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I think… To be fair, usually I’ve done a lot of shows where there is a very obvious undertone in-between two female characters, and for once I was like “It’s not here”. I was wrong, apparently, but we [points at Melissa] were talking about this the other day and the great thing about what we do, is like any art. Anybody can read into it, what they want, and take from it. So, you can see anything and take from it what you like. And that’s what’s great about this show, it’s that there are so many different ways to see everything, and if that’s what you see in it? You know, take it away.
—  Katie McGrath

@scytherion Happy Birthday!! <3

Thank You :D

Thank you for the ones who have inspired me to open an ask blog and the ones who inspired me to keep it open. Thank you to all of those who have inspired me in general I am very grateful for that and I love you all. Also thank you to the ones who asked me questions, you seem very kind very excited to answer any questions I can the best I can. I am very thankful for all that you have done and I wanted to say keep up your work you are all doing a fantastic job here, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and keep up all you have worked, accomplished, or even just having fun. You’re all amazing and any opportunity to meet any of you would be a blessing. Just know your work is much appreciated either by me or someone else. I love to make others happy so enjoy what you can it’s a part of life. Have a great day!!! ❤💕

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I felt the need to ask. How are you doing? Are you okay? If not im always avaliable to talk. If you are, then great! Whats made your day so great?

This is such a nice message, thank you! I’m alright, i’m not too happy about working on a saturday, but i’m looking forward to seeing my favorite patient today. Hope all’s well with you too.

"She was my man crush"

This has watered my crops and cleared my skin I am LIVING I CANNOT believe my OTP is real this is a huge moment for me I need to sit down HOOO Boy my hands are shaking I am crying tears of joy dear god thank you for a wonderful blessing on this day I shall never forget AMEN

Listen I love the X-Men movies and all but just a thought: maybe you wouldn’t have such a hard time trying to shove everyone’s character development and backstories into one ensemble film (and subsequently cutting important characters out of the majority of said film) if you gave someone other than fucking Wolverine a solo movie.


death count: two walls, a chair, wally’s sanity

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