what a great comeback

EXO’s Reaction to one of the members roasting you but you roast them twice as bad



*Proud momma duck. He was going to yell at the member who roasted you but hearing your reply made him smirk before giving you an applause.*

You: “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know that just because you have a dick you can act like one.”

OH-!!! Damn baby, that was better than what I was going to do.”

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*Also a proud momma duck. He was going to break up the fight but hearing what you said, he looked at you with a subtle smirk and winked.*

You: “You know, your mouth is moving but all I hear is ppfftt because all you’re saying is shit.”

That’s right, (Y/n). You tell him. That’s my girl.”

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*Blushes at the fact that you can even come up with those words. In a way, he was also proud of you for defending yourself like that and it made him fall in love with you more.*

You: “What about my outfit? Oh, yeah and you look any better? Whatever look you were going for, you missed big time.”

Oh my god, you are perfect darling. I couldn’t come up with anything better. I think you look great anyway.”

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*He’d lean back as he laughed and then fall off his chair shaking his head. He doesn’t want to believe that you said that but at the same time, it felt amazing to hear you say it.*

You: “No, keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find a brain back there.”

“!!!!!!!!! Do I laugh? Or do I stop her before this gets out of hand???”

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*Calmly sips his drink because he knew this was going to happen. He has been on the end of your roasting stick before and it is not fun. When the member looks at him for help, he doesn’t do anything but shrug because he can’t help them out of the hell they’ve walked themselves into.*

You: “Please, if I wanted to die, I would’ve climbed a ladder and then jump to your IQ.”

“Sorry buddy. I can’t help you out. I can only watch you burn up in flames as she roasts you. I’ve been there before and you just gotta try to survive through it.”


*A swear word would leave his mouth when he heard your roast. He’d act surprised at first but then laughs at the member’s face.*

You: “A thought just crossed your mind? That must have been a long and lonely road.”

“(Y/n)! Where did you come up with that! Should I laugh or stop this argument?”

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*He’s snort, look away with a straight face and sip his drink. On the outside, he was calm but on the inside he was laughing in ass off. He knew you’d do well and he was trying to hide his face to keep him from bursting out in laughter.*

You: “Huh…too bad they can’t take you to jail for being stupid.”

But that ain’t my business.”


*He’d probably choke on his drink at hearing what you said. Then he’d go and hug you for the great comeback.*

You: “Hey, do you want your nose back? It was in my business.”

Baby come here! I need to hug you and keep you out from doing more damage to my member’s ego.”


*The drink that was in his mouth was now all over the table and he’d be too busy laughing to even clean it up.*

You: “Are you like, related to a cactus? Because you’re kind of being a prick right now.”

“O-oh shit! Baby, where did you learn comebacks like that? Please teach me.”






BABYs, we have to work really hard for this next comeback. We have to do as much as we can to help promote B.A.P. Watch the MV often, buy/download the album, make content like gifs or whatever to get them more notice on Tumblr, get hashtags trending on Twitter, stream the music, watch their live performance… Anything we can do to help them be promoted better. They’re only going to do around two weeks of promotions on music shows, and we have to make it count! We have to make sure they win at least once, okay? So, please, do what you can to help. Let’s make this comeback a great one for them!

Dating Richie Tozier Includes...
  • arguing over who’s sassier
  • your biggest fear being losing him
  • him assuring you that you’d never lose him
  • him telling dirty jokes 24/7
  • you flipping him off after every dirty joke
  • arguing over who’s better at Street Fighter
  • “Eddie, tell him I’m better at Street Fighter!”
  • “Eds, everyone knows I’m the best, right?”
  • getting into fights over stupid things
  • “Y’know what? I’m taking away my signature ‘Seal of Approval’ that I gave you. You’re no longer a member of the Losers Club.”
  • making up 10 seconds later
  • “Welcome back to the Losers Club, babe!”
  • “Beep beep Richie”
  • him swearing 99.9% of the time… the other .1% is when he’s asleep
  • him being a bad influence on you
  • “Did you just say ‘fuck’?! I’m so proud of you!”
  • Always one-upping him whenever you can
  • so. much. sarcasm.
  • him kissing you when you do something completely badass
  • “That’s my girlfriend and she’s a badass!”
  • “Hey, Asshole, stop checking my girl out!”
  • Him calling you “his girl” even before you two were dating
  • “I know I love you and all, but I hate you.”
  • “Love you, Loser.”
  • “I’m your favorite Loser and you know it.”
  • Being the “Trashmouth Duo”
  • “What a great comeback Mrs. Trashmouth!”
  • “Why, thank you, Mr. Trashmouth!”
  • Saying that in weird British accents and doing a weird bow and curtsy afterward

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Do you think BLACKPINK will comeback again before the end of this year with square 3? I'm so excited for it 😭

We can’t really call it. Let’s see what the progress is like after Japanese promotions. Having a comeback is great, but it’d be nice for the girls to get a break sometime this year, too. They’ll be working consistently through the end of September it seems. However, BLACKPINK did mention that they were going to be working on a new album this month, so let’s wait and see what happens.

