what a great relationship they have

Here it is

To asexual/aromatic people: You don’t need to wait for the right person. You don’t want to date anyone and thats okay! Don’t let people force you into a relationship you don’t want to be in. If you have friends that understand then that is enough!

For bisexual people: You like boys and girls, that’s great! Don’t let people tell you that just because you date somebody of the opposite gender that your not a part of the lgbt+ community because you are! Nobody should try to take that away from you!

To gay/lesbian people : You like the same gender, so what? If people can’t see that it’s just as natural as straight relationships then they can just shove off! People shouldn’t try to tell you who to like!

To pansexual people: You like all genders and that’s awesome! Just because people tell you that it’s “weird” or “unnatural” shouldn’t dissuade you from dating whatever gender you want!

To demisexual people: You need a pretty strong bond before deciding to date somebody and you know what? That’s ok! You don’t have to date somebody right away! You still have an entire life to get to know somebody! Having a close bond before dating could also be decidedly better for the relationship! Don’t let people try to force a relationship on you before your ready!

To transgender people: You are whatever gender you think you are! Nobody should try to tell you otherwise! You can choose to be who you want to be!

To nonbinary people: You don’t want to identify as any of the genders, that’s cool! Don’t let people force a gender onto you! Make sure to tell people your preferred pronouns! Anybody who tries to weigh you down with a gender should be ignored and blocked if online.

To genderfluid people: Switching between genders? That’s amazing! Don’t let people try to make you settle on a gender if you don’t want to! Make sure to tell people your pronouns when you talk to them!

To everyone : You are amazing no matter who you like or what you identify as! If you are being abused or are depressed because of these things get help! Here are a couple of numbers that you can call for help!

Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Abuse hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Police: 911 XD

And remember, wherever you are we are rooting for you! You are loved no matter who you like or what you identify as!

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Did you hear the news that an artist made a three piece artwork showing Rafa in Roger's arms and that it was purchased by the Rafa Nadal Academy?? It will be displayed at the academy. The news is over Reddit and Fedal twitter channels. I am like OMG so the academy is also Fedal shipper!! They never cease to surprise us!!

I just saw the news.
I hope we will hear more about this story. Absolutely amazing, though not entirely unbelievable given what we have seen over this year ;) I hope they will make a Fedal collection at the RN Academy, starting from the 2008 Wimbledon outfits which are already on display and seen by Roger during his visit last year. Rafa jumping into Roger’s arms was an iconic moment not only for Fedal but also in tennis. The Academy buying the artwork really shows how much Rafa adores Roger, how much he cherishes this relationship. And I think the sportsmanship of these two great rivals respecting and admiring each other is the reason why the Academy would like to have the artwork displayed and be seen by aspiring tennis players and kids. What a great example these two have been in the tennis world.

I never know what to do of strange relationships and bonds that were formed through circumstances rather than will. I dissect all of my interactions with great joy but sometimes I have no clue what to do with the results and thoughts I’ve gathered concerning some people. They don’t always fit into any scheme or fulfill a purpose some are just here to ummmm duck me up I guess !?

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What is your favorite character, either in terms of their personality, look, or just you enjoy drawing in Mighty Magiswords? And, which character is your least favorite? (if you have a least favorite)

I love my Warriors more and more every day as their personalities become more specific and nuanced. Season 2 has really brought out the best in their characters. Warriors aside, Biblia Tick is really fun to draw. Morbidia’s over-the-top acting is a lot of fun to draw too. In terms of writing, Gateaux is great both for a punchline and his complicated relationship with Morbidia. Witchy Simone’s lack of subtlety is fun to write and her constant struggle against her own life is… relatable.

S T U D Y  P A C K  # 1

B Y  E I N T S E I N

Hey guys, my week has been pretty hectic but I made time to create a few printables that will hopefully help you with your school life. Click on the titles (links to the file on my Study Drive) to download them!

T A S K  T R A C K E R

To help you keep track of all your assignments, homework, projects, etc. Includes a progress bar that you can shade in according to how much of the assignment you’ve completed. You can also set a goal or expected score and compare it to your final score. I included fields for “date given” and “date due” so that you can prioritize and plan your tasks accordingly.
I wanted to include a box to check when you’ve submitted the assignment because sometimes I complete the assignment but forget to submit it, or I’ve already submitted the assignment but panic because I thought I hadn’t done it yet. I couldn’t squeeze this into the sheet, but I think you could just put a tick beside the due date or something.

F O R M U L A  L I S T

For subjects that require you to memorize formulas, like physics, economics, math, etc. The left column is for the formula, while the right is for variables and their units, e.g. “v = u + at” would go on the left, while the right column would have something like “v: final velocity/ms-1; u: initial velocity/ms-1; a: acceleration/ms-2; t: time/s”.

