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Xanxus, Squalo and Bel falling in love with a civillian S/O? (Don't answer if you don't want to/don't have the time) love the blog btw


  • wrong place, wrong time
  • you were one of the very unlucky few that was taken hostage ( gagged, bound by the wrists ) by a group of people within the allied families that wanted to disrupt the order, disrupt the peaceful rule of the new Vongola Decimo
  • the vongola have their hands tied since they’re not sure who exactly they can trust, and they’re not too keen on starting a witch hunt
  • so they send out the only people they can trust – the varia ( since they operate outside of vongola decimo’s rule. plus, it’s an added bonus that xanxus is feeling a little itchy-fingered since no one is allowed to challenge the decimo’s throne but him )
  • they find you in a matter of days, blowing up the entrance to the warehouse and almost collapsing the place ( if it hadn’t been for a certain loud swordsman telling their boss to calm the shit down )
  • one of the men grab you, snarling about their plans before strapping a vest onto you. you already know it’s more than just a fashion accessory before you look down, despising the clunkiness of it
  • tears are blurring your vision and you rapidly blink them away, needing to see their faces because if you’re going to go down then you’re going to tell someone what their shit mugs look like
  • the other hostages inch away slowly, relieved when a blond man with knives cut their ropes. they flee into the vongola issued ambulances
  • “uh oh,” bel says, eyeing the vest. “squalo! we have a problem.”
  • the swordsman, absolutely pissed because a certain boss is getting a little too trigger happy, doesn’t like the situation either. he recognises the bombs – created by the bovino family. it works with a motion sensor but the problem is they don’t know where it is. they assume it’s anywhere in the vest so if they try to remove it they’re all goners
  • squalo has to call xanxus because they’re not sure how to deal with this
  • and xanxus, once he sees you, he has to admit he’s intrigued. you’re wearing a puzzle that he’s going to solve but the way that you’ve composed yourself, even with tear tracks on your cheeks your eyes are defiant
  • he takes the gag off of you with surprising care ( for someone so big he has a lot of grace ) and you recount the men. high nose, low cheekbones, brown eyes, blue eyes. xanxus is a tiny bit surprised that that’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth, but his lips twitch upwards, calling for mammon. he respects that resolve, the fight in you
  • mammon works with you to cast the illusion of the men and when you’ve got them all down, xanxus sends them all off to get those fuckers
  • you tell him it’s okay to leave you but he only snorts – “bullshit i’m going to let you die.”
  • he walks you through his thoughts, for both your sakes really, because it’s too damn quiet and he hasn’t done this before. though, his talks about flames and box animals confuse you since you’re not familiar with the mafia lingo
  • when he takes out a box and injects flames from his ring into it, calling out a liger, you take it into stride, never questioning his intention because for some reason, you trust him
  • he manages to petrify the suit after finding out where exactly the sensor is ( it involved a few handsy moments ) and disintegrates it before it can explode
  • “thank you,” you breathe out. in your moment of relief, you hug him and he doesn’t exactly return it, but he doesn’t shrug you off of him either. he replies with a grunt which you assume is his own version of ‘you’re welcome’
  • you’re taken to vongola’s HQ where you’re checked out by the nurses and doctors along with the other hostages. they make you stay a few nights longer to give you counselling which you wave off
  • the traitors have long been taken care off ( none of the guardians are happy that they’ve been sitting idle for the duration of this )
  • xanxus doesn’t visit you but the liger sits in the hospital room, eyeing every doctor and nurse when they come in to check on you



