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Death Note (2017) and the Comparative Lens

I’ll be honest. When I found out that Death Note was getting an Americanized live action adaptation, I wasn’t too thrilled. In fact, I was terrified that something I loved was going to be straight up murdered before my eyes  — and I wasn’t ready to give it a shot. In fact, I was really unwilling to budge on this until recently.

However, about three hours ago, the movie came out on Netflix. Sitting there with my housemates, I decided to give the movie a shot and check it out. for those of you who would like to avoid spoilers, this is the cutoff point for spoilers. There are an awful lot of them beyond this point.

Death Note is not a particularly new thing to many of us. If you’ve spent an hour talking about anime or reading manga, you know that Death Note exists. Finding out about the series or the source material that preceded this movie is not particularly hard; the hard part comes in discarding the source material to give the movie a fair shake.

When you look at something like this, you have to discard your comparative lens at the start of the movie to suspend your disbelief. When you sit down to watch something like, say, Game of Thrones, you are undertaking that viewing with the understanding that it’s not going to be exactly like it was in A Song of Ice and Fire.

The same thing must be done for Death Note (2017). When you sit down to watch this movie, you have to decide if you want to give it a fair shake. If not, that’s fine, but that’s what I set out to do.

Starting from the top, the movie itself isn’t bad. If you hadn’t seen the anime before watching it, it holds up to a 6/10 or a 7/10, but likely doesn’t pass an 8 on most scales. Let me explain by starting with some discussion on the main cast before getting into the actual synopsis and response.

The casting of Lakeith Stanfield as L is great, and he dramatically outperforms the rest of the cast; his take on L is both familiar to those who want similarities to what they know and slightly more emotive and human to appeal to the audience. His grasp of the character is magnificent, and I’m sure he studied for this role. I’d highly recommend watching this movie just to watch his performance if nothing else.

There’s only one problem with this: his performance feels slightly hollow when put next to Nat Wolff and Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe is a great man and a talented actor… but this is by no means his best showing. 

Nat Wolff, comparatively fresh to the silver screen (or technically not, since it’s closer to a direct to DVD release), paints a picture of a very fragmented Light. At times too comedic, too frustrated, and too unbelievable, his portrayal of his character comes across as transparent. It surprised me to find that his version of Light didn’t hold up to the “judge and jury” that the film tries to make him.

Light is at times frustrating and all said, a little annoying. My favorite moment of his in the film comes three minutes in, when a bully punches him in the face and knocks him out.

The funny thing about the casting, though, is that it gives Margaret Qualley, playing Mia Sutton (analogous to Misa, from the series) the chance to shine in a dark way.

Since we’ve now discussed the cast, it’s important to note that the casting for this movie is not to blame or to praise in its success or failure. Whether or not this movie is good does not depend entirely on the choices made in its casting.

The movie itself revolves around Light Turner (an Americanization of Light Yagami), the son of a “hippy” and a police chief. Light, after passing off some homework for money to one of his fellow students, finds the eponymous Death Note when it falls from the sky in the middle of a storm. Light, after meeting Ryuk, is forced to come to terms with the power he now holds… and the consequences that accompany that power.

One of his first confidantes is his fellow student, Mia Sutton; Mia is initially skeptical, but after Light kills a criminal on a live stream, she comes around to his side and the two quickly enter into a strange love affair based on his ability to kill these criminals. Light takes the name “Kira” in order to make law enforcement suspect that he’s actually based in Japan, as “Kira” is a true cognate for the English word “killer.”

Hot on Kira’s heels are his father, who doesn’t know his son is involved, and L, a young detective with a murky past. L quickly deduces that Light is based in Seattle based on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a hostage taker, whose name was only released in the Seattle area.

Correctly linking Kira to Light’s father, L begins the investigation in earnest, accidentally pushing the inexperienced boy and his new powers too far. After quick, dazzling victories over the danger known as Kira, L confronts Light in a coffee shop one night, convinced of his foe’s identity.

It’s at this point that things take a sharp turn. Light, in the films, is just a schoolboy in over his head, eager to impress his girlfriend with his “wicked cool” murder powers. He is not the character most loved in the manga or the anime, and this is why the adaptation must be viewed differently. Light’s identity is discovered after the death of several task force members and the public revelation of his father’s name and face on TV. Unbeknownst to Light, Mia murdered those men with a page from the note, attributing it to Ryuk.

When Mr. Turner isn’t killed, L confronts Light in a cafe at night, revealing to him that he’s aware of the high schooler’s alter ego. After Light tries to explain that he didn’t kill the task force members, his pleas fall on deaf ears, and L tersely informs him that he’ll be brought to justice.

After this, things take a steep, steep increase in pace. Light and Mia manage to take control over Watari using the Death Note, with the rule in place (via the notebook) that a person can be controlled for two days before their death. Light, in order to circumvent Watari’s death, intends to burn the page containing Watari’s name before he dies, sparing him.

Unbeknownst to him, Mia takes the page from his notebook… throwing a spanner in the works.

After the death of Watari, Mia reveals that she’s been planning to take the Death Note for herself. Light is then forced to flee by a vengeance driven L, given the ultimatum that if she doesn’t get the notebook by midnight, that he will die (as she’s written his name on her page).

L catches up to Light in the back of an alley as Light tries to meet Mia at the spot of their last date to hand over the notebook. He tries to explain what happened, but L doesn’t listen… and despite having Light at gunpoint, is knocked out from behind by a nearby citizen who overheard Light admit to being Kira. Grateful for what Kira has done, he lets Light go.

Light makes it to Mia atop a ferris wheel at the pier… and tells her not to take the book, as he’s written her name in it, putting them at a stalemate. Only one page of the book can be burned by its holder (Light), and unbeknownst to Mia, Light has made her death conditional. If she takes the book, she will die.