H A B I T  T R A C K E R

31 columns and 16 rows to help you maintain your habits, e.g. drinking 8 glasses of water a day, exercising, journaling, etc.

 T E S T  T R A C K E R

Similar to what I have in my bullet journal in this post. I use it mainly to see the relationship between how much I study and how high I score on tests, but you can also use it to maintain your grades.

That’s all for now. Hope these printables help, and may the rest of your school year be well-organized! Oh, and feedback would be rad; I always appreciate it when I find out how I can improve my content. Have a great week :)


“They said go to LA and the Duffer brothers would want to meet you so I went and there was two other boys. There was Finn and there was this other boy. And you know, I had a great connection with the other boy but I really felt something with Finn. I think Finn and I have a fantastic bond that you really can’t find anywhere else. I’m grateful that we have a great relationship because I mean, I don’t want to be kissing someone that I don’t really like. I think Finn and I have a great bond and I’m really thankful for that.”

Crucial Ingredients for a Great Relationship

1. Shared sense of humour; lots of laughter and fun

2. Little gestures of thoughtfulness

3. Personal space (there needs to be separateness in your togetherness)

4. Having the ability to spend hours together (simply doing routine or humdrum things)

5. Having “fairness and respect” rules in place for when you argue or fight

6. Having an attraction that goes beyond the physical; liking each other, and your personality

7. Believing that your partner has what it takes to live the life they want to live – believing in them always, especially when they’re down

8. Having a relationship that’s built on trust, openness, honesty and faithfulness.


Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer

Draw me Like one of your French Girls... Part 1

This fic is dedicated to @yunyin who was a big part of bringing it about in the first place ^_^ 

(Warning some spoilers for ML Season 2- (Just the stuff we knew during the hiatus nothing important from the new episodes) 

“Listen furball, I am ten times as sexy as you are. That is just a fact. People would pay to see pictures of me.”

“People DO pay to see pictures of me,” Chat shot back.


“Never mind,” he grumbled, “the point is that I am obviously the sexier of the two of us.”

“Guys, I know this is a slow patrol night but you are giving me a headache,” Rena Rougue sighed, dropping down onto the platform and sprawling onto her stomach against the cool metal of the tower.

“Wait,” Chat said with a terrifying grin, “Rena. My dear, darling, friend.”

“Oh this can’t end well.”

“You are a fox of impeccable taste are you not?”


“And you are an excellent judge of both male and female attractiveness as well, are you not?”

“Ladybug is the hottest out of all of you,” she smirked, not bothering to get up.

“Yes, that is a given, but the point is-”

“The point is that I could pull off sexy far better than this mangy stray,” Bee interrupted.

“Could not.”

“Will you two please just stop fighting, it’s been too hot to deal with this level of stupid,” Rena sighed.

“It’s not stupid, my honor is at stake!” Bee huffed. “If you want us to stop then tell him that I clearly would be better suited to being a sex icon than he would.”

“Foxy lady, please tell Bee that she is clearly pollinating the wrong flower.”

Rena groaned. Clearly there would be no reasoning with the two of them until this had been hashed out.

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🌜spells & days of the week🌛

lil chart for when to cast your spells RE days of the week


🌚 moonday!! great for fertility, healing and personally i like to cast all my self love and positivity spells here too 🌙


the day of mars so strength 💪  and courage spells will be more potent! also gr8 for agriculture so bless your pets and plants🍃


mercury day!! communication, study 📖  and travel. i like to do spirit work on a wednesday and it’s good for wealth too. 💸


🍀 day of jupiter. lucky lucky thursday. i don’t have much to say about thursday except luck and fortune. i’m anti thursday🍀


VENUS. U KNO WHAT THAT MEANS. 💞 ALL the love and relationship potions go riiiight here. incl. self love if you’re not a moon worshipper like me and didn’t do them monday. in fact do them both days. do them everyday 💕


saturday (saturn) is good for clearing obstacles. saturn is all about renewal and liberation so bear that in mind. i’ve put emojis for everything but idk what to do for this so here is the saturday dog 🐶


again…sun…day…🌞 good for health and success, but also recharging and happiness! ☀️

DESTIEL: How it *finally* becomes cannon...

It’s the year 2169, the finale of Supernatural season 165. Forget the characters, the actors themselves have died and come back to life several times. My great, great, great granddaughter is watching the show in her floating house on Mars. I am watching over her shoulder.

“Hello Dean,” an elderly Cas croaks from the doorway of their shared retirement home room.

“Hey Cas, what’s on your mind?” Dean croaks back from their shared bed.

“Dean… do you think maybe we’re in love with each other?” Cas asks.

“Nah, that’s not possible. I’m straight, boob lovin’ Dean Winchester. I have never had a substantial female relationship ever and basically went suicidal when I thought you were dead, but no, we’re not in love.”

