what a hullabaloo

the entirety of the Moana production team owns my ASSthere were so so so many good things about it that I can’t even type into one post it was just so ,, good ,, I finally understand what the hype is all about oh my god 

-and I’m also finally seeing Hamilton this weekend (!!!) along with Dear Evan Hansen so I’ll finally know what all the hullabaloo is about geez louise my life is being ruined over the course of three days I am living 

to connect the two in short, wow I can’t believe lin manuel miranda invented the english language and music in general

I just watched Steven Universe Earthlings and gosh that episode just hit me right in the feels. I just need to get something off my chest.
I’ve always loved Jasper even when everyone was talking about how terrible she was and yes I do agree she’s done a lot of terrible things however, like the whole issue with Bismuth, I don’t think they’re a terrible person.

These are just my thoughts and opinions:

From what we know so far it sounds like from the moment she first emmerged she’s been fighting for her life. Everyone she’s ever known, everyone she’s probably ever cared about, has been shattered before her very eyes. Including her diamond, Pink Diamond.
I think why Jasper has such a hostile attitude is because that’s the only thing that has kept her alive. In a shatter or be shattered world she did what she had to surivive. She did her very best and in the end she still lost everything. Now homeworld has probably drilled it into her head, since she came from the beta kindergarten, that the only reason she is alive was because she is a “perfect” Jasper. She survived because she was strong. So she now copes by using this mentality so if someone else was to be shattered in front of her it’s because they were weak; they got what was comming to them.
But guys, honestly, I think she’s lonely. She’s lonely and she’s hurting. She’s so desperate for a friend, or just some sort of companionship that she doesn’t see or maybe even care that she hurts the other in the relationship. She’s gone so long thinking she didn’t need anyone, that she was better off alone, but then she was fused with Lapis and suddenly she wasn’t ALONE. Yes it was horrible, toxic, and unhealthy, but it was SOMEONE. She’s so starved for companionship, she doesn’t care what happens. She’s even willing to fuse with a corrupted gem! Then when they reject her it’s like the final blow. She’s lost her colony, she’s lost her diamond, and despite her being this perfect Jasper no one, not even a monster, is willing to stay by her side. She doesn’t have anything to live for, because whats good in being perfect if you’re all alone?
This is why she’s so angry with Rose, in her eyes Rose took everything from her. Now Jasper feels useless and unwanted because she can’t even get a monster to stay with her. She’s angry, she’s lonely, tired, depressed, and heartbroken. It’s all to much.
If corruption is psychological damage instead of physical damage like a lot of theories out there predict, I can see why Jasper suddenly began to corrupt. There comes a point when your mental health just can’t take it anymore. Even Amythest could see her pain in the end.

Idk if any of this makes sense…?

Long story short, I was fine with Jasper never getting a redemption arc, but now… I think the poor gem deserves a hug.

The survivor nicknaming Nick “Humphrey Bogart” just to mess with him.

Nick eventually confessing that he has no idea who the hell they’re talking about, and is promptly dragged away for a classic movie marathon with the survivor because FRIENDSHIP

Nick casually slipping in iconic lines when speaking to people, usually within earshot of the survivor. Results in a slightly melted heart.

Everyone else becoming super curious and confused by their shared laughter and knowing looks, so they decide to crash Movie Night to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

Everyone soon quoting all these classic and cheesy-ass movies in everyday conversation.

The survivor feeling more at home and closer to their friends than they’ve ever felt before, all because Nick once said, “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid" through a grin and a screen of cigarette smoke.

my most irresponsible choice yet : just booked this entire trip on my credit card that i have $0 to pay off, but me and kandi are officially flying into san francisco on may 3rd, renting a car, driving up the coast, stopping in seattle, and then ending up in portland, THEN flying from portland to denver and spending my 21st bday in denver!! this is gonna be the greatest trip of my life with my very very best friend!! if you live in any of the previously mentioned cities & wanna give me and my sweet best friend a tour of your city, or suggestions on what to see, or maybe perhaps a couch to sleep on lmk!! we would be eternally grateful. especially for couches. ive exhausted my credit limit lmfao so i cant book any real places to stay so…. SOS. anyway, i love to be young and irresponsible. im finally gonna see what all the hullabaloo over the northwest is about.