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I now think Mona is AD. She was the original A. Charlotte stole the game from her. It would bring the story full circle if Mona stole it back. Mona is super smart and able to manipulate others. Mona is AD...I think.

And she stayed back in 610 to hear the rest of Charlotte’s story. It shows how pissed (maybe?) she was and she wanted to hear the rest of this thief’s story.

In terms of the story, it absolutely does make sense for Mona to want her game back. But in terms of what a good writer would do - I just can’t see them recycling stories like that. Three A’s, three different people in my mind, and hopefully Marlene’s mind too. Mona being AD, whilst it would make sense, just wouldn’t get a huge reaction from the fans and it most definitely wouldn’t explain Joseph’s statement of “we wanted to give a big reveal and take one last bow” (or something like that). Again it makes sense in the story, but I can’t see it happening anymore.

Magnus “I value what are perceived as good actions in the short term, without regard for what is best for others in the long term” Burnsides, Taako “I don’t pretend to ever take the nice path in the short term, and am starting to understand that some things must be sacrificed for the good others in the long term” Taaco, and Merle “If I murder Angus is it canonical” Highchurch

tam tam

I’ve seen some random Tamlin things floating around my dash the last few days and I just want to say…

Yeah, people deserve second chances. (And sometimes third chances, tbh.)

Yeah, he may have suffered a sense of powerlessness, he obviously had difficulty controlling himself even in ACOTAR with his talons popping out every time he got upset.

Yeah he was facing the downfall of his court and a life of servitude to Amarantha.

But… those things + loving Feyre don’t make what he did ok? I’m not sure what is with the intense desire to defend him. He fucked up. It’s pretty clear. And loving someone is never an excuse for that. Nor is mental illness. We still have to be held accountable for our actions.


“Come on, Sam - I’ve never lied to you. You could at least pay me the same respect!” 

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What would you recommend as a good first pet in terms of reptiles?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Leos and bear does are good but have dietary/lighting needs that are different from the heating needs of other good beginner species like corn snakes, milk snakes, children’s pythons and spotted pythons, etc.

Not Me (Jason Todd x Reader)

Anon: “Jason loving wife died because he shot her because he was mind control I don’t know anymore just hit me with feeling *kill me* hit me with the sadness please .”

Schninner: This prompt, this was a beautiful and angsty idea, that filled me with so much joy! THANK YOU ANON!

(Reader is Female)

Warning: Swearing, Death, and lots of blood

Word count: 1127

Tagging @the-singing-canary and @maruthor BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN THREATENING ME WITH ANGST TODAY!

Jason’s breath shook with rage, as he staggered closer to the door to the apartment you shared. His heart pounded in his temples and eyes were blood shot, ignoring the blood that came dribbling out of his nose and down his face. He squinted, his vision partially obscured du to is partially shattered helmet. He stopped dead in his tracks at the door, with his gloved hand hovering over the door knob.

A small voice in the back of his head pleaded him to stop, to turn around and leave until whatever the hell that man had done to him ware off, but he dismissed it, buried the voice deep inside of him with several layers of pain, and pent up anger.

His hand gripped the doorknob, he slowly opened it, letting the door creak open, and entered the threshold.

Jason Todd awoke to the sunshine blasting through his widow and into his face. He scrunched up his nose and snuggled closer to the small warm body sleeping next to him. His arms wrapped around your torso, puling you closer to him while he rested his chin in the crook of your neck.

You let out a small groan and turned around in his arms.

“Mm, what time is it?” You mumbled, with your eyes still closed

“I don’t know,” HE answered, letting out a large yawn, “Early.”

“Thanks,” You replied, your voice laced with tired and sarcasm.

“Hey, that’d what husbands are for.”

He smiled as you opened your [E/C] eyes, scrunching up your eyebrows and crinkling your nose. You sighed ad began to pull yourself up from the bed.

“Whelp, time to get ready for work.” You were intercepted by your husband’s arms. He pulled you back into the bed, kissing you on the sheet.

“Jay, sweetie, let me go.” You whined half-heartedly wriggling in his arms.

“Just 5 more minutes?” H sleepily muttered into your hair.

“Let me clarify my previous statement, we need to get ready for work. Don’t you have to go work with the outlaws today?”

Jason laid their silently, so much so, that you though he had fallen asleep.


“Fine!” He groaned, lifting his body slightly only so he could hover over you, “But I have my terms.”

A smirk appeared on your face ad you looked up into his sky-blue eyes, “Oh yeah? And what would those terms be?”

“I need a good morning kiss, and I get to pick the takeout for tonight.”

“Deal!” You said, lifting yourself up and giving your husband a small yet sweet kiss. “You drive a hard bargain Mr. Todd.”

He grinned, and leaned down, leading you into a more passionate kiss, “why thank you Mrs. Todd.”

“Artemis?! Bizaro?” he hissed, Creeping silently through the hallways of an elegant, yet suspiciously deserted building. “Where the hell is everybody?”

He continued his way, his dual pistols trained in front of him, until he found himself in a large room that looked to be meant to hold parties or Galas that he was forced too. That’s when he saw them, both Artemis and Bizaro laying unconscious on the ground. Jason rushed towards them, completely forgetting to check his surroundings.

“Holy Shit! Artemis! Bizaro! Are you guys alive?” he checked for a pulse on his slumbering teammates and sighed in relief when he found a pulse. “What the hell happened to you guys?” He muttered to himself.

He heard the clicking of a tongue from behind him, with lightning speed, Jason whipped around with guns trained at his unknown target, “My, my, such language!”

Psimon stepped out of the shadows with a look of pure amusement plastered on his face, “Psimon says, drop your weapons.”

Jason did so without question, without hesitation.

“That’s a good boy.” He chuckled, taking a step closer to the Red hood. “Now, Psimon says, tell me more about yourself.”

Jason stepped into your shared apartment, with a fully loaded gun in one hand, and the other on the door knob.

The house was glowing with warmth, the sounds of pots and pans clattered form the nearby kitchen.

“Jay? Is that you?” Your voice sounded from the kitchen, the clattering of pan stopping suddenly.

“Okay so I know you said you wanted take out, “You said, still out of his sight, “but I figured that I would make your favorite meal instea- “you stopped abruptly a when you stepped out of the kitchen to find your husband with his gun.

“Jay? What’s wrong baby?” Your voice overfilling with concern as you stepped closer to him.

“Oh, I think that’s close enough.” Came an unknown voice from outside your door.

You froze, as a pale and grotesque male stepped into the light, “Now Jay,” He sneered, “Psimon says, kill her.”

