what a great call back


Dean Ambrose aka Roman’s Puppy 

+ bonus:

  • Nino: ok wait I have an idea
  • Nino: you gotta call out 'babe!' and see who looks up
  • Nino: I'll go first
  • Nino: BABE!
  • Adrien: lmao nobody even flinched
  • Nino: you try then
  • Adrien: I will
  • Adrien: BABE!
  • Nathanel: what?
  • Marinette: yeah?
  • Chloe: you called?
  • Nino: what the fu
(BMC) Rich Got A Boyfriend, Song Parody

Parody: Rich Got a Boyfriend
Song: The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire)
By: Be More Chill

The parody no one asked for, and yet I made.
Also I kind of gave up halfway ahaha sorry

Come on Jer
I know you’re there, ugh
Wait until I tell you what I heard
It’s too great to type it out
It’s ripe
Call back
You’ll freak out, I am sure

Player Two is calling
Player Two is calling
Player Two is calling

Oh my god
Oh my god
Okay so

At the end of school last evening
Very end of school last evening
Did you see Rich?

Yeah, I saw Rich

So he’s behaving weird beyond his normal habit
Jumping up and down like a crazy rabbit

It must be hard living with no squip
I can’t blame him for kind of losing it

Right but
He’s not insane

I never said he–

Yo, he’s not insane!!

I never said he…?

Because I know that it looked wack
But there were reasons for his lack
Of dignity– he had a plan he was scared to do
His fear kicked in and made him look like a goddamn fool
Now, do you want me to tell you?

Spit it out, spit it out!

You really want me to tell you?

Spit it out, spit it out!!

I’ll tell you ‘cause you are my closest friend

I’m your boyf

Yeah, I know
So here’s what happened at the school-day’s end

Rich approached Jake and asked him out on a date
Rich approached Jake and asked him out on a date

He told him he was bi
Wanted to give guys a try

And then Jake said yes and now I think they’re a pair
And then Jake said yes and now I think they’re a pair!!

Omg, Chris, answer me
Is some major news that you need to hear!!


And also space and awkward face
I know you’re not very into gossip and that we’re still uncomfortable over our failed relationship but I actually think you’ll like this and I’m sorry once again about everything, okay?
Smiley face, huggy, question mark


You good?

I am

Awesome so
At the end of school last evening
Did you see Rich?

No I left quick

So he’s behaving weird and Mike was freaking
That Rich lost it; he was shrieking

His life is really bad just give him a break
He still has burn marks from burning down that house

His life is really bad just give him a break
He still has burn marks from burning down that house

Right but
That’s not the point
This time he actually had a plan
Involving Jake– I think you already understand

Rich approached Jake and asked him out on a date
He told him he was bi
Wanted to give guys a try
And then Jake said yes and now I think they’re a pair!!
And then Jake said yes and now I think they’re a pair!!

Hey everybody, have you heard?
Rich got a boyfriend, now go spread the word!

Sending a text! (Text)
Sending a tweet! (Tweet)
Sending a text! (Text)
Tweet! (Tweet)
Release the information, step and repeat

I’m glad to hear (Hear)
That Rich is snout (Snout?)
No I meant out… Did I say snout?
Sorry guys, my typing skills are awful, no doubt
(All her typing skills are awful, no doubt!)

We’re all here
Just in case anyone tries to point or leer
Jake is lucky, so are you
You guys are adorable… And a good match, too!
We’re so proud
The tall popular guy is finally away from the crowd
We’re all here
Screw the haters, you have us so don’t you fear!

{Insert passive aggressive screeching}

Book Ron vs. Movie Ron

In the books, the trio fits together and each of them fills a distinct role.

The movies basically ended up taking all of the good parts of Ron’s character and applying them to Hermione. So Hermione becomes perfect and all that Harry really needs, and Ron is just extraneous.

I could write a whole post about why airbrushing Hermione’s flaws is a problem, but I’ll try to keep this about Ron since I think he suffers the most.

