what a great waste of an afternoon

#19 ”this is a bad idea. This is absolutely a bad idea, do it/let’s do it” +#22 ”do I even want to know what happened?” (Jasper x Reader x Brother!Emmett)

A/N:  I love ReaderxBrother!Emmett, I swear. there’s not much JasperxReader but I still love how this turned up.

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The Cullen household was known for being “classy” and very “quiet”; for the outsiders, of course. But on the inside, it was never quiet, especially when Emmett and you were around. It wasn’t that you didn’t like each other’s company, it was that you enjoyed it too much, of course, it was all more of a “brotherly” love between you both, and that’s the problem, you were two messy siblings. 

While the rest of the family were out each of one doing their thing, you decided to stay home, being a vampire could get a little boring sometimes, so you thought of maybe cooking something, it wasn’t that you needed to eat, but seeing as Jacob would arrive later in the afternoon to spend time with Renesmee it could be a great time to waste some time.

Once you had everything prepared to bake some brownies you started to make them, but what you didn’t know was that Emmett also decided to stay home today, until you heard his voice.

“Hey, (Y/N)” he walked until he was standing next to you. “Baking, I see.”

“You are a very observant person, Em” 

He fake laughed while he watched you while you were cooking “You know, I have an idea”

You turned to look at him with an eyebrow raised as if to say “what?”

He smirked and continued “I’m a 100% sure that I can make those things better than you and in less time”

“Is this a challenge, my dear friend?” you stopped everything you were doing to turn and look at him.

“Maybe, but, it’s not a challenge if I already know I’m gonna win, (Y/N)” he said with the same smirk as before.

“You know this is a bad idea?” he nodded at you, still smiling “Ok, let’s do it”

Everything was going well, of course, that wouldn’t be for long. While trying to mix the ingredients faster than you, an idea crossed Emmett’s mind and he grabbed a handful of flour and threw it at you. You stood there for a second with your hands on your bowl trying to understand what had happened.

And right before you threw flour at Emmett you whispered to him “You are so going to die again, Emmett” 

And that’s how a huge flour (which later included a mix of all of the ingredients) war started, and if a normal human fight was funny, one that included two vampires was even better. You two were running all around the house throwing whatever you had on your hands, rapidly turning the neat elegant house into something that probably Alice would have nightmares if she could sleep.

Not so long after all of that happened you turned again to the kitchen, still pushing each other on the way there and as soon as you got there, the rest of the Cullen clan was already there and while Edward and Rosalie had a small smile on their faces, clearly amused by about what happened, the rest weren’t like that, especially Alice.

Jasper walked until he was closer to the two of you who right now looked like two little kids who got caught doing something you should; which was partially true, except you weren’t children.

“Do I even want to know what happened?” he asked while his eyes went to Emmett and to you.

“It was all her fault!” Emmett said before he started running again, probably to hide.


And with that, another war started, making the family wonder how two grown adults could be such kids.

Family — Wonho AU | Part Four

A/N: Here is part four for you lovely readers! Thank you again for your patience and interest in the story. I’m aiming for one more part but it may turn into two if I get too carried away. But for now, I hope you all enjoy this part! and quick side not: YA’LL THOSE MX TEASERS GOT ME SO SHOOK

Length: 4398 words

Parts: Prologue | One | Two | Three | Five | Six  | Seven 

You sit across from Ahreum as she browses the menu of the café you two have chosen. She catches you peeking at her and smiles. You return with a sheepish grin. “Sorry, it’s just…not weird but nostalgic to see you?”

Your words come out sounding more like a question as you struggle to find the word that fits the feeling. Even nostalgic doesn’t quite put all the emotions together. Despite your struggle Ahreum’s smile grows.

“I’m sure it’s jarring. Thank you again for agreeing to talk to me. I know it’s weird but I found you on social media and figured it was a sign for me to contact you.”

You nod not really know what to say to that and then Ahreum excuses herself to order the food she’s chosen. You sit with the cheese and fruit platter you’d ordered earlier. After running into Ahreum in the lobby you’d lost some of your appetite, and now sitting with her in the café you barely wanted to look at the food.

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Skool Luv Affair Part 2

Pairings: Jikook, Yoonseok, Namjin

Words: 1307

Genre: Hogwarts!au, enemies to lovers

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7  Part 8 Part 9

Read on AO3

Part 2

“You’re doing it again,” Jimin said, smirking at him as he meticulously cut up his bacon into smaller and smaller pieces.

“Doing what?” Yoongi scowled.

“Staring at that Hufflepuff, you in love or something?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He denied casually, “Why do you bother to get bacon if you never eat it?”

“Firstly, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you think you’re being subtle, you’re really not. And secondly, don’t change the subject,”

“Can I remind you that I’m two years older than you?”

“Yeah and two years dumber,” He quipped earning himself a cuff to the back of the head, “Hey!”

“Have some respect, brat,”

“Whatever, hyung, point is, every mealtime I catch you looking at him. It’s weird, you know?”

“It’s not every mealtime,” He protested and Jimin gave him a look, “Fine, ok, but what’s the problem?”

“He’s a Hufflepuff,” He stated matter of factly as if this should be obvious. “Do you like him?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Hoseok is just attractive,” And cute and kind and funny and a whole list of other things.

“Hoseok huh?”

“He’s a chaser and he’s friends with everyone, it’s not strange that I know his name,”

“Hyung, you probably know the names of his pets and what he ate for supper last night, you’re obsessed,”

“I am not obsessed!” He objected, fighting off the oncoming blush.