Jason raised his gun, a silencer attached to it, and pointed the weapon to your chest.

“Jay, please! You can fight this!” You pleaded, tears emerging from your eyes.

“I’m sorry my dear, but I’m afraid he can’t.” the man, Psimon, turned to Jason, “Well, what are you waiting for? Psimon says to kill her! Shoot her!”

His hand visible shook, as he cocked the gun, and pulled the trigger, sending the sharp pelts of lead to pierce your skin. Your eyes widened with shock and pain, you crumbled to the ground clutching your bleeding chest and torso.

Psimon smiled in satisfaction, watching the horror strike the Red Hood’s eyes.

“Psimon says wait, and listen.” Jason did so, although every one of his muscles screamed at him to move, to help you, to save you.

Psimon whispered into his ear, sending shivers or disgust running down the vigilante’s spine. “If you or any of your other little friends come after me again, the outcome will be much worse than this, I promise you.” Then he left, leaving Jason frozen in place, unable to do anything.

His control was regained once he could no longer hear the food steps of the villain, and as soon as he could move, he was at your side.

He tore off his helmet and scooped up your bleeding body, beginning to hurriedly make his way out the door. “Hold on [F/N]! Please just hold on!”

You sputtered, and let out a series of coughs, hacking up blood, right before your body went completely limp.

“No, [F/N]! NO!” he shouted, undoubtedly disturbing several of his neighbors.

He fell to the ground, gently checking for a pulse. Nothing.

“[F/N] …” His voice cracked as a series of fresh sobs racked through his body.

“I’m sorry [F/N], I’m so, so sorry! I didn’t want to- I didn’t mean to- “

His voice broke, he leaned down and rested his forehead on your rapidly cooling one.”

“I’m sorry.”

Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Words of Affirmation

Credence Barebone was a young man starved of the most basic human needs of affection and affirmation. In her efforts to practice “tough love” upon her adoptive children, Mary-Lou Barebone’s methods had, instead bred socially negative results. Credence, being the biggest receptor and made a forced glutton of these “affections”, faired the worst of them all. Granted, this was assisted by the fact that he had became the unwilling host to a destructive manifestation of wrath and hatred. But even post-havoc and post-Obscurus separation, the deeds done onto him had been done: Credence was damaged.

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These are just some ideas I’ve compiled that have worked for me!

1. Quizlet games. I love using the matching game because not only does it force me to actively look for a term’s definition, but it also allows for backwards recall. So by seeing “has both magnitude and direction,” somewhere in your mind is a little voice going “vectors!” This is a good way to test how well you’re able to recall the material regardless of the format it’s given in. 

2. Make up rhymes and mnemonics. Little rhymes like “I before E except after C” help with memorization, and “Charles watches TV” is a good mnemonic to use for remembering that Charles’s law has to do with t-t-t-temperature and v-v-v-volume.

3. Physically get up and act it out. This can work for history, literature, physics, biology, etc. For example, if you’re having trouble memorizing the process of exocytosis, pretend to be a particle leaving the cell and stop at different parts of the room so you can understand that stop 1 is the golgi apparatus and stop 2 is the cell membrane.

4. Teach. If you don’t have anyone to explain the material to, you can use stuffed animals or an invisible audience full of ten year-olds. Come up with questions that your “students” might ask and then answer them in a simplified way if possible. Try to think of the best way to explain the material in a clear way. That way, if, on an exam, you happen to get one of those questions you came up with, you’ll be able to explain it in a coherent fashion because you took the time to fully comprehend it.

5. Type up your notes as if you were a tutor making a study guide for your students. You can print these out and possibly bind them or just study from the computer.

6. Annotate PowerPoints if the professor has made them available. This will allow you to build on existing knowledge and to make your own connections.

7. Take old practice exams. This is really helpful for subjects that require calculations, like math or physics, but if your professor gives you old exams to practice with, use them, no matter the subject. They are good indicators of what might show up on your exam in terms of format or content.

8. Study sitting down, standing at a tall desk, in the library, in a park, etc. If it helps, change up your position and/or your location once in a while. It might give you a fresh perspective. 

9. Summarize material on one sheet of paper. Just one. The size of the paper depends on how many topics you’re covering. There should be no detailed notes on this page. It should basically have those bolded subtitles you see in textbooks along with quick, supplementary notes on them. 

10. Make lists. I find it easier to recall this: 
Excitatory neurotransmitters:
(1) Acetylcholine
(2) Norepinephrine 

Inhibitory neurotransmitters:
(1) Dopamine
(2) Serotonin 
(3) GABA

rather than this:
“Acetylcholine and norepinephrine are excitatory neurotransmitters, and the inhibitory neurotransmitters are dopamine, serotonin, and GABA.”
The two methods might not sound very different because it is the same material after all, but personally, I would rather memorize these from an organized list rather than a sentence. My brain just processes this visually: there are 2 excitatory and 3 inhibitory. That way, if I’m stuck on a question during the exam, I’ll know if I’ve only got 2 out of the 3 inhibitors and that I’m missing one more. 

11. Recall old teaching methods. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I still remember ___ because of the way my teacher taught it,” these might be the methods that work for you. It might have been a small, interesting fact in history that you remember, or a fun way to memorize the periodic table of elements. Either way, this information stuck with you for a reason. Use those methods to study new material.

all life is strange ship prompts

Most of these prompts I’ve basically discarded or they’ve already been written, but I have many prompt ideas so here’s small little ideas for you guys (Sorry, I’m Pricefield trash so there’s a ton of those, but please send me your story so I can read them if you do use one of these ideas please because I like reading new life is strange fanfics):

- “We experimented over wine-tasting sessions as kids, but now we’re adults meeting each other for the first time in five years and oh my god is that sexual tension between us?”
- “I’m terrified of men because of something that happened in the past, and Rachel and Chloe are trying to make me feel comfortable with Warren but I’m slowly realizing that it’s not Warren that my eyes have been focused on.”
- “Warren keeps asking me to the drive-in so I asked my best friend Chloe for advice, so now we’re fake dating but I think I’m really getting used to this idea.”
- “This punk girl keeps on coming to the homeless shelter at the same time each week purchasing a shit ton of water bottles, canned chili, and loaves of bread with money that comes from God-knows-where but holy shit, she’s actually royalty whose parents are trying to keep her name under wraps.”
- “I recited one of my poems at a poetry slam about my childhood best friend, turns out she was there listening to my every word and now I’m humiliated.”
- “I dared Max to kiss me, but her nose started bleeding and I can tell she’s rewinded more than once and she just told me not to pull back because apparently, that’s what’s going to happen.”
- “Max and I are at her Seattle home, and I just discovered a treehouse her Dad built for her. I’m sorry, Ryan, I’m using this opportunity alone with your daughter to try and seduce her.”

