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221blovers  asked:

gayest adaption of Sherlock Holmes? (besides BBC Sherlock, of course) is it TPLOSH? What would you recommend?

OH GOD, without argument whatsoever, the Russian Holmes films. Mofftiss stole SO MUCH from this series.

The last two episodes are kind of sad, since Holmes retires to Sussex alone, and the last AGRA treasure episode is awful because Vatson marries Mary and they kiss and Holmes basically is resigned to being alone forever.

Here’s just some of what it contains:

  • Home decorating and Vatson putting up giant horns on his wall.
  • Vatson mourns HORRIBLY for Holmes when Holmes dies. Like it’s AWFUL.
  • No seriously, Vatson WEARS A MOURNING BAND ON HIS ARM FOR A YEAR (I believe).
  • LOTS of touches and affection between each other. A LOT.
  • The very flamboyant Sir Genry (it’s actually Henry, but I think the subtitles fucked up the name so it’s now a running joke).
  • Vatson being adorable as fuck.
  • Moriarty is SCARY AS FUCK.
  • Vatson drawing a picture of Holmes in his notebook.
  • Vatson and Holmes being the worst catburglars ever. Like COMICALLY horrible.
  • Jealous Lestraight.
  • Wolfman.
  • Country music.
  • Circus music.
  • Awkward musical queues in really random places.
  • Seriously, they’ll just be standing and talking and there’s just this ridiculous chase music playing.
  • Vatson gets hurt and Holmes hugs him close to make him feel better.
  • Holmes cries when he returns.
  • VATSON cries when Holmes returns.
  • Vatson being SO clueless as soon as Holmes is disguised. Like, Holmes has a REALLY distinctive voice, but Vatson is blissfully unaware and naïve.
  • I could go on forever here. I encourage the crew to add stuff to this.

Hunt for the Tiger is my favourite episode, though Sir Genry is a hoot in Hounds of the Baskervilles.

And most every episode end with them sitting in front of the fire, chatting about random things. 

ALSO, I recommend this ridiculous Russian Sherlock Holmes cartoon. It’s… pretty gay. Seriously, go through my Russian Holmes tag to see some of the gifs I’ve reblogged. @mollydobby​ has a great collection of Russian Holmes gifs she’s made, so check out her blog too for them.

Really, seriously, watch it with shipper and subtextual goggles on and you will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE.

Day 6 – Fandom

Pairings: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Rating: T (Language)

Words: 7364

Inspired By: Glitter (Another Infinity), Shissou (Last Alliance), Sayonara Memories (Supercell)

Notes: I won’t lie, I had a hard time coming up with something for this so thanks to Jason who gave me the idea haha Its kinda similar to the meeting online one I did a while ago but everyone seemed to like that one a lot so I assumed noone would mind if I made a longer one :3 The title is spoken by Eleven to River Song in “The Name of the Doctor” which is the series 7 finale of Doctor Who. Queue my endless crying.


You Are Always Here To Me

Sometimes Mikasa really hated going online. It was one of those horrible love/hate relationships where she spent her days wasting her time away on the internet because she couldn’t help herself but she hated what she saw more often than not. Why were people so stupid? Is generally what she asked herself after spending more than a few moments scanning over the posts on her screen. It was something she couldn’t even comprehend. That and people went into tags to look at relevant posts to what they liked, not to see some ignorant post from someone who was really just butt hurt and not actually typing anything that had any truth behind it or logic for that matter.

As Mikasa laid on her stomach on her bed what she really wanted to do was pound her head against something to unsee the stupidity she had to bear witness to. Instead she clicked up on the new post button on her blog, bringing up a blank text on her screen for her to speak her mind for all to see; well, for the people who followed her who actually cared to see that was which was probably slim to none. Whatever. She felt the injustice of it all swirling in the pit of her stomach and she knew she had to get it out somewhere.

She took her OTP very seriously, okay.

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Gone (Mingyu/Wonwoo- angst)

Band Member: Mingyu
Genre: Angst
Summary: Mingyu isn’t the one for you anymore. PART 1


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Dear Mingyu,

I was once able to wake up with a fresh feeling of excitement filling me. The euphoria would pump through my veins, the heart that beat the love through my body feeling tight and beads of sweat moistening my hands as I gazed at you sleeping by my side.

I remember a time when being away from you was the worst form of torture. Not feeling your fingers on my skin, your hot breath lingering on me or the feel of your soft hair tangled in my fingers as you kiss me or your wonderful, infatuating taste enthralling me would bring unbearable physical and mental pain that would scavenge and chew at me. When the empty apartment, cold and lonesome without your presence as you were out working all night would keep me up at night, the feeling of desertion imprisoning and shackling me in a cage.

I don’t know what’s happened. The butterflies that once lived in my stomach and attacked me are dying, their wings perishing into dust. The brightness in my eyes that only you could bring has been dulled. The sparks that electrocuted my body with your warm touch have been extinguished. Being alone has turned from torture to second nature.

Goodbye, Mingyu.

The white paper sat in the middle of the kitchen island caught Mingyu’s attention as he stumbled to it the next morning. His head was throbbing with the echoes of the loud, blasting music ringing in his ears. His throat was dry, choking him almost and there was a stench of stale alcohol and cigarettes clutching to his messy hair and crumpled clothes. Perhaps the drinks really were spiked at the party last night?

“Y/N,” Mingyu called out as he ran a hand through his hair. He had a distorted memory of waking up a few hours ago, seeing you climb out of bed.
“Y/N,” he said your name softly then and you turned around. Your eyes were slightly watery but he was too tired to comprehend that. “What are you doing?”
“I’m just going shopping. You’ll avoid all the queues when you go early. You get some rest.” You had told him before leaning down and kissing his cheek. The horrible smell filled you again as your lips pressed against his clear skin and a feeling of sadness filled you.

It had been hours since Mingyu had awaken momentarily and seen you get out of bed. Hi eyebrows furrowed as he reached for the paper. He brought it up to his bloodshot eyes and began to read your familiar handwriting. As he did there was a sharp jab. He took a deep breath, clutching the marble island so hard his knuckles turned white and the letter fluttered from his numbed hands. A tear fell from his widened brown eyes.

Many miles away, almost on the other side of Seoul a tear fell from your eye as you continued to drive on the lonely road, further and further away from the one you loved.


A/N: The first part of my new Mingyu/Wonwoo story! Part 2 coming soon!