She takes the book and dies.

Light, having written his plan out in advance before fleeing L earlier, is saved when he falls into the water below the pier and is rescued by an old man, whose name he wrote in the book earlier. At the same time, another old man (both criminals) takes the Death Note for two days while Light recovers, filling out pages for him to give him an alibi.

This is explained to Light’s father while Light recovers in the hospital. The movie comes to an end as L realizes the meaning of a clue Light left him during the movie’s main chase scene; finding a stray page of the Death Note, L contemplates writing Light’s name… and Ryuk comments on the interesting nature of mankind.

Back to the review, though. The narrative pacing of the movie is rushed in the front half, for obvious reasons. The pacing that ensues around the climax of the movie, though, is great. The reveal that Mia is actually the antagonist of the movie makes sense and was well thought out. It’s not blatant, but it is foreseeable if you pay attention to her character throughout.

The cinematography is… amateur. It’s not very refined, and most shots make up for in color what they lack in substance. The camera work, for the most part, resembles a college student’s final short film.

Characters often abandon the rules established for them by their characterization in the first half of the movie in ways I’m unsure of. L turns into an action star in the last thirty minutes, and Light is… well, he’s annoying all the way through, but he never really gets a solid definition. The only way to sum up his character in the film is “inept,” but it does bring you to mentally treat him like a villain, which is good.

Its ending is vastly different from its source material (as L is alive), but ultimately more satisfying. The problems that plague the movie throughout, though, never really go away.

Despite this, most cast members put on a strong performance at least once in the film, and the movie follows a nice, neat arc. Reveals are carefully done and at multiple points, I was on the edge of my seat. Gorey action scenes (usually gratuitous deaths) aren’t cheap; they reinforce the notion that what Light is doing is wrong, even if he’s doing it for the right reasons. At no point do I sympathize with the character, which is a little frustrating, but also familiar.

The soundtrack… I don’t like it. It’s too “eighties” for me. It tries too hard to sound like Miami Vice, for unknown reasons. The music is too heavy handed, and often too easily applied to each scene. At no point am I left to wonder the nonexistent subtleties of its soundtrack.

This movie is a solid thriller, with a satisfying ending, a decent cast and a good narrative arc. Despite this, Death Note (2017) does not follow well with its source material, which it uses primarily as a guideline. If you’re expecting to see familiar faces from the manga (or even the anime), you will be disappointed.

Lakeith Stanfield kills it, though. 

Sorta-Transcript from online fan Q&A with Shelby Rabara, Deedee Magno Hall, and Michaela Dietz

Anyone can watch this online Q&A with the above voice actors, but if you don’t want to watch/can’t listen to audio, I made this sorta-transcript. Meaning I did not transcribe the exact words in most cases, but I wrote down the questions and the basic idea of how they answered. Enjoy! 

Shelby Rabara (voice of Peridot) was the Livestream host for fan questions! Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl) and Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) were giving answers, but usually Shelby gave her answer too.

Shelby read fan questions.

1. Favorite episode and why?

Deedee: “Steven and the Stevens”: she likes the song, because it reminds her of the movie That Thing You Do.

Michaela: Is it a cop-out to say all of them? Ha. “Tiger Millionaire” is great because Zach’s performance is great and wrestling’s cool.

Shelby: “Lion 3: Straight to Video.” Because it’s emotional.

2. What character that you don’t voice do you relate to most?

Deedee: Amethyst.

Michaela: Really??

Deedee: Because I like to eat. I like to eat FOOD.

Michaela: You don’t like to eat stacks of garbage and moldy burritos?

Michaela: Steven. He has a good head on his shoulders.

Deedee: And you also have a very good heart like him!

Shelby: I relate to Connie. She is level-headed and uses logic and makes the correct choice.

Michaela: She’s bright and assertive and so are you.

Shelby: Are you having fun here?

Michaela and Deedee: YES! We just had a great panel and cosplay!

3. If your characters were human, what jobs would they have?

Deedee: Pearl would work in a Laundromat because she’s really good at folding clothes and I think either that or maybe she might be in the cleaning business because she likes to organize. She’s tidy.

Michaela: I need the Pearl method in my home. Amethyst would be a camp counselor. She would be the wacky counselor who’s getting too into the games.

Shelby: I’d want Amethyst as a counselor.

4. If you were a Gem, what would your gem weapon be and why?

Deedee: Because I’m a mom, I would want to have a healing blanket to heal them.

Michaela: The power of a bad joke. “Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?” So powerful.

Shelby: I would wanna read people’s minds. Can I use that? Is that like Garnet’s third eye?

Deedee: Similar but not.

5. How do you get into character when you perform voice-overs?

Michaela: I have an evolved routine. I wake up. And that’s what I do. I’m so close to Amethyst! I wake up, I talk, it’s acting.

Deedee: That comes so easy to you! I have to wake up early, and warm up, especially if it’s a singing episode. No coffee with cream. I have to drink water to avoid sticky saliva. Green apples!

Shelby: I noticed that you ate green apples!

Deedee: I wish I didn’t have to do that! But green apples help lubricate and get rid of mucus.

Michaela: Or a potato chip. Not a weird flavor.

Shelby: I’m gonna try those things next time I’m in the booth with you guys.

6. What’s your favorite Fusion?

Michaela and Deedee: [Start singing “Giant Woman”]

Deedee: Though I do like Sardonyx.

Michaela: Every time a new Fusion appears I like that one. I’m crushing on Smoky Quartz.

Shelby: I like Stevonnie. That’s an aesthetic I haven’t seen in cartoons. It’s Steven and Connie mashed together!

Michaela: Says young cosplayers remind her of Stevonnie with the maturity they exude. Stumbles over calling Stevonnie a “young woman” and then acknowledges they’re a nonbinary Fusion. Says that easy confidence is so attractive.

