what a great thing to say

People say don’t look directly at the sun during the eclipse, by the way love the sun its amazing, tremendous, I love it. You know what? It is my favourite star, and thats the truth it isn’t like the lies and fake news CNN are spreading. Anyway the eclipse truly spectacular, best thing thats happened due to my presidency, we are making America great again. Did Obama have a total eclipse? Exactly. So these scientists say don’t look directly at the eclipse but these are also the scientists that were paid by the Chinese to say that Global Warming exists. Though I probably shouldn’t say that I am sure the scientists are very nice people but they are spreading lies. You know, I don’t know, well the great American public knows. Apparently it can burn your retinas looking at this eclipse, but CNN said, “don’t look at the sun directly,” so I am going to be the best at looking directly at the sun believe me.  

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Ohhh, how about Tormund talking to Jon about Dany? We sure saw Tormund was impress with our girl.

Headcanons? Let’s go with headcanons. 

  • Jon does everything in his power to keep Tormund and Dany from ever being in the same room together because he doesn’t trust Tormund not to recount every single embarrassing thing Jon has ever done and/or make jokes about his ‘pecker’
  • Tormund has a great deal of respect for Dany, especially after she rescues them. He often asks Jon how the Dragon Queen went for someone like him, when she could have had ‘literally any of the other far more attractive men in the world’
  • Dany is never quite sure what to make of Tormund but he does make her laugh
  • Tormund sometimes asks Jon to get in favors with the Queen, like setting up an unsupervised ‘dinner date’ with Brienne of Tarth (she always says no)
  • Tormund likes to talk about Dany with Jon whenever he can because Jon always gets defensive and he finds it very funny
  • basically ‘the one weird friend that’s really funny but you don’t necessarily want around in public’

Sorry it’s only a few; I know I got these a while ago and I wanted to finish them up but I’m kind of in a rush. 

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Do you have any fun stories about children and their pets? Like questions that come out of left field. Or finding out their pets "new trick" is exactly what's causing the problem. Idk kids can be weird

Hmm. There is a story passed around vet circles of the cat which started urinating outside the litter tray, and was medically normal. Turns out, the young kid in the family had decided that peeing in the cat litter was easier or more fun that using the potty, and the cat took great offense at this and refused to use its ‘contaminated’ trays.

I’ve had to watch what I say around kids, because they seem to have a habit of taking things literally. Calling a frightened dog a ‘scaredy cat’ was met with debate, as was calling a cat ‘a big chicken’. It’s embarrassing being corrected by a five year old.

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How do I deal with low imaan? recently I've suddenly felt like not praying. At first I would never miss my prayers but now I feel like I have to force myself. I've abandoned the sunnah prayers which I know is a sin.

Whenever you feel that you have low iman, ask yourself, “Have I spent an hour today doing the work that’s necessary to have high iman?” If you haven’t, then you know what to blame.

Among the things that increase iman are reading the Quran, spending 5 minutes in supplication after every obligatory prayer, reading the sayings of the great ascetics and teachers, and asking for God’s forgiveness thousands of times a day, because one of God’s punishments for sins is that they take away the pleasure we receive from worshiping God.

Sincerely repeat this prayer throughout the day and God will answer you:

Allahumma ainni ala shukrika wa taa atika wa husni ibadatika

O God, support me in being thankful toward You, being obedient toward You, and worshiping You in the best way possible.

This prayer can bring us everything we desire in this world and the afterlife, because if we have God’s support in being thankful, obedient and ardent in worship, then this will guarantee us everything else we could possibly desire.

Sometimes one cannot feel strong faith because of loneliness, or because of other things that make them feel miserable and emotionally drained. I’ve seen that this is often a consequence of sins, which cause us to lose God’s protection, so that He leaves us to suffer things that would force us to seek Him again:

“…and We afflicted them with suffering and hardship, so that they may humble themselves.” (The Quran, verse 6:42)

And remember that carrying out good deeds, worship and supplication will not necessarily make you feel good. Some people try these things and when they don’t make them feel any different, they abandon them. The true servant of God is the one who acts as a servant whether they feel like it or not. Umar bin Abdul Aziz says:

The best good deeds are those that one has to force the ego to perform.

