what a horrible mother he would be

Head Cannons Pt1 Dante

heyoo. let’s see if tumblr let’s this post through the gate… anyways, here’s some head cannons for dante! there is some stuff that touches on depression, so i guess this is a trigger warning? maybe? i just want you lovelies to know what you may be walking into <3

* A protector. The kinda guy who’d act like he don’t care, but would happily throw himself in front a car for someone. He feels this overwhelming urge to protect everyone, no matter what. Especially friends, family and any lover he takes. He feels like its his responsibility?

*Feels like, so much survivor’s guilt??? After the loss of his mother, brother, and other’s along his life (like Nell) Dante has grown to have a horrible case of survivor’s guilt, feeling like he’s cursed, that everyone he cares for will be taken away from him, due to him being the son of Sparda. This leads to him having abandonment issues and some heavy hitting depression. This guilt could also attribute to his overprotectiveness, and his hesitance to get too close to people. Like how he sleeps around, and tends to annoy everyone.

*He annoys everyone in hopes of maybe they’ll get annoyed and leave him, so in that way, they’d be safe from the curse he swears haunts him.

*He’s always wanted kids, but thinks maybe his life is too dangerous and unpredictable to afford having children with a long term s/o.

*Dante will totally deny acting like a demon, at all, which is cute, because he subconsciously does it. Like what he says is a walk around town is actually him surveying his territory. He scents other people, and displays normal adult demon tendencies, but totally denies it.

*This boy? He loves him some home cooked meals, and can actually cook. He’s no master chief, but he can make scrambled eggs and not totally burn them? Imagine the basic bachelor menu, and that’s what he can do.

*He’s not gonna make you spaghetti with pasta sauce from scratch and artisan noodles, but he can boil noodles and warm up a jar of pasta sauce.

*He usually doesn’t, because he never sees the point to.

*He knows his mother’s apple pie recipe by heart. Jarred pasta sauce? Sure. Box mac and cheese? Hell yeah! Frozen pie crust? HOW DARE YOU. EVA’S PIE MUST BE MADE FROM SCRATCH AND ANGEL’S TEARS YOU HEATHEN. NO SHORT CUTS!

*He usually makes it during holidays, and sometimes for a big event?

*Happy birthday, have a pie.

*He actually loves having people around his shop. Lady, Trish, Nero and Patty? He loves having them there, even though he complains. He adores the feeling of life people he considers family bring to his shop. It makes his devil side so freakin’ excited, because his family is in his den, being all happy and safe, where he can look out for them. (like the big alpha devil he is)

*Total, 100% bleeding heart. He is such a big, emotional guy, though he totally doesn’t show it. He’d be the one to bring donuts and coffee to homeless people, and act like its no big deal. He’d look out for street kids, though try to not get caught doing it.

*He heckin’ LOVES spending time with Nero and Vergil. Family outings! YES!

*Will heckle everyone he cares for. Thinks its funny when Nero yells at him.

*This 6 foot man child loves the boardwalk. Oh god, the rides are so fun, and he LOVES the shooting carnival games.

*He’s a total dork too. Loves music, and vinyls. He’s such an excellent guitarist, and is pretty good on drums too!

*Sometimes, he’ll start humming, or singing to himself. He never notices, but it’s so nice. His voice is deep and raspy, makes you think of whiskey in a way.

*Secretly, he actually likes reading. Other than magazines. He likes big fantasy novels, like game of thrones. He couldn’t get into the show much.

*He likes old cheesy action and horror movies, with bad effects.

*Loves old cars and motorcycles!

*Plays dumb, but is actually pretty smart, and great at solving riddles and puzzles!

*Will actually cry if you give him a heartfelt gift. Big manly tears for a big manly man <3

*He’d need an s/o that could assure him that they’d never leave, and never hurt him. That there’s nothing that could happen, that would make them leave. That they would stay with him through thick and thin, and not take it personally when he tries to push them away. Someone who’d understand his depression when it gets bad, and help him out.

*I don’t think he’d care too much about gender. Very open dude. <3

hope you enjoy ^^

A big part of Flowey’s character, I think, is…

We know Flowey can’t feel love. He can’t feel love for other people, and he can’t feel the love that others may express for him.

But he still experiences the psychological need to love and be loved that people, especially children, possess.

Look at his face when he talks to Chara about how he tried to feel something, ANYTHING, for his own father.

Look at his face when he remembers hoping his mother would surely help him feel the warmth of compassion once more.

These are not emotionally neutral memories. Thinking about how he discovered he didn’t care about his parents anymore…

…is painful for Asriel.

And he has no reason to lie or fake his emotions here, considering what route he says this on, and who he’s talking to.

And…throughout the game, he clings to the memory and idea of Chara as the person who can make him feel something, who can make him feel less horribly alone and give his life meaning again…

…but if you talk to him a few times in Neutral…

He admits that, deep down, he knows he can’t really love Chara, either.

The best he can hope for…is that he “won’t get tired of” them.

That they won’t stop being “fun” to “play with” like everyone else did.

And just like thinking about his first time interacting with his parents as a flower…admitting this to himself pains him.

Christ, someone give this poor fucking kid his SOUL back so that he can comprehend the emotion behind the hugs I want to give him.

I just want to make you feel loved

I’m a slut for Soulmate au’s, soooo if anyone has any recs for solangelo soulate au’s feel free to leave it down beloww Please

SOO as I said I LOVE Soulmate Au’s, so I am now trying to write one. Hope you guys like it ;) Ari xxx

The Au idea is that you get your soulmate’s last name appears on your wrist on a random point of time, but i changed it to a random part of your body

Will Solace was 14 when his soulmate’s last name appeared on his collarbone. He was bit of a late bloomer . All his friends gotten it at least a year ago. He was an imaptient kid. 