Book Ron is a valuable member of the team. Movie Ron is comic relief and dead weight.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Devil’s Snare


“Stop moving!” Hermione ordered them. “I know what this is — it’s Devil’s Snare!”

“Oh, I’m so glad we know what it’s called, that’s a great help,” snarled Ron, leaning back, trying to stop the plant from curling around his neck.

“Shut up, I’m trying to remember how to kill it!” said Hermione.

“Well, hurry up, I can’t breathe!” Harry gasped, wrestling with it as it curled around his chest.

“Devil’s Snare, Devil’s Snare… what did Professor Sprout say? — it likes the dark and the damp.”

“So light a fire!” Harry choked.

“Yes — of course — but there’s no wood!” Hermione cried, wringing her hands.


“Oh, right!” said Hermione, and she whipped out her wand, waved it, muttered something, and sent a jet of the same bluebell flames she had used on Snape at the plant. In a matter of seconds, the two boys felt it loosening its grip as it cringed away from the light and warmth. Wriggling and flailing, it unraveled itself from their bodies, and they were able to pull free.

“Lucky you pay attention in Herbology, Hermione,” said Harry as he joined her by the wall, wiping sweat off his face.

“Yeah,” said Ron, “and lucky Harry doesn’t lose his head in a crisis — ‘there’s no wood,’ honestly.”


[Hermione tells them to relax, Harry does. He and Hermione fall through. Ron continues to panic and shout for help from above]

HERMIONE: [to Harry] I remember reading something in Herbology.

RON: [still trapped] Help!


RON: Help!

HERMIONE: ‘Devil’s Snare, Devil’s Snare, it’s deadly fun; but will sulk in the sun.’ That’s it! Devil’s Snare hates sunlight! Lumus solem!

RON: Aaahh! [Ron falls through]

HARRY: Ron, are you okay?

RON: Yeah.


RON: Whew! Lucky we didn’t panic!

HARRY: [sternly] Lucky Hermione pays attention in Herbology.

So in the book, Hermione wrings her hands in a sudden panic and Ron reminds her to light one of her bluebell flames. Both Harry and Ron fall through at the same time. In the movie, Ron panics and is essentially deadweight while a calm Hermione solves the problem. And then Ron pats himself on the back for not panicking (comic relief for the viewers), and Harry coolly defends Hermione.

Snape calls Hermione a know-it-all


“That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger,” said Snape coolly. “Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all.”

Hermione went very red, put down her hand, and stared at the floor with her eyes full of tears. It was a mark of how much the class loathed Snape that they were all glaring at him, because every one of them had called Hermione a know-it-all at least once, and Ron, who told Hermione she was a know-it-all at least twice a week, said loudly, “You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?”

The class knew instantly he’d gone too far. Snape advanced on Ron slowly, and the room held its breath.

“Detention, Weasley,” Snape said silkily, his face very close to Ron’s. “And if I ever hear you criticize the way I teach a class again, you will be very sorry indeed.


SNAPE: Thank you, Mr. Malfoy. That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger. Are you incapable of restraining yourself, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all? [Hermione looks hurt]

RON: He’s got a point, you know.

SNAPE: Five points from Gryffindor! As an antidote to your ignorance, and on my desk by Monday morning, two rolls of parchment on the werewolf, with particular emphasis on recognizing it.

Ron shouts at Snape and gets himself landed in detention on Hermione’s behalf, whereas in the books he just twists the knife.

The trio meet Sirius Black in the Shrieking Shack


Without knowing what he was doing, [Harry] started forward, but there was a sudden movement on either side of him and two pairs of hands grabbed him and held him back…"No, Harry!” Hermione gasped in a petrified whisper; Ron, however, spoke to Black.

“If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us too!” he said fiercely, though the effort of standing upright was draining him of still more color, and he swayed slightly as he spoke.

“Lie down,” [Sirius] said quietly to Ron. “You will damage that leg even more.”

“Did you hear me?” Ron said weakly, though he was clinging painfully to Harry to stay upright. “You’ll have to kill all three of us!”