Therefore start purifying yourself, and if possible, start to spend an hour every day in voluntary acts of worship, such as Quran-reading, supplication, or praying extra prayers, even if they do not make you feel any different at first, even if they feel like unproductive chores. Once you prove to yourself and to God that you are willing to do these for His pleasure and not for any worldly gain, and you continue this for a week or two, you will find many differences in your life inshaAllah.

Maintaining high iman requires daily work. There is no avoiding this. You cannot gain iman high and stay there without effort. Many people re-dedicate themselves to God in Ramadan from all the Quran-reading and worship they perform, and they start to feel very spiritual and pure. But once Ramadan leaves, they quickly revert to normal, because they abandon the deeds that gave them that high state of spirituality.

This is a lesson that repeats every single Ramadan and that we sadly continue to fail to learn from. 

If you want to have a particular state of iman, you must do the minimum amount of daily work necessary to stay in that state. Skip a single day and you will find that your iman is lower, and that it is easier to engage in sinful behaviors.

Therefore, to repeat what I said in the beginning, if you ever feel that your iman is low, immediately ask yourself if you have been doing your daily duty of Quran-reading and worship. If you haven’t, then there is no surprise that your iman is low. There is no such thing as high iman without work. Our egos always revert to low iman.

Every morning I wake up feeling as if half of my iman is gone. Regardless of how spiritual I felt yesterday, I need to work today to regain my spirituality. There is no avoiding this. The work of regaining iman is a duty, a chore and sometimes, if we are blessed, a pleasure, that we must carry out daily. Abandoning this duty will guarantee low iman, because having high iman is not the natural state of humans.

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I struggle with knowing what is a "good price" for things. How much should I be paying per pound for chicken breasts? Strawberries? Cucumbers? Like produce and meat is weird and I don't know at what price I should buy and at what point I should pass. Sometimes I'll see bogo sales on chicken breasts and my parents will say "yeah that's an okay price sure not great though" and I just ??? Any good guides on when to buy?

I love this question so much- because finding the items you need for the right prices can be frustrating.

Here are some general tips that I hope will help:

1. Prices fluctuate. There are so many different reasons that product prices can fluctuate- increased demand, shortages, changing seasons, etc. Buy your favorite produce cheap whenever possible, and buy it in bulk.

2. Store brand. You’ll find that most supermarkets have their own brand of many popular items. For example- Stop & Shop brand oats and Quaker Oats. Same product, different branding. I guarantee you that the store brand will be significantly cheaper and will taste much the same! It’s my recommendation that you choose store brands over name brands 100% of the time.

3. Skip organic. Have ya’ll seen that Ali Wong special on Netflix? She talks about striving to live that “Whole Foods, organic, sliced mango” lifestyle. That is ultimately the lifestyle that I think we’d all like to live, being able to afford organic produce whenever we wanted. But the fact is- organic is sometimes as much as three times the price of non organic produce. And unless you’re a real food connoisseur, you won’t be able to taste the difference. So don’t try to.

4. Store cards. After you find your go-to supermarket, sign up for a store card ASAP. This card should be free of charge, and will save you a significant amount of money on random produce. Some cards even offer reward programs, like money off of gas or whatever. Worth it.

5. Compare prices. If you’re still unsure what classifies as a “good price” for something, compare product brand prices. Look at how much the product is charging per pound (substitute your measuring method) and choose the best deal. Sometimes things advertised as “on sale” are actually more expensive than other items that are not on sale. 

Sorry this took me so long to get through! I’ve been filling in for people at work and haven’t really had time to think.

Whether stirred by the sheer beauty of Night, or by its dark immensity swarming with those glittering worlds, he would stand silent, and then, perhaps, say wistfully: “What little bits of things we are! Poor little wretches!” Yes, it was then that he really worshipped, adoring the great wonders of Eternity.

John Galsworthy, from “A portrait,” A Motley (Scholarly Press, 1970)

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can I ask for asexual Tony Stark for the trope thing? it would mean a lot to me!

(I’m pretty positive asexuality isn’t a trope but…I want to write ace Tony, so sure. We’ll roll with it. I’m sorry if this bugs you but I wanted to put a ship in here and I chose winteriron for this one. Also, Tony doesn’t know what asexuality is and is kind of hard on himself. I envisioned him figuring it out but it didn’t fit. Maybe down the line).

