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I don’t think y'all understand how bad it is that Joss Whedon is directing a DCEU film. Joss literally permanently and purposefully screwed the MCU over. He admitted he never even watched TWS and hadn’t watched Avengers since the movie came out in 2012 and he literally just did what he wanted with Age of Ultron spitefully and permanently ruined MCU canon/MCU continuity and his handling of female characters even prior to the MCU has been nothing short of disgusting and humiliating (miss me with your Buffy splaining. White feminism isn’t actual feminism) not to mention his bts treatment of women actresses is insulting as well. Having him direct a Batgirl movie is literally the worst idea possible, having him part of the DCEU which has so far been going great is even worse, and idk what drugs WB have been on but I’m literally about to scream.

I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so naturally–as the Destiel trash that I am– I have written a wisdom-teeth!AU ficlet.

Disclosure: I am still on pain meds that tell me I’m not allowed to drive. Who knows if this is even good?

“Yes, Mrs. Winchester. Dean’s going to be very out of it for the next few hours, so just keep an eye on him and make sure he keeps taking his pain medication or he won’t be a very happy camper when the anesthesia wears off.”

The doctor–Donna, Castiel remembered her name–smiled at Dean cheerfully as she handed Mary the medication. Dean however, was busy staring at his hands with wide eyes like it was the first time he’d ever seen them in his life.

“Thank you very much,” Mary said, handing off the bag to Castiel so she could grip the wheelchair tighter. “Cas and I will make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble.” She smiled at Cas before running her fingers through her son’s hair, causing him to jump and look for the cause of the touch in a daze.

“Whoa!” Dean said through the gauze in his mouth. “That was…that was funny feeling. I think a–a thing was in my hair.” He murmured, leaning his head back to stare up at his mother.

A small chuckle escaped Castiel as he looked at his best friend. He knew how badly Dean had been hoping he wouldn’t react to the anesthesia after getting his wisdom teeth out, but it looked like that wasn’t going to be an option for him.

“Be sure to change his gauze in a few hours,” Donna said cheerfully, “but as soon as the bleeding stops he should be fine!”

Mary nodded as Castiel double checked the amount of gauze they’d been given. Looked like it would be more than enough. Castiel himself hadn’t needed nearly that much gauze, but he’d also been one of the lucky people in the world that was more or less lucid after after the operation.

Dean, however, didn’t seem like he’d be so lucky.

Mary took a deep breath and smiled at Castiel. “Thank you so much for coming, Cas. I’ll just need help getting him in the car and–”

“It’s alright, Mrs. Winchester,” Castiel assured. “I’m happy to–”

“Whoa, mom! Look!”

Castiel and Mary both looked at Dean who was staring at Castiel with bugged eyes and was pointing an unsteady finger in his direction.

Cas reached up to double check if anything was on his head or on his face that would be causing such a reaction, but nothing.

Mary frowned and leaned down. “What is it, sweetheart?”

Dean’s head lolled to the side as he stared, causing a little bit of drool to leak out from in-between his gauze.

“Mom he is so pretty.” Came the muffled response.