If he remembers correctly it was a Thursday and his mother discovered while fixing his collar for his uniform. He remembers sprinting to his room and staring at the name in the mirror. 

di Angelo

It was written in neat, slanted script. Will remembered he recited the name like a mantra. It sounded foreign.

Italian, maybe?

Will felt all absolutely giddy. He always fantisized about finding his soulmate. What he would say. How they would fall in love. 

His mother always warned him not get his hopes up. Will knew why she was so cautious. Father left her and Will, and it destroyed her. It left her humilated and alone.  

They were going to be different, he swore to himself. He was never going to make them feel so helpless. He was going to do anything to find this person and make them feel loved. 

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“Savior” (Gaston)

word count: 713

request: I lived your gaston x reader! It was amazing! Please continue writing more of them

requested by: anon

summary: Your mom wants to marry you off to someone other than Gaston and he has a bit of a problem with that. You also seem to be the only one who can match wits with Gaston.

a/n: Yep! Another one, because I’m a hoe for Gaston but most of all, Luke Evans.

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

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This Is Love: Part One

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job.

Word Count: 2079

Warnings: swearing and a bit of blood

A/N: everyone who liked the sneak preview got a tag so if you wanna be added or remove just send me an ask!

You took the job so you’d be on a higher wage than all of your friends. You took the job because it came with free accommodation and meals. You took the job so you’d be working with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes every day. You did not take the job to be spoken down to and back chatted by some caveman super soldier with major attitude problems. You didn’t care that he had just come out of cryo, the words finally removed, and that he was still adjusting it gave him no right to be such a pain in the ass to you when you had been nothing but civil with him. Of course you were grateful to your Uncle Tony, better known to most as Iron Man but when he offered you such a small job with such a low wage you did not know that this was because you would essentially be babysitting the Winter Soldier. Officially speaking you were his personal assistant but you felt like his personal punchbag, taking his rude comments and grouchy moods every single day without complaint and even going to the added effort of getting him cupcakes and little treats which only seemed to make him hate you more. Naturally over time you got more and more irritated by his poor treatment of you so you retaliated in the same way anyone would. By being equally rude and aggressive, having a counter to every single remark and shutting him up very quickly. From this a mutual hatred for each other blossomed, your only conversations being words of disgust towards the other. Your desperation to leave always took you to Tony begging him to see reason and let you have a job with him, hopefully one with equally good pay but every time he fed you the same arguments that forced you to stay.

‘I can’t do it anymore!’ you yell at him as he worked, bent over the arm of his favourite suit trying to fix the damage from the last battle. ‘He’s horrible, insolent and insensitive. I went to him today to ask if he wanted anything doing and he just pretended like I wasn’t there! How can you subject me to this torture?’ At this you sigh dramatically and throw yourself into a chair opposite to where he was working.

‘(Y/N) if anyone can get through to him it’s you’ he counters and you raise your eyebrow at his weak point. ‘Ok but what would your mother think if you just gave up on him? Prove her wrong (Y/N), show her that you can stick at something. He’ll warm to you eventually just remember that while the trigger words aren’t in his head anymore doesn’t mean the memories aren’t’. He smiled then, knowing by your silence that he had won and you huffed, launched yourself out of the chair and stalked out of the door. Rounding a corner on the way back to your room with your head down, deep in thought you don’t see the mass of super soldier you walk straight into causing you to hit your head on his broad chest and fall to the ground in slow motion. Closing your eyes and bracing yourself for your imminent collision with the floor your heart almost stops in shock when you feel two muscular arms wrap around your waist and hold you suspended for a moment. You open your eyes to be met by two piercing blue ones which are momentarily clouded with worry until he realises you’re looking at him and then they harden, staring coldly at you as he pulls you up to your feet. Rubbing your head you stagger and his arms are there again as a support. You push them away and rest your hand on the wall to steady yourself. When your eyes meet his again he nods curtly at you.

‘(Y/N)’ he says coldly. Still a bit baffled you fail to find the witty remark you usually would have done and you blink slowly.

‘James’ you mumble before staggering away from him still rubbing your head.

‘I prefer Bucky’ he yells after you. You’ve heard this line often, you refuse to call him by his nickname saying that this was what his friends called him and you were by no stretch of the imagination his friend.

‘And I prefer douchebag’ you say under your breath and then smiling to yourself having got your quick comebacks back.

‘What did you just call me?’ you hear him question disbelievingly. Shit.You had forgotten about his enhanced hearing. You turn on your heels to face him and stride back towards him.

‘I said, James, you’re a douchebag’ you retort standing only about a foot away from him and breathing heavily in your anger.

‘You’re calling me a douchebag after I just saved you?’

‘Saved me? Please, you wouldn’t have had to put those grubby little hands on me if you had been looking where you were going. If anything I need saving from your idiocy’ you yell, knowing what you were saying was not strictly true as it had been in fact you who had not been looking where you were going. His eyes widen, the fury evident but he fails to find a response in time and you smirk at him knowing you had won. You turn away from him and continue your walk back to your room only to hear him clear his throat. Oh this’ll be good, you think keeping your back to him but slowing your pace slightly so you’ll be able to hear him.

‘My name is Bucky, bitch’. A small laugh escapes your lips. Hell, you’d prepared yourself for it to be terrible but that was beyond words.

‘Alright Bucky bitch, whatever you say’ you shout before laughing again loud enough for him to hear. You hear his heavy footsteps as he marches away and smile, man he just made this too easy.

After a quick shower, you slip into an oversized t-shirt and a clean pair of lacy underwear and head down to the kitchen. Assuming everyone was either in their rooms doing their own thing or out on a mission occupying half the team, you knew that your rather revealing attire wouldn’t be offensive and that going to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal would not mean making anyone uncomfortable. Yes, it was almost midnight and yes, you should be asleep but you were just really craving a quick feast to satisfy your rumbling stomach. When you reach the door of the kitchen it’s just about open and, catching two voices coming from inside, you stop and press your ear to the crack. Technically it was eavesdropping but you were just satisfying your curious nature, they would understand that.

