what a lewd gesture

Comeuppance - Jughead x Reader

I wrote most of this on the plane lol.
I hope it’s alright! Enjoy!

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You groan inwardly when you see Reggie and his gang come through the door and into the student lounge. Your day was already going bad enough; the last thing you need right now is to hear him spew half-thought out, condescending comments from his mouth. Shifting uncomfortably in your seat, you reposition your laptop on the desk, trying your best to ignore them.

“Didja hear what I got up to this weekend?” he guffaws, “I’ll tell ya she was….”

You can’t quite see what he’s doing with his hands but you guess it’s probably some lewd gesture because hoots and cries erupt from his friends followed by what sounds like hearty slaps on the back.

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A Favourable Comparison

Iron Bull and Nagaira Adaar argue over whose human is better while the two human’s in question look on.

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“My human,” Nagaira said seriously, leaning in close to Bull, placing one hand on the table between them to steady herself, “is tinier than your human.”

On her other side Josephine let out a loud snort of laughter before hiding her face behind her cup by taking another swig of ale, with a quite, slightly horrified mutter of, “oh dear.”

Bull looked between Nagaira and Josephine with a frown before glancing over at where Dorian was getting them another round from the bar. It was true; Josephine was just a little smaller than Dorian and for some reason that made him rather grumpy. He looked at the not unsubstantial number of empty mugs littering the table. That might have something to do with it.

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it feels so right (being here with you tonight)

Summary: Five times Peter Quill slept with Gamora totally, completely innocently, and one time he upped the ante.(Or, a look into Gamora and Peter Quill’s friendship in five encounters in which one or both fell asleep).
Pairings: Peter Quill&Gamora; Peter Quill/Gamora; Peter Quill&Rocket; whole GotG team. 
Note: I’ve still not worked out how I ship these two in fanon (though I’m unspeakably grateful that they didn’t shoehorn romance into the movie), all I know is that I want all the Gamora and all the Quill in my life atm. So I’m trialling out a completely super serious fic that does both platonic and romantic Peter/Gamora to see how I feel. I don’t even know what this idea is, only that it wouldn’t leave me alone. This’ll be chapter one of six of unapologetic fluff and plot-what-plot. 
Link: ao3

Once Drax was onside, which was something of a loose description for the man’s mindset, granted, but Peter had never been one to bite the hand that feeds, (except for that one time with that Aaskvarian but that was at least slightly different), they sort of had the run of the Kyln. As much as one could have the run of a prison. And as much as ‘having the run of’ meant not being brutally murdered at any given moment.

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caligulouslyantiquated  asked:

[It's a photo of Prince. His shirt's off, and he's clearly wet, hair stuck down in curling strings to his face. His gills are flared up, the rich violet poking out, obvious he'd just been using them right before surfacing. His fins and specks along his skin glow with bioluminescent, and he's wearing a cocky grin. His fingers are shaped in a V in front of his mouth, long tongue extended fully between them passed his grin. What a lewd gesture to be making in the middle of the ocean.] you too

You just stare at the screen for a long while before saving the photo.

sure reminds me of wwhat ivve seen you do

you look lonely though

Klaine Advent 2014 - Dessert

“Here, try this.”

Blaine wrapped his mouth around the offered fork, pulling the almost too big piece of chocolate decadence cake off with his tongue in what he hoped was a gesture more flirty than lewd. He and Kurt had been dating for a few weeks, and things had been going well. They’d even managed a couple of heated make out sessions at Blaine’s apartment when his roommate had been out, but they hadn’t quite got past some under the clothes groping. So when Kurt asked him if he wanted to come up for dessert after their Friday night dinner and a movie he had hoped that Kurt had meant the kind of dessert two consenting adults might enjoy with their clothes off, or at least in some sort of disarray, and not, you know, actual sugared confections. Apparently he’d hoped in vain because the minute they were in the apartment Kurt pulled him into the kitchen and went about making coffee and pulling wrapped plates out of the refrigerator.

Maybe if he moaned while swallowing. “ Mmmm, that is amazing Kurt. Did you make it?”

“I did,” Kurt said. “And the pear-blueberry tart and the macarons. I found some amazing things on Pinterest and I couldn’t wait to try some of them out. Although I have to confess I bought the shortcake.” Kurt shrugged and stuck the fork into the tart, offering it to Blaine with his hand cupped below as a crumb catcher. Blaine almost thought he saw Kurt blush when his thumb brushed the late night stubble on Blaine’s jaw.

“So I’m your guinea pig then,” Blaine said. He grinned and hoped he sounded flirty. Kurt smiled back and swallowed some of the chocolate cake. Blaine crossed his arms in front of him and leaned forward over the table. It was narrow enough that he could probably reach across and pull Kurt into a kiss. “But four desserts seems like a lot for just the two of us.” Fingers seemed safer. He moved his hand over Kurt’s and curled two of his fingers into two of Kurt’s.

“Well, um, I wasn’t sure what you would like,” Kurt said. Blaine was Kurt was blushing now. “And sometimes when I bake I go a little overboard.

Blaine pulled Kurt’s hand up to his mouth and kissed his fingertips. “You really didn’t have to do this for me, you know.” Kurt squirmed a little but he didn’t pull away, holding Blaine’s gaze for a charged moment.

Kurt cleared his throat and the moment was gone. “Do you, um, want any more?” Blaine shook his head, standing to help Kurt clear the dishes and mugs into the sink.

When they were finished Blaine placed his hands on Kurt’s waist, pulling him close. Kurt put his hands on Blaine’s shoulders, brushing of imaginary lint. “So, um, I have a confession to make.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah.” Blaine teased at Kurt’s cheek with his nose then pressed his mouth to Kurt’s. Kurt sighed and relaxed into Blaine’s arms. This was good. “Um, Yeah, I, uh when you asked me if I wanted to come up for dessert I didn’t think you meant literal dessert.” He kissed Kurt again and Kurt hummed softly. “I thought you meant something more, uh, physical.”

“Like sex.”

Blaine’s eye went wide in surprise. “Sure, like sex. Or something, anything, um,” Blaine stammered. “OK, like sex, yes.”

Kurt huffed a short laugh, wrapping his arms more convincingly around Blaine’s shoulders. “I did invite you up for that. But then I panicked and wasn’t sure if you wanted to – “

“Oh, I want to.”

“Don’t interrupt me,” Kurt said, but he was still smiling. “And I had all this dessert in my fridge so I just went with it.”

“Wait, so you didn’t actually make all those things for me?” Blaine asked, feigning offense.  “I’m crushed.”

Kurt leaned in and kissed him, deeper, mouth open. “How about I make it up to you in the bedroom.” Kurt tugged Blaine behind him down the short hallway. “Maybe I can find some other dessert just for you.”