[Sirius says there will be only one murder, Harry asks Sirius if he’s gone soft]

“Harry!” Hermione whimpered. “Be quiet!”



[Ron snivels incoherently on the bed, nursing his leg]

HERMIONE: Ron! You okay?

HARRY: The dog- where’s is it?

RON: Harry! It’s a trap! He’s the dog. He’s an Animagus…

HERMIONE: If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us, too!

In the books, Ron is right by Hermione holding Harry back, and while Hermione addresses Harry in a “petrified whisper” and tells him to be quiet, while Ron is the one to address Black directly and say that Black will have to kill them to get to Harry. Despite the fact that he’s barely upright. In the movie, Hermione looks like the brave heroine, sacrificing herself for her friend while Ron moans about his broken leg.

The movies omitted the part where Harry physically attacked Sirius and Sirius defended himself by grabbing Harry by the throat, but in that scene Hermione reacts by kicking Sirius hard enough to loosen his grip on Harry and Ron literally “throws himself on Sirius’s wand hand” in order to knock it out of Sirius’s hand. That’s a far cry from whimpering in the background while Hermione and Harry confront Sirius.

Other examples:

  • In CoS, when they “follow the spiders,” Ron resigns himself to following them. When they get deep into the forest and Harry asks if Ron thinks they should keep going, Ron says “we’ve come this far.” When they do encounter the spiders, Ron holds his own despite being terrified. He literally picks up a full-size boarhound and throws him in the backseat before throwing himself in the drivers’ seat. When they reach Hagrid’s, Ron sits in the car for a full minute and then vomits in Hagrid’s garden. It’s not that Book Ron wasn’t terrified out of his mind, it’s just that he was keeping his fear at bay in order to help Harry (and Hermione). Whereas Movie Ron just whines, cries, begs Harry to go back, and is completely useless in that entire scene.
  • In GoF, when Book Hermione reads Rita’s article about her and Krum. Book Ron is actively concerned for Hermione, saying that Rita is making her out to look like a “scarlet woman.” Movie Ron is barely paying attention as Hermione reads the article aloud.
  • In CoS, when Draco calls Hermione a mudblood. In the books, Ron Both jumps to her defense, but Book Hermione doesn’t even know what the word even means. Ron is the one to explain it to her. Movie Ron jumps to her defense, but in this case, Hermione already knows and explains it to Harry while Ron vomits in the background. Lots of other wizarding world exposition goes to Ron in the books and Hermione in the movies, for example, the discussion of Harry being a Parselmouth later in that same book.
  • In GoF, Ron acts like a spoiled brat to Harry and it’s never explained why. Whereas in the books, he acts like a sulky brat and Hermione explains why.
  • In OotP, Movie Ron makes a comment about going easy on Hermione during a DA practice. and then when she stuns him first, he tries to play it off like he was just going easy on her. Book Ron repeatedly praises Hermione and makes it clear that he thinks she’s better at magic. It’s easy to imagine Book Ron joking about something like that or teasing Hermione, but Movie Ron is completely serious and viewers get to laugh at his conceit.
  • In DH, Ron is freaking the hell out when Hermione’s being tortured, he’s shouting her name and banging on the walls. Movie Ron is much less concerned and emotional.
  • Important conversations that take place with only Hermione and Harry rather than Hermione, Harry, and Ron. the biggest example of this is the scene at the end of HBP where Hermione and Harry are talking about the future while Ron sits on the steps behind them.
  • Ron’s decisions/ideas or decisions that were made as a group turn into Harry (or Hermione)’s decision/idea. Individually they’re just tweaks to the dialogue and seem unimportant, but they kind of add up. Movie Harry will tell Movie Ron to do something that Ron volunteered to do in the books.
  • A lot of little moments where Ron defends Harry or helps him are omitted. It’s not that I expect every book moment to be there, but there are so many smaller moments where Ron tells Malfoy to shove off, defending him from Snape, or even telling Hermione to lay off Harry.

Ron is still comic relief, but he’s the butt of the joke rather than the source. The movies omit a lot of humor, probably because it kind of screws up the tone, but the filmmakers tend to either use Ron as the butt of a joke or have another character (like Hermione) to say/do something that will lighten the moment.