‘Well you should have thought about that before you started being unnecessarily rude to her. Now you say you want her to stop being nasty to you? She was so lovely to you when she first got here Buck and you treated her like shit. What’d you expect, for her to just carry on being nice to you?’ That was definitely Steve, you could tell by the sense he was making.

‘I know but it’s not great to have probably the sweetest person here turn into a monster with me and only me’ Bucky counters and you work hard to suppress a snort.

‘Well that’s on you Bucky, if you wanted her to carry on being friendly with you maybe you should have at least been civil with her’ Steve continues and you take Bucky’s silence as a queue to enter. Swinging the door open you skip past them to the cupboards pretending not to have heard anything by greeting the two of them innocently.

‘Steve’ you almost sing, grinning widely at him just to make a point as when he replies with his own smile and a nod, the grin falls from your face and you glance over Bucky. ‘James’ you say sternly. You were gonna call him ‘Bucky bitch’ again but decided against it, knowing that insults lose their impact the more they’re used. He grimaces and nods at you as you reach up for the top cupboard to get a bowl and then the cereal down. When you feel a draught up your shirt you remember what you’re wearing and smile at how exposed you must be from the back now, picturing Steve’s eyes awkwardly avoiding your bum. You never could reach that top shelf and you start jumping up and down in an attempt to get one of the six foot something men to help you out. You know it’s Steve who comes to your aid as he places a hand gently on the small of your back using the other to grab the box and a bowl and you smile softly at him as he hands them to you. ‘Thanks Stevie’ you say, leaning up to kiss his cheek. As you do this you jump in fright at the sound of glass shattering behind you and you spin around, eyes wide and your mouth forming a small ‘O’ shape in shock. Bucky looks as shocked as you do, still gripping broken shards in his hand and ignoring the water spillage on the counter. He must have applied too much pressure to the glass of water he’d been holding too tightly and it had smashed.

Instincts kicking in you grab the First Aid box from next to the refrigerator and pull Bucky away from the shards on the floor. You’re both barefoot and that would not have been pretty for anyone. He’s still gripping the shards but seems less in shock now and the familiar glare graces his features. You think you’re more shocked that his trademark scowl is directed at Steve and not you than when he broke the glass in the first place. You tug on his fingers to get him to open his hand up and when he does you wince at the bloody mess of his palm. As Steve leaves mumbling apologies to Bucky the latter gazes intently at you. There’s only one word that comes to mind when trying to describe the look he’s giving you and that is one of utter adoration, almost forcing you to double take. Must be blood loss you think as you remove some of the smaller shards and apply an antiseptic cream to the wounds to prevent infection. Truth be told you’d always thought Bucky was extremely attractive and it made a nice change that you weren’t at each other’s throats. You’d kind of had a crush on him before you started working here, hence why Tony gave you this job in the first place. That crush was obliterated, however, when he was incessantly horrible to you and the crush turned into a need to crush each other. One piece looks particularly large so before you remove it you look up at him. ‘This one’s quite deep, you might need stitches’ you say to which he just continues to stare at you. You take this as consent to continue and you pull the shard out cleanly and quickly, trying to ignore Bucky’s slight flinch. You go about stitching the deep cut and when you’re finished you wrap a gauze tightly around his hand. When you pick the kit up and return it to its place by the fridge you turn to face Bucky.

‘Thank you’ he almost whispers. You shrug your shoulders, not wanting to make a big thing out of it as it’s something you know you would have done for anyone. Both your eyes wander to the mess on the floor and before he makes a move to clean it up you shake your head at him.

‘Go to bed, I’ll sort this out’ at this a small crease appears between his eyebrows and he mirrors your head shake. ‘Yes Bucky, go to bed’ you say, an irritated tone in your voice. At this his face softens and he grins at you almost giving you a heart attack. What the hell is wrong with him? Maybe he lost more blood than you thought. You respond with a timidly concerned smile and he turns and leaves. It’s only when you’ve finished cleaning up the mess and are binning the shards that you realise why he had been…. well so not him. You had called him Bucky. ‘Oh shit’.

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Afterdeath Fanfic

So, instead of a ‘Reaper comforting Geno’ fic, I wrote a ‘Geno comforts Reaper’ fic. It’s starts off a little angsty, but after the whole hurt/comfort scene it turns super fluffy. If ya read it, well, I hope you like it!

(also posted on Archive- http://archiveofourown.org/works/10904352)

Rating: T

Words: 2,224

Ship: Geno x Reaper

Before I forget-

Reaper belongs to @renrink

Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies

Goth belongs to @nekophy

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actions of Vlad’s that make no sense:
Torrent of Terror.  the entire episode, honestly.
Not suing the GIW for breaking into his home and destroying his property in Eye for an Eye.
also in Eye for an Eye, shouldn’t he have explained to Danny what a stupid and frankly lethal thing that was?  I mean, if they had caught Vlad in ghost form, then the secret of Halfas would have been released to the worst of people to get it.  Danny would have killed them both with that move.
When Vlad became Mayor of the town (which was a dumb move) couldn’t he have skipped over the petty shit that would make him unpopular with the future voters and just done the stuff that outlawed ghost vigilanteism, thusly cleaning up the city without Danny’s help and making it so that Danny could have free time to learn just how efficient and effective Vlad’s methods are?  I mean, if Danny is a goal in anyway shape or form, then this would have been a smart move ignoring Danny’s blatant hatred of Vlad.

