what a last name lol


shameless aesthetic: svetlana fisher

don’t be a strong woman. strong women weather storms, you want to be the storm.” 


imo A La Mode should’ve gotten a damn animation like geez

Eric asking Sabrina to the prom

So apparently what happened is that Eric asked Sabrina (lol I forgot her last name) to the prom in front of the whole class and she rejected him. I’ve seen horrible comments about her and I just wanted to voice my opinion about what happened.

There could be a possibility that Eric was doing a trick in a way. Most people ask people questions in front of other people so they can’t say no. If they say no then the person looks bad. If they say yes then the person looks good. Maybe there was a possibility that Eric thought Sabrina would say yes because they were in front of the whole class. It, of course, backfired on him because Sabrina said no and the class laughed. I’m just saying there is a possibility that Eric was trying to trap her in that way.

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Can you plz summarize the whole Hawaii Preath thing? I'm confused, is it related to the candlelit dinner?

Ok so based on what I’ve seen/read/watched around here about Tobin in Hawaii, she was just chilling. She didn’t go surfing with Kelley or Ash like we expected her to. (Unless she did, and I just didn’t see the pictures lol) [UPDATE: she went surfing with Press, apparently] so we don’t really know much about how she spent her time in Hawaii. I remember making a joke like “watch Tobin post about Hawaii AFTER the trip lmao” because she was being really quiet (which isn’t really unusual. It’s just that it was HAWAII.) so anyway. Apparently, she and Christen (and Hawaiian friend) were at the beach together at some point in the trip. [UPDATE: they were together for most of the trip] Presumably during the time Tobin posted this and this. (Plus, they all have the same yellow flower in their pictures??? It could mean nothing but also, Hawaiian friend commented on Press’ Hawaii picture with Kelley saying “Hurry back with Tobin”…..) [UPDATE: They were together when those pictures -both Press’ and Tobin’s- with the yellow flower were taken] So the pic I reblogged surfaced just now and we’re pretty sure it was taken at Waikiki beach, maybe the same night this was posted. [UPDATE: They also went swimming together just the two of them and Hawaiian friend] Soooooo that’s that. This is entirely separate from the candle lit dinner in Portland.