“Ok, sure I’ll believe you, but first explain to me why you specifically insisted we go to lunch later than usual today. Might it perchance be because their Quidditch team always practices during late morning on a Saturday?”

“It’s a coincidence,” He grumbled, aggressively cutting up his food.

God he could remember when the kid was still an innocent and painfully shy first year, who kept up a façade of haughty arrogance and refused to talk to anyone. He’d never much liked him until he’d found him crying one evening in an alcove of a rarely used corridor and despite his best instincts and usual tendencies to not get involved, he had stopped to comfort him.

Well, if awkwardly asking him questions and pretending to not be interested counted as comforting. Eventually he had managed to extract a confession broken off by hiccups and sobs that he was sure he’d been sorted into the wrong house.

(“Everyone goes to the house they’re meant to be in, the Sorting hat doesn’t make mistakes,”

“I know,” He said, voice cracking. “That’s the worst part,”

“Why? What’s wrong with Slytherin?” He asked, shifting him over so that he could squeeze in beside him.

“None of my family have ever been in Slytherin,” He sniffed, looking at his feet. “I think my dad’s really disappointed,”

“I’m sure that’s not true,”

“Before I came I was so nervous about being sorted and everyone kept saying ‘You have nothing to worry about, it’s not like you’ll be sorted into Slytherin’”

“Oh, well that’s a bit shit,” He conceded, “A lot of people have a bad view of our house from the war, I guess, but it’s a load of rubbish. If they’re disappointed it’s their problem not yours,”

“O-ok,” He replied hesitantly, drying his cheeks with the sleeve of his robes.

“What else is bothering you?”

“I guess, I r-really don’t feel like I belong, I’m worried…” He trailed off.

“Worried what?”

“That no one will accept me,” He muttered.

“Why wouldn’t they?”

“I’m…I’m a half blood,”


Jimin looked up at him shocked, “But… But most Slytherins are purebloods, and I –”

“Judging someone by their blood status is a load of bullshit,” Yoongi interrupted. “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You’ll be fine, honestly. And if anyone gives you any trouble you can come to me,”

“Really?” He asked, finally starting to look a bit more hopeful. Yoongi already had a bit of a reputation and no one wanted to get on his bad side.

“Sure, kid,”)

Now look at him. He was the most fiercely Slytherin of all of them and had taken the whole house rivalry thing to a new extreme, always coming up with schemes to beat the other houses, especially Gryffindor. He was the most vocal about all the old traditions and stupid prejudices as well.

Yoongi thought it was all a load of crap, who the fuck cared if he wanted to be friends (*cough cough* more than friends *cough cough*) with a Hufflepuff for god’s sake? Who the hell even thought that the whole system was a good idea anyway? Even as a smaller – slightly – eleven year old he had been unimpressed by the idea of being stuck in a stereotype for life by the decisions of a goddamn talking hat.

The exacting delineation of young people by their supposed personality traits would only result in long lasting problems for society. Tensions between houses carried on far into adult life, despite the fact that it was supposed to have died out after the war, and those rivalries and prejudices ended up being passed onto children such that many had a fixed, fairly one dimensional idea of what being in any particular house meant about you as a person. It didn’t help that all students essentially existed within the confines of their house, eating, sleeping and learning together and thus were rarely exposed to other’s points of view.

By this point to him it was just a colour and a reasonable way of deciding on sports teams and whilst it was true that you did get a handful of students who fit the house stereotype so neatly that it was almost comical, the rest could easily be in any.

That was just his rather cynical and pessimistic opinion anyway, not one that many held and certainly not Jimin. He often thought that his fierce rivalrous tendencies were born through his insecurity about his position both in terms of showing his family that he didn’t care what they thought and in order to force his acceptance in the house despite his blood status.

Then again it could entirely be down to one Jeon Jungkook.

The Gryffindor seeker and all round golden boy had taken an almost immediate dislike to Jimin and the feeling was very much mutual. The two fought on a daily basis, hurling abuse at each other across the Quidditch pitch, the classroom or – on bad days – the Great Hall itself.

There were bets running about who would kill the other first. Though disloyal his money was firmly on Jungkook. The kid was 80% muscle and 20% rage.

There were also bets running on who would snap and kiss the other first. Needless to say he made sure Jimin didn’t find out about those, though he couldn’t say that it would surprise him.

Honestly he just wished he didn’t have to hear him complaining about the other practically 24/7, no excuse needed.

It was all “You won’t believe what Jeon did this time, hyung!” or “I’m going to kill him,” or “That’s it! This is the last straw,” or “He’s such an arrogant pig, I can’t stand him,”

“Hey Yoongi, are you listening?” Jimin pouted at him. Oh, what a surprise, he was talking about him again.

“What’s he done now?” He sighed, knowing that he had no choice but to indulge the younger and interject at the right moments with a hum of agreement.

“Look at him, he thinks he’s so great,” He scowled, watching the Gryffindor as he strode confidently across the hall, already garbed in his Quidditch robes for their afternoon practice. It was a waste of breath to point out that he could just ignore the kid and focus on his food. “Would it kill him to not show off for once?”

Yoongi just shook his head. At least he had gotten off the embarrassing topic of Jung Hoseok.


So this fluffy Percabeth oneshot is for @percyyoulittleshit! I hope you like it Mari! :D

Honestly this was quite a lot of fun to write, so I hope everyone enjoys reading it! 