Hell, one of the things that Vlad’s done that’s stupid and unbefitting of someone with as much tact as he claims to have is the fact that he broadcasted the fact that he wanted Jack dead to Danny in the first place.  The smart thing to do would have been to win his trust by revealing that he was the ghost from the night before and make up some BS about his vultures misunderstanding their orders.  Sure, he’d have to use other servants for his attempts on Jack’s life, but I doubt that such a minor inconvenience justifies his blatant antagonization of the only other confirmed ghostly hybrid in the fucking worlds.  Vlad could have promised training, better education, etcetera under the guise of just wanting to be a better godfather.  He could have orchestrated situation after situation that would have pit Danny against his father while keep his mother at least marginally out of the way, steadily wearing down on Danny’s opinion of his dad.

I’m not saying that ‘i wanted Vlad to win his quest of murdering Jack, that would be horrible and some people *squinting at @ibelieveinahappilyeverafter * kill Jack enough already.  I’m just saying that I can’t stand the thought of someone so intelligent, who’s entire career, though built upon possession, would require a whole ten higher levels of tact than what he displays in his introduction to Danny.  It’s embarrassing, and I just can’t man.

Growing Up

So, this was inspired by this comic by @ayumichi-me:

“Hey Lucy. If I get to be this tall,” Natsu held his hand over Lucy’s head, but she cut in.

“You mean taller than me?”

Natsu nodded, “When we’re older, will you marry me?”

Lucy laughed at her partner. “I don’t think you’ll get that tall, Natsu.”

“What?” Natsu was red-faced and had his hands in fists at his sides, his cheeks puffing out. “I can be taller than you, you’ll see.”

Lucy pursed her lips. “Okay then.”

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Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish

(A/N: For Anon. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Sorry, it’s short as well!) 

Disclaimer: I don’t know Spanish so all the Spanish in this is from Google translate. So I’m sorry if it’s incorrect. 

Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish

Your Dad always empathized how important learning languages was and always encouraged you to pursue it. You can remember the lecture he gave you and your siblings when it was the right time. Always encouraging you all to go and take the opportunity to learn a second language. Not only does it have cognitive benefits, it also helps you become better learners as well as help you understand cultures other than your own.

But the most important reason for him was that it would help you connect with people. Like it had helped him. When your Dad first became a cop all he knew was English and he didn’t have any interest in learning another. That was until he was the first responder to a crime-scene and he couldn’t do anything because he couldn’t speak to the victim or the witnesses. He had to wait and depend on someone else to help these people. And he didn’t like that. His job was to protect the people of the city and that meant everyone in the city. That weekend he started learning Spanish. He also went on to learn Russian as well as Gaelic.

He became a lover of languages and you were definitely the same. Your siblings all learned second languages as well but none of them loved them like you did. It may be because unlike them you learned your first-second language very young and not in high school like them. Danny learned Spanish, Erin, and Joe learned French and Jamie learned German.

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My Opinion on Maven Calore

I have wanted to get this of my chest for a while. If you don’t want to read that’s okay, but it might be worthwhile! If you read the whole thing then you are definitely my friend :) Without further ado: 

I fell for Maven Calore, just like Mare Barrow did in Red Queen. I did not immediately fall in love with Marecal at “Thief, Obviously”, and that I think is okay even though most of the fandom did. I was conflicted because at the time, I truly did believe Maven was with the scarlet guard and that Cal wasn’t. Yet Cal was still incredibly kind and sweet to Mare  Then we all know what happened, and I was incredibly angry with Maven and could not comprehend what had happened. 

Throughout Glass Sword, I felt like Mare did, falling more in love with Cal but then also missing a boy that never really existed. But then King’s Cage caused even more heartbreak! I tried so hard to separate the dream and the reality. King’s Cage gave us more insight into how twisted Maven truly is. As someone who suffers depression and anxiety, it often feels like there are two versions of me in my head. One that isolates and self deprecates, and another that tells me to be kind to myself. The fact that Maven truly does not know what is him and what is what Elara constructed is devastating. He has grown up with endless mental and probably physical abuse from his mother. He never felt like he was good enough, that he was a shadow, and I personally know how difficult it is to feel like you are not enough. He is constantly battling so many parts of himself, the desperation and confusion must be terrifying. He admitted to Mare in the bathtub scene that he knows it is his fault that they aren’t together. He shows regret in his eyes when he is marrying Iris. 

I also think the reason why Mare understands him so much is because they are really similar in personality in how they deal with pain and fear. When Maven scratches his hands to inflict physical pain, Mare recognizes that in herself as a substitute for mental pain. Both of them hate each other but no matter how hard they try they can’t let each other go. Their twisted love is so toxic. Like Mare said, if she was raised by someone like that, what would she become? What was Maven supposed to be? Mare could easily become a monster too, and often fears she already is one. Both have murdered. Both are broken. Just imagine if you loved someone, then killed them by accident, then loved another yet had that affection butchered and shattered by your own mother .If you were molded  to become someone else’s tool for their desires, to live a fate you never wanted.

I do not excuse Maven’s horrible actions, but my heart breaks for the tragedy he is. When people say Maven should die, etc. I understand where it is coming from. Hell, Mare wants to kill him. She had the chance to, but she couldn’t. She sees all the layers he has and how difficult it is for him to sort through them and find the truth. In his twisted way, he does love Mare, and that love is poison. I think we must remember that he is a brilliant villain, a beautiful tragedy, and very much grey rather than black and white, but still a broken boy. 


Reunited (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

A/N: This is the last chapter to my Ahkmenrah serie. (A maid for Ahkmenrah, Unexpected, Gone) Make sure to check the other writings if you haven’t read them yet. Enjoy!