Seriously? WTF, filmmakers.

More Evfra headcanons bc shush im obsessed

  • He’s a light sleeper. The quietest ping from his omnitool will wake him right up.
  • He’d enjoy chess, sudoku, and strategy based video games if introduced to them (not like he has time for that, anyway).
  • It’s impossible to sneak up on him. Someone could enter the room while his back is turned and he’ll know without ever turning around.
  • This one is kinda canon already but he loves debates. I’m sure he takes part in council meetings as much as possible.
  • Though all in game models are about the same, his height is a fair bit taller than average. He’s pretty well built too, though age has made it harder for him to stay in shape. Thus he keeps to a strict diet and exercise regimen, subtly ignoring the fact that he tires out much more easily than he used to. Occasionally he slips up and skips sessions to get enough sleep, or finish a few more reports, meaning he has to work twice as hard next time.
  • Growing up on Voeld meant little sunlight exposure. They had sun lamps, but they don’t provide the same sort of nourishment as the real thing. Angara from the planet, Evfra included, can get by with less sunlight than those from other homeworlds, meaning he doesn’t have to spend much time outside and risk falling behind in his work. The giant window in the control room definitely helps too.
  • All the bioelectric fields from Angara around him get on his nerves. Even after spending so long trying to detach himself from others, he’s still Angaran and has a strong sense of empathy. If someone nearby were upset, their static signals would push those feelings onto him. It’s proved to be distracting. He keeps his own field pulled in as much as possible. This isn’t exactly healthy, so he uses a lot of electric-based attacks in combat and training to let out that built up energy. Because of this firaans are his favorite weapon.
  • He mostly uses assault rifles out in the field, but his sniping is decent as well. His fighting style is pretty hands on, medium to close range and relying on strategy. Lots of dodging, clever use of surroundings, surprise attacks, etc. Rarely does he lose his cool or make a hasty move.
  • Unfortuantely (in his opinion) he doesn’t get to leave Aya very often. Leadership means a lot of giving orders rather than taking action. Plus he knows he shouldn’t endanger himself needlessly. It seems selfish, and he does feel a little complicated about it, but he prioritizes his own life over those of lower rank soldiers since so many look up to him as a symbol of the Resistance. One of his commanders could do the job just as well- and I’m sure he already has a successor picked out, maybe Anjik Do Xeel- but Evfra has a history and a reputation that gives the people hope.
  • His biggest weakness is a stubborn sense of pride. He can’t stand a situation getting out of his control, or when others make stupid decisions. I’m pretty sure Paraan (or the Moshae? can’t remember) even called him a control freak at one point.
  • He dislikes Ryder even more than his behavior lets on. Yes, he seems okay with them in game- if a bit cold and professional- but those moments where he gets snippy might be more than just sarcasm. He and most living Angara have spent their entire lives under the Archon’s thumb, struggling to survive and making sacrifices every day. Then along come these new aliens who invade their homelands and practically turn the war around, as if it were no trouble at all. Evfra especially would be angry, considering what he’s lost and how much effort he’s put into the fight. What has the Initiative lost? They know nothing of the impact this war has had on his people, and if they think he’s supposed to be grateful for their help they can forget it. The Pathfinder’s youth and casual attitude doesn’t improve this viewpoint, either. He wouldn’t feel as strongly as a Roekaar, seeing as he even denounces them in canon. It’s just a silent, unspoken grudge. Of course practicality would win out in the end, as he can’t be reasonably upset that the Kett are losing, but there’d still be that inkling of resentment.
  • However I do think a ship could be possible, under the right circumstances. A logical, professional Ryder might grow on him. The relationship would be built on mutual trust and respect for each other’s struggles. It wouldn’t be intentional either. More like they start talking, first about professional matters and eventually getting more and more personal. Evfra would try his best to remain distant but it’s hard when you find someone you click with (plus the guy’s gotta be lonely as hell, self-imposed or no).
  • It would take well over a year for him to develop romantic feelings for anyone. In my own personal headcanon he had a mate and kids. You don’t move past that sort of loss easily. He’d also be afraid to put the Resistance at risk. He can’t afford to be emotionally compromised should something happen to Ryder, or whoever else he’s with.
  • He’d be surprisingly affectionate, though not blatantly. Lots of small touches, unexpected gifts or favors, and rare slips where he accidentally speaks too freely. Not that Ryder minds it lol. But it would only happen in private, never publicly. Harsh as it sounds, he cant afford to ruin his image by showing favor towards one person, especially not a member of the Initiative. There are many Angara who would disapprove, and the last thing his people need are more reasons to fight each other. Likewise, Ryder could get into deep shit with Tann, who already gives them enough trouble without them giving him a reason for it.
  • They don’t get to see each other often. Its more of a long-distance thing, except for those rare occasions where Ryder lands on Aya for a few days. Even then they don’t really go out. Their ‘dates’ consist mostly of talking, napping together, or simply enjoying each other’s presence.
  • Evfra worries for Ryder’s safety every time they leave, and Ryder worries for Evfra’s mental wellbeing. He handles stress really well, all things considered, but he’s also repressing a lot of negative things rather than facing them. It’s necessary for the sake of the war, yet concerning for Ryder. Regardless, they share enough trust to let each other handle their own problems until one asks for help. Only problem is that both are usually too independent to do that.

