what a great brother he is

“Y/N, wait!”

You turned around as you reached your door to see Sam jogging up your garden path towards you.

“I thought you had somewhere to be?” you asked, unable to keep the smile from your face.

“Yeah, well,” he trailed off, grinning down at you.

You tilted your head to the side, biting your lip.

“What’re you doing back here?”

“Can I take you out tonight?” he asked, and you grinned.

“I was waiting for you to ask,” you admitted, causing him to smile even wider.

“So that’s a yes?” he clarified, and you nodded. “Great, I’ll pick you up at eight?”

“Sounds good to me,” you agreed, and he surprised you by leaning in and placing a quick kiss to your lips.

“See you later,” he murmured, before turning and jogging back to his brother’s car.

He got in, the grin still plastered on his face. He licked his finger, holding it in the air, while Dean shot him an unimpressed glare.

“Told you I’d get the girl,” Sam laughed, and Dean grunted in response. “You snooze, you lose, man.”

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i remember watching invader zim as a little kid and thinking gir was great but then i’d watch it with my dad and brother and they wouldn’t think that he was funny at all and i was shocked

now that i’m rewatching some episodes…………. is this what being a grown up feels like? finding gir more annoying than funny means my childhood is gone forever???


Colin scrunches his freckled nose. “So Dames, whatcha gonna do?”

Damian stands up straight, lips firm and nose high. He is a general amidst Gotham’s city buildings and grim. A beacon of will amongst the worn shadows. A match burning in the darkness known as life.

Otherwise known as a ten year old ready for a fight.

“I, Wilkes,” Damian announces, kicking aside a leftover can in the street, “am going to do what all other great men did before me.”

“Work hard?”



Sherlock: Is a phone call possible? 

Mycroft: Phone call? 

Sherlock: Sherlock has a brother he may wish to say goodbye. John has a daughter he may wish to say goodbye.

Canon things that need more lovin’and fic
  • Zen is an albino child born in a dark-haired family. some uneducated communities think albinos are a result of the wife cheating on her husband with a blonde, not genetics. Zen’s father seems to be absent growing up even though he stuck around after the first child (Zen’s older brother) long enough to conceive another. i’m told he’s a teacher so he’s probably more educated than what i initially assumed. still, where the heck is he???
  • Jaehee is great at martial arts.
  • Jaehee wears glasses for show, she doesn’t actually need them.
  • Seven lived with Vanderwood while he studied abroad
  • Jumin speaks more than one language with varying degrees of fluency
  • Yoosung dyes his hair, either it’s naturally blonde and he dyed it a darker color for high school, or he’s naturally dark and bleaches it constantly as an adult
  • Unknown had black hair at one point as a young adult (IF that was him in the picture he sends during the prologue)
  • V only starts wearing the dogtag necklace after meeting Rika
  • Saeran had orange/yellow eyes that somehow turned to mint green after joining mint eye. contacts? witchcraft? surgery? drugs?
  • Vanderwood gets angry whenever Seven calls him madam
  • Jumin keeps losing his diamond pen in -almost- every route and it never comes back lmao where does it gooooo????
The Literature Incident

Jason prided himself in being a man of great literary tastes.

Therefore, this had to be done.

“What the hell are you doing, Todd?”

Jason hesitated for a mere second before continuing to pull books from Damian’s personal bookshelves. “Doing what needs to be done. Look at this!” he cried dramatically, but with a hint of anger. “Aristotle? Plato?!”

Damian’s brows furrowed into a pout and he walked further into his room. “What is wrong with Plato and Aristotle? They were both respected and brilliant philosophers-,”

“In ancient Greece!” the older brother turned and almost slammed the thick volumes on the table behind him before whirling around and resuming his job, almost hellbent now. “No modern literature!”

“Well, I don’t generally find the concept of dystopian futures and ridiculous love triangles to be very appealing, Todd, so no-,”

“You haven’t even gotten any Romantics!” Jason threw his hands in the air, sounding offended. “How on earth do you not have any Romantics?!”

Damian’s frown deepened and he stepped closer, picking up one of the discarded books and running his hand over the cover. “I read Frankenstein, Todd, and honestly, why is it that much of a concern to you-,”

Frankenstein is Gothic you brat.” The man snapped, throwing more books onto the table in exasperation. His expression turned sour when he returned to the shelves before him, hand skimming down three whole rows with a scowl. “Shakespeare. More Shakespeare.”

“I will have you know, Todd, that William Shakespeare was a brilliant author and you have no right to disrespect him in such a manner!” the 13-year-old barely caught the 2 special edition sonnet books that Jason tossed backward before they flew across the room. “He is-,”

“And, oh look! More Shakespeare!” Jason interrupted again, earning a grumpy huff from his younger sibling.

“I like the wordsmith.” Damian rolled his eyes and gently, almost lovingly, placed the thin novels on the table with the others. He looked up to find Jason grabbing several more volumes into his arms and looking over the next few rows.

“Read some goddamn Thoreau, you literary piece of shit.” He snapped, eyebrows furrowing in disgust. “Better yet, Hemingway. Anthony Burgess, that’s some weird shit. You’d probably like that.”

The boy sighed, stomping up next to his older brother and placing his arms outstretched. “Give me back my Shakespeare, Todd.”

“Are these History books?!” Jason asked, voice going up an octave in disbelief.

“Yes, I-,”

“You read these for leisure?!” He sounded on the verge of a breakdown.