“It feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages,” Percy complained, as he walked through the cabin area of Camp Half-Blood. It was a sunny August day, and many campers were milling about.

“I know, Seaweed Brain, but you know I’ve been so busy helping with the New Athens plans. And you’ve been doing a lot of training sessions. Besides, that’s why we’re having our picnic today!” Annabeth said happily.

Percy nodded, his usual smile returning to his face. He grabbed her hand, ready to take her to the beach, where he had planned on having their picnic, when someone interrupted them.

“Percy! Annabeth!” Piper shouted from behind them, panting out of breath. “We need you.” She was dressed in shorts and a blue t-shirt, and Rachel was next to her, a small smile on her face, dressed in her usual paint-stained attire.

“For what?” Percy asked reluctantly. “We were just about to–”

“There’s a meeting in the Big House,” Rachel said, interrupting Percy. “Chiron says you guys need to be there. There’s no time for you to go to the beach–you need to come now.”

Percy looked at Annabeth, disappointment written on his face. “I guess we have to go.”

“It shouldn’t matter too much.” Annabeth smiled. “How about afternoon tea?”

“Who has sandwiches for tea?” Percy grumbled halfheartedly.

Annabeth rolled her eyes.

“Fine,” Percy turned to Rachel and Piper. “We’re coming.”

“Great,” Piper said, her eyes brightening. “Let’s go.”

Percy and Annabeth followed them, now focused fully on what this emergency meeting would be about.

“Well, that was a waste of time,” Percy said in annoyance, as he and Annabeth walked out of the Big House over an hour later.

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ranami68  asked:

Sorry but i absolutely want to ask this one! Can you make a headcannon of Knights plus Chiaki, Mao and Nazuna when their s/o bring them to a lingerie store together? I'm so sorry >< but somehow i'm curious of your writing! You can ignore this if you don't want to make it though. Have a good day ~

I promised some angst but I’m taking a break from it already wwww it’s painful to write…. This request is so cute though ?? I loved it, it was super fun ! I hope you like the headcanons too !! – mod mademoiselle


  • Thought circuits broke ! This is an emergency ! Tsukasa is now unresponsive !
  • He thought your shopping date was mostly going to revolved around clothes and didn’t even consider underwear. He didn’t dare say it, but he didn’t actually hear you when you suggested going in the lingerie store next and he just nodded happily. Now he’s regretting he didn’t ask you to repeat yourself…
  • His cheeks are just as red as his hair and he’s waiting near the entrance of the shop. Sometimes he shyly turns around to check if you’re done yet but then… ! He sees ! He saw too much !!
  • He’s that one weirdo facing a wall, eyes closed, and counting very loudly to distract himself while you’re picking underwear.
  • But it turned out to be useless, and he’s now haunted by the fact he saw your underwear !! It doesn’t matter if you weren’t wearing it yet, he’s still seen it !!! Sometimes he remembers this whole incident and gets really flustered.


  • He’s super happy you took him along for your shopping session ! Especially since you trust him enough to bring him to your favorite lingerie store !
  • He picked some very cute sets in lovely pastel colors, and you were astonished as to how much they suit you ! Turns out Arashi has an eye for things that would look just great on you.
  • He won’t stop gushing about how cute you are and how everything would look great on you. He’s really having a hard time picking, sometimes !
  • He kinda wants to buy some for himself, but ultimately settled for matching pajamas with you. He can’t wait to cuddle with you while wearing them !
  • Sometimes you get the feeling he’s having even more fun than you shopping, and truth be told, he’s kind of making you into his very own model. He can’t help it, he just loves seeing you all cute and happy wearing adorable lingerie !


  • “Shopping… ? Do I really, really have to come…. ?” He ended up going with you anyway, but only because you promised you’d make it up to him later.
  • His eyes widened a bit when you entered the lingerie store together, but he’s trying to play it cool and act nonchalant… even though he stares at the displays occasionally…
  • He got weirdly involved in the shopping session, showing you things he likes and coaxing you into trying them on. Unsurprisingly, he likes dark colors and lace the most ! He gets very blushy around them too.
  • He’s constantly peeking into the fitting room, eyes bright. He can’t wait until you get home to give him a private fashion show !
  • Needless to say, he was in a super good mood for the rest of the day, humming happily and holding you close to him constantly.


  • You weren’t sure he’d even agree to come with you, but he was 120% into the idea. There’s just something he loves about seeing you in outfits he chose !
  • He’s strolling casually in the lingerie store and looks like he’s used to it. He was a bit confused about how lingerie even works (Of course I know how you put that on ! It’s, uh… You know what, just do it yourself. I’ll watch.”) but he’s an expert at matching it up.
  • Sometimes he just stands there, staring at a display, eyes glossy and smiling weirdly. You’re not sure whether you should call out to him or just leave him be. Maybe he’s lost in his imagination or something ?
  • He wants to get a say in it ! If he can’t pick at least one set for you, he’ll be sulking. He has great tastes, so you can definitely trust him with that ! Well, what he likes is kinda risky though…
  • Gets extra touchy-feely and possessive after that. And a bit cocky, too. “You know, that one set I picked… I want to see it on you often, got it ? I wasted an entire afternoon helping you out with shopping, so… won’t you make me happy too, mmh ?”