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MBTI types as ''The Room''quotes
  • INFJ:
  • ''...Are you ready to see reflections of your life?''
  • ''Peter, you always play psychologist with us!''
  • INTP:
  • ''Oh man, I just can't figure women out. Sometimes they're just too smart. Sometimes they're flat-out stupid. Other times they're just evil.''
  • ''What are these characters doing here?''
  • INFP:
  • ''I'm tired, I'm wasted, I love you darling.''
  • ''Nobody wants to help me. And I'm dying.''
  • ENTP:
  • ''That's the idea!''
  • ''She was beautiful, but we had too many arguments.''
  • ISFP:
  • ''Oh, actually Johnny, I got a, I got a little bit of a, tragedy.''
  • ''Johnny: Why? Why is this happening to me?
  • [pulls out a pistol]
  • Johnny: God forgive me.''
  • ISTP:
  • ''You don't understand anything, man.''
  • ''Your point of view is so different from mine.''
  • ESTP:
  • ''Denny: I'm okay!
  • Claudette: What's okay? He's taking drugs.''
  • ''She's beautiful. She looks great in her red dress. I think I'm in love with her.''
  • ESFP:
  • ''This is a great party, you invited all my friends, good thinking.''
  • ''Anyway, how is your sex life?''
  • ESTJ:
  • ''Yeah, I'm thinking of moving to a bigger place, man. I'm making some good money.''
  • ''I feel like I'm sitting on an atomic bomb waiting for it to go off!''
  • ISTJ:
  • ''Denny, two's great, but three's a crowd!''
  • ''They betray me, they didn't keep their promise, they trick me, and I don't care anymore.''
  • ISFJ:
  • ''Anything for my princess!''
  • ''Mike: Did you, uh, know... that chocolate... is the symbol of love?
  • Michelle: Mmm... feed me''
  • ESFJ:
  • ''I'm so happy I have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much.''
  • ENTJ:
  • ''I have a problem with Lisa. She says that I hit her.''
  • ENFJ:
  • ''People are people. Sometimes they just can't see their own faults.''
  • ''If everyone love each other, the world would be a better place to live in''
  • ENFP:
  • ''...And she loves you too, as a person, as a human bean!''
  • ''Shit… Alright?''
  • INTJ:
  • ''Don't touch me...get out''
  • ''I'm just sitting up here thinking''

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are there any noteworthy products that you should look out for in drugstores? or is everything just an okay product

Well, there are great drug store products, but it depends on what you’re looking for. I think people should really look around for themselves and see what works best for them personally.

If I had to rattle off some brands/products:

  • Pixi Glow Tonic (acid toner, so be careful)
  • CeraVe (PM Lotion, Renewing Serum & Hydrating Cleanser are 👍 )
  • La Roche-Posay
  • Olay Regenerist and ROC (for anti-aging)
  • Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50
  • Garnier Micellar Waters
  • Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens
  • OGX and Shea Moisture hair products
  • Stridex Pads (be careful; they’re strong acid exfoliators)
  • Eucerin and Aveeno (for eczema sufferers)
  • Burt’s Bees lip balm
  • L’Oreal mascaras
  • Fish Oil/Flax Seed Oil and Vitamin D supplements

And I’m sure there’s many more that I can’t think of at the moment/never tried!

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I chose from my bookmarks bc those are the fics where I was like “I’d actually like to reread this fic at some point in the future”.

I’ve also tried to pick from … not exactly unpopular, but less popular fics that I don’t see on every single reclist out there, so yeah, I hope they’re all of use! 


dinner and a movie” by rikke, T+, 11k: As a good vice captain, Iwaizumi would do a lot for his volleyball club’s success and general welfare, including, apparently, fake dating Oikawa. - Basically one of the cutest fake dating fics I’ve read! i love the author and the language and the mood, it really is an adorable fic and I rec it to everyone!! FAKE DATING MY DUDE

if i could fly” by hydrangeaes, T+, 11k: “I think I’ve always subconsciously relied on Iwa-chan" Oikawa paused, taking a second to look at Iwaizumi before adverting his eyes. “Whenever things went south, Iwa-chan would be there to fix it. I think a part of me knew that so it didn’t matter how much I overworked myself, Iwa-chan would always be there for me to fall back on.” - I fell over this fic because I was specifically looking for fics where Iwaizumi was the one going pro, since people usually write Oikawa being the only one, which is just. Well. This fic is amazing and Iwaizumi is amazing and the friendship he builds up with Kuroo and Yaku is amazing and Oikawa and–. Just read ittt

phone home” by ghostystarr, g, 6.5k: Oikawa Tooru is currently orbiting Earth at 445 kilometers per minute, but falling in love with the voice in his ear makes it feel so much slower than that. - astronaut au!! this one was really cute and i’m pretty sure I read this like a long time ago when it just got out ish, I really enjoyed it and idk why but it stuck with me.

as close as you need” by carxies, T+, 8k: Oikawa meets a boy that no one really believes in – so he does what someone before him should have. He out of spite befriends him, stubbornly supports him, gets dangerously close to him and gently teaches him all he knows. - oh man, this story was really really soft. i wasn’t sure about it at first, and the author is like on top 3 of the people i’d like to invite out for coffee and a talk right now, bc i have Questions.