Damian crossed his arms. “Mother has always taught me to know the valuable knowledge of this world, and that includes their history.”

Jason slowly turned his head towards his little brother, eyes narrowed in anger. He growled; He would not have his little brother so unexposed to good literature! Talia had brainwashed him with all this non-fiction stuff, he needed some good fantasy! “Your mother is a monster!”

Damian rolled his eyes again. “I do believe that has been greatly accepted in this family, Todd, but this is the first time I am hearing it being used to insult my knowledge of “modern” literature.”

“You have 5 copies of Dracula?!” Jason slammed the Shakespeare novels on Damian’s bed and shuffled through the books with vigor. Suddenly, he drew away and cast a glance to his little brother. “You’ve read Jane Eyre?”

His green eyes became unamused. “Once. Never again.”

The Great Gatsby, The Odyssey, the Tale of Two Cities, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, The Art of War?!” Jason scoffed, throwing his hands in the air. “All of these classics!”

“I thought you liked classical literature, Todd,” Damian said pointedly. “Father told me that when you were a child you greatly enjoyed the times when he or Pennyworth would read them to you. Why are you so upset about me having them?”

“I am not upset that you have them, Short Stop.” He hissed. “I am upset that you have them and not other books!”

“What other books, Todd?”

Jason was appalled. He knew that Damian had been raised with a bit of a traditional childhood, but he didn’t know that it was this severe.

Gesturing to the bookshelves, he almost shouted, “Harry Potter! Percy Jackson! Some Narnia maybe?”

“Narnia is not a modern series, Todd,” Damian added with another eye roll. “It was written by C. S. Lewis in the 1940’s and was-,”

“More modern than these!” Jason interrupted. His eyes raked over the last few books in Damian’s collection and his heart puttered to a stop. Realization hit him and he turned, ever so slowly, almost without breathing, and whispered. “Tolkien.”

The newly teen raised an eyebrow. “What?”


“Are those the books that you were so enthusiastic about as a child-,”


“I do believe that you are overreacting, Todd. They’re merely books.”

Jason froze, completely, arms outstretched in anger and eyes wide.

Merely books.

Merely books?

How dare he.

“We’re going to the bookstore,” Jason stated, grabbing Damian’s hand and dragging him towards the door. “We are going to fix this atrocious disaster and then I am going to piss on your mother’s grave. Come on.”

“Todd-what- let go of me!”


“Todd, unhand me this instant!”


Damian will never admit it, but later that night, when he is seated in front of Todd, cross-legged and quiet as Jason reads The Fellowship of the Ring to him, using all different types of accent for the many different characters, he hasn’t been happier all week.


Whore4batfam posted a little thing a while ago about Jason sorting through Damian’s books and I just couldn’t help myself. They’re idea, my little ficlet thing!


Chapter Five

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Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 1,731

      You got ready and sat at the window of your empty house until the car pulled up to the curb. Saeyoung was driving, as usual, and Saeran met you half way to your door.

     “A dress?” he pulled a sucker from his lips but his mouth hung open still.
It was just a simple, white quarter-sleeve dress and some boots. You brushed your hair behind your ears. This was the final decision after standing in front of the mirror changing probably 17 times. How were you supposed to know what to wear to this thing?

     “I knew it, I look dumb!” you rocked on your heels.

     “No, you look-“

     “You look great!” Saeyoung chimed in from the drivers seat.

     Saeran gave his brother a quick annoyed glance, “anyway, let’s get going.”

     He opened the back door for you to get in, and you felt him slide unexpectedly next to you.

     “Ah, what the heck, now I feel like a chauffeur!” Saeyoung whined from the front.

     “So act like one and get going,” Saeran replied.

     They both stared at each other for a moment through the rear view mirror while you dug through your purse to retrieve your phone. Saeyoung looked away while stepping on the gas.

     “Seat-belts for safety!” Saeyoung sang as you began to drive down the road.

     “Yoosung snuck out! Did you see in the messenger?” you showed Saeran your phone.

     “He actually did it,” Saeran laughed, “I like this new bold Yoosung,” he put the sucker back in his mouth and twirled it with his fingers.

     “Yeah, until you’re playing babysitter tonight,” Saeyoung made a hard right turn.

     “Whatever. Let him have fun,” Saeran shrugged and sank back into the seat.

     The rest of the car ride had some oddly quiet moments. You spent most of the time staring out of the window watching the houses progressively become larger and more expensive looking, a sure sign you were getting close. What would it be like to live in one of those mansions? It seemed like a waste to have all of those rooms you’d never use. You decided it would be much more comfortable to live in a slightly smaller house. Having too much space would be creepy at night.

     When you finally parked at the docks you could hear the sound of laughter and music echoing from a distant pier. It was a clear night and the breeze from the water was extra chilly.

     “You cold?” Saeran placed an arm around you while you walked, avoiding Saeyoung’s glance.

     “I’ll be alright in a bit,” you smiled, suddenly feeling much warmer.

     The yacht was incredible. You’d never seen one up close, let alone been on one. It seemed like half the school was there. There were groups of people dancing, some girls taking selfies, a clique huddled together passing a joint around and laughing. It was all a little overwhelming. Before you even got a drink Yoosung had stumbled up to the three of you, taking a deep gulp from his glass.

     “Yay, you’re here!” Yoosung’s speech was slurred and he pulled all three of you into a hug, spilling some of his drink behind Saeran.