  • Come on, going shopping with Leo ? Sounds like you’re gonna have a bad time. He won’t stop hiding in the clothes racks.
  • For some reason, he’s super curious about the lingerie. He’s constantly picking up stuff, prodding it, trying it on himself in the middle of the store… “Hey hey, looks like you can use that like a catapult ! Look, if I put something in here and pull… Hey, it works ! Wahaha, I’m the best !”
  • He’s having a lot of fun showing you horrendous stuff and pushing you to try it on. You can’t even tell if he genuinely likes it or if he’s just making fun of you.
  • Oh, but don’t worry : he’s going to calm down instantly once you try the lingerie on. He’s peeking in the changing room shyly, cheeks tinted pink, and he hides whenever you notice. “Ah, I didn’t see anything, I swear ! Really !”
  • He ended up buying two pairs of super fuzzy socks for himself because he literally fell in love with them. They’re his favorite now.


  • He can’t exactly say shopping is his favorite pastime, but… ! If it’s for you, he’s ready to do just about anything ! Even going lingerie shopping… ?
  • He’s really flustered. He’s following you around like a puppy, clumsily knocking racks over… all in an effort not to look too much at the clothes on display.
  • Expect him to hide in a corner with your bags, patiently waiting until you’re done. He sees it as a mission against his own curiosity ! He must protect your purity !
  • Will stand firmly, arms crossed, in front of the fitting room to “guard” it against possible intruders. He peeks in once in a while, but only to check if you’re done and “report”. “Nothing unusual ! How are things on your— Oops ! I-I didn’t mean to peek, sorry… !”
  • He got out of the store cheeks pinkish, and a bit disoriented… but he’s happy you’re happy ! And, well… if he intends to fight for your sake, he’d better man up a little bit, and nothing better to start training than lingerie stores !


  • Although he’s kinda flustered at the thought he’s gonna go inside a lingerie store for the first time, he wants you to see him as your cool and reliable boyfriend ! So there’s no way he’s refusing to go with you !
  • Do not comment on the fact he’s blushing. He knows. And he doesn’t want you to notice. He’ll just turn away and pretend he’s looking at another rack to hide it, just long enough to regain his composure.
  • He can’t help but imagine you in everything he sees, which doesn’t make things easier… While he’s trying to look cool by picking something for you, he’s worried you might not like it or think he’s a pervert, so he just sticks to giving you his opinion when asked.
  • He’s super worried what you pick might be uncomfortable, and he didn’t look convinced when you laughed and explained it’s actually not that unpleasant. It still doesn’t look super comfy to him…
  • He was super proud of himself for not being too flustered, up until you promised you’d show him everything he helped you pick once at home. Congrats, you completely broke him.


  • Part of him is super smug! He feels really cool, going lingerie shopping with you like the mature and reliable boyfriend he is ! But the other part is, well, super awkward.
  • What if you think he’s a pervert for looking ? What if he gives you bad advice ? What if you try stuff on right in front of him ? His mind is buzzing and he doesn’t even register you’re asking him for his opinion on one set you like.
  • He can’t pick between two things to save his life ! He just clumsily points to the one you look like you love the most. Everything looks great, how is he even supposed to choose ?
  • You caught him fiddling with a bra when he thought you were not looking. He was trying his best to unhook it fast, and failing miserably.
  • He was relieved to get out of the store, but glad he made you happy by going ! And he hopes next time, he’s going to be a bit more helpful. Maybe if you give him enough practice…
Day 14- Hideout

Anakin takes Ahsoka on a training mission to Ragoon VI. Ahsoka is resistant at first, but then she discovers why Anakin felt a training mission was necessary in the first place.

rating: g

pairings: none

word count: 4450

(read on ao3)

I’ve written 22,000 words in the last two weeks and I really, really don’t know how.

Before the clone wars, training missions had been common for Padawans.

Some of Ahsoka’s older friends had been on them before. They were most commonly survival trips, where a group of Padawans or a Master/Padawan team were dropped off on a planet with difficult conditions. They were given limited supplies and forced to work together to survive for a certain amount of time.

All the Padawans she’d spoken to seemed to enjoy them, but Ahsoka couldn’t understand why Anakin was insisting on a training mission in the middle of the war.

“Are you sure this is a good idea, Master?” Ahsoka asked as Anakin piloted the Republic shuttle down to the planet below. “I mean, is there anything I can learn here that I can’t on the front lines? We should be out there, fighting.”

“I’m sure, Ahsoka,” Anakin told her. “Besides, Obi-Wan and I did a few of these when I was his Padawan. I wouldn’t have brought you here if I didn’t think you could learn something from it.”

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Request: Can you do an imagine where Justin doesn’t want to go public because of the hate and Y/N gets insecure because he went public with Hailey and Selena right away, so she makes him choose her or his career. Then he tries to win her back, then they end up making love, and Justin promises to make it public?


“I can’t do this anymore, Justin!”

My cries were falling from my mouth involuntarily, my head was pounding, and my tears soaked my face. 

Justin sat on the edge of our bed, not saying anything. His elbows were resting on his knees, his face buried in the palms of his hands and I was growing more and more aggravated as the seconds passed. 

Honestly, my heart couldn’t take anymore. I was at my breaking point and right now I just needed to be done, I needed to let go of this relationship and the potential that we had as a couple. I couldn’t take the secrets, the hiding, the lies to the public that Justin fed to the media: we were dating, and we have been for a year, but to the world we weren’t. I was his secret, and I was beyond tired of it.

“You don’t understand,” Justin groaned, rolling his eyes as he lifted his head up from his hands. 

I scoffed, unbelievable

“I don’t understand? Please, tell me, what I don’t understand? Where is the mix up that we’re having right now, Justin, because I am beyond lost,” I sarcastically spat in his direction. 