fake it till you make it” by chrystie and kate882, T+, 12.4k: “So you think he’s fake?” He weighed his options, and Iwaizumi figured he might as well bury himself in the hole he dug, “A bit,” was his simple response.And that was how chaos broke out in the live stream chat. Or: Iwaizumi accidentally starts a war with Oikawa Tooru. - Youtuber au. Not at all the kind of story i usually read, in general because i couldn’t care less about youtubers, but this was adorable and a really sweet story. I love friendly rivalry/banter too. <3

bat those eyelashes” by ricekrispyjoints, T+, 3.6k: Oikawa’s a healthy teenage boy. He’s supposed to want to have sex. Clearly, it isn’t working out with girls, so he just needs to try something different. Iwa-chan is good looking, bisexual, and his best friend. Why shouldn’t he want to have sex with him?

to shore” by perbe, T+, 5.6k: The summer before college passes slowly for Oikawa Tooru. That is, until the disappearance of Iwaizumi Hajime. (A mystery told in non-chronological order.)

by the time you’re eighteen” by ricekrispyjoints, T+, 4.2k: “Tell you what,” Oikawa continues. “If you still haven’t been kissed by the time you’re, say, eighteen, I’ll kiss you.” Or: Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s adventures in dating, kissing, and birthday gifts.

oh no, there goes tokyo” by souliebird, T+, g, 1.3k: Iwaizumi is six and the only person he would want to date is Godzilla.

right here, right now” by minyrrds, T+, 3.8k: It’s funny, Hajime thinks, how easily this became routine. […] He had stumbled into The Cat’s Cradle and took one look at Oikawa Tooru and knew he was well and truly fucked. - COFFEE SHOP AU!!! so very cute

brick by brick” by toffle, WIP, T+, 17.4k: After the defeat of the Grand King Oikawa, Iwaizumi seeks the Hero’s help to save his best friends life, and hopes that they can start again. - basically the only FHQ I’ve ever read and ever will read (oh god. except another one but i’m not gonna speak about that one in public, but i’d gladly praise stevie’s amazing writing anytime)

stranger danger” by safra, g, 14.5k: iwaizumi refuses to give his personal details out to strangers on the internet while oikawa just wants to know his namealternativelyoikawa spends three months trying to convince iwaizumi he’s not a serial killer - and fails.

the lifespan of asters” by russianpotatofarm, (MCD! HEED THE FUCKING WARNING!) T+, 7.8k: “What do you need?” Hajime asks. The patient’s eyes light up. A little, anyway. He looks like he doesn’t have much left in him, and if he does, it’s either caffeine or heavy drugs.
“Great! So, what does glioblastoma mean, anyway?” or, "god damn i never should have gone to med school,” a novel by iwaizumi hajime (forward by yachi hitoka) -
I’m pretty sure I wrote “please don’t ever reread this again lou” in my bookmark tag. why is this on the rec? no idea. it’s pain. but beautiful pain.

Sweet anon, I have so so so many more. I even have 10 more open that I wanted to rec, but I guess I can do that another time, hm? HERE’s my bookmarks if you’re interested, though!

Late For A Very Important Date

This is a fluffy little story for all you wonderful Sherlollians who have kept me going this past year as I’ve delved into the world of writing fanfiction! Thank you. 

‘We’re almost an hour late, John! Hurry up!’ The moment John brought the taxi they had commandeered to a sudden and screeching halt, Sherlock jumped out, John on his heels. He glanced up as they began running, only to freeze in horror at the man sprinting across the car park toward them, murder in his eyes.

‘Vatican Cameos, John!’ Sherlock cried out and hastily pushed John back toward the safety of the car, securing the locks for good measure.

‘William Sherlock Scott Holmes!’ Mycroft’s normal cool composure was gone as he thundered across the car park, bellowing all the while. Sherlock knew he could easily overpower Mycroft, but he was currently sporting several bruised ribs and his head throbbed from the seven sutures John had stitched across the cut in his forehead.