Tony’s always been great at projecting the playboy act for one reason. It’s an act. He can study how it’s supposed to go, what he’s supposed to say, from TV and movies and even, after a while, the trash magazine articles about him.

At first, Tony thinks everyone’s making it up. This attraction thing. That it’s a…myth, a story, an act of some sort. But after a while, after managing to brush off the weird looks and the explanations, Tony accepts that maybe other people get it.

Which isn’t weird. There’s a lot of things other people get that Tony doesn’t. Like when money is and isn’t an appropriate response and why people get so mad at him so suddenly and when to shut his damn mouth. The list goes on. Tony keeps a running list of the times people have told him he’s failed on this front, and just adds “sexual attraction” to it.

So he fakes it, like he fakes so many other things. He takes home super models and debutantes, actors and heirs and heiresses and, eventually, titans of industry. He comments on all those things people say make them sexually attracted to another person. He makes it public, he lets them call him a pig, because there’s one truth he’s learned.

If you tell a lie, make it the biggest, most public lie possible. Dare people to comment. Almost all of the time, they won’t.

Tony gets good at sex, too, gets, if rumors are to be believed, incredibly good. He supposes his skill is a byproduct of the attention he pays his partners. It’s not that the actual act of sex is awful, just kind of…blah. So he distracts his partners by paying them attention. The better he makes them feel, the less they focus on him.

So Tony has a reputation, and he knows that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t lose it now. he told too big a lie, went too public, they’ll never believe anything but that now.

And Tony…isn’t really sure if he wants the public to know. But the persistent rumors of his love of sex are getting in the way of this attempt at a relationship.

“How come we haven’t had sex?” Bucky asks out of the blue, nuzzled up with Tony on the couch after dinner. They’d gone out, even dressed up a bit, but returned home for dessert, now in pajamas.

The night had been great, until Bucky asked his question.

Tony tenses. Frozen to the spot, really, and Bucky is observant and notices immediately. “Oh,” he says.

He sounds so dejected that Tony gets some life back in him, having to fix this immediately, because he can’t let Bucky think whatever he’s thinking. He can’t let him walk away.

“I don’t like it,” he says.

“You…don’t like it?” Bucky says incredulously.

Tony closes his eyes. Even the guy out of the world for seventy years knows the stories. Get a reputation and then you can never, ever lose it.

“There’s an image, and I’m..I was…responsible for it, and I did some things…it wasn’t all bad, but it’s never been my, uh, cup of tea. So. I faked it.” Tony takes a deep breath. “I can fake it for you too! If you need it. But, uh, you know me? In a way the others never did? So you’ll probably be able to tell and I’m trying this honest communication thing, so here it is. Uh.”

Bucky blinks at him, then grabs Tony’s wrist, the move sudden but the grip gentle. “You…would sleep with me…just to make me happy?”

“Uh..yeah?” Tony says. “I like you happy, you happy makes me pretty happy. And, uh. False advertising and all.”

“You are not a product,” Bucky says firmly. “If you don’t like sex, then we don’t have sex. That’s fine, Tony. Now I know.”

“I still lo…like you a lot,” Tony says, barely catching the almost-slip-up. “I just…I don’t get why people feel that way? I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need to be sorry,” Bucky says, now stroking the underside of Tony’s arm, which is pretty damn distracting. “Just…talk to me. What’s okay?”

“Everything we do?” Tony says. Kissing’s great. The way Bucky holds him, great. “And, uh, the things I say. I think your hot as hell, Bucky. But. The things about, uh, wanting that or whatever? I. Don’t. That’s just how people talk.”

“Right,” Bucky says. His fingers move up Tony’s arm, stroking under the sleeve of his t-shirt. “So…this is good?”

“Very good,” Tony agrees. “You good?”

“Very good,” Bucky mimics. He settles back into the couch, wraps his arm all the way around Tony, and pulls him close.

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I never used to call out or comment on what overwhelmed me because idk I thought it would be "rude", but since I'm more comfortable about being autistic now, I have, but it's led to things where when I ask an adult to stop whatever it is because it's overwhelming me (usually because sudden sensory overload), they just say "it never bothered you before though" which I guess would make sense at first, but when I try to explain they just say I'm lying about it. What should I do?