- “One of the pieces you played on the violin is something I recognized, and you anonymously (even though I know it was you) slid a tape under the door of that piece on Valentines day.”
- “It started raining on our tea date, so we ran inside the cafe with our clothes dripping wet but wow, Kate, you’re so cute with your hair pulled out of the bun.”
- “Max has been taking photos for the children’s book I’m writing and one of the photos she took was of the sunset with a sweet quote on it and I think I’m blushing.”
- “We decided to skip class, and we went to the park with Alice in the middle of the day and wow, Max’s smile is so beautiful. Am I really thinking this?”
- “After Max saved me off that rooftop, all I’ve been thinking about is how much she’s supported me over the past month and a half she’s known me and according to google, I have a crush on Max.”

- “I’ve been talking to this girl online and turns out, she’s just like me and I’m starting to dig her. Turns out when I meet her, she’s one of the girls I personally resent.”
- “I ended up saving your ass from getting eaten by a crocodile while we’re camping but I still hate you. Okay, so maybe that’s not the case. What’s it to you?”
- “Even though you’re trouble, you still invited me to your celebration banquet after getting one of your photos in your parents gallery and we seem to get along just fine when we genuinely talk to each other. Wait, are you flirting with me now?”
- “We accidentally hooked up in the middle of a party involving a shit ton of alcohol and now I’m trying to figure out how to approach you about it. Turns out, you were pretty sober during the party and you weren’t exactly rejecting my advances.”
- “You were holding my arms while I rewinded to try and erase the argument we just had, but turns out my rewind power doesn’t work on you, and now you’re freaking out asking me what the fuck is going on but at least we’re on good terms now, right? I’m now this God-like person to you, and now you’re scared yet intrigued by me.”

- “So maybe the drive-in didn’t help us progress in our relationship, but we definitely managed to hook up after an experiment gone wrong.”
- “We’re graduating out of Blackwell Academy, and I didn’t expect to blush furiously and freeze onstage when you blew a kiss in my direction.”
- “I’m tutoring you in chemistry since you’re not doing too great in it, turns out there’s only one type of chemistry you’re interested in.”
- “I fell asleep in your dorm room during a movie marathon of Harry Potter, and I woke up to you staring at me affectionately and I’m 95% sure I’m drooling.”
- “You convinced me to head to Comic Con with you, but you’re the only one cosplaying while I’m taking a ton of pictures of your nerdy self. I think this side of you is kind of cute.”

- “I ended up blackmailing Victoria after she pulled some shit on my best friend Max, so now she’s willing to do anything I say. And I mean anything.”
- “It’s prom night, and since Nathan hates prom, I’m stuck with the single group of people which includes Chloe in a tux and wow is it getting hot in here?”
- “Stop bothering me by coming up to my dorm room and knocking on it. Oh wait, you’re actually dropping off flowers this time?”
- “Nathan, I know this is gonna sound weird but I think the blue haired girl I keep on seeing around Blackwell putting up those Rachel Amber posters is really hot. How do I approach her?”
- “Chloe keeps on pranking me, turns out she doesn’t know how to express her feelings towards me.”

- “At the lighthouse, I was thinking about ending my life when you came up behind me and started a conversation with me about something stupid, but you fucking saved my life.”
- “We nearly got busted for smoking pot in the parking lot of a restaurant, but it’s okay because we were making out the majority of the time so that’s partly why I didn’t notice.”
- “After getting really high together, both of us almost got hit by a car when we realized it was parked and now we’re making out against said car.”
- “We’re at a party together playing truth or dare and someone just dared me to kiss you but wow, that’s not going to be the first time I’m going to kiss you.”
- “Both of us end up in Los Angeles, and I’m not sure what is going on but I think you’ve been more touchy-feely this trip than throughout our entire friendship.”

Caulscott (Max/Nathan):

- “I’m starting to get obsessed with this version of you because you’re changing from snoopy nerd into this untouchable badass within this entire week.”
- “After you overheard of my situation with Mr. Jefferson on accident, you secretly called the police and arrested him and I’ve never felt so relieved and happy in my life.”
- “You visited me in the hospital and gave me a hug, and instead my heart is going out to you because you really do seem to care even though I give you so much shit in school.”
- “Max has been reluctantly taking care of me while I’ve been sick since Victoria can’t do it because she’s been out of town visiting family, but she’s been so sweet to me so I don’t mind the arrangement.”
- “I recognized Nathan at the aquarium spending the majority of the time with the whales, and there was this big cheesy smile on his face that immediately grabbed my attention. Now that I’m noticing it, this is my first time seeing Nathan smile…and it’s nice.”

- “Victoria keeps telling me to find a girlfriend, but is she not getting the fact that I want to date her instead? Sheesh.”
- “Both of us don’t ever bring up about how we discussed marrying each other in middle school until we both got really high together and ended up talking about that.”
- “My Dad mistakes Victoria for my girlfriend, and when she vehemently denies, for some reason, I feel upset over it and correct her surprising Victoria and myself.”
- “We’re playing Laser Tag together one night but you kissed me out of nowhere in the middle of the game, and what the fuck is our relationship now? Are we best friends? Lovers?”
- “When she asked what my type was, I accidentally made it obvious that she was my type and now she’s giving me a funny look but it doesn’t seem to be a bad look either.”

Grahamscott (Nathan/Warren):
- “You were in the locker room getting dressed, and WOW I just noticed your six pack. Why am I thinking so much over this?”
- “You’ve changed from nerdy boy to hardass, and for some reason, that’s my type? I think I’m starting to get curious about you now.”
- “We ran into each other in a gay bar, and I’ve never seen both of us look so ashamed and embarrassed in my life.”
- “I ended up in the hospital due to a really bad car accident, and you were the first person I woke up to. Apparently you slept by my bedside and didn’t leave my side once.”
- “I’ve been talking to him on grindr, but he doesn’t know that I have a crush on him. Yet.”

Hellalujah (Kate/Chloe):
- “You came up to me on campus and invited me to your Church group. Instead of being interested in that, now I’m interested in you.”
- “Alice seemed to have gotten out again and it’s raining, but the only person whose around to help is me. You’ve been coming over everyday after school after discovering I’m sick because of that to make me soup and cheer me up whoops did I mention I’m starting to have feelings for you?”
- “You’re the type of person I want to be: Free to make any decision I want, and finally I’m given that opportunity when you and I decide to smoke weed together in private and now I’m feeling pretty good about everything and you.”
- “I’m in cultural anthropology and we’re in a heated discussion about opposites attracting, yet you’re telling me they don’t but I’m going to prove to you they do.”