Three years. It had been three years since Ahkmenrah had last seen, kissed and held his lover. Those three years without you were the most painful and agonizing years that he had experienced. There had been no second that he was not thinking about you. His mind was constantly consumed with thoughts about where you had been and if you where okay. And the baby? Was it doing fine as well? Ahkmenrah wished he would know the answers to his questions. Since your leaving, there had developed a big questioning mark in Ahkmenrah’s head. Why did you go? Why did you leave him behind?

Once the young prince found out about your absence on that day three years ago, he sent a troop of his guardians in order to search for you in the entire city. But unfortunately, they had no luck. Ahkmenrah himself went to your parents’ house, kneeling down in front of them in desperation, a prince on his knees asking them about your whereabouts. But neither your parents had an idea. They were as clueless as Ahkmenrah was. But to be honest, they had been very surprised as they found out that their daughter was secretly dating the royal man in front of them. They didn’t even expect that Ahkmenrah developed some interest in you. Your mother was crying the whole time, worry consumed the poor woman because you left without saying goodbye and without telling them where you were heading.

Ahkmenrah promised them to find you and bring you back home where you belonged. You belonged to him, staying by his side. That was what you were supposed to do. Not leaving him in deep oblivion and a broken heart.

The guardians were looking for you for weeks. There was no corner, no alley and no street they were missing. They even interrogated the people in the city, asking them if they had seen or heard anything. Ahkmenrah was so determined to find you, cost it what it wants. He wanted you back. He was pressured to do things that he was no fan of. He threatened his men not to come back to the palace if they had not found you. He had no power to see his guardians coming back with empty hands. However, the more time it took for the search, the more hopeless Ahkmenrah became. Sending letters to other cities were his last hope but even those had not brought any luck.

The young prince always locked himself in his chamber, refusing to come out. It had been his only safe heaven because in there he still felt your presence. So many memories had been made between those for walls. Secret meetings at midnight, sweet and passionate love making sessions and pillow talking afterwards until the sun would rise and you were obligated to go were something you two were doing on regular basis. Ahkmenrah showed you both sides of emotional and physical love. He loved and he cared. He never failed to show these. And he was wondering how you could just throw all of this away. The worse thing was also that you tore him away from his child. He had no chance to hold his child in his arms and admire the creature that you two have created with love. He would probably never get the opportunity because his child was now a grown three year old. Three years. He missed three years of its life.

He was not sure how he should react. One the one side he was mad, beyond mad. He could have set up the entire city in flames. His body was filled with so much rage. But on the other side he understood. You were probably too afraid and saw this as the only way to escape a punishment.

But Ahkmenrah would have done everything to protect you. Hell, he would have sacrificed himself for your well-being. He just needed this chance and you didn’t give it to him. You gave him no possibility of talking things through.


Ahkmenrah stood on his balcony, his eyes observing the life full city in front of him. Again he was thinking about you and wondered if you had come back without his knowing. Something in him told him that you were there, somewhere on the streets of Thebes. He just was not sure if he should listen to this voice. He had given up hoping a long time ago.

A knock on the glass door threw him out of his thoughtful state. As Ahkmenrah turned around, his eyes meet the gentle ones of his mother, Queen Shepseheret. The queen you had worked for. The beautiful woman joined her young son, taking a place beside him. Laying her head gently on his shoulders, she wrapped one arm around his waist. A gesture of comfort that the young prince needed. She always knew when Ahkmenrah was distracted with you again and she had provided him so much comfort in the last three years.

“How are you, my son?” She asked even though she knew the answer. She could feel the immense pain that he went through. A mother’s instinct, that was what it was.

Ahkmenrah only shrugged his shoulders. His mother sighed.

“My dear son, Ahkmenrah, it pains my heart to see you in sorrow. You’ve been hurt enough for three years, don’t you think? I miss seeing your precious smile.”

“There is nothing to smile for anymore, mother.” He mumbled.

“Of course there is! There are so many things that are worth to smile about, my son. But you don’t see them. I know you loved her dearly Ahkmenrah, but it’s been three years now. If she had loved you so much, she would have come back long time ago, don’t you think?”

“What are talking about?” Ahkmenrah growled. He was shocked and surprised that his mother would accuse you of not loving him.

“I know (Y/N) is a good girl, my dear. I liked her so much. She was always a hard worker, kind and polite. And under other conditions I would have wanted you to marry her someday. But Ahkmenrah, there are things that are probably not meant to be. Have you ever thought about that? Maybe this is a new chance for you to become happy? Maybe you and (Y/N) are not perfect together.”

“Stop it! Please stop saying those horrible words!” Ahkmenrah demanded with a croaked voice. “No matter what you’re saying mother, deep down I know we are meant to be. We have to be together. We have a child, isn’t that enough proof for you? I cannot imagine a life without her anymore. I just want her.” He stopped to take a deep breath. His chest ached terribly.

“One day she will come back to me and I’m going to marry her. I may be able to forgive what she did to me because my love for her is much stronger than anything else. Yes, I feel betrayed, she left away but… but people make mistakes. I’m sure she’s aware of what she had done. I know we’re connected to each other. Our souls are connected mother. I can feel it. She’s my soul mate and I’m not going to stop loving her until she tells me so…”

By know, the tears that were brimming his eyes ran down his soft cheeks. His mother raised her hands to put his face between them.

“Ahkmenrah…” She sniffled, overwhelmed by her own tears. “Don’t cry, my beautiful child.”

“It hurts, mother, it just hurts terribly. I’m so empty without her.” Only his lover could mend his broken heart.

And Ahkmenrah prayed to Ra, that she would appear soon.


“mwt (mother), mwt!” A little girl tugged at her mother’s arm, pointing at a certain direction. “Doll!” The girl tried to lead her mother to the stand were self made dolls were sold however the young woman stopped her.

“Not yet, my love.”She spoke gently.”Another time, is that alright for you?”