I’m glad you’re becoming mroe comfortable with yourself and with asserting your needs. That’s great! It’s hard when people try to invalidate us when we assert needs. I would suggest saying something like the following:

“While I realize this may seem sudden to you, X has always bothered me but I’ve recently become more comfortable asserting my needs so that I don’t have to suffer needlessly in silence.”

If they continue to try to argue you or invalidate you, you can try saying something like this:

“When you call me a liar about these issues, you are showing me that you are so unwilling to make a small change that you would rather cause me pain.”

I hope this helps!


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Would you be able to do a JTodd one where the reader gives birth to a baby girl???? ThnKs

Sure! Another 100/200 drabble. 


Jason holds the small baby in his arms, really quietly shushing it because goddamn it it keeps screaming and he doesn’t know what to do. He wishes Dick was here, or actually Alfred would be better, because they’re both great with kids. He closes his eyes and his head falls back against the couch. The baby quiets down, gurgling and grabbing for the zipper on Jason’s jacket. 

“Y/N would’ve loved you,” he says to the baby, smiling wistfully toward the air. He can’t look down now, not yet. Because the baby looks like Y/N and it’s just a pain that is too deep to handle right now. “I’ll do things right for you. For both of you. I promise.” 

Fanfic writer apreciation day.

It’s really late but in all honesty, it’s really hard for me to say things so it took me a whie to figure out what I wanted to say so here it is. and even if you are a fanfiction writer and I don’t mention or follow you I want you to know you are special and amazing for doing what you love. Keep up with the good work

@promiscuous-jalapeno You are one of the first mysme related writers I encoutered back when I was new to the fandom and I’ve loved every piece of your work I’ve read.

@setthestarsxnfire You broke my heart, still you are a great writer and a cool person, looking forward to see more of your broke, specialy fluff, you’ve only caused me pain so far. (joke, write whatever I’ll read it anyways )

@nordicicequeen you are such a good person and write such good angst, I’m waiting to see more of your work specially that fic with saeran (I’m realy sorry I suck at names)

@misskiku I truly don’t know what I would do without her advice thank you

@fromthedeskofelizabeththird @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @casualpastelgay @yoosungshoodie @juminssi @mystakemessenger-imagines @hamitome–imagines @theincredibleultron are all wondeful talented writers.

I feel like I missed a lot of people but I don’t know what to say about them, they are wonderful, their writting it’s amazing and they are so funny people. I was lucky to meet them some of them and get to read their work. And if you don’t follow them you should it’s worth it.

My steps to fitness.

My steps to fitness haven’t been going very well lately. Sadly, I haven’t been in a well head space. Although I know exercise is a great tool in helping help me lift my mood, I seem to only have enough energy to get to work.

I will say that when I was swimming I was in a much happier mood! And the buzz I got afterwards was amazing.

I also enjoyed walking, walking was a great way for me to clear my head. Also walking first thing in the morning was a great way to start my day.

I can honestly say that I hate the gym, I don’t push myself hard enough because I don’t know what I’m doing and super scared of hurting myself so really and truly I’m wasting money.

I’ve seemed to have found a new little hobby, kick boxing ! I love it! But I’m not good at it * booooooo* hand on my heart, I believe it’s because my fitness level is so piss poor. I want to be good at kick boxing so bad!!!

Depressions is horrible, and I can’t wait for this cycle to pass.

And I truly hope I find the motivation to move my body again. 💛🦋

@lightning-bug-99 replied to your photoset “I know I’m supposed to be finished with TUE, but this has always…”

This is a wonderful headcanon! 😍 I think it’s great how you take ooc or just plain mean-spirited things like this in the show and add onto them in a way that fits without having to change the narrative. It’s stuff like this that reminds me why I love your blog so much  😊

I know I say this a lot, but it’s true. This is what I do.

I really love this show. It just has a few kinks that needed to be worked out, and I do my best to try and find ways to do that. I know I don’t do a perfect job of it all the time. Some of my headcanons can be incomplete or flawed in other ways. But hey, I learn as I go and do what I can.

And thank you! It always amazes me that so many people enjoy the junk I write.

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What is your opinion on Cursed Child?

I want to preface this by saying, these are just my personal opinions and if you don’t agree and loved it, that’s great.

First, I’ll say I’ve only read excerpts and seen some very detailed summaries.  But what I read/saw did not really motivate me to read the whole thing for a few reasons.