- “Chloe tried to make Max breakfast since it’s her birthday and Chloe totally fucked up and burnt all the food so now we’re eating burnt toast but it’s whatever, we love Chloe anyway.”
- “I just walked in on Chloe and Rachel hooking up which got awkward really fast, and I told them to continue and I guess I joined in.”
- “We’re roadtripping but Chloe gets lost and we end up staying the night in a cabin since we’re nearby a campsite when I confess that I’ve never been kissed and both girls end up fighting over kissing me.”
- “We’re at a Halsey concert and they’re playing our song whenever both of us realize how Max is more than ready for the mosh pit.”


- “We decided to go food shopping, and Chloe keeps on throwing junk food into the basket but Kate keeps on putting the junk food back in when Max isn’t looking.”
- “Both me and Max come out to Kate about our relationship when she admits that she’s always been a little bicurious herself. A joke about that quickly turns serious.”
- “I just took down Kate’s viral video by going into Victoria’s youtube account, and turns out after watching it, Kate kissed a wasted Chloe. But Kate ends up being so relieved she kisses me too? So now she’s held responsible for both of us.”
- “Max brought us to the zoo and she’s torn between me wanting to see the insect exhibit and Kate wanting to stay where she is because Kate really dislikes insects so Max decides to compensate for the entire party by coming up with an idea all of us will enjoy.”


- “As a kid, I used to hate beans but whatever these beans are, they’ve gotten me addicted to beans and now my nickname is Frank-N-Beans.”

Abu ad-Dardaa رضي الله عنه said:

“Everyone falls short of his wisdom and knowledge sometimes. If this life brought him an increase in money, he becomes happy and elated. Meanwhile, the nights and the days keep decreasing his life term, but he does not become sad on account of this decrease. What good will the increases in wealth bring, when the life-term is ever decreasing?”

[Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa; 19/483]

So today during lecture one of my students walked up to me looking distressed, so I asked him if he was okay and he said

“call 911. I’m having a heart attack.”

So my morning was very scary.

It seemed like it took them forever to get here and I kept forgetting how words worked and what the names of all the buildings. My students were *dolls* and pulled together beautifully to take care of all the little details. They also helped me remember how words worked while I was on the phone with 911. One of my students in particular had a husband with heart problems, and knew the symptoms and things to check for and what to do in the short term.

Good news, the paramedics said his heart and vitals were good and got him breathing better again. Bad news, they weren’t sure what the cause was. (Maybe an anxiety attack?). He went to the hospital for blood work and I called his mom. (He was so confused he gave me his own phone number originally.)

Also at one point I actually came close to blacking out, which was weird, and I really didn’t want to distract the paramedics so I sat down and got my head lower. Apparently it’s pretty common for bystanders to pass out during these types of things? Weird.

Anyway, like I said, it sounded like he was doing okay by the end of it, so a mostly good and promising ending to a stressful event, but wow. Just. whoa.

You & Me

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“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9

Part 10 is here~ 

More Parts:

Part 11 // Part 12 //



But at last after having a little shopping spring with Bambam, the two of you arrived to near by boba tea shop and as Bambam ordered drinks for the two of you, you decided to go take a seat and save a table.

You pulled out your phone and just was scrolling through social media till you suddenly received a text from Yugyeom and Lia. You quickly clicked on Yugyeom’s text first.

Hey.. can we talk later?

Why did he sound so serious? Was something wrong?

What’s wrong?

in less than a minute Yugyeom texts you back.

I’ll explain everything later.

You were going to continue questioning him but there was no point. It couldn’t be too urgent if he didn’t come and looking for you.. You shrugged it off and clicked on Lia’s text.

Y/N! S.O.S!

What could possibly be urgent? Did she lose her favorite shade of lipstick again? Or wait no let me guess, she needs help deciding an outfit for a date night with Yugyeom. You rolled your eyes and texted back.

What’s up?

Without even texting me back, Lia calls you up on the phone instead and you instantly answered the phone.


As soon as Lia spoke up your eyes widen and your stomach dropped.. WHAT

“I asked Yugyeom to marry me and I don’t know what the hell to do!”

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What movie were you watching?

Or, DCEU’s Superman is both heroic and hopeful, I wish people would get their heads out of their asses

So, I guess we’re here again. One two minute clip from the CW and my dash gets transported back in time. All of a sudden I gotta hear fandom Discourse™ all over again about how “at least this superman does heroic things.”

When I hear these things, the only thing I can honestly think of is - what fucking movie were you watching?  

Let’s run down a list of heroic things that Superman/Clark Kent did in just the course of BVS: 

  • Saved a girl from a burning building 
  • Dragged a huge ass ship from where it was stuck in the ice 
  • Saved people in a rocket ship when it was about to explode 
  • Rescued people who were trapped from a flood 
  • Helps get people to safety after that bomb explodes 
  • Saved all of Metropolis from Doomsday 
  • Saved LEX from Doomsday 

Like, I’m so confused?? HOnestly?????

He’s heroic is smaller ways, too, as Clark Kent. “The types of stories we tell matter,” he tells Perry White. He wants the Daily Planet to stand for something. When he gets blocked, he just goes on off on his own to investigate. Because it’s the right thing to do. 

The whole fucking reason he warns Batman off is because he sees Batman as an affront to human dignity and the process of justice and fairness.  



On the real though, the greatest, most heroic thing about this version of Superman, about MY version of Superman, is that he thinks about what it means to be good. What it means to do the right thing. He doesn’t take goodness for granted. Doesn’t assume that because he’s a Good Person™, then all his actions must be good too. He understands the sometimes terrifying meaning behind his power. He struggles with what being powerful as a god means in terms of goodness. He chooses to be good, time and time again - even when it really sucks, even when there’s an easier path, even when the world hates him. 

This dude could be a god and he knows it and that fucking terrifies him. All that power and he doesn’t seek godhood. 

He’s just a guy trying to do the right thing. 

Fuck, man. What kind of heroic were are people looking for? 

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Hello! I love your blog and the way you write these is amazing. I was wondering if I could request the RFA+saeran reacting to finding out mc is homeless? Maybe she was kicked out of home and was on the street, or couldn't cover rent and was evicted and was squatting in her old place, or was staying on friends' couches before she was able to stay in rika's apartment? Only if you want to!!