Deedee: AJ is a perfect voice for Stevonnie. She killed it at the panel, and the singing with Estelle with Rebecca playing was amazing. What a great Fusion they are.

7. Give your best impression of another character.

Michaela: muhmuhmuh! [Onion voice]

Deedee: I’m nervous doing this in front of you. “YOU CLODS!” [Peridot voice]


Deedee and Michaela: NO YOU’RE THE BEST!

Shelby: Let’s just fawn over each other.

8. How long does it take to record an episode?

Michaela: Depends on how many lines we have. Could be an hour, could be four hours.

Deedee: We get in at 9, could be wrapped up by 1.

Michaela: An episode takes ten months from the idea to on the TV.

Deedee: Like a baby. It IS a baby.

9. What celebrity would you like to see appear on the show?

Michaela: Rebecca Sugar. And T-Pain. He’s a big Steven Universe fan.

Deedee: I just want to meet him and sing with him: Bruno Mars.

Shelby: I would wanna see Adele. Adele should voice a character. And she’s funny. And she loves herself.

Michaela: Loving who you are is so on-brand!

10. Who’s the best Steven Universe villain?

Deedee: Can I say Peridot? She started out as a villain and then changed for good. [Michaela helped express this and they say they Giant Womaned that.]

11. What would your fusion dance be?

Deedee and Michaela do a fusion dance with Shelby providing beatboxing.

Michaela: Actually that’s how we greet each other on the street.

Deedee: I was nervous. Dancing in front of you makes me nervous because you’re a pro dancer.

Shelby: Imagine us in a booth together! Our work isn’t even work.

Michaela: People probably see us and ask if we had too much ginger ale. Too many vegetables.

Deedee: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY VEGETABLES. Fruits and vegetables. Also, hydrate. Drink lots of water.

12. What are your favorite memories from recording?

Deedee: We’re still making more memories! The efforts! When we crack up over making effort noises.

Michaela: Do you hear that? It’s an earthquake!

[All three make noises like they’re losing their balance.]

Michaela: When we get together it’s always a great time, like a mini family reunion. Recently AJ was there, Estelle was there, you [Deedee] were there, Paz was there … I think Zach wasn’t there? Toks was there! [Nanefua’s voice actor.] We had a reunion. We’re so close!

13. What has been the most difficult scene to record?

Deedee: There are many re-dos. For me, the really wordy Pearl lines, ‘cause I don’t speak like that normally. The intricate dialogue that Pearl says is tough for me.

Michaela: You execute them flawlessly.

Deedee: Take after take after take.

Michaela: During Amethyst’s angrier self-expression phases, it was hard to scream a lot and vary it so it didn’t all sound the same. Very challenging.

Shelby: We’re our own biggest critic. When we have long runs, we have to think so quickly. Finding the levels is important, trying to hit them emotionally.

Deedee: It’s so helpful to have Rebecca, Kent, Matt, and Ben in the booth giving specifics to us on how to execute our lines.

Michaela: You both are so good at taking the text and making it feel like your own. I learn the most from watching other actors.

Deedee: We go to school every sesh!

14. Tell the fans what your favorite line is.


Michaela: CHAIRS!

Deedee: I like saying everybody’s names. “STEVEN!” “AMETHYST!” “~GARNET!” [The “Steven” read sounds fearful, the “Amethyst” read sounds angry, and the “Garnet” read sounds almost pleading.]

Shelby: Mine’s definitely “Clod.”

Shelby: On Sunday, Cartoon Network they’re filming a music video for “Stronger Than You” with Estelle!

[The VAs sing a line from “Stronger Than You.”]

Michaela: But we’re not really stronger than YOU because you guys are really strong.

Deedee: Really strong. Stay strong! In the real way.

Shelby: YES.

Kanafinwhy and Valarhalla present, the spiritual successor to The Worst Silmarillion Fancast Ever, 

The Lord of the Rings with every character replaced by that actor’s worst role from another movie. 

*note that worst can also mean not LOTR-ish, some of these are from great movies and some are truly great performances but for the sake of clarity let’s call it that

Frodo is the annoying kid from North. Instead of “it’s some kind of Elvish, I can’t read it!” he says “excuse meee, but WHAT does this have to do with MY CRAAACK?”

Sam is the stoner schlub from Encino Man

Bilbo is Pod from the Borrowers. He’s about three inches tall and has to be carried everywhere. 

This makes his escape from Gollum both more and less impressive, because Gollum is King Kong.

Gandalf is Widow Twankey

He doesn’t stand a chance against Saruman, Christopher Lee’s iconic performance as this guy in a film called The Howling II: Werewolf Bitches

Aragorn is this guy from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

Legolas from The Three Musketeers

Gimli as that kiiinda racist character with the monkey in Raiders of the Lost Arc

Boromir is Sean Bean’s character from Jupiter Ascending. He just runs around chasing after Chainsaw Massacre Aragorn going THE BEES HAVE CHOSEN YOUUU

Faramir: from Moulin Rouge

Celeborn from Kangaroo Jack

Galadriel from The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Denethor from Fringe

Eomer from Angels

And of course, Elrond from Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Finally, the soundtrack is provided by Howard Shore and his All Bee Band

A genuinely shattering movie that will stay with you: THE SWIMMER review

Ned Merrill (Burt Lancaster) mysteriously appears out of nowhere in the backyard of a friend, wearing nothing more than bathing trunks. He takes a dip in the pool and declares he will swim home, pool by pool. And through the reactions of his rather puzzled neighbors and acquaintances (“Why would you want to do that?”) we begin to sense that something is seriously messed up with Ned. The Swimmer is a powerful and unforgettable masterpiece, among the most unique and beautifully filmed movies from the 1960s and one of the strangest and best films I have ever seen. It’s a dark character study with odd, poetic stuff and a great story that makes you think. Tagline: When you talk about “The Swimmer” will you talk about yourself? Who is this man and what has happened to him?? Burt Lancaster is AWESOME in the complex central role. He not only plays it with style and charisma, but this is without question his best performance. You need this movie in your life. The Grindhouse Releasing Blu-Ray / DVD Combo reaches an insanely high level of greatness and comes highly recommended.

