what a great comeback

EXO’s Reaction to one of the members roasting you but you roast them twice as bad



*Proud momma duck. He was going to yell at the member who roasted you but hearing your reply made him smirk before giving you an applause.*

You: “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know that just because you have a dick you can act like one.”

OH-!!! Damn baby, that was better than what I was going to do.”

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*Also a proud momma duck. He was going to break up the fight but hearing what you said, he looked at you with a subtle smirk and winked.*

You: “You know, your mouth is moving but all I hear is ppfftt because all you’re saying is shit.”

That’s right, (Y/n). You tell him. That’s my girl.”

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*Blushes at the fact that you can even come up with those words. In a way, he was also proud of you for defending yourself like that and it made him fall in love with you more.*

You: “What about my outfit? Oh, yeah and you look any better? Whatever look you were going for, you missed big time.”

Oh my god, you are perfect darling. I couldn’t come up with anything better. I think you look great anyway.”

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*He’d lean back as he laughed and then fall off his chair shaking his head. He doesn’t want to believe that you said that but at the same time, it felt amazing to hear you say it.*

You: “No, keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find a brain back there.”

“!!!!!!!!! Do I laugh? Or do I stop her before this gets out of hand???”

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*Calmly sips his drink because he knew this was going to happen. He has been on the end of your roasting stick before and it is not fun. When the member looks at him for help, he doesn’t do anything but shrug because he can’t help them out of the hell they’ve walked themselves into.*

You: “Please, if I wanted to die, I would’ve climbed a ladder and then jump to your IQ.”

“Sorry buddy. I can’t help you out. I can only watch you burn up in flames as she roasts you. I’ve been there before and you just gotta try to survive through it.”


*A swear word would leave his mouth when he heard your roast. He’d act surprised at first but then laughs at the member’s face.*

You: “A thought just crossed your mind? That must have been a long and lonely road.”

“(Y/n)! Where did you come up with that! Should I laugh or stop this argument?”

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*He’s snort, look away with a straight face and sip his drink. On the outside, he was calm but on the inside he was laughing in ass off. He knew you’d do well and he was trying to hide his face to keep him from bursting out in laughter.*

You: “Huh…too bad they can’t take you to jail for being stupid.”

But that ain’t my business.”


*He’d probably choke on his drink at hearing what you said. Then he’d go and hug you for the great comeback.*

You: “Hey, do you want your nose back? It was in my business.”

Baby come here! I need to hug you and keep you out from doing more damage to my member’s ego.”


*The drink that was in his mouth was now all over the table and he’d be too busy laughing to even clean it up.*

You: “Are you like, related to a cactus? Because you’re kind of being a prick right now.”

“O-oh shit! Baby, where did you learn comebacks like that? Please teach me.”



BABYs, we have to work really hard for this next comeback. We have to do as much as we can to help promote B.A.P. Watch the MV often, buy/download the album, make content like gifs or whatever to get them more notice on Tumblr, get hashtags trending on Twitter, stream the music, watch their live performance… Anything we can do to help them be promoted better. They’re only going to do around two weeks of promotions on music shows, and we have to make it count! We have to make sure they win at least once, okay? So, please, do what you can to help. Let’s make this comeback a great one for them!

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i love your tags/insights!! thank you for writing them <3 also, what do you think of today's clip?

hiya anon! aw, thank you love! man that was a doozy, what a clip. great comeback to the series though. i love the fact that the clip was clearly cut in two, for the purpose of making clear the divide between sana’s two worlds: the first 3:10 minutes we see sana at home, praying and receiving hateful messages that personally attack her. i was glad to see some connection to jamilla again; i’m hopeful that she’ll have the sort of role mari had for noora in s2? in any case, the last 3:10 minutes were about sana’s life at school and her norwegian friends. sana always made sure before that these two worlds didn’t mix too much. 

what i also found interesting was the conversation with isak. he seemed a bit skittish, unsure for her reaction? as it looks right now it’s bc he’s been punched in the face for his homosexuality – a red herring, surely. his behaviour in that scene looked, to me at least, that he was nervous bc he’s feeling guilty himself? i’m still kind of convinced isak might have said something in the heat of the moment that he really regrets now (although that doesn’t warrant violence in the slightest, but that’s the story we’re going with now). he might think sana hates him, while sana thinks the opposite probably. he was trying to make a connection with her regardless (bc.. tbh? isak suddenly pulling 4s for biology seems weird to me if he pulled 6s earlier in the year during a period that was extremely emotionally taxing for him), he’s making jokes, he wants to still be friends with her. 

the fact that isak put up that 21:21 post yesterday as well, while probably just a nod to the gullruten wins.. it also really reminds me of O Helga Natt, the moment isak realised that people should tell and let each other know that they’re not alone in whatever they’re facing. so sana telling him that he’s on his own? i don’t think isak will stand for that, and i think he’ll confront sana about it, bc it’s one of the most important lessons he has learnt during his season.

anyway! i’m excited to see it all unfold! i’m ready for an emotionally draining 5 weeks, lmao. 

after bts 'save me'
  • me: *scrolling through online pics of Jimin's abs*
  • friend: what are you--
  • me: shhhhh, im looking for clues to the next comeback
When you and EXO get into an argument.

