what a life

What A Life
Los Mockers
What A Life

The Mockers - What A Life (1966)

Countless garage bands attempted to emulate/imitate the Rolling Stones, but very few were as successful as Uruguay’s Los Mockers, who capture the sound perfectly while still sounding original.

I have got to eat, so every day I work

*inhale* still fresh it’s 3am here Heheh uh.. I hope their pose is not awkward. Tell me if it looks weird Blame wttm I never expect it’ll be a pair skate (and sensual) gdi Seeing my old wttm drawings make me sad but also happy. Can’t believe yuri is actually skate his exhibition with beka. Never have a thought about that Beka not even won a medal This mixed feelings..


peraltiago appreciation week

day 1 ➔  the moment you fell in love with peraltiago (the entire episode counts as a moment, right?)


stop what you’re doing, yes you stop scrolling, and watch the official video for up all night. DAVID IS DANCING. LIKE CHOREOGRAPHY TYPE DANCING. 

se. ri. ous. ly.

this is what we all need in our lives. this is what the universe needs.

David. Dancing.

i cannot stop smiling. you guys. YOU GUYS.

simblry replied to your post: you do know what a sugar baby is tho right? like…

i’ve heard stories of men just wanting their sugar babies to call them and tell them about the things that they bought with their money??? (ideal tbh)

where are these men and do they want someone 2 spend their money cause i will