The British Government was on the warpath and he slammed his hands on the window, his eyes alight with the icy fire that toppled nations. ‘Get. Out. Of. The. Car,’ he bit out. ‘Now!’

‘I rather think not, brother dear,’ Sherlock replied. ‘Molly prefers me in one piece.’

‘You are late, covered in what appears to be the blood of three different men, and should probably have those ribs bandaged,’ Mycroft growled. ‘I should be the least of your worries when Molly does get ahold of you and finds out you took that case yesterday when she asked you not to.’

Sherlock swallowed thickly.

‘Now, are you going to come willingly, or do I send out the security detail to break the window and drag you out?’ Mycroft threatened and stood back. ‘Might I remind you that the photographers would be delighted to have evidence of the Great Sherlock Holmes being dragged into his own wedding. Molly, though, will be less than thrilled. Especially after you’ve already left her waiting for 43 minutes…’

Sherlock scrambled to pull the lock up and threw himself from the car. But his beeline for the church, and his bride, was briefly impeded by Mycroft’s fist connecting with his face.

‘Son of a-!’ Sherlock exclaimed, clutching his eye. ‘Bloody Hell, Mycroft!’

John shot Mycroft a practiced glare before tugging Sherlock toward the church. ‘Just add it to the list of injuries we can address after you say ‘I do’.’

Mycroft stalked after them, rubbing his sore knuckles and hiding his sigh of relief that they had eventually made it. Molly had been relatively calm, but her cool had been breaking as the hour progressed and no one could reach John or Sherlock. He was rather fond of his sister-in-law-to-be and giving Sherlock a black eye for nearly standing her up was only a small justice.

Molly paced back and forth, the skirt of her white dress swishing each time she turned about. Her bottom lip was nearly raw from gnawing on it and she was fast losing hope. She wasn’t sure whether to be angry about Sherlock sneaking out the night before on a last-minute case or worried about him being missing. For now, she settled on the latter.

‘I’m sure they’re fine,’ Mary assured her. The Matron of Honor was trying to be the rock for them both, but with her husband also missing, she was in the same state as Molly.

Molly barely acknowledged her tries at reassurance, moving on to twisting the folds of her dress in anxiety. Their increasingly melancholy thoughts were interrupted by a clamoring out in the hall. Mary stood and went to look out, her entire body sagging in relief when she saw Sherlock and John rushing about.

‘Ah, it appears our boys have arrived, though in far worse condition than when we left them.’

Relief flooded her body. He was okay. He was alive.

And he was late.

Molly gathered her voluminous skirts and marched out the door, letting her anger loose.

‘Molly, he can’t see you before the ceremony! It’s bad luck!’ Mary cried out and tried to block Molly’s way.

‘I don’t give a damn about superstition,’ the bride replied and pushed past, zeroing in on her husband-to-be. His back was to her as his father and John tried to put his rumpled appearance to rights. With each step she took, she more clearly saw the damage her husband was trying to cover and felt her anger begin to fade into horror.

John noticed her first, over Sherlock’s shoulder, and nudged his friend. Sherlock turned around in surprise and Molly gasped at his face, her heart dropping. Dirt covered and sweaty, he had a long cut above his left eyebrow that looked to have been hastily sutured and his right eye was beginning to show signs of swelling. Dropping her skirts, she raced the last few feet and launched herself into his arms, uncaring of the dirt and blood on his clothes against her white dress. He caught her with one arm, keeping the other tight across his torso, and let out an oomph when she collided with him.

Tears pricked her eyes and she sniffled against his shoulder. ‘Are you okay?’

He pressed his face into the curve of her neck. ‘I am now.’

‘W-what happened?’ She pulled back and cupped his cheeks, examining the injuries he’d sustained and noting the way he held his ribs.

‘Just some overeager drug lords looking for a new home base in London. Nothing to worry about,’ he reassured her. Smiling smugly, he added, ‘Well, not anymore. Their injuries were much more substantial, if I do say so myself.’

Molly’s eyes hardened and she stiffened in his arms.

‘Oi, mate,’ John interrupted. ‘Not the time to be an arrogant prick.’