The MotoGP season so far (as a Honda fan):

  • 26 March: Qatar GP - not bad, just not a Honda track, next time will be better
  • 9 April: Just a Sunday, absolutely nothing happened and everything was fine
  • 23 April: Americas GP - double podium, what a great comeback (from absolutely nothing IDK what you’re talking about)
  • 7 May: Spanish GP - Honda 1-2, perfect!
  • 21 May: French GP - sad for Marc, good for Dani at least!
  • 04 June: Just another Sunday, nothing going on, the weather is lovely and everything is great

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after bts 'save me'
  • me: *scrolling through online pics of Jimin's abs*
  • friend: what are you--
  • me: shhhhh, im looking for clues to the next comeback

Inspired by lovely @addignisherlock and this post, I decided to share my fav well-written, more or less realistic fan fiction featuring addict!sherlock. Be aware it has to do with drug use. Also: there be angst.

  • What He Likes, The Sign of Four and The Way The Heavens Go (in this order) by solojones. A massive long story set post-Reichenbach with Sherlock whump, realistic angst and good cases. Starts with Sherlock’s banishment, follows his struggling to stay away from London, and his great comeback, However it is not Johnlock. What He Likes and The Way the Heavens Go feature explicit Adlock, The Sign of Four has quality johnlock bromance, but 100% platonic; there’s Mary. Nevertheless, it’s a great, mature read by a very serious writer.
  • Terra Incognita, Or: A Handbook for the Scientist in Love by portmanteau_press. So well written it makes all other fics look like 13 year old’s scribbles. Sets standards so high it’s probably written by some johnlock gods up in the heaven (or is it hell?). Story: Sherlock struggles with his unrequited (or is it?) love, shooting up and sad wanking pursues, all described so poetically you will want to make a petition to give the author literary Nobel prize. Sadly a WIP 😩 .
  • Shelter by liriodendron Trigger warning: SELF-HARM. Set before Reichenbach. Johnlock with angst, Sherlock whump, sweet pure love and… BALLROOM DANCING ‘nuff said.
  • Midnight Blue Serenity by @beautifulfic​. A classic.Sherlock has to go undercover on a case pretending to be a bartender at a nightclub. Pros of the situation: Sherlock is a hot mess with smudged eyeliner and tight jeans (yasssssss), crowded club forces the boys to dance and the tension rises. Cons of the situation: Sherlock is exposed to the drugs again… will he resist the temptation and remain sober? A+ must-read.

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for my next fic rec😎💃🏻.

Got7 reaction to their S/O being the visual of their group

*None of the gifs are mine*

Jaebum/JB: You bursted into Jaebums bedroom.

-Jaebum guess what!

-You came to cuddle me? He says opening his arms.

-Yes and no, You are looking at the visual of JGT. You say flicking your hair making him burst out laughing, You run up to him hugging him tightly and he whsipers in your ear.

-I am so proud of you cupcake.

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Mark: You carefully opened the frontdoor tiptoeing into the house, You see Mark napping on the couch.

-Baby. You slowly poke him whispering so he wakes up gently but he just groans and turns around.

-Okay then I guess you don’t want to know I became the visual of my group.

-What?! He quickly jumps up with his eyes wide open looking at you with his mouth open but still some how smiling.

-Jagi That’s amazing we have to celebrate! He runs into the kitchen and soon comes back with a wine bottle and a huge smile.

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Jackson: You were playing video games with Jackson and it was getting well… Really competitive.

-Ha you suck at this game! He laughs at you.

-Shut up ugly! You playfully snap at him.

-Oh please everyone knows I’m the unspoken visual. He says smugly.

-Well me too but I didn’t give myself the title!You snap your fingers infront of him backing away in victory at your great comeback.

-What!? He says getting excited.

-Yeah I just heard today I’m the visual of JGT. 

-Oh baby That’s great! He hugs you tightly lifting you up, you start hitting his back to let you down so you can breathe.

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Bambam: He stands infront of the mirror brushing his eyebrows.

-Bam guess what!

-Yeah. He says posing infront of the mirror.

-I’m the visual. You say smuggly, He turns around checking you out from head to toe.

-Yeah I can see that. He walks over to you smirking and grabbing your waist pecking you lovingly on your lips.

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Youngjae: He stands infront of the open fridge trying to choose what to eat.

-Guess what. You say flinging your arms around his neck.

-You…just showered?

-Yes but I’m also the visual of my group. You say giggling in his ear.

-Jagi That’s amazing but I’m not afraid to beat someone up if the flirt with you.

-Yes you are.

-Yes I am. You two burst out laughing.

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Yugyeom: You walk into the Got7 dorm and see all of them sitting on the floor watching tv.

-Here comes the visual! You shout making all of them turn and look at you, Yugyeom stands up and runs over to you hugging you tightly.

-I’m so proud of you princess! Jackson starts fake gagging.

-Thank you Daddy! You pinch his ass, Everyone starts screaming, gagging and all hell breaks loose.

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Jinyoung: Your phone rings and you pick it up.

J=Jinyoung Y=You

J: You’re the visual!

Y: What?

J: Yeah I just called the company and heard that you are the visual!

Y: Oh my god Jinyoung you called our boss?!

J: Yes…

Y: I’m the visual!

J: You’re the visual! 

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