what a great night. wow

Nct 127 (You lie and say your gonna see your family but they know your telling a lie)

Taeyong:It hasn’t been the first time this happened he knows you so well and always will he knows you so much it’s like out of this world.You lie to him really going to a party with your friends and like i said he knows you. “Y/n this isn’t the first your friends can wait”

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Jaehyun:You dressed up nice is not something to worry about you can get half way out the door.There is always gonna be that moment he got you and that was the moment. “Y/n i love you but the club and drinks can for sure wait”

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Yuta:Walking down towards the door in the middle of the night wow what a great time to go ahead and party.You were like a spy no one was stopping well except for Yuta your boyfriend who was in the dark. “You can’t leave that text you just sent me is not true come back”

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Taeil:It’s not like he didn’t trust you he just wanted you to be safe and know your alright is all and he wouldn’t be like the other guys. “Wait let me get dressed let’s go party I know what your really gonna do”

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Winwin:He would care about your safety like the other guys he would be sure to stop you.He would find anyway to get you to stay once again he knows your not telling the truth. “Y/n we have been dating for 5 years now I know you well your family didn’t say wear a tight red dress” The boy didn’t even have to look up from his phone to know what your doing.

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Johnny:This boy would be having a normal eating time he loves food of course you sneak to the door half way open.He knew you for a long time so he knew it wasn’t to your familys house. “I know your not going to your your family’s house so close the door” He trusted you but knew it wasn’t safe.

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Doyoung:You dressed wonderful for the night Doyoung being who he is knows everything about you.He is your second mom he tells you what’s safe and what’s not. “Didn’t I say you couldn’t party with the girls it’s not safe I called your mom and she said you never called to visit”

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Mark:The dorm was not a bad place just you and mark and the rest of Nct it was great you dressed up.You got out the door and walked down the hallway when your ringtone started going off.Mark you didn’t know was waiting on the bottom floor. “Y/n it’s late you don’t even need to go to House parties there not safe”

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Haechan:You thought you were the only one you were wrong Haechan was at the party.He wlaked over and smiled you couldn’t lie it would not pass him. “Y/n I’m having a good time how could I be mad LET’S DANCE”

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Paolo asked Morgan to join him for a bowl of soup at the new place near the studio and of course she said yes.
P: “- Wait, you’re only 17, right? Soo you can’t drink beer.”
M: “- Soon 18! but yeah, I’m not allowed…yet”
They had a great time and later they checked out the gallery.
M: “- Do you like this stuff?”
P: “- I do, but I prefer photos!”
P: “- What a great day and… night!  Wow! I didn’t know it was that late. Are you ok getting home alone?”
M: “- Of course, I’m just going to jump on the tram.”
P: “- Alrighty, I guess I’ll see you at the agency then! Take care! Bye!”
P “Note to self… she’s only 17, Paolo...”