I’ve got more but this list is already too long :v Feel free to add your own or argue these

Lin-Manuel Miranda caps a huge ‘Hamilton’ year with 'Moana’ (L.A. Times):

[…] When did “Moana” come to you?

I can trace the journey of “Moana” in the journey of my son’s life. I found out I got the job on “Moana” the same day I found out I was going to be a father. My wife was going on a business trip and she was leaving first thing in the morning. She turned to me and said, “You’re gonna be a father. I gotta go catch a plane.”

And I went, “What? That’s great.” And fell back asleep. I had to call her back for confirmation. Then I got the call later that afternoon that I got the job. They called me again and said, “We’re all going to New Zealand this weekend; you’re leaving first thing in the morning.” It was pre-“Hamilton.” So I’ve been working on this for two years and seven months. My son [just] turned 2.

It was really kind of an incredible journey. And the “Hamilton” phenomenon happened while I was writing it.

How did you split the time?

I had to really protect my writing time. In one sense it was really great, because, you know, when something is as successful as “Hamilton” everyone wants a piece of you. Everyone wants 10 minutes to talk about their pitch, or press, or what have you. The things that come with the success of a thing.

I got the luxury of having to say no to a ton because I was like, “Tuesdays and Thursdays are full-time ‘Moana’ writing days.” I would meet via Skype with the creative writing team at 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, then I would go to the chiropractor, then I would get into costume for a 7 p.m. show. It was built into my performance schedule.

I also had the luxury of amazing singers in the building — so a lot of my early demos for “Moana” is [the “Hamilton” cast]. Pippa [Phillipa] Soo, who played my wife, singing Moana’s tunes, and Chris Jackson, who played George Washington, singing Maui’s tunes. He’s actually in the movie: He’s the singing voice of Moana’s dad.


What was the key that unlocked the character of Moana for you?

The thing that resonated for me with Moana is she is not someone who hates where she is. Moana loves her family, she loves her island. She knows she’s got responsibilities and she’s ready to embrace them. And yet there is this voice inside her that says you’re not supposed to be here, you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

I can relate to that. I was a kid who was always making stuff. I didn’t know whether I wanted to make action movies or animated cartoons or musicals, but I was always just making stuff. My parents were like, “This is not practical. You’ll be a great lawyer.” And it was never gonna happen. I loved my parents and I loved where I lived, but I also had this voice that was, what’s the distance between me and what I want. That’s what I tried to imbue her with without villainizing the things around her. It’s not “there must be more than this provincial life,” it’s “I love it here and yet; and yet every time I absentmindedly walk I find myself at the water again.”