The little girl pouted with her arms crossed in front of her chest but still nodded defeated. Another child’s cry took her attention, and as she turned around she was greeted by her tiny boy who had his arms opened for her so she could take him into her arms. Right behind him the best friend of the young woman came running, her expression stressed and exhausted.

“Femi!” The best friend grumbled. “I told you not to run away like that. What if you went missing in this whole mess?”

The little boy just buried his face in the crook of his mother’s neck, indicating that he was tired.

“Monifa, could you just take care of Feme, please?” The young mother of two children, twins to be precisely, asked her best friend, gesturing to the little girl beside her. They walked through the market of Thebes, visiting different stands and looking what they could buy. They had already bought lots of food, especially for the little children. From the long journey they had back to Thebes, the children became hungry and the food they had packed before the trip began for them, had been eaten mostly by the little ones.

“It’s weird to be back.” Monifa said to the young woman.

“It is.” The other woman responded.

“It feels like an eternity since we’ve been last here and to be honest I have not missed it as much as I expected.”

The young woman laughed at her best friend’s remark. Admittedly, there had been two reasons why she returned at all. The first reason was her parents. She had missed them so dearly while she was away and at the same time she felt guilty of not telling them anything. She couldn’t wait to have them in her arms again, to hug them and to be embraced by their warmth. She needed to introduce her children to them. The second reason was the young man she still loved with her whole heart. She knew she broke him when she went away and she had no idea yet how to make it up to him. How would she react when she saw him again? What would she say? She had not thought about it to be honest.

“mwt…” The little boy in her arms whined. “Tired, mwt!”

“I know, my dear. Just hold on a little bit, alright? We’ll go home to aunt Monifa soon and then you can sleep as long as you want, okay?”

“Do you have anything you need?” Monifa inquired. “We can head back to mine if you’re finished. Seeing these delicious things you bought made me hungry and I’ll die if I don’t get something in my stomach.”

“Don’t exaggerate it.” The young mother smirked. “I’ll just go and get some grapes for the children.” She placed the little boy in Monifa’s arms, entrusting her children to her.

At the same time at the same place, prince Ahkmenrah trudged along the market, being surrounded by two guardians. It was his mother’s birthday and he went to the market to buy her a nice gift. He knew she didn’t want anything expensive, just a simple cheap thing would also please her. He was at many stands but still had not found a perfect present. He became slightly frustrated because in a few hours, a celebration would take place and Ahkmenrah couldn’t appear without anything.

He saw a stand with lots of jewelries and went straight towards it. The seller bowed down politely once he saw the young prince and after an exchange of few words, Ahkmenrah bought a beautiful necklace and bracelet for his mother.

“I hope she will like it.” Ahkmenrah sighed. All he wanted to do was turning to the palace and to get ready. It would be a long night since many other royal families would attend the celebration.

He turned around and suddenly the air got stuck in his lungs. The jewelry he held in his hands slipped between his fingers right to the ground. He must have been hallucinating, it was the only explanation for it. He opened and closed his eyes, just to make sure that he was not dreaming. And he didn’t.

She was beautiful than ever. A few meters away from him, there she stood, his lover, his life, his heart. You. You wore a pretty gown that highlighted your beauty even more. His heart pumped hard against his chest and Ahkmenrah threw his hand on his mouth to cover the sobs that escaped his throat.

“Your highness?” A guardian asked. “Are you alright?”

Ahkmenrah nodded and made his way towards you, ignoring the calls behind him. He would die if he couldn’t hold you in his arms again. A few more steps and he were right next to you. Just a few more steps.

You just gave the vendor in front of you a few coins and took the grapes from his hand as you felt another warm hand on your shoulder. Wondering who could it might be you turned around to face the person and you were shocked to see a familiar face that you had not seen in three years. His face was tearstained from crying and his eyes were red but still he looked handsome as ever.

“(Y/N),” He asked, his voice clearly trembling, “is that you? Is that really you?”

You were out of words. Totally lost of words. Not in a million years had you expected to meet him, right here, at the center of Thebes.

“Ahkmenrah?” You whispered questioningly.

“It is you!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around your body and pressing you hard against his chest. He clung onto you as if his life was dependent on this simple hug. “It’s you…It’s you…” He whispered all over again. Finally he could breathe again. Finally he had his love back.

He pulled slightly away, cupping you cheeks with his fingers and stroking them gently. He observed your features and all he could think about was how beautiful you were. You hadn’t changed much, you were still the young woman he had deep feelings for. His captured his lips with yours, kissing you hungrily in front all of these people.

“I missed you so much, lotus.” He breathed, resting his forehead against yours.

“I missed you, too, your highness.” You responded, laying your hands on top of his.

“Why have you left me, (Y/N)? Why did you go away?”

You were about to answer as Monifa joined you with a shocked expression on her face. She carried Femi in her arms while Feme held her hand tightly.

Once Ahkmenrah saw the little children, he fell down on his knees with more sobs escaping his mouth. You felt terrible for the state that he was in because you were too selfish. You examined your surroundings and caught people staring at the scene with bewilderment.

“Ahkmenrah…” You bent down to comfort him. “Please calm down.”

“Y-you g-gave me t-two children?” He sobbed. He eyed the two little creatures precisely. One boy and a little girl. Both made of love. Ahkmenrah couldn’t be happier in this moment.  “They a-are so b-beautiful.”

“mwt? Why is this man crying?” Femi asked his mother innocently, out of explanation why Ahkmenrah was clinging onto his mother. You gestured Monifa to come closer with the children and took each of them on the hand. Ahkmenrah was still crying but fascination was evident on his face.

“Do you remember the stories I’ve told you about a prince?”

“Yes, he was brave and strong and you said you love him.” Feme said.

