what a great comeback

BABYs, we have to work really hard for this next comeback. We have to do as much as we can to help promote B.A.P. Watch the MV often, buy/download the album, make content like gifs or whatever to get them more notice on Tumblr, get hashtags trending on Twitter, stream the music, watch their live performance… Anything we can do to help them be promoted better. They’re only going to do around two weeks of promotions on music shows, and we have to make it count! We have to make sure they win at least once, okay? So, please, do what you can to help. Let’s make this comeback a great one for them!

after bts 'save me'
  • me: *scrolling through online pics of Jimin's abs*
  • friend: what are you--
  • me: shhhhh, im looking for clues to the next comeback
Imagine...Being Sam And Dean’s Younger Sister And You Go To School In Gotham And You Fall For Jonathan Crane But They Get Protective Of You

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*Not my gifs

Dean: What’s his name, (Y/N)?

(Y/N): His name is Jonathan Crane. He’s nice and he’s smart and…cute.

Sam: Got his file.

(Y/N): Sammy!

Dean: Hmm. Well, no record on him but he’s skinny as hell.

(Y/N): If you two don’t stop right now, I’m going to…eat you!

Sam: You’ll eat us? 

Dean: What’s the matter (Y/N)? Couldn’t come up with a great comeback? 

(Y/N): Shut up, Dean!

Thoughts on jEANS

I love that in the scene where Simon has his famous line: “you’re–you’re wearing jeans” we’re reading from Baz his POV, and later we get to Simon’s POV and he’s just still going jEANS. It’s great.

Also, I think what Baz says as comeback is very underrated, so I’m just gonna leave that hear for everyone to appericiate:
“I am. And you’re wearing half the country-side.”


     He would be footing the bill when he’d only just arrived, he had the little prank turned on him, and to top it all off, that fry really was fuckin’ salty. What a great way to make a comeback! Still, instead of going off on the girl, Delic only had one complaint.

“At least order something for me if you’re gonna make me pay.”

“Pff-ff…” Erika flicked the menu out of the holder near the window and opened it, running her finger down one page; “What about oden hot pot? Then we can share it. I promist not to eat all the parts that you like.”

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mari...i cant COPE! This mv is so beautiful. and the song..i had a really rough day so i was overwhelmed by happiness when i saw that piece of art bts created. the song is so.. idk how to describe it; it's that song that you listen to and you feel at peace and it echoes from around you and ahhg.. my feels are too STRONG! they look so beautiful too and i listened to the other songs as well. Album? ordered. lol 😂 wow what a great way to end the weekend :')❤

ahhh I’m glad the comeback helped you feel better, that’s good to know :’) it was the same for me when bs&t came out. I definitely enjoyed the mv more than the song itself, but both are still incredibly beautiful and I can see myself listening to it whenever I need to relax. it’s like a comfort song :’) and YES the other songs are incredible, not today slayed me alksjd too good ;;  


Janet Jackson, 49, has released the music video to her latest single, “No Sleeep” this morning and fans are loving it.

To make things even better, the video features rapper, J Cole, 30, who only makes the song that much better.

What do you think? Great comeback?

why did homophobes decide that “what’s next? letting people marry ANIMALS???” was a great comeback against gay marriage

literally no one was thinking about fucking animals except for you, Bob. you got something you wanna talk about? why are you thinking about cows in this way. is that why you like living by farms?