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⤷ inFAMOUS Second Son

“You are not in control.”


Okay, so I have no real explanation for this, apart from the fact that I couldn’t help thinking about how parental Fitzsimmons were towards Lincoln in 3x19. I talked to @blake-wyatt about this, and then I got this plot bunny in my head. It was actually supposed to be crack, but then it went down a different path, and I had abandoned it until I mentioned it in my tags on a gifset of Lincoln and Fitzsimmons from 3x19, and a few people asked me to post it. So here it is, and I don’t even know why, but if anyone wants, god help me but I will actually write some more. Set just before 3x19 begins:

You’re absolutely sure?” Fitz was holding onto the lab table beside him in shock, his face a mask of utter bewilderment.

“Fitz, there’s no doubt about it,” Jemma replied, throwing her hands up in defeat. She looked as astonished as he felt. “I’ve run the tests twice now to make sure, and I don’t understand it any more than you do, but…his DNA is a match to both mine and yours. There’s no other way to interpret that. The science is telling us that he is our son.”

But how is that possible?” Fitz breathed.

“I mean, he said he was from the future, so…” Jemma replied, shaking her head.

“No, I mean…he’s Inhuman,” Fitz said. “Neither of us are, so how did that come about? Also…how is he so tall?!

“Well, he is the same height as my dad,” Jemma reasoned.

“That’s true,” Fitz admitted.

“And he does have your colouring,” Jemma went on. “And the more I think about it, he really does look like…”

“My mum,” Fitz finished. “Yeah, I know. You know, I actually thought that when he first arrived? I asked him how long ago his ancestors came over from Scotland, because Campbell is my mum’s maiden name, and he does really look like her family.”

“I have no idea how he’s Inhuman though,” Jemma said. “Fitz…do you think…do you think one of us might be?” The two of them stared at each other for a moment.

Fitz took a breath. “Well, let’s go ask him,” he replied.

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Part 4/4 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

*Note: I realize details for Newt’s expulsion and what beast it was has been found out but try to roll with the imagine if you can. Also I don’t know much about Newt’s previous job or how the book job really came to be so sorry if something is wrong.

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somewhere i’ve never been (chapter two)

chapter title: Lila
words: 1.8k
story summary: Born with cat ears and a tail due to a family curse, Adrien Agreste has grown up isolated from the world, a prisoner in his own home. Believing that the only way to break the curse is to find true love with “one of his own kind”, his father has him meet a number of eligible upper class women, but they all reject him. One of them, who has a grudge against the family, hires a down-on-her-luck young woman named Marinette to pose as a potential suitor, but complications arise when she begins to fall for Adrien, and he makes a bid for freedom. (It’s a Penelope AU!)

AO3 | FF

a/n: For all those faithful readers who found this back in June- so sorry for the long wait! To be honest, I haven’t had much inspiration for ML lately; but I finally felt inspired enough to revisit this one- hope you enjoy! There will hopefully be more coming soon :)

“Oh, my Adrien, my dear, sweet Adrien, like you, I’ve felt imprisoned…by my wealth, by my family name, by my beauty, by the expectations everyone places on me because I am a Rossi. Most of my life, I’ve felt trapped. I’d given up hope of ever finding a man who truly understands me…that is…until I met you.”

In the kitchen, Gabriel, Audrey, and Nathalie, the blueblood matchmaker Gabriel had hired, watched the video feed from the Agreste library with bated breath. They had set the video feed up so they could observe the young women who had come seeking Adrien’s hand in marriage in privacy, allowing Audrey and Nathalie to provide running commentary on whether they thought the girls who came by were suitable for Adrien or not.

It also allowed Gabriel to take note of everything that was happening and to make sure that none of the young women who walked into the room where they could communicate with Adrien through a one-way mirror where he could see them—but they could not see him—were breaking the terms of the gag order they had signed.

Two months into their search for Adrien’s bride, not one meeting had proved successful. But this girl appeared to have potential.

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anonymous asked:

their reaction to their s/o asking them to buy them tampons?

APH Denmark: Den wouldn’t get really awkward about it. He would pull the whole, “Sure! I’ll get you whatever you need! What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t?” He would walk in all confident and everything, but once he got to the wall of tampons he would start freaking out. He would realize that he forgot to ask them what kind they needed, so he would end up just buying one of each. Lets just say that his S/O wouldn’t need any more for a good year or so.