This is based off a request I got earlier, it is a longer Suho reaction, so click “here” if you want to read it.

Part Two - the make up

I am sorry if some of these sound the same.

Xiumin – When you got home, you found Xiumin sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone. You walked over and placed your chin on top of his, 

“Hey, you all right,” you asked as you looked down at his phone. He was looking at the trailer to your upcoming movie and got to the part where you had to kiss your fellow actor. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked referring to the kiss.

You moved around to the front of the couch and said, “I thought I did tell you.”

He sighed shaking his head, “You didn’t.”

“Oh, well it doesn’t matter now.” You said sitting down next to him.

Xiumin stood up and walked to his room shouting, “It does matter, especially when another guy is kissing my girlfriend and she doesn’t tell me.” 

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Suho – It had been a long day for both of you and when you returned in late from work, Suho had a few words to say to you. Both of you started yelling at each other until you said,

“I am not five! I don’t need you to be worried if I come home late. Do I constantly check on you when you don’t come home on time, no I don’t!” 

“Well maybe it would show liked you actually cared about me, Y/N!” 

Fulled by your anger and the completely wrong accusation made, you spun on your heel and walked out of the room.

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Lay – To surprise Lay with the release of his new album, you flew over to China to congratulate him. However it wasn’t the response you anticipated.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” Lay said opening his apartment door and stayed in the door way.

“To congratulate you on the album, it’s really good!” You said smiling, but the emotion wasn’t reciprocated of Lay. “Why haven’t you invited me in yet?”

He looked behind him then back at you, “Press are in there at the moment, and they don’t know about you.” 

“Oh that’s better than what I thought.” You said, realizing the mistake as soon as you said it.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you didn’t invite me in so I assumed that-”

He looked at you and shook his head. “I can’t believe you would think that of me Y/N,” he said whispering. “We will talk later.”

With that he shut the door in your face.

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Baekhyun – Baekhyun texted you to say that he could come home early and asked if you could make dinner. You kindly agreed since you two rarely had dinner together, so you decided to finish most of your projects for work before he came home. However you got wrapped up in so much work that you forgot that Baekhyun was coming home early, until you heard footsteps coming through the door.

“Hey Y/N,” He said sighing, indicating a bad mood. “What times dinner?”

“Shit,” you muttered standing up walking over to the kitchen, “I will start now, sorry I forgot.”

He hummed sitting down on the sofa, “I am sure you are.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“Nothing,” He sighed closing his eyes. “I am just in a bad mood, work is so stressful at the moment.” 

You cooked dinner but the comment that Baekhyun said still tugged at the back of your mind. 

“Baek what did you mean by I am sure you are?” You said as both of you sat down at the table.

“It’s just I asked you to do one thing and you didn’t do it until I came home,” He said eating his food. “I mean what could you have been doing all day to forget.” 

“Plenty actually,” With your change of tone, he paused eating looking at you. “I was doing my projects for work that need to be handed in.”

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Chen – You were having a bad day already, but it didn’t help that when you came home Chen decided to scare you. You were holding two cups of warm coffee, so when he did scare you; it fell onto the floor and you. You knew it wasn’t his fault for your bad mood, but that was the tipping point.” 

You didn’t mean to shout at him but it just slipped out, “Chen just go away, I really need to be alone right now!” 

Before he could reply, you stormed off into your room to clean yourself off.

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Chanyeol – Spelling and grammar in english has never been your thing, so when you were asked to write half a page in Korean for work you were mortified. This lead you to ask Chanyeol for help, you wanted to write it yourself but you needed a proof reader. You weren’t bothered by how many mistakes you made and you knew you were bad at writing Korean, however you didn’t like it that Chanyeol started to joke about how bad you were. 

He knew that this was a sensitive subject of yours, so when he did so, it made you spit out.

“I would like you to write a perfect paragraph in English, Mr. Park Chanyeol.”

You grabbed your paper and walked out of the living room and back into your study. To give an extra effect on how angry you were, you slammed the study door.

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Kyungsoo – Kyungsoo decided to plan a small date night since you two barely saw each other. You two planed to see a movie and get a take out dinner afterward, then eat back at your place. However that was ruined when you got a phone call from work.

“Kyungsoo I am really sorry, I have been called in for the night shift tonight.” you said putting your phone back into your bag. “Rachel is sick and no one else can fill in.” 

He huffed and muttered, “Of course.” You looked over and glared at him, “All I mean Y/N, is that anytime that I plan something for us it gets ruined by your work.”

“My work?” You laughed still looking at him, “Kyungsoo, tell me how many times you have had to cancel on me because of your work.” 