     “Are you seriously wasted already?” Saeyoung sighed.

     “Heyy, I snuck out I’m already in trouble so imma have fun.”

     He seemed perplexed by his now almost empty glass. Sipping what was left he walked off to get more, you assumed. His steps were harder than they should be as he left, like he needed to plant his foot into the ground or he might just float away.

     “Like I said. Babysitting. Have fun with that,” Saeyoung winked to Saeran and left to meet V and Jumin who were casually sitting on some lounge chairs.

     Saeran groaned, “I’m gunna go smoke…do you?…” his voice trailed off at the question.

     “No,” you shook your head, “but go ahead.”

     “Okay, I’ll be back in a sec.”

     You wandered around for a bit, stopping to see Zen playing beer pong at a table. You recognized his partner, another theater kid that he hung out with a lot. It was a close game, both sides down to their last two cups, and both teams missing shot after shot. Finally, Zen sunk one in and everybody watching cheered. When he sunk the next and final shot the other team let out a loud groan of defeat while his partner gave him a victory high-five.

     “Hey! You made it, come play the next round with me!” Zen called out to you as he filled the plastic cups back up and formed a triangle.

     “Alright…” you put your purse on the ground next to the table leg.

     “Don’t worry, I’ll drink all of the shots they make so you don’t have to,” he winked, “and it’s okay if you miss. It’s just for fun,” he dipped the ball into the water and handed it to you.

     It had been a long time since you last played. Everyone was watching you try and line up your shot. You aimed for the middle, letting it loose and sinking it first try.

     “Hey, you’re pretty good! Okay you’re officially my new pong partner!” Zen clapped.

     “What the fuck, man!” his last partner yelled from the side, throwing his hands up.

     “Sorry, man. She’s got you beat in more ways than one, what can I say?” he shrugged.

     He kept his promise and drank all of the cups for you both, though it seemed to have no effect on him. You missed a few shots but he just smiled and waved it off. It got louder and louder the more shots you both sank, and finally Zen won the game once again.

     “Ready for this next one?” he cracked open another fresh beer and began pouring.

     “I should go see what the others are up to, actually,” you looked around trying to find where Saeyoung or Saeran where at.

     “Damn, really? Alright. But you have to come back for at least one more game!” he called as you walked away.

     “I will!” you turned to smile and wave.

     You peeked inside the cabin to find the glasses and bottles of wine that had been laid out for everyone. Your fingers traced the labels of the various bottles, they looked expensive. You may not have been to many parties, but even you could tell this one was pretty strange. You were used to plastic cups and watery beer. Not real glasses and expensive liquor and wine. It was like a high school party mixed with an adult party. Half of the people were by Zen drinking cheap beer and the other half were sipping wine and self-made cocktails next to V and Jumin. You poured yourself a glass of red wine and took an immediate sip. It was a burst of flavor and aroma and you closed your eyes in delight. You poured a bit more in your glass before walking off.

     After scanning through the various groups of people you found Saeran sitting alone on a chair. His face was buried in his phone and he had that usual annoyed look, illuminated by the screen light as he scrolled. The hood of his jacket was now over his head and he looked like this was the last place on earth he wanted to be.

     “Hey,” you sat next to him with your glass in hand, “having fun, I see,” you laughed.

     “Loads,” he rolled his eyes, “but at least I get to watch Yoosung make a fool of himself.”

     He gestured to Yoosung who was having trouble standing in one spot as he talked to three girls. It seemed like he was trying to get them to dance, but when he spilled some of his whiskey on one of their heels they shrieked and walked away.

     “Has he always been like this?” you asked.

     “No. He never used to drink, or even go to parties. A year and a half ago his cousin died. She was part of our group, and he really looked up to her. He’s been acting crazy ever since. I just let him do his own thing but we all watch over him, hoping he gets over this soon,” he explained.

     “That’s so sad. He kinda mentioned something about that the other day…” you took a sip of your wine. You hadn’t had much but you could already feel a slight buzz coming on.

     Yoosung stumbled his way over to you both and slumped into a chair. His eyes were lidded and his movements uncoordinated and sluggish.

     “How ya doin, champ?” Saeran smirked.

     “No one want’sa dance with me,” he seemed to almost cry for a moment.

     “I’ll dance with you, Yoosung. But maybe we should get you some water, first?” you suggested.

      “You’re so pretty,” his head tilted towards you and the words came out mushed together, “so nice’n prettyy.”

     “You’re drunk,” you replied, embarrassed.

     “It’s not fair you like Saeyoung,” he took a sip of his whiskey again, “did’joo know that, Saeran? She likes him,” he turned to Saeran and sighed.

     “Yoosung!” your face was flush and your heart jumped, “I-I…you’ve had way too much to drink. Saeran…do you think you could take him home?” you asked while grabbing the cup out of Yoosung’s hand.

      Saeran groaned and pressed his brow in, “come on, dummy. Way to ruin my night,” he sighed and picked Yoosung up, helping guide him towards his car.

     Though you couldn’t see it, Saeran’s face had twisted into an expression of sadness as he tried to process what Yoosung just said. Was it true? He felt a little sick to his stomach thinking about it all. Now he was going to be up all night watching Yoosung and replaying that small sentence in his mind.

     You set the cup down when they were both out of your sight, staring now into your glass of wine and watching the light reflect on the red liquid before taking another long sip. A hoodie was draped over you from behind and you felt a warm hand pressed onto your back for only a moment. It smelled pleasant, like a nice cologne, and you pulled it further over your shoulders.