“You know what I meant. It’s just easier for us to stay in the dark right now, nobody needs to know about us,” Justin explained calmly.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my large suitcase from our walk-in closet. I threw it up on the bed behind him and began pulling my clothes off of the hangers before tossing them into the empty luggage, “Be in the dark by yourself then. I’m done.”

“You can’t be serious,” Justin stood up, pulling each piece of clothing I added to the bag out and onto the bed. 

“If you can go public with Selena or some fame whore of model like Hailey, then you can go public with me!” 

“Stop already!” Justin yelled, obviously beyond frustrated, “Just fucking stop with that!” 

I picked up the pieces of clothing he had removed from my bag and tossed it back into it before going to closet and grabbing the rest of my belongings. Justin didn’t try stopping me this time, in fact he just sat there and watched me scurry across the room, adding things to the suitcase before zipping it up, “This is your last chance,” I started. “It’s me or your career.”

I never in a million years would of thought that I would be giving Justin that ultimatum, but I was. I had to. I was tired of hiding in the shadows of Selena and Hailey. I was tired of not being shown off the way a significant other should be. This relationship caused nothing but insecurity in my life and I didn’t need that. 

Justin stayed silent, and with that I knew his answer. It was his career

I nodded, tears still finding their own path down my cheeks, and I grabbed my suitcase off of the bed, “Well, I hope you’re successful. I hope you make the best of your career,” I said quietly. 

I tugged at the suitcase and began walking out of the door, rolling the heavy bag behind me, but Justin’s voice made me halt: “I’m sorry.”

I didn’t turn to see his face, I didn’t even reply. I just began walking again, leaving Justin in our bedroom by himself.

4 months later.

Life was passing, but my feelings for Justin wasn’t. I missed him. 

There were those nights when I would type out texts but never had the courage to send them, but I was glad I never did. This wasn’t my fault. It was his fault. He was the one who let us go, and maybe I initiated it but I couldn’t live with being his little secret. The world knew us a friends, nothing ever more than that  and Justin was perfectly okay with that, but I wasn’t. I was worth way more than that. 

I sat on my couch in my new apartment, The Ellen Show marathon on my TV screen playing reruns before the newest episode was going to premier. It was a nice, sunny afternoon, and I was wasting the day on my couch– this was what my life turned into. 

Outings with my friends weren’t fun anymore, they felt forced and maybe because there were forced, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to pretend to be happy and careless when I was not happy and gave every fuck in the world about Justin and how he was doing. 

From the looks of the media, he was doing good; great even. Single after single was dropping, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. We ended badly, but I one hundred percent meant what I said to him before I left that night, I want him to be successful

The commercial break ended, and Ellen popped back up on my TV screen with her new guest of the week. I lost interest as soon as I felt my phone vibrate from the cushion next to me. I grabbed it and clicked the home button to make the screen light up: “Is it too late now to say sorry?” 

Before I could even unlock my phone and read the name of the contact who sent the text, my phone vibrated again, “Cause I’m missing more than just your body.”


My throat grew dry instantly and my body became numb, I was unable to move. But the texting bubble indicating that Justin was typing popped up, making my heart beat quicken.

Can we talk?” 

I didn’t want to reply, but since I kept my read receipts on I knew I had to because he knew I saw his texts: “Sure.” 

He began replying right away and when the new iMessage appeared read it immediately, “Cool, can I stop by tonight?” 

Yeah.” I quickly typed back.

I knew it was a dumb move, and I knew that if I saw him I would instantly fall back into the swing of old things. But, its been four months and being in his presence was all I needed. 

Time ticked by, and before I knew it my doorbell was ringing. I pushed myself up from the couch where I had been all day, and opened the door to meet eyes with Justin. 

He smiled and I stepped aside to let him in my apartment, nothing but tension followed him in. 

We both plopped down on the couch, and Justin broke the awkward silence that had fell between us, “How’ve you been?”

I shrugged, not really knowing how to answer that question. I mean, obviously I wasn’t okay, but did I want him to know that I’ve spent the past four months missing him and binge watching television shows? Not really. “I’ve been good, I guess,” I lied.

Justin nodded, rubbing his hands together awkwardly.

“How have you been?” I asked back.

“Good, actually. I just released another single, and I’m getting good feedback. Nothing more I could really ask for.” 

This time I nodded, not know what to say. Should I congratulate him? No, I didn’t want to. Why was he even here in the first place?

“That’s good,” I replied, “So, like, why did you want to stop by?” I asked, not wanting to be rude, but wanting to be done with this conversation because my heart and my head couldn’t take being in front of him, thinking that I wanted to be in his presence was a mistake because now all I wanted was him, all of him. And I couldn’t have that.

Justin stayed silent for a while, making me think that he didn’t hear my question. But, as soon as I was about to repeat myself Justin spoke up, “I wanted to apologize.” 

My breath caught in my throat as he continued, “I’ve missed you. These past four months have been nothing but miserable for me. I thought I would be okay without you, but, I-I’m just not.”

“You wanted your career, you didn’t want me in the picture ruining that for you,” I laughed.

“That’s not what I wanted,” Justin argued. 

I furrowed my eyebrows, “Yeah,” I said, “It is. You let me leave.”

“I wasn’t going to stop you from getting what you deserved.”

“And what’s that?” I questioned, leaning forward onto the palm of my hand, my elbow resting on my knee. 

“Better,” Justin sighed, “Better than what I was giving you.”