Given the love for “Hamilton” in the world, given that its journey is not over by a long shot, there is going to be some high school in Kansas that wants to mount a production of “Hamilton” and all of the roles are gonna be played by white kids. Is that missing the point? Or is that the point?

When it comes to kids, I relax all of my rules. When I think from my perspective I got to be a son in “Fiddler,” I got to be Conrad Birdie, I got to play roles that I’ll never get to play as an adult. Once you’re an adult, the world puts you in a box and you’re cast by type and ethnicity. I directed “West Side Story” my senior year in high school. I was one of the only Latino kinds in my school, so my Sharks were white and Asian. At the same time, I was able to flip that into a teaching moment. I brought my dad in to do dialect coaching so it wasn’t [bad] Hollywood accents, it was authentic Puerto Rico accents that these kids were attempting.

I hope there’s enough in “Hamilton” that if you go to a school where there are literally no kids of color — and that is increasingly rare in our country, which is a good thing — your job is to honor the story. For me “In the Heights” has been this. I get joy from both sides of it. I get joy that kids who go to schools that are largely white suddenly are waving Dominican flags around and having to learn Spanish to understand what they’re singing. So they’re getting a dose of cultural education by virtue of doing this show they like. Whether or not they have quote unquote permission to do it. They’re getting it. The medicine is going in. You now have empathy for a group of people that have never been in your school.

I’m grateful for that. Then when a school in the South Bronx does it and it’s all black and Latino kids and the sense of ownership and pride they feel — like this is ours, this is about our families — there’s no quantifying the joy I get from seeing a production like that.

I think keeping kids from art is not something that’s interesting to me. Now, regional productions are a whole different thing. When you’re in a professional production it’s like, cast [it] right. Save yourself the headache of everything that comes with a very important conversation about cultural appropriation.

Is there somebody who has the ‘How to be a Celebrity’ playbook that you’re cribbing from? You’ve navigated the pre-“Hamilton” to post-“Hamilton” transition better than most.

You learn very quickly that the trappings of it is how much you bring to it. If you surround yourself with three security guards and an entourage, people are gonna look at you. As opposed to my friend Josh Groban, who takes the train to work. And he’s Josh Groban. He’s got millions of fans. He wears it lightly. He’s still just a guy. I’m inspired by that. I refuse to sit on a pedestal that people want to put you on. I’ll write a dumb tweet in the morning and someone will be like, “Pulitzer Prize winner. Can’t get his coffee right.”

You can’t stop being the person you were just because more people are looking at you. […]

read the rest of the great interview!


one gifset per chapter

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - Chapter 16

“Stop moving!” Hermione ordered them. “I know what this is - it’s Devil’s Snare!“ 

“Oh, I’m so glad we know what it’s called, that’s a great help,” snarled Ron, leaning back, trying to stop the plant curling around his neck. 

“Shut up, I’m trying to remember how to kill it!” said Hermione. 

 "Well, hurry up, I can’t breathe!“ Harry gasped, wrestling with it as it curled around his chest. 

"Devil’s Snare, Devil’s Snare … What did Professor Sprout say? It likes the dark and the damp -" 
"So light a fire!” Harry choked. 
“Yes - of course - but there’s no wood!” Hermione cried, wringing her hands. 

"Oh, right!” said Hermione, and she whipped out her wand, waved it, muttered something and sent a jet of the same bluebell flames she had used on Snape at the plant.

man i just love being half an hour late to work and also having a anxiety-induced aneurysm cuz my mom let her phone die overnight and overslept and didn’t pick me up for work and i thought maybe she was actually dead hahaha that’s so much i love this

Code Name: Shield

Universe: MCU

Rating: G

for the @capim-tinybang // inspired by @hundredthousandsadorable art

A breeze swept through Central Park, cool and crisp, and while it felt nice against Tony’s flushed skin, it didn’t really do much about the fact that he was pretty sure he was dying.

His heart was thumping wildly against his chest, he had an angry cramp in his side, and now that his ragged breathing got in the way of any talking he might’ve wanted to do, Tony had to smack Steve in the arm to get his attention.