     “You must be freezing,” Saeyoung appeared now and took a seat next to you, a smile wide on his face.

Well then….I’ll just….. *Panics*

Just an interesting thought!!! XD cuz hey, if Sans can have the chance to travel to Multiverses, what about Pappy? I mean They are close to having as many AU characters as Sans and I thought it would be cool if the Original Pappy could at least meet a few! XD

Now here, the tables have turn and Sans is the one that has been abducted. Now it’s up to the punny Skeleton’s determined, optimistic and relentless Brother, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, to find him….again….just like when he would go sleep walking…..BUT he won’t do it alone…..

Ahh~ It’s always nice to fanticize, no? that woulda been cool. XD Feel Free to fave and/or share your thoughts on the comment section down below! It’s always nice to spread some love and still listen to what you have to say! XD

Thank you for viewing!!!



Undertale!Papyrus © @tobyfoxofficial
UnderSwap!Papyrus © @popcornpr1nce
Outertale!Papyrus © @2mi127
Gaster!Papyrus © @borurou
TimeKid!Papyrus © me!!


Underfell!Papyrus © Undertale community
GZ!Papyrus © @golzy
Phantom!Papyrus © @dusttale
UnderDarkness!Papyrus© @zznightmaregirlzz


to this day, he’s still dreaming

i had wondered what hanzo and genji’s childhood was like, and how sad it must be for both of them if their childhood was a great one with both getting along perfectly and being each other’s best friends, so naturally i had to draw hanzo looking through the family photo album of holographic videos and pictures and making himself feel awful. (click at the beginning of each sequence for their ages!)

Carl‘s back home

[Not my gif. credit to the rightful owner]

Summary: After worrisome hours of wondering where your younger brother, Carl, could be, your prayer is answered whenever Negan knocks on the door with Carl by his side. You, of course, are intimidated yet intrigued by the idea of Negan. He plans to drop Carl off to toy with your father’s feelings, but instead finds you which makes him delighted.

warnings: language and negan’s vulgar mentions

You anxiously chewed at your unpainted fingernails; allowing your mind to ponder about all the terrible things that could have happened to your brother Carl during his little sneak out.

What if one of his ridiculous antics got him killed by Negan this time?

He only told you he was going out for a walk with Enid, and of course you remembering how you wanted alone time as a teenager yourself when you were his age made you have sypthamy, telling him it was only between the two of you and dad wouldn’t know.

Great, what if he got killed because of me?, you thought as your bottom lip quivered at the unshakable thought.

Your father, Rick, was out with the rest of the group gathering for The Saviors. They reminded you it might take a while or even an entire day and not to worry.

“Come on already.” You clenched your fists as you repeatedly paced along the kitchen floor.

With that, a loud knock echoed throughout the house causing you to instantly spring to your feet and run to the door with your heart racing.

Carl, you’re going to fucking get it-” You exclaimed once you opened the door, instantly becoming flushed at the cheeks as Negan stood in the doorway with his arm around Carl.

Your mouth stayed slightly open like a fool, your heart race beginning to increase at the sight of him.

You muttered a considerable amount of inaudible stutters which only brought a smirk to his twisted face.

“Oh shit.” He slipped his tongue between his lips as he grinned at you. “Didn’t know Ricky’s fine little daughter would be here,” His eyes peered along the room; analyzing every little thing. “Alone.”

You gulped in nervousness but put on an annoyed expression to make yourself look less like a coward. You had to protect your brother.

You raised your arm, prompting it against the doorway. “What are you doing with my little brother, Negan?”

Forgetting you were in a cropped tee and silk pajama night shorts, he reminded you by skimming his eyes across your figure with a pleased face.

“Ah damn,” He groaned as he bit his bottom lip causing you to blush again.

He invited himself inside as he waltzed towards you with Carl behind him.

“Your little asshole brother killed two of my men, and threatened me himself. Being the generous man I am, I let it slide. Just asked the kid to show me his gnarly missing eyeball and fucking shit was that awesome.” He grinned, bawling his fists up in excitement which caused a disgusted expression to form along your face.

Your glance was targeted to Carl and you shook your head. “I thought you were with your girlfriend? I swear to God,” You shook your head in frustration.

“Go up to your room before dad gets back, Carl.”

Carl sighed heavily in embarrassment as he jogged upstairs at your demand.

Negan watched in astonishment. “Aren’t you a lil young to be playing mama, sweetheart?”

Your rolled your eyes, placing your hand on your hip. “I’m Twenty one Negan.”

He grinned happily, “You know what that means, right? Legal.” He dragged the word knowing it annoyed you.

Scoffing, you push past him.

“Anyways, where’s daddy-o?” He followed you as you walked into the kitchen near the island.

“Gathering for you and your people. Uhm, he probably won’t be back for a while or even a day.” You responded but instantly regretted as he smirked devilishly.

He blocked your entrance as he pinned his body against yours along the island.

Your face brushed against his chest as you looked up at him with your bambi like eyes, your heart racing more than ever.

He towered over you and that gave him great satisfaction knowing he could lift you with one arm.

(Y/N), I am sorry for having been so rude to you just now. Looks like I’m going to be here for a while, awaiting your fearless father’s return and if you’d like, I think it would be enjoyable to screw yours brains out.I mean, if you’re agreeable to that.”

You scoffed at his cockiness, but mentally smirked as an idea popped into your head.