“That’s right.” You smiled at them. “This is him. This is the prince I’ve been talking about. Your father. He’s your father, my loves. Do you want to say hello to him?”

They nodded their hands instantly, their face copied the same fascination from their father’s face. Ahkmenrah examined them exactly. Feme, the little girl, looked so much like you while his son Femi was the exact copy of himself. Both of them had mixture of your eye colors and their skin was tanned like their fathers.

Ahkmenrah engulfed his arms around his two children, tightly holding them. He wouldn’t give them away anymore. He wouldn’t leave them alone. He took in their sweet scent, kissing their heads all over again.

“My children…” He whispered.” We will never be parted from this day on. I promise.”

He stared up at you. “We have lots of things to talk about.” He said.

You nodded with your head. “I know.”

  But right now he didn’t want to think about it. All he wanted to do was to enjoy the moment of reuniting with his family.

Infatuation - part 10


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You woke up in a strange room. You immediately felt the neck pain and major headache you had developed. Looking around the room, you saw you were placed in a large empty room. This wasn’t an apartment, it was too large to be an apartment. You were guessing it’s a house. The only thing lit in the room was a small lamp. You felt your hands tied behind your back; you turned your head only to find Jaebum tied with you. Back to back tied together. You gasped and called out to JB.
“JB, please help.” you nudged him against your back.
You shook yourself to offer a shock to Jaebum, so he would wake up.
After some time, Jaebum finally became conscious.
“Where am I?” he asked in a low whisper, talking to himself.
“Jaebum turn around!”
He looked behind his back to find you tied up against him.
He raised his eyebrows with a surprised look, but you were all interrupted when the doors whipped open.
Ashley stepped in.

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for @nycmalec @magnusragnor and everyone who wanted me to write maryse talking to magnus. sorry this is so late!

Magnus stepped out of the portal in front of the Institute. He pulled out his phone and considered telling Alexander he was there, but decided against that and texted Isabelle instead. She texted back that she would be right down to let him in, so Magnus waited. When Isabelle opened the door, all she said was, “He’s in his office.” It was not said unkindly, which surprised Magnus. He would have expected the Lightwoods to hate him for hurting one of their own.

Magnus made his way through the Institute, ignoring all of the Shadowhunters who were staring at him, and was nearly to Alec’s office when he was stopped, shockingly, by Maryse Lightwood. “Hello, Maryse.” He kept his voice level, not wanting to set her off.

“Magnus. We need to talk.” Maryse took his arm, gently, he noticed, and led him to an empty hallway. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m not going to yell at you.”

“Then why are we here?”

“Because I want to tell you I understand why you did what you did.” Magnus opened his mouth, but Maryse continued. “Alec was a mess last night,” Magnus’s heart constricted painfully in his chest, “but this morning, he was able to explain to me what happened. Trust me when I say I know what it’s like to put duty and your people before love and I understand that you want to protect the Downworld. But, please, don’t give up on Alec.”

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(Spoilers for GotG 2)

Another great parallel between Yondu and Ego:

Ego begged for his own life until the very end – begged the son he had just wanted to use as a battery and whom he had coldly told that he had murdered his mother to spare his life and work together with him.

Yondu never begged for his life. He used his last moments and last words to save Peter, to make sure the boy would live, to apologize for what he had done wrong, and his very last gesture was a soothing one to calm Peter down while he himself died a horrible death.

Ego’s last moment was about himself, and he begged for his life.

Yondu’s last moment was about Peter, and he was content with dying as long as his son was safe.  

SasuSaku 475: An Analysis

Okay, so, when I first read this scene in the manga a few years ago, I cringed. Then, when I first watched it in the anime, I cringed again. I was so annoyed that Sakura was reduced to begging Sasuke once again not to leave. This is often one of the scenes that antis will choose to back up saying that Sakura is weak. Then I watched it over again recently, and I noticed something different. Look at the frustration in Sakura’s face here:

She’s accepted that she can’t do anything to physically stop him at this point, which I think is incredibly frustrating for her. If you recall, during the flashbacks preceding Sakura’s release of her Yin Seal in 373, she remembers the rooftop scene.

Everyone knows that she trained so hard to be able to catch up to them and fight by their side, rather than hide behind them. But I think another reason was that she felt powerless when they turned against one another on the rooftop. The memory of it still upsets her, as you can see by the clenching of her fist directly after it. She couldn’t do anything to protect either one of the two most precious boys in her life from the other, which was a difficult pill to swallow. Had Kakashi not intervened, she would have died that day. How would you feel knowing there was nothing you could do to stop the two closest people to you from killing each other? That’s why she felt so awful about putting the entire burden of bringing Sasuke back on Naruto. Not only did she love Sasuke, but after seeing Naruto in the hospital upon his return from the mission to bring Sasuke back, she realizes that she didn’t want to lose Naruto either. Sakura knew the day would come where they would fight again. She wanted to have the strength to protect them from each other when that time came.

So, she’s finally caught up to them, they can finally fight with their backs to one another. Then, they’re both given power by a literal god in order to bring Kaguya down. Sakura still plays an important role in helping them defeat her, but she’s not quite on the same level as Sasuke and Naruto anymore. This is what’s frustrating to her. No matter how hard she had worked, no matter how long it took her to catch up to them, it seemed like she was always a step behind. She acknowledges this, and now she’s desperate. 

This is what I hated. Why CAN’T she do something more than beg and whine and cry? But Sakura isn’t stupid. She can’t defeat someone who’s been given power by the founder of shinobi. She could TRY, but how far would it get her? Her losing a battle to Sasuke wouldn’t convince him of anything, it’d give him what he wants. So, she does the only thing she can do at this point, knowing that it’s useless to try and physically force Sasuke to rethink his choice. The only person who can do that now is Naruto, but she doesn’t want it to get to that point. She loves him so much that she’s frustrated with herself for not being able to do more to save him, but she still tries. She puts her pride and frustration aside and begs for him to reconsider, because she knows the outcome won’t be good if they fight. She’s afraid to lose either one, or both, of them. She’s willing to do anything to change this undeniable fate they’re both destined for. None of this is about Sakura’s “selfish desires” to have Sasuke to herself or something. Kakashi is sure to let Sasuke know of her actual intentions. 