I like so much when people giive suggestions for plots in the requests, it helps me a lot, so thanks ^^ Hope that’s what you wanted :)

RFA +Saeran reactint to MC being homeless


  • He noticed you always would hang out at his place and was curious to meet yours
  • So you told him, a little embarrassed you didn’t really… have a place
  • “What do you mean, MC?” “Well, I… I… am kinda of homeless? I’m crashing at my cousin’s place right now…”
  • “Why, what happened?” “Oh, I’m just… not on good terms with my parents, I told you, remember? So I didn’t have any place to stay. But it’s fine, don’t worry.”
  • He was sad and deeply worried, but at the same time, he was thinking how Rika was still managing to do good even if she was not here anymore. You stayed at her apartment  for a while, at least. I mean… there was a bomb there, but still…
  • “It’s not fine, MC! Your parents can’t do that to you!” “Yoosung, they can and they did, and it’s fine! Not everybody have great parents as you.  I’m ok, don’t worry!”
  • “How can I not worry, MC? I… just… “ he knew there was only one thing he coulddo: “Move in with me, MC!” “What?”
  • “The place isn’t big and smells weird, but I’ll make sure you’re comfortable, move in with me!”
  • “Yoosung, you barely know me!” “So we’ll take as an opportunity to know each other, I don’t know how it is with your cousin, but what if he kicks you out too? Come live with me before something like this happens, I’ll never kick you out!”
  • “But Yoosung, the rent…” “I can handle by myself, don’t worry!” “No, not like this! Just… wait till I find a job to help you with the bills, and I’ll move in with you, deal?”
  • “Deal! Oh man… I can’t believe I’m gonna have a roomie, and it is… you!” “I know! And my new roomie? He’s so hot, I don’t think I’ll ever take my hands off of him when I move in.” he laughed and blushed, but internally he was screaming and kicking the air in excitement.
  • He was feeling so grown up right now. Sharing the place, splitting the bills… it almost felt like a married couple, and did that idea pleased him.


  • He asked you to move in with him right after the whole bomb at Rika’s apartment, but you were too embarrassed to just say yes like this
  • But he was insisting on it so much, and that just made you feel even worse. “I can’t take advantage of you too like this, Zen!” “What do you mean by ‘too’”?
  • You sighed heavily, it was about time for him to know. “I got evicted…” “Wait, seriously? But… where are you staying right now”
  • You got a little surprised he didn’t seem to mind you didn’t have money to pay for your own responsibilities, he was just… worried for you? Could he be any sweeter and more caring than this?
  • “Don’t worry, I’m at my neighbor’s place… I mean, it’s super weird and I feel like a burden all the time, but at least I could keep some of my stuff like that.”
  • “You should never feel like a burden, princess! Don’t do that to yourself! Are you sure you’re okay? Is your neighbor treating you right?”
  • “Yes, he is cool…” HE? OH HELL NO! “HE? You’re staying with a ‘he’?! MC, I don’t know this guy, but I can tell you for sure he’s expecting something in trade of his generosity!  We’re getting there on monday to get your stuff out of there and you’re moving in with me ! Now it’s a matter of protecting my lady’s honor!”
  • “And your lady’s honor would be intact if I stay here with you?” “Yes!” “Zen, we both know it’s not intact for a while now…” he blushed “Well… this is … this is… different! We’re in love!  Please, MC! I won’t be able to work or sleep well knowing you’re living like this! You said yourself how uncomfortable you are, right? Move in with me, you’re not taking advantage of me, we’re just… rushing something it would happen eventually.” he got a point…
  • “Okay… but you need to let me know which chores I can do around here, and I’ll take some bills as soon as I finish my debt with the landlord, I won’t let you treat me like if I’m on a hotel, okay?” “Yes, sure… I’ll respect whatever you wish!” you knew he would, and he… couldn’t help feeling excited knowing that you’d be around all the time. H e was fantasizing about watching TV together, cooking together, going to bed together… wait, dangerous thoughts! But you living with another man was making  the beast get angry … and he needed to do something about that.
  • “But seriously… can’t we pretend we’re in a hotel just for tonight? I was thinking about filling the hot tub and… you know…”


  • When she would come to the cafe early in the morning, you would be already there. And you would always offer to close the place for her. Wow, she had no idea you were such a workaholic.
  • But it wasn’t that, and one day she found out: you’ve been sleeping in the cafe. “Jaehee, I’m so so sorry, I should’ve told you, I was just too embarrassed and… I understand if you want to fire me… it’ just… I…” you were crying, she couldn’t understand why, but she felt her heart sink…
  • “Fire you? My God, MC, no! I can’t fire my partner! But why are you crying? Let’s calm down and talk…” “I’m… I’m sleeping here because my parents kicked me out!”
  • “They what?” “They… oh! I can’t tell you that!” “MC, you have to, it’s clearly making you suffer, talk to me, please…” she sounded like a therapist, and her eyes were so calm and gentle, how could you leave someone like her without an answer?
  • “They didn’t like I’m dating you, well… a woman…” she was shocked and so angry. She grew up with a family who didn’t care about her, but even this seemed better than what she had just listened.
  • “So, I guess they’ll become even furious when they hear you just moved in with a woman.” “What?”
  •  “I have clothes I can lend you for tonight, but tomorrow we’re going to your… well, their house, and getting your things, okay?” “But, Jaehee, I’ll…”
  • “Don’t worry about a thing. Family is about love, and I love you, so I’m your family and I’ll take care of you. People like us get to choose our families, right?”
  • “I think it was RuPaul who said that.” you two laughed “Yes, I like his show, we can binge watch it at OUR place later, ok?” you didn’t oppose it at all.