  • I felt like there were some kind of non-canon compliant things (based on how I understood certain events/’rules’ in the original series) that bothered me too much to suspend my disbelief.
  • While it seemed like there was some glorious Hinny (and Romione too!) I wasn’t a fan of how Harry’s depicted as a father.  I know he’d be imperfect, but his weaknesses weren’t where I’d see Harry struggling (based on how I read the books and imagine Harry older).
  • I really struggle with the ending for a lot of reasons (related to Harry and his parents mostly) so I didn’t really want to invest all that time reading something I’m already very on the fence about already for an ending I am not even excited about.
  • And then overall, I wasn’t a huge fan of the plot, honestly.  It didn’t make me excited and I didn’t really like how it interacted with book events.  Honestly I think reading fanfic kinda was part of this one, because I’ve either made up my own head canons or adopted other people’s so I already had a whole post-DH universe in my head that CC was clashing with.

BUT on positive notes:

  • I loved the casting of Hermione like, it was everything I always imagined and hoped for so round of applause because amazing.
  • It sounds like the stage show had amazing effects and I think experiencing a brand new HP universe story with a bunch of fans must be really cool.
  • And like I alluded to above, it seems like the Hinny and Romione stuff was on point.
  • I guess the main point is, when I read fiction for fun, I like to be having fun, and CC just didn’t do that for me (particularly since I am so invested in the HP characters and their lives, so I am very specific about what I’m ok with happening).

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That was mean..... don't worry about it sometimes people say things that they don't mean or mean to say it like that. I bet your a great big sister maybe she just likes your friend like a sister. So what your friend is good at things more then you your still a great person and i don't think you are a bad sister . Your sister may say your a bad sister but deep down she she probably thinks your great.

Well, she’s 6 so i shouldn’t believe her words, but it still hurts when she has been saying it for 3 months everytime i do/don’t do something and it annoys her (which is a lot of time)

Thanks though anon :)

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I think they meant that they don't like the content but are constantly drawn to your blog because what you out out is just so good

(If that’s true, good thing I didn’t say ‘thank you’. That’s not even close to a compliment. I’m actually not sure that’s what they meant though, if I had to guess I think they meant it in a joking way like “you’re great i hate you”, but I could be wrong. -HG)

This is about family. Alice’s journey has been to help him [Hatter] but she’s sort of learned about her own situation, really from him and it’s the great thing about their relationship that she tries to help him but in the end he ends up helping her by inadvertently being himself.


[The shot where Alice and Hatter are holding hands as they say their farewells] They can’t let go. […]They’re holding hands here and they’re holding hands at the end of the last shot. It’s like, they have to go but they don’t want to go.

—  James Bobin, Alice Through The Looking Glass

Now that all this stuff (the Wonder Woman script, Kai Cole’s essay, probably other things I’ve missed) is coming out and exposing Joss Whedon for the egotistical misogynistic douchebag he really is, I keep seeing people say stuff like, “What? Joss Whedon? The Buffy guy? But how? That show was a paragon of feminism!”

And like, i know what they mean, cause I felt that way at first too. And don’t get me wrong, I still think Buffy was a great show, and it’ll always be really special to me. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that Buffy treated its female characters like absolute fucking garbage.