Quietly he said, “You could just say you can’t make it.”

“Pull over,” Kyungsoo turned his head to face you, but did as you asked and pulled over to the side of the road. You left saying, “Kyungsoo sometimes I think your ego takes over ever so slightly. Just because I don’t have a job that demands me to be in the spotlight 24/7, doesn’t mean I have a less stressful job.” 

With that you slammed the door and walked out.

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Kai – On the rare occasion that you two would argue, when it happened it would be big. Neither of you liked to argue with each other, so both of you would bottle it up until one of you was having a bad day. 

Today it happened to be Kai.

Because of his demanding schedule, he had been more tired and irritable recently, with you knowing this, you tried not to do anything to set him over the edge. However when you two decided to put the T.V on, the news started to bash on EXO’s new comeback. You quickly turned the TV to a new channel, but it didn’t stop Kai commenting.

“Why do news outlets need to comment like that?” He said rubbing his eyes.

You sighed realizing what was inevitably going to happen, “I don’t know Kai, but it happens every time for a comeback. You know and I know that this comeback is great.”

“But what if they are right?”

“They aren’t right.” You said trying to comfort him.

“How do you know, you don’t ever have to deal with this kind of pressure!” 

With that comment, you two got into a large fight which resulted into Kai leaving your apartment, and going back to the EXO dorms.

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Sehun - You didn’t mean to be late, it was just the traffic was really bad. You parked the car than ran into the restaurant, finding Sehun in the back corner looking through his phone. When you approached, he looked up and said,

“Where were you? I have been waiting here for nearly an hour.”

You pulled out your chair and quickly sat down, “The traffic was so bad and I left my phone at home, I really am sorry.” 

After ordering the food and discussing how each others day went, Sehun pulled out his phone and slightly ignored you. You kept trying to start conversation but he would only reply in short answers.

“I understand you are angry at me, but you don’t need to be so rude.” You said leaving some money on the table, before you made your way out of the resturant.  

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Got7 reaction to their S/O being the visual of their group

*None of the gifs are mine*

Jaebum/JB: You bursted into Jaebums bedroom.

-Jaebum guess what!

-You came to cuddle me? He says opening his arms.

-Yes and no, You are looking at the visual of JGT. You say flicking your hair making him burst out laughing, You run up to him hugging him tightly and he whsipers in your ear.

-I am so proud of you cupcake.

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Mark: You carefully opened the frontdoor tiptoeing into the house, You see Mark napping on the couch.

-Baby. You slowly poke him whispering so he wakes up gently but he just groans and turns around.

-Okay then I guess you don’t want to know I became the visual of my group.

-What?! He quickly jumps up with his eyes wide open looking at you with his mouth open but still some how smiling.

-Jagi That’s amazing we have to celebrate! He runs into the kitchen and soon comes back with a wine bottle and a huge smile.

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Jackson: You were playing video games with Jackson and it was getting well… Really competitive.

-Ha you suck at this game! He laughs at you.

-Shut up ugly! You playfully snap at him.

-Oh please everyone knows I’m the unspoken visual. He says smugly.

-Well me too but I didn’t give myself the title!You snap your fingers infront of him backing away in victory at your great comeback.

-What!? He says getting excited.

-Yeah I just heard today I’m the visual of JGT. 

-Oh baby That’s great! He hugs you tightly lifting you up, you start hitting his back to let you down so you can breathe.

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Bambam: He stands infront of the mirror brushing his eyebrows.

-Bam guess what!

-Yeah. He says posing infront of the mirror.

-I’m the visual. You say smuggly, He turns around checking you out from head to toe.

-Yeah I can see that. He walks over to you smirking and grabbing your waist pecking you lovingly on your lips.

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Youngjae: He stands infront of the open fridge trying to choose what to eat.

-Guess what. You say flinging your arms around his neck.

-You…just showered?

-Yes but I’m also the visual of my group. You say giggling in his ear.

-Jagi That’s amazing but I’m not afraid to beat someone up if the flirt with you.

-Yes you are.

-Yes I am. You two burst out laughing.

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Yugyeom: You walk into the Got7 dorm and see all of them sitting on the floor watching tv.

-Here comes the visual! You shout making all of them turn and look at you, Yugyeom stands up and runs over to you hugging you tightly.

-I’m so proud of you princess! Jackson starts fake gagging.

-Thank you Daddy! You pinch his ass, Everyone starts screaming, gagging and all hell breaks loose.

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Jinyoung: Your phone rings and you pick it up.

J=Jinyoung Y=You

J: You’re the visual!

Y: What?

J: Yeah I just called the company and heard that you are the visual!

Y: Oh my god Jinyoung you called our boss?!

J: Yes…

Y: I’m the visual!

J: You’re the visual! 

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Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir // 2016 Autumn Classic International (with audio)

Latch (Acoustic) FD - 111.48