching you…). I like that he was from Veilstone City, that he and Verity weren’t from the same town. Idk it felt more real to me.


–sorry, out of everything, it’s the little things like that which bother me haha. Very minor though.

Also apparently the Pokedex isn’t a thing any more for these kids lol they just know everything. Though in all fairness, the anime now has RotomDex and that’s hard to beat, even by Dexter’s sass.

What else can I say? The animation was lovely, the music both nostalgic and heralding to a new age, absolutely fantastic. It was a really great experience, especially to see it on the big screen!

Plus they played the first three Pokemon Generations shorts after the credits which was super cool. Never did I think I’d see them on a cinema screen and they were EPIC. I kinda wished they would have played them all tbh hahaha but I’m glad I saw those at least. And to finish it off, a Pokemon movie AMV for the original theme song using clips from every Pokemon movie ever. Very good. 10/10.

Aaaand I got a special Pikachu trading card, movie poster, and a QR code for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (And hopefully it works!)

So yeah, those are my thoughts on the movie! And my general experience. Gosh i really needed that in my life. What a time to be alive.

AN: Here’s the video the anon is talking about :)

Tony had always been proud of that fact that he and Steve had instilled a sense of philanthropy in Peter. Tony, especially, having come from a very affluent background, wanted to make sure his son understood that not everyone had the luxury that they had, and that he shouldn’t take it for granted. 

He hadn’t quite expected this, though. 

“Peter, honey, your dinner’s gonna go cold,” Steve sighed, trying fruitlessly to get Peter to sit properly in his chair. “What are you looking at?”

Tony knew exactly what Peter was looking at. Outside the restaurant window sat a terribly scruffy man. He was quite obviously homeless; there was a small bag beside him filled with god knows what, and his clothes were tattered beyond repair. 

“He don’ look well,” Peter murmured, turning his big, doleful eyes on Tony. “Why’s he jus’ sat dere, Daddy?”

“Because…” Tony paused for a moment, trying to explain to his four year old that some people were so poor or destitute that they didn’t even have a place to live. “He’s probably homeless, Pete. He doesn’t have anywhere else to go.”

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La Douleur Exquise

La Douleur Exquise

The heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable.

A/N – Feedback is always appreciated.

Pairing – Sam x Stacey, Dean, Reader

Warning – Fluffiness and a teensy bit a angst

Chapter twenty three

“Son of a bitch!”

Dean doubled over, hyperventilating a little too dramatically. “Someone’s stolen Baby. Someone’s…” He straightened, his face like thunder. “I’m gonna kill ‘em. I’m gonna rip them limb from limb, I’m gonna…”

Leaning against the doorframe, I smirked at his ridiculous behaviour. “Aren’t you over-reacting a little? It’s only a car.” I teased.

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Some of the monsters/villains for Time, Space, and Everything Else! Idk if you guys still remember the full concept, but basically the main three travel to different times and dimensions to find people/things made up of this super unstable matter that can pretty much eventually tear any reality apart where it is present. 

These guys are some of the things the matter takes form of; each with their own unique personality and powers! Some more little detailed descriptions under the cut (hopefully this works):

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Norman in Rosemary's Baby-sitter! Part 1

((I’m so so SOOO sorry this took me a long time to write. I was having a hard time coming up with something until this practically smacked me across the face. There will be a second part to this to make up for the time, but I hope you like it.))

It all started with a little jingle that day. An annoying one. At least, to the Projectionist, it was annoying.

I’m the Dancing Demon,
Watch me twirl ‘n hop 'n spin!
I’m quick to give a smile-

No, no, no… He’d played those ones to death. Even with his limited vision, he could feel the little dents that decorated the sides of the reel. He gripped the reel, trying to pull it out from his head. He wanted a different one. One without that annoying song at the beginning. Almost half of the reels had it, and he hated it each time. So cheerful and annoying, it made the bulb in his projector burn even brighter. No, he determined. This time, he wanted a different one. Maybe he could be lucky and one of these reels in the closets didn’t have that annoying song.