You giggled softly, leaning forward and placing your lips against his ear.

“Mm Negan, want to know how I feel about that?” You draped your arms along his neck with a seductive smile.

A smirk plastered onto his lips. “What kitten? Tell me.”

His hands trailed down to your waist, gently squeezing your sides.

You brushed your lips against his, gripping his face as you continued to lock lips.

He groaned, placing tiny kisses along your lips before plopping you down on the counter with a thud.

Your plan was to pull away in an instant, but of course he had to put you in one of his trances.

You pulled away and quickly slapped his face causing him to chuckle loudly with a grin, holding his sore jaw.

“You know, I’m 50% more into you now, baby girl. Didn’t think that was possible. I believe I’ll spend the night. I know Rick wouldn’t like the idea of his precious darlings being home alone all night.”

You flashed him a fake grin but inside anticipation filled your veins.

My Yuri on Ice!! Headcanons.

• Viktor has a hard time sleeping alone, since he’s so used to sleeping with his dogs. So when he traveled with Yuri he sleeps in the same bed room with him. Which is also why he usually naps last minute during his competitions before coaching Yuri. Because he can’t sleep easily alone. He’s also loves to cuddle in his sleep. 

• Pichit s great with kids, because he has a big family and he would often volunteer to babysit his younger relatives/siblings/neighborhood kids. 

• Yurio secretly loves being pampered especially by his grandpa. Also Yurio will sometimes wonder what’s like to be a big brother whenever he sees the triplets or any children. 

• Whenever Leo sees a cute plushie he’ll straight away thinks of Guang Hong and gifts it to him. Guang Hong is pleased with this. While Guang Hong loves making homemade treats for Leo in return. 

• Georgi might be emotional on the ice but whenever someone asks for his help he’s actually pretty helpful, supportive, caring, mature and level headed. Also he actually has shoulder length hair, he just really likes to style it that way. So whenever he’s at home relaxing he’ll tie it in a ponytail, a small bun or just let it go. (Basically he’s naturally pretty hot when he’s not trying too hard)

So, the WWII AU no one asked for:

Set towards the end of the war, European theatre
- Victor is an ace pilot, considered a war hero and is a bit of a celebrity in the USSR
- But his plane was shot down recently over Germany
- Victor is missing, assumed captured at best but probably dead
- His younger brother Yuri refuses to believe this and immediately enlists in the army in the naive hope that it would help him find his brother
- He’s too young but gets some fake papers and lies about his age to get in. Gets sent off to the Eastern Front and doesn’t learn a damn thing about what happened to Victor. But he does meet a really cool guy from the Kazakh SSR (Otabek, of course) and they become great friends and look out for each other.
- But rewind a bit, back to Victor getting shot down. An American infantry regiment made up mostly of the children of Japanese immigrants stumbles upon a downed Soviet plane as they push forward into Germany. The pilot inside is hurt but alive, and so is placed in the care of their medic (it’s Yuuri.)
- Victor is dirty and injured and pretty disoriented with a concussion but he’s still the most beautiful person Yuuri has ever seen.
- The unit realizes after a bit that hey, doesn’t this guy look like that famous Russian pilot? Oh shit, they’ve got a Soviet war hero with them now and they don’t know what to do with him. How do we send him back? Things are pretty messy at the moment, so for the time being he’s just going to have to stick around with them.
- Yuuri doesn’t mind this arrangement. Victor speaks enough English that they can communicate and they’ve been talking a lot while Victor’s been on the mend. He likes Victor. He REALLY likes Victor.

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edit: i know this has gotten a bunch of notes already ( and thank you!!!!!<3) but i still wanted to show you the cleaned up version of these sketches :>



anonymous asked:

Naturally blond Montparnasse tho??

And thus we go back to the age old trope of “Enjolras and Montparnasse as brothers”

Enjolras’ hair is naturally lush and blonde, shining under the sun like a halo, crowning a handsome face. It falls into soft ringlets when he lets it grow, and it’s soft to the touch.

All of that also applies to Montparnasse. Until he’s 13 or so, and discovers hair dye. He got tired of the whole “You boys look so much alike!” spiel. He’s not his brother. He doesn’t want to “look like someone”. He wants to be intrinsically unique and handsome, not compared like a knock off brand of his brother.

Years later, no one can tell Enjolras and Montparnasse are brothers. There’s a slight family resemblance, but nothing you can catch at first sight. But what is bred in the bone comes out in the flesh. So it’s with great amusement that Grantaire looks at Enjolras and Montparnasse’s baby pictures and discovers two chubby blonde cherubs. Then two blonde toddlers. And two blond preteens. Followed by a radical shift in hair colour when teen years hit.

The pics end up pinned on a cork board at the Musain.

