what a life

What a life

I been through some shit man
But I be on my shit man
I decided
That what you give
Is what you’re given
So I been tryna do it right
I been doin like
Whatever gets me through the night

What a life

I’m steady always on the go
You steady always on the go
We steady losin all control

What a life

They say
The truth ain’t pretty
But comin out that pretty mouth
The truth is fitting
Cuz you ain’t never talkin lout
And you know plenty
Yea you know what I’m talkin bout
Cuz you just get me
Yea you so pretty

If everything is dipped in gold
Then baby it will never grow
Everything sweet ain’t sugar coated

What a lie

What a life
What a life that I’ve been given
What a life
What a life that I been living
What a life
What a life we die to live in
What a life

—  Jhene Aiko

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