The Swimmer
Release year: 1968
Country: USA
Directors: Frank Perry, Sydney Pollack (uncredited)
Stars: Burt Lancaster, Janet Landgard, Janice Rule, Joan Rivers

I just saw IT yesterday and..

What a AWESOME movie. The theater was full and everyone was LOVING every minute of it. Not only is one of the best horror movies of those last years, but also  a incredible movie about friendship and how you can always win against you worst fear.

Also..such a great young cast! They all are very talented and had wonderful chemistry together. Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard..the entire cast! It’s a very well done adaptation from the books.

Also..big hell yeah to Bill Skarsgård. He nailed every part of playing PennyWise.  Incredible performance!! Hope to see more of him in the future..

I had very high expectation on this movie and i’m very glad that the movie was even better than i imagined. Now..i can’t wait for part II.

Also..What a great year for horror movies with younger and talented cast.

Anabelle: Creation was also another great movie and with very strong performances of Lulu Wilson and Talitha Bateman.

It is a great time again for horror movies.



Obvious Child (2014)

Ghosts AU

In this AU, Buster’s theatre is inhabited by ghosts. All the spirits live in the building because they died nearby or their properties are here. Basically Buster tries to convince his friend, Eddie, that something is haunting his property.

Johnny kills himself and Meena in the car accident nearby the theatre. He was driving a getaway car for his dad’s gang and was just about to hit Meena’s mom, when she pushed her away. Both can be perfectly invisible, even for other ghosts.
Ash was killed by her boyfriend, who was cheating on her. Died in her home, but Buster bought her guitar from a pawn shop as a prop. Mike was chased down the parking lot behind the theater by the bears and got murdered by them. Both of them look more terrifying than other ghosts.
Rosita lost conconsciousness because of the stress while washing dishes. She didn’t see when something electrical fell into the water and she got electrocuted. Since she loved the theatre, her kids left her bracelet under the seats, so part of her would always be there. Gunter died overseas after falling off a stage during a performance. His red sparkly leotard thing ended up at the theater used as a costume.
Buster’s father died of old age. Because he lived a great life and doesn’t have any unfinished business, his spirit is kind of weak, so he doesn’t appear too much.

Review of The Current War

This is from SplashReport. Sorry I don’t know how to make a link. Not really any plot spoilers.

Hey guys big fan of the new site SplashReport and I wanted to pass along this review in case you’re interested.

This week I was able to attend a test screening of The Current War , starring Benedict Cumberbatch , Michael Shannon, Katherine Waterston, Tom Holland, Tuppence Middleton, and Nicholas Hoult directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

Make no mistake about it…this movie is about exactly what the title states…..currents…electrical currents and is slated for Oscar season in December 2017. The story is about the fierce competition between Thomas Edison & George Westinghouse as they try and create a sustainable electric system and market it to the American people.

It’s Edison’s (Cumberbatch) DC system vs Westinghouse (Shannon) and his AC system. The movie plays out with a political type of intrigue and portrays Edison as a man who is self absorbed and would compromise his own integrity by collaborating with others to portray the AC system as dangerous and unfit that would put the public at risk and end many lives . He went as far as to collaborate with others to promote Westinghouse’s own system as a means to power the new electric chair.

His end goal was to show that his rivals system was the best way to end lives and tried to prove that by publicly executing animals using the rival AC system. Edison used fear in an attempt to gain a market advantage over Westinghouse. With all of that said, his interactions with his family were the opposite. A good father , a loving husband to Mary Edison played wonderfully by Tuppence Middleton. One of the themes in the movie that also plays out on the Westinghouse side, is the importance of these strong, supporting wives to these truly remarkable and successful men.

Cumberbatch, who I have yet to see perform badly, was a great fit for the role and it will be interesting to see where he lands among the best acting categories when awards season rolls around.

I want to touch on Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse. He was great. He portrayed a man of high integrity, a good husband and a good friend. However he is pushed by Edison’s lack of integrity and that puts him in an internal conflict and this is where Shannon shines in the movie. What is a man to do when he’s constantly pushed to the brink? Constantly lied about and taunted in the media? Not many of us are cut from the same cloth as Ghandi.

He’s helped by a flashback sequence that plays out slowly through the duration of the movie. As I said earlier about Cumberbatch, it will be interesting to see where Shannon stands during the awards season. His scenes with his wife played by Katherine Waterston were all fantastic and showed how important she was in his decision making process.

Now let me get my fan boy on! Tom Holland plays Samuel Insull, who at this point in his career was Thomas Edison’s personal secretary and confidant. His screen time is limited but important and I’m excited to say this kid has acting chops! For those of us waiting in anticipation for the new Spider-Man I can say that I believe they made a great choice.

Nicholas Hoult plays Nikola Tesla and keeping with the themes above , I thought he was pretty damn good at it. I was a little put off by his performance when he was first introduced but it grew on me as the movie went on. In the interest of full disclosure I overheard 2 other attendees talking about how his accent wasn’t genuine and convincing enough.

Look…I’m a movie lover at heart but I’m definitely geared towards the horror/action/superhero genres. However, I watch all of the Oscar nominated movies each year and I will say that I feel a good portion, not all, are overrated. I have a good sense of what the Oscar voters are looking for and I’m going to say that this will be a flick that will be discussed and I will say that the performances will have to be discussed.