I pushed my hair behind my ear, “You were the best and you were all I wanted. But, I just don’t understand why you kept our relationship a secret? Every press conference, interview, anything, you would say you were single.”

“I was protecting you.”

“No, you were hurting me,” I shot back, “I wanted to be out there with you, holding your hand, being your date to award shows, cheering you on backstage at your shows. But, you wouldn’t let me.”

“You don’t get it, you never will,” Justin sighed, frustration taking over. 

“Then why did you come here tonight? To pick another fight four months later?” I asked.

Justin shook his head, “Maybe coming here was a mistake.”

“Maybe it was,” I agreed. 

He didn’t move though, he stayed sitting on my couch and I stayed sitting on the other side of it. None of us speaking, but both of us having so much more to say. 

“I didn’t want you getting the hate,” Justin blurted out, “I care about you way too much to let my fans or anyone else bring you down because of me.”

“You really thought I would of cared about that?” I asked, “Justin, I care about you and love you. I couldn’t careless what anyone else would of been saying or what the headlines were on the tabloids.” 

Again, silence took over but not for long, “I’m sorry.”

I looked up at Justin who was staring at me, waiting for my reply. I wanted forgive him, I wanted him. His caramel orbs drew me into his trance and I stood up and walked over to him, pulling him up off of the couch by his hands. 

“I forgive you,” I whispered. 

Justin pulled me into a hug, his all too familiar scent taking over my nostrils, making me happy that I was back in his arms. Justin kissed the top of my head, and I looked up at him. 

Stepping onto my tiptoes, I pressed my lips to his firmly only adding gasoline to our old flame that was revamped. He kissed me back passionately, intensifying the moment. 

Before we knew it we were tangled in my sheets, each piece of our clothing finding its way to the floor, our bare bodies fully connected. The way his tongue worked the spots on my body brought back old memories. His hands working magic in my lower regions as our tongues battled for dominance in each other’s mouths. 

Before I knew it, both of us were a moaning mess. Foul language and sighs of pleasure filled the room as Justin filled me, steadily pushing himself in and out of my entrance. The lust and passion behind each thrust made our bodies stick together from the sweat that had built up under the covers. 

Climax after climax, we kept going. Missing each other and the way our lips and bodies fit perfectly together the past four months that we have been separated. None of us wanted the moment to end. 

Justin came for the eighth time that night, and when he did he rested his head on my chest, energy less and out of breath, “I love you so much.”

I ran my fingers through his sweaty hair, “I love you, too.”

Justin looked up at me, our faces slightly pale due to our nonstop action and kissed my lips, “I promise you, baby, this time will be different. I’ll make sure everybody knows about us.” 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled, “That’s all I ask for.” 

Justin kissed me again, and laid his head on my chest, our bare bodies still tangled with each other’s. 


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Drunken Love Pt 2 - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Drunken Love Pt 2 - Sebastian Stan x Reader

The highly requested part deux to this ficlet aptly named Drunken Love. You’re welcome.

Seb took a moment, thinking over your request before dramatically nodding his head. “I suppose you’re right. Can you hide it for me?” He dropped it into your hand before you could decline his request. It took a lot of restraint for you to not open it and peek at the ring he bought, this whole ordeal had you feeling very curious. But you held yourself back and quickly placed it into his bedside drawer. “Cool,” he sighed, “I’m going to bed now.”

After saying that he turned over and went to sleep instantly, left only in his underwear and t-shirt. You supposed that would have to do. The idea of sleeping was very welcoming to you, it had been a long day and way too much had happened, leading you to be emotionally and physically drained. Though at least it had ended on a higher note.

With a small smile permanently on your lips, you went around to the other side of the bed and settled there. Only to have Sebastian’s limbs be thrown over you in the middle of the night, he pulled you tightly into his chest and slurred out an ‘I love you’, falling back to sleep with you soon joining him in the land of dreams.

You wake up to a very appealing sound, though it was the shaking of the bed that had initially stirred you awake. It was about eight in the morning when he suddenly leaped from the bed and into the bathroom. His rapid movements caused you to jump, though it all felt very hazy as the sleep remained in your eyes and mind.

As you made it to the bathroom, Sebastian was making dry heaving sounds. “Fuck,” he huffed, his voice hoarse and sore.

A glass of water was in your hand in no time, because even though you were still half asleep, hearing Seb in pain had switched on some automatic protectiveness internally. He gave you a grateful nod and consumed the water. “Slowly,” you ordered him gently as you placed your hand on his back.

You moved your fingers timidly, outlining the tense muscles on his back. “Sorry,” he leaned back into your touch and further away from the toilet bowl. This reassured you that you could go down to the kitchen so that you could retrieve him some drugs. As well as starting to make a cup of tea, though that was for yourself and not Sebastian.

So much had occured in the past twenty four hours and not even ten days of rest would prepare you for the day ahead, there was so much to talk about and very little for you to do to avoid it.

The kettle was left to steam as you returned upstairs; Sebastian hadn’t moved an inch from the position you’d left him in. His head was between his legs with both hands placed around the back of his neck. “Where are my pants.”

“I took them off you, though you complained about already having a girlfriend that you were faithful to.”

He released a boisterous laugh, shaking his head as he did so, “I can barely remember anything about last night.”

“Oh,” your reaction was instant and the first thing that came to your mind was that his amnesia would mean he didn’t remember the engagement ring that was resting stationary in his bedside table.