‘Ah, right.’ Sherlock’s smirk softened to a sheepish grin and he turned on the puppy dog eyes as he looked down at his unamused bride. ‘Forgive me for being a bit tardy? And for sneaking out to take a case after you asked me not to?’

Molly breathed in deeply and tugged him down to face level. ‘Yes. But you’d better make the rest of our lives worth it.’

‘I certainly intend to.’ Sherlock chuckled, his smile pained as his ribs protested the action.

With a kiss to his cheek, she stepped away with a smile. ‘Go get cleaned up so we can move this wedding along.’

He pouted and followed her. ‘Don’t I even get a proper Glad You’re Not Dead kiss first?’

‘Nope. If you’d been on time, we would already be married and sneaking away for some ‘alone time’ in the nearest closet,’ she quipped cheekily. ‘Suffer.’

Sherlock groaned as he watched her sashay away, the back of her dress dipping to her mid-back and her hair piled high on her head, giving him a delightful view of the sensuous curve of her neck.

The door clicked shut behind her and he whirled about to the gaping onlookers, furiously rubbing the dirt from his face. ‘Get me another suit. Now.’

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What placements do you think would be great drug dealers? I'm watching a drug dealer movie rn so why not

I honestly think Neptune (drugs) in 2nd(value,money)/3rd(connections)/8th(money).
Mercury (trafficking) in aspect to Neptune, MC

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Idk if he is back in drugs lol I think he owes jason money or sommat.

I’m just glad this means the prison shit isn’t just going to be dropped like thank god

Throwback to my high school classmate for getting sent to the principal’s office because a freshman thought he was injecting heroin next to his locker when it was actually an insulin shot for his diabetes

3B Theory... and why I believe Paige is an "A"

“I prefer to fly under the radar.”  Paige McCullers

I think Marlene King has had to lie A LOT, and that one of those lies was to imply that Mona was the one original A of Ali’s.  Mona herself says, “We’re not finished yet”.


1 Uber/Big A


3B= 3 Bullied


Out of those 3 people, the only letter they have in common is A, which is why the notes were signed “A”.

1B. Mona adored Ali and wanted to be her, although Ali wouldn’t play. Mona saw that she could make Hanna into a better Ali.

2B. Lucas was fed up with Ali’s bullying and beginning to get very worried that people would understand the truth behind the nickname of “Hermie” that Ali gave him- Lucas is a cross dresser.

3B. Paige also had a secret and many reasons to hate Ali. Paige was secretly gay and desperately in love with Emily. Not only did Alison torment Paige in the most cruelest of ways, Paige watched as Emily clearly fell in love with Alison. Paige was insanely jealous of Alison, and to top it off, terrified that Alison would spill her secret to her religious parents.

Of everyone that Alison bullied, she was most afraid of “Pigskin”, even going so far as to call her pyscho- and for good reason.

What if Paige was also the one that gave Ali the fat lip that Veronica saw?

Maybe A was printing off so many photos because she was obsessed with Emily?

“The bolder the move, the less anyone questions it”

Exhibit A

Paige distributes personalized bracelets from the same place that Alison had the girls bracelets made.

Exhibit B

Why does A choose to force Emily to come out?  Maybe because to Paige, it is her worst fear/nightmare.  Emily being out would also maybe give Paige courage to come out herself, because she would see how everyone reacted to Emily’s news.

Exhibit C

Paige doesn’t hesitate to give Emily a violent “Love Dunk” when she feels threatened.  

Exhibit D

Emily reads a book by Carson “McCullers”.  Odd, isn’t it?

Exhibit E

Supposedly, Shana was “turned” into an enemy of Alison’s.  Maybe this started when Shana began to date Paige to help Alison figure out it Paige was A?

Exhibit F

There are many similarities to Emily and her family in A’s endings.  (Wheel of Fortune, Intricate gift baskets, Christmas themed, and a couple more mentioned below)  I had previously thought that this pointed to Emily and/or her Mom.  This could also mean the person that is obsessed with Emily is trying to get closer to her by doing the same things she does/liking the same things she likes

Exhibit G


What if Emily’s flask wasn’t drugged (her cup was or she was drugged later that night).  Paige felt the girls were getting closer and worried Emily might start remembering things about that night.