After a slow start to the movie I felt it bounced back powerfully with fantastic performances and I was entertained, intrigued, and educated by the film. It ran for about 2 hours and there is plenty of time before December to edit and shape the movie based on the feedback from the audience.

If you use this review you can call me Schwifty of the Leather Cloak.
Sounds like The Current War is gonna get some nominations come award season.

SVT College AU  -  Seokmin

Originally posted by tahyunge

summary: ^^^^^^^^^^^ this gif. that’s it. that’s all the summary you need for college DK. 

genre: comedic fluff

a/n: thank you to the anon who requested!! help put my kid he needs help as in 

wake him up wake him up inside (he can’t wake up) wake him up inside 


also this is gonna be a series hell fuckin yeeeEAAAHHHHHHHHH


-let’s get this show on the road then ok 

-lee seokmin

-leap sockman

-is currently screaming at 3 AM


-there’s a cockroach in the bathroom

-how it got there? 

-ask joshua

-or seungkwan 


-seokmin is in college!

-he’s sharing a dorm with seungkwan and joshua!

-he’s doing music!


-he’s still screaming about the cockroach!

-him screaming at 3 AM isn’t rare

-he normally screams

-whale noise

-he has a very lovely singing voice

-like the god of singing 

-oh hi orpheus you thought that the super powers thing was over try again bitch 

-so other than him screaming at 3 AM people don’t mind just as long as they’re blessed with his singing talents in the morning

-he would just sit on the balcony 

-balconies?! where is this college i wanna go–

-yeah so he would sit on the balcony and just sing

-and everyone’s day would be 100% better

-”hey why are you so happy this morning??”

-”oh in our apartments we have this dude who sings every morning….he’s got the voice of an angel”


-our lovely seokmin is a very sociable person

-there’s not one person in his class that doesn’t enjoy his presence

-and he likes everyone 

-so it’s very hard to hate this kid


-well….it’s true

-even you didn’t mind him

-and you haven’t even met him yet!

-yes you’re in the same college and you’re taking guitar

-no seriously you can take guitar as a course

-and you’re living in the same building as seokmin and soonyoung and seungkwan

-one morning you’re jus minding your own business on the green

-trying to play your guitar

-without the chords or the strings fucking up god damn that was the worst

-but all of a sudden the strings were ok!


-so you started playing one of the songs you’re learning for the talent showcase 

-you and talent go hand in hand

-but audiences

-large ones

-the whole college

-oh no 

-shyness and stage fright consumed your life from the very start

-well shit

-anyways you started to play chasing cars by snow patrol

-that song reminds me of mingyu ily tol ass 

-anyways seokmin heard you from his balcony 

-which was easy because he was on the first floor

-and he just started to sing along like??????

-you hear his voice and you’re just taken back 

-h o w    d o e s    a    m a n    h a v e     s u c h    a n     a n g e l i c    v o i c e 

-you smile to him after you finished and he smiles back and inside your heart is fluttering but you don’t really know why but you did know that he be looking adorable like wtf 

-he was so cute to you


-hey cupid we got another lost cause help ‘em out will ya?


-you get back inside and he’s just there at the door

-”you’re really good at guitar.”

-”w-whoa thank you….i could say the same thing about your singing!! it’s so lovely.”

-”i’m seokmin, and your name is…?”

-”oh i’m y/n. nice to meet you seokmin.”

-and that’s where it started

-you two became singing and guitar buddies after that

-any day you had free was spent with him just singing and playing the guitar

-and making memes out of soonyoung for your ict class too

-ah the good life

-but….there was one overbearing thing still there


-the talent showcase

-you had no problem performing in front of seokmin 

-because you kind of expected him to say things like

-”holy shit that was crazy cool!!”


-”that finger work was just amazing!!”

-not in that way how many times do i have to say this woooooow

-anyways it was nice an all 

-but you were anxious about performing 

-and you were more focused on practicing

-so unfortunately rain checks came in a plenty for seokmin from you

-”hey can we go and sing outside today??”

-”i’m sorry seok i have to practice…maybe another time?”

-”yea…sure…don’t worry”


-yeah he was kind of worried about you practicing a whole bunch

-so one day he just came round to yours

-sat you down 

-and asked what the fuck was going on

-”it’s….the talent showcase”

-”oh i’m in that too!”

-”really? that’s great and all….but i’m scared of performing and stuff in front of people…my teacher said not to take part….but i have to prove something to him…”

-”ok first of all you’re stressing yourself out over this second of all you gotta put the guitar down…just for today? we can watch a movie or something….just to clear your mind alright?”

-”ok……which movie?”

-”i have shrek….or the bee movie…”


-”ask soonyoung”


-so you two chose to watch shrek and it was great an all

-but it was kind o flate

-and you get hella tired

-so you just..

-fell asleep on him

-he didn’t look like he cared

-but ooooooh boy was his heart racing like mad


-if you weren’t asleep you could hear his heart beating for you and make a song up on your guitar for him to confess but that would be the cheesy way out

-ok we gotta make this cute as heck

-every other day after that you practiced 

-and you were getting the hang of it

-of course seokmin was there on the sidelines cheering you on and checking on you like the #1 supportive crush he is cause he cares for you a lot

-so the day came sooner than you could say

-ulgo sipji nYEAC NYEAC

-and you were just backstage 

-but you wore the prettiest dress

-it was black and had a large bunch embroidered roses embellished on it on the skirt part and it was so beautiful

-your roommate did your hair and makeup too and she did a really good job 

-you’re just waiting to go on

-and you’re also lowkey freaking out because oh my god there’s a LOT of people out there 

-oh jeuss sihfdhdsfjhdsf

-but then

-you hear his voice

-seokmin’s honey angel voice to calm your nerves

-it wasn’t the practicing that you needed

-you just needed seokmin to be there just to say good luck or to even sing to calm your nerves

-but…you were actually on the verge of tears

-because his voice was so soft and he was amazing

-there was one more person in front 

-and just as they went on

-seokmin came off

-”you were amazing seokmin….”