APH Finland: Finland would be amazing if his S/O asked him to buy their tampons. He wouldn’t even have to ask questions. He would obediently head to the store, know exactly what to buy them, and even pick them up a box of chocolates and some pain meds as a bonus. Honestly the only real reason he would be this pleasant about it is because he doesn’t want to see the scary dragon that is partner. It would be all worth it when he saw the beautiful smile on their face, though.

APH Sweden: Sweden would try to get every detail out of his S/O about what he had to buy, so that he could make this horrifying experience go as smooth as possible. He would be in and out of the store as fast as possible, and wouldn’t even say anything to the cashier. Once he got home, he wouldn’t give them directly to his S/O. He would go directly to the bathroom and shove them in a cupboard where he never has to see them ever again, and then continue on with his day.

APH Iceland: Iceland would be embarrassed, but after a little convincing (or bribing) he would begrudgingly go out to buy his S/O their tampons. However, when he got there he would have no clue what to get them. He didn’t realize that there was more than one brand of tampon, or more than one size. He would probably just sit there in the isle texting his S/O about what to get, refusing to ask the cashiers. When he got home he would throw the box at them and storm off to his room, mad that his S/O put him through that.

APH Norway: He would be pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. His S/O wants him to get tampons? Fine. He’d totally do it as long as it got his terrifying S/O off of his back. He’d walk into the store and buy the ones he usually saw in his bathroom, and pay for them like it was nothing. He would ignore all of the stares and the people that were saying, “Aww! He is such a good boyfriend!” When he gave them to his S/O, he would just give them a smirk and say, “So, what are you going to do for me now?”

Is there a God, an afterlife, a direction to the universe? I don’t know.

I suddenly found myself for the first time in my life with no actual metaphysical beliefs.

This kind of doubt is not some postmodern, hipster trendy sort of “doubt.” It is a very real and painful loss of the ground beneath your feet. This can be a very depressing and horrifying experience for people. Some of you know what I’m talking about, and it’s you that I’m writing this blog to.

Through this experience (“dark night of the soul”, or whatever you would like to call it), I’ve had a few things that have really helped me “spiritually”. (Community, ritual, apophatic theology, meditation…etc) But I came across something this week that really helped me cerebrally.

The philosophy and science of the day have left us with very little certainty about the universe we inhabit. (“I think therefore I am” really doesn’t get you very far.) We are subjective creatures that have very limited and flawed receptors. There is really no way to objectively “know” anything. It all comes through our subjective lenses. In reality, it all comes down to faith. And faith is not something one can force.

Nearly everything can be philosophically deconstructed. So those of us who lack the faith to believe even in our subjective senses or reasoning can have a very hard time finding things to be “true.” This can lead to paralyzing doubt. The kind that keeps one from living the kind of life that he would like to live.

—  Michael Gungor
If Giselle brought back other dead characters as zombies...

As requested by anon. :)

Lately dead Bleach characters have been popping up again…as zombies, under the control of either Giselle or Kurotsuchi. They sometimes retain some semblance of their own personality. Like Dordoni still wanted to fight Ichigo. And Hitsugaya didn’t want to be used for horrifying medical experiments. So what other characters might come back, and what would their zombie-selves be like?

1. Ulquorra: Zombie dust

What? He doesn’t have a body. So if he’s coming back, it’s gonna be in dust form. Zombie dust form.

Giselle:  Go! Go my Zombie Dust! Fly into the eyes of my enemies!


Ulquiorra: Somehow this is more humiliating than dying.

2. Kira: Torso-less zombie

Yeah, I know Giselle can repair people. But wasn’t Kira’s torso, like, burned? Usually burned things can’t be replaced. Just ask Grimmjow.

Kurosuchi: Is it drafty out here, or is it just Kira?

Kurotsuchi: I kill myself with my zombie puns.


Kurotsuchi: So you’re sense of humor wasn’t revived, huh?

3. Unohana: Wants to fight Kenpachi some more

I feel like if anyone was able to hang on to her sense of self even in zombie form, it would be Unohana.

Giselle: You! Attack!

Unohana: No, I’m going to go find Zaraki.

Unohana: Looks like he hasn’t quite won my title after all.