The perfect alibi- find Emily’s flask, drink from it.  Act wildly drunk in public and in front of Emily- fall down and get hurt.   Tell Emily that you were drugged.  (If Paige was drugged unknowingly, wouldn’t police have been there? Wouldn’t she have been out of it because of mixing alcohol and drugs, and not walking out of that hospital fresh and sober looking an hour later?)

Give Emily some space to put together the pieces and then tell her you saw her the night the body was dug up.  It will give  you both a shared experience and explain if you pop up in any memories. Paige may have taken it a little too far to by saying she would KILL the person that put the drugs in the flask.  

Exhibit H

Cece sees Paige and recognizes her, and my guess is like wise.  Paige saw Cece and knew it was very likely that Cece would tell the Liars about the war between Alison/Paige- you know, the war that Paige never said boo about the Emily?

Paige sees Spencer and Cece talking and listens in to see what Spencer says to Emily- Spencer does say “Snake” to Emily and hours later, she is attacked by a snake.

Exhibit I

Paige has the other earring in her purse. Planted by Mona?  Maybe.  I think Paige was setting herself up to look guilty so that she “clear her name” and shift blame elsewhere for good.  

Exhibit J 

It is pretty darned clear that Paige is a BADASS in this show, who is more than able to hold her own.  In the Lady Killer, Paige is ducted taped and in the closet while Nate isn’t there and doesn’t warn Emily?  I call BS.

Not to mention, Aria proves in the very next episode that duct tape can be loosened, and she was duct taped in a box with a dead body.  Paige is duct taped in a closet, and did nothing.  If you look at how her arms are duct taped, she could have ripped the tag off her mouth… easily. (I would still like to know what went down with the shooting the lighthouse)

Which leads to….

Exhibit K

Paige lets Nate capture her, duct tape her, imply he will kill both of them, and she does nothing.  We see a much bigger Queen of Hearts violently attacking Spencer one episode later, Paige comes to the rescue and it sounds as though it was Wilden that she easily through off of Spencer. It almost seems as if it was planned in order to get Spencer to trust her.

Exhibit L

To solidify her good guy act, Paige joins forces with Caleb to “get” Mona.

Exhibit M

Paige’s Clothing is similar to Aria’s and Marlene’s clues

Subtle Red Swan

Teeth on the Day Mona Dies

Exhibit N

Speaking of clothes, A’s shoes are, at times, essentially the black version of the shoes that Paige wears alot.

Exhibit O

A was following the girls and they lead her straight to Ali.  How would Shana know where the girls were heading?  Shana didn’t, though Paige could have easily followed them,  she was at Emily’s house when the other 3 girls picked up Emily to head out.

Paige also followed a car full of girls from Emily’s house to the place where she told the Liars that Alison was forming an army.

My guess is that Paige followed the girls, and then called Shana. Ezra followed Shana, which would explain the time gap from when they arrived to when Shana/Ezra got there.  

Exhibit P

Paige’s hair has recently changed, and could fit the hair peaking out of A’s hoodie at the end of Season 5.

Exhibit Q

A has to see Emily touch the riding hat in the stables, and A caresses the hat as well in that episode.  Who would want to do that?  Either Emily, or someone obsessed with Emily, that’s who.

Exhibit R (IF Paige killed Mona)

Paige is at the Brew when Spencer is arrested.  It is possible that the Liars updated Paige about their trip to Radley and that Mona was helping them with the files.  By this point, Caleb knew, as well as Toby,

Exhibit S

Where is Baby Jesus?  That’s right- Paige has baby Jesus!