My experience with the signs in my life
  • Aries female: so stubborn is incredible. A hot head. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Yells a lot. Cares a lot about her family. Very concerned about her diet. She looks like a cinnamon roll but is a beast inside.
  • Aries male : very intelligent, probably the most intelligent. Can either have a very scientific mind or a very literary mind. Loves to read. LOVES to make puns. Horrible ones. Has the biggest laugh.
  • Taurus female: MY BIGGEST LOVE. Literally the cutest thing. She is so smart and caring and it's true: she loves to eat. Cares so much about everyone, not only her close friends. She almost never get angry but when she does. Ouch.
  • Taurus male: a cutie. Always ready to cheer you up. DOES NOT. BELIEVE. IN. ASTROLOGY. Likes scientific shit. Loves old movies. Always laughs at your jokes. The best friend you can find. Loves Shrek.
  • Gemini female: so strong and independent. Her hair is always on point, so is her outfit. Either very tall or very short. They talk a lot and they love listening to you. Geminis are actually very lovable people. Best companion for a boring class or for lunch break.
  • Gemini male: very bold and confident about himself. Does his own thing. It's not that he is a dick, it's just that he has his own problems to take care of. Except Trump, Trumps is really a dick. Im sorry Geminis that he is in your sign. The cool guy of the class who has a different girl every week. A lil fuckboy but fun to have a chat with. Loves videogames and perfect pal to get drunk with.
  • Cancer female: not a crybaby. Actually HATES to cry in public. More often than you think, very extroverted. Very passionate about what she loves. High ambitions, starts many things and then get bored. So many puns oh god.
  • Cancer male: oh boy. "Nightmare dressed as a daydream". Makes you feel so special. Boyfriend material. Usually dark hair and dark eyes. Not very tall. Adorable. Special laugh. Will do great things in life. Very creative but kinda introvert(?) WILL RATHER DIE THAN CRY IN PUBLIC.
  • Leo female: very close about her private things but she will open up if you demonstrate her she can trust you. Loves everyone. Not that confident about herself. Very confident about the world, tho. Wants to move someplace else and experience. People respect her.
  • Leo male: Stonehead™. Literally smokes all the time to forget about the pain he feels. Hides emotions and then explodes, usually with rage. Either very close to you that he calls you every day, or he'll completely ignore you. Smart even tho it doesn't look like. The lonely wolf.
  • Virgo female: so stubborn and independent. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Can get very clingy to the people she loves but sometimes neglect other people she loves even tho she doesn't notice. Get mad easily for the little things. The queen. Just listen to her, she knows the shit.
  • Virgo male: cute but doesn't have his own personality. Sometimes gets involved in ugly companies and does things he doesn't want to. Very sensitive but tries to hide it. Actually cares about you even tho he wants to appear a tough boy. Pretends he doesn't care about school, ends up with all A. Probably very good at soccer.
  • Libra female: becomes part of your family if she isn't already. Amazing lipsticks. Always has great stories to tell. Lives in the clouds. Forgets about things easily but won't forget the important things. Has so many passions but get easily distracted when she is studying for an exam. Perfect person to binge watch Sherlock with.
  • Libra male: my everything. Pretends he's a gryffindor but deep down is a slytherin. Stunning. Gets high grade without doing shit. The teacher favorite. The one you can do stupid shit with. Will do anything for you. Listens to you 24/7. Loves tv shows. Very smart. Will probably end up doing something very important. Perfect dad.
  • Scorpio female: actually very sweet and caring, as much as cancer. Never shows off her emotions but you'll know when she cares about you. She's like a mama bear. She'll call you if she feels you are not happy. She'll call you constantly. Extroverted and kind. Best presents ever. Looks naive but very cautious.
  • Scorpio male: ok so my ex fwb was a scorpio and i gotta say they get emotionally attached. Pretend they don't care AT ALL and then calls u at 2 in the morning telling u they love you. Just be careful cause they don't know what they want. Obsessed with electronic things and sex.
  • Sagittarius female: literally on fire. SHE. TALKS. SO. MUCH. I have so many different feelings about her. Either i love completely or I can't stand her. She pretends she knows everything. She's so slow at doing everything, except talking. Laughs a lot. Very sensitive deep down. So loud.
  • Sagittarius male: Pretty introverted. The fire is hidden. He's a freaking badass. If he cares about you, he will show you. Most likely to call you at midnight for your birthday. Very sweet. Goes big or goes home, especially in love. Both a cinnamon and a sinnamon roll. Like if he ain't in the same political party as you, just don't mention politics. That's when the fire shows.
  • Capricorn female: so. she actually cares about you. but she has so much shit going on so she might forget to come at a place you invited her, she won't even apologize but when something happens to you, be sure she'll call. She's absolutely cute and she has been hurt so many times so it's hard for her to trust people completely.
  • Capricorn male: THE FUCKING FANBOY. He loves to travel and to try new things. He is so shy but with his friends he's crazy. Laughs at his own jokes. Extremely sensitive and when he loves, he loves hard. So intelligent and interesting. Absolutely adorable.
  • Aquarius female: the sweetest. she gets clingy to everyone but because she wants to have friends and do things and has a lot of problems but holds everything in and puts her friends first and she's hurt. The most precious human. She needs, she deserves to be loved the most. Learns very quickly and she's very honest.
  • Aquarius male: the devil™. Actually he is funny, like so many jokes, but sometimes it's just too much. He hates when people offend him. Gets on the defensive. Kinda selfish and cares a lot about like 3 people (?). Like he will kill for them. So much drama, boy. Probably failed history and algebra 2 twice.
  • Pisces female: such a badass and a cutiepie at the same time i don't even know how this is possible. she has such a strong personality and loves her friends. Determined and will fight with her teeth for what she loves. You need to have a pisces in your life. She always says she will kill a person but then she just like run away.
  • Pisces male: like just like the pisces female. Cares so much about his family and shows his emotions easily, whether is anger or sadness or happiness. Determined but also insecure about himself, but will do great things.
Back to School/Uni Tips!