  • You had a sleepover at his penthouse. Neither of you were exactly proud of that, but it is what it is, and now you were staying for lunch.
  • He ditched work to spend the morning with you, but all he saw was you acting really tense, checking your phone every 5 minutes, which he found odd.
  • He overheard you on the phone when he let you alone, but came back to pick his phone “Yes, I’ll have the money till Saturday. Please, try to understand, I… yes, sir. Goodbye.”
  •  “MC?” you jumped and yelped a little, he was not supposed to listen to this, it was just… embarrassing… “What’s going on?”
  • “N-nothing… why do you ask?” “Are you sure? You sounded so concerned on the phone right now… who was it?”
  • “Oh, it’s nothing, just… some problems I need to take care of…” “And your problems are my problems as well, please tell me.” You knew he wasn’t letting go until you said the truth…
  • “I’m being evicted, Jumin. I… own three months of rent and I won’t be able to pay till the day they gave me.” “How much? I’ll give it to you.” “No! Please… don’t. I… don’t think it’s right…” he could only assume this had something to do with pride, so he wouldn’t insist.
  •  “So, forget that apartment, come live with me.” “Ju-Jumin, no! This is… even worse…” Why? Now it wasn’t about pride, right? So, maybe… oh, that whole “you can’t leave the penthouse” after Elizabeth’s disappearing. He knew it! You said you forgave him, but of course, you were still a little doubtful, maybe  a little afraid of him. “I… understand. I’m sorry, MC.”
  • “No, I should be the one to say sorry! I know how you feel about living together before marriage, yet I keep sleeping here and… I don’t want to make you uncomfortable…” Oh, so it was about that? He was feeling like a fool.
  • “I would never feel uncomfortable with you around. However… I have a solution. What’s your landlord’s phone?” “Jumin, you’re not gonna…” “Please, trust me.”
  • He called the guy. “Yes, hello? My name is Jumin Han, I would like to buy one of your properties? Yes, the building downtown. Not for sale? Not even for…?” you could not believe the price he was saying. It was a decent building, but not that much… “Yes, I’ll let my lawyer get in touch about the paperwork. Thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you.” He hung up. “Problem solved.”
  • “So you’re my landlord now?” “No, you’ll be your own landlord, I’m making the contract in your name…” WHAT? “But Jumin… it’s basically the same thing as giving me the money!” “Not really, it’s a gift. I’m giving you a opportunity to make it in real estate market. Do whatever you wish with the building and I’ll finance it, it’ll be a pleasure doing business with you too.” Yep, now we’re not talking about real estate, are we?


  • According to the background check, you didn’t have a fixed address for over two years? At first, it was suspicious, so he dug a little more
  • Only to find out you’ve been crashing at friend’s couches after being kicked out of your parent’s house.  He also found police files in your name reporting assault, the attacker’s last name was the same as yours, so it was easy to understand what happened there… and now he was feeling a douch for even thinking you were the threat here.
  • He could definitely relate to you, so making sure you were comfortable at Rika’s apartment was the least he could do, taking care of the bomb issue was included on that.
  • So when he found about Saeran and kept pushing you away to protect you, he was always wondering if this was the right thing to do, since you would be probably someone to understand him. But no, he could never do that… could he?
  • So after the events on his route, he wanted to surprise you taking you to Rika’s apartment. “What are we doing here, Saeyoung?”
  • “You tell me, it’s your apartment.” “What do you mean?” “Remember I told you I was going to buy it? Well, I did. And I’m passing to your name.” “Why?” he wouldn’t dare bringing what he found out about you if you weren’t ready to tell him.
  • “Well, I thought it would be a good RFA’s office, but you took such good care of it while we’re here, so… it should be yours. Feel free to redecorate it, since it can bring you bad memories or…”
  • “I only have good memories you gave me the robot cat right here, and… we kissed for the first time over there… and  there, in the bedroom…” you were both blushing and remembering.
  • Through all of it, he was satisfied he was the one who gave you a place that you could fulfill with good memories, and one day you and him would share a place even happier than this one now.


  • He also did his research on you. Matter of fact, one of the many reasons you were the perfect bait was the fact that you didn’t have a place to come back to
  • So whatever he decided to do with you, there weren’t gonna be too much people looking for you, you were just a poor girl kicked out by your own parents.
  • Sometimes he felt guilty doing this to you, maybe you two were more alike than he thought… well, everything would be worthy after he could take you to paradise.
  • After Mint Eye got dismantled and he got rescued, taking care of you as you took care of him was his number one priority.
  • So the only condition he imposed to continue living with Saeyoung was that you should come along with him. Of course, Saeyoung didn’t oppose.
  • And it was at some random night, when the three of you were watching a movie and Seyoung fell asleep, Saeran turned to you and said: “I’m sorry.”
  • “For what?” “For everything… you only deserve happiness from now on.” “Well, so do you.”
  • “I’ll be happy as long as we’re together under the same roof…and… we…” Saeyoung’s snores got him out of the mood. “Ugh, let’s go somewhere more private” he took your hand and you giggled. He smiled, although Saeyoung could be a pain in the ass sometimes, maybe this was paradise after all…

i don’t understand why the chapter the prince’s tale has caused so many people to shed snape in a better light and paint him as this tragic character who was in love and had an awful life and deserves to be put on some kind of pitying, loving pedestal. if anything, that chapter only served to highlight his awful behavior, at least for me. 

so, the first part of his memory shows snape jumping out of the bushes to tell lily that she’s a wizard after she’s performed this feat that should be impossible, and that’s all well and good. then, he proceeds to insist that lily is a witch, and petunia responds rather hautily, “’wizard! i know who you are. you’re that snape boy!… why have you been spying on us?’” obviously petunia’s not being the nicest, and so snape responds “’haven’t been spying. wouldn’t spy on you, anyway, you’re a muggle’”. right off the bat, here’s proof of snape’s prejudice against muggles. this didn’t just magically appear in hogwarts as a result of the people he was forced to spend time around - the sentiment was already there. 

then, in another scene, lily and snape are underneath a tree, talking. it’s in this scene that we see the sort of weird obsession snape has with lily, when jk rowling writes “he watched her as greedily as he had watched her in the playground”. rowling wouldn’t have used this wording if she didn’t want to emphasize the way he was looking at her - how lily has become this kind of escape for him, maybe his only source of friendship and happiness. and i’m not denying him that, but treating her this way is obviously unhealthy and leads to problems. 

the next scene is on platform nine and three quarters, when lily is preparing to leave for her first year at hogwarts. it’s revealed that petunia sent a letter to dumbledore asking if she could come too, and that it was snape’s idea to read the letter when he saw it, full well knowing how tense petunia and lily’s relationship is and how this could affect it.

then, once on the train, snape’s prejudices are revealed once again. lily is crying because petunia called her a freak and the two aren’t on good terms, and snape says “’so what?’”. lily replies “’so she’s my sister!’” to which snape says “she’s only a -’” obviously about to imply that petunia is inferior because she’s a muggle.

then, a few years after, lily and snape are talking in the hallway. snape calls dark magic “’…a laugh, that’s all’” and when lily calls him on it, he immediately shifts the conversation to james potter, attempting to change the subject, to which lily replies (rightfully), “’what’s potter got to do with anything?’” obviously, despite knowing the ideals and actions of people like avery and mulciber, snape isn’t able to take responsibility for being friends with them. then, when lily she knows that james is awful, but then continues to chastise snape for the company he keeps, he doesn’t take note of anything but the fact that she doesn’t like james. he treats her like something that he needs to keep a hold onto.

