what a good song omg

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okay. i may or may not be planning a yuuri striptease. so this is important. what song would yuuri strip to omg

MMMN Good question. 🤔 I think it depends on the tone he’s going for? Assuming it’s for Victor, here’s a couple suggestions:

Cliche: Tonight I’m Fucking You  - Enrique Iglesias

Soft : Everything in it’s Right Place (DiscoTech Remix) - Radiohead

Slow: Toxic (Cestladore Remix) - Melanie Martinez

Playful: My Type - Saint Motel

Powerful: Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

Sexy: Simply FallingIyeoka

I’ve done pole dancing to a few of these, so I know they work. I hope this helps you a bit!

Got to see Beauty and the Beast this afternoon, finally!

It was pretty good. I liked when it diverged from the original story, because I found myself comparing it to the animated feature a lot, which is in my top five favorite Disney movies.

My one major critique was casting Emma Watson as Belle. I kept seeing Hermione haha!


Ik tere baaju duja
Mera koyi mol na

Bolna maahi bolna


Around the talk about the strange magic karaoke au, someone mentioned a rather drunk Marianne singing Do You Wanna Touch by Joan Jett to Bog, and Bog is just having a hell of a time trying to handle it. Ppl are baffled as they see a table completely clawed to ruin and many empty bottles shattered to pieces, and a really flustered tall grumpy bartender staring into space.

you guys seemed to like my chill music recs from about a week ago, so i thought i’d share some more of my music tastes!! the purpose of this tag is to ‘explore your personality and your likes through the 10 first songs you get through shuffle’! thanks to @soymilkstudies​ for tagging me ;u;

  1. gfriend, compass
  2. ns yoon g, what do you know
  3. kyuhyun, moment of farewell
  4. taeyeon, rain
  5. shinee, replay
  6. clazziquai, blessed
  7. humming urban stereo, scully doesn’t know
  8. owl city, rainbow veins
  9. aaron yan, 只看见你
  10. yukari, yule

it’s a good mix i think haha, i hope y'all discover something new! i’d definitely recommend all of these songs. i’m too lazy to tag people but i tag you if you’re reading this!!

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what are some good songs?

omg literally any song from any of these playlists ! some of my recent faves are …

  • barcelona - jenn grant (very floaty and feels like that moment in 20 yrs where you sit back and think “everything worked out fine … what was i worrying about for so long … life is actually okay”)
  • we wanna thank you - big brovaz (a classic tune)
  • fear - amaroun (in the running for my favourite song ever ???? simple and perfect)
  • doctor doctor - oh pep ! (so ridiculously catchy)
  • tilted - christine and the queens (there is a french rap … honestly what more could you want)