“Oh okay, makes sense,” Cas says, laying down next to Dean. After a moment, Dean leans over and kisses Cas passionately, despite their elderly straightness.

“I’ve just always wanted to do that,” Dean says, “no homo though.”

“Sure, no homo Dean,” Cas repeats.

“Hey Cas?” Dean says after another moment passes.

“Yes Dean?” Cas asks.

“I’m in love with you,” the hunter tells him.

“I know,” Cas says as Dean looks at him in surprise, “Dean we share a bed and have basically been in a relationship without acknowledging it since a year or so after we met,” he points out. Dean stays silent, pondering this surprising factoid, 

“I’m in love with you too Dean,” he finally says, returning the sentiment.

All of the sudden a wild storm starts ravaging the Earth as everyone Cas and the Winchesters have ever met, dead or alive, start swapping money around as bets are won and lost. Cas and Dean finally die for real and the show ends.

Meanwhile my ghostly ass, still watching supernatural over my great, great, great granddaughter’s shoulder utters one word “finally” I whisper.
She feels it from her earthly plane of existence as my spirit is finally put to rest and passes on to the afterlife.

“Finally you may rest, great, great, great grandma,” she says. 



6 Signs You’re In Love With Yourself

1. Meditation - you check in with yourself regularly. Loving ourselves means we make time to be present with ourselves to reflect on where we’re going, what dominates our thoughts and most importantly to strengthen our intuition which helps us make decisions that will serve us rather than living through the ego.

2. “Alone” time - you spend time with yourself. When we love ourselves we know that we’re never truly alone because we are in a relationship with ourselves. Our “alone” time may be in the form of self-love dates which are a great way to nurture the relationship we have with ourselves.

3. Authenticity - you prioritise what makes you feel good. Acting in our best interests regardless of what others say, think or do is a key indication that we’re in a loving relationship with ourselves because it shows we’re not willing to compromise how we feel for the comfort of others.

4. Exercise - you take care of yourself. Taking care of the home we live in - our bodies - is a great way to create a love affair with ourselves. When we neglect the body we are neglecting our health - which has negative consequences for every other area of our lives.

5. Positivity - you love your life. Having a positive outlook on life comes from healing ourselves from the inside and making peace with the past. We move forward with the knowledge that the best is yet to come and living in the present moment, which all starts with loving ourselves.

6. Love - your cup is overflowing. Instead of seeking love from others with an empty cup we are the fountain that others are drawn to and we gladly allow others to drink without the expectation of them returning the favour. Loving ourselves first is the way we change the world around us.

Create a love affair with yourself.

Peace & positive vibes.

God welcomes us as we are, but He doesn’t want us to stay where we are. A relationship with God changes us from the inside out. Jesus died because we cannot save ourselves. Our sin was too great. It is what nailed Him to the Cross. In Him, we have new life. Our lives should look different because His Holy Spirit now lives in us.

Venus Through The Houses

Venus in the 1st House

- You are a likeable person

- You attract others to you readily

- You need to be liked by others

- People are fascinated by your sense of style

Venus in the 2nd House
- Tangible expressions of love is important to you
- You use generosity for your own benefit
- Your feelings grow gradually
- Complex partners are not intriguing to you

Venus in the 3rd House
- You are verbally expressive
- You readily give out compliments
- You are a very good mediator
- You engage in a lot of mind games

Venus in the 4th House
- You seek balance in your home
- There is a loving touch to the way you decorate your home
- You don’t give your heart out easily
- Your parents’ marriage affects your own bartering skills more than most

Venus in the 5th House
- Interest in romantic connections started young
- You are young at heart
- You enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful art
- You are quite loyal to your partner

Venus in the 6th House
- Your expressions of love are practical
- You go to great lengths to be available at all costs to a loved one
- You are talented at design work
- Selling yourself short keeps you from going after what you want

Venus in the 7th House
- You live for relationships
- Don’t bend over backwards just to keep the peace
- You quickly enter into partnerships
- Your hips are erogenous zones for you

Venus in the 8th House
- Intensity is what you seek in your love relationships
- When you give yourself over to love, you love wholeheartedly
- You make a business out of love
- They tend to run or be completely intrigued

Venus in the 9th House
- You are attracted to people of different cultural backgrounds
- You have a great love for the feeling of freedom
- You appreciate a lover who is enthusiastic
- Beware a tendency for dissatisfaction with what you have

Venus in the 10th House
- Others respect you for your charming manner
- You have a great need to be recognized for your charm
- You are married to your work
- You are good at making contacts

Venus in the 11th House
- The friendship level of your relationship needs to be genuine in order for you to sustain romantic interest
- Your relationships must possess some kind of unconventional element in order to keep your interest levels high
- You meet lovers through group activities
- You value friendships highly