A low whir escaped his chest speaker, and he began trudging through his route. It was a simple route, going right, diagonal, then left. Like a Z, but not… Maybe a different letter. He only had the energy for this weird Z. Not the 3 that laid on its side. Maybe he would later… But not now.

…Why was he going through the weird Z?

I’m the Dancing Demon-

Oh yes. That was why.

He forced his legs to move, sloshing through thick ink. He made it to an opened closet, finding an unstained box of precious reels. Reaching into the box, he snagged another reel. This one wasn’t as dented, but he couldn’t remember why. Granted, he didn’t remember a lot of things, but it was still a question he had to ask each and every time. His clumsy fingers became exact as the reel was attached and loaded, and he allowed the small film to play.

Oh, there was something playing in his vision? What was this?

A small melody played from his speaker, and he could see a black title card. “Bendy in Rosemary’s Baby-sitter!

He liked this one. Not sure why, but he did. This was a cute cartoon. It was a little easier to walk now, so he tried to force himself to move through this labyrinth. It wasn’t much to move around, just a few train cars…

The cartoon played, and he watched it. It was easy. He could watch it as he walked. It was much easier than holding still and watching. He made a turn, and watched as Bendy in the cartoon was holding a little nondescript bundle. The bundle was wrapped in a light grey blanket, and he could imagine dark little curls peeking out from the face. …Wonder why?

Another turn.

The little bundle in the cartoon was starting to cry. It was a high-pitched squeal, not unlike his own screams in this real world. The little animated Bendy looked startled, and was immediately looking to his left and right for something.

That cry was a hungry one. It needed a bottle.

…Huh. What a strange thought. It struck a surprising chord in his spine, and he almost copied the animated demon’s own motions. That was a hungry cry, oh no, where was that bottle, it was on the table-

His light shuttered, and the cartoon continued. But he couldn’t focus on it. Something else was “playing” in his mind…

“Moooom! I can’t find Wendy’s bottle!” Look to the left, look to the right, wince at the even louder cry. Another look to the left, and he found a glass bottle on top of a counter. “Never mind, I found it!” Run over, grab the bottle, tilt it and test it on a pale wrist. “Oh good, I don’t have ta’ warm it.” A louder cry echoed in his head. “Hang on, I’m coming Wen-”

The second “movie” that had been playing cut out immediately. Now it was just the Bendy cartoon. The little devil darling had found a bottle, and was happily picking up the bundle.


Why was it hurting so much to watch this? It was just a cute cartoon. The bundle happily drank from the bottle, making happy cooing flute sounds. It was sweet… But his chest felt twice as heavy looking at this.


He trudged through the labyrinth, continuing to watch the cartoon. He had no idea why his chest was hurting. But that was okay. He forgot things quickly. It wouldn’t hurt in a moment.

His moment of lucidity was interrupted then. He could see a strange figure running up stairs. 






OH MY GOSH!!!! I was having a really bad day at school, and coming back home and reading this made me feel so much better!! This is so sad! Poor Norman!! The part where he was watching the cartoon and then a memory from his childhood started to play was absolutely amazing!! It broke my heart, but I LOVED it!! 😄😄😄😄❤️❤️

Sorry if my reaction is a little over-the-top! I just really, really enjoyed this!! Thank you so much for this story, and it’s okay that it took awhile! Don’t worry about it! Anyway, I love this story it was amazing!! Thank you so much!! 😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️

-Submission by disneyphantomlover!


Tahini & Feta Loaded Sweet Potato Fries.

Can we all intone these four precious words in unison like some kind of entranced bliss-fed cult: LOADED SWEET POTATO FRIES. I know. It just sends you into near catatonic states of excitement, doesn’t it? And what if I told you that they were also baked? And topped with a tahini garlic sauce so full of calcium it’s actually good for you? What then? Would you pass out? MAYBE!

But don’t pass out. Just get your hands on all those fresh summer herbs and some sweet orange yammers and some creamy feta cheese and go to town with these babies.

Get the full recipe via this week’s Intuitive Eating with Kale & Caramel for Sonima, starting here!