To top it all off, it was barely six in the morning.

As soon as Sam got over his head cold, Tony was going to kill him. He’d known this was a bad idea from the start, but when Steve had turned those puppy-dog eyes on him, that dazzling smile, and asked Tony to join him on his daily run, well, how could he resist? There was also talk of sharing a shower once they got back, which was an important detail, because Tony would not have gotten out of bed at half past five in the morning for anything less — barring a world crisis, of course, but even that was a bit of a gamble.

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it’s your majesty

95/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

I just checked out my activity page and, um, well…It looked like this.


Okay so heres my usual ‘thoughts on the episode’ and nya’ll know whats gonna be the focus of my attention so here we go

So SOMETHING was up with Connie but bald Steven if going to haunt my nightmares




on another note, Garnet has FANTASTIC handwriting 10/10

also on a thirsty note, Garnet was able to hide the sign perfectly because her but n thighs were bigger than the sign and i think thats beautiful\



Have I told you guys that I love Garnet? cuz i really fucking love Garnet

So Connie is ‘bad ass kid tm’ and her battle training instincts kicked in and she judo flipped this poor kid and im sad she feels bad about it but if that isnt the coolest shit then get outa my face

Steven no, honey, dont forget about the bad things you gotta confront that

‘Hold the phone. Now give the phone to me.’ WHAT A GREAT CALL BACK IM SO GLAD SHE COPIES HER SON









Jen.EXE has stopped functioning

It’s a fucking duet with Stevonnie too RIP me

this shit right here is like, everything ive ever fucking wanted


ohh good were also helping Steven!! it’s sad what he’s going thru

Connie is so pure and fearless like wtf falling to your death but has to go comfort the bae

This episode should be renamed #relationship goals tbh

I also had an ask before hand on what I thought the butterflies represented so ima copy/paste my response here

‘The point of the episode is that sometimes when you do something bad or wrong, the thoughts about it can come swarming. You try not to think about it but they just come. It’s better to acknowledge them and how much those thoughts had hurt you so that you can center yourself and begin the process to move on

The reason that Ruby and Sapphire are there is to visually illustrate how these thoughts can affect you like, are there multiple and can feel overwhelming? or is it just one that has all your attention? Both are valid. It also kinda mirrors Steven and Connie’s conflict later with Connie thinking about this one bad thing (like Ruby with the one butterfly) and Steven having the multiple thoughts (like sapphire with the swarm)

I also assume that since Sapphire has future vision, she can get A LOT of ‘bad thoughts’, like, the consequences of her actions and what not. But she has Ruby, who can ground her and help her through those thoughts’

To the person who sent the ask about Niylah’s bracelet, I’m sorry! Mobile ate my response, but I’ll do my best to answer now.

This was such a good call back to S1! What a great way to make Clarke (and the audience) think about all the delinquents have gone through since first arriving on the ground. They’re all so different now. Who knew that being dropped on Earth would have been simpler times?

Back in 1.02 “Earth Skills”, Bellamy urges the others to take their biosensor bracelets off with the promise of food and a life free from the adults who decided that they were expendable. We see some of them shucking them for some panther meat.

Then, in 1.04 “Murphy’s Law”, anyone who hadn’t had their writstbands removed Monty made useless when he accidentally fries them trying to engineer a way to communicate with Ark.

From there, it’s probably safe to say that the wristbands were treated like trash and just discarded. The fact that Niylah has one, must mean that some Grounders have gone back to the dropship to collect anything worth trading. Not really much of a surprise. Even Murphy takes note that the Grounders are scavengers in 2.05 “Human Trials” so it’s not at all unusual that some have gone back to the dropship. Maybe they also wanted to pay their respects to the warriors who were killed in the ring of fire.

As for whether or not Murphy and Niylah will meet in the show…I don’t know. Anything can happen. However, she’s only listed as being in Wanheda Part 1&2 on IMDB. Now, IMDB isn’t always the most reliable, but that really doesn’t bode well for Niylah.

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