Giselle: Hey!

4. Gin: Flirts with zombies Kira and Matsumoto

Really, he seems to take the whole “zombie” thing in stride.

Gin: Izuru, I’m glad to see you’re doing so well.

Gin: And Rangiku….looks like we’re together in death after all.

Gin: Does that make us married?

Giselle: Yeah, I’m the only one who’s allowed to creepily hit on my zombies!

Gin: I don’t remember agreeing to that.

5. Sasakibe: Excited to use his bankai

Well…I don’t know if “excited” is the right word. As excited as a zombie can get, I mean.

Sasakibe: I did not use it in life, but in death, I will!

Byakuya: Against your comrades, though?

Sasakibe: I will admit, that’s something of a damper.

6. Yamamoto: Zombies squared

What? They never found his body, remember? Maybe Giselle took it.

Giselle: Use your bankai!

Yamamoto: You want your zombie to call up his zombies?

Yamamoto: That’s like zombies squared.

Yamamoto: I feel like that’s a bad idea.

Giselle: You’re not allowed to feel things.

Yamamoto: I was speaking metaphorically.

7. Yammy: Feels tender toward puppies (but doesn’t know why)

Yammy’s last moments on this earth were with his puppy, Kukkapuro. Zombie Yammy would want to talk to his puppy again, but he woldn’t really know why.

Yammy: There…..is a puppy somewhere nearby.

Yammy: I have to go.

Komamura: Mrrrrrr?

Yammy: Hello, puppy.

8. PePe: Is really bitter

He likes to be the one in control.

PePe: Awwwww…I wanted to take your zombies, not be your zombie.

Giselle: Nobody cares what you want, though.

PePe: Well, *I* care.

9. Zommari: Is REALLY bitter

Wait did he turn to dust? Well, whatever.

Zommari: I can’t be here with him.

Zommari: It’s embarrassing.

PePe: I don’t even know you!

10. Kaien

Well wouldn’t that be a mindfuck.




Letters For Christmas | Two

Secret Santa Posts

It’s the gift that keeps on going! Here’s part two of your Secret Santa fic @akb723!

17th December 1946

It’s become tradition now for me to write you whenever I feel lonely or in need. This instance, however, is not out of loneliness but out of love.

You’re asleep in the rocking chair, Faith curled up on your chest, and the lights from the tree color you both in flecks of blue, green, red, and yellow. I know you hate it when I do this, but I can’t help it: I have to watch you both dream. Your hands twitch at the same moments and it’s times like this when my heart feels like it’s going to burst inside my chest.

To see you and this perfect miracle alive and whole… it’s too much, and at times I still relive the day I nearly lost both of you. I’m not sure what has been a more horrifying experience, thinking I was losing you during the war or watching you bleed in my arms.

I couldn’t bear it if I lost you. You are my soul, and Faith has taken over my heart.

She grows more and more each day right before our eyes. I can see her mind working as she takes in the world around her, those bright blue eyes scrutinizing everything. She’s just like you. Even more so now as those dark curls have started to take root. Your tears when the red hair she was born with fell out broke my heart; but to be honest, I was glad. I want our little one to grow to be just like her strong Mam.

I cannot wait to experience Christmas through her eyes. She’s already mesmerized by the lights we have strung up about the house, and more than once I’ve caught her trying to shove the garland and the popcorn strands in her mouth, her little fists clenched tight around her treasures as she giggles and crawls away from me.

I cannot imagine my life any other way.

Tonight you showed me patience beyond measure as Faith and I destroyed your sugary and frosted Christmas biscuits. You huffed, but smiled and let her smash the dough with her tiny hands, the flour smudged on her cheeks and in her hair mimicked your own. You baked the misshapen biscuits and decorated them with pride.

Once you took Faith for her bath, I snuck out to see Ian and Jenny. They’ve held a gift for me and tonight I wish for you to have it.

This gift, I hope, sparks a tradition we keep throughout the years for as long as we live; a tradition to give not only to each other but each of our bairns, their bairns and on down the line; that what we do will be the beginning story for generations to come.

I love thee to depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, Sassenach.

Your Enraptured Husband,


Jamie folded the letter, placed the wrapped gift over it on the coffee table. He smiled as he took in the sight before him, the same as he described in the letter. Claire’s hand on Faith’s back, both of his sleeping lasses breathing in sync.