“Oh?” He lifted his head up and fixed you with an interrogative gaze. “I didn’t do something really bad did I?”

“No,” you tried to hide the heartbreak you were ending. It wasn’t like you were angry at Sebastian, it wasn’t his fault that the alcohol had affected his memory. You were about to continue speaking (in order to hide how awkward you suddenly felt, as stupid as it might have sounded, you went to sleep last night believing that the next day you’d be engaged) but the house phone began to ring loudly.

To Sebastian the sound was practically painful and he had to put his hands around his ears, releasing a whining sound which reminded you of the noise a child would make when their parents do something they don’t approve of.

“I’ll go get it,” you rushed to get back off the toilet floor and away from Sebastian, at least until you could get control of the emotions that were rocking away flamboyantly in your belly.

You tried to tell yourself that this was for the best, and that marriage was maybe too big of a commitment for the both of you currently. Marriage isn’t a ring worn or a paper signed. It is not something endured but savored. It is the union of two hearts beating as one, each that would sacrifice for the other’s happiness and wellbeing. Marriage is something so beautiful that in the natural world it would be an opening rose, always with radiant petals left to unfurl to a warm sun. Perhaps that is why we give roses to those we love, and why we often have roses at our sacred unions. Marriage is the blessing we give to one another, an external bond of soulmates.

If Seb didn’t want to get married, he didn’t want to get married. You couldn’t exactly force him into it. Well you could, but it wouldn’t be as joyous as having him willingly marry you.

“Hello,” you greeted into the phone, waiting for a response so you’d be able to figure out who it was. You’d been too busy thinking about marriage to look at the caller ID.

“Hey Y/N,” you were unable to figure out who it was, but they obviously knew who you were. “Is Seb there?”

You looked towards the roof, knowing full well that coming to the phone was probably the last thing he wanted to do. “He’s indisposed currently, would you like to leave him a message?”

“Yeah, could you just tell him that his Princess Chocolatino had rung again wondering about the party tonight, he told me about maybe asking you.” You faked another laugh, this time towards ‘Princess’. He continued to speak but you were busy connecting the dots in your head. You’d heard Sebastian mention ‘Chocolatino’ before, it was Anthony Mackie who you’d met twice personally.

You weren’t acquainted enough with Anthony to know him by voice alone, until now at least. He had been the ‘Princess’ that left a message for Sebastian. YOu’d actually thought the voice was a tad too masculine when you noted it down, but you’d been so enraged by what the voicemail said that you became blind to everything else.

“So I’ll see you later maybe?”

“Yes, sure, maybe,” you rushed out all the words you thought might provide an answer to him as you’d accidentally ignored what he was saying.

“Bring your dancing feet,” he sang before saying his goodbyes.

You were slow with putting the phone back in it’s dock as you were distracted by the fact that you’d been so amazingly, no, astoundingly, dumb. You were starting to wonder if you’d ever not be distracted today; there just seemed to be so much that demanded your attention.

As you thought that, you heard the sound of Sebastian clearing his throat behind you. You turned around to face him but at first you couldn’t find him, until you looked down and found him on one knee holding up that oh-so-familiar box.

A gasp escaped you and your hands raised to cover your mouth. As a younger kid, you never thought you’d be so stereotypical, but you were, squealing out multiple ‘oh my god’s.

“Y/N,” he said your name so lovingly that your chest seemed to warm up, it was like his voice was a song, gently awakening the glee that had been sleeping for the past few hours within you. “Will you please marry me?”

He opened up the box and revealed a beautiful ring, it was alluring as hell but there was something that weighed on your shoulders.

“Why?” It was an unconventional question that Sebastian hadn’t been expecting. But after that last argument he couldn’t really blame you for wanting to know that the reason he wanted to marry you wasn’t because he just wanted you to forgive him over some dumb argument.

He stood back up, placing your hand into his so that he could swing it from side to side, he also smiled gently towards you. There was something about the way he smiled, the way butterflies seemed to escape from the pit of your stomach, the sun toppling down from the sky and making home right in your chest, that made his smile special to you. He just had the kind of smile that made you feel happy to be alive and just that little bit more human.

“I want to marry you, Y/N,” he began, “because I want to wake up one day not caring where I am because I know I’m next to you, my wife, the love of my life who loves me back.”

You smiled shyly, liking his answer very much. “Is that all you want, mornings?” You were joking now, already knowing what your answer is going to be.

“I mean afternoons and nights would also be pretty great but that can be negotiated later.”

“Deal then,” you finally said, doing nothing to hold back your grin which was so large it reached from ear to ear. He gladly slipped the ring onto your finger, wasting no time and embracing you in his arms, spinning you around wildly as he released sounds of hoorah and laughter.

Smart and Sarcastic- Peter Hale

A/N: I’m so sorry that i haven’t uploaded recently, i was in Paris for 3 days and had no time to write and i’m sorry that this is super short and probably not the best but i hope you guys like it! Send in your requests!

Requested by anonymous: Could you do a oneshot where the reader is Derek’s sister, and she gets in trouble at school so she has to have a conference with the principle and Peter?xD and if you could make it like really funny bc it’s Peter and he’s so sassy hahahah!

You stepped out of your uncle’s car and sighed. You were wasting another afternoon talking to the principal about your lack of attendance and disruptive attitude, you were just glad that it was Peter with you and not your brother Derek.