in the next scene, set after the fifth year incident, snape doesn’t even deny that he wants to be/his friends are death eaters. he’s come to “apologize” to lily for calling her a slur, and he doesn’t even deny he is in a group that thinks that calls people the slur and who want to kill them. lily says it best: “’but you call everyone of my biirth mudblood, severus. why should i be any different?.”

then, snape is in dumbledore’s office. voldemort has just revealed that he thinks lily’s son is the son of the prophecy, and he wants to kill the whole family. dumbledore asks “’if she means so much to you, surely lord voldemort will spare her? could you not ask for mercy for the mother, in exchange for the son?’ ‘i have - i have asked him -’ ‘you disgust me. you do not care, then, about the deaths of her husband and child? they can die, as long as you have what you want?’ snape said nothing, but merely looked up at dumbledore.” yeah, me too dumbledore. snape disgusts me too. the fact that he was willing to let a child die so that he could have lily is appalling. this is where his true character is revealed, because this is a grown man who claims to be in love with a woman, yet doesn’t realize that if you love someone you want them to be happy, not want to have them. 

the part of the chapter that has to do with lily does absolutely nothing to paint their relationship in any sort of healthy, positive light, and honestly serves to reveal snape’s true character of being a pretty awful person.


night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best

A Case of Amortentia - Drarry

I got this idea from a prompt/headcanon but i can’t remember what it exactly was but yeah, this happened. I’m actually really happy with the result.

“Why the hell does it reek of Potter’s cologne in here, it smells awful.” Draco Malfoy complained loudly as he entered Potions late.

Both Slytherins and Gryffindors fell completely silent, and for some reason his godfather, Professor Snape, looked vaguely embarrassed. Draco raised his eyebrows and looked around the room. His gaze landed on the Golden Trio. Granger looked as though her eyes could pop out of their sockets any moment, the Weasel looked slightly green and Potter looked completely dumbfounded.

“What?” Draco asked with a challenging tone, not understanding why everyone was looking at him as if he’d spontaneously grown another head. Surely he wasn’t the only one smelling that stench of cinnamon with a hint of caramel, and okay, so what if Potter’s cologne actually smelled good? It’s not like he’d admit that out loud.

Then, Draco turned to look at his friends. Pansy looked utterly horrified, Greg and Vince looked mildly surprised and Blaise, the git, looked smug.

“Draco, so nice of you to finally join us.” Snape said. It sounded very much forced, even more so than usual, although Draco doubted anyone had picked up on that. “Miss Granger, would you care to enlighten Mr Malfoy as to what exactly we are brewing today?”

Granger looked downright shocked when Snape willingly called on her. She cleared her throat and straightened herself out before answering. “We’re brewing Amortentia, Professor. The most powerful love potion known to man.”

Draco felt what little colour his face had drain away as his heart dropped. No.

“And what can you tell us about the scent of it?” Draco spotted a wicked glint in Snape’s black eyes. “Mr. Potter? Surely you’d remember, as I told you five minutes ago.”

Potter’s face slowly turned red. “It uh- it reminds a person of the things or people they find most attractive, even when they don’t realize that’s what … or, who … they’re attracted to.”

“Correct.” Snape said, and after a moment of hesitation he reluctantly added, “Five points to Gryffindor.”

Both the houses started murmuring in disbelief, and even Draco himself had trouble believing that Snape just gave the Gryffindor House points. This had to be the first time it happened in … well, ever.

“Wait, does this mean Malfoy’s in love with Harry?” Seamus Finnigan asked rather obnoxiously. Draco felt heat crawling up his neck. He quickly narrowed his eyes at the Irish boy in an attempt to shut him up and drive the idea out of his mind. But things like that never really worked on him.

“Malfoy’s gay!” Dean Thomas exclaimed, a slight gleam of joy in his eyes. “Shay, we’re not the only ones.”

The last thing Draco needed right now was a pair of obnoxious Gryffindorks welcoming him into some sort of gay club, so he did the most reasonable thing he could think of in that moment.

He turned and ran.


Draco Malfoy was alone, sitting on the floor of the Astronomy Tower, viciously glaring at the view of the lake. He felt awfully embarrassed about the Potions fiasco, and really wished he’d kept his mouth shut. What’d compelled him to say those words walking into a Potions classroom late, for Merlin’s sake. It was Potions; the smell had obviously come from what they were brewing, and not from Potter. He silently cursed himself. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He should’ve known.

Draco had the urge to slap himself. He’d completely ruined his image. People would never take him serious again. The rumour he was attracted to blokes, more specifically, Potter, had probably already spread itself through the school, if not further. Yes, his father would definitely hear about this, but not in the way Draco used to flaunt it around in his previous years. Lucius would be livid. His only heir, in love with The Boy Who Lived.

Draco laughed in spite of himself. Once again, Potter had managed to mess with his life, and this time it wasn’t even actually his fault. He could already see the Daily Prophet headlines: ‘Malfoy Heir smells The Chosen One in Amortentia’. Well, it wasn’t a lie, but he’d rather it be something personal instead of a publicly known fact. And he wasn’t exactly what you’d call 'on good terms’ with Potter, so now his already low chances were about as low as they could possibly get. Wonderful.

“Everyone’s fine with it, you know.” A voice, Potter’s voice, suddenly rang out from behind him. Draco jumped. He’d been too caught up in his own misery to notice anyone sneaking in. Or notice that the sun had begun to set, for that matter. Merlin knows how long Potter had been standing there. And why the bloody hell wasn’t he yelling at him? Surely Potter would at least be uncomfortable with the idea he had his rival of 5 years lusting after him. Apparently not, seeing as he, not so graciously, went to sit next to Draco. They both looked at the lake for a while, completely silent, before Potter added to his previous statement, “Although I imagined a declaration of love from you would be slightly more classy.”

Draco’s head snapped to the side to look at Potter, who hadn’t moved his eyes from the view. Was he hearing this correctly? He had to make sure. “Potter, did you just say you imagined me declaring my love to you?”

Draco swore he saw Potter blush when the Gryffindor looked down at his lap, smiling slightly. Then he looked back to the lake. “You know what I smelled in the Amortentia?”

Draco’s mouth went dry. This would be the moment when Potter tells him he doesn’t feel the same and that he should bugger off, he was sure.

“Treacle tart, a broomstick handle … and you.” Potter turned his face to look at him with those last words. Draco froze out of shock, his mind already trying to find ways to wrap itself around as to what exactly just happened and why. There’s no way Potter actually meant that. He was messing with his head; it was the only logical explanation.