-”thank you y/n…you ready?”

-”i guess….i feel numb from the head down so let’s fuck shit up”

-”that’s my girl”




-either he was quoting fifth harmony

-or he actually meant it

-the awkward silence that just erupted between you was cut short due to the person coming off stage

-who knew that comedy could be an actual college course

-and there you were

-standing on the side of the stage 

-ready to have yourself a good time

-but to also climb into a hole and die 

-but most of all you were calm 

-you didn’t care if you fucked it up

-you gave it your best 

-that’s all that would matter in the end

-ah…but there’s one more thing

-”y/n good luck and knock them dead!”

-”or revive them from when you knocked them dead…because they were still dead when the comedian was on”

-he wasn’t very good to say the least

-out of the blue….just out of thin air

-he took the little flower that was clipped onto his shirt

-and just pinned in your hair

-you nodded and gave him a smile before entering the war zone

-”hi….i’m y/n and i’m dedicating these two songs to someone really close to me i hope you all enjoy!!”

-guess who you dedicated those two songs to??????

-that’s right!

-it was seokmin!

-but while you said the opening you looked to him and he knew straight away 


-everything became so clear to him now

-the two songs?

-can’t help falling in love and all of me

-cheesy yes 

-but he loved them so much

-and the crowd did too!! wow!!

-you did an amazing job! 

-and not once did you back down!

-you got backstage 

-but you couldn’t find seokmin anywhere



-he’s right behind you!

-you turn around and you just have the biggest smile on your face

-and bam

-he just

-picks you up and spins around and hugs you

-he’s so proud of you

-from not being able to do it due to self doubt

-to actually making a crowd happy and cheer for you!!

-”y/n you did so well! i’m so happy for you!”

-”thank you seokmin.”

-”also…thank you for that little shoutout thing you did out there. it was really cute and special just like you”

-ok now your heart waS EXPLODING


-it was about to get even louder

-after the ending

-he walked you back you your dorm

-and all the way back 

-he would not let go of your hand

-at all

-your hand was superglued to his

-and he had gorilla glue 

-he had no intention of letting you go without a little something something

-uhuh here we go now

-you were just about to open your door and say goodnight bUT THENNNNN

-”so…uh….y/n….don’t leave just yet…i have something i want to ask you…”

-he said that just as he leaned in 



-boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom 

-out of just pure reaction and instinct

-you lean in too and just kiss him


-his lips were soft

-like a silk pillow 


-really soft

-it was a light kiss


-but it was so sweet 

-like wow 

-he was a little taken back but eventually kissed back 


-he’s been waiting to do that for ages 

-any minute now this boy was going to give you a heart attack


-”w-wait to what? to being my–”

“to being your everything. goodnight seokmin.”

-and that’s the story of how seokmin got you to be his girlfriend

-this is also the story of how you single handedly stole his heart

-yeah this is the metropolitan police force please give this young man his heart back he needs it to live to keep on loving you pleASE GIVE IT BACK


-”y/n? you’re smiling like a lunatic”

-”what happened? seokmin took you back here and he asked you to be his but you kissed him and said yes anyways?”





  • *Wymack giving the Foxes a pep talk*
  • Jean: *listening from down the field* What?
  • *Wymack continues speech with more feeling*
  • Jean: *taps Jeremy's shoulder* What the hell is he talking about?
  • Jeremy: He does this every year.
  • Jean: Seriously?
  • Jeremy: Yeah...
  • *Wymack continues speech with grandiose gestures*
  • *The Foxes cheer*
  • Jean: Wait, is this...?
  • Jeremy: Yeah it's the speech from Independence Day.
  • Jean: Uhhuh...
  • *Wymack continues speech with an Oscar winning performance of emotion*
  • Jeremy: Coach's favorite movie.
  • *Wymack practically punches the last words into the air*
  • Jean: He doesn't know any sport speeches?
  • Jeremy: I don't think he cares.
  • *The Foxes CHEER!!!!*

The most precious thing in Fantastic Beasts And Where to find them is Colin Farrell as Percival Graves. I cannot say enough how his performance alone made the movie 3x more interesting. I definitely want him back in the next 4 movies, despite what the producer says (fuck that! orz…just…please…)

Bring back Mr Graves, please. He’s a great, great character and deserves more than one movie. 

A Head, A Heart, & A Movie {Biadore} Chapter 1 -C*NT

A/N: I want to apologize to all of the mobile readers because this is a 7.5k monstrosity. But on the other hand, I know you guys love the long chapters so I hope you all like this! Sorry it’s been so long since I updated last, I’ve had a battle with writers block and it was winning for quite some time. For those who are just tuning in, this is the sequel story to A Head, A Heart, & A Crown, so it’s set in the same universe. Of course, this AU is about Bianca and Adore begining to film Hurricane Bianca 2, but there is going to be a more established side of Witney for this one(is it really one of my fics if there isnt a side of Witney?) as well. TW for alcohol, a panic attack and weed. And as always, a tad bit of angst. Enjoy!! 💕 PS: If I ever write a short A/N, something is seriously wrong lol.

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Lucien 💖💖💖

I love this movie to pieces, it is one of my favourite Norman films and performances. Lucien is such a great character and Norman plays him to perfection. I love his relationship with Joan and how he can’t quite commit to giving her what she wants. His reaction to her death at the end is 💔 When he tells Joan and William about Dave’s death is a great scene too.
He looks just too beautiful in this movie, playing the man everyone in it loves in some form or another 😍 Every time I shout Joan just go with him at the end!!
Must have film in your Norman collection.