  • it starts off with infatuation, watching you perform at a high-end party that you had no idea was a mafia function
  • ( they were paying big sums and you were struggling to make ends meets. you had been recommended for the entertainment, letting your fingers roam the keys of the piano, fleshing out a tune these classy people in suits never heard of – it was hard. and nerve-wracking but they seemed to be wrapped up in their own word so they didn’t pay much heed to you )
  • he’s about to introduce himself to you, charm you out of that pretty dress and right into his bed
  • bel gets through the first step – you smile up at him, a sincere one that he rarely sees since he’s made an offhand comment about your talent – before he’s whisked away, called by that shitty shark
  • so he leaves you, but you don’t quite leave him. all throughout his mission, all he can think about is that pretty face and those eyes ( innocence, faith – a little broken inside but who wasn’t? )
  • he gets ahold of your contact details, finding your address. he doesn’t visit you ( a prince would never be seen in a neighbourhood like this ) but he watches, follows
  • he patronises the shop you at during the day, follows you into the different pubs and bars you play at during the night
  • before anyone can even think of putting their hands on you, approaching you up on stage, or even buying you a drink, he’s got his knives out. a simple flick of his wrist sends them cowering back in their seats as he lounges in the back
  • bel buys you drinks at first, and you accept them since you assume they’re a courtesy of the venue you’re playing at. then you start to get roses too and that’s when you realise it’s probably from an admirer
  • you’re flattered, flustered too since you didn’t think anyone would care enough to pay attention to you, much less enjoy your music
  • you want to meet the person but it seems like every face is a new face, no matter how many times you search the crowd for someone you might have seen in a previous bar
  • it takes him a long time before he steps up from roses ( mammon questions him about the never-ending purchases of roses but never gets a straight answer ). he attaches a note to it, a smirk on his face when he sees the way you bite down a smile
  • bel’s not sure if he’s falling in love with you or the music – he doesn’t really care because if he has you he’s pretty sure he has both
  • you’re recommended ( again ) at another high-end party – not with vongola but an enemy family. you don’t really care ( you just want to get paid and it happens that these formal parties are very generous ) and you don’t really know who they are. you pin a rose on your dress
  • the varia are out for blood – out on a mission to take down the host but bel freezes when he sees you because you’re not supposed to be there
  • the boss places you too close to his booth, gets a little too chummy with you, stands around the piano too much and bel realises how much he’s fucked up
  • he must’ve gotten careless somewhere along the line and someone saw him attending every small performance of yours
  • squalo’s about to call the hit but bel interferes. the rain’s not too happy and bel won’t explain himself ( because he doesn’t know what to call this emotion )
  • mammon, though, notices you at the piano. “the roses,” he says, piecing the two together
  • squalo doesn’t quite understand what roses have to do with bel’s sudden desire to protect the civilians until he sees you, sees the rose, sees the strange layout of the stage
  • and he curses the brat for falling in love
  • “it’s not love,” bel says.
  • “whatever it is, it’s making you weak.” exasperated and tired of his fellow guardians, squalo tries to devise a new plan ( it involves some illusions and squalo’s making bel pay for the whole night )
  • mammon conjures up a rose, giving bel and squalo new faces so they can get to you and to the enemy boss, respectively
  • bel hands you to rose, and his heart almost skips with the way you’re studying him so intently ( as if you can see through these illusions ). you don’t know his face but you can feel his presence ( somehow assuring ) so you don’t complain when he asks you to follow him – squalo’s pretending to fill in the boss with some new information
  • you both make your way out of the hall before the illusion drops. he gets you to safety and before you can stop yourself, you ask if you’ll ever see him again. he smirks, says “maybe,” and calls you a cab
  • you still get roses when you perform

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I tried to at least draw u a Victor for ur birthday… But I’m bad at drawing… and this was just a quick sketch ^_^;



Dex & Zoe


Happy Birthday Eijun!

“I really didn’t know what should’ve I get you, but a sunflower suits you well” 
says kindly Miyuki smirking and handing the flower to his kohai.
Eijun snaps loudly.

“What you mean with that?”

Looking at the sunflower, he smiles happily. Eijun doesn’t know why that type of flower puts him in a good mood and couldn’t even imagine how Miyuki Kazuya could know that, but even if he liked so much the gift, something’s off.
The senpai notices that but can’t help giggle at the pitcher’s reaction before while embracing him in his arms.

“Ha ha ha.. What do you want Eijun?”

Surprised how his catcher knows him too well and find it annoying, Eijun pouts and leans on his forehead, looking straight at him.

“…Please, be mine Miyuki Kazuya”

Yeah, it should’ve been easy from the start and that’s why Miyuki struggled  until the end, because his pitcher is a simple-minded and happen to see him staring at that flower so intensely and smiling like when he’s on the mound.
Miyuki knows it better than anyone. Miyuki is his lover.

“As you wish, Eijun-sama”

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Mind me requesting headcannons of Fem Izuku Midoriya? I really need some female Deku right now. :3 please and thank you, hunbun!

I don’t mind at all! Though, I’m really sorry it took so long to reply! I hope you like it lovely! Thank you for requesting! <3

Fem Izuku Midoriya
- What a little shy cutie! Usually a blushing mess
- Has her face hidden in her notebook most of the time as she write away or reads what she’s written
- Mutters to herself over theories she thought of and ends up zoning out. You have to be pretty loud to get her out of her thoughts
- Gets easily excited over little things (like heroes, people talking to her, anything All Might, etc.)
- If somebody does something for her, even if it’s something small, she cries from the overwhelming happiness
- Really sweet and wants to help the whole world because she cares about everyone

Today I worked on the biggest dog I have ever seen. Meet Brodie, the Alaskan Malamute.

For reference, that table/cabinet thingy in the corner hits me at about hip-height.

I’m 5'10".

Just in case you’re not getting the scale, here’s some bonus pics.

External image

External image



i’m rly glad he was a good dog because he could have snapped me in half.

He is apparently best friends with the disabled little boy he lives with <3