I’m headed into my 3rd year of uni, so I thought I’d make a post sharing my tips on how to do well in school, not burn out, and keep your mental health relatively stable.

1. Snacks - seriously, don’t leave home without at least 2 substantial snacks in your bag. If you’re go-go-going all day and suddenly your sitting in a lecture about to crash cause you haven’t eaten anything all day, you’re gonna want snacks. Some suggestions: Cashews (they’re not super loud/crunchy, so they’re perfect for lecture snackin’), a granola bar, an apple, cherry tomatoes, trail mix.

2. Don’t buy the textbook before you go to your first class - I’ve worked at a university bookstore for 2 years, and every year, people end up buying 700$ worth of first year text books, and then they don’t even use them. Wait. and then wait some more. If there are required readings, then get the textbook, if your prof says there will be questions from the textbook on the exam, then get the textbook, but trust me, for 90% of first year classes (and a lot of other ones) you don’t need the textbook. SAVE YOUR WALLETS

3. Take notes efficiently - honestly the best way to take notes, is type up the lecture notes that are provided, BEFOREHAND, and then during lecture, fill in the blanks/add information/take down any important things your prof is saying as you go through the lecture on your laptop in a different color. This way you’re much less likely to miss any important information, you won’t be confused about what to take down, and you won’t fall into the trap of taking down notes that are already being provided to you. After class, or while making study notes, copy these notes out by hand to remember what you learned.

4. Keep it simple - pretty notes are GREAT if you have the time, but once you get to upper level uni, and you have 100 slides of notes to turn into study notes, you will not have the time to make your notes look aesthetically pleasing. Just get the info down so you can focus on learning it.

5. Have a designated study space - i did all of my highschool homework and studying in my bed, and 90% of the time, I ended up falling asleep. My bed wasn’t going to cut it for uni, so I got a cheap ikea desk, and it’s made me so much more organized and productive.

6. Take as much ‘you time’ as possible - take a bath. light candles. binge watch a tv show. veg out with a book for 4 hours if you have the time. do your makeup super special one day. get yourself that venti pumpkin spice latte with extra whip whenever you feel like it. Uni is a shitty time I’m not gonna lie. It’s stressful as f*ck, and whenever you can spare a couple hours or a couple dollars to TREAT YO SELF, do it.

7.  If you have anxiety, CUT THE COFFEE. caffeine is a huge trigger for anxiety. Caffeine takes away from your sleep, messes with your adrenalin systems, and can make you super paranoid and anxious all the time. 

8. If you think your in the wrong major, change it - I started in geology, and I HATED IT. Now I’m in psych and I love it. It is never too late for a change of program. If you think you’re doing something you don’t wanna do, or your not enjoying it, don’t do it.

9. For mornings you have to be ready and out the door, or if you’re a person who always runs late, have a getting-ready routine and get it down pat. Have a mental list of things you need to do, and things you need to remember, and find out how much time it takes you. Get up at 8am, shower, wash face/brush teeth, get dressed, do makeup, pack bag, remember keys, wallet, laptop, notebook, pen and train pass, have breakfast, put on shoes, leave by 9am.

10. Utilize your time in transit. - finish a reading, go over flashcards, read study notes, listen to an album you’ve been meaning to listen to, read a book, read some fanfic, idk but don’t just sit there unless just sitting there is what you need.

11. Find a hobby or passion that is separate from your school/uni life. Whether its playing sports, or running, reading, collecting plants, making scrapbooks, curating a refined taste in tea, having baths, writing in a journal, find something that if you’re bored with watching shows or studying, you can go do it, and enjoy it, and get your mind off all the other shit that’s going on in your life for awhile.