A lot of people on tumblr talk about how Sharpay was screwed over time and time again by the writers of High School Musical and how the movies should have been about her, and I agree. But there was an entire movie focused on her after graduation called Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure that is exactly what everyone seems to want, yet no one in the fandom talks about?

  • The movie opens with her singing at the golf course club house. I’ve worked a golf course, and let’s just say it’s not actually a great of a location to perform, so Sharpay’s not actually doing that great off the bat.
  • There is no mention that she attended college, so she either never went at all or dropped out.
  • It’s implied she has a social anxiety disorder.
  • She moves to New York City intending to live in a huge penthouse, but ends up in a shoebox of an apartment instead.
  • She doesn’t get her first audition after graduation. Boi, her dog, does.
  • She meets Peyton, the first guy ever who doesn’t fall at her feet and actually challenges her to be a better person and not just be a spoiled brat (unlike Zeke in the first three movies, who ignored every single one of her terrible qualities because she was attractive and popular). She actually has a mutual, healthy (in a grown up, mature sense, not sexual) relationship with a guy for the first time in her entire life and it’s wonderful.
  • There’s a scene where for a minute you think she’s being sexually objectified (even if the scene doesn’t turn out that way in the end). I’m not saying I enjoyed the scene, but it’s realistic in our day in age. Not everything is handed to her on a silver plate and she isn’t treated well by people (which is more realistic).
  • She has to work as an assistant for a famous actress she looks up who is actually a major witch with a b. When she overhears the actress saying that Sharpay has no talent in acting, she has a realistic reaction and cries and wonders why she ever thought she would make it in NYC (character development!!!!)
  • Sharpay uses her manipulative side to get the lead actress out of the musical, but she’s not rewarded for her actions. She’s actually fired, but a video of her performing music from the show, proving her talent, gets her the lead.
  • She opens her first show on Broadway after getting the part from hard work, not because everyone around her caters to her every whim.

Basically Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure is amazing and everything I ever wanted for Sharpay, and just. Go watch it.

Justice League

I can’t believe Wonder Woman single handedly saved the DCEU once again.

Let’s get the bad things out of the way first.

Steppenwolf… enough said

The final battle was underwhelming and came to an abrupt end and the fight sequences were, to be blunt, a bit lame.

The plot suffered from the villain and the fact that most characters had to be properly introduced

Superman. I don’t dislike him and Henry Cavill’s chest would make a great pillow but he was unnecessary for the movie. Superman is overpowered which makes it difficult to make him interesting but the scenes right after he came back were amazing. That was exactly what was missing in Batman v Superman. 

Now to the good things. Wonder Woman’s entry scene had me on the edge of the seat. It is probably my favourite movie scene of this year. Gal Gadot’s performance, the editing, everything was on point in this scene. 
Every scene with Wonder Woman in it was great. Gal brings something amazing to the character. 

The new characters were incredible too. Barry Allen is hilariously awkward and incredibly funny. Arthur Curry is a badass with too little screentime. Only Victor Stone was a bit of a letdown because he was treated more like a plot device than a character but he still is an interesting character that can be explored deeper.

Batman being funny and making jokes is actually a good idea but there were too many inconsistencies in his character for this to actually work and him talking to Diana about Steve Trevor the way he did was way out of line.

Justice League is the first step in the right direction for the DCEU (Wonder Woman is not in the same league than the other movies) and I now can get excited again for future movies without feeling that sense of dread after watching the trailers for BvS and JL.

With the news that she might not appear in any more movies, I’ve decided to list my favourite Tina Fey movies (based on her performance in each one)

1. Totally moved out of her comfort zone with this one and it totally paid off, her best performance by far. How disappointing if this is her final movie as she showed that she has excellent range beyond being a comedy actor.

2. Played a much different character than what we were used to seeing. Her scenes with Jason Bateman were fantastic, actually, her scenes with all the family members were great…..and with Horry…OK, so with everyone then lol.

3. Tina got to play the rebellious, bad girl for once and I LOVED IT! ‘We just don’t want clutter any more’ ‘Then whatthefuckisthis???’ ‘Can you hear this *whispers* suck a fucking bag of dicks’ ‘I’m done wasting time on that cum-guzzling road whore’. I could go on.

4. Tina + Steve Carell = comedy gold. ‘Everything you’re doing, I’m doing in heels. I just want you to remember that’.

5. While the movie itself was a let down after having read the book (seriously, I’ll never understand why the story was butchered the way it was), I loved Tina’s performance and her dynamic with Paul Rudd was lovely. Prompted me to write my own follow up fanfiction.

6.  I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. One of my top animated movies, Tina does a fantastic job voicing Roxanne. Great voice performances all around.

7. Iconic movie, if this was a list about the best movies she’s been in, this would be near or at the top. Tina’s performance is great, she’s just not in it as much. Has to be said, what an incredible piece of writing. So Tina, if you’re not going to act in movies any more, will you at least write some more???

8. I like this movie. I like Tina in this movie. This movie is……nice, easy to watch. Not much more to say really. 

9. Never been a huge Muppets fan but this was a cute movie. Good performances all around.

10. Super cute movie, great voice performances all around (and there are a lot of very famous people who do voices for this movie).

mother! (2017) Review

What the actual f……….

Plot: A couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.

It’s kind of difficult for me to talk about this movie, as a lot of what I could say would somehow spoil it. This film works best when you walk into it not knowing anything. Because then you have the full surprise factor at your hands and you are given this puzzle that you slowly begin to unravel until by the end of the film you either solve it or have even less of a clue of what’s going on than you had before you watched the film. But that’s just the risk you’ll have to take, as I am going to be as vague as possible in this review and only comment on aspects that I don’t really consider to be a spoiler.