Interesting Note:

Oh yes, and…

Bonds [Part 1]

request: Hi :3 Can I request a cute scenario where Zelo is a vampire and he turns you into one? I had a dream about him and that happened also your younger then him. Thank you c:

sooo yesssss.
I started writing it and then I got a different idea while writing. I decided to make a ..dunno. Twoshot/threeshot? Actually I just really want to see your reaction if you like this kind of writing and if you actually really want more? ;3; If no you’ll still get it because the beautiful anon-nim will get what she deserves :D

P.S.: Dear anon-nim! I’m sorry to tell you that this may not become as cute as you wanted it ;___; I’m terribly sorry! -bows 95 degrees-


Bonds [Part 1]

You woke up, screaming and panting hard from your horrifying nightmare that visited you every night. Sweat dropped down your chin and you got up from your wet bed, Why did this dream started hunting you again? Actually it wasn’t a dream but more sort of a memory that didn’t leave you. The scene was always the same: you saw yourself when you were younger; more naive and more vulnerable, in front of you stood a foreign man. Sharp teeth were to be seen under his lips when he smirked mischievously and you heard a low whisper that repeated always the same word like a prayer: blood.

Shaking your heard you stood up and walked to the big window opposite from your bed. The night was darker than usual and though there weren’t any clouds on the sky there was also no light of the radiant stars or the moon to light the streets of Seoul. Only its own light – lights of living people – was the proof of warm heart beats and blood rushing through veins.
This world was wicked and you knew it because they existed. The children of the night: Vampires.

With tiredness craving in your body and eyes you managed it somehow to pass the day at the library, studying hard-working for your exams and you, as always, forgot the time completely. So it wasn’t a surprise to you stepping out of the building and finding the streets dark and lonely. You sighed and rubbed your sleepy eyes when you started walking to your home. Mysteriously the streets were empty.
There were no different passerby, no driving cars and the muffled lighz of the lanterns didn’t calm you down as usually. Your heartbeat quickened, your instincts told you something was terribly wrong and you increased your speed. Maybe you were overreacting but if someone experienced things you did they’d already gone crazy.

You turned around a corner, taking a short cut and the building of your home showed between the end of the alley. Relief ran through your body, you already took your keys out when suddenly someone grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the road. You tried to scream but a cold hand closed your mouth, leaving you freezing. You stared at pitch black eyes that seemed to stare right in your soul and you thought you’d turn into ice. The next thing that jumped in your eyes was his hair color: a deep red that reminded you of blood. His skin was pale as snow and he smirked down at you.
“Hello beauty.”
The voice was deep, almost like a growl of an wild animal. He pressed you against the wall, the hard surface pressed uncomfortably cold in your back and you tried to move. The boy watched you, his dark eyes slowly moved from your eyes to your cheeks, then to your through his hand hidden mouth before they slowly stopped at your neck. Your eyes widened in shock.
So yes – he was a vampire.

As if he could read your mind he smirked and revealed his sharp, white teeth before he leaned down to your ear. He growled: “Don’t worry, dear. It won’t hurt that much.” You shook your head, unrecognizable words left your mouth when you tried to free you from his grip. He chuckled mischievously.

“They’re the cutest when they don’t surrender and try to resist,” he smiled almost softly if there wasn’t this dark desire glowing in his eyes. Tears slipped from your eyes and slid down your cheeks, wetting his hand. He looked for a brief moment at you, apparently thinking about something when he narrowed his lips on the skin of your neck. He waited a second, expecting you to struggle but your whole body was stiff, almost numb and you didn’t move. You knew it would only hurt more if you’d cause more friction between his teeth and your skin.
The boy licked his lips before placing the tip on your skin, slowly moving it from right to left. You squirmed under him, making short, high-pitched noises and he smiled against your skin. He found you indescribably cute.
He sucked on your skin as if his teeth wouldn’t be a mark enough and you moaned unwanted, closing your eyes in shame. He whispered something you weren’t sure to hear correctly. You’re beautiful.

But then he sank his teeth in your neck and you didn’t care whether he said it or not. Stars exploded behind your closed eyes, the pain made your knees weak and he had to support you standing – by pushing his cold body harder against yours so you were almost sandwiched between him and the wall behind you. You couldn’t even hiss in pain, his hand was still pressed firmly against your mouth and you felt yourself crying harder when he sucked the blood out of you. You hated this feeling. It was disgusting to feel his tongue slipping over and over the little holes he made with his teeth and the pain was unbearable. Authors who wrote that a vampire bite felt great, almost like a drug didn’t know what they were talking about. Because it hurt like hell. You flinched and prayed to God the vampire might stop before you lose conscious or your life. But the boy kept on sucking and you heard how he swallowed your life juice. You whimpered, moving your head from right to left in the attempt to make him stop. But he didn’t stop.

