what a great panel

how do you tell your best friend that you may have accidentally fallen in love with them


“Whatever… I don’t need any more friends. I’ve got Asriel… And he’d probably be scary and mean, anyway. If he were Mr.Gaster’s kid…”

I like how the hf manga did this part. the blank look in illya’s eyes in the second panel is really telling. She’s been raised and taught all these years that Kiritsugu was evil and never loved her, and that Shirou was the similarly pure evil child who “stole” kiritsugu away from her. That’s why this moment is such a shake up to her, because she cant understand him sacrificing himself for saber. It doesn’t fit what she’s been taught about him. 

(That’s also why, since this moment doesn’t happen in ubw, illya never really seeks out Shirou there the way she does in the other two routes, because she has no reason to believe he is other then what she’s been told.)

Her face in the last panel there is great, bc it conveys very well her somewhat childish frustration with finding out that things are different then what she thought they were. Tonight was supposed to be very simple for illya. The war was officially kicked off and Shirou now had a servant (it would have been too easy, too boring to kill him before) so now she could have some fun slowly crushing them all, before taking her vengeance on shirou. Which as we see in the bad ends is pretty bloody and horrific.

And it would be really easy for Illya to just ignore Shirou’s sacrifice here, and keep going with her original plans, but she cant. She wants, has to know the truth.


Jorge Gutierrez’s ”Border Bang” art show was incredible!!! Not only was the art awesome as hell, but I had an amazing time (I’m also inspired to try painting). I got to meet @mexopolis again; it will forever amaze me how incredibly sweet they are. To put it shortly and lightly, I’m super happy.

Also, as an incredible surprise, Lauren Faust and @craigmccracken were there. They were kind enough to listen to my gushing for a bit and even let @cartoonheroinenamednikki and I grab a picture with them. :’)

Canon Characters: Oh no, Responsibilities?!

Alright, so not long ago I made a post saying Do as Ye Will, about RPing as long as you aren’t claiming to be 100% canon. So I figured I should follow that mess up with information pertaining to what you open yourself up to if you claim to be a straight out vanilla representation of a character, and why sometimes it’s better to claim to be a minor AU to save yourself the headache.

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First appearance of Carol Danvers from MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1967) #13, script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Gene Colan. Mar-Vell infiltrates a human security base looking for a Kree Sentry, all while pining for Una and thwarting the schemes of a jealous Yon-Rogg (himself a colonel in the Kree service, which makes him even more suited as a later foil to Carol).

CAROL: So, General Bridges…I see you’ve brought Dr. Lawson here…against my best advice…as usual!
MAR-VELL: [That girl! Who is she…and how does she figure into this??]
GENERAL BRIDGES: Dr. Lawson, this is Miss Danvers! Man or woman, she’s the finest head of security a missile base could want!
CAROL: Thank you for that anyway, General! I’m really quite pleased to meet you, Doctor…though I’d rather talk to your face than your back!

I would remark here that Carol’s characterization as assertive, ambitious, and suicidally devoted to the job she considers hers has remained astonishingly consistent over the past four decades. First panel, and she’s already throwing shade at a superior officer.

MAR-VELL: By the way, Miss Danvers…just why did you oppose my seeing the robot?
CAROL: Nothing personal, Dr. Lawson…but, your dossier is still being examined by my security division! If you must know, you’ve always had a reputation as a recluse…even an eccentric! And frankly, after seeing that strange briefcase of yours…! Well…
GENERAL BRIDGES: That's enough, Miss Danvers! Coming, Lawson?
MAR-VELL: Yes, sir! – [An eccentric! If only that's all she suspects!]
CAROL: I’ll see you both later! – [Somehow, I can’t help feeling…that Walter Lawson is hiding something! If he is, I won’t rest till I find out what…and why!]

It’s always been sort of interesting that Carol was conceived as a more or less “civilian” character and only later was repurposed into a superhero, and I’ve wondered before if that’s why she’s allowed to have such a large career and life outside of her costumed identity–in history, at least, if not on the page. She was established with all the hallmarks of her later persona (the slightly aggressive edge, a job linked to security and the military, a role that demands she fight to establish herself in a male-dominated field), although at this point she’s barely a supporting character. It’s also possible that Carol’s career outside of Avenger-ing is allowed to flourish both because there’s little conflict between her interests as a soldier and a hero, and because Carol herself feels so little strife over those roles. She’s not the character who pines for a “normal” life.

Anyway! Happy New Year, and here’s to what I’m sure will be another great volume of Captain Marvel.

This is a great use of a series of panels from the same perspective. What I think is great is how much detail creeps into the panels as the action ramps down.

(Heavy Metal issue #155, March 1995 - Page 45 Hombre: Rabid by Segura and Ortiz)