And what do Kakashi’s words of Sakura’s love prompt? Sasuke’s memory of his mother. 

More specifically, a memory in which his mother comforts his worries. 

She reminds him that he is worth being loved as an individual and that he is not just the shadow of his brother. His mother gave him confidence with her love. She restored his happiness with her love. And what is the ultimate characterization of a mother’s love? Selflessness. 

A mother would do anything to ensure her child’s wellbeing and happiness. SP usually does a horrible job with SasuSaku scenes but I think them including this parallel here is really important. Sakura can’t physically stop Sasuke, but she’ll do anything to try and make him happy, including beg. Think of how Mikoto would react to Sasuke’s choice. She would beg her son to stop, promising him that she’d do anything for him to reconsider. 

Once Kakashi makes it clear to Sasuke that Sakura’s intentions are purely selfless, he’s reminded of the one person who had an unconditional love for him. Sasuke nearly killed Sakura, and yet she loved him and worried for his wellbeing. Only someone like a mother could give a love so pure. 

He makes the connection here. If his mother could be taken from him, who’s to say that this girl who loves him selflessly won’t be taken from him? Her love for him is on par with that of the Uchiha, the one that lead to their ultimate curse. In his dreams of revolution, there’s no room for someone who is willing to give all of their love to him. He recognizes Sakura’s selfless love for him here, comparing it to his mother’s, but does not want any more of those ties because they seem to always fail him. That is, until Naruto changes his mind. 

WWRD 03: Freedom Doesn’t Exist

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→ angst, implied smut, vampire/war!au
→ when a forbidden relationship between the general’s daughter and a vampire used as a military tool takes place during the war.
prologue: “I know” | 01 I swear on my honor | 02 “Marry me” [M] | 03 Freedom doesn’t exist | 04 On the Other Side

And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.

A/N: I should be studying for chem but this happened! ASFAEFflkj ENJOY

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How the turtles react to their s/o having a gap in their teeth:


Requested by: Anonymous

The guys reactions to their s/o trip to the dentist & getting a tooth removed leaving a little gap. (Super self conscious) 


“There’s no need to be self-conscious,” Leo would smile hopefully, holding your hand tightly within his own, to reassure you his words were sincere. “Honestly, you can hardly even notice it.” Unaware of how stupid he sounded saying that, Leo soon received a punch to the arm; “can’t notice it? Leo there’s a bloody black-hole between my teeth!” You retort defensively, being incredibly aware of just how obvious it was. “What I meant was…” Leo began again, slowly, rubbing his arm (even though you knew you didn’t hurt him) “You’re so beautiful, I couldn’t find a flaw.” And he kisses you on your cheek to prove it.


“Ha - you look like Donnie!” Raph would blurt out unintentionally, not really comprehending how self-conscious you were about the space between your teeth. Though, as quick as you were to cover you mother, he had already realised what he’d said, and how horrible it must have sounded. “Shit - I didn’t mean -” He sighed for a moment, and then looked dead in your eyes; “don’t cover it, baby. It’s adorable.”


“Honey, if you are that worried, I could make you braces? I did it for me.” Donnie mumbled, stroking your arm as you lent against him, refusing to open your mouth. “I don’t want braces, Donnie. I want my tooth back,” You sulk, embarrassed by the gap between your teeth. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with your teeth.” Donnie practically whispered, the words hardly audible except to the two of you, “I think it’s perfect, like you.” 


“Shut up Mikey!” You chuckle, but at the same time you feel your face burn from how embarrassing this all was. How did you know, out of everyone, Mikey would be the one that would make you laugh, no matter how self-conscious you were about it. “So, are you saying at Christmas I can’t sing All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth?” That earned the nearest pillow being thrown straight into his adorable little face. “You sing that EVER and I’ll shove that mask so far up your arse you’ll be able to floss with it.” You retort, playfully narrowing your eyes at him. Mikey was silent for second, the expression on his face evidently showing his struggle to conceal laughter, at whatever you’d said. “I’m trying so hard not to joke about that.” Mikey mumbled through his lips which did their best to remain shut. “Joke about what?” You frown at him: “flossing.” And then you threw another pillow at him. 

Character designs!

Since lots of people have been asking, I’ll start uploading here some character designs! And I’ll add a cute little description of them too! So go look for your fave character, it might just be here!

I’ll make character sheets for main characters that have already appeared, the ones that haven’t will have a random image if I have one!

This is a long post but will include every character design that I’ve drawn so far! Check it outie!

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if I'm late for the drabble game but I have been thinking about this for a while. Can you please do a Taehyung's POV from Zaddy 3, that part when he's coming to see her, and the whole fight? That part when she's scared of him, the whole almost- slapping thing it's one of my fav parts, you're genius. ❤ I hope I'm not late for the party, but don't feel pressured or anything.. 😇

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What Are The Odds? - Part 1

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 936

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

“I refuse to let my daughter look like Avril Lavigne on the first day of school!” You say at the end of your rope. 

Of course you end up with a kid who’s just as stubborn as you. And her father. 

“Why do you keep saying that? I don’t know who that is and she has a weird name!” Your daughter Kelsey says crossing her arms.

Ok, calm down. You need a different approach. 

“Sweetheart. I love that you want to wear fun outfits and put extensions in your hair but you are only 8 years old. You need to compromise, ok?” 

“Ok, fine. I want to wear makeup then.” 

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