what a great panel

how do you tell your best friend that you may have accidentally fallen in love with them

This is a great use of a series of panels from the same perspective. What I think is great is how much detail creeps into the panels as the action ramps down.

(Heavy Metal issue #155, March 1995 - Page 45 Hombre: Rabid by Segura and Ortiz)


Jorge Gutierrez’s ”Border Bang” art show was incredible!!! Not only was the art awesome as hell, but I had an amazing time (I’m also inspired to try painting). I got to meet @mexopolis again; it will forever amaze me how incredibly sweet they are. To put it shortly and lightly, I’m super happy.

Also, as an incredible surprise, Lauren Faust and @craigmccracken were there. They were kind enough to listen to my gushing for a bit and even let @cartoonheroinenamednikki and I grab a picture with them. :’)


“Whatever… I don’t need any more friends. I’ve got Asriel… And he’d probably be scary and mean, anyway. If he were Mr.Gaster’s kid…”

What makes this page great is the face drawn under the individual panels, so that there are effectively two different narratives going at the same time. 

(Heavy Metal issue #113, Fall 1987 - Page 77 Untitled by Kuper)