Venus in the 12th House
- You are big on romance
- Partners who mistake your compassion for weakness will take advantage of you
- Love and sacrifice seem to go hand in hand for you
- Be certain that you are not punishing yourself because you don’t feel worthy of an equal relationship

The reason the general public nowadays cannot see Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as a romantic couple is because romantic relationships in real life are not nearly as good as theirs is. The characters come from a time when men and women had a very different power dynamic in society – many can argue there are still remnants of that dynamic resonating today. The man ruled the roost, the little woman attended the home but made no actual decisions in her life. Can you imagine being a Victorian, used to that lifestyle, that unfair power dynamic, and getting your hands on a Sherlock Holmes story? Two people live together, work together, care about each other more than anything in the entire world, and each person is equal to the other? One is an army doctor, the other a detective, and together they kick ass… until it’s time to go to dinner and the Opera together. They vacation together, wake up and eat breakfast together, they know each other’s sleeping habits. They walk together in the park and don’t feel pressured to speak because they know each other “intimately”. They stay living together long into old age. What a romance! What an exceptionally high bar for romance! A bar everyone wants to meet but most don’t. Who doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship where you and your partner love and care about each other most in all the world? Where you two spend every day together and you’re glad for it, and days you’re apart you wait impatiently for a reunion? Where you build a life together? Where you literally take to Journaling about how great your partner is? Where each person is equal?

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson have had an 130-year romance and that’s precisely why people love them. If someone does not understand that those two men were as intimate as lovers, it’s because that person does not grasp what a romantic relationship should be.

Have i ever had a romance as great as that of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson? No, not by a long shot, but i hope that one day I’ll be lucky enough to experience it myself.

Something I think is very interesting about Lance, Voltron Legendary Defender, and the archetypal “five hero ensemble” that the show plays into…

Roughly, there’s usually the hero, the hero’s rival/right hand man, the brains, the brawn, and the fifth ranger- sometimes a healer, other times generally identified by compassion, and virtually always in older continuities, the Designated Girl of the team.

In prior continuities of Voltron, the breakdown is such:

Keith is the Hero, with Lance as his Rival Right Hand, Pidge is Brains, Hunk is Brawn, and Allura, stepping up to the plate rapidly in the fifth episode of DotU, is the Token Girl.

This is true for GoLion, it’s true for DotU, and it’s true for Force, though Force “matures” Allura from the ‘soft sensitive one’ to more of a mediator figure- a more motherly take on the Token Girl role to reflect Force having an older take on all of the old school heroes.

Sven tends to take a back seat, as whether he lives (DotU, Force) or dies (GoLion), he’s pretty much shuffled off the team from the start, but his early role as a counselor and wiser, more patient head to Keith paints him with a bit of a similar brush to Force’s take on Allura.

However, in VLD?

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🌹Fixed Moons🌹

A fixed moon (leo aqua taurus scorpio) refers to a concentration of such energy or someone who exhibits strong willpower that it makes them difficult to accommodate with others in personal or intimate settings. They have strong opinions and crave a need for security. While they can be resourceful and mindfully creative, they can also be the most lathargic as they are resistant to change and can be too comfortable. All of these signs crave an interpersonal connection. For Scorpio and Taurus moons, security is derived from the connection of intimate relationships, being respected in these relationships while also being assured by their partners. Leo and Aquarius moons find security among audiences as they connect to a larger spectrum of people. Not only does this validation from such audiences feed their ego but also their art and sense of fulfillment. Fixed moons have a great need for sensuality and can turn to indulgence as coping mechanisms. They also need constant reassurance as fear of abandonment is what connects these signs together

SELFISH (Part One) - Stiles Stilinski smut

Title: Darling Spread Your Legs For Me

Summary: A visit from Allison prompts you to think on the nature of your relationship with Stiles. Shortly after, the man of the hour makes a surprise visit (get your holy water).

Word count: 4.9k

Warnings: NSFW! Unprotected sex, oral (female receiving) annnnd a handjob. Lots of dirty talk. Like seriously. Oh! Swearing too :)

A/N: I said in the introduction that you didn’t need to read that part to understand the rest of the series. Whilst that still holds true, there’s a small part that references the events of the charity gala, so I’m gonna briefly summarise that part under the cut! 

I realllllly hope people read this haha. If you have any thoughts AT ALL, please let me know. It’d honestly mean the world to me. Happy reading!

SONG OF THE PART: listen here. /// Thanks to @isacclahys for supplying me w a song that sets the tone for this fic so, so well. It’s great.


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We’re pretending this gif is Stiles. Shhhh…

Previously on SELFISH…

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He said it with me, like Jon used to do, back in Winterfell. She missed Jon Snow the most of all her brothers.”
(for Ryann)