Montparnasse isn’t pleased 


jacksonwang852g7: 오늘 “텐센트"에서 이렇게 큰 시상식에서 대상 두개 받을수있어서 정말 정말 인생의 너무나 소중하고 잊지못하는 추억을 되었어요.
저의 옆에서 계속 가르치고 알려주고 도와주고 우리 사랑하는 허형@xiaohetongxue 감사해요
모든 출연했던 프로그램의 제작진 형 누나들 정말 고생많았어요.항상 형 누나들의 열정 보고 제가 더 더 더 열심히해야된다는 생각 들었어요.
그리고 우리 사랑하는 새들 항상 저를 응원해주고 정말 항상 항상 항상 감사하고 당연하다는 생각 한적 없어요. 왜냐면 여러분도 여러분의 삶이 있고 자기도 살기 너무 바쁜데 저 까지 신경 써줘서 정말 항상 미안하고 감사하고 얼많아 힘들어도 우리 새들 더 자랑스럽게 해야겠다는 생각 밖에 안들었어요. 여러분 정말 감사해요. 잭부심 더 느낄수있도록 더 열심히 할게요. ❤️ 

很荣幸可以在家门口拿到 腾讯 “ 2016年度最佳综艺之星” 还有 拜托了冰箱拿到 “ 2016年度网络综艺 ” 这两个奖。
还有最亲爱的 我的你们。
你们每一个都是我的动力,你们是我为什么每做一件事情的时候都是 拼命的去做的理由。是你们。
我会成为更棒更好的 王嘉尔,会拼命去努力,让你们以我为荣。谢谢你们❤️ 

It is such a great honor and a very memorable memory to received two awards at the "Tencent” Award Ceremony. I want to take this chance to thank my brother He , for teaching me everything by my side, for telling me what is right and what is wrong.
And thank you to all the staff members in all the programs, i couldn’t compare with the passion that i saw in you all. That’s why I always think I’m not good enough.
And I want to thank all of you for always caring and supporting me when you all have your own life to take care of. You guys didn’t have care about me but you all did. That’s why I always feel sorry and that’s why you guys are the reason why I work hard to my fullest everyday.
Thank you again. ❤️

Jacob's sister (Newt Scamander x Reader ONESHOT)

Request by : @immuchtrash

You got off the ship swaying a little.
‘Hey, Y/N!’ Your brother Jacob said. ‘You don’t look great.’
‘How sweet of you.’ You responded, your voice dripping with sarcasm. He was right though.
'Still getting sea sick then?’
You nodded.
'How are you anyway?’ You asked.
'Oh, I’m doing great! I just opened my bakery and-’ he suddenly stopped, looking over your shoulder. 'Mr Scamander!’ He shouted, waving at a ginger man in ablue coat.
The man came toward you two.
'Mr Scamander, what are you doing here? You never told me you were coming back! Bored from Europe, huh?’ Jacob said.
'You can call me Newt, Jacob.’ He chuckled. He then looked at you wonderingly with his bright green eyes.
'Hey.’ You said shyly. 'I’m Y/N.’
'I’m Newt’ he said, shaking your hand.
'Oh, yes this is my sister Mr- Newt.’ Jacob said. 'So what are you doing here?’
'Well I came by to see how you’re doing. I’m going to South America after.’
'Looking for more beasts, huh? Well you should come over to my bakery while you’re here.’
'Yes, definitely!’ Newt saud excitedly. 'I’m glad it worked out!’
'Wait so you’re Newt Scamander?! Jacob has rold me so much about you!’ You said. 'Don’t worry, I’m not telling anyone.’ You added when you saw the glance he threw Jacob.
'Well I’m flattered!’ Newt laughed.
'So should we go to the bakery now or..?’ Jacob said.

(Time skip….)

The three of you went to the bakery and Jacob showed you and Newt around. He was just about to close, but sone emergency came up so he had to deal with it. Meanwhile Newt offered to take you to Central park.

'And then I finally managed to put it in my suitcase, just before it reached your brother.’ Newt finished his story about the Erumpent and you laughed.
You walked in silence for a while and them you said 'Thanks by the way.’
'For what?’
'Well for trusring me.’
'Are you joking? You’re awesome I’d trust you with my life!’ Newt said and then after realising what he had said, flushing a little. ’ Do you.. Um… Wanna see them? My creatures?’
'What, really?’
'Yeah, why not?’

Newt stopped dropped his suitcase on the ground and walked inside.
Hardly believing that you were going INSIDE a suitcase you followed him, leaving the cold of the winter night outside and entering a small crammed room.

'Wow.’ You said and Newt chuckled.

He showed you around - every single creature he had. He let you cuddle them pat them and a Hippogriff even let you ride it.

After what seemed like a few minutes but was probably hours you went back outside in the cold air.
You sat on a bench and you watched the sky become brighter.

'Hey, (Y/n)?’ Newt said after a while.
’ I-I… I know w-we just met and like I’ve only known you for a few hours but… I really had a good time.’ He took a deep breath. 'Would you be interested in coming with me to South America?’
You were startled by the question at first.
'Really?’ You asked not believing your ears. 'B-but I know no magic, I don’t think I can be a lot of help-’
’(Y/N).’ He took your hand. 'I saw you down there. I have never seen my creatures trust anyone else like that. I mean even Pickett trusts you! You’ll do perfectly.’
'Then…. Yes, obviously, yes!’ You laughed and hugged him.

You both blushed when you broke the hug awkwardly.

You couldn’t believe that you were going to look for magical creatures with Newt Scamander…. Hell, you only just met him!
But to be honest, it felt like you knew hjm your whole!e life.