“Come on then” Peter said heading to the main entrance of the school, you rolled your eyes and grudgingly followed him

“Do we have to do this?” You whined

“This isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my afternoon either” Peter replied and continued to the principal’s office. When you both got there you took a seat and waited to be called in

“So what have you done this time?” Peter whispered

“How should I know?” You shrugged

You both sat in silence until the lady at reception told you that you could go through to the principal now, you rolled your eyes again and slowly lead the way.

“Mr Hale” The principal said and extended his hand towards Peter who didn’t shake it.

“What is it exactly that I’m doing here?” Peter asked “because believe it or not I actually have better things to be doing right now”

“Well” The principal cleared his throat “It seems Y/N has been rather disruptive in class and sometimes doesn’t even turn up to class”

“Well believe it or not I also have better things to do then turning up to class” You responded, repeating your uncles earlier statement

“I’m afraid that isn’t an acceptable excuse” The principal glared at you

“Okay then,” You began “I was ill. Is that an acceptable excuse?”

“You were ill for 6 different classes in 1 week?” The principal asked patronisingly

You shrugged your shoulders in reply

“Let me ask you a question” Peter started “How many classes is Y/N failing?”

The principal readjusted himself in his seat and glanced down at some paper which you presumed was your file “Well, um, n-none” He replied

“There we go then” Peter responded and glanced over at you “She’s not failing so why does it matter?”

“Mr Hale I think you’re missing the point” The principal laughed nervously

“No I don’t think he is” You chipped in “I’m not failing so why do I need to attend those classes? I mean biology is boring, maths is easy and chemistry is a complete waste of time”

“May I remind you that all of those classes are AP, you need to attend in order to achieve”

“So what did I score on the latest tests?” You asked with a slight patronising tone in your voice “actually I can tell you that, Biology 100%, Maths 100% and Chemistry hmm let me think oh yeah 100%”

“You obviously don’t need to attend in order to achieve” Peter said and rose from his seat

“Mr Hale I’m not quite sure you understand” The principal said sounding a little agitated

“I understand perfectly thank you very much” Peter replied but by now he was already out of the door. You just smirked and stood up too

“What a lovely afternoon this has been” You said sarcastically “but if you don’t mind, he’s my ride home” and with that you walked out and found Peter waiting just around the corner for you.

“Well wasn’t that a great waste of time” You said

“Smart and sarcastic” Peter laughed “you’re definitely a Hale”

You laughed and walked out towards his car, as you got in Peter said “just don’t tell Derek”

“Wouldn’t dream of it” You smirked.

The Mysterious Miss Matthews

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Chapter Six: He’s everywhere.
Word Count: 2,700

At lunch Riley finds Isadora and Farkle sitting together at a table. Riley enjoys the quirky geniuses company and joins them. They both welcome her with warm smiles.

“May I sit here?” Riley asks.

“Of course, you’re always welcome here. Right, Is?” Farkle turns to his girlfriend who’s staring away giggling.

“Smack?” Riley waves her hand in front of the girls face. When there’s no change in her unusual behaviour Riley follows her line of sight and catches Lucas just as he’s was about to pounce.

“Do you make it a habit to sneak up on people?” Riley shoots him a glare.

“Just you,” Lucas smirks, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure, do you want to sit down?” Riley motions to the other spare seats at the table.

Lucas glances at the two staring geniuses, Smackle has her head resting in her palms as she gazes at him and Farkle is sporting a mild glare or jealousy.

“Uh, no,” he laughs, “Could you come over here for a second?”

Riley excuses herself and walks aside with Lucas.

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anonymous asked:

I simply cannot process how is it that you want to be one of the greats, (à la Tartt, à la Hemingway, etc) while wasting your time giving people advise on such trivial things. Do you think Tartt, Proust, Kerouac, etc (the list could go ad infinitum) spent the past part of their 20s doing stuff like this? You are extremely talented, it's really heart-breaking to see you waste your talent and time on things like this.

Well, you know what? 

I am trivial and frivolous and dorky and I waste my time sitting on the sidewalk and hugging strange dogs, napping every saturday afternoon, playing board games with my friends, and this doesn’t mean I can’t think cleverly or analyse life or be curious about the world at the same time. Life isn’t always taking notes and looking serious, my friend. What do you think? That Donna Tartt spends her days at her desk? That Kerouac, Hemingway weren’t fuckers, roaming the streets drunkenly, fucking and joking and shutting everything out? Do you think the Romantics didn’t pique-nique on the beach and laugh at each other? Do you think art springs only from seriousness, work, dullness?

I’m going to correct you further. I do not want to be one of the greats, but hope to be. This is not something you can demand. It is not fair who attains posterity and who doesn’t. It depends solely on chance, on the way the society you inhabit judges you at the time. Some of the “greats” aren’t great at all, and some of the forgotten shouldn’t have been. My value will not be judged on what you or society considers “great” or not. And actually, opening the dialogue (on something, granted, as superficial and materialistic as christmas gifts, but then again how dare you judge when I’m offering a little complicity and a little joy, even if it is to strangers?) and giving ideas get my mind working. Even this is something to learn from. I learn from those who write to me and ask, from the different forms intimacy and love take, because gifts are a gesture towards someone else, a gesture of expression of love and selflessness, however small, and I don’t see how participating in this would ever be a waste. 

Finally, who are you to judge exactly? I do what I want. I waste my own time however I want to. It’s fucking mine. You think I have talent? I’m flattered. But, well, it’s mine again. If I want to take my talent and rip it to shred between my teeth and spit it in your face, you’d still have nothing to say about it. Now go and masturbate your brain on a Kant essay if you can