I swear, it’s like his classmates and teachers are his own private army of actors.

some Youtubers grope women and pretend it’s a prank, some promote audible in every single video they make and some clickbait for views… Dan Howell? He tries to make a difference, uses original content and speaks in an articulate and intellectual way while maintaining an appropriate humour and loveable personality…and that is why I love him. 

Paul Blofis headcanons: 

  • Chiron visits him every couple of months and they go over what students Paul’s keeping an eye on 
  • Grover makes him an honorary satyr (after an extensive 8 hour training session) 
  • him and Sally pick a book to read together every month 
  • him and Annabeth can have hours long conversations on literature and Paul loves learning new things about architecture from her
  • Aphrodite always tells Percy to say hi to that “silver fox” for her 
  • when Percy comes back from the war Paul buys him a new baseball glove and they go play catch in the park every Sunday, which is when they have some of their best talks 
  • he cries when Sally tells him she’s pregnant 
  • during a weekend in Montauk, Paul takes a walk by himself and is joined by Poseidon who tells him that as much as he wishes he could be with Sally and Percy himself, he’s glad they have someone like Paul and he swears on the River Styx if Paul ever hurts them he’ll turn him into a yet to be decided sea creature and punish him for all eternity… then he shakes his hand and leaves. Paul thinks it went very well. 

anonymous asked:

Furuta is such an awesome chara. U can ship him with everyone, meme the hell out of him, he's playful, murderous and yet mischievous, and his character plot is changing and diverging to every corner of the story. omg I LOVE Furuta

YES FURUTA IS SO AMAZING PRECISELY FOR THOSE REASONS. He’s such an epic troll and affecting so much of the plot that I’m excited for the shit he’s gonna pull later on >:D

Also I think I’ve memed him so many times that it’s ridiculous lol

I need to come up with more