Starters: Things I Have Said While Playing Video Games
  • “I will shove your throat down your throat.”
  • “Oh. Oh, you have just called up the devil. You will tremble before me, and beg for mercy, and I’ll laugh in your stupid face because FUCK YOU.”
  • “Oh, suck my left nut.”
  • “I will fucking end you. I will end you so hard that your ancestors will feel shame and your family will weep upon your grave.”
  • “I mean, he is only avenging his dead brother. You can’t really begrudge him that.”
  • “Are you fucking sweating on me?”
    “Oh. Veeeeery clever, you massive cockmuffin.”
  • “Everything is pain and I regret going down this path!”
  • “Oh, great, more naked people.”
  • “I’m sorry for invalidating your gender identity!”
  • “What?! That was my fucking money! Fuck you, secret police.”
  • “I hate living in a communist country.”
  • “Okay. So. We had to kill your uncle to make life easier for all of us.”
  • “I show up, and everything’s on fucking fire. For the love of God, how? And why?”
  • “Oh joy. More tedious drudgery.”
  • “If I were a lesser man, I’d be shitting myself right now.”
  • “He might actually be gayer than me. Unlikely, but possible.”
  • “Sigmund Freud would have a goddamn FIELD day with this.”
  • “Nice try, sugartits.”
  • “I appreciate you inviting me to your strip club.”
  • “This was supposed to be a stupid joke. How did it get so real?”
  • “Do not fuck the doctor! What is wrong with you?”
  • “I want to be the spiritual embodiment of pudding.”
  • “Nothing inspires a murderous rage in me more than comic sans.”
  • “Okay, I’m sorry I killed everyone you love, but can’t we talk about this?”
  • “I wish my legs were as fabulous as yours.”
  • “Oh, you think I won’t arrest you because we’re friends? Is that what you fucking think? Well you’re fucking RIGHT.”
  • “I just stabbed a bitch to death with a pair of scissors. God, I love Tuesdays.”
  • “Part of me wants to fuck you. The other part wants to laugh at you for looking like a My Chemical Romance reject.”
  • “Oh, fuck you for trying to teach me a lesson about morals.”
  • “Literally nobody asked your opinion.”
  • “Fuck you, you’re not my mom.”
  • “I want to slather you with bees.”
  • “I’ve never been so aroused and terrified in my life.”
  • “Here’s an idea: go to church.”
  • “Something about you just looks evil.”
  • “Finally! I’ve turned you gay!”
  • “Fuck me up, anthropomorphic Daddy.”
  • “I’m starting to come to the conclusion that you’re kind of a dick.”
  • “Eat one MILLION dicks.”

Elijah x Reader

Tags: @daddyobrienx

“He isn’t back yet.” Klaus sighed and poured a glass of whisky, deciding he’d pour you one as well and convince you to drink it.


“But he’s been out all day.” You complained.


“Yes I know, he’s left you here irritating me.” Klaus handed you the drink and was pleasantly surprised when you downed it with a cough.


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Merry Christmas

Jensen sighed as he plopped down on the bench in the mall. He had been here for hours, fighting through crowds, searching and scanning for anything and everything that would make a great Christmas gift for you.
You two had only been dating for 8 months, which was really nothing, but he loved you. He loved being with you and spending time with you, learning about you. You always intrigued him.

Biting his lip, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts before finally landing on the one he was searching for. Jared’s. He had never wanted to call your brother, but he was sure he had no other choice.
“Hey brother what’s up?” Jared asked, laughing, he could Gen in the background telling Jared to stop ramming their cart into everything.
“I need help, bro..” Jensen sighed, running his hand over his face.
“Meet me at Target in 20” and then hung up, leaving Jensen in a weird and confused state.

Target wasn’t tiffany’s or Prada. You couldn’t get boots made of pure alligator skin at Target. You bough groceries at Target; but nevertheless, Jensen was at Target in 15 minutes and calling Jared.
“I’m here, man”
“Alright, we are in isle 15, better hurry before Gen moves us again” Jensen chuckled at this, knowing how impatient she could be at times.

“What the hell is this?” Jensen asked, staring into the buggy that Jared had picked out.
“This, dude, is a shopping cart filled with things your girlfriend, my sister, would love!” Jared exclaimed.
“It’s all… cheap” Jensen stared, bewildered, making Jared sigh.
“Jay, dude, come on. My sister is a pretty cheap date.”
“Yeah, I get that.. but this is.. not Christmas.” Jensen groaned, sitting across from Gen at the Starbucks.
He watched as Jared sighed and sat next to his wife.
“Dude, I know this is hard for you but..”
“Y/N isn’t like Danneel..” Gen finished, making Jared nod.
“Dannie and I are friends, and I love her still, but she is nothing like Y/N. They are on two completely different sides of the spectrum. Dannie has expensive tastes, she was born that way and she will live that way.. Y/N has never been like that.” Gen sighed, taking Jays hands in hers.
“What if she doesn’t like it? I’m terrified of losing her to some dumb Christmas present that wasn’t good enough.” Jensen admitted, his shoulders slouching.
“My sister would appreciate a waded up paper ball that has a piece of gum in it if it came from you,” Jared laughed.
“You really think she will like this stuff?” He asked, arching his eyebrow.
“I know she will, dude.”

Jensen wrapped each present nervously, scared that if he didn’t wrap it perfectly that it would cause a fight between you two. Deep down, he knew that you weren’t like that, that you couldn’t careless about how he wrapped a present, he was just conditioned to think that way over his last relationship.

Then he waited, he had seen you so many times before Christmas, the closer it got the more nervous he got. There had been several times that he almost blabbed about what he got you, but he wanted it to be a genuine surprise.
“So, Babe, do you want to open our presents here alone or would you rather take them to Jared’s and open them with everyone else?” You asked, munching on a carrot stick as Jensen cooked dinner.
He looked back at you and smiled, “uh let’s do it here, before hand”
“Mkay” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his abdomen as you laid your head on his back.
Jensen relaxed into your embrace, still not completely used to this kind of PDA in a relationship; this was something Danneel would never do.