Because what you couldn’t know was that your blood tasted like heaven to him. He had already bitten many young girls but the special about you was: you were a virgin. An innocent, naive and pure little girl that wasn’t touched yet and that’s why you were so rare and your blood tasted so good. He didn’t plan to suck everything out off you but his instincts pushed him further. They told him to completely eat you.
His hand was wet from your tears and the blood ran down his chin and your exposed neck but he didn’t care. Here in this forgotten alley no one would find you and he’d hide your corpse thoroughly so the police wouldn’t find you that fast. He knew he would kill you. He wanted to kill you and when he felt how your body became numb and your stopped moving that it wouldn’t take any longer. Even your heart already started to beat slower and he smirked against your skin, swallowing the next gulp of your blood… when you suddenly let out a last, little whimper and something inside him told him to stop. He opened his eyes he closed earlier in delight and withdrew his lips from your injured neck. You lost consciousness and fell into his arms like a puppet whose strings someone cut through. He looked at your face; it was pale from your lacking blood and dark circles were around your eyes. But while he looked at you – he didn’t even notice how he pressed a hand against your wound to stop your bleeding – he felt something in his chest that totally didn’t belong there because his heart stopped beating many years ago. But he knew what this feeling meant.
And while his eyes were still narrowed at your soft face – it looked like you were just soft sleeping – he knew he had lose the fight and the only word that slipped through his lips was a curse.


So what do you think? Should I continue?

If it’s such a bullshit angle, why did you write an album about it?

“No, no, no, we did not. If you fucking listen to it, if you fucking go a little deeper, it’s not about drugs, it’s not about heroin, it’s not about overdoing it. I’m telling both of you now that if that’s the shit you’re getting out of it then you’re missing the whole fucking point.”
THAT’S not the only shit we get out of “Dirt”. “Dirt” can’t just be about drugs because not even drugs are just about drugs. There are always reasons, excuses, lies, pain, ecstasy, sustenance, salvation, and so forth.
And, as we mentioned earlier, drugs can be a great metaphor. What better way to illustrate wanting out and getting out than drugs? What better way to re-establish dignity and independence than to leave those drugs behind?
Beyond all that, there’s the music. No matter how dank or depressing the lyrics might get, the sheer fury and fire of the guitars - not forgetting Cantrell and Staley’s shredded, all-too-human harmonies are inspirational.

Trust us: “Dirt” is one of the albums of the Nineties, and possibly the most venomous album since The Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind The Bollocks”.  If, having heard it, you end up hating the world, you will at least feel better in yourself.
And Jerry Cantrell’s about to fucking explain that in his own inimitable fucking fashion.

“Well, some people do just get the drug thing,” he says, revving up. “But the majority of the fans really can see past all that shit and deal with the fucking love and respect and fucking pain and fucking every emotion you can think of stirred into a big fucking bowl and turned into an album, okay? The vehicle may have been some of those things, it might have been partying, it might have been heroin in certain ways. But that’s not the fucking focal point.
"I am so fucking tired of talking about it,” he says. “This is the third or fourth time it’s come up in this interview, so let’s just fucking bog this bullshit right now, okay?”

Okay. The bullshit’s bogged.

What I Learned Today

So heparin is a great drug- so long as it’s not causing you to bleed to death. It’s also not so great if you’re being tested on it. 

One of the most common things they ask about heparin is: how do you reverse it’s effects?

Well the answer is protamine sulfate. Today it’s made from recombinant DNA.  But, do you know what protamine sulfate was originally made from???? 

Fish sperm. 

That’s right. In 1874 Some guy called Friedrich Miescher was researching fish sperm and discovered protamines. Some time in the 1930′s someone was doing some research and they realized “HEY! This slows the absorption of insulin!” which is cool but the thing that was even cooler is that they discovered that it reverses heparins anti-coagulation effects. 

And thus PROTAMINE SULFATE as a drug was born! 

This is also why it should be avoided in people who are allergic to fish.