“Goodnight, mo nighean donn.” Jamie whispered to both Claire and Faith before kissing them gently on the forehead, then made his way up to his bed.

A few hours later, Claire jerked away, startling Faith. The small girl gave a whimpering cry before settling down on her mother’s chest.

“Shhh, my love. Mummy didn’t mean to wake you. Shhh.”

Claire searched the room for the terror that had haunted her only moments before, yet her mind couldn’t grasp what it was. The nightmare forgotten, she sighed, and slumped back into the chair, Faith already lightly snoring on her chest. She hummed and rocked, relishing the heavy weight of her daughter. The sun began to filter in, a metallic glint sparkled from the coffee table. Reaching forward, Claire grabbed the small wrapped box and the letter that lay beneath it.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she read Jamie’s words. With as little sound as possible she tore open the package. A small glass bauble rested inside the box. With shaking hands she pulled it out and looked at the brilliant blue disc. Across the front was etched ‘Fraser Family Christmas 1946. James, Claire & Faith.’ On the back side a signature read Murtagh F. Fraser, Paris France ‘46.

Claire smiled through a sobbing sniffle, stroking the glass delicately. Holding Faith tighter to her chest, she stood and placed the ornament in front of a light, letting the glass twinkle and shine. Jamie’s arms wound around her waist and she leaned back into his embrace.

“Good morning, mo ghradh.” He whispered into her hair.

“Mmm, good morning love. Thank you for the bauble. It’s perfect.”

“You’re welcome. I told Murtagh he needs to learn a fancier style so we can request more from him next year.”

Claire laughed and turned in his arms, “He needs to leave France and come home.”

“Aye, but ye ken he wilna leave Suzette.”

Claire kissed him and nodded. “Maybe next Christmas.”

Jamie kissed her again, “Aye, maybe next Christmas.”

anonymous asked:

I got a therapist for my depression and he kept trying to invalidate my asexuality, saying I was going to be het later in life, settle down and have kids. I said, "do you realize what that would sound like if you said that to a gay person?" (1/4)

But then he said, “oh but I did have a gay patient that turned out to be het, so I’m not ace/homophobic.” It was terrible. He also instilled in me a mistrust of my best friend (let’s call him E), who is also aro ace. (2/4)

He said E was only trying to get in my pants and we’d get married one day. Now I’m afraid that E has ulterior motives and is secretly harboring romantic/sexual feelings towards me. (¾)

It’s been months since I fired my therapist, but I am still paranoid about it. It’s really stressful maintaining my friendship because if it. I’m not sure how to live with a low-key distrust of my best friend. (4/4)

What a horrifying experience. I’m happy that you’ve got that scumbag therapist out of your life, but he definitely left you with some lasting damage. It sucks that it’s affected your emotions and your life.

But he’s been wrong so far, and he’ll be wrong once again. Don’t take his words with any more sincerity as you’ve done with everything else he’s said.

- Fae

Musical Asks! :D

1. RENT - How do you spend your time?

2. Jesus Christ Superstar - How much are you willing to do for someone?

3. Newsies - What are some causes you support?

4. CATS - Do you have a pet? If so, what’s it’s name?

5. Chicago - Are you good at deceiving people?

6. Grease - Have you ever gave yourself a complete makeover - and loved it?

7.Hairspray - What are some causes you believe in?

8.  Bye Bye, Birdie! - Do you have a favorite singer/band that you go crazy for?

9. The Phantom of the Opera - Have you ever rejected someone who really cared about you?

10. Godspell - Tell about an experience that completely changed your perspective/outlook on things

11. Legally Blonde - Have you ever proved someone wrong?

12. Into the Woods - What’s your favorite fairy tale?

13. Annie - What is your current outlook on life?

14. Wicked - Did someone change your life for the better?

15. Moulin Rouge - Have you lost someone close to you?

16. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - What is your most horrifying experience?

Alone Together - Chapter 2

Fandom: Undertale

Rating: T (mentions of blood and swearing)

Spoilers: slight for the True Lab

Summary: “Poor old Mr. Gaster fell into the Core. His soul got split in two, now he ain’t around no more.” (longfic based off of @upperstories’s Alone Together AU; takes place before the amalgamates were created)

Chapter [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15]

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