Let’s talk about the cinematography. Darren Aronofsky is a great filmmaker who always strives to make controversial but gorgeous looking films. Even with his weakest movie ‘Noah’, with all it flaws you cannot deny that that movie looked gorgeous. With ‘mother!’ there is no grand spectacle of the style of ‘Noah’, as the whole film feels very confined as it is all set in this one house, however Aronofsky still manages to experiment with the camera here, as for mostly the whole movie the camera spends either facing Jennifer Lawrence’s character or showing us everything from her perspective. Which means if you are not a fan of Lawrence, this might be an issue for you as you spend the entirety of the movie with her. And in all fairness to her, she stays strongly in character all the time and does a great job at portraying how we the audience felt. As in she didn’t know what the hell was happening around her, and neither did we in the audience. So in some ways you could say that we the audience are a part of the film, and that we are one with Jennifer Lawrence’s character. We are experiencing this just as much as she is.

The performances are all great. As I already said, Jennifer Lawrence is on camera pretty much all the time, and she does a solid job leading this film. Javier Bardem was great as her husband who has come to a creative writer’s block of sorts, and is desperately in need of inspiration to create his next masterpiece. He definitely delivered on the level of passion, as you could really see how much he cared for his work, at times even more than for his wife. Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer play the mysterious guests (both giving strong calibre performances also) that show up at Lawrence’s and Bardem’s house and begin to be a little intrusive, then more people start showing up and then eventually Darren Aronofsky goes full on crazy. And by crazy I mean that the third act of this film is simply bonkers. That is kind of the main issue with this film. The first two thirds of this film are paced really nicely, with us slowly gathering the pieces together whilst still being creeped out by the general vibe of the situation and the way some characters act. But then the third act comes in, and then for one it just feels like we are watching a completely different film then, and secondly so much crazy things happen that you feel like the studio went and told Aronofsky “you cannot add more than 30 minutes to your film, however for those added 30 minutes you get an unlimited budget and our support”. Which Aronofsky embraces to the full and just goes completely nuts showing us non stop shocking imagery in those final 30 minutes that honestly I have to say was too much. I get what he was trying to go for, but the first two thirds of the film did such a great job at building up that metaphor anyway that the final act didn’t need to go that mental. Something big should have happened, yes, but not to this extent. It took me out of the film completely and made me feel rather unpleasant. Which is what Aronofsky probably wanted, but I don’t think that’s the way he should have gone about it.

Again, I’m not going to spoil much, but ‘mother!’’s plot is a metaphor for a certain thing, with each character being a representation of a certain something. Mostly I admired the metaphor, but at times I feel like Aronofsky let his ego get the better of him. Also, this being a metaphor and all I get why some characters did certain things, but in context of this story it did feel a bit weird. Like for example Javier Bardem’s character tends to be very forgiving in this film, and there’s a reason for it, but some of the things he forgave and so many things that he could have avoided so easily make him look a little dumb. Which sort of gives you an idea on what stance Darren Aronofsky has on this matter, but I think that that could have been worked on better for the context of the story. I know that I’m not making much sense, but if you watch the film and then re-read this paragraph again you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

‘mother!’ is a special kind of film. It’s not one I’d want to watch again, but I think it has some powerful stuff going for it, and the first two acts are spectacular, however the film is severely ruined by its third final act. But for the direction, the performances, the cinematography and if you just feel like you want to be weirded the hell out, this movie is definitely worth seeing. Also, look out for a few small cameos!

Overall score: 7/10

TOP MOVIE QUOTE: “I create, that’s what I do.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you tell us more about chameleon actors and more examples of who they are? I never heard of it before reading your posts and it lead me to binge watch my favorite movies. If possible I'd like to learn more about it!

Mostly because I googled “chameleon actors” and I’m like I don’t know these people lmao

Would cate blanchett and John boyega be chameleons?

Also a list named Scarlett Johanson as a chameleon so ??? Is she really 😬


a chameleon actor, or character actor, is an actor who can disappear into any role, if you don’t know them u won’t even recognize them, but if u are into movies u would be thinking they look familiar the whole time. these types of actors aren’t movie stars and usually play supporting characters

case in point: tilda swinton. now, I don’t like her ass but u can’t deny she does the damn thing every time

daniel day lewis is THE chameleon actor by excellence in hollywood bc he manages to be both a method actor AND a leading man but as u can see he’s able to do this bc his movies come out so few in between (he makes a movie like every 5 years, if that)

and ofc there’s naomie harris our most underrated queen i’m so glad my post about her blew up

but as u can see none of them are movie stars

movie stars like leonardo dicaprio, denzel washington and angelina jolie for example aren’t character actors- the reason they’re movie stars is bc they more or less play slightly different variations of the same type of role in every movie, that’s why ppl like them in the first place, there’s nothing wrong w that and it doesn’t mean they can’t give great performances however bc ur accustomed to them and their acting style u rlly can’t separate the actor from the character, not like w the actors pictured above

movie stars are also overexposed bc they have to do a lot of promo, this interferes w the way u perceive their characters case in point: chris pratt he’s literally the same in every movie, no range whatsoever, and has rlly crafted this “every-day man” persona into the minds of ppl through his interviews therefore, he’s a movie star

cate blanchett is actually a unique case bc she wouldn’t be a character actress, but she’s not a movie star either, she truly is a leading lady, her range is amazing but again u can’t rlly separate her from her character even when she’s giving a great performance, what u see is her, the actress, giving a great performance as a character, not the person they’re supposed to be playing

john boyega is v much trying to become a movie star so I wouldn’t put him in this category, its too early to tell but his work in sw was so strong i think he can become a cate blanchett type actor

scarlett johansson can’t act to save her life her lack of presence is just mind blowing she’s just another one getting by on her looks and occasionally being handed good scripts no one can ruin