That morning, Jensen woke up in your arms. His head was on your stomach, and his arms around your torso; one of this favorite positions. He felt your delicate fingers gently brushing through his hair, sending a shiver down his spine.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked, smiling as he looked up at you. He watched as a small smile broke from your lips, but your eyes never lost contact with the ceiling.
“Every Christmas morning, I like to kinda lay and think about things that I’m grateful for that I wasn’t last year,”
He had never expected that to come from you, but those were the words that pushed him over the edge, and made him completely and madly in love with you.
Reaching over, he cupped you face on his hand and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
“I’m most grateful for you” you whispered, just as the kiss ended.
“I love you” he whispered, looking into your eyes.
“I love you too, Jay” nuzzling your head in his neck for a few minutes, relishing in the warmth he provided.
“You ready?” He asked, caressing your arm with his fingertips.

Jensen laughed as you handed him a giant rectangular box, poorly wrapped in newspapers.
“I thought it’d be funnier than using actual wrapping paper” you admitted, making his fears of his terrible wrapping skills diminish.
He tore open the paper and ripped the tape off the box, and laughed out loud.
“Holy shit” he laughed, gently pulling it out of the box.
“No way!”
“Do you like it?” You asked, sitting next to him.
“I love it, baby” he smiled, pulling you closer and kissing you on the head.
“How’d you know I always wanted one of these?” He asked, looking at you wit complete adoration in his eyes.
“On our first date, we stayed here and watched movies and ate really bad popcorn. During the Christmas Story, I remember you telling me that you had always wanted the leg lamp since you had first seen the movie” you admitted, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“Well now I feel bad about what I got you” he said, sheepishly.
“Jay, I’m sure it’s wonderful” you smiled, looking up at him.
“It’s not nearly as thoughtful as the leg lamp from the Christmas story!” He laughed, but you could tell he was nervous as he handed you one of your presents.
Smiling wildly, you pulled the wrapping paper off and squealed so loud he thought his ear drum burst.
“Oh my god, Jay I love it!” You smiled, tearing the cardboard piece off it it and wrapping it around you. It was a giant, pink and white cow print fuzzy blanket.
“Do you really?” He asked, amusement written all over his face.
“I really do” you smiled wrapping it around him as you sat in his lap.
“It really is soft” he smiled, kissing you.

After you had opened all of your presents, Jensen felt stupid for worrying that you wouldn’t like them. He laughed as you put on the shark onesie pajamas with the fuzzy reindeer socks and slid across the wooden floor and danced to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll.”

Jensen had loved everything you had gotten him, A membership to the Nature trail, promising him that you would hike with him for real, new boots because he had kept forgetting to buy his own and an Ugly Christmas sweater that had Rudolph on it to which you had the matching one with Clarice on it.

After you two had come back with armfuls of gifts from your friends and relatives, you collapsed on the bed next to each other.
“I almost forgot” Jensen smiled, reaching over into his bedside drawer and pulled out a small black box.
“What’s this?” You asked, smiling.
“Open it”
You gasped and looked up at him.
“Jay, they’re beautiful”
“Jared helped me with the stuff you got downstairs, I wanted to get you something that I picked.” he smiled. They were tiny blue earrings with little specs of green and white in them.
“They look like snow globes” you smiled, putting them in your ears.
“I got something else for you too” you smiled, getting up and reaching into your purse, you pulled out a small red box. Taking it from you, he pulled off the top and smiled.
“A key?” He asked, and you nodded.
“I want you to move in with me” you smiled.

In that moment you had never looked more beautiful to Jensen. Nodded slightly, he leaned over the bed and pressed a kiss to your lips.
“Of corse I’ll move in with you.”

A/N: No hate to Danneel at all! I think she is beautiful and her and Jensen are great together! I just had this on my mind and wanted to make a story of it :)

Loyalties (4)

Loyalties Part 4

Pairing:  Y/N (Rick’s daughter)/Negan

Words: 2869

Summary: the reader takes a great risk that might cost her everything


The look in your father’s eyes as he watched you leave haunted you all the way back home to the Sanctuary. The conflict inside of you felt like a barbed wire wrapped around your throat, tightening its grip by the second. You couldn’t stop thinking about the words your brother had thrown at you or the feeling of Judith in your arms and seeing her smile innocently.

You couldn’t quite ignore the heavy ache in your chest and you couldn’t ignore what it meant either; longing, longing for your family. All you desperately wanted was for your father told hold you in his arms and tell you he was proud of you. Except, you didn’t know if that would ever happen. The only way that could happen was for you to betray the man who’d saved your life, protected you, loved you. The man you loved.

And maybe it should’ve been crystal clear, but you genuinely didn’t know on whose side you’d find yourself on if push came to shove. More than it already had, that is.

The first thing you did when you got back to your room was to find a bottle of liquor and take one good, long swig from it. Negan was outside working some issues over with some men, so you silently went about getting ready for bed.

When Negan returned to the room, his heavy boots against the floor marking his arrival, you were standing in front of the mirror brushing out your hair, clad in nothing but underwear and Negan’s shirt that swallowed up your frame.

Negan leaned against the doorframe and made a deep hum of satisfaction. “Damn, if that isn’t my favorite fucking thing to walk into after a long, productive day.”

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