“Potter, I know you hate me but believe it or not, I have feelings, and it’s pretty sodding low of you to play with them like that.” Draco spat venomously, immediately becoming defensive. Potter liking him back sounded too good to be true, and in Draco’s experience, when that was the case, it often was.

Potter looked at him confused, even slightly hurt. “I’m not- What are you talking about?”

“Yeah, I know what you’re up to. It’s probably Weasel’s idea of a joke. Wouldn’t surprise me with those twingers for brothers. In fact, I - mmphh.” Draco was cut off mid-rant by a hand gently turning his head to the right and a set of lips being pressed to his own. Draco’s eyes flew wide open, only to confirm that it was indeed Potter who was kissing him. And then Potter started moving his lips and Draco was gone.

The amount of emotion put into that one kiss was overwhelming, and there was really no way Potter was this good of an actor. Draco finally closed his eyes as well and kissed back. His heart was racing, and his mind couldn’t completely keep up.

“I …” Draco started when they finally broke their kiss, but Potter - no, Harry, actually - was already speaking.

“Draco, I’m not joking. I promise.” The look in Harry’s eyes was sincere, and it left Draco speechless.

“You … I- You’re- You’re not …” Draco struggled to get out, his mind still working to catch up with him.

Harry softly laughed. “Glad you realized that.”

This had to be a dream. Why? Because not only had Harry kissed him, he’d declared his love right back. And good things like that just didn’t happen to Draco in real life. Then again, it had felt real. There was only one way to find out.

Draco grabbed the front of Harry’s robes and pulled him in for another kiss. This one, unlike the first, was heated and frantic. Oh yeah, definitely real.

Suddenly, Harry’s hands were pushing him down as the Gryffindor crawled on top of him. Draco’s back hit the floor slightly harder than was comfortable, but honestly, Draco didn’t care. Not when he had Harry Potter nipping at his bottom lip in the hope he got the hint to open his mouth for a snog. Draco, of course, denied Harry this pleasure. As a result, Harry moved on to the pale skin of Draco’s neck.

Draco was rather inexperienced when it came to things like this, he had to admit. Kissing? Sure, he’d been kissed by both girls and boys. But only ever on the mouth and never anywhere else. Neck was new territory to him, and he honest to Merlin did not expect the extreme sensitivity of the skin there.

Draco’s mouth fell open as Harry slightly sucked a bit of skin between his teeth. He unintentionally made a high-pitched noise in the back of his throat. Why on Earth was he only finding out about this now?

Harry moved onto a patch of skin near his collarbone, revealing a blotchy, red mark, and did the same thing as before. Draco’s fingers tangled themselves in the unruly mess that was Harry’s hair.

“Harry.” He whispered desperately, causing the Gryffindor to look up, a devious grin on his face. “Harry, kiss me, please.”

He didn’t have to be told twice. Harry swiftly reconnected their lips, and this time Draco did part his lips for a snog. In fact, he was the one to initiate it. Harry was, very obviously, pleasantly surprised.

“Hey Draco?” Harry asked breathlessly when he finally pulled away.

“Yeah?” Draco’s heart was racing. Part of his mind was still convinced that, any minute now, he would wake up in his bed and discover this all had been a dream. Oh, how unbelievably furious he’d be if that was the case. However, most of his mind told him that this was, in fact, real.

“We should head down to dinner.” Harry suggested.

Draco frowned. “Do we really have to?”

“Yes, I’m hungry. Now get up.” Harry stood up and then helped him to his feet as well. Draco straightened out his robes, before doing the same for Harry. He softly pressed his lips to Harry’s once more before taking his hand and walking downstairs to the Great Hall. Draco pulled Harry back before he could open the doors separating them from the rest of the students.

“Harry, wait.” Harry turned to look at Draco, slightly concerned.

“What? What’s wrong?”

Draco gave him an insecure look. “What if people make fun of us?”

Harry sighed and looked Draco in the eyes. “They won’t. They accepted Dean and Seamus, remember? Why would they treat us any different?”

“Well, for one, I’ve insulted you and your friends more times than you and I can respectively count. Two, you in return have also explicitly expressed your hatred towards me more than just a few times. Three, the Weasel and Granger. No doubt they’d despise the idea of you hanging around me at all.” He ranted, but Harry only grinned.

“Draco, it was actually Ron who convinced me to, and I quote, 'go get the little Snake that you’ve been obsessing over since First Year, because I’m sick and tired of you looking like a lovesick puppy.’ Hermione, apparently, agreed.” Harry explained. Draco’s mouth fell open.

“Seriously?” - Harry nodded - “Granger and Weasel convinced you?” Draco couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Harry’s friends were fine with him dating the son of a Death Eater?

“Otherwise I’d be stuck with feelings I’d be too chicken to act upon. And Ron especially was getting sick of me sulking because you just wouldn’t notice me, or so I thought.”

“I thought Gryffindors were supposed to be stupidly brave?”

“I also have a sense of self-preservation, Draco.” Harry told him. “The Sorting Hat even wanted to put me in Slytherin first.”

Draco gave Harry an incredulous look and playfully pushed him. “Okay, now you’re messing with me, Potter.”

“I’m not, honest!” Harry laughed. Then he held out his hand for Draco to take again. “Shall we go?”

Draco took a deep breath and then laced his fingers through Harry’s. “We shall.”

With that, Harry pushed open the door of the Great Hall. The second they walked in, the entire school fell silent. Draco froze up, fearing the worst. No doubt people would hate him for taking their Golden Boy away from them. Harry noticed and gave Draco’s hand a reassuring squeeze. That simple action caused Draco to relax immediately.

Suddenly a voice Draco recognized as Blaise’s sounded through the completely silent room, “Took you long enough …”

And with that the silence transformed into a deafening roar of cheering, clapping and whistling. Draco felt a smile creep onto his face, and his cheeks were probably very red. He glanced at Harry, who was openly grinning. Draco felt genuinely happy in that moment.

He looked over at the staff table, and to his greatest shock, Snape had a small, proud smile on his face and McGonagall had a similar expression. He even spotted a few professors slipping each other a few Galleons. Draco laughed slightly at that. His own professors had seen this coming way before he himself did. Wow. Talk about being oblivious.

“Draco?” Harry asked him with a sly smirk. “Tonight, Astronomy Tower at 2?”

Draco smiled at him, slowly feeling himself fall more and more in love with Harry Potter every second spent with the Golden